The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1954
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6 f 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PASE FIVE OSCEOLA NEWS Weddings- Were Common Sense Affairs 'Way Back There in 1904 Times were, when a bride DIDN'T cut a slice of cake from a four-tiered elaborately decorated wedding cake topped with a miniature bride and groom for her brand new spouse to take a bite for the "pitcher-making" following the wedding ceremony. That is quite the thing to do in this day and time, but back 50 years ago, just to have a picture such as the one shown here of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Denton of Luxora on their wedding day, was all that was necessary, except to pay the preacher a couple of dollars. Receptions didn't play a big part to start the young couple off on their married life to follow, just a family dinner and a late breakfast at the home of the bride or groom and a "second-day dress," was the extent of the requirements to tie the knot good and lasting. Golden Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Denton, who celebrated the coveted golden wedding anniversary on September 24, when the sister of Mr. Denton, Mrs. F. M. Bonds of Luxora and Mrs. Alvin Wunderlich of Memphis, a niece of Mrs. Denton's entertained royally for the guests from out-of-town who began arriving early in the day to join those living in and near Luxora to make this one of the most eventful affairs of their lives. -Nieces, nephews, great and great-great nieces and nephews, who adore this wonderful couple, came from near and far to take their places in this golden wedding celebration. Gifts of every description were brought and literally placed at the feet of Mr. and Mrs. Denton. A lot more "finery," than they received on their wedding day. More money was presented them than it cost for them to buy their first bill of household furnishings. In fact, it took only $75 to furnish their first home complete. Moved Away Although Mr. and Mrs. Denton were born within five miles of one another, their lives didn't cross until they were practically grown. Mr. Denton was born four miles southwest of Luxora on the old Burchfield place, known now as the Cowan Place. When he was quite young, his family moved back to their old home in Tennessee, near Jefferson City, where they lived until he was nine years old and then they moved back here. Mrs. Denton, who was the former Miss Bessie Hayes, was born in the log house, now owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Gainings, but at that time (and the old timers still say) it was known as the Morrow Place. When Mrs. Denton was three years old, her mother died leaving three daughters and one son. Their grandmother M c K i n n e y came to live with her grandchildren. Pour years later, the father, W. H. Hayes, was elected sheriff of Mississippi County and filled that office for two terms. He was deeply interested in educational matters and served as director most of the time he lived in the county. The mother of Mrs. Denton was the former Miss Sally McKinaey. She was a native of Mississippi County and the daughter of Judge and Mrs. L. H. McKinney, one of the most prominent couples in the county, at that time. A sister of Mrs; McKinney, Ov- lena, married W. P. Hale, Sr., (Uncle Billy) and that was the beginning of making practically everybody in south Mississippi County related. Had 15 They were the parents of 15 children. Of the fifteen, only one is now living. She is Mrs. Ida Tucker, i Mr. and Mrs. Denton "settled" look. STARR GAZING This is truly n month of presidents. Rutherford Hayes on the reunion and dinner at the fourth (and my daughter's), Chester Arthur on the fifth, John Adams on the 10 and Teddy Koose- vt'H's on the 27, To say nothing ll'sf uest leftfor home, the yoiiiiB :i n ' s " I'™'? ""Porhmt monlh, I'd couple drove to their new home and j " x that ended the honeymoon and the ' hnt with the willow plumes was wrapped In tissue paper. Mrs. Denton paused in her reminiscing to show me the six pressed glass tumblers, Mrs. Jettie Webb of Blyiheville gave her for a wedding gift. . • It was at Mr. mid Mrs. Webb's wedding where Mr. and Mrs. Denton had their first date. Mr. Denton hired a team of high stepping horses and a surrey with the fringe on top to take Mrs. Denton to the wedding. Farmer, Ginner Ten years, following their marriage, Mr. Denton farmed for himself and then In the fall of 1914 cotton hit rock bottom and he lost everything he had accumulated and was forced to leave his farm nnd seek work elsewhere. He came to Luxora and went to work at Thomas' Gin. It was during the time he worked there that lie lost his hand, he then went to work for Charlie Spnnn as farm foreman and lived on the farm now occupied by Ambrose Teaford. After a year with Mr. Spnnn he accepted the foremanship with Moore and McFerrin, which at See WEDDINGS on Fape 7 The first ice cream sodas were served on this dale 1874 at the 24 Exhibition of American Manufacturers at Philadelphia. They wore served by Robert M. Green and Sons. The uroatest loss of life by fire in Anu i ric:ui history took place on October 8, 1871, when a rain of sparks carried on a high wind literally exploded the sawdust-laden air o£ many lumber towns. At Pt'.shtigo, Wise., alone GOO died. The Chicago fire that started the same day totaled about 250, yet more has been written, by far, about the Chicago fire than the Wisconsin fire. A total of 1.152 were killed during the Wisconsin fire. Although Arizona has the oldest settlement in the United States, it is the youngest of the 48 states, in fact Arizona joined the union on February 14, 1912, when President, Taft signed the proclamation making it the 48 state. Cudahy Meat Packers have the distinction of pioneering the use of refrigeration in curing meats for packing. An Irishman for the 'name of Michael Cudahy is given mother of former Sheriff Hale Jackson. Sheriff Hayes died when Mrs. Scott was eight years old. "Uncle Billy" built a home for the grandmother and her grandchildren. They lived there until the oldest, Lura, married. Then she took over the responsibility. The children came to live with her until they each married. When Mr. and Mrs. Denton mar- j ried, her sister, Lura, (Mrs. Charlie ; Scott) had a young baby, which only lacked one day of being a month old, but that one day prevented her from attending the wedding. Women, in those days didn't go out in public until their baby was "at least a month old or better," and don't think for a minute they abused that custom as there were always some old timers circling the calendar. In Old Church Mr. and Mrs. Denton's wedding was held in the old Baptist Church in Luxora, which stood where tin; Luxora Park now stands. Church weddings were few and far between 50 years ago and the only invitations issued was for the minister to announce it in his Sunday mornini sermon. Everybody was asked to attend isnd they usually did. It was a rare thing in those days to be married in a regular wedding dvess with a train'n every thing That was a waste of money, to use a dress just for one occasion. Nothing practical about a white satin dress being put away in moth balls Uncle Billy furnished Mrs. Denton's wedding outfit, even though he was the wealthiest man in Mississippi County he thought it was torn-foolery to waste his money on a dress "Bessie couldn't use afterward for ice cream suppers, bap- tlzlngs, big meetings—and funerals, so he bought her a gray outfit, something to make her look like n married woman, and in those days that was to look "settled." Mrs. Borum trimmed her hat which also had to look like a married woman's hat. and that, too, was to look like a settled woman's hat. and they say '.'them were the good old days!" Small Supper After the wedding, just the immediate members of the two families came to the bride's home lor a midnight supper and to spend the night, if they lived tqo far away to drive home over rough country roads. The second day called for a fam- Save up to $5.00 a pair in our SAMPLE J Sizes 4B and 41B Only Values to $9.95 NEW FALL SHOES Aren't you the lucky one ... if you wear liis 4B or 4 '/i B ., . juit look at the savingi we're offering on nationally advertised ihoei ...come early and ice itieie terrific values ...we've doiem of the icoion'i ncweit, imorltit ilylei. Colon and mal«rialt galor*. High and medium hcelt. 3 95 and GEM THEATRE Osceola's Largest Finest Theatre Is NOW SHOWING "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" .CINEMASCOPE and TECHNICOLOR Starring Howard KEEL & Jane POWELL • Wed., • Thurs. 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Maybe you'd like to know who wrote the most popular of hymns "Rock of Ages." Augustus Montague Toplady (interesting name). He was born In Farnlmm, England, studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and in 1764 was ordained a priest in the Church of England. In 17G8, he became rector of Broad Hembury and this post he filled until 1775, when ill health nmde necessary his removal to London, where he died. He was regarded as a Champion of Calvinism, as opposed to the Methodism of Wesley, which Is something else interesting. At most Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times Wed., & Thurs. Double Feature CARYGRANT-MYRNAIQY MEIVYNDOUGUS ' Mr. BLAN DINGS BUILDS HIS ,— DREAM HOUSE | Mimbn In MSHKtJ PLUS CAUTOON -Theotre- On West Main St. In Blythcville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat., Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double feature GLAMOR SIRL! —AND— ALSO SHORT THURS., & mi. Double Feature .M? El " . 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