The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 29, 19.14 Convention Held At Caruihersville Drummers' Association Elects St. Louis uMan As President ' CAHUTHERSVILU3, Mo.—The forly-eljjlith iiiniuul convention of the Soulhensl Missouri Draininers 1 iissodiillou closed here SiUimluj wllli nil "an rcvlor" meeting follow- iiii! the convention closing brcukinst al 8:00 a. m. The convention convened Thurs- cliiy morning at 8 o'clock. Convention hendqimrtcrs was established nt Miijcstic Hotel, and out-dooi- sessions and awHi-th for panicles, band concerts, etc., were licld in Frisco Pink. '•Ejection or new officers was held Friday morning, with Emil Hiirt- intui of the Cohen Grocery Company, SI. Louis, Iwlns elected iiresl- cictil, iiucccccUng H. K. Plynti of the Illinois Central Railroad of si. Louis. i Other new officers ure: Harris Foslcr, C;ipe Glrurdciiti, vlc-c-iiresl- (ient; Ben Schilli, Perryvine, wur- cicn; o. K. Heinhardt, St. Ixjuis secilclnry; Hurry Wcsterliolt, SI, Louis, treasurer. : Tlie iidtlre.s.'i of welcome Thursday was delivered by Mnyor W. D. Byrtl, with President Plynn responding. A dance was held Thursday uiglil nt tlic new Armory building, under sponsorsliip of (lie C'anithcrsville junior Chiunbor of Commerce. Parades were lield Tlmr.sday and Friday afternoon, with prize's going lo the kiddies for best entries In various divisions. The Association staged its annual "What. Club" Friday night. ! A total of 215 iissociaUon incm- bcrs were registered, it was announced nt tlie close of (he cnnvcn- tion. Pcrryvillc was chosen as the convention city for l!M5. Army Air Force Youths To Train At Arkansas U. ' FAYETTEVJLLE, Ark., May 20- Thc University of Arkansas, which already has trained several thousand young men for the armed for- cc.s, has been selected as the school in the Eighth Service Crmmnm) to train Army Air Force Reserve students, it was announced today by Dr. A. M. Harding, president. ' The first Air Force Reserve sUi- dents are c xpceted on the campus In June, Dr. Harding said. They will come from Arkansas, Louisiana. Texas. New Mexico and Okhi- lionv.i, and while on the campus they will reside in Camp Neil Martin, which was named for the first University of. Arkansas student to lose his life in the present war. •The students will be IT-ycar-olct high school graduates who have enlisted in the Air Force Reserve. Each -one will remain/In training at the University until the end of the term during which he reaches his eighteenth birthday. Should his birthday occur between terms ho will remain at the University BLYTHBVILLE (ARK,); COURIER NEWS I fUSMC pJioio from NE/1) ' Fangs bared, and with o killer's glcnm In his eyes, Tubbey, U. S. Marine Corps war clog, lunges forward on receiving order to attack from his handler. Pfe. Vincent Salvageio, ot Philadelphia, Pa. Marine dogs are used primarily as messengers under Ore, but will charge the enemy when necessary. Tubbey, plcnned during training at advanced Pacific base, was formerly owned by Lee Raymond, of mdgeficlc!, Wash. throughout the succeeding term. The students will study a special course composed of mathematics, physics, chemistry. English pud history. Their military drill on the campus will lie under the super- fision of Major J. D. Smith, professor of military science and tactics at the University. •Their course of study will be divided into terms of 12 weeks each, with intervals of one week between terms. NOTICK OK ril.lN'G OF APPLICATION I'OIt I.IQUOK 1'EKJIIT. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with Hie Commissioner of Revenues of the Stnlo of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage lit retail on the premises described as Colored Whiskey Shop, 418 W. Ash St., Blvtheville Ark. , ( ' . Application is for permit to be issued lor operation beginning on tin; first dny of July, 1944, mid to expire on the -30th day of June, 1945, as prescribed by Bulletin dated Jannary 7, 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 clfcctivc July 10, 1031. W. H. Young. Girl Scout News The Sudbury Girl Scout Troop held its last official meeting of the year with a weiner roast mid picnic on May 13. Cooking over an open fire was the project completing the second class work for this year. Other projects carried out by the troop have been tile making of Junior Red Cross wash cloths, 0.S.O. scrap books, raising money for relief funds, salvaging of fal, tin cans, etc., and Girl Scout choir work. The following girls received second class badges: Mary Margaret Autcn, Joyce June Cavasherc, Lavena Crump. Frances Dowdy, Jacqueline fetes. Mary Jane Gofoith. Nancy Hamilton, Charlenc Mullins, Dolores Pnrncr, Palsy Imi Pope, Barbara Saliba and Mellra Joy Smith. Troop leaders for this year were Mrs. J. R. McConnell and Mrs R C. Norton. Missourian Has Sent 213 Knives To Fighting Men ! Although ho has been unable to buy WOT bonds In diffident quantity lo "mnke the Axis feel It," George Spcnce, radio service man and gun- sniilli of Stcclc, Mo., believes tho enemy will feel the blade o! sonic of the 213 knives he has minlc without charge for men on wnr fronts. "If through nil the knives I turn out, Just one boy gels back snfc iiiul sound, I will be more than repaid lor all my trouble," he clo- clurcs. Spence, who has been making (he knives for more than n yeur, has received letters from service men in all wnr zones thtmklng him for the weapons. Mirny have felt safer, they declared, us they went Into the tropic wildernesses armed with such u knife used for nmny Mis . . . from •• handy tool In dally routine living ' lighting off enemies, Kitchen butcher knives contributed by friends, including relatives of service men, nnd walnut wood donated by Spencc's fallier-in-law, Olio Woods of Glen Allen, provide the chief mrucrlals for Hie knives. Spcncc sharpens and rclll.s tlie blades to wnlnul handles, fastened vllli No. 0 copper wire rivets, and Mils'leather scabbards sewn free by 3ml Qunn, n shoe repair man at, Stcelc. who bus teen of great assistance In the patriotic project. About three hours time Is required on each knife. He concedes the knife-making has interfered with his radio business but ho believes the knives inoro im- YOll CAN'T BUV . morft in aspirin HKIII (ho nssnrnnro ol quality ami imrily i>nnranlccil ivlitm you buy St. Jnsejili Asiariii •fxaM'a InrKPsI seller all Oj 1 . UcirmndSt.'lfosciiliAspirin. SUMMER CLASSES in PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE !—Schedules now being arranged Mrs. DALTON C. POWLSTON, B.A.. M.S.M. Former New York Organist anrl Teacher Write Sirs. Fowlslon HOI (Jliickasawbu or 1'hcmc 2013 4' Dine In The Beautiful SPANISH COFFEE SHOP Hotel Noble PLATE' LUNCHEON Delicious, Home Conked Meals. Let Ua Help SAVE YOUK EYES! • 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 WE FILI, ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE TOU MONEF STEWART'5 Drag Store Mala A Like Fbon* tttB WANTED: Bring Your Leftover SOYBEANS to Us. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main Phones 850—S5T Victor Records Make Ideal Graduation Gifts- IVc noiv have uinisu.illy comlilcfr: selections uf l>ulli red ami l)I;ick sc;il Victor Records. . . . A<Id to ynlir oivn collcc- lion now—or select 'an nlbinn for Mint boy or girl grail on your lisll Choose While Slocks Are Complete! WHICH OF THESE VICTOR RECORD ARTISTS ARE IN YOUR HOME? • ARfUR RUBINSTEIN PJASCHAHEIFETZ | Woild.rnmeCpiH.iu who pl.y. 0 TI,r, B ,c«tviolini. tn t a j.,Brctho. • ™ i, *„?" Lonec rlofin.l vtn s Concorlo in O Miuof '"" F ''"':"' * 1S B "*"° m «*" T»e.m ni nn<, NBC S™' Rnd London Symphony, Album M.I 80. NBC Symphony Oich Mrs. Album M.70S. n ARTHUR F1EDIER "7 DINAH SHORE f. Conductor of llic Boilon'Tops" I L-o^yfccordnnilrndioitflr' Orchcslro in Tjchflikowsiiy'i "' n K< S/ues j/i rfco ///X''' -»« meat 75/2 Oi'erluro in Victor Sometimes tm Btucbtrd Rccocd Kccor.J Album M 515. movie, end concert nudicnces. (l.i Bol.cmc) ncid Depuis tcjour (Ixjuiac) on Victor Rceord 17189. f self IWicn Young oa Victor :totd!706. Vicloc Record Album M-7U. Mnr/o, IVftOBndSlnrDusl ore •monE trit 8 piccei he playt in . '" *""""' M ' 8 « fl ftCHf,HO CROOKS J Popular Ainerlcon-born tenor heard in Victor', popula. «lbum of Stephen Foiter tnetodiei. Vittor Record Album M-3S4. TKE WORLD'S GREATEST ARTISTS ARE ON VICTOR RECORDS HMDAWAY APPLIANCE COMPANY Special Service Council Will Plan Entertainment A Special Service Council, composed ot 13 non-coms, bus been up- liolnlrd at (llo 1} i ylMCvl || C A nny Air Held for (lie purpose of aiding Cap!, o. u Benson, Special Scrricc officer, In providing local in Hilary iwrsoniicl wltli. more nnd belter mlerUlniiH'iit. Tho non-coms, representing ench section, win slay In close contact with their fellow soldiers and seek o determine Just what Is lurking In recreational features here. Then when the council meets wllh Cap-' Bin Doiwon, (he various SURBOM- Iions for morale bullilluf activities will be discussed mid pliuis will be made for the development mid maintenance of nn even lurisrr lim-nresram limn has teen carried o» In (tie pusl. Members of the council Include: "on A, president; Seret. Jeter J cox > Section ij, vice-president; Kei-jjt, llnrokl li, Koliicr, of (lie I'liini) newspaper fiUitf, scereluiy; Stuff Herut. Waller Terry, of Sec- Ki'lijl. William J. Stout, Hecllon K; Serai. UIILs M. Moore, Section 1'; Corp. Arthur Cl. Miller, Section (•'; Scriil. SUtiicy B. litiuln, Unit Heart- (iu:iitcrs Section; Tech. Sorgl. Al 1'iKk'onkii, 05isl Army Air Forces Hand; Muster Sern'1, Hfllph s. Un-silngs; Slaff 'Sergt. George I*. Klrby; Slaff Serisl. linymoiui u. Wolsfcld, Corp. Vcrnon H. Wilson, nil "f Sectlgn 0; and Stall Ser«l. Alfred E Slubler, of Ihcj Physical ulnliiK Uepailincnt, Suction II. IKjvtniit in Ihc war effort lhaii whether a customer wns llslcnlnij i u news the nRhtliiK men were milking Fnlher of two chtkhen. Spona- served four and a half year* in i>,o Army Air Corps In Ihe 1920s. ^, to Headache IXsn'lltl hiitil>(lie<laul,|ollt«inli. VII • ryolol.nunlon.AltlK.flr.l.tuii V \S "'iff'", i» k " CnpilJIi,.. U /-^\S inltklr lirlnts rdlof, loollinj U ' >£ V f \ ntrvB, uj.s.i I,,. „,„ ,„,„ „ , ?•>*"••>, 1 M<lulJ-.l ro ,,(, ,u,>olv.-J-.ll f// -!; J mi, lo «tl-«ll rr»ay lo' li'l»B tnmtorl. U w only „ jr. ntlnl. Iflt, »OP, CAPUDINE LIFE'S Little TROUBLES -CAN'T SLEEP No need to lie in Iwd—IOM— worry nin! /ret because CON- STIl'ATION or CAS PRESSURE won't let you ilceri. lie Miisiblo-nct up—lake • duh al AOLER-I-KA M tiltecU'd, lo relieve the |>rcuiirc ol large ialolinci oa iicrvw mil or^niu of tlic digestive trad. Atl- Icnka n»!>t> olil fowl Wnsle, u:,| ^i throiitili n comfortable bowel ioicnieiit so (lint b(wcl» return lo iioriiinl »izc nnd Hie tliicoiitforti p! pressure no;), Hcforo you know il, you ore us1rc|i. Morning fmd ( you fcclins cloan —rclicilieil «nd reaily (or a jjood cloy'i work or tun. O.I .UI..U. h..,,.., J,.,,!.,!.^,. PAGE THREE V,' Braves' ItcmeiiiJifr Hanley HOSTON (UP)^- T4ie>, I)o,si llrnvcs bascbiill club bus'Jssifcd o'no season-ticket for which no seal ivlll be held, but the recipient ts gralcful Just, the 6nme,.The "Annie Oikley" waa addressed lo U. Cot. 1 J8&*$? M J l! * n '?y, Jormer BosUih Ofilverflty. football coach, nov/fon duty vvitli ; tthe Marine Corps in Hie Southwest Pacific. Kiitiiv iimiK. inuui s-ioui-s TOP COATS AWAY Now (lull summer's coming (n .say. Hut he careful of (lint coal. You tniiy need i( f«i' (lie iliirulioii KO bring' il Iu IKS. We'll ok'nn il H|)!C and spiin, itnii store it. When cold winds return, you know it will he on hand.' Let Us Store All Your Winter Woolen Clothing, NIJ-WA UUNDKWLttNEft PHONE 474 — BLYTHEVILLE.ARKJ Here are the FACTS about your GASOLINE SUPPLY Miracles of production for war have been accom- otlicr countries combined But the war ,,,< tf bines phshcd.ty the oil mdustry. Supplies of mule and need & ,soli w in /,,*„/„„ • q , M) ,Hlic f) <wd tbh b* refinery output have exceeded all past records; calm into ihvumd chilis snbbly. : our nation is producing more gasoline than all • | Here's the Picture . . . •^ Eijpm 1942 to 19'W, military needs for gasoline stepped ujvalmost four fold. + Iri the same period, supply for civilian passenger cars has been cut almost onc-lialf. •*> Ratio of military demands to gasoline available for civilian use increased eight fold from 1942 to 1944 Your Gasoline is Powering the Attack It takes more than a ton of gas to "deliver" one ton of bombs. Over half of the total of all supplies shipped to die front is petroleurrt in one form or another. From 1942 to 1944, output of 100 Octane aviation gas stepped up eight times, Training orie pilot uses more gas than the average car owner uses in 18 years. Jn one hour, a Flying Fortress inirns up enough gasoline to last the average car owner ahout six months. You can make only a little more than half as much 100 Octane gas as you can regular automotive gasoline from a barrel of petroleum, Fighiing forces must come first and will get wbal ibcy need. As a result, the home front gets less than h wants. The biggest part must go to the essential home front—farms, trucks, buses, industry, your doctor. Needs of this group arc imperative; they are the supply iine to victory. Rationing is not an Arbitrary Plan to anyone of Gas Gasoline rationing is designed to make the Jim- hrity, every black market deal upsets this plan, ited supply go around. It is a plan for dividing Every gallon that goes through improper or illegal available gas fairly among all users. Every irrcgu- . channels means somebody; must do without. Here's Your Part . . . Don't apply for more gas (ban you really need Get into a ride-sharing club and stick to it. ..Endorse all your coupons • '•"' , now - • • • Don't take extra coupons from or offer them to anyone, . f j THIS MESSAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE FOLLOWING COMMNJES IN THE OIL INDUSTRY; II. .SPIRITS COMIMNV ARKANSAS FUEL OIL OJMPANY ATLAS On. A REFINING COMPANV liiRRY ASPHALT COMPANV CiiAiMEirr PETROLEUM CORVOKATION- ' CITIES SFUVICF. REFININC CORPORATION COAST OIL COMPANY COASTAL KFFINF.RIES, INC. COL-TEX REFINING COMPANY CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY COSDEN PETROLEUM COSPORATIOX CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION DANCICER On. AND REFINING COMPANV F.VANGEIINE REFINING COMPANV GREAt SOUTHERN CORPORATION CruLF Oa CORPORATION HUMBLE OIL * RSFININO COWPANT HUTEX On. & RF.TISINO COMPANY INDEPENDENT HIIIMNG COMPANY INLAND REFINING COMPANY LION" OIL REIINI.VG CoMrANY MA<:MM.I.AN PF.IROLEUM CORPORATION MAfiNOI.IA Pf.IROI.F.t/M COSIPANY MAI.CO REIINFRIES, INC. i Mr.IiHiDE REIINING COMPANY,INC, AtcMijRREY KEVINING COMPANY MOTOR I-'IIELS CORPORATION IMoursAY OIL COMPANY NEW MEXICO ASPHALT & REFINING Co. ONYX RFIININC; CORPORATION I'ALLXY ASPHALT COMPANY PANHANDLE REFINING COMPANY J'ATTON OIL CO.MPANY PAYVFARD REFINING COMPANY PETSOLEUJI PBODUCTS REFINING COMPANY PONTIAC REFINING CORpoSAfiOM PHEMIF.R On. REFINING COMPANY OF TEXAS THE PURE OIL COMPANY RABO HEU.M.NG COMPANY SINCLAIR Hi.FINING COMPANY ' SHAMROCK OIL S: GAS CORPORATION ': SHELL OIL COMPANY,INC. -..'< SKEILY OIL COMPANY ' '~ SOUTIIPOST PETROLEUM Co, OF DELAWAHB STANDARD OIL COMPANY op LOUISIANA STANDARD OIL COMPANY or TEXAS . ', TALCO ASPHALT & REFINING COMPANY, TAYLOR REFINING COMPANY THE TEXAS COMPANY ' N TEXAS PACIFIC COAL & OIL COMPANY THREE RIVERS REFINERY • VALLEY REFINING COMPANY STANOLIND OIL & GAS COMPANY "V, «.,; ef ?&?&w**-.-$^

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