The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX-NO. 124 BECTHEMLLE COIMER NEWS Tttw rv\uv»iAwrt -,••••»>« mm SAM u/iD*wr»A «T AD*-AUDAM **»» - ^.._>. ^^ . . i • ^^m? DOinNUTT NIWBPAMR OP NORTH!* 8T ARKANSAS AND SOOTHKAflT IUMOUK1 Blvthevllle DaUy, Nevi. BlytherlUe Oouic. Villo? Le»der. Wytbertlle Hn»la, m.YTHRVll.LK, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST !0, I!);!;) SINGLE., : COPIES Pi LAW FAILS TO END CUBAN REVOLT Police and Teachers Clash in Havana Cut Throat Compti'iliou, Not Unions. Chief lem Says.Taplin. WASHINGTON'. Alia- 1(J. lUPj — T.:e recovery drlvi 1 . moving swi:t- )y along ninny fronts, leceivt.! impetus lo:ay when icprcsentativei of both Industry and organ izeJ la- Ijor at the bituminous coal c;:h hearing joined in severe dcnunuia- lion of objtruclionis; tactics. asul "cut throat" competition. IVank E. Taplin. railr^a-j and coal magnate, spoke for industry, and John L. Lewis, president nf Uio United Mine Workekrs of Amarica. lor organized labor at the hsarlnj. Tapfiu defended mine uiiloaizi- tion and L3wis vv.-v.iijd ' .lisaf- ler ft-culd result II the Indi.nry ci:l not show more coo|K?ratlon. "I would rather deal with unions than with cut threat coal operators," shouted Taplin, criticlzins I"" stand of Cr.arlt-o O'Neill! who has icfused to wi'.hdra-.v company union provisions Df the code proposed by the Northern Coal Control associalm. Seek Strike Settlements As the coal hearing progrc^fi other groups o! M. it. A. officials were driving to'.vard settlement of the Pottsvilie. Pa., shirt workers strike and ti:e Reading. Pa., hosier}' strike. Other ofliduis sought to break down "chizeling'-taclics which lm-5 developed among cod? signers. Taplin and L-2wis ap]jeured at tl'-2 second day of N. R. A. hearings nn the conflicting codes of fair com-1 petition for 'coal. They spoke aft^r i . CJscrge Harrington. Illinois coalcp-f erator, .outlined a code which he' t proposed for adoption generally • throughout the..industry. --- ---^Relallers'" Warned ..-..- Administralor Johnson, for the >:e[:cnd time in four days, warned retail and grocery store -operators that the intent of the recovery act to provide more employment would be defeated if they shortened hours of operation instead of adding more \vorke:s. adding: . -'-When cnipluyers sign this agreement with their president after rcad»>j Sfcllon 8. no one could ccncievabiy set about staggering r-mployes hours, enforcing rest Periods, and increasing the time for lunch without, pay. or either directly or indirectly conspire, to de- TO DIRECT RELIEF IN m Osccolan Named Aclminis- trnlor for Arkansas Under New Set Up. • OSCKOI.A, Ark., AUK. 10.—W. H, Dy^.s of Osceola was nuincd slate dlu'clor of federal relief work In Aikausas al a joint nicellnn of fc-d- iiiil and hhitc nilllini llli':>,lu Lll Itork ycMerduy. | Mr. Dyi'Ss went I" Mtlle Hock '• this morning lo assume the duties , uf Ills new position, which will cull . for ll:e disbursing of upproxInniU'is ' «7.WW,0«) of federal relist funds amum; needy families of during l|ie coming winter. An exicnslun of the R. P. C. pro- tram instituted lust winter, [he ncu sci up provides for u different man ncr of disbursing the relief funJs Tli-j Male will be divided Into dls trlcis with a district relief agen rrnploycd by the government ll ouch district. Each county will hav a government employed relief agent And disbursing audit. The Arkansas sjl-up provides for u personnel o! something of over 500 per-' Home from Honeymoon Here the caimra contributes a striking pictorial recoul of one of the fierce street riots that served as n spark in ignite the 1 flame uf open revolt In strife-riciden Ci:bj. Heinfurred by mounted police, army o!M-,' ccv.s i\]'? seim charging a tjrou[) of men and women sclicol teachers in Santa Clara. Thi:; was an incident in the strike which paiatyzed cntninercc and industry In (lie 'lolitlcally torn Greenwood Authont i e s Continue Probe of Dr. J<jlin Kennedy's Death. GRfiENWOOD. Miss.; Alls. 10! (UFJ 1 —Mysterious- telephone calls from a "woman" were received the niaht ihatDr. John Kennedy is pcsed lo have swalloweS the iiDl ed whisky that allegedly ra in his death in a Jackson hospital Sunday. ' Tile telephone calls were revealed today by District Attorney Arllinr Jordan. Dr. Sarah Ruth Denn, 33. specialist in children's c'isens?.s who once was associated will; Dr. Kennedy, is lieitl in the c'ouiKy jail, charged with murder In tlie dr-nta °f Kennedy. She was arr:?tfd Dowel] Takes Early Lead In Gol{ Tourney Play-off \V. A. Dowell, jr., of Walnut' Pidee WFIS leading John Cauclill of i Blytheville by two slinfce s at the j cml nl five holes of the 18-holel play-off for the Arkansas-Missouri I .• golf tourney here tills afternoon. I nil Dowell as even par through the five holes. He went one stroke on I the first hole with n birdie three and another on the third hole with a par five. |j c [ j s anticipated before fall, the suiiimer monllis \vlll be spent hi island republic, j perfcclln the organization, rcudy to i itiiietion at tlie earliest need. Mr. 1 Dycss said. Mr. Dyess Is well known hi Mls- swlpjil county. He was Identified wllli relief work In t[)ls cnunty last winter ns a member of the county com mil | c, is serving now as presl-. t'ent of the county election com- [nl::lo:i, and is chairman of the Miifelpnl CrjiLiity Farm Burdau orgunliatiori.' Sum in $20 Bills f As stnlc relief director he suc- Wheat and Corn Crops Given Abductors Oklahoma Oil Man. , cccds Slate Labor Commissioner Ed Of • I. McKinlev sr. v through. whose of' ' j lice the relief funds have previous! 1 J been disbursed. • - • • "Tlie purpose of the new set-up," OKLAHOMA CITY, An?. 10 (IIP); according lo a stutemeiiHssusd-'ycs -A total of $1(19.020 was the ransomTterday by tho relief. oomm'lUee of paid kidnapers'-for the release olj which Governor Fi'ltrell Is ' rhalr- Charles Urschel. multl-mllllontiire.,nan, "Is 10 the end that every one Fa r .Be!oW Last Year t . rusloe ° r the T - B - slick •- stalc -' 1 'actually entitled to relief shall' hav= was learned today. I it. n nrt those not entitled (o relief WASHINGTON Ann 10 (UP)- ™ s ls lhc larK<!st tribule ev ' r sha11 not recetvc ' L H- proposes a' T=; agriculture department today ? a ! a , to k """P 6 " In America, of- most efficient organization for estimated total .1933 wheat, n'H-1 i',' S •', , • „ i weeding out all abuses of ndmln- ducticn a! 493.G71 OCO bushels coin- , ,,T C -f^ "" mbors of °- 981 * M 'l*lraticn cf federal relief. 11 will pared t» 72C.OM.rjoo bushels last year' bl " s ; ldcllllflod as "ransom in kiJ-, have close supervision and check"-*•*' i linnlntr rnc^c IHI (Vinnt monti/Miii-nr'(.,,. L... . i.. r__»_ .. . •- .*. PUTS [ Returning from « hon'eviuoon nhroad. Mrs. Elliott Newc'ombc Charlotte, N. C,. is pictured-on tho dock ut tho .3. ; S. Bcr; ais It arrived In New York, with her (\vo tlirec-rnqnths-old fcat'tlie verv punioss of the agree- a death bcf statement bv Kcsm.'dy ment by materially shortening the number of hours which the stores ctftomarily had stayed open." The administrator snid that while the actual agreement provided operating hours should not be involve:! her, Jordan said. The revelation of the telephone calls followed tire disclosure thai Dr. Kennedy was to remarry hi; wife who had divorced, him early ------- .... (his yer.r. Tho marriaj; \va-: to be icdnced below 52. unless they had >:c!d in pannnin about August 20. A been less before July 1. the actual! reconciliation had been effected af- | Intent of the agreement was tliatj tei . lie | lnd WODCd Ms former wife there should be no shortening, ardently, deipile the -'ivcrc' wl>atsnever. Slor?.- were expected to take on additional helpers to continue operation. "That agreement is a sole..... | ' tv covenant and its purpose is ex- V\ f re Displayed IP. Store J and an aver.ure annual production I 1-Jt'vrrn 102,- 311-1 1930. inclusive-, of j KGI.030.CCn t;ushr>]j. | lt!clicat;i corn production as of | AU-.MIH 1 was plac?d at 2,273.019.01)0 ! bushels ejinmro:! to ;.B7(i.n05.0'M bushels in 1932 and an avenge an- 111131 yield riv.-r ;• prrlol of 2.512.CCC.IXX) bushels. without mentioning in the hands of bank officials tc- day. Tlie coufldential infonnation wasi sent to all brinks by J. Edsar Hoo- by Hie- federal authorities." iil of/Strife Torn Republic Rcsjsts American Pressure. . HAVANA, Cilbn, Aug. 10 (UP) — ' Culja's nnsslve ruvolitlloii, In (ic. llnncr of rlRld ninrl|nl liiw mid the iwwcr of tlu> nrmy behind Prcsl- di'nl Mtiuhmio, contlnuud iniubat- cd today. . •':. ! • Two bombs exploded at street,. corners, killing one passer by und diumiKins ]uu|icrly, . .;..... ' Tli.; general strike, which':has, mt off the city's 5Uiiply_or mlllt,' bread, meiit. find other necessities'' of lid:, wn s still In full force-and hunijcr Ihrentencd thouiancls. Army trucks began bringing , provisions to (he markets but prices were shoolliiB \ip.. . •••>• .•. Machaclo Actn . ' ' \. Prosldent Cicr^rdo Miichnrio, op- livlicil i>f President Roosevelt's views on Culinn affairs, took drastic steps . Icdny to end (he general strike,nii<l-.^ save his own i»lll!cnl career. : >---" ; Cub:i was being rulci by the nrmy • under i\ "stnle of war." - i] It was believed Mnciindo .had're- ceived pluln Intluiatlon from Amer- luiin olllelals that h!r, cuntlnuanct n power matlo solution of the cttsis dlHlciilt, bifl despite persistent:rumors that he would'make a patrlf s otic gesture by relinquishing ofhc'e ' there was no sign of aomprorhtae In his declaration of a sla/'rcf-War.'' or the nttituc'c of MsP -ft Ueu-' '. tennnt, Sccrcttiry o! Bf-.te fierraVa: '•' Ferrara \vns expacted "to confer-': tcJuy 'with. Ainerlcan Anibsissailor • Stunner Wellc.y"- '. '• ..'''-Vi->H''- Aracrlettn plrt;geb*aV^'-'''. .Maclmdo,told:' the"UrUte'd'. j .Imnds, Frl(z .and' ••tli-j'j torifi.'r-.- Duke Ltfon. j, i.';>--l'-' u .-l£iv..* l -'Y^"" u "' * ^• iTMnc lifwi, mtul •> eniftln' ih (there must te rii Ameri KURT VOTERS LIGIlPLfllT Condition of Mrs. Gwyn Remains Highly Critical I vcnUon, and that the solution .wAs : .s in cniilnjf th: strike and-contlnulrii^, mediation by American Amba'Hsfidor'^ Welles, • "•:'.•-lv. Anti-American propaganda broadf; ' cust from Ideal radio stations,>a!t, lagedly by the government, bore Its: .first'fruit when Miss Uertha aiclry-: i ins, an Alabnmlan, In clmrge^ot. ! tiie Commercial cable office at tlie-.-'l Give Heavy Endorsement jSenrch .Sea Off Hawaii for - Prices vt-r, e'riel of the United States bureau of investigation at Washington, under date of August, 7. a week alter the oil mulli-mtllionntre was released by his machine gun abductors. to Bond Issue at Special | Election. KENNHnT. Mo.—Kennel t. went mn i Denies Unstamped Cifjars of Johnson said. "The owners the stores a»<l the cuslomcrs who buy from those stores should have but one single purpose, which is to carrv out «'.iis .specific |>ro- vi-ion v.-hich has to do with re- tmptoyment through reducing the number of hours each employe works and by keeping: the stores 0|ron as long us possible." Ooncsrs Nfwipnpei- f.'odr. WASHINGTON, An^. 10. (UP) — President Charles Howard c-1 the Inlernalionul Tjpagraphlcal union, in a statement issued here, sal:' printing trades union? would opu-ie approval of the wwsoaiicr code submitted by U:e A. N. P. A. Howard asserted that Mi: co:le "does not conform (o either Mr. 1 spirit or Ihe letter" of the recovery act and that it was orepnre-? "without conference and without consideration of tre rights of the em- ployes or their representatives." N. Johns, local merchant, denies that three unstamped boxes of ci-! aer? found in his store, for which' the ^..^ revenue department seeks ' tu enforce a civil penally, were on .'lisplay or offered for sale. > The riiFrchanl. through his son. 1 declares that the cigars were stored in the rear of the store build- ' ing and stamps for the. cigars, not vet affixed, were in the store safe, a: the time of the visit of a rev- ] resulting in the insti-' ft. T. and T 127 Ancimnda Cooper 17 1-2 Pethlclicm Steel 401-4 Chrysler ' 38 1-2 Cities Service 31-4 Coca Cola aa 1-2 <~--ciK"a'. American Tank an 3-n r.cneral Electric 24 3-4 f-eneral Motors 31 1-8 Intci national Harvester 36 l-'2 Middieivest Utilities i-" Mom n -mcry Ward ... 24 1-8 New fork Central ... 45 3-8 Packard 51-8 Phillips Pi'lrulcum ... 13 1-2 Radio 87-8 Simmons Reds 24 1-2 Rl. I.ouis-San Francisco 5 3-8 Standard of N. .1 -. 36 7-8 Texas Co: 29. 7-8 U. ~S. Steel 54 I The condition of Mrs. A. U. Gwyn. who shot herself below the heart yesterday in an attempt at! ; ^Icirte. remained critical today 011 record yesterday as favorlnst hospital attaches said. j construction of a municipally own- I Mrs. Gwyn regained conscious-i c '-' electric plant bv a vote of 1,333 'ness after reaching the hospital' 10 SB fl t a special election, iyeitcrday and reports among! The clcctois voted to Issue $140.- f n ~ Mol:<.; n M:. U' f frl <™ls of the family were that :cco '" bonds with which to build IOr iTiail£]OUS "llSCniei some Improvement had teen not-| nn( l equip a municipal light plant cd. A hospital report this after- The city couiu i. however, declared that her! money from Gosnell Youths Fined Bndi'"; of Arridrnt Vic-i Bcd s " ca »'"iK; through the streets oodles 01 accident vie to n |)0|1[ . e ttn ' Uon . Anotl)l , r AIncrl ; tims. ' : can watched as police toolc..i;cr_Jo • ; the central station. >Ho teleplioned HONOLULU, T. II., Aug. 10 Al "bissador Welles and Miss Skirv- (UP)-Navy divers today' hunted '"B '™s released. No reason <----~»-In (he sea off Fort Wheeler (or: cn t0r licr arrest. vrcckDRC of u plane that carried; = ~r- nvc navy aviators to death. I Roosevelt Names Tlie wreckage held four victims. • " "•""•» II n-an believed. The body of one, thrown clear of the plane as It to State Review Board Btiford Bryant and Roy Craw-1 noon ford, youths of the Gosncll com condition remained hishly critical.! icll hopes (o borrow £tiuc)c the ocean surfacefl was re-! WASHINGTON, Aug. 10. (UP)— " the federal eovcrn-. covered. I President Roosevelt t'oda'v named' mnnbTs 'of t'C " was said es Damage Ash Street Houses to: present i,v Ihe Arhnnsaii-Mlssoiirl radio operator, of KliiBinnn, Kalis.; 'power company. The power com- and Seaman F. B. Pitt, of Athens, party does not have a local plant c but serves Kennclt by high line enue ageni tutlon of civil court action. • i York Cottnti Masons of Leachville Will Visit OsceoJa Ti:c Masonic school of Instruction which W. R. Allen, district deputy srand master, has been lidding at ] mil , Leacluille. will come to a close Frl- 1 juf day night when Learhvillc Masons NEW YORK. All?. 10 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. oi>en high low close B80 I COO D7S 075 1004 1022 MS 997 1013 1025 1002 1005 1025 1040 1017 1018 1041 1CCO 1037 1039 10CO 1071 1050 1050 with which to build tho, victims were Lt. C. P. Hill, chief! eight mitnity, wcic fined five dollars! Mrs. Owyn, wife oY"a "former Plant- ' , \ ' lilot ' Washirmton, D. C., Lt. T. O, encli by Municipal Judge C. A. police chief here, shot herself at The council had advocated for : Mnrchnll of LOUR Bench, Cal., C: Cunningham yesterday on charges the family home on Hearn street come time the erection of n muni- c - Stewart, aviation machinist's of malicious mischief involving yifterday afternoon. Despondency I cipal plant The city is served at mate, of Dallas, Tex.. V. C. Hovcy, removal of produce from n farm, over marital troubles ' " "" ' ""'"" '"" "' "' """" Steve Garner was fined one dol-.have caused her act. lai for disturbing (he peace on a, plea of guilty. , PI- — A fine of "ei3ht dollars Imposed r)ame: , on Hlrd Crav/ford for failure to ; j secure city auto license was re-, scinded with pavment of tho It- m , , , , . nlnni n^ ^ 'cei-'c'fee ' ! Firc of > lnk ™«'n origin gutted p '° nl " R s | ' • '_ -one vacant house and damaged : 'another early t!>is morning. | Construction of the municipal I ( T Pkillln. Ininn.J I Dilm aBe lo tile house In which ,J. !. rhlHlDS injured ,., c Rrc originated *t 70.1 West Ash - in Accident at rhiratrn 5 ''cet. was estimated at Sl.OOO and essary bonds. The mayor Raid III nceiueni 31 l,mcagO \ n(Ijaccnt <lwc||!ng sllstn|nKl RovcYnmenl aid to finance the bond about, a tlOO loss, Firc Chief Royl'^ue was being .sought ami if not, " ;lared. I forthcoming Ihe bonds would be lles on I Bo!h houses arc rental property sold publicly. state recovery beard of 'rev-levy. - " ' They wcr? II. Barlon of El'Oo/-' rado. oliarles A. Walls or LmoX*', •'W. D. Jackton of Little Rp:k. R.'A': ' Young of Fort Smith,. Joseph Jf&r.- .'.-. from other points in Its system, -p.. o •• f IV About, COO local consumers have I'llCS SUlt tor UlVOrCC i agreed to switch to a municipal i. s it Is put In opera- | i F rn _ 1 n -,l f a { 0 from LOC31 V-316 A. E, Davis, local cafe man, has Oa Dec Jan Mar! said pniitlii!; trades mi- will journey lo O=c!-ola for th2 put ion rp-,ri-scntal!v?s would olTer a ] tins; on of li'C Tnlrd dcfrrce at Cs- coola Ivxigc N'o. 27. All substitute lo A. hearings are held. cole when. N. U. Ranchers Test Stamina "Walking Down" Horses SAN ANOELO. Tex. (UP) — A conic;! iu which Is plttlris county tend.' Masons are invited to at- Ultra-Violet Rays Rid Pictures of Eye Squint EAST PITTSBURGH (UP)—Un- hls stamina against that of wild natural squints about the eyes. horso= is bcinj singed on the Opp Ranch, eight miles west of Fort McKavitl. It is seldom to be seen Forty head of w 'Hd horses arc beiiiE "walked down". It is a process requiring time and endurance. A negro boy, relieved by cowhands, keeps constantly after the herd, permitting the .horses no time to rest. Eventually, the animals become so weary they submit to The halter, herd is one kind in the state. of the last of Spols closed at 565, off 20, quiet. /Vt'lC oftorr J. T. Phillip., of Chicago, bro- H^'declared ther of Russell Phillbs nml "" • - «<*lared. in Bernard injuries sustaine According .to suffered Injuries to his hip and fcol when caught between the iron roilins of an Inclined dock and n drtverless truck which lolicd down the dock. Insurance policy. Workmen 1 suflcnng frni reports Phillip y e , lerdny wcre strlpp , llg wal)3 ot ti'.c- house, whicli later burned, preparatory- to re-papering. Firemen said the blaze apparently was first discovered by night 'employes at the Arkansas-Missouri Guests Not Dressed Will See No Beauty Contest PARIS (UP) —Twenty beautiful General Strike Called sometimes caused In portraits by intense illumination, may be eliminated by use of ultra-violet rays in photography. A bulb of black glass which fillers out all light rays except the Invisible ultraviolet rays has been - .,,,,, developed by the Westlnghouse Dcc - ' Electric ,nr.d Manufacturing Com- p;iny. By use of the bulb it Is pos- 5'ble to take photographs In the onrk or with Jo little illumination I that no eye discomfort would be'Sept 55 1-4 felt. Dcc 59 3-4 NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 10 <UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. oi»n hiiih low close Oct ..... 980 997 970 975 Dec ..... 1001 1018 991 996 Jan ..... 1012 1021 1007 1007 Mar ..... 1023 1037 1018 1018 May ..... 1049 1057 1037, 1037 Jill ' ..... 1056b - - I052b closed at 965, off 17, quiet. • Power j dc-parti before company plant where electric alarm blnze was received a moment later. The time was 3:15 a. m. Sept 101 1021-4 1001-4 1001-2 105 3-8 1C3 1-8 103 3-8 in St. Louis Factor!es| ST. LOUIS, Aug. 10 (UP) — A ger'ral strike was called today by union leaders for 3,000 employes of 43 garment manufacturing plants; DAB At»n..». here. The strike was called alter w s Avenge* employers refused to discharge! non-union workers. . [ Morris Bialis of Chicago, vice- 1 president of the International Ladles Garment Workers union. In charge of strike activities, dec'.ar- cd 2.050 employers, or 95, per cent, had agreed to strike. the Is The alarm was sounded the the pnrt of Davis. Mrs. ; Davis asks" restoration of her I maiden name, Mclba Vcrdie Fowler. Mr. 'and Mrs. Davis were married here in June, 1929. and separated a short time ago. cf Parsgould, VV.' W. Campball Forrest city, J. G. Blsss of' Lit' Rork. and J. R. Alexander.'; of of lie Scott. One additional member is yet to be appointed. The state will bo divided into nine districts.«-The ' bmr.! of review will handle cases ..arising from jnforcetnent of "Me national recovery act. .'••'..' UP)—Twenty oeautiiui »f . •• ni • being selected through- I University Planning blondes arc oul the highways and byways of Paris lo parade before a hand- Kicked Jury headed by Ramon' Novarro to choose a lucky Queen. I INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. (UP) —A who will be the guest of America's, f erl ™f,. ° Ueni Pt *.°, "elorify" tof- blonde beauty Jean Harlox. "" '" '" """'" ""' *" ' On the gala night when the se lection is made evening costumes "Loafing" Course I Ing will be made this year by Butler University of Indianapolis. In the belief that the National Chicatio Corn 6« 1-2 Gl 1-4 55 59 5-g 55 will be demanded for both feminine and masculine guests. "Anyone not complying will be turned away," says tlie director of the ! Restaurant Ambassadors, "because 'fastidious Parisians lose their appetites when a busy business man, who hasn't time to dress, drops By Nipping Official: VISALIA, Cal. (UP) — Councll- imn E. R, Connelly was limping. and in his limp citizens professed Jin to forget his cares—in a busl- to see something of blind Justice ness stilt." or fate. Conelly was bltlen Masons Meet Tonight i by a dog IJust after lie had voted, wth oilier j members of the city council, to | Pass an ordinance requiring oil | dogs to be licensed or exto;-mt- The Chickasawba Lodge Ko. 134|nated. He said he believed a (lose F. & A. M. will hold a stated com-!relative of a dog which was .shot nnmlrntion tonight ut 7:30 p. m.i under the terms of the ordinance 59 3-4. Visiting Brothers arfe welcome, [hat! sought reveiige. Gentwntc Villages Fnund DORTMUND. Germany (UP)— Archaeologists uncovered recently near here three large Germanic villages dating from the first centuries jfter Christ. Many of the idles recovered are estimated as more than 1,500 years old. Recovery Act. with its subsequent llmitallon of working hours, will create an immediate need for converting Idle hours Into profitable recreation, officials of the school have announced plans for a series of courses to be known as "proper use of leisure time." Tlie courses will be available to students in the night school and extension division. They will deal exclusively in preparing working men nnd women to develop avocations or hobt'es that will be both cultural nnd profitable. Public speaking, music, reading "Zazn" Disappears From Montreal Rock-Gardea MONTREAL "(UP) 1- :'z aYu" American-born crocodile and one-V- time pet of the Washington, D C., ; : . •Zoo, has injuriously, disappeared ' from his home here. " :•-••. "Zazu," who Is six years old- and measures three feet In length, Is Ihe pet, of Miss Mary Maxwell,, who received him as a gift from the keeper of reptiles at the Wash- --• Ington Zoo some time ago. So far as is known he Is the only crocodile who has ever been driven In* a.i automobile over a distance u great a s that between Washington and Montreal. "Zazu" disappeared from hla attractive rock-garden home at _tta' foot of the Mount Royal about » week ago and a frantic search: for him hy detectives,-police and It? owner, has so ar been futile. Tlie search Is continuing. WEATHER Arkansas— Partly cloudy and unsettled tonight and FViday. *' '"; Memphis and Vicinity—Pair irtth little change in temperature. ' ' . f The maximum temperature and cultivation of trees, (lowers!yesterday was §5, minimum 7J. nnd'shrubs will be among Ihe sub- clear, according to Samuel P. jects offered. Norris, official weather c*«emr.

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