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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 1

Louisville, Kentucky
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Tuesday, July 2, 1889
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- 1ZJ1 t "v. I Iv mm t : lir i: I Si (1 t " i ii., I -i - k I.'-, V VOLOTTE XXXTV. HEWS ARD COMMEHT. THX w7TX. The t-Bcattaas ter to-day te Keafeeky ere fair niWi. M decided change l temperate, ssuarrty wlada. ". la tbe list of ConsnU General ap- - pointed yesterday is Mr. Eugene Schuy- - W. of New York. sir. Schuyler waa ap- pointed Assistant Secretary or State, fcy Mr. Blaine some months ago, but the nomination was withdrawn. Dr. WO- liam Bowman, who wms appointed Con-sal to Tien-Tsin, Chins,' is a native of rTwis county, Ky. He has been a mem- hrr of the Legislature, and is a power la politics fa his county. . P" f A eloud-burst at WaeVngton yester- 'r Say made rivers of the sv and flooded large number of novi The vault 'in the jard of the lasury build ing, in which eighty million silver doi- lara are stored, bad about two inches of ' water on the- floor. Considerable dam age was done the bags and boxes, but the silver was uninjured. Tbe Immense plant of the TCesdintf Iron Works, which failed fonr months ago for more than a midon dollars. was sold at auction yesterday for S150,0OO, subject to a mortgage of ' 100,000. Tbe purchaser was the Phila delphia and Reading road. The works will resume operations at an early date. John L. Sullivan left his training finarters " at Belfast yesterday and garted for New Orleans, to be readr for his mill with Kilrain. Got. Low- rer yesterday issued a proclamation forbidding the fight in Mississippi, and offering a reward of $500 for tbe ar rest of the prneroala. The meeting of the School Board was broken up last night by the withdrawal of ten members, thns leaving the body without a Quorum. This action w P caused by the friends of German, who onght to take advantage of a temporary majority- to carry their point. 1 The President win leave Washington this afternoon for Woodstock', Conn., where he will spend the Fourth of July. . He accompanied by Mrs. Harrison. Secretary Noble, Secretary Tracy. Justice Miller. Senator Hiscock, and Private Secretary Ilulford. Gen. F. H. Smith. Superintendent of . the Virginia Military Academy since its establishment in .1830, has resigned. G-r. Fltzhogh Lee win probably bo his " successor when the resignation takes ef- lSt4inJBary next. , A new money order convention be tween Germany and the United States baa Just been signed. It increases the - amount of' a money order that can be sent by one country to the other froia so to tioa ' Caps. William Pearee, a brave officer aof the Confederacy and commander of the Louisiana Continental Guards, eom-: mitted suicide at New Orleans yester day. Caps. Pearee was born in Louis- Tfile In 1833. 1 '' Corporal Tanner was thrown from a carriage at the grounds of tbe Chantau- ona Assembly, Council Bluffs, Iowa, yes terday. He was not Injured, and after ward addressed the congregation. - It is claimed that John Kunze, under Jndietznent 'for Creniirs murder, is in - ail and baa confessed that he drove Detective Coughlrn to the Carlson cot. tage the night of the tragedy. In tbe rifle shooting contest set ween the Massachusetts Eifle team and. the Honorable Artillery Company of En gland, the Americans won by a score Cf 1.015 to 061. The President devoted his time and attention exclusively to official business yesterday, and the list of appointments : printed this morning is evidence that he Worked hard. - Fire yesterday destroyed all the principal business houses in Durango, CoL. three churches and a number of residences, causing an estimated loss of 1300.000. v W. B. Smith has been nominated by the Democrats ' of Madison county to represent them in tbe lower house of . the next Legislature. Savannah. Ga- had a $150,000 fire last night, during the pt ogress of which a wan fell, killing one fireman and in juring eight others. . 'The re si strati oa was light yesterday. Democrats should not let to-day and tomorrow pass without attending to this ,Buty. ' ' IJjftlH ' Three oarsmen were drowned yester day at St. Louis, at a christening of a ew boat by the St. Louis Bowing Quo. " " ; : ' The Governor of Ohio has commuted ' the sentence of Frank Korris, sentenced to hang July 10, to imprisonment for life. - ' ' The striking miners at BrarU. Ind.. yesterday voted to refuse the operators proposition and continue the strike. Kalph Crews, Professor of Mathematics t the State University at Baleigh, tried m commit suicide yesterday. CoL 1L P. Truman, formerly is Lou isville merchant, died of heart disease ast night at Chattanooga. Bradstreets reports 5,91a failures for ' the past six months, a gain of 004 over ' the first half of 188a. Dr. Theodore Dwigbt Woolsey, ex- a preajleat of Yale CoUege, is dead, aged i ghtj-dght years. w. twm tv . xr. w CVnlta . . - i. snaiiun - - - aas - A BUSY DRY. The President Begins the Flsel .Tear Bj Announcing JUnj 1 Changes. Eugene Scnnyhr, of New York, To Pa Pnnanl lnnprftl At fJaiTO. A Pen&sylriniaa To Look After Af fair of the GoTersment la Rou- masia, Ssrria and Greece. Frederick Douglas Talks of Eia Appoint ment and What He. Would Have Preferred, OHIf EBJLL, WAsBXATaTOB' KaVWS. . 1 a . ' 1 ; y - ktotc!tb ecarmjcB. Washington. July 1. The Presi dent to-day made tbe following ap pointments : A. Louden Snowden, of Pennsylvania, to be Minister Resident and Consul Gen eral of tbe United States to- Boumania, Servia and Greece. William Bayden Edwards, of Ohio, to be Consul General of the United States st Berlin. Augustus O' Bourne, of Rhode Island, to be Consul General of the, United States at Borne. Eugene Schuyler, of ew York, to be AgTIit and Consul General of the United States at Cairo. To be Consuls of the United States : Wallace Bruce, of New York, at Leith. William Henry Harrison, of Illinois, at Me. - Edmund B. Fsirchild, of Michigan,' atLyona, .- Irving J. Manatt, of Nebraska, ' at Athens. William Bowman, of Kentucky, at Tien-Tsin. Adolph G. Studer, of Iowa, at Bar men. Enoch J. Sm It hers, of Delaware, at Osaka and Hloga. Alex. C. Moore, of West Virginia, at St. Thomas. Charles F. Johnson, of Ohio, at Ham burg. Silas C Halsey, of New Jersey, at Sonneberg. The Secretary of State has appointed Hiram C Leonard, of Indiana, to be Commercial Agent at Ontario. The Attorney General has appointed John C Chancy , of Indiana, an Assistant Attorney in the Deportment of Justice, vice E. J. May, resiirned. Mr. Benjamin Wilson, of West Virginia, has re signed his position as a regular Assist ant . Attorney in the Department, and has been appointed a special assistant. assigned to duty in connection with tbe French spoliation cases. To-day was an important day in the Internal Ee venue Service, due to the Induction to office of the following named Collectors: - Wilcox. Eighth 1 'strict of Illinois; Foland, Second distrust of Ken tucky; Scott, Fifth district of Kentucky ; Land ram. Sixth district of Kentucky; Goodloe, Seventh district of Kentucky; Bumam, Eighth district of Kentucky; Mills, Montana ; Eaves, North Carolina ; Nunn, Fifth district of Tennessee; Fink, Fkst district of Wisconsin; Kogers, Second district of Wisconsin, and White, West Virginia, - Several changes were made to-day in the force of the special agents of the Treasury. Department. Mr. A. B Tingle was appointed Supervising Special Agent, vice CoL J. M. Jewell, who was appointed to that office during the last Administration. CoL Jewell will tike Mr. Tingle's former place in the Wash ington office. Mr. Joe McCoy was appointed a special agent, and will probably be assigned to duty on the Fa-cillo Coast. . ' The Secretary of the Treasury to-day appointed George B. Bussell and Thomas Devar, gaugerf at Cincinnati. ' . - ' Secretary Kusk to-day luade the fol lowing appointments: Thomas TnyW, of Massachusetts, microseopist, George Vasey. Illinois, botanist 82,Sou; IL E. Yandeman, Kansas, pomoiotUt, $2,500. 5 CaoV Arthur McArthur, Jr., Thir teenth Infantry, baa been appointed As sistant Adjutant General, with the rank of Major, to succeed to the -vacancy caused by the appointment of Gen. K el- ton to be Adjutunt Genera L , " . Mr." Win. ii- Suaw, of Pennsylvania, has been appointed Chief of the Agent's division of the Pension Office, In place of Mr. IL C BeiL of Illinois. . The Prebklent this afternoon made these appointments: Arthur M. Tinker. to be an Indian Inspector; A. P. Jack son. of Wisconsin, to be llegister " of the Land Office at Mraesha, Wis. ; George A. McKensie. of California, to .be Register of the Land Office at Stockton. CaL ) Jesse Taylor, of hsnsss, to be lieoeiver of Public Moneys at Garden City, has.; E, P. Freeman, of Minnesota, to be Re ceiver ' of Publio Moneys, at Marshall (formerly Trecey). Minn. - s ' . To be Indian Agents Archer O. Sim mons, of Montana, at the Ft. Belknap Agency, in Montana ; Charles B BarthoL omew. ol Colorado, at the Southern Cts and JlearUla Agency, la Colorado; Wa. P. McChire, of New Mexico, at the Putblo I Agency. In New Mexico; Wm. L Phimb, I f Nevada, at the Western Shoshone i Arency. ta ftcvaOa: w. . j&eynoua, ox aooasia. to ce a apeoai agent to maxe allotments of lands in severalty to Indians, etc- v ' FRED. DOUGLASS. .. The New Minister to naytt Talks i- About the Country. - 1 Washington. July 1. In reply to a Tri bune eorresponaont Frederick Douglass said : I can not say when I shall leave lor my. post. Unless some unexpected emergency arises I refer to leave about Etfptember 1. The climate la Hsytl Is very trying to an Americas. The mesa temperature Is about SO degrees and Hues to about 104 degrees. Europeans who are la business at Fort-eu-Prtnoe generally reside la the mountains a few aafles distent." There the temperature Is deligltrul la comparison. I do not think by reason of my advanced age that my health win materially suftr. I am well known among the people of Haytl. .You may remember that some years sgo I. was Assistant becretary to the San Domingo Com oils ion. Than 1 was la favor of the purchase of Eaa Domingo: bow I am not in favor of Ik 1 beilrve that non-coercion is the best In such matters. Let the people decide. At the period mentioned I also vtslted Fort-au-PrtDi-e. I know the eharao-let of the people. They are black Frenchmen. They are given to revolutions Uke the French, and are condemned therefor. Well, France has had twelve revolutions since 17KO. I do not think the Haytians woukl Indulge In so many revolutions were it not for oulsfcle persous furnishing them arms, borne of the New York merchants lnsilgste these irvotuilons by telling arms and niunluous oc war to political factious. Were tliey not so reatllly supplied with arms by these New Yorkers Uiere wuukl be fewer rt-'voluilons. 1 have no means of knowing how the present revolution will result, lljppollle is within fifteen miles of lVirt-au-l'rince, but nltean ulies in llsytl can not be ueasur-d as In this -country. Great mountain intercept the line of march, aitd the way to the 1 lay t lan capital Is strewn with difficulties to Hyppollle and his men. I hope the troubles wul be settled before I arrive. - - Yes. Mrs. Douclass w!H ma With me. I trust thst the climate will not affect her health. I leave my country rSuctantly, and yet I appreciate the high honor conferred upon me. 1 should have preferred the offlcs of lteeorder ut Deeds. Now 1 am glad I was not appointed. When a foreign mission was suggested to me I named Cairo, Egypt; for the reason that I was interested in the people for ethnological rea sons. I have bunietlmes thought that I might, with suflli-.ent' time, discover a rs-semblaneo betweett the Kmrntlans and the Africans. I have given much thought to me subject.- HAMPTON INDIAN SCHOOL. Rev. Dr. Childs Reaffirms the Charges Against tae Jiaaageateat. Washington, July 1. The Eev. . Dr. Childs, of this city, who was requested to examine certain charges concerning the ill-treatment of Indian boys at Hampton school, makes the following statement in reply to a recent letter frtpn Gen. Armstrong, sud to criticism from other sources. - "The letter of Can. Armstrong, with the adiltiou tu It. now ruins over the eoun- trv. rails' for a statemeos of facts. - F1rst-1 am not resa in-dbla for bring- ins the 'condition of aila.'n at llamptoa wnool before the oubl. This was done by (Sen. Armsironif's irtends. lien. E. tshlttle. ev. Sesretarv of the Hoard of Indian Com- nii-slonerH. and Mr. A. K. SmllrT. XTond TUs eharcn aamt tbe school were hot mad9 bv me. Tliev csms from Iisinnton IliWf. The Oovernnmit requeued ma to examltw them. 1 did so with mr IuUm?nt urfjeeband strongty in favor ox Gee. Amtsironc and the era on I. I fount soeie thine obleotlouablr.. On mr rrfort tber were chanted, partly by ilbe authori ties of the school, vartly uy the uovern- menL. lit report was never vablshed. the ntibllc knew nothlar of the case, and would have known rtntMae of It It Meters, a niu tlesr.w aud imt!ev. whh the Board Of In4lia Coramla'onrr.had not draered It to -light mom than a rear after It had been pot to oat "ThirdThe change made In the diet of the bxllans Immediately after 'my visit Is pronf that a change was called for. The new hill ef fare wm sent me, and made part of my repo.. tien. Whittlesey and Mr. fcmilrr saw that report and went, down to Hampton to review It. They say, 'This bill ot fare was In force at the time of our vhtit,' and they approve It highly; and con demn me for objecting to It. That Is. they condemn me for ot)erting to a bill of fare that I myself serwml for the Indian. , " Fourth Tbe Tacls a to the dungeon are. br th testimony ef the olllrers them selves. Indisputable. Aa absolutely dirk cell, six feet. lx Inches long, three fret, three Inches wide and nine feet, slx'tnrhes hfcrh. badly ventilated, under an office, and from whlrh. when a boy was taken out. 'the Mrtich wa awful,' in used to eonnne boys fori more than a work at a time. If (Jen. Armstrong spent a single night there, and round It too rlo stkI needing Ventilation. how wonkl an Indian be mpt to find it after a Week or ten days T rThe trnlh Is. the pnnlshment rnflleted ... these Indian hoys was such aa our Htate prisons do not. Infllrt on the most abandoned rrirulnals. There an othr gna4-houes at HSmptnn severs enough for tbe punishment of jany boy wbe onght to be allowed on the premier. I have only ta add tnst everv essential point of my report Is confirmed br the written testimony or the emrers of Hampton school. . T. bv CHILI.- j NOT ENOUGH PLACES. Hold-Orer Republicans In the 1 Wy of Patriots Who Hare Jfever Been In Office. Washington, ' July 1. (Special.! The trouble has eommenced, and it is a great trouble to the lie publicans. At least seven-tenths of . the office-seekers here are hold-over Kepublicans. The! num- 1er of llepublicnn hold -overs who occupy the few places in the departmental serv ice is indicated by a remark made by Secretary A indom, who is credited with saying that he found so many Republi cans in his department that he hits had great difficulty in avoiding hitting Re publican heads when be wanted to make rtf novala. The same thing is trne of all the other department, and yet the first four months of Mr Harrison s' Admin istration has been marked by more re movals tlutn the' corresponding period of Mr. Cleveland term, and Mr. Cleveland's heuds of departments were not hum pet ed by finding tnany of tbe pi res ouuuue ni ute protecuon oi ine iru service law. filled y Demorrats. In the matter of promotions. Mr. Harrison's Atrministrauon also suners ny contrast with that of Mr. Cleveland. During the term of the former,, when a place at the head of a bureau or division lie-re me vacant, in ouany instances, it was filled br the oromotion of some subordi nate oflicial, without regard to his political creed, but thns far there) has been but a single promotion in the depart mental service above the classified serv ice, and that was the advancement of Chief Clerk Cooley, of the money order oftiee, a llepublicnn. to lie Chief Clerk of the Post-office Department. -- Wherv under the last Administration, it was found . necessary to remove a chief of division, he was not generally turned entirely out of the service, but was usually aliowped to take a subordinate olace in the officer but thus far thi-e nas been' no such privilege granted br tbe Republicans, and their chief aim seems to be to make as msny vacan cies - as poasi Me. to i nuea ty the bornblowers of the camp. "f THE PRESIDENTS FOURTH. Programme Arraaged Far the Trip ta V ood stock, loan. . Washington, Jnly 1. The Presidential party will left .Washington to-mor row (Tuesday), in President Boberts" private ear, which will be attached to the S :43 train on the Pennsylvania railroad, reaching' 'ew Tork at 9:20. In the party will be President aad Mrs. Harrison, Secretary Noble, Secretary Tracy, Justice Miller, Senator Hisoook and Private Secretary Halford. The parti will be In eharre of Clarence W. Bo wen On reaching New York, carriages will be taken to tbe nrta Avenue notei. where they will spend the night. - Next LOUISVIJiLE, TUESDAT MOBNING, JULY 2,. 1889. rV".V.wslfl!IOTHER WAR CLOUD. pot tor noauwes. . omuiiui", - tmin will h met br the Governor and staff. United States Senators Hawley and ITatt, vngreeeriian BU"ona sou otier Connecticut omctais. a uriei si-"i i will Tne mule in New Haven, and citi- sens of Hartford have arranged some demonstrations in honor of the xTesi- tm on tw arrival at the train at 1 nVlu-V Vrnn, ITartfnnt the train W1U I go over the New England road to Putnam, which will be reached at o'clock, where there will be another demonstration by military organizations and citi- Putnam the party will proceed live miles y. i.,ir VnnHtek. where tlie n. m hnnnr nT t-resiarni. livm lYesident wiU spend the rourtn 01 juV. CLOUD-BURST AT THE CAPITAU A Small Flood Which Immersed Sev , eral Millions of Silver liouars. Wsshington, July 1. (Special.) There was a . small-si zed cloud burst over Washington . to-day, and the sewers had not the capacity to carry .-j Yim mnit was that I . vu wmx:i9 mm -- a hundred or more houses in' the lower portions of the city were badly damaged. The rain eame down in torrents for an hour, compelling pedestrians to keep off the street. On Pennsylvsnia avenue, near the B. and O. depot, the. water was from two to four feet deep. Tbe larse silver vault In- tne cours of the Treasury building, in . wmca over eighty million silver dollars are stored, was flooded With two inches of , water. Considerable damage was done to the boxes and bags containing the silver, but the latter was uninjureo., . - The President at Work. ' Washington. July 1. The President devoted lumself almost exclusively today to official business, and disposed of number of matters, principally ap pointments. Secretary Blaine made two viaita to the White Bouse during the morning, and secured the President's sig nature to a large baton ot consular appointments. Secretary Busk also called during the morning in company with Gen. rairchikl, and had short inter view with the JTetudenu ' mere were, only about seventy-five people the publio rception in the afternoon, a great many being kept away ty roe oaa weather. ' Not So Easy After AIL Washington. July 1 (Special.) Dur ing the recent visit of Commissioner lloosevelt at Indianapolis h. s;xke eneer- ingly of the easy questions asked by the Bo-trd of Civil Service Commissioners in the examination. One of the questions is. What are the Capitals of this country and upon what rivers are they located T" A gentleman present asked him if he could answer that question. He replied : - l think 1 can." - cry well. IJuon what river is Uie Capital of Indutna situated T" This stumped him. He could not answer it. It is situated on White river. . , The Nashville PosUOffiee. Washington. July 1. (Special-) Ma J. Wills. Mr. Stahlman and the friends ot Mrs. Littleton and Mr. Landis arrived here in force to-day, and are making a desperate fight for the Nashville po,t-office. It is bard to tell who will be the Winner, as tbe candidates are so evenly matched. MaJ. Wills is conn- dent, as are 3ic J Anaia ana the menus of .Mrs. Uttleton. ibere IS er dark none mentioned as . the most' probable winner. His name is Stanley H. Brown, and he is a clever man and a well-known ex-Confederate. "."', New Money Order Convention. Washington, July 1. A money order convention between Germany and the United" States was signed on Saturday by the German Minister, Count DArco- Valley, and rbstmaster General ana- maker. It increases the amount ot a money order that can be sent by either country to the other from 850 to fioo. England Jrn be Another Island. Washington, July 1 The Department of State has been informed by tlie United States Consul at Auckland, Ne Zealand, that the Island of Suwarrow, in the eilic Ocean, has been annexed by the British Crown, tlie eommandrr of the warship Rapid -having hoisted the Brit ish nag on that Island on May 1 last. Bond Offerings. Washington, July 1. The bond offer ings received at the Treasury Depart ment were Sl.P0O.00ft. registered 4 per cents at 129: registered 4 l-2s, $55,650 and S7.250, at' 108 7-a: coupon 4 1 -Is, $35,500, at 10 7-8. All the offers were accepted except the one of SI, 000,000 registered 4s at lzu. The New Marshal of the District. - Washington, July. I. Daniel Knns delL ot Indianapolis, Ind., was to-day sworn in as the Marshal for the District. He is a clever gentlemnn, a personal i.'J of the President and will no doubt make a good end efficient officer. Off For Their 8usanser Tacation. Washington. July 1. Secretary Blaine and Walker Blaine left the city on the 3:45 train for Bar Harbor, where the former- will remain - until September. 1 'resident Harrison eontemplat s paving the Secretary a visit some time in July. Mecca of Sumsner Tourists. - Washington, July 1. (SiieciaL) One thousand fonr hundred and eighty-two excursfcmista took the ele'vator to-duy to tne top or we Washington Monument. Kvcry train now brings from one to two thousand excursionists in the city. IN THE IRON WORLD. Tweatyoae Firms Sign the New Wage ocaw-A Bmke At use riant. Pittsburgh, July 1. Seven strnatur-i to the Iron wages scale were recerved br the officials ot the Amalgamated Association of Iron and b'teel Workers this morning, making twenty-one signatures up to dale. . Among the Arms signing were the Tudor Iron Company, of East BU Louli ; Whltaker Iron Com pany, of Wheeling, and P. L. Klmherly, ot Sharon. Penn. The strike at the Homestead steel plant was inaugurated to-day snd all the. departments were closed down for re - pairs, preparatory to resumine ng with non- union men if the old- workmen do not sign the company' scale. DEATH AND DAMAGE. One Fireman Killed aad Eight Others injure la a eiaoXX) Fire at ba vaanah. Savannah. Ga. Julv 1. Fire to-night de stroved A. J. Miner Co.'s furniture hou$p la this ettv.' The establishment ot J. Cohen, drr goods. M. Sternberg, Jewelry, and L. E. Bkk Son. dry good, were also win .rnon rir u, r iVoDU1W' " While tbe Bremen wera at work nn Itrouchton street, on the front ot tbe bulkt-Inc. the wall rave way and carried the tire-men with Ik burvlug six of them under a mass ef hot brick. J. T. Wehrs was killed and rtcht othem were Inlured. One or two mav die. - Failures Far Six Moatha. '. . New York, July 1. The total number .' ot mercantile failures throughout the United States reported to Bradstreeta during the past six months show a gain of st over the first half ef 1888. Tlie flgrrrea Tollow : Number of failures; 6,811; estimated assets, $52,803,840; total lishiUties, 387,411,711 v. per cent, of assets to the liabilities, 51. ,. 1..'n.v TlVilt - o- " -v. To Result In Greater Trouble. Eicitment In English Parliament ary Circles Orer the Action ' ' of the Portngnese A Warm Defeat la Commons Orer V H Suppression of the Hation- : :. tUUt Meeting At Cork. . Tio Bath Eaotired By Wolet Millets Grtrt Picture o AnrdTU," Bold ' . For 653,000 Francs, OTHXB rOKIIQH ISTIXUQXJrCE. I Lmdon,-Jary 1. In Commons this evening Sir James: Ferguson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Office, stated that For tugal had ' canceled the Delagoa bay railway concession notwithstanding the representations; of England. The Portuguese Government had beea informed by England that Portugal would be held responsible for any loss which British Investors might satlee by her action. Tbe legal question involved sti being considered by the Government, and the Iproper steps would be taken to protect British residents at Dslagoa Bay. In the House of Lords to-day Lord Kalis-bury statod that to order to provide again soy action by the Portuguese mimical to Driilsh interests, England had ordered three ships to proceed to Delagoa Bay. Tbls force would be sufficient to cope with any dial eulty that might occur. It Is co aside that Porto cal's action to cancelling the railway concession was high-handed and unust, and tbe Government had Informed Portugal that they won Id held her responsible for ail British losses. XO DtSTVaJsAXCKS. Lisbon, July 1. Dispatcher from Delagoa Bay are reassuring. The reports of violence on the part ot the Portuguese are denied. There lias been no disturbance. . Tbe agents of the railroad company liave handed over the line to the rnortutruese omciaht. and Imve ma1 sv valuation upon tbe work they have already done. Tlie Directors of the Portuguese earn. panv at Lisbon, with which alone tlie Portuguese Government has treated, have informed the Government that they have no intention of resisting the decree cancelling the cmncrlrn. but, m-ill a-rlr legnl redress, .-n Litical e rel s Le e it i axeerted that the conce-sion aud lWtu-sue e laws fully gua rente tbe rep ymeat of the capital which the raiiroud corn- nan v lias sunk in tli rnornriu. In the Chamber at I VniitiM IjwIav Sen. Vax, the leader of the opposition. proiestea against foreign Inter 1 ere noe in Delagoa Bur. Senor Garcia renlied that false and exaggerated statements of the matter bad been published. Tbe Government would perform its duty and safeguard all its rights and interests. IN COMMONS. A Sharp Debate Over the Sappressioa oi tae sjora Jieriiag. London. July 1. In the House of Commons, this evening, Mr.. Sexton moved to adjourn in oreder to challenge the Government to explain tbe events attending the suppression of tbe Nationalist meeting at Cork yesterday, which he said were memorable and disgraceful, even under the present regime of brute force. '- Mr." Bedmond accused ' the Govern ment of promoting bloodshed and turmoil. Mr. Madden. Solicitor General for Irejand. defended the action of the Government officials at Cork. Mr. Gladstone said ! that the Govern ment bad failed to reply to serious allegations which required the fullest explanation. - The Ministry must not complain if the matter was raised again. Mr. Balfour denied that there was the slightest prima facie ease against the Govrmment. lie said that the Government was anxious to avoid such scenes, but 'members had shown that tliey were nob willing to surrender when summoned 'by the courts of Justice, and they tried to render the work of the police aa difficult and dangerous as possible. Tbe lenders of tbe mob were primarily responsible. The police were bound to do their .duty. The motion was defeated-31 3 te f 2tJ. During the debate a man ' named O'Sullivan. who waa in the strangers' gallery, shouted: Three cheers for O-1'rien." He was immediately arrested, and, although he offered aa apology, was ejected from the house. O'Sullivan had obtained admission to the House through James O'Brien, member for South Mayo. r . THE POPE'S ANSWER. Premier Crispin Speech as Seen From the Vatican. Borne, July 1. The Pope, at tbe secret consistory held yesterday, referring to the speech made in the Senate, in which Premier CrUpl dwelt upon the lopelessness of the attempt made to recon cue the Vatican, ana aeriarea uiat tne temporal power of the Pope waa dead, said : " I have summoned' you at a time of very great difficulty. In all my allocution I spoke exclusively ot one action mminat. Kome. Put tnere were many out ers. Statesmen dure even to bring forward accusations from the parliamentary I tribune, as though we were able to desire nr not to desire wnas relates to our sacred rights." Secrecy as to the proceedings was imposed upon the cardinals 'fVKeut and a discussion lasting an hour followed. i ' . A discussion lasting an hour followed on the question whether the papacy should not take measures to guard against the possibility of a new Pope 1 'i OK compelled to protest a gal net a Druno monument, . i ue rope, s aeoom- ranied by a single priest, went to St. iter's at o'clock on Friday night, aud remained there in prayer before a statue for over an hour and a half. The eom1story decided upon grave steps. It is rriwrted that the Pope expressed his firm determination to quit Come shortly. .'t FRANCE. Millet's Great Picture, The Ange- - las Sold For 533,000 Francs. "priL Julr 1. Tbe sale of M. Seere- h colleoUon of paint ng. was i begun I vo-uay. ium - -v.. Many foreign galleries were represented. Number 63 in the catalogue was Millet's -The Angelu8,, (evening prayer). lor 1,7. V.Ww. nteture there waa a spirited competition. The bidding started a 100,000 francs. Mr. a very, oi xsew iur offered 480.000 francs. Just as a bid of ao:i Ooo franca waa made the auction eer declared M. rroust tne ouyer oi ie picture. M. Proust, who was acting for th XfiiM da Franca, had bid 602.000 francs. The American bidders protested I,; auctioneer had been too hasty. After to aa excited disoaasloa M. Proust yielded to the eaoaoneers appeal to allow the sale ta bs resumed.. Tha American s bid up to 660,000 xranos, M. Proust finally purchasing the picture for oad.uoo nance. - In the Senate to-day the bill for the improvement of the harbor of Havre was referred to a committee for further ex amination. . Gen. Boulanger has been elected Dis trict councillor of Bolssy. bt. leger. There were exetdng scenes in the Cham- ner or Deputies to-day caused by nil. rrirakd . and Rouvier denying eercnii charges of uoulangist journals. A motion strongly censuring the offending journals was earned by a vote or 38 to 19. - . ' . , The Valkyrie Wins a Race. ' London. July 1. The Valkyrie. Tar- ana, I rex and Marjorie sailed a match of. Rothesay to-day over a fifty mile course. The Yarana and I rex made the best start. The Valkyrie soon overtook and parsed both vessels and secured a lead of fifteen seconds on the I rex. one minute and a half on the Yarana, and two min- " ute and a half . on the Marjorie. Tbe race was won by the Valkyrie. The 1 arena wns second. .'' Can't Scoop Stanley. London, Juxl. Tbe Chancery Court has restrained one ef Henry ML Stanley's transport officers from publishing a book called With Stanley's Rear Column."-' The court holds that the oublication of the book would be a breach of the agreement between those engaged in the expedition not to pub- ubii any eccouuw oi j uuui uio giuvwi report have been issued.- Aaaericaaa la a Railroad Wreck. " BerBn.Sjuly 1. While an express train was running between Mayenoa and Manheim to-day one ot the passenger coaches left the track and several American ladies and children were badly injured by broken glass. After their wounds had been dressed they proceeded to Baden- Nature Smiles On the Shah. London, July 1. An immense crowd of people were gathered on both sides of tbe river for a distance of seven miles as the launch containing the Slink passed. The Shah and tlie iTince of Wales had luncheon on board the launch before they landed. The Shu h was very affable. I be weather was clear. ' Tieaaa Workmea Strike. Vienna, July 1. Fifteen thousand workmen have struck at Brun. in cluding all tbe bakers in tlie city. A detachment of military ordered thither has arrived ; there has been no rioting. Dent the John Bulls Shooting. London. July 1. The Mnssachusetta RiUe Team contested with the Honora ble Artillery Company at ride shooting to-day. The American team won by a score of 1015 to wi. : Te Sncceed Keiton. Dublin.. July 1. Alderman James Winstanley, a Protestant and a sup-norter of Mr. ParnelL has been unani mously nominated to be Lord Mayor of j Dublin for ibvu. Aa Irish M. P. Arrested. London, July 1. William John Lane, member of Parliament tor rst Cork, has been arrested for Inciting tenants in Ireland to adopt tbe plan ot cam paign. William O'Brien Released. Dublin. July 1. Mr. William O'Brien. ! member of Parliament, who waa arrested at Cor yesterday for addressing a meeting which the lievernnmnt bad prohibiten, was released to-oay on nan. t William At Kiel. . Berlin, July 1. Emperor William witnessed the naval regatta at Kiel to-day from the decks of the Imperial yacht llobenzollern. ' The Jamestown at Cherbourg. London. July 1. The United States corvette Jamestown arrived at Cher bourg, France, to-day. - Munich Art Exhibition. Mnhich, July 1. The Urgent to-day opened the first annual art exhibition in this city. ' - IT CHARGES C0NSP1XACT. The Little Rock and Memphis Rand Begins a iO,000 Damage Suit Agaiant the Iron Moan- " tain and Others. Little Rock. Ark., July 1. (SpeciaL)- The Little Kock and Memphis raiiroaa has begun suit in the United States Court here fur S50.0O0 damages against the Iron Mountain railroad, the Hot Springs railway and J. U. Conger. , The plaintiff states that the Hot Springs road is engaged in operating a railrced from Mai. vern to Hot Springs. The St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern is a big feeder to the Hot Springs road, contributing during tbe half-year ending June 30, 1 ees. .7 passengers, one-half of whom eame over the Little Bock and Mempliis and the Iron Mountain, with a ttttia substantially equal in the opposite di rection in May. ipso. - 1 he Iron Mountain opened a branch road from Bald Kuob to Memphis, running nurallei with the Little ock end Mem puis, built- for- the express purpose of competing with it- Then, it is claimed,, for the purpose of breaking down the business of the Litt le Kock and Memohis and crushing a rival, the Iron Mountain has directed railroads connecting with it to call in all through rates reading over tlie Little Kock and Memphis and thence over the Iron Mountain, leaving on sale only tbe through tickets over the Bald Knob branch. It is further claimed that the Hot Springs Company, as a member of the conspiracy, baa signified its assent to this direction and h actually withdrawn the tickets of the Memphis and I.ittle Bock in connection with the Iron j Mountain and refuses to sell the enme, thnnirh reo nested to do so. hut still con tinues to sell over tne t id ivnon nranca to the Iron Mountain. The suit excites much interest. : JUDGE MIKE'S DECISION. Recorder Roland Discharges a Suit, -Whereupon the PlniatilT Assaults the Defendant. Ksnsaa City, -Mo., July 1. A sensational suit had a seit&tional ending in Police Judge IJoland's court late this afternoon. Last Friday C. Paxsnn, prominent and wealthy stock broker of this city, wss arrested at the instance of J. J. Halpln, a brother of Maria Hal- pin. Halpin accused Paxson f having been criminally intimate with the for mer's wife. The cee came to trial this afternoon hrfore Judge Boland, and no less than four witnesses gave very criminating lestrmouy. Judge Bolnnd. howevrr, announced that no case bad been made, and discharsed the suit. "That's vour dec Lion, la itf cried the enraged Halpin. " Then this is mine," and with a heavy waiting suck he strucK I"axson a mow on tne nenu which revered htm unncious. lie- fore anotuer blow, could be inflicted Halpin was arrested by an officer present. Pax son is in a critical condition, but bis injuries will not -prove fatal. so the doctors say. Mercer County Republicans. narrodsburg. July 1. (Special.) The Ee publicans ot Mercer cannty met in mass convention this afternoon at the Court-house. T. M. Card well was sp 'NEW, pointed Chairman and James Spiknan Secretary. On motion ot Redman Grigs- by all good Republicans were ap. nted delegates to tbe ennevntion at uexing- ton on July 4. to nominate a candidate for State Treasurer. Redmond Grigsby declined tbe nomination for ReprckeDti- uve. and the following committee was appointee- to consult eoncernjnr a candidate : T. H. Hardin. S. D. Willis and Jjuttley James, to report next Monday. Tbe -committee win confer wit'i Hon. D. Ls lutry and try and persuale I tm to rna against toe uemoeratie nominee, . W. Stephenson. Tbe Democrats are unit ed and there will be no more defeat bke tbe one that elected Mr. Curry two years ago. . OVER A KEQ OF BEER. Montfort W. Cockevtlle Shot Dead at Alexandria, Vs. Alexandria. La. Julv 1. A most deplora ble trasedy. resnltlnc la the ktlllng ot Mont fort W. Cockevtlle. occurred here this afternoon. The difficulty arose over a keg of beer, and was between the BatrUff brothers. ueorre and Henrv. on one side, and Mont- ton w. uoekevMlo on the other. The Rat-ell If brothers are charged tointlv wnh klll-Ine. althooch It la generallv known that lienrv BascHB? fired the fatal shot. Tbe weaooa used was a ahotsna. and the wmmdi Inflicted were ta the small of the back. The parties encaged In the anfortnnate occurrence belong to two of our most reeneeted families. The Batclllf brothers were 1 ailed. DUSARCO, COL, 111 ASHES. Fire Destroys All the Priaclpal Bnsi. a ess II oases, Three Churches and Several Resident Loss $300,000. Durango, CoL. July 1. At 8:30 o'clock this afternoon a fire broke out in the south part of the city, and in an incredibly short time the flames, as sisted by a strong wind, spread in every direction, leaping from building to building until more than half of the ! town is in ashes, very business bouse and public building in the city, with the exception of the post-ofhee and Strader's Hotel, is burned. ine nre was extinguished after a total destruction of eight business blocks, which includes all the principul business houses Three churches and a portion of the resident portion of the town waa also destroyed. 'i he loss is estimated at S.iOO,00O; with but httle insurance. The origin of the fire is supposed to be incendiary. CHICAGO'S GAMBLERS. A Crusade Against Them Began Last Night aad Haaktas' Place Palled." Chicago, July 1. Since the incoming of che new city administration three months ago. B has been frequently stated by the kal papers that many gambling hrwisee have been running- "wide open." and the authorities have been criticised for not vik ing vigorous aetWia ta the matter. In an Interview eaturdar the Mayor v'd he had a-derd the police to see tlit aihe law was strictly enforced at once. Tl-e curate be gan to-night at a o'cltitk. and tne largest gambling bouiie In the city that ot Dsaklns was pulled" first, yVer 100 Inmates being gathered in. ANOTHER CHARLESTON TRIAL. Seven White and Five Colored Kea Hitting Oa Murderer Joha Weir's Case. Charleston. 8. C. Julv 1. Oa the Sth of March last, three days bekxe Capt. Dawson was killed. WIElam Munaemalre's throat was cut from ear to ear on King street, this city, by John Weir, a factoiy operative. The murder was the result of a bar-room row. Muacemalre. Weir and a number ot iibers bad been drinking, and a general wlee took Dhsee In tae stnet. weir almost severed unseomali's bead from hb bodjr wita rax or. ine trui ot Weir becaa l-Uy be sire Jour Kershaw. Tbe s-ite !s represented by Solicitor Jervey. and weir is reprewtMed IJ Judge Tliccs. M Aucusta. Ga.. and Cantata fcftr.on, of Charleston. The rury rvnsUu of seven white men and eve celored aten. Three of the white snd t,ree of U-e colored men served on the .Metiow Jury. Quite a nun-ber i4 wttresaes weie examined to-day. Tbe case will pnioably continue till Wed nesday. The result of the trUI is being awaited with considerable Interest. PLUCKY YOUNGSTERS. Twe Boys "Beat" Their Way Frona ttaa Fraacisew to W ashington. - Washington. July 1. Oeorge Clarke, aged fifteen years, and ft. J. Inek, aged seven 'rep. arrived la this city to-day foim Saa Fran cisco after a rough experteaoe. They sient their last Afleee cents for ferriage from 6a; Francisco to Oakland to take the train across the continent, and seat their way hern. They were lmjuraUy elected fnxa trains and rr-cghjy baitdted. bt'l persevered a ltd finally saeoeeded In reaching this city. 1 be boys were femnerly etuplurd ey tbe Western Okin Te leers nh Comnanv aud ran copy for the wan Krai-clwo fc-xa miner. Another Lamb Selected. Hopkinsville, Ky. July 1. Special.) In the Republican County Convention to-day EsQulre 11. B. Clark, of Belle-view. was nominated for Beoresentative to the Legislature on the first ballot by nearly a unanimous vote. Mr. Clark is a popular and energetio farmer and business man. - x'rank Kichardson. of Pembroke, baa announced himself as a ' Democrats candidate. Tlie . Democratic County Committee will meet Wednesday to consult con cerning Con vale. Dr. Liliard. a colored physician, was unanimously nominated by the convention to-day for Coroner. Activity at Norfolk Navy Yard. Norfolk, Va., July 1. Active opera tions eommenced at the navy yard today, the beginning af the new fiscal year, and the working force is to be increased to fifteen hundred men.- The I work of Siting out the Prnsacola will he at once resumed, and she will be ready for sea within five weeks. The Moni tor Amphitrita is expected here from League It-land by the 15th. and work will go ahead immediately. The gun boat rttrel will also receive nnisiung touches here this month. The force on tbe battleship Teyas is bring in creased as the work progresses. Mercer County's Fair. Harroslghcrc, Ky., July 1. (Special) The Mercer County Fair Association is making grand preparations for the fair to be held here on July 30, 31 and August 1 and The trots are all well filled, and liberal premiums are of fered. It is the nrst fair In the tflne- grass circuit, and much interest is be ing manlicsteo. - Three Persons Mortally Hart. Litth Kock, Trk.. July l.-tSpechd.) A terrible accident occurred at Bra- sbeats milL twentj-s;x miles west ot bete, today. 1 he mill h-.-l lust been set running when one of the stones exploded. Thomas Br shears. ' the owner, was struck by pieces ot the stove and fatally wounded. Two bystanders were also hurt. It la thought, mortally. Kothlag New Elicited. St, Louis, July 1. The inquest was resumed to-day, but nothing new was eUdted. Wm. MeOaJr, the Jefferson City gambler reiterated bis previous story and attar bearing one or two other witnesses tha inquest adjouned until tomorrow. SERIES NO. 7,489. TOM HOOD'S SPRUIT. The Old Plater Does a Three-Quarter Dash In Sensational Time. Only Thres of the Seren F&Toritei ; Land the Odd. At Chi- " cao. The Colt and Fillies That Will Start To-day In the Realisation Stakes, Oliver Eereemen Tio Think That ICr. Esfgin'e Salyator Will Frore the Winner. BALX OF XAICHO SZX, PASO TXAKUXeS CHICAQO. FmsrRscs. 1 trurie. .... Eboosw Rack. - - 1 Uarvastsr t Tama Rsrc ...... 1 1Ktie 8... ........ S Forara Bju-c ... 1 Guilford.... S Fjttw Rack. 1 Brewster- .. t Xate Xaloue. Srxra Rack. Ockasr- 1 Jake Toms ... t Baisjun Rack. Tom Eeod 1 Catalpa t , . RACING AT CHICACO. Tom Hoed Does a Three-Qnarter Dash la Krnsational Time. Chicago, July 1. (Special.) Monday is always an off day in racing, and as the weather was very warm there waa a noticeable failing off in the attendance at Washington Park to-day. The track waa roughly harrow-ed, and was not so fast as on Saturday, and was smooth and safe. The racing was very good for the class of horses that started, and I ' the Hungers were kept busy picking the winners. How well they succeeded is told by the fact that three favorites' won out of the seven races. Swamp Fox was tlie favorite for the first race, but Kate Malone. 'who haa been running well up in all her races here, took the lead from Plunder in the stretch and -won handily, with Etruria in tbe place. .Thirteen youngsters went to the post for the second race with Bill Letcher the favorite, and he landed Lis hackers safe after a rattling finish with Harvester. The winner is a son of Longfellow, dam Ida Lewis, and it a highly-promising two-year-old. Edith Gray, a full sister to Jim 'Gray, led off in the race, and made tbe running for a good part of tbe distance. This was her tirst start, and she will no doubt run belter I ber next race. There was no decided favorite for the third race, but Dilemma probably carried the bulk of the money. Abiiene. with the odds of S to 1 aguinst him aa they went to the post, gut off weil at -the start-, and. taking the lead at -once, he was never headed. Lottie S.. with 15 and 'M to 1 against her for a place?, followed him in. None of the others ran any too well, and they were badly scattered out at the lirh. Bonita - was a hot favorite for the fourth race, but her backers Lad the -cold chills all through the run, as she -got cut off and was absolutely lost at tbe Quarter post, hhe went up into thev bunch ih the run to the half, aud was nursed along around the far turn, but when they were well into the stretch she found an opening next to the inside rail, and eutuns Uie old mare loose.1 she came through like a cyclone, and. Just when Guilford looked a sure winner, shot into view, and after a trying finish, she beat Guilford out by a length. Ernest LLue captured Uie lifth event, and, as he was entered for S5tm, br waa run up to $750 and bought by C. C Finch, ot Chicago. sism nits First Race Purse $6O0. for maiden three-y ear-olds : one mile. Starters: Kate Malone, 107. Barnes: Etruria, 107. Fin nesn; Plunder, 1 1 4, ichardson ; Swamp Fox. 113: Cassella, 112; De- . venie. 107; Bondmaid. lwT. Betting 3 to 1 Swamp Fox; 4 to 1 Kate Malone; & to 1 Bondmaid: i to I lievonie ; 7 to 1 Plunder ; a to 1 Etruria i 12 to 1 Casselia. To a good tart Plunder was first off and led to. the stretch, where Kate Malone came away and won esvsiry by three lengths, with Etruria second and Plnnl ' dcr third. Time. 1 :43. Second llac Purse $600; maiden two-year-olds; five-eighths of a mile. Starters: Bill Letcher. 111. Elide; Har- ' v ester. 111, barnea: Gunwad. Ill, Allen; Little Rabbit, 10s; Peerless, loe; Edith Gray, 10a: Expense, 111; lsaao Lewis, lot; King Fortune, 111; Kiro, 111; Jessica, 10; Salute. 109; Silver Lake, lot. Betting 3 to 1 Bill Letcher; 4 to 1 Isaac Lewis ; 8 to 1 Little Rabbit, Harvester. Kiro and Jessica'; 10 to 50 to 1-the others. Edith'Gray led to within a sixteenth " of the finish, where Bill Letcher and Harvester eame away and ran a close race home. Bill Letcher winning by a head, Gnnwad third. Time, 1 :02 3-4.' Third Race Extra ; same condition aa the second: tive-caghths tof a milej Starters: Abilene, 111, Tarsi: Lottie S;. 10, Steppe; Tioga, 111, Freeman; Sis O" Lee, .10, Semaphore, 108; Aunt Kate, 109; Prodigal Son, 111; Mayor Nolan, 111; Mary MaBoy,- 108; Silver King, 111; Evabna, 10s. Betting: 4 to 1 against Prodigal Son and Dilemma, 5 to 1 Mayor Nolan, 4 to 1 Abilene, 10 to 30 to 1 the others. Abilene led all through, and won handily bv three lengths, with Lottie -S. second, Tioga third.. Time 1 :02 3-4. Fourth Bace .Handicap Sweepstekea, $16 each, with $700 added; one and one-eighth mile. Starters: Bonita. 108, Stoval; Guilford, 100, Francis; Bonnie King, 85, Finnegan; Glendeliaj 100; Oarsman, 105; Dad, -100; Big ' Three, 10S Landlady. 101. Betting: $ to 5 Bonita, 4 to 1 Big Three, to 1 Landlady, 15 to 1 Gail-ford, 10 to 30 to 1 the others. Guilford led for a mile, with Dad second. In the stretch Bonita overhauled thetn, and at the end of a hard race won from Guilford by a length. Bonnie King third. - Time 1 :56. Fifth Kace Selling: one mile. Start ers: Ernest. Race, lOri, Overton; Brewster, 85, Francis; Electricity, tH), A. Covington: Story Teller, 83; Lxtie B. 105; Chestnut Belle, ed; Fosters 1, lOf; Thankful, 80. Betting : 8 to 5 against Chestnut Belle : 4 ta 1 Lizzie Ii. : 5 to 1 Ernest Bare and Brewster; 7 to 1 Story Teller; 15 to 1 the others. Electricity and Brewster alternated In the lead until the stretch was reached, where Overton brought Ernest Eace up and in a driving finish she beat Brewster out by a neck, Electricity third. Time. 1:42 1-4. Sixth Eace Extra; seHing ; one mile. a . i , n . lltw. T.u. Btarters: usxhuw, aj, Toms. 100, Finnegan; St. ick, 115,. Stoval; Mirnuf 101 : Kedsr Khan. U lbTTtVewnT Jnr. lid: Litbert. 111. easr nan, ins ; Betting: 6 to 1 agnlnst Gleckner; 4 to 1 LitSert and St, Nick; to 1 Big Brown jug: is ae s to i tne oxaers. Seventh ace nsaoionp owevpstaaea !! r Ml 1 i il t f, it 1 s. I: l ; e- i ir ; . I i: ; t i , f . i to t

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