The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1937
Page 4
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:~ .THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - ' - THB COURIER NEWS CO, PUBUSHER3 .".it "• 0. R. BABCOOK, Editor ' • H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole NaUdnal Advertising Itepresenlattvcs: •Arkansas Dallies, Inc., . New York, Chicago, Detroit,. BU Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the. post office at Blj'thevillc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by Ilia United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES .By.carrier in, the City ot Blythcvllle, lEc per week, or C5c per month. By in a 11, within a raciius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, S1.60 for six mouths, 15« for three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. A National Problem. The 'declaration by Senator Bennett Champ Clark of Missouri before the •Mississippi valley iiood control conference at St. Louis a few duys ago that flood control'is "a matter of vital n«' tional necessity andean only be dealt •with upon that basis" is so obviously true with respect to ureat rivers like the Ohio and the Mississippi as to require no argument. It is equally if not so selt'-ovidently true '.with respect to lesser rivers like our own St. Francis. For it is from r small streams that the water conies which creates great Hoods oil great rivers. Furthermore the problems involved in control of floods on many small rivers, the St. Francis among them, ,are of an interstate nature. Neither-the localities immediately affected by ~floods, on the St. Francis and its tributariVs. nor the state of Arkansas could deal cft'celivoly with them, oven had they unlimited financial resources. The floods -orit'iiiate in another state and must bu dealt with there before the com'munilius ' along the lower reaches of thu river can he secure. 'Die congress, realizing that (he • problem is a national one, has authorized a comprehensive federal: program for control of [ho S(. Francis. But it : has left lo local interests' the • proviil- •ing of rights of way,for, (.he• iicccs- 'sary levees, floudways "and otlior, toii- r trol works. At first appraisal tW seems reasonable enough. There is nothing -wrong in principle with requiring some local participation in tho cost of such an unvlertaking. Unfortunately, however, in actual practice'such a requirement is likely to result in indefinitely delaying vitally essential work. That seems to bu the case with the St. Francis project.' Seme of the communities in which'/ I'ighfof way is needed simply arc without the financial resources to provide it. Others cannot see that the iindeV- inlnng promises benefits to them in proportion to the contributions that are asked of them. For these and other reasons effective control of Howls on -, the St. Francis remains almost as far from.realization as it was w hen thp Rrojecl was first !iutliori/.u ( | by congress. There is now pending j n congress a measure to provide for thc r wlcru i pm ._ chase of rights of way .for projects that are part of the federal Hood control program. It is not hard to /inr! plausible arguments on which to bas'i^ objections to such a proposal. But they won't stand up against thc hard reality that there doesn't seem to be any other way of going ahead with essential work. UEsAi-, MAucif io, 1937. An Objcci Lesson The seizure of thc munitions-laden freighter Mar Cantabrieo by a Spanish rebel cruiser ought to help us to understand tho value, of a strong neutrality law. The Mar Cimfaljuco cleared from an American port, laden with American- inadc munitions, just before our munitions embargo law went into effect. There will be no more such shipments ; the Mar Cantabrieo did not fly the American flag; title to the goods s lie carried hud passed [ 0 foreign purchasers before she left our shores Because of these facts, the stea'mer's loss does not aiiect us. But suppose that there were no embargo law. Suppose that rebel cruisers werp, -seizing two .or throe munitions carriers a week— American-Hag .ships bearing goods whose loss would hit the pockels of American shippers Is it not <M«$ fo. see 'how very apt 'we H'ouhl be, lo become involved in the &pa»wh war? And is not the case of the Mar Cantabrieo excellent proof lh«t o»r munitions embargo i s ' „ gooc i , nw? m Security tost of a 'civilisation i s \.\ w Bl security it gi vcs ' lo -security KKahl8t vio ,_ <?nco, against personal ¥ .sault, against he age okl peril, of u,^ assassin. Ami ^ that leal the civilisation of thc dellrcT "' y: « ere Premier Sonjuro II « yns hi hajust moved illt o „ speciaH^built oft a rcs ^ n( , e wh . ch . s } ^'»c as "assassination proof...' - u 0 ' ' Wmb -' )roof r»<n™, secret exuv.. e-Mts, and Iho.. The Japanese didn't bu,-| ( , uus house U'lo. show how clever they are o, vc , 'T' to ° m "" y ~ sl - v V "*" ^-V^t «fTicials ; J' /]' ' iipa ' 1Cf * premier needs that if Ukp the burglar alarms, hired bodv s and lofty walls with guard their ° bit ° f tcsti "- °< OUT OUR WAY <*• O. Clarke, prominent highway designer. If we can't |, lcl ,! cale the essentials of char- artcr w,thc,,,t W ar. | 1)c n our eiv.tetlon ,s ot north savmg. _ Mrs . p _ a ' By Williams L1SSEN, LADV.' WHEM SOU GOT M4.l2.reiED, VOU SACRIFICED ALL OF VOUR RIGHTS HERE, WHICH MAKES ME 7H 1 BIG SHOT AROUND HERE I MEAM , OVER. YOU .' so •DON 1 ! "BE COMIM' BACK, XPecilM' TO BE VOUR. OL"D, ^OS5V SELF! HE ALWAYS MAKES EVEI2V- THJM6 WORSE ANV UDMQER. '. B-MOO-HOO - WHV MOTHERS GST SIDE GLANCES By George Clark mw\mm "Hilly brought his Ciimcra, .lane her iuito K ranh album •in ; '"' i e i '"' uvcm " B <lrcss > '» l "is« we should mccl any important people in. Wiisliintflon." THIS CURIOUS WORLD HKlilN I1UIIK TODAV i iMi'ii.Mt uitirrr ionic yniiiiBtr hKiof, JI;NMI-'I:U, ),, „„ t ., rur , ,„ |,, u ,,,|, „ t . Mr on a MicroM>fiil >"'«. illniculllfn rroiunlly nn>- r I" Xciv iiicJIulrly Jmnlfrr . "'/in rctnlr la I'loi"' ivl(l> KIl AIXSI.KV, tvrolltiy uliiy- !"»•, mm M-lllll.l hnvr I'lulirJ Iiinl •i»l Dnnlini- *teiiii<;l 1,1 In Iliai' in i| JF in.jdlii K . Xni, •)>•"n. »l«'f llMll Illillk. of JMHIIY . I,, e • . u t- S.1IITIJ, nl- t I . youiifi iiri-liilin, Uunlinc IK i» Invf. ok» ttrnssea tin In wlilfli (Inn Ijri'iii'ie IwrrnHlnsIr »•«- iid. Tlic/l Dunlins KCIII Jfii- lo n Mhati: rcsnrl fur i-uca- iinil Juuilfcr in. -I liOIIDD.V lill/.llulK;, Imiious Ilii-iilrr pr>i- ini<;cr. Iminvmuu-ly Mfu- fniinil ti "Uiv Jn(i'r>M l» Hilu tli-l,! Mild "•i'tiir.1 In !i,» 0 |, cr ,,|,1 !,Ulrriu'»s. Ac (Jin KIIIU,. (Inn. Miiiiliur, <vho IT'S XL-CH iiNki-il Fiy I.:irry to In'- ' , ininillis* Knlex (rip ju-r"fts tile con- IfiieiU. lluiiiiy. li,.,.|tijse M!U' 1.IIO>VK 'Ills will K l>v hrr i.iioiielt liH)l"-y 1" "Of .Jennifer xnMv xl:ir[vJ. slie fill* l.nrr,-. NOW uo ox WITH -mi; sronv -CHAPTER XVHt "CO, I'm selflsli, am I?" Larry ' ^ placed a box of ivliite /lowers on Daphne's tubtc, fished a box of canrly froii) one pochel, a toy dog from another and from .nn inside pocket, looU out a very small, white! box. i "I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it," Daphne said rail slipped from his arms. "You're the sweetest, most ^encrou3 per- KOII in thc world and I love thc like this. I've always \vanlcd one just ROMAN LADIES ONCE USED TOILET POWDER- MADE PROM FINELY GROUND CUTTLE-BONE, THE (NTERNAU SHELL. OF THE . -' ; CUTTLEFISH. "But why don't you put him clown and Rive me n little of your attention while I tell you my news?" "Consider it nil yours but first I wont lo know if you arc going (o ask me to many you because if you are . . ." "I'm not as a mntfer of fact. I'm telling you (hat you are going fo marry me." "Oh, so lhal's the way it is! You're going (o be (lie Magnificent Brute, ore you? Well, lislen to jne." "I thought 1 had [lie floor." She looked properly subdued. "You arc nol only going lo marry me nul you arc going lo marry me tomorrow. Hand in hand we are going down . . ." "TF you'U sit on my knee, I'll L very lucid. There! Well, I'rr —we're—sailing for Spain on Friday. 'You and I. Mr. antJ. Mrs Smilli. Is (hat clear?" Daphne got oil his lap and walked over lo a (able. She fingered lhe petals of the white blossoms. "Larry, don't you Ihink it would be better if you went alone? Then when you've got everything . . . I mean your material, we could • • could have a real wedding and a honeymoon." Silence. Perplexed silence. "Don't you want to go, Daphne?' 4, , Very quickly she said, course I do but . . . but 'Of "Arc you going lo give mo any aiore'of that line about my responsibilities and not being able to afford a wife?" "O)i, no," she said and look two of the flowe-rs from the howl. She studied the effect carefully. "Can you give mo any good reason wiiy you don't want to go?" "No," she said. "Only . . ." Silence. Hurt silence. SHE put thc flowers back in the bowl. "Larry, please don't ask me why, only please >Ion't ask ne (o marry you before you go. I'll marry you later if you still want me to." "Daphne!" "Yes, Larry," she said after a while. "Don't you want lo lell mo why you want mo to wail?" "Well," she said brightly. "You ;nov/ my job that is, you HUMMING- BIRDS '•>, PREFER. RED FLOWERS, AND MOST OF THE DEEP-THROATEO FLOWERS WHICH MUST DEPEND ON HUMMINGBIRDS FOR. ARE fZ M t CARPEWTER-WASP BUILDS ITS NEST IN SOLID WOOC, AND DIVIDES THE LONG- TUNNEL. INTO SEPARATE ROOMS BY CONSTRUCTING- MUD '<• • She captured one of those hands l '™2- H has "Darling," she pleaded, "don't lose •j e!mifcr . f ° r « vour biKiHi Tnto it ; n,c,, .,„,< ' "m ,responsil it easy and . l me what this all means." -=;"It means !hat we are. going lo bttiicl castles in Spain." "That's exactly what it sounds like to me. You're very lucid Mr Smith." ; ;now how hard I've been working on thc Georgian account?" He .didn't say anything. "Larry, my campaign has been jpproved. That is, the one suggesting thc tour across the coun- ry. Now, they seem lo feel that I know more about it than anyone else and so they want me to manage it. That means that J will have lo go." "I see," he said lonelessly. "You can't, of course, let your agency down." If Daphne's nerves hadn't been on edge she would have understood his sarcasm. As il was, she saitf, "There is that point. After all, I do owe my company some- Ihing.^ rMias supporled me, and six years now. And *--..(..*.U.UAV. IUL .1111: SULUV55 of thai account. I can't very well let themidown." . . .fc ' Larry stood lip.-'pickcd.jup his ''• .10 : " Something inside Daphne cried out, don't let him go. Tell him that you aren't what you are try- ing lo make yourself out to be. And something else insido her said, ho' should understand you, his love should be big enough to accept what you say, he should know you are not selfish. "Well, I guess 1 should have known what you've been trying to tell me for UK, last three months, Daphne. You haven't ever given me a reason /or not accepting me, have you?" She stood there calmly enough ' while her heart rocked * » » [T was stupid of me nol to h avc seen thai you eared more for your job. I wish you success. P hope its a great trip/ Are you still going to make it?" For one minute she looked back • -i at him but he didn't know her / h eyes wertT pleading with him lo ~ lell her that he had lo know why Hi; didn't. "Yes," she said. "I've got to ,„•., "- - guess "' s goodby." Without another word to her Ho went out the door. •" Daphne didn't cry. /She went info her bedroom , and began emptying lhe drawers of iiev aresscv. She piled her'-iingerie n, ieat Uttlp bundles. She washed lor collars and cuffs and packed he things she thought she'd need on her trip. She straightened out her check-book and polished 'the set of silver bowls. And all the imc she was saying, all lovers have quarrels, Larry will telephone me- tonight nnci we'll both break down and he will understand and il will be all right But Larry didn' that night. Or day. O r : any ol lhe days that followed until il was time for Daphne lo leave. ' ' Larry had meant it w hen ho ^aid goodby. Daphne wrote and lore up u score of notes. If he loved her he would love her when next they met ... •; A month later, Anne Cockerell- vrote to her st Detroit. vrote. . I met Larry today," she 'Just spoke to him for hat. moment. Has anything hap- jened between you two? I asked um if he was looking so wan bc- ause you were so far away and 10 said it was'nothing but dis- •--—-• «•"..• ppomtment. Not beine ablr> in i^'^^J.^ »> '<> SP«". ho felt .haf ihc'U? was a personal injury. I C on- gratulated,him. i; .'Trlipgs are bad over there, aren't they? By the way, you're .a poor correspondent. Even Larry couldn't tell me any news 'of you ... (To Be Continued.) Court Awards Auto Mechanic Title ,of Baron &AN JO3E. Cal. .UP)— Ernst b'itsr, 24-year-old.nuto mechanic, has demonstrated thai while the The shell,of thc cuttlefish is located under the skin of the rack This product is oflen hung up in bird cages, that the birth may peck at it and obtain grit. Before thc intention of blotting paper pulverized cuttle-bone was used to. absorb wet ink. XEXT; Which ilo.nilcl .lucks grow first, wing or body feathers? Constitution prevents any foreign country from conferring a title of nobility on an American citizsn. . tl:cre is nothing to prevent un American court from doin;; 53. As a consitiiijiice, Sitar is no'*' Baron Ernst H. Van solwnenflugel. .Siber explainja his desire ar ,d pr ». dicameul, fi the Superior Court. about thc litle as follows: ] His father, Harold Sib2r, ti chief , engineer at tile San JBSD hospital i His sramlfalhsr, r.owcnr, who'ihd • in Gcrmunv a numb**!* of VPT-I [ago. was nutUenSrBaronTon "^ .."f"- ™*?"*' ««< SchanenJluccl. lca(i ' ll '"Oiratcs the person dc- J*™*. a, th= latter ,»„,„ TO '^SSST'oSr "°^ , -, c > to, much for th= avc:^: I i m !lstcrt that tncJ m;lyor ^ and title, nsksd ths ccurt la restore him the family title name ana all, regardless of the difficulties of pronunciation, and the court complied. White Canes to Aid Everett, Mass., Blind! The natives of Petra, ruined city cf TraiiEjordan. eat only ' twice weekly. The city's population of 100 live in thtt tombs of their ancestors, who lived b?lore the Christian era. EVERETT Mass iupi_\'i I ' Ille Courler NCW! > r ' as own aU' isk in this' city have one mnr" 1 " 10r ' zal '° a!lnollnre the '°Ilow- sfenal to watch tor morc )in s candidates for Elytheville mu- Evcry blind person' in thc city i ™ >P ' A ° J ' iCCS ' '° ^ clcctHl on .t«cn presented a white cane . r-- w.. e cauc I" signal drivers when cliov wish lo cross the street. When the cane Is told horizontally it indicates the direction in which thc blind person wants to cross: Held vertically, near thc The Bile of a Mud Dog Is Diuigcrous in Witilcr as in Summer American to pronounce, his fathor ! h:ul tls name changed to "Sit?r." 'lhe ton, however, desirous o; preserving his gr.injfalher's name | OUR «OARDIi\G HOUSE it a misdemeanor for a motorist lo ignore a white cane .signal. Rend Courier News Want Ads For Mayor MARION WILLIAMS W. W. HOLLIPETEn G. H. GRBAR For Alderman, First Ward J. L. GUARD (full term) E. P. FRY (short term) JESSE WHITE (short term) For iVldcrnian, Second Wan! FLOYD A. WHITE JOHN C. MCHANEY, JR. For Alderman. Third Ward DAMON McLEOD ' ESTE3 LUNSFORD W. L. HORNER jiply nuS (NO. lli'i) By OK. A! O C K I S tidilor. Journal nl Ihc Anirrican .Modir.jil AM'c-ialion, an:l cif Hygci'i, thc Heallh ^l:tE;a/iui- The word "rabies" i-s Litin lor "madncss. 1 ' Hydrophobia HUMUS fear of water. These (ieftniiioiis present what seem ^o on tbr nio^( sisriricanl jymptcms of tins ii-;- easc. So horrible was hyrtvophobb tln : innuni^rablc MiF^rstUtons f(ev:[^>- sd regarding Us caiite iu::i m?(!i- of cure. It ^vay cuslomary, lor in:la;M: to burn with a rc.-l hot irsn iii> flesh of a person who had IK.VII bitten by any mad animal, in ^mr places it was customary to lo bile wounds a so-called stone.' \vhich was .sup]jo=cd l out lhe poison of hydrophcbia. And It was believed thai rlog bites carried madness only on hot days which .became known ns "dor: (iny.i. 1 ' Thcrv is no evidence lo s;;ppan ll:c belief tluit. the bite ct a m-,\t dog is WOITC in .si|inmc-r than n whiter. It .-Is just as dansriniis -\ t one time as another. Dos bites mu k<- more frequent trom April u September than from October ir March because dogs run loose mwi often during (he mildsr weather .* o * When a (log bites another niii- mnl or a human being, tl-.e <u s _ ea^e is trnnsmtUed by Us .sulhv) which contains the po'lsonous mj.' tcrial. About H days alter tir bile lhe disease will besin to nppra'r if the person Is infected. I The shorter tr.c distance from } Hie location ol tho bits lo the brain j — other factors b:inn c(|Ual—lhe! shorter the ported before the di5- j ease starts, and Hi; grctttcr its vim-1 lence. For this reason. bit?r, on the j face or lips may bs much more ,vc- ; ripn.s than U:cs~ elsewhere on tv.e ! In Ihr v;vsl majority of caw i.! the onsi-r oi liic dissasr follom til.' \ bile by 20 to 90 days, Dnrin-j this 1 "incubation period." ther;-may IK ] only symptoms of sip- : prevention anrl soniuUmJs irritation and tinsrlliii! pain at (he sit: j of the -wound. ' j Whfii Ihe, disease begins. Ilinj horribls .symptoms which sivc ill Its name make l.hrir appearance.) Tlterc Is a Mirjhi liuskinfss of thc j voice an<i a IIMIKC of chokins, due i to lhe fad lliat the swallowtnj'• nul brc.-ithiiig muscles go inloj spasms. The victim may r:f«sc water became of thf .-.[asnis and the jx. usnctatod with suallo'.vins. Ercn-! fuslly tfcose cnnvuLsioiK and swans 'Way alTect thc \ tody an^. I'm- ally, the spine may stilTen and bcuil Death in j»ch ca.-,;s results from a ' general paralysis. The earliest elections held in America were probably those of the delegates to (he Virginia Assembly In isis, but the earliest date mentioned was that of the election of John Wintlirop as governor of Massachusetts In 1631. owe -THAT WILL With Major HoopldV | ;,^ MAWY A T3LOOD-PUMPIW6 >, V?f\ WITH TH' LCCAU •M STATION IKITO HICSH—LISTSM \f:t AOL- ' ~ '«, fiFMATOR MC<5WIUPI 'PRnpn^ti - ' AM IMMEDIATE OA,I]_ GEMTEWCE. 1-"OK VVELSH&FsS WHO "DIDM'r FILE- AM IMCOME WF-TlJP,M~V/HEM IMTGRVIEWED,WHILE A)Ri?Je3 TWO POMERAMIAM6,7K r SENATOR • SAID—"UMLEASM A PACK OF- ' 6LEUrH-HOUMDS OKI THEIR HEELS 'AMD PUT Tl-t' "BITE OM *\=IAt f 'f "•- -^ '"^ --in FAPc ; AOt.MT, HE SAID "THEY ARE GOlMrj To THROW A MET OI- G-MEM OVEP, AMP 8P.IMO PISH THAT I ^ } :L -^>^ GOT THE IK HCX5K<S/ fUFF-P- '*>> Goi-p-; 3 ''/'I, 5 3 •;"> • /! r . ^7\

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