The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1934
Page 1
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;•. - , Served by'the United Press BE VOL. XXXI—NO. 232 TH« DOMINANT NlWWAfltK Nnm BlythertUe Ocurttr " ' HeraM BU'THKVn.LR, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKORMBRR'. 15, liMM J.1.L4 Tf kj SINGLE COPIES FTV8 .CENTS. *] / ___ > * „ _*•„ 7 ? ONE MAJORITY FOR BANKHEAD LAI i Missionaries Slain in China BUM11 ; Tremendous Majority in Favor of Act Recorded in Friday's Referendum Ntore than 7,000 'Mississippi county cotton growers went lo the . polls yesterday to roll up'an ovci W'hclmlug 7,015 to 139 vole for .continuance of Hie Bankhcnd cotton control act for nnolhcr year. .'.... > In the Chlckasaw'ba 1 district of the county (lie voto was 3,451 for continuance of the act to 78 ,:a»alnst.. In the Os&eola district the vote was 3.5C4 for continuance to .61: against. Wlille approval of (he act byi a hir°e majority 'had been ex-! peeled in Ihls county no one had looked for so" overwhelmingly one- sided a., vote. At not ,a single one- of 48 places did liny 'material }• opposition Appear. The largest;';vote against- continuance was cast-at Blvthevlllc, where 21 out or,;322 • ballots --.wove against the act. Laney's ;gin, in .Little .River '.township,-.reported - the largest proportion of : opposition Votes; Tlie. vote there " was CG for continuance and 14.against. No other box reported as many as 10 votes against the act and at a number • the vole for conlimiarice was unanimous.' The vote by boxes follows: Chlckasawba District Yes Nn Promised Land 104 3 ' Number Nine . 223 '; 1 Yarbro' 137 .' o Blythevllle .'. \ ' 301 ' 21 Huffman . : . S3 1 Forty : and Eight -.-,•.- VlW- V -.Armorer.! ,;-.;>-•••:-. .29fi, i. v Tohlatb "••(.•:»:S*t.-: •>:*—V. f49," ' '!-' Home-Tain 1 . -:'- ::'" lii :' "5- New Llbefty : 230 2 Half ffoaii • 121 ' « "••'•' . 145 8 Dell;'.- -> ; -' -'• ':.; 39!) ' 3! - - . - !''--..'fig!J. ;1 .'-. ,4 Shidy",Grove-.: .': "','.-.' ;."'sS^Jf.-i'-'i"- Mililgan' -.Ridge : ;, .-4t\,''' 1 BrpW'ri "Spur" "• " 33 ; -d- r Bbx>': Elder .-..>: ; ' ',: 47 -- .' o' Poplar Corner :"-'r ••-'• ':"5V.•••• • l ; - Rocky'v:;-, -'. .' r ,'.;> '=.88'' 1- Afanlia , • -' - 257 - -1 : Cannl : • •"••" 86 : 2 Leacnvllle -.'• - ; .. • -257 5 ' pawhecn,;/ '•'.;." ' ' -qs 5 Boyntbri.' : • ' - CO < 2 . /jOsceola District San Souci -...-. • • 98.' 2 psceola . ."'.,. 179 1 kelser. , ' ••_ •" '280 7 Nodenn ' . • • ., 56 2 Victoria'..-, .;. .' 192 .' o Luxora" . . 296 ' 1 Rosa. '-. J8 ! Stllhnaii' 75 - g Ray's Store . 'S3 8 Etbwah 88 6 Limey's oin • 56 H Hatcher. 78 1 West Ridge 12. r > n Dyes.s Colony . '42 0 Marie ; - 71 fj Carson •'' ;' ' 175 2 Pecan Point 108 0 ' Joiner 138 1 Frenchman's Bayou 352 3 Burdelle . 257 3 Wilson . 335 o Bassclt 72 o Wnltlon 400 3 of Slayer of Wife's Poet Lover Wins Acquittal WOODLAND, Cai.. Dec. 1$ (UI'T —Jiulson'C. Doke, confessed- Mayer of. Lamnr Hol)inip>head, lib wife', poet lover, was. actiullled of inur- der charges loday. Tlie.Jury or eleven .men iiml nn*? woman observed the "unwritten law" in freeing Die defendant in I ho '•''white hibiscus" case. The, 34-year-old former city official of-.Sail Lcaiidro had based his defense on the unwritten law, contending' a ; )»an was .Justified in slaying another who made lova lo his wife.- Helen Louise noke, -wife of the defendant and' one of the principal • cJmrac'ters in the cust;. was not present during the trial nr when the verdict was returned. She has remained In seclusion :nosi or the ' lime since her hus- kllled HoUIngshead and attorneys admitted recently that they would start divorce pro' nanlnst thr iinfiltliful Draft Curb On War Profits Sailors Choke to Death i Oil Coated Sea 85{) Miles Fiom Land ABOARD S S JPAN JADO' Dao 15 (by Radio to Unll' Piivs)—A li/eboit, upset, by )ila vvavos in an oil coalul set, TO, the lives of 17 sillor, -masL i whom cliok&l on fuel nil -in II ' of Ihe Brills)! frrlgh 1 - ilel- Sliir by Chinese bandits lind ilemanded f20;oda rahKo'm'i the bodies of lobn C blam, 27, ami his wife Elizabeth, 2o' nboje wore found eight miles Irofc their mission in Tstngtc*. Thd t; s government Ins de- nmiided Immediate runlsliment or the killerb The 2 mojiMi-old daughter o£ the victim? U he- liered prisoner of the outlaws • Temiscot Counly Vole CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Dec. —Complete •- tabulation today i Pemiscot county's vote' in yesterday's Bankhead law referendum [ revealed cotton growers of this county on record In favor of con- linuancc of the control act by a majority .of 3,081to 164. Pastor's Tee Shot Killed Three-Pound Pheasant JOHNSTOWN, Pa:' (UP)—Here- afler when Rev. Don D. Van Horn, of Pittsburgh, goes hunting,'he probably will lake along a bag of tfolf clubs. When Van Horn leed off at the Greensburg Country club, the ball sailed across a ravine and headed for the green. Where the bail should have been, IJie minister found n fluttering tliree-pound Plieasant, Beside it. was the golf ball. ..... Jud^e Keck Indicates He Can No Longer Act in Mulder Case Cwuit Judee G E Keel indi- ciled here this mornlnp that a motfnn for a new tilal in the case of Frank Barnt«. granted a 20r rt»v s'a\ of CNCcution )cstcrdaj by Oovcrnor: .Futreil . after he had been sentenced to die 'this morning, will have lo be filed in the st at e , supreme court, ,Jud<Jc Keck told Roy Nelson of ilefeiise counsel (his morning that te did not. believe circuit court ncrc. had any further control of Ihe case nnd that proper procedure would require the mine ot motion for a new trial before some member of the siipreriic. court. While an nppcal probably will not be passed on within the time allowed by .the stay of execution, f an apoeal Is perfected nn additional reprieve Is almost certain, en o laws to pronibit imlion operatin taxicab, 01 JMneyi In cllles of the orkms; drherb of of private concerns more thon 10 conaeciilUe hour Gum Drop Defendant Repudiates Confession in I . « -- j—.v. »»it; ««ii,jf ktig& IJU>L CHART P<ym7~7« m "* Emallcr " llmn stnlc U oHAKLi,STOiV, Jfiss, Bee 15 j cense - plates ^, ) r?S 1 f. ee . n - lear - ol . d . P 001 t' c " The first purchaser of -, city Wynne Filliiw -Station • Man Held for Robbery . WYNNE, Ark., ' Dec. 15 (UP>- Aiitlipritles mvnaled here ^lodav they.- '..jycrc holding P. E. Roger.!. Wvnne niliiw station operator, for Alabama authorities In connection \vilh l-he S2.5M robbery of (he B^iik of Red Bay at Red Bay. AIn., November • 23. / Rogers was arrested here, last nlfrtil al the rrquest of Red Bay officers. He.. reputedly disappeared nboul six weeks ngo and did not return until lost niiht. Local au- thovltics had been asked to nv- resl him upon his return. Hups Orange GrowTi VISALIA, C8l. (OP)-A Wash! n e l °n navel orange weighing 3U pounds, and 19 inches In circum- in S 2 ' vvas exhibited here by Ja- growe "' Threc Rlvcrs dtrus New York Police Guard Russian Consul's Home NEW YORK, Dec; 15 (UP) — A heavy -police guard lias' been placed around, the homo of Leonid T. Tolokonsky.. consul general 'of llw soviet Republics, It was learu- Iro » !»nrt A& i •*' mjJLs ° r "ic Ctcve- Umd dfitrlet are operating at 38 per cent.' the Police refused lo give,, niiy i-ca- have son; for •the .extraordinary pi-pccd- > per ui-e'but .it was reported'in police .circles" tllat.: Tolpkonsky 'had' re- j «IVecl,,.«iV. Udnaplny :. threat aimed • 'at hls'S-j-ear-old daughter, tarlzn. most or the' lime since her hus- aesll "5tlon of Ihe BrllMi frrlg) bond killed HoUIngshead and Dsnorlh by n storm in mlc Dokes attorneys admitted recently A " an ' 1 <', It was revealed lodaj Ilinl rKnit 11 mild ..l^-i Jl. _JS TllC ilPtlll .Iflflrtl nmi +¥.„ ctpflVr if t>y to off ll(e niks off Tlie Jean Jadot and the steam snip Ascanla tolh flandlng uy t,o take X oxlmustcd men off sinking Us«or!]i somt> 85a miles o Newfoundland rescued 11 survivors from the British freighter i Huge wivrs which capsl/ed a Iffboat fiom Iho Jean Jndoi, nf cr several attempt.- to reach the Usworlh accounted for mast of the victims A hurilcauc like storm crippled he L*i«ortlis rudder and ciused Labor _ Commissioner Ed '' Te,!° vomn^Lm the McKinley Submits Lc^- islaiive Ptogram ROCK, Dsc. 15 (UP)— Effective 1 legislation against- operations of loan sharks was rcc ommemled by Labor 'commissioner Ed I McKlnlev today In his biennial report to Governor J M Futrcll Present laws agnlnst usiuj ilioiilil be amended, McKlnlej said to prohibit USD of collatem! ogreemeiils — i coupon Echemc— is a cloak to covei usnrj Right to appeal in criminal prosecutions for violating slate labor laws also was asked by IM labor commission?! Other proposed legislative <han- es would proMde 1 Right to JlJe suit Iti nn; court lthoul pavment of toils or fci^ of inj natuie 2 Moie strict regulation of «orlLlni; hours for women , ' 3 More ',fict enforcement of first class 4 Prohibit , ••*• * ' *IWUI VI 1C ilL'iill Jadot put out/ in n Imt for Ihe British fieightcr ' .,' I ' hc " f f boat, altci i frnflc light with the wihd and sea reached the side of the Uswbrth But ns she took aboard eigt^ men, she swung afoul of the <.tifo derricks and drifted Into the p-th of a huge wave All hands were spilled into the sea The Usnorth a coal ship %as bound from Contreal for Cobb Ireland at the llmo of her dlsas- tei The Jean Jadot whose skip pei pnitlclpalwl In another restiib two y,-ar igo was eiirontc tl Antwerp Contempt Case Hearing Delayed Until January OHOI-:OT,A, Dm. Ift-IlonrliiK of contempt.. Hf court (liiVRu, fimilnst tlm Cnniini'i-cliil Appcul, Memphis "-.'Oin.-fi 1 , J.'cb Hiio^dcn 'Jr, Oi-iHendnn - : county plni)tei, mill otlici's. _sc1ii!ilul«i "Ini todn>, ht\5 bcfii continued lo.jumia'y 4ij, Tilt! lihurijc.s were brought, b Deliver Dudlny, pinwtitlu^ utloi ' * B I ? Show' 1 Required Thirds Endorsement "C K ~ ,- , n'H/AfilA, On T«C 15 (UP)r"* Ihn icfilwjl rrom VlrKliilli lo Texas the If )_Q U|,^]|t " '- •-'' -- * 1...- -. r . h Wlilto Hnuse, where they mufndc'd. tv conferm.cp name 1 ! l fty j b '? lrnln » Sunilay night Clov the n m commltleo nml wartime i,cnl f ™ °-- - ' "' ,V mMMfA . ^"V '»'- City Tags Same Size ' And, Color As State i L __ Cily car Mg, for'J935 'luuc nr- uvcdtand are now read> for is suance at the office of Kos-, E-iu crs city clerk | in the pity hall The tags hase the some color combination 6? (he new 1935 state ags, blue- letterin? on a backgroiM Thl s K ars ta the flrst time w-111 be the cr'am foi si?e as (he slale Ings it b"ine Intended thai the stale tng should be attached lo the rear of HID car and " - a---v--t» -JLHI -uiu «_I t U 1 y U Spencer Qumton on trio] for Ills life In the alleged gum diop poisoning of ' 11-year-old Marjoric Scott testified today he was forced to sign a confession' on threats of prosecuting officers Quinlon took the stand to re fute stale te-stimoii} tint hr pu t arsenale in n gum Crop and passed it, to Marjorle, to get "revenge" for a whipping his stepfather gave him afler It wa-s >-e- ported he made improper advances toward the girl. The case was expected to go to the • juiy late todav or eartv tonight.. " ' ASHTABULA, O. (UP) _ A sow owned by Mrs. A. B. Howard, near here, gave a Utter of 19 pigs. The sow's first lltter'had 12 the second 15. (ag was Dr S p Martth who re ceiled his this afternoon The No 1 tog has been rcsened for Jack Applebaum local mei chant, who has held the number fol several jears /CRIP When j-osi are silting around your fire, all waim and eomforl- able this winter, don't yim Ihink Hint il nlll make you feel rather hid lo know that some of your fellow men are possibly cold and hungry because you didn't use Bbtheville Rclkf Scrip and Stamps? Spend those few pcn- nie( and guard ajalnFl that responsibility, coming lo you. rtmimim of the new committee fliHrwartime^eniroTulc tries Hoii-d ravon federal Lonlrol of pi lew and pronts tlinn level. - Ask Prompt Response Witlj Toysjmd Clothing With Christmas only a little moie than n week awnj of fleers nf Ilir G6t>dfell<w tlub Wflaj renewed Jitlith plea to residents of Blylhevllle lo re spend promptly' with gifts fif clothing anil tojs to be re- condlltcnrd for (IMilblltioli among nf»tlj families The loc^l PER A has s(t Up a.mojcct for the lepair of the toys and cjlothlng but Ihejnrll cles must Ic »\allnble foi work' ,.ext wrck or thej will Le too late Perions «ho wish lo help aie imited to bring toss and clothing to the FPRA office, over Mayers Bargain center; or to telephone W J Wunticrlich or B O Wesi, «lio will see tint the articles ire called for peic(. ney, as the. result u'r publk'uiloii by Iho Commerelnl Appeal of nti Interview wllli Snowden which \\«s regarded us- reflecting iipoftjlho Integrity of the clrcultstmnjt ,'jr Mm Osccoln ilLslrliii. nl this oonnty it had lo do with llm iVfuwj] of Judgi. a F Kuk 10 KI.MII tion''^coitgii'''f-irmer;'Tm\e'''vole<l nn orclir lo compel Hie pliithij cvcivl/rlmlngly foi iclcntltm of oru salcii-y net piopasul upon clu n, B B jnHicnil cpmpulsory coltpu Kcmcvnl - rlecllon ballot In Gi't- producitloii Cfliitlol Ins? in 1W "" lo.idon county r.ntosl • trtuui-, today from ,„ iiirLiPiidmn on Ihe nie^sme whlefi reslilcLa ins ntitlonal col (on trop gave 070 DOS foi and 90,781 agfttiyt A Iwo-lhli-ds majority vole was ncicsstiiy tp retain the net Au- piovlmntely 26000,00 planteis, ten- n^! nnit share oronp n rs i\?ru llglble to vote ^ Opt-O'll'oii In Oklahoma ' . Only tn Oklahoma wns the voto .OlllSlDUa LcuislatlHC Will 01 tllc me(lsllt(J running Leli>w /~> .~ — he nerwbaiy two-thirds GsoVgSij, vbc'e (joveriioi, Eigene Tnlmadge, md taken Ihe slump against the measure, pioduccrt moie opposing idea than any of the old s,oqtli tales blit fancied the act beller him six to otic. Hie votes by states - t \ Yes Noi Peorgln . , 118,207 18000 Alnbnma 187,500 8678 170,076 Fafe*. Sf M-Year-OM Boy WiH Be Determined in Couit Hcie Satuiddy Hearing on a petition for n writ of habeas corpus In litigation over custody of a -1-jeai old bAy w>ll\ bo held before Circuit Judge O E Keck here next SUurday, It ivns announced this morning after wlt- nesM", fnllcd lo appeal for Ihe hearing schMuled todaj The babj Ls Iho son of W r TucVer and Mis Bertie I on Hnr- ils Tuckei ob(ilncd a divorce In Missouri some time: ago'and both ne and his former-wife have since married. The Missouri court:made no order for custody/and control of Hie baby. •:..,,:..• - , - . (This week Tucker filed a petition for a ,writ -of -habeas corpus"In clicuit court scekliin to secure custody of the baby which has been [With Its mother.. His petition «1- M A i o I ges ftlUllre on the piirt of the IVlciy Ask DUgges- "other properly to 'cnrc for the tiohs (or State Aid to S STUB! OF fiELI[F IN 'Ha'n'l jou gol tdnxthm' u»th long jJeevw m itf" Unemployables. LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 14 (UP)— Qov. J. M. Futrell.snld this, af- ernoon he vps considering naming a committee to; study slate relief and make suggesllons lo the leglslaliirc lo. care for unrmplov- Hbles. - - - i:j ,.. The meeting has not been called, he told the United Press, but is under consideration. Tlie committee would rccom- i tncnd ways to raise funds and| care for tliose unable to work and who will .be dropped from relief rolls February 1. No Change -Here V/ltlidrnw-al of FERA aid from Persons .clossifled as unemployable, announced for February 1, will, result in no material change In ! the situation In Mississippi county, the Courier News was ad- today by Mrs. Bessie Stair, Armed wllli an order lo take custody of the child, deputy sheriffs look the baby and turned It over to the petitioner, althou»h it « technically still In Ihelr possession awaiting 'disposition of the care, Mrs. Ha-.rls has filed a response to the petition for the writ Holland and Bnrhnm are counsel for Tucker and clnutle F Cooper represents Mrs. Karris. Hot Wine Crazellits Boulevards o{ Paris _ PARIS (Up)-Wan'n Bordeaux or Burgundy, served with a whirr of cinnamon, now Is. discovered to IK Inlluen: FERA case work tlUs counly. supcn-lsor for Mrs. stair- pointed out that in this counly no advantage lin.s been akcn of the FERA offer to match dollars with the communities for Ihe benefit of Ihe uncmployablcs and. that for Ihls reason unemployable persons Jjave been receiving no PER A help In this county. .. • •"• *--""•!, iiiiiuuii^^i L-IE»Y w ' CafM " loi " ! Ulc """' 3 '' MO , h first dkrnvflj- Mm. tv. ^^mujto ui mi- io\>er coast 1-n «.f ( ,.« I , ls mono >' '" ^ counll 'V Nov. 20, when the-Imp °L *, I|IC ?" S a . I>?P uInr drink. ping season offlclally opened/ Th, nnd t - insist upon Convene at Baton Rouge Toinoiiow lowing'• n • conference with Seimloi Huty P _,.. 0 Tiventy-ojie subjects con- nml tlmt l( would be correction'' meeting. A glance nl I lip 21 ---- - ---- -•••j'jLi.vj mi.; LUlf tnlncd In Mio governor's call, sro- ntor Long stnletl thit the «e5 slon would be'frce of controversy "clerical subjects open to leglalntioii, liowever, IP veals V\wa -'nriectiiu; the rloht ol New Orleans lo collect street pa\- <fe luxes, n chanap in the rights n-wynr ^ ifljMjtloii nsordlm slolw^for pcr a om !h prfi'fll emplojment— which maj LC n compvUsoij^senice iwnslon bill— oh amendment (o the recently en acted comptilsoiy bir ansorlottor bill nnd n elmnffe In |]ic niithor- of the Oilcans levee lionrd Arkansas 'Youth Shot by St. 4 Louis Detective IK «jr>— ST IOUIS. 'ack Sand«i", "3 of Little Rock Art. was In a critical condition In the cltj hospital prison ward lodny, suffering from gunshot wounds In the shoulder and abdomen Inflicted by a detective who attempted lo question htm. Detective Paul' Oirard shot San- tiers and arrested his companion, Bernard'a. McLnln, In a pawn £liop .where Sanders had . pawned n ring n tew minutes earlier. Would Put Federal Tax On Radio vertisements sold today he was aiding In the preparation of a bill which would impose a federal tax on radio nd- veillsements. Howard said that he and' the other members of the house who were preparing the proposed leg introduction early In the session. Details of the propossd tax have not been worked 'out, he said. Louisiana Expects Banner Trapping Season _ ,f. Only, Oklahoma Fails to, '' Mississippi Lo lislann Arkansas North enrol lira Soulh Carolina Virginia Tennessee , Texas Oklahoma 07,083 05.2M 111,132 2,TIO 2,902 9,343 ,4,054 1,273 'i244 49fl84 3,903 103,863 lo,46i 42147 27,417 Arkan*! 1 - Vote Ovcnibclmlnj v LITTLE ROCK, Dec 15 CUP) Between $8 and flipper cant of lion control act "durlujf "1815. Chairman n D While of itys state allotment board estlmnt<!(Lt.(£ day on retui n.i from 7o pel 1 c- c nt of the precinct,} where \olcs were east jeiteiddi m '(ho cotton telf poll , , Official feueial figures will-not lit 1 tabulated before tomorrow', White snid, but figures shown !u )inorTlcinl leluras were o\er\'helm- ing / »' , Hayti Youth, Seriously Hurt, In Hospital Here Edwnid urogdon H-jenr-old son Mr and Mis Ben Brogdou Hayt!, Mo, «as admitted to Ihe BlythcUllE hospital a oclocl Ihli morning In a serlo*a", condition gj The youth nns suffetlns front a fiactured skull and \va- stiU 1 unconscious Ihls afternoon He was said to Inve been Injured In an accident but rtctiils were rfii Got His Buck _ t In Own Backyard BERWICK Pi (UP)—The deer hunting "eison was a short one ir James Lutzcy. j-^ Disappointed because a hunting were preparing the proix>sed leg- """i'j»""«--u uttaun; a nuniing islatlon hoped to have it ready for , p hnd bccn Postponed due ;to iiitr/iriii/iiinTi nn »i «._ »._-»_.. rain ^Lutzev decirieri in tnv^. « rain ^Lutzey decided to take,% stroll through n woods near hi borne. / * " As he went through his back 5T»rd, Lutzey mot T buck face to face He shot and had the one deer illowed to a hunter in a season: NEW ORLEANS. '" to )— More coast- season offlelaily opened, on will end Feb. 20. and The »»».. upuu suing on outdoor ter- season, according- lo Aniiand P -aces even during ibe cold months, Daspit, director of wild Jife for the • lie HOt, Wlnf> \Tisiro (c ..T.^...I_ _ - f *«*_ „«..- it . . .. . * """ »-w.u mumns, uie hot wine vogue Is provlnr a popular one. stale conservation commission. Slightly more than 3,000,000 pelts ,„,„,,,„.; . . oiigiiuy more tnan 3,otra,OOD pelts hii n g P r °Pflelors of cafes «'ere taken in Louisiana last year ' Wllle fa ' J should valued at between $3,000,000 and e amount, nr ,.„„! ii,.,, <T^nnrvin T-I,,, -» 1 - *il. ft.? !•-•-*- ii*-j oiiwuiu the -amount or. coal they must buy lo sloke the stoves which arc used to supply a modicum of heat on. the OJKH lermces. $3,500,000. The sole price this year will be slightly higher than last year, Daspit said. I M . MARIETTA, o. (irp)-A mdtsh. i w-elghlng 131.4 pounds, was grown . by Daniel Henneman, of Lowell, I ncnl ' hc "- , for World War Vet Ca ^ ! Akron University Lifts Ban on Campus Smoking ,,,™ AKRON, O. (UP) — A long-en(UP) — Frank forced rule agafrist campus smok War veteran Ing at Akron Unlvcrsllj h?s b»cn WHBATON. 111. IFIoridoi a World whose 'will, n U. into (l uv V iu fik I.VIJIAI,I ui_-iti.i iium \ aciu council a Viimi maii'Tr^r" T ':*"", »*'"''je.aeBiotelied railroad box cars, The new- ruling- l,!™?. 1 .. '«»,»,.^P-ler, having MH |and Insulated from .winter, wilids j permitted on campus .„„„, „. rom a. wi-ecked rc-jis prphlbHcd in elsss rooms, !avft- - The cars,--unfit for the post office department-SB years ago at .Crooktwv a ferred. lo t S - Ambulance Kills One, Injures'Four Others CINCINNATI (UP)—Tho siren'o! a Cincinnati life squid ambu'ance sounded a death knell as it roared through' a downtown' street to 'the nid of a woman' reported to haw: attempted suicide. As It passed a busy intersection, if struck an automobile con'amin? five negroes All fl\e were injured, one fainlly. ' Police finished the call the a bulance had started to answer and found Mrs Irene Mace, 35 recovering from the effects of Inhaling "a smal! amount of gas i A jfi&ff 1 * WEATHER ARKANSAS—.Cloudy, probablr' 'ight showers In central and noV thcast corllons tonkht snd Sim day Winner (onlshl Memuhis and Vicinity—Decisional raliu tonight and Sunday. Warm«r tonight Colder Sunday Afternoon; 1 \ The maximum temperature here jesterday was 43, u ^tntnimum 24,

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