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Joplin Globe from Joplin, Missouri • Page 4

Joplin Globe from Joplin, Missouri • Page 4

Joplin Globei
Joplin, Missouri
Issue Date:

JOPLIN GLOBE, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 16,1921 FREE OPERATIONS TO yfchh city Stiulpnta tlnaljle to Pay Will Bo Given Surgical Treatment. Webb City, Nov. grlcal operations of a minor nature for students in the Webb City schools has been arrang-ed by Mrs. C. H. Baker, public scliool nurse, in cases where parents are unable to pay for them, she told members of the board of education last night. Physicians in tho city have volunteered their services and Jlrs. Baker will assist in the opcration.s. A room Is to be set apart in the Jane China hospital, she said. Heiiltli Sni-vcy Mnilc. In a health survey of students in the Franklin, West and Webster ward schools, Mrs. Baker said she found sixty-five cases Which demand immediate operations. In most cases where children are in need of an operation, parents have Riven their consent for them, Mrs. Baker said. Students are being tested as to their physical fitness to be in school. Ma.tiy slight defects have been foiind, she said. Superintendent Armstrong: of the Jasper county tuberculoBis hospital is co-operating with Mrs. Baker in her'survey. where children are seriously affer.tod with tuberculosis will be treated at the county sanitarium, it was said. A was read from the Csr- terville board of for the services of Mrs. Baker and it is probable that arrangements can be made for her to devote some of her time there In December. A committee was named by Presi- aent Walter F. Eagland to devise Tvays and means for obtaining a permanent athletic field. Two sites are being considered are to old Olympic park and the Kelley pasture on North Madison street, where the present football field is located. Annabel WorinncleA LADIES' AND MISSES' ONE- PIECE DRESS. A long strip of material is suspended from each shoulder at front and back to emphasize the slender, youthful lines of this attractive day-time frock. The ladies' and misses' one- piece dress is cut in sizes 16 years, 36 to 42 inches bust measure. Size 36 requires 3ii yards 40-inch material. Price 15 cents. Tour party will enjoy befhg served Ye Candy Shoppe chilli. 121 East Fourth. House Wrecked by Plre. A vacant house in Smelter Hill owned by J. Metsker, was wrecked by fire of undetermined origin at 12:30 o'clock yesterday moniing. The loss was not estimated. ITCHY Em FiliP In Pimples On Neck and Shoulders. CuticuraHeals. broke out on my neck and sbonldi in the foxjoi of small pimplea. They were very thick and itched and burned so badly that I could not rest at night. After scratching them they would run water and spread and a cmst farmed over them. "The trouble lasted about three months. I saw Cuticura Soap and Ointment advertised and sent for a free sample. I bought more and after twing one and a half boxes of cura Ointment, with the Cuticura Soap I was completely healed." (Signed) Mrs. Christina Skaggs, R. R. Box 253, Indianapolis. Ind. Use Cuticura for all toilet purposes. Itopt. UmldtB 4t, Sold every Soap without mut. FORECAST The Fall and Winter issue of the FAS-HION MAGAZINE is now ready. It contains over 300 styles, several dressmaking lessons, and is, undoubtedly a book which every woman who wants to dress well and wants to see her family well dressed should have. Price 10c a copy. Mall all orders to Joplin Globe Fashion Bureau 22 East Eighteenth Street New Vork City. N. Y. MORE CHURCH ACTIVITY URGED AT CONFERENCE HOW TO REMOVE SKIN BLEMISHES Euch as Blaolcheatls, Pimples, Tan Freckles and Liver Spots. Begin tonight. the skin with warm Vater and Black anfl White Soap. With the tips of the fingers, lightly apply Black and Wiite Beauty fragrant 'beautifying cream. Allow It to remain overnight. The next morning again cleanse the Bkln with warm water and Black and White Soap. If the skin is the least tender or Irritated, use little bita of, sootliing, healing Black and Wlilte Cleansing Cream, You can then apply face powder and rouge. It desired. From the you'll be delighted with this beauty treatment because it so Bure, Bo simple and Inexpenslva. All drug stores gtiarantee and sell Black and White Beauty Bleach, 50c; Black and White Soap, 25e; Black and White Cleansing Cream, 25e and 50o' the Write for your 'copy of the Birthday and Dream Book a leaflet which tedls you all about the merits and uses of Black and White Toilet Preparations. Address, Dept. Plough, Tenn. TO-MIGHT 4B a mild, vesetable Usattve to Hi Conitlpation and Bili- euinmt and kaep tlie digestive and fuoctiont noimal. 'sedArtMfri oyears, Wheeler Drug Co. Detroit, Nov. call to clergymen and laymen of the Methodist Episcopal church in all parts of the world for greater service in all departments of the church's activities was sounded by speakers at the opening session of the denomination's national conference here today. Bishop Robert E. Jones, of New Orleans, the first negro to be pointed a bishop by the church and Kmmet J. Scott, secretary-treasurer of Howard University at Washington, made the plea for greater consideration of negroes at tonight's session. Four hundred thousand American negroes did their part in the world war, expecting as a reward that they would receive "the new freedom," Dr. Scott told the delegates. Webb City Woman Dies. Webb City, Nov. Lula Nigh, 73 years old, a resident of Webb City for more than twenty years, died at her home, No. 911 Washington street at 8:80 o'clock toniglit. Death was due to heart 'disease. Funeral services probably be held Thursday afternoon and burial will be in Webb City cemetery. She is survived by her husband, E. Nigh, two daughters and two sons. to Address Hi-Y Club. Webb City, Nov. James of Joplin will be the principal speaker before the Hi-Y Club at the weekly luncheon tomorrow noon at the Presbyterian church. All members of the club have been urged to be present. A chicken dinner with pumpkin pie has been announced as the menu. Shawnee Postmaster Nominated. Washington, Nov. Roodehouse was nominated today to be postmaster at Shawnee, Okla. PiCH NUT As Nutritious as it is Delicious. A WHOLESOME FOOD Not a substitute for Anything! mm Made of wholesome nuts and purest milk. Order a Pound today At Your Grocer's Churned by TbeHarroW'TaVlor Butter Co. Kaniu CitVi Mo. Jbplln Pure i''uoa Distributors. Loj-al Women's Class of South Joplin Christian Charles Carter, No. 1612 Moffet avenue, M-ith Mesdames John Hoffman and Claude HIcDuffey, assisting. Daffodil Emliroldery Edward H. Barr, No. 1926 Moffet avenue. Auld Lang Syne Clif-'' ford Carmichael, No. 2334 Pennsyl- vani avenue. Wednesday Study No- rlne Robards, No. 320 Connor avenue, at 2:45 o'clock. Yama-Yama L. W. Winter-, No. 3 IS North Joplin street. Daughters of Isabella, special meeting and hall at o'clocls. Country Club dance. Gloom Killers Craiigr, Castle Rock. St. Margaret's Guild of St. Philip 's Episcopal Mrs. Frank Oliver, No. 601 North Pearl avenue, with Mrs. W. F. Godfrey assisting. Spring Circle of First Presbyterian Ed Cox, No. 303 North Moffet avenue, with Mrs. Xorval Griffin assisting. Loyal Women's Class of Central Christian and Mrs. M. L. Wallier, No. 1217 North Street. i'c The Ladeis' ciass of the First Christian church will give an interesting program at the church tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Following the program, the guests will hold a 'night cap" social. Mrs. Wade Davis, No. 1729 Grand avenue, was hostess to the Emerson Club Monday afternoon. Roll call was responded to with of Thrift." A paper on "History of Thrift Movement In- Araerica" was given by Miss Mildred White. The club decided to clothe and assist In sending two poor children to school. Following the program and business session, the club members were taken In motor cars to Robertson Springs where a welner roast was enjoyed There will be an ail day meeting of the club at the home of Mrs. J. W. Gray at Duquesne, in two weeks. The world fellowship prayer serNice at the Y. W. C. A. home this afternoon will be conducted by the Methodist Episcopal church, South. Mrs. VV, G. Beasley will be the leader and the subject will be "The Love of Christ." Mrs. Lee M. Wiles, No. 827 Jackson avenue, entertained informally Saturday, night complimentary to her daughter. Miss Relthel who win be married to Charles L. Grim. The guests Included Misses Ethel Mlsenhelter, Fern Robinson, Cecil Hall, Maynie Burch; Mesdames W. B. Joiner, Demerce Davis and Chloe William Morris. "Cheer coming. Miss Katherlne McAnttrc, No. 1901 Jackson avenue, entertained the Auxiliary to the Girl Charity Workers Saturday night. Plans were made for sending food and clothing to a poor family, and for giving a benefit card party and a food sale. Those attending the meeting were Misses Ruth Bonsai, Edna Campbell, Dorothy Dolan, Ruth Dolan, Duplahtler, Marcia Eberieiii, Gertrtide Klein, Rosine Klein, Harriet Krieckhaus, Grace Malody, Katherlne Pickett, Mildred Pounds, Thelma Poundstone, Mar- giierite Ritchey, Marie Smith, Corrine Stout, Leah Tlmmons, Virginia Robards: Laura Cheek Oliver, and Helen Bryant Farris. Prot D. M. Bowien of the educational department of the Pittsburg normal school, will be the speaker at the meeting of the Reciprocity Club next Monday. This meeting will be held In the blue room In the public library, and in observance of guest day, each member is privileged to invite three guests." Mrs. H. W. Ayland's Bible class of the First Presbyterian chutch met Monday night in the church parlors for the monthly supper and business meeting. Those president were Misses Hazel Barson, Freda Schmale. Grace Yarden, Essie Coles, Winifred Coles, Grace Morris, Jewell Rhodes, Minnie Clark, Ruth Gibson, Reba Warden; Mesdames H. W. Ayland, C. R. Davis, C. V. McMlllian, S. S. Evans and C. W. Parria. Joplin friends of Charles Parsons Plumb of Chicago, formerly of this city, will be Interested to learn of his marriage Monday afternoon, November 15, at 4:30 o'clock in Hyde Park Methodist church, Chicago, to Miss Rachel Griffith of Ind. The bride was a house guest of Mrs. C. H. Plumb in Joplin some time ago. Mr. Plumb is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Plumb of Chicago, former residents of Joplin, and who are well known here. He is cartoonist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, with headquarters in Chicago. After the wedding ceremony, which was witnessed the immediate families and a few intimate friends, the bride 's father. Dr. Griffith of Vlncennes, was host at a wedding dinner at a hotel. The couple left Tuesday morning for a wedding trip to Atlanta, where Mr. Plumb will attend the annual convention of the farm bureau fed- tratlon. The will be at home to their friends on their return to Chicago. V. The following were guests at a dinner party given Monday night for John Cowper Powys at the Blue Gate Inn by Mrs. Edward Wliklns: Mr. and Mrs. E. Haldeman Julius of Glrard, Pierre Loving of New York, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Playter, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Ortt, Mrs. Frank Putman, Mrs. Emily Newell Blair; John W. Gunn and Prof. W. H. Leib. A good Up." PERSONALS rjndortsklnn Co. Phono 15SS. MIS. W. C. of Baxter Springs was a visitor here yesterday. Jack Starlan was here from Commerce, yesterday. Mrs. J. H. Farthing Of Webb City was here shopping Tuesday. Joe Knight of Quapaw, was a business visitor here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCray of Big Heart, are visiting their grandmother, Hugh H. Jennings, No. 822 Virginia avenue. J. E. Barnes of Columbus spent yesterday in this city. Mrs. H. A. Henley of Carl Junction was here yesterday. Robert Sawyer of Sarcoxle transacted business here Tuesday. Mrs. Sutton of Seneca, was a visitor In Joplin yesterday. Serve Ye Candy Shoppe chilli at your dinner parties. 121 East Fourth. Theodore Donahue, who has beeh visiting his father, T. P. Donahue, has returned to Columbia, where he Is a student at the Missouri university. John Wolfe, who has been transacting business in Horton, will return home tonight. Mrs. Charles A. Henderson, No. 602 Moffet avenue, left yesterday morning for Enid, to attend the Cotton-Zachrlus wedding. Mr. Cotton is a cousin of Mrs. Henderson. Mrs. Benjamin Flint of New York city is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Allen. P. Carpenter, No. 2225 Richer avenue. Mrs. Corrine Jenkins will leave this morning for Batesville, where she will her daughter, Mrs. James Rutherford. NO LOOT OBTAINED BY GROCERY STORE THIEVES Nothlngr was taken by two UUovos, who. early yesterday morning, entered the branch grocery store of the Marr-Brldger Grocery In Cliltwood, It developed yesterday. City detectives were unable to find a clue as to tho Identity of the thieves. The Imrslars fled, shortly after they enlned entrance Into the store, when thoy discovered an attempt was being made to capture them. n'llllam Allen, proprietor of a raslaurant Bcrtwa tlie street.from the store, told jiollce that he saw a strange light In the store aljout 1 o'clock and that he dliscoverod thieves were at work when ho Investigated. Obtaining a revolver, Allen said he was going to a neighbor's home to summon assistance, when the burglars dashed from the store fled. He fired several shots at thom. he said, but they escaped. POSTOFFICE IS ROBBED AT TURKEY FORDyOKLA. A postofflce nnd grocery store at Turkey Ford. Mutllwest of Scnoea, was btirg- larlzod Siaiday night by two bandits, according to a report made to the police here yesterday. The store Is owned hy Frank P. Mariow. Who said that seven watphes were taken his stock In addition to a small sum of money. Thirty-five dollars, worth of stamps and several dollars In cash were, taken from the WAS GUARD OF HONOR FOR U. S. UNKNOWW Joplin Boy, 3Icmbcr of Marine Corps, Was Among Men AVho Escorted Body to V. S. Plynn Green, a Joplin boy; was a member of the marine guard of honor aboard tho U. S. S. Olympla, which escorted the body of America's unknown war hero from Harvc, France, to the United States, according to a letter received here Monday by his mother, Mrs. M. Green. Green said the entire crew of the ship and the marine escort stoad at attention and parade rest'for four hours as the body of the unknown -was taken aboard the ship at La Harve. He told of the impressiveness of the ceremonies of receiving tho body at home. The Olympla, he said, was escorted from the French port to the three- mile limit by an American ship and four French destroyers. He said the ship was In a storm during the entire voyage. Green also witnessed the ceremony of the burial of Great Britain's unknown warrior, one year ago, according to.his.letter. He said attended with "thirty-one other marines, fifty sailors, 100 soldiers and General Pershing. Green enlisted In the marine corps here more than a year ago. He was reared in Joplin and Is known here by many persons. PAVING RESOLUTION Action Results From Petition For Class Mncadnm on St. IJOUIS Avcinic. M'NEALS AND SPIVAS GO FAR INLAND IN INDIA H. H. McNenl. George Spjva aiid their families, who have been touring the Orient since last June, were sight-secing Into the vast country of India, October 14. according to a postal card received hero yesterday by C. H. Hobart, chief, clerk In the passenger department at the Frlsvo station. Tho card was mailed from Bombay, India, October and was written by McNcail, who said tho travelers were getting along and were seeing many Interesting sights. The party Is expected to return here In December. In the party are: Mr. and Mrs. McKea! and their daughter; Mr. and Jlrs. Splva, their daughters and two sons, and Mlw Frances Dunwoody. Curry-DeGrnffenreid, E. CMrry of Bartlom-IIle, and Blla DeGraffenreld of Joplin. ycstei-day were married by Justice Edward McPonald. Wade F. Walker and Josephine E. Jump, both of Pawhiaka. were married by McDon- aid here Saturday. The city council approved a resolution yesterday morning for paving St. Louia avenue between Eighth and Fourth streets with class macadam. The resolution was submitted by O. P. Mahoney, commissioner of streets and public Improvements, In Bccordance with a petition filed sometime ago by abutting property owners. J. M. Lane, erommlssloner'of public property and public utilities, signified that he Intended to try to induce the Joplin Water Works Company to make extensions for the benefit of the property owners along tile part to be paved before the paving work begins so that tearing up the pavement will be obviated. In connection with Lane's announcement. Mayor J. F. Osborne said that it was not necessary for the city to install fire plugs where it is shown that water' service is needed. EXERCISES TO MARK THANKSGIVING DAY SchooT.s of City Will Observe Occasion, Superintendent Harris Announces. Although definite plans have not yot teen formulated. Professor William T. Harris, superintendent of Hcliools, said yesterday that fitting exerclacs In observance of Tlianks- glvlng day would be caiTlcd out In tlic schools of the city. Recllatlona, readings, slnijlng and other BUltablo recognitions of the day, probably will bo conducted In tUo schools and It la very Ukoly, Frofcssior Harris said, that tlie pupils would again follow the custom of making food offorlnga to tho needy poor of the city. Whetlior the schools will be closed tho Fridiiy following Thnnksglvlug day, has not been determined. It being a matter to be decldeil by tho board of education, which prolKibly will meet tho latter part of tho week. MB SAGE TEA INTO GRAY HAIR Onrkcns Beautlfnlly andj ReatoTM Its Natural Color and liiistre at Oiice. COTTON CONSUMPTION SHOWS AN INCREASE ASIA TO BE DISCUSSED AT Y. C. A. DEVOTIONAL Candy that satisfiles at Ye Candy Shoppe, 121 East Fourth street. Asia will be the subject for dls cussion this afternoon at devotional services at the Y. W. C. A. ddrmitory home In connection with "World Fellowship Week of Prayer," which la being observed the world over this week by the Young Women's Christian Association. Services wlU be In charge of the Methodist Episcopal church. South, with Mrs. W. Baasley as leader. The meeting begin at 2:36 o'clock and continue 8:30 o'clock; SoT-vlces yesterday afternoon were In charge of Baptist churches of the city. Jurors to Reiwrt "Boday. Galena, Nov. for the November term of disjtrlct court will report for duty tomorrow when CQurt adjourns here. SERVICE COURTESY POLITENESS MODERN EQUIPMENT TRAINED EMPLOYES ADEQUATE. PROTECTION EFFICIENCY These ai'e features of our modem banking.semce that appeal to discrimi- Bating people. Washington, Nov. Cjonsumert during October anioiinted to 494,745 bales of lint and 61,513 of Unters, compared with 401,325 of lint and of linters In October last year, the census bureau announced today. Cotton on hand October 31 in consuming establishments was 1,404,931 bales of lint and 159,729 bales of Unters and in public storage and at compresses 4,981,8 56 bales of lint and 211,376 of linters. JITNEY BADLY DAMAGED IN CRASH WITH A TRUCK A Jitney bus. owned nnd driven by W. A. Collins, was almost completely peeked In a collision yesterday morning with a hefivy motor track. Tho was the second experienced by Collins within a week, rrldny night hia motor cur turned turtle, nnd was badly diiniBBod. Collins nnd his two pas.iengors escaped uninjured yesterday. According to a report made to the police, Collins Wns driving north on street "and his car and a heavy truck of the Joplin Transfer Company collided. Common garden sage brewed Into a hoavy tea, with sulphur alcohol added, will turn gray, streaked and faded hair beautifully dark and luxuriant. Mixing the Sage: Tea, and Sulphur recipe at home, th.oagh. Is troublesome. An easier way. is to get the ready-to-use preparation Improved by the addition of other Ingredients a large bottle, at little, cost, at drug stores, known as "Wyeth'i Sage and Sulphur thus avoiding a lot oC muss. While gray, faded hair Is npt sinful, we all desire to retain our youthful appearance and attractiveness. By darkening your hair with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound, no one can tell, because It does It so naturally, so evenly. You just dampen a sponge or soft brush with It and this through your hair, taking one small strand at- a time; by morning all gray hairs hAve disappeared. After another application or two your hair becomes beautifully dark, glossy, soft and luxurii ant and you appear years younger. INGROWN TOE NAIL TURNSf OUT ITSELF A few drops of "Outgro" upon the skin surrounding, the ing nail'reduces atid pain and so toughens the tender, sensitive skin underneath the nail, that it can not the and the nail turns naturally outward almost over night. "Outgrow" Is a harmless, antlsep-' tic However, anyone call buy from tlje drug store a tiny bottle containin8r directions. i Dimes Make Dollars and Dollars make Riches, it's all In a systematic saving of ia certain sum weekly. 52 weeks of saving at Our Savings Department will aB you far ahead of, 52 weeks of spending. If yqii'd have riches try SAVING Paid on One Time Deposits. TItE CONQUEROR TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve ThisGenut Taste is a matter of tobacco quality We state it as our honest belief that the tobaccos used in Chesterfield are of finer quality hence of better taste) than in any other cigarette at the price. LigBctt Myen Tobacco Co. Chesterfield CIGARETTES of Turkuhtmd Domeitic 1 ettm

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