The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1933
Page 6
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Lake Vermiilion Fishers .Find Musky Badly .Used Up in Encounter. "/EDITOR'S NOTE: This b 111* Utf of a tfrttf tt articles on bit taut Ikhliw In Canada. ' "" BY JIMMY DONAHUE SEA Service Sporls Writer HUDSON, Onl.. Aug. 9— On the lasc day ai Kcnncarlly LodBe. fed ui; with musky fishing, I decided to do some Intensive "piking" that .'QJornlng. ' Cleaving Jim In the cabin to cilch a few winks of sleep. Shorty and I sei out for Twin Palls, a t'nv foils' of nboui four feet Joln- i>K- ilie waters. of Little and Big Vtrmilllon lakes. Tlie liltlc falls, 'In'Vs period of existence, Imd hollowed out a pool about 100 yards afiqss at Its foot. . v --Ai one side of the pool n rooky "iclUt had fallen, dropping tons of •stone Into the pool and gouging - o"t a hiie some 30 feet deep. The other side rose up In singes to the Eliore ntid » r ns covered with water weeds. ' "Lotsa pike In here." said Shorty. "Ikcg vans, too." • « • We cut off the motor ns we au- pf^lKd tl'e falh. and I wondered ho*- "Iptsa" pike . could gatlier Jn'fnih a small body of wAter. nut (icsnlte mv mlseivings T rigged up frir nike. First I used nn ordinary spinner with pork rind and iiad e f*w rises. .' Pinallv T ntcketl out a red and r'hlte vnbWcr T hadn't used before, took a D'PCC n'. porX rind i>tciil four inches lone, cut It <!own the middle to give it two '•)(•'";." nnd fastened it to the gang h'cnk at the end of the wobbler. .Trom the time It hit the wtit^r i;ntli it fmereed nn hour lat"r vlth pnin* all scrfltohcrt off. that Fast to a Rod-Bertdine Pike • •--.-.-. -ft .. cotftftfe . bolt cauflh . fls>> than T ever rirenmed of. Tn the first Imlf hniir . *».'" hooked and released eight pike, the largest welnhing 19 pounds. And- the ne»t half hour was spent adventure I'll never forget. ' A cast, over the rockv side of thfy'nool broiieht a shadowy form mir. frnm a.clusUM- nf rncks lo In:- Trstipnte. A« hp wouldn't. °rah thr- . liire I let U sink, the. while "lees" : o' the pork rind wrigelln? behind. ; "V>h I »nve It a quick icrk it flashed 'through the water, nnd .Mr Pike wa* on. • Hk fl»htiri^ dualities vert lack- In* nil rfipi-inr the battle, but when i*' 1 landed ^Vm we found nn ex' n'anatlon. Wlien Rhortv lifted him p'nft. half Ids Uiil wa 1 ; bitten off. Wood, was strenmlnir from 11. and he..was scratched .from slcm to • stem.., -.." •'. ..'"JWn' In fl^ht." 'shorty explained. ."Huskies here. Beec wans, too." ';6o we cast around fnr awhile »Sid;.aH. of a-sudden Shorty Minted Y toward . the falls. "Took," he cautioned/ "Bee« ' musky under falls.- Cast.-for him." 1;least .everything in mv box at .the'', aid .fellow's shadow)' form, but he turned up his nose at all litres. And finally. Shorty, in desperation, itWnking the fish was dead, netted him to remove his body from the water. .'.This ; 'lunge, 43 inches of.him. was a very sick fish. Both of his eyes were blinded, which accounted for hts passing up the lures, and he. too. was a mass of bleed- In" scratces. ; "Been in fleht with Dike we Just caught," Shorty explained. And it locked as if Mr. 'Lunge had rfmich the worse of the battle. Oh the way back to the train that eyenmg. just before we hit the portage between Big and Little Vtrmlllion. we were quietly pulling along when a huge lunge, Jumping up out or the water In a beautiful arc. flashed us a message of gcodby in the shadows. GOLF -8 r MT KKENZ CITS FILTER Brooklyn Defeats Giants in I 1-Inning Battle; Cubs Beat Di^zy Dean. The Washington Senators staved off the attack of the Yankees *-ho n'on (wo games Monday nnd de,- fcnlcd Ihe New Yorkers 5 to 1 Tuesday Incmisiii" fiolr American 1 e lead (o two games. j The Ner Yoik OlonUs, National li'iidcr,s, lost 11 ) l/i 0 decision to j'in: .seventh place Brooklyn Dodg- i'-rs In II. InnlnciS at Brooklyn. : Earl Whllehlll went the rouk- 'for the Senators and held thi- I Yankees 10 nve hius. Myers andi Maimsh •-- • - - ' ; _ r7T _WEDNESDAY, .AUGUSTA 9, 1033 Must Face Old Theft Charge is.urs Dian any otlit'i- counlry jn '-lie world. Tlio liibiiiiiiieiit I* a . F of th« TECJINOCKATS. hits meant runs. HaniicU a Cuyler battc-d In ilie Cub runs. Family'of Women Perform as Men on Farm Walntil Ridge Golfer lo Rchimfor 18-llolj. Play- Off for Title. W. A. "Junk-" Uoivcll of Walnut cnl star, in fi iit'-iioli- tjiilf maif. 1 ]] /J r l!ic championship ol (ho Ar- tournanir-n! IIITI- ]nsi Sunday, will ic-luin ['.Eimiii.'.! find play nn in l:u!":, u'.'iilr^ . l.AMONI luvi hit homers for Die Nats. Ul by the \ n •Mvcr's homer In the fifth cinched ! Ihelr sji Mrs ' P -UK- tame .coring t*o runs. Bate ;, fr four '.liu,, : UlCONIll i:[ ]| lor iln- uili-. i . Dow:.]! u.-n I JlirilC'll Slll:ci:l Of lOC^lt \KU. '.urn c.iu toi inforiiH'Ci lu 1 . I 'H- \Vjlll(l Ix 1 j a:iy and t-JIt ii i :i';kecl lo [jlay ;he ;i.s ;i Iftiat- in:v^ r " V1 ' r '' '•'•l 1L '«i-'d io ,, |)!uy .jii, i,. lt ilc "'-y oirkluls today siiliK 1 '.is co:::i- Gnn- l )li! >' tonmrnnv. .niiih butted in the only Yank run. i Tim Philadelphia Athletics dc- Ifccitcd the Boston Red Sox 7 lo (i -rt u nit ,, - -I J ,^ , ' ^n." !m «- •Jcre fin-in near lien;. The four daughter:;, >, u ,..., Georgia, Marclnc and nrclch<<n.l Tilt curve other end. of Jimmy Donahue's rod tells llie story of the struggles the ptke Is putting up at the lx)wer right Is n vies,' of Little Lake VemUifiori looking out from the camp's boat dock. SLIDES V&U. BRHUCHEK. .FOLLOW THE UNE OF FLIGHT '---.- TO PREVENT SLICE " '.Falling back, looking up, or turning, the body: loo quickly will cause the ball to be hit to the il«ht. These faults cause the club- head to cut across the line of flight: ' vTo overcome these faults, brace Vauth Will He Served Several of the boys of Hie diamond whose names used to llasii In the headlines regularly inc- scheduled lo do n graceful fadeout soon. In their places you'll find Impetuous yontlis. cin'rutlic, flighty, but on their way to stardom. Joe Cronln's pennant-bound trew has one little fellow who's >>n Die *uy mil, destined to be replaced by 11 kid «ho made good In Ills first trip up the ladder. The oldster—Ivj's not so old in years —Is Ossle iilucgf, and Ihe; young:ter is Cecil Travis, the kid the Senators brought, up In a hurry from Chattanooga this year. x Ossic has made a fine little third sucker lor the Senators.' His piny has been sterling, yet not sensational, mid he has" slowly .'.lipped until lie must hand over his hot corner to one of springier ileps,, When Ossie was laid up early in the season, Travis cnme a-nin- nlii' to lake his place. His lirst day at bat lie live blnt'lps nnd won himself Ihe Job ^f successor to Ossle. EiIt Mri Ciiombs The Vunks have n similar situation, with the bearded Enrle Coombs ready for a ladeout. Eurle has bacn a bludgeoning employe of the Kuppert crowd for a nutn- ocr of years, and his services-have been valued. But Old Father Time, not too kind to all players, has made his demands, and a youngster named Dixie Walker, •on of old Dixie Walker, has made his bid for Ihe Job. McCarthy has been playing Walker out In the field quite a bit here lately nnd. outside of. a weakness In the. nclil, the tld has all the makings of a star. The case of Travis Jackson and Blondy Ryan is along the same line. Jackson, one of' the gieatesl shortstops to ever grave a Giant uniform, has age uf the knee. Thai floating mc'iibcr. which has to be drained ct Intervals, has unquestionably . short - ened his career. The gent to step into his shoes this year was young Blondy Ryan. The righting youngster is everything Jackson was at his best, a'^d his peppery play Is what has in- tpired Ihe Giants lo kuguc-leiiS ing heights. Can't Last Forever Mickey Cochrane has been scheduled for Ihe boncyard ever iince Ihe Cards won that world series from the Athletics. In his prime one of the greatest catchers who ever lived, the Mick Isn't far from the shelving point. Connie Mack has secured a youngster in Eddie Majcski. who will don the wind pad PEBBLES, H Chicks Defeat Lookouts at Griffin Wins 17th; Barons Nose Out Crax. The Nashville Vols, running third In the Southern league chase, defeated the seventh place Little Rock Travelers 8 to 4 at Nashville yesterday. The Vols got off lo an early [arl. scoring six runs in the first (wo innings and were never headed. The Vols blasted out 14 hits to 11 for the Rocks. Brlllheart was the winning nnd Wrobel the losing pitcher. The Memphis Chicks beat (he f.ookoirtV;. 10 to 3 ui Chattanooga How They Stand SoBtben Knoxville 26* New Orleans :... 24 Nashville ...;........ 20 Memphis ..-. 21 Chattanooga 21 Birmingham 19 Little Rock •. 20 Atlanta KJ W. L. Pet in; Philadelphia. The A's got to knew little about farm wo'k -tlcn lliree Boston Hurlcrs for II hUs'lhelr falher dial ihri-c y.-n-.-, -,"u | while the-Red Sox collected 14 off I but. as It WM a buyk-" ruuii'v i Grove but. failed to bunch them. Iho four donned ovc-rulls'iind' uvm Jimmy Foxx of Ihe AM goi his 32nd I (o woik. homer of Ihe season. I Thou i , , r) . r^, ' . Tne y have iear:i(-cl to do siie- L frl , 1 « 1Do<lg *!;sf co ™d the lone run Uessfully all of th.: farm dm:-.? of their contest with the Giants usually ijerfonnod bv in-n 'cml il»featured by a hurling duel between farm 1 ^ b"en ro i ibl't. ei i- ^"^fS's*^™™ to***.?* ^ y»rs! u ™ ;;"• - •"' ;, ! Cauclill ail,--;! (u lii:- chili ! two jojllilul sur.-. Mill a-:- oil I W. A. A*t'!!i'k. iJulj uiiiua '_(•:•, juid Vmli - ll "' l" lt)11c ' li: "' Ll ' 1 '" ilui:i(l l " " lullow. tin- p!:m-ls mill 111:11 l!3 . A sjlC-cinl l':i!i s i uminiU;-.- \vi!l It- a;:roiiiU'ii lulav tu uuipiu- Hit- v.ritw comp.iiiy. , : hullti! I;*; f;!-. 1 :!:!! v..'il n.s bclti'VCs ioivlx''lii :!:!!!!^ to Ihr- eur LI.S jrmin;; u pmclical Schumacher of the Giants. The .. winning run was scored when .63* Hutcheson singled, Taylor run- .571 ning for him. Leslie followed with .513 i sinijle and Cncclnello was pass- .512 ed. filling the bases. Taylor was •""" might off base but Mancuso, Gi- .417 National ,«2 ant catcher, dropped the ball nnd i „ .465 Taylor scored. Benge limited the owl ' tt " s n »d u-ach in .381 Giants to three hits, two of them by Schumacher. - The Chicago Cubs defeated the wnchinoi/. ' ,.« Pct ' stl Louis Cardlr ">ls and Dizzy Dean Washington 65 38 .<m 4 to 'i at Chlcaen v^l^rrt^ TH« New York Philadelphia Cleveland •' Chicago . St. Louis .C31 .612 .510 ''.Irt .402 .446 .382 American New York ......... Pittsburgh ........... 59 Chica . ,-„ with Pon Griffin, Chick south-- c, "l.iU.1,.,. .... l*l n iniv. ..I-L ____ * 31 - chalking up his nth victory. " '" ' contributed lo ' Chicks victory with five errors. The Memphlaiis on the other hand |ier- former three double plays. Barfoot was the losing pitcher. Reese of the Chicks hit for the circuit. Thr Birmingham Baron* scored a ninth Inning run to trounce tlw Atlanta Crackers S to 4 at Bir- mighuin. The score was deadlocked ' oin Ihe first Inning, when ench team scored four runs, mull the ninth when the deciding run was counted. White was • the winning pitcher and. Moore the loser. The Knoxville .niokles and New Orleans Pel jeans.. were Idle. Today's Garnet Soattehi i«rw Memphis at' Chattanooga. Atlanta at. Birmingham. Little Rock -at .Nashville. • New Orleans' tvt Knoxville. Brooklyn 42 ".inclnnatl — 44 Mickey folds up Then there's for Pie Traynor N.H.B.I tC*KM Cleveland .'at^ Detroit. Washington ut New York. Boston at, Philadelphia. Only games. • American T,tac St. Louis at Chicago. Fhilndelphlaat Boston. Only games. ©MCA ten Me «ad foUow through the tatexlcd line of fu*it. The tevect ,w»y to swir« Idto ibbt, 'Meecdfew .to . M iM , to the ' tl>e Billy Brutal ker . ... in the Pirates' L-nmp. Van Atta for Herb Prnnockl Sown Yankee way. "Bad New<T Hale for Bill cissell in the In- Ul.ins' lent and Jimmy Jordan for Glen Wright In the' Dodgers' Youth will be served. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Tommy Bridges/-Detroit hurler. beat the Senators five limes In a row last year and has three out of four decisions over them so far this year.... Six sons and one daughter ot former Hambletonlan winners will hop to it during the running of that J50.000 classic at Goshen, N. Y., Aug. 10....Tho Cards have bought eight players from the Nebraska State League—the long dry spell doesn't seem to have affected the St. Louts farms Northwestern's line was riddled by •jraduatlon-..,.out of those s.;v- en men in' that staunch lor- .MTd_wall.last.year only three are b»ck....Al Kawall, guard, BUI Rlley, tackle and Ed Manske, end....but Bill Rlley is three men In or.e, Made f ram Tree Ripened California Onuign TO YOUR HOMR '•; Before Breakfast '•'.• Every Morning !4 Pinto '. 5c Pints-. 8c Quart* ISc At All Stores and Restaurant? Bennett's Dairy PrHHif 74 .519 .SID .431 .412 .411 Read Owirt»r news Want Ads. W. L. Pet 61 42 .592 46 .502 47 51 51 '58 CO 63 58 55 Coolest Spot In Town! last Tim* Today MAT.— 10-25* yNFFfoi-l6-30o "" ''''•" ' ' "' : ' CLIVE BROOK GEORGE RAFT AlUonSkipwerth HELEN VINSON I'nramount News "Trying Out Torchy' With Rav Cook '' Thursday & Friday MAT.—10-25c N1TE—lO-ri She could get any man she ever ihey will have good ctojis of corn. let c-iijlic scy beans and liay. . Hi 1 1m iviiiii-n from Stt p it/:*r- IMK! linn l:i, h;js innchase-d a sei cowbells for his . hunch. Tri: boils, fn addition to ciiltivfiiln" tlieir sil ' l ' s !nl1 " 3 lo !•'•• all diiferunt fields, Ihe girls milk vighi cows.!'™ 1 ' 101 '- lm< dilfrrenl loni'.s which feed, many hogs and raise inuclijl! ut a msiuul elfcel as UK tows During clip u-inter ihe[l- raK ' thioiish piiMiirc ur wriuds. to 2 at Chicago yesterday. The victory was particularly sivcct to ill,' Cubs because Dean fan- ,nn ncd 17 Bruins in establishing a|Eylar, who divides n major league record only a few Hvecn nmninij a bi" two older daughter:, overalls and tea country schools. iiiHg up their I e i i Tourist in Switzerland Buys Musical Cowbells l!:iin l':lll, Il:ilf Im-li :tn lluul SIIRKVEI'OltT. La. (Uf) -- A ii'cord M-;I.S bioki-n lien- immly '.-.'lien -JO inclic-.s <i[ rriin (oil bu- i-.ui?n Satuulay iijnrnins :uul MOII- uay momma, avuajiti.; ; i]ino::t CM-hull iiii-h ;,n hour. Tlicjuuli co liait worked Ills way" up to success aa advertising :iiaii- UKCI- of a nation-Li lulnt concern J. 1'aul Faruday, 25. must clear • up old charges still standing BK.iiust him in Olilo before lio - can resume Ills career. Farauuy )i sliowii above after lie was nr- resteil iu Chicago wlien It was -leained that at 19 lio had us- •caiwd from an Obio reformaldry : oftor sentenw for stealing typewriters. West Coast Gets First Legal Wine Shipment HIAWATHA. Kails; ago. Dean struck here and o". UVMII onum uuc- iivu.ii'jur nere and yc.'terday but the Cubs hit whenlioiw as rB-jreseriti >UPj—Mat! I"'- ,. •ri-d iii iu:;i - , l:ilk:I in ti mint explosion eel fo:- n type- Conn inc. SAN FRANCISCO 1UPJ—First champagne legally shipped into (lie United . Slates .since 13111, TiOCO bottle-:; strong, anivnl in licit u board tl'.o liner Hun >:i- ;unio fiom Havre. The '.vine was impm-trd under j il:e medicinal liintor lift and soon | v-ill IIL- obtainable :n drug stores— [ .*;[li [lie aid <A a prescription wit.' ois-uti r; in addition. 2,400 bottles of wlK-n 103!) mc-n I Sautc-mi', Grave, Pommard. Clm- bns. Ponlet Ciinct and Barsnc CHEVROLET by the widest margin in its history *S<=!«) on Ihg li«( retail r.^ifrofen flgvt.i Irom R. L Polk & (ofl sJa)« (of f« full mortta). Since Jorejary Oil s sold w cxcca of 370,000 poiienger CMS end Irucki. •| People have cxxne to erpect Chevrolet to ^ lead the world in automobile sales. But this year Chevrolet has done even more than that. According to the latest available figures, Chevrolet alone has told almost as many cars this year as all the rest of the' low-price field combined I economy vibration Cushion-Balanced to blot out full of snap and vigor— altogether (Not JO JO/l!) NCLMcCIU' J»h» HlllUoy '•rl Ktlton Sonvtl . A *,i Onnfn prW^iw-t. M £ Jt M N C When a car looms above its field like that, there can't be any .argument about it. It must be an all-round better'buy. And that's,exactly what Chevrolet offers you. Fisher bodies, with the new ventilation system and the strongest and quietot body construction of the day- solid tted over a sturdy hardwood frame. * A valve-in-h**d tit engine, unapproaclied for •StMl aloft* It r.o the most efficient engine in the low-price field. Then there's Syncro-Mesh with Silent Second, the Startcrator, Simplified Free Wheeling, the Octane Selector, long, parallel-mounted springs- more advancements than we have space tu describe. And Chevrolet prices are as low as $445. Don't guess—buy from the leader. Get a car that lias been proved sound and dependable by more owners than any other automobile you can buy. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICH. iloliytrcd pricei tnj e*, r G. Af. 4. c. J c r. 7CHEVROLEO A OINflAl MOTOKI VALUE •€«ftoon "Broadway Melody"' Clark & McCullou&h Comedy SHOUSE-LITTLF. CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, A rk.

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