The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 16, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLV—NO. 20 Bogota Liberals Want Perez to Office Blythcville Courier Blythevillo Daily Newi Mississippi Vnllev Leader Blytlieville Herald nit! DOMINANT NKWSI'AI'KU OF NORTHKAST AKKAN8A8 AND SOUTHUAB'l MISSOURI B1,YTHK\'IJ,LK, AKKANSAS. KKIDAV, AL'Rll- Ifl, 1948 TWKUVK PACKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* General Strike Ends But Political Pot Continues to Boil Property Owners Warned to Assess Before April 20 Mississippi G'onntian.s today had Ehrte days left in which to, voluntarily real and personal property, including farm lands. According to state law, property by ihe Missco Crops Linked With Freedom in U.S. By Vice President of National Farm Bureau "\Ve will have freedom in this country so \a\\g as yon. us farmers, tan furnish »n »<lc- (]iiate food supply," K. K. Short of Brinklcy, nresirienl of tlie ArkmiSHs Kami Hnrenu »m1 vice-president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, told n|>proximntely 120 members of the Mi.ssis.sipp! County Kami Bureau last night. K *\ f C0llnl> '; wide mectl »* of K »»» Bl "' e « 11 » iemb '"'» at ll " court ho , 1M here. urged larmors to "tfet behind your organization so that farmers of America rwV ,, ur - by the counly assessor. Voluntary a.ssps.imciu.s are made at the office of County BOGOTA. April 111. (UP) — Bogo- Doyle Henderson in ihe Court U workers ended heir week-long House here and al the office >f general strike tod.ij. but the un-1 Deputy Assessor Herbert T. Ship- burled corpse of the assassinated I pen in the Court House in Oscco- Jorgp. Eliecer Gailan blocked the ] la- attempts to restore political tran- quillty. 'ilie widow of Gaitan and a group of Liberal Patty leaders were I holding out for the resirrnalion of j President Mariano Ospinn Percy..! Their refusal to bnr v laitan until: .p HresitlenL resigned brought a i adlock. Tlie shooting appeared lo be over, although another man was killed last night by a sniper three blocks from ihe American embassy. The workers slartcd back to their jobs after the general .strike was called off. But the streets »-ere piled high with rubble, garbage and filth, and no sign was seen of any immediate big scale or' ganization for cleaning up. deadline, set as Tuesday here, tax- j propei ty must, be a.sscs.stvt nave a stronger voice in government." Dell Scott Victim Of Heart Attack Blytheville Merchanr Stricken En Route In Auto to His Home Public workers did start shoveling out tons of rubble on Scptima Street, the worst devastated in the entire city. Ncv.swapes's said stores would begin reopening— that is, those which were not destroyed. Banks had reopened for limited service. But until Gaitan was accorded the promised state funeral, the coalition government drafted after the revolution was in a precarious position. A major part of the capito'/o. the meeting place of the Intcr-Amer- Ican Conference, was ready for use. But the -government appeared hesitant about bringing the visiting delegates back downtown until the Gaitan IKSMP was settled. Instead liif conference went on « a fashion In the suburbs. The _S|l]egate.s. In view of what, had SjCippencd here, were going through Dolphin Robert (Dell) Scoli, owner of Dell Scott Refrigeration Service, !2il West Main, was town,I dead of a heart attack in his car at Dell last niglu by members of the .shc.'iff's office who were investigating a minor accident in which lie was involved. Services for Mr. Scott will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Haley and Hoth Funeral Home chapel in Little. Rock by the Rev. Kenneth I;. Spore, pa.stor of the Wln- lield Methodist Chinch there. Burial will be in Oaklnwn Cemetery at Latle Rock. Mr. Scot!, who was 40. wa.s a native of UU!e Rock and ago. "Unless we lake care of our busi-4> ness, unless yon organize In your community. American farmers can- lot Iw independent of governinenl controls «nd have something tn say about government policies,' 1 he add'- pd, "Through ihe Farm Bureau you am have this voice." Farm Program Discussed Mr. Short pointed out Unit the American Farm Bureau al present represents more lhan nO per cent of the farmers In America. He told the group of the recommendations that, the national organisation h»d made lo Congress relative to ihe long term rigncitliure plan and pointed out that only through strength in the various community 01 f-aniy.ations can ihe national Farm Bureau leaders "carry the proper weight." Mr. Short spoke briefly on the Paris meeting of international agrl- culture organizations which lie will \ world needs lor colton during the attend later this month, telling the next [our years have been Increased iroup of the studies nnd hearings ; by 10.000.000 bales and added "whrrr o be held at the meeting. ; else could II come from than the He discussed with Ihe Farm Bu- rich cotton producing areas o( the reiiu members ttie present European j D^Ha?" fond crisis. einpluuMnK the urgency j P , CC edi,,g Mr. Short's address W of (lie European Recovery Plan. »nd F . Wl . i((lll of Ul|1( , Hock Nm . |U ' eas| us direct importance to cotton Arkansas dlreclo, fo r II le Southern aimers-There is ,,o area In the PR ,,,, BllrMU ,„.„„.„„„ c * „' " vl ""i l "i'.<. United Stales more dependent on wlml goes on inlematlonally tlimi Mississippi County and Its colton," hc snid (•aimni Be IsohilluuM, "We can't any more live to our- „,„., . ol " llnc l " 11 " aaet *<* .. , thf ' )ll>115 "' ' 'he fnrm or sn iii/.a. ' " '""' lol<l l>f llle compHiiy's rtu: aneial Godfrey While of Osm>la. score. selves now than we could during : lary-treasuier of Ihe county ornnnl- the depression years that followed zaliou, presented ills nuniial rei the first World Wnr." he said. "If-»nd flnanclal statement »t ilu you want peace, then you have tu. meeting. export products . . . You must havej L. O, Nash of Biychevllle. presl- a greaier exchange In services." ' dent of the Ml.islssippi County Pain Mr. Short told the group that the Bureau, presided ovrr the meeting Coal Production AgainUnderWay Many Miners, Idle For Days, Returning To Pits Over Nation Fall Into Tub Of Hot Water Fatal for Child General Assembly Opens Grim Emergeny Session Seeking Peace in Palestine* Arabs Claim Big Victory in Upper Galilee .1KHUSA1.KM, April If,. (U.!*.)—Tlie Arab comnmnd in Palestine wa.s reportnd lo- iii.v jo have aKtii" I'liiinu-d n .lecisivi- vk'lor.\' in tlie bnlllc of Alislmmr Htioiiipk. llio mil coine of which mijrhi ik>li>i'- inine Die control of l!pp A 20-month5-old boy was fatally scalded yesterday afternoon when he fel ilnto a tub of hot water on [he porch of his father's farm home „._,„„,,,,„„,, ., ; between Biirdelle nnd Luxora. PITTSBURGH. April IB. (UP>_| Services [or Troy OriSBS. son of Striking soft coal miners trickled i Allied GrlRgx nf III. 1, Luxora. will moved here about two years I back lo the pits in incira.sinR mini- , bc conducted at '2 p.m. tomorrow In Siicriff William Berryman sa:d this morning that Mr. Scott's car I s 'eel industry .source; had-collided about 9 the Rev. said there j ol tne pj r 'an unrenl performance which had llom P at tht time of the collision p.m. with a ! probably would be no further cut- parked car owned by J. M. Piankurn • backs In steel production However of Dell. Mr. Scott had recently moved from Blytheville to Dell. Ftankum, who wa.s in his all the earmarks javinc gesture. of jusl a face ! notilicrt I Scot.t to officers and asked Mr. 22,000 Homeless MprinfiJ-Ws Riv*r;' Eight'States Affected remain there, the sheriff .aid. Mr. Scott, believed suffering from the effects of a heart, attack, mumbled something to Mr. Frankum and began driving ahead, pushing the other 'MI-. Sheriff Bcrry- man said. The Frankum car was ,-;pushed Scott was stil! »li¥« wh*n h« re«ih- ed the scene. ' ; When Sheriff Berryman and Deputy Sheriff Holland Aikcn arrivert, most steel companies had enough coal to schedule production on a day-to-day basis until stockpiles were built up. the Holt Funeral Home chapel- by Allen D. Stewart, pastor ;l, Methodist Church here. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. onlv I Tllc intanl died at 8 ».m. loday * in lilytheville Hospital. Italy Mobilizes For Big Election 330,000 Men Colled To Preserve Peace Throughout Nation B.T J. Kdwarrt Murray I (Milled Fr«» Hlaff O>m>.i|>i>iiiUnU ROME. April 16. i UPi_pi einter Alclde d« Oasperi 3UO.OOO Mr. GI-IRRS aim Eugene Ramey. the Infant's uncle, told undertakers I lhal Hie child walked backwards . troops, carabinlerl and ixillcr today. puttlnn tliem on an emergency foot- inK for Italy's (ateful elccllon.i beginning .Sunday. He told his forces to remain on emergency call until Una! election returns are known next Wednesday or Thursday. D* Oasperl also ordered some of The H. C- Prick Coke Cn , n U S ' int ° tlie Lnb ° r hoti wn *-«r, which | his top official* lo Ulce up Both mid .lews dispuu-ii reinforcements lo Hie crnciui l«u- (lr ai-on Southeast of Haifa in ll valley o; Ihe Elibliciil AnmiKeiUltvi, Cl.iims mid cmiiiter-clnlms i scuttxl late developments hi wl appeared (lie mast slgnlficnnl te.<i of sirjtigl.h so fur In'llie Pnli'.sll hostilities, Heiiable sources ill Anitimn .si' tht- Arab commander. Paw/.i El Kn- wakjl, had sent a radio mrssa^e K: King Abdullah of Tnins-Jordiu claiming viulory over ilu> .lows. An Amman dispulch Ui J»-rusn- tem stilcl it win the flrsl lime (Inso-called Arab tirmy o( lltwrnllon in Palestine hiul been known to net in touch with AlKlullnh dlrt'clly. Amman said the enmniander claimed Wo Jews were kllletl »nd « qtmnllly ol arms cap- tureo. There were few prisoners, he was riuoted. suggesting the ferocity of the struggle which ha.s raged around Ihe lorllfied Jewish settlement In the. Jexrerl Flat Und onlv lour miles from Mcgifido. the scene of Armageddon. Ahdullnh ami Ismail Safwal Pasha, supreme commander of thj Schoolmasters Elect Nicholson Norfheast Arkansas Group. Holds Final of School Year [ Mr. Scott was dead. Minor damage resulted to both cars. Sherilf Berryman said Mr. Scoll had been under a physician's care for the heart, ailment. He said it appeared to be a clear case of heart .long cho mighty Ohio River which | at ^ cl ; u]mbor Qf 1S wcra al . was pouring a hupe crest down- J tra{ . tcd b thfl accidcnt and lhe ex . | . , stream and endangering lhoii Fa nd.s, cUemcilt( \ vaj5 be]icvcd to havc ^ \MnnM gravaied to Mr. Scott's heart at- *" l ^* ff '"• iack. Mr. ScoLt is .sitrvivcri hy his wife. Mrs. Mildred Scott of Del]; three new rains fell nn«ir Tallahassee, i children, Virginia, Robert, ami Carol, all of DcU; bis mother. Mrs. Steel xuV ^diary, announced that three of its 16 mines reopened today, bringing to five Lhe number of the firm's pits in operation. Elsewhere in the nation, additional mines were reopening nnd U .was .retried that "much better tJ&h^hilf" of the nnLlpiis 400,000 spft cp*l miners were back at work- i1 tydij^jiC 1 'i back-to-work, movement was "attributeri partially fo the fact that the 16th of the momh is the beginning of a new pay period at most mines. Aran wpl ' e reported iifmfcr- hari been placed on the porch by I In the government palare. Vimlnale, ""* *bn\il the Inline nf Die Mrs. Rnmey. \ on plecLlon eve. Tiiey Included in- \ l*fiion. Aryiicthcr tluu ton^h, Mrs. Raniey, wlio had been wash- | lerior Minister Mario Sceloa, who' ing clothes, had placed the tub ^on ; controls the .security foices ' Ran- the porch preparatory to emptying , riolfo Plcclardl; vice premier In it,, they .said. The Infant's mother | charge of public order, nn<l i num- died shortly alter his birth. | b*r of top police and troop com- in additioji to his (ather, the menders. infant is survived by two -brothers. All official government orders Billy Joe and Ronnie L^e .Griggs. I riming the elections will originate Hy Tlnlirrt Press Flooding.rivers and streams rushed toward high crests today and Icli 22,000 persons homeless in eight states- The most critic-ill situation was of homes in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and In- ' diana. I The Swnnen. made famoijs by Stephen Fosters song, went higher lit \ Virginia, 11 was reported ! that most miners wanted to work i but many could not. because of ' flood conditions tn the Ohio Valley. Caruthersville Hundreds were driven from their homes in Minnesota and North Dakota as the Red River reached its highest, level in 51 years, The rise « r>pe;u'ed to he slackening toriay. he Red River reached Us highest crcot since 1B97 at Gvank Forks and flooded ba.scmcnl.fc at Alvoido. Minn. Wheeling. W. Va., was hit hard-, est. with 10.000 of the city's residents forced to take shelter in schools anH with friends. Most of the persons rendered homeless Uvcd on Wiieel- Ing Island. Only 40 per cent of the island's 10,000 residents stayed in their homes today. The Ohio crested at 44,3 feel. 8.3 feet over flood Ma no, ^t, Wheeling last night Water rushed over all blocks of the business district. Tilda Goridard of Little Rock; his father, Elbert Lee Scou of Tallahassee, f'la.; and two brothers, El- nert Lee Scott Ji. and Lee Scott, both of Tallahassee. Greek Troops Launch Drive Against Guerrillas For Judgeship CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. April 16.—James M Reeves, Democrat, immediate start on attorney of Cimithcr.sville, and force. Judge Randolph, Weber, Republican, circuit judge of Poplar Bluff, Mo.,' refused to express his own views on are among those being mentioned | the 53,198,100,000 air power bill. But at Vlmlnnle', The prpmler told othe$0tilni.sfers, inforcemeni the v ,shpuld spend all, their lime in Rome beginning Saturday, ex- ciopL for visits to their home riis- to vote. He explained thai tnert force would fniei (he Palestine conflict has bcci\ a key Lt- sue in the situation. A.'ab source.i said their report. 1 ; IndlCHted that l.CflO Hngannh Lroop,s. equipped with artnoicd cav* nnd Rrtillety, had. Joined the bm- lle. The A rub radio .said Un JI;WK s srrlvrd. since the re- he wanteri to have A quorum pres- | en( in the capital for emerRency i aciton at any lime during lhe cril- ical election period. ('ommunlsi Move% Watchtrf The5e imprecedented precnullonjs were tnken against any ;wssible Comnmnist coup.' forty-eight hours before Italian* .start flocking Lo the polls, the Communist Front charged that Lhe moderate D« Gas per I government had .secretly joined R military alliance of WcMern Kuro- pean notions. Italy WAS .swinging imo the windup of its fiercest political campaign | with Communists thundering their [iispfiiches quoting I Al Ahiam .said strong re- IA of Syrians, auoompu- Syrihn war plants, also nieii by joined the liphlin^ In Ihe Mi,shm»r HimmeV Sou t lien st t! Hacmek, wlicre the battte has rnn- ert for nearly two week. 1 !. Senate Considers Air Force Needs Appropriotion Bill Gets Quick Approval Of House Members Br Fred Mullen Ufniled Press Staff Corrr.sponrlenl) WASHINGTON. April 16. lUP' — Thp Senate Approprinttons Committee today pledged parl.v aciion R House-approved biU to permit. 70-group air 'chairman Styles Bridges. R. N. H.. "'"'-American theme., In rapid fire j c<,,",Mntnnl.s"di.Vini'»"nn'nns." TL-X- A'. 13. Nu-hol.son. fiii|K of Klylhcvllli! public .scl elecletl prc.ildnnt nf Ihe Arkansas S:tioolnlnsters Glllh at the ! club's fttial mcelirig of Die year In Agency Faces Dilemma in : Holy Lands UNITKI) NATIONS HAL!,; FLUSHING, N. V., April 16. (U.K)—The United Nations (ienontl Assembly opened i, jri'ini .emergency', nineting c / t the I'jtlcHline dilemma lotlay witit it direct appeal to Arabs nnd Jews to end their grow- iiiK warfare in the Holy Land'. Diplomat* of the 57. United Nations bewail a race against Ihe cal- I'nilar iu head off a lull-scale war In Palestine. Cnrlos NUmix of Bra/ll inaugural^ cd the finhgency meeting with » (en-em appeal lo Ihe peoples ot Pulrsliiie to agree on "the total sus- jMMislon of hosllllties" so "Ihe'UN can wort uul * new government tor tlie Holy l.aud. . Even 11.1 the twspeclacled Bruzilia,ij diplomat spoke lo the gloomy jmtli- crliiK of UN delegates, however, Hulled Press Correspondent. Eliar Simon reported li-om Jerllulem th»j Arnbs and Jews now were locked' In Ihe lilooclli-st nf their many bottled for control of the Holy l>and, * Munk warned lhat » l|«lt In thi condition tor the 5Aicc'«fa" of ;th« Ptilesllne lighting wa.s "ttie (iris UN's fresh attempt to decide thi future Rovertiment of Palestine and he admitted that "the picture could hardly he more somber." ; Mnniz, who opened the Asnembly'i second emergency meeting a « rep^ k .j . resenlatlve of tlie last president, 1 J". '" el;l | Oswaldo Aranha of Brnzll Mid the Wfls united Nations organization alr«*dy I had undergone "rude shocks" to its Jonc.siioro nfRht. Mr. Nicholson, ivhoncrvnd an vlcii- lU'OKldenl, !>l nil! flub during Hie past yenr. will sneered Lloyd L. Oo[f, /'^hools ut, atantord, vlce-pvertidciit lo succeed ME'. Nicholson- ivnd ' K. W. Ullle, of Piunnmilrt. school .supervisor for Greene ConrUy, sccu- laj-y-ireM.-iincj to succeed H. W. Hollarri. pi inclpal of Joiic.sbora HlHli School. . Following last nlghl'.s meeting llie club adjourned tor the remainder of (he present school year nnd votrcl lo lioid it.s next meeting at Dyws prestige. It can not afford mori shocks, he ns-serled. * The 5T countries of th« UN h»ij only 'J8 days lo »f?re« on a new goV^ , eminent for Palestine and. put, it Into working shape befi I Britain ends her Holy I> j dale Mfiy IS. .' just before dawn..The greater tb« of our Ideals, the nr**ter must be our effort* to jiirniouni them." v The big powers »nd meet small countries planned to elect T. F. TsianK of China «3 president for Llie special session. Trie duj'l ,prp- Krtim was devoted completely to election of the 14 H!uembly officer* Culeb WnLson, provident of the loiHMboro School Bonrd, and Elton nili!jsi)]i. jiinnai-er o( JoncslHjr<i hninbtii' (il Coniintri L'o. were peiikers nt the niecthiK. orde Led 2 Blytheville Teachers Win D . _ c -ILJ Koad Commission Special Honor Raits Secondary Projects in Stare Blythcville ritiiciiturs will btl by Communist to fill the vacancy created by the. recent, death of Judge J nines P. Missco Spelling Champion Vies With Mid-South's Best in Memphis Tonight Bobby Williams. Dyrw .student. and rhatnpion speller of Mi.spi.^ip- pi County will represent the county in the Mid-South Spelling Bee in Memphis tonight, in the Spoiling Bee sponsored by the Memphis PrcM Scimitar. Tlie "Big Bee" will be in thr Tech Hish School at 7:30 and will ] be broadcast over WMc. | Students who have won county i championships will compete an:1 ! the winner will be given a trip tn t Washington, D. C.. and other awards will go to .second and ihinl place winners. Student competitors for the Mid- South Spelling Bee were taken for a r of Memphis this atternoou. c buses were chartered for the our. At 5:45 the spelters will :ic Uke :ito Hotel Poabody for Ihe Spellinc Bcc Banquet, and Llin rays' paramount, feature, l.he spelling contest iUscir, will begin .shorily thc-ieafter. ATHENS. April 16. fUP>— troops have opened considerable significance ngainst the guerrillas in several sectors of East and Central Greece. Athens news- 'An Athens dispatch to the Exchange Telepraph -said the offensive in Centra! and Eastern Greece vns oti a biRC .scale. H kuotert a reliable source as saying three divisions were taking part.* Significance was attached to the, operations, the newspapers said, be- j cause they were planned by field Court of Appeals. i UnriPr the Missouri constitution P^ ' the vjvcfvncy is filled by appointment, operations of nl rtth « governor, after the Mteonri Judicial Commission makes recommendations to him. The coin mission is rcn'iired to submit a list of three names to the governor from which he will make the appointment. This Court serves 44 counties In southern Missouri. There n re two other such courts In Missouri one i» Kansas City and one hi St. LOUIS, and both judges holding posts are Republicans. Mr. Reeves is a member of the he said his committee would give ex p ressc ^ cori/ide it "special treatment" witli hear- r j Pr tArat* wnuin' n.« Jngclc of the Spring- . , llgs siarUng lhe rr | ridle „, ncxt commun'sl week. h« j as. City School VVork.shnp brpinnin^ [""''l-Jline 2 it w^s iinrinujicft! tntlnj' by "' " nf vote xtrnlght Blythaville schools. I.ITI'LE riOCK, Ark.. April 16.— (UP>—Tlie Stnle Hlnliwiiy Coin- mi.'i.slon tbflny cancelled program- nicd jiPcondnry ronri projpcl.s In Ar- knnsn.s lotnlfn^ ncnrl v $] .000.000 to They are Mrs A. B. Full-field, one ToRliatU. .speaking In Naples I of Bl.vthevillc's first sraric .school tnect lljt obligations i President Tniinnns op- charRed Italy already hi\s become j teachers. Jnd Miss Winnie Virsil jinlRC-s of the slnte. '"""" > " "*" d " • - ~ -•-. ..- • t\mc. position to lannclnnB R 70-moup Air an "American Colony." Hs re,x-Bied j Turner, eir-i.ienlarv school super- Force program at this time, llie Rc i a ] y n, nt although United States ' visor f«' p the Hlylhrvillo district. House -approved its s:? sir power buslrie.s«inen were using Italy as I THey will instruct Oallns tcnuh- 16 Nations Sign Recovery'Guide' Britain and Franc* With PUdg« Of Full Co-operation Hi .lo«c|ih W. t<rl(r l.'nilrd t'rrsn iiUff Cnrrfspondtni i PARIS. April 16. (UPl—Sixteen j nations nlllec] tlieni.selve.s today In a i bloc under the European recovery i quarters, and named Robert Mar' jorln. yonthtiil French economic ex- bill yesterday by a vote of 343 to 3. -, reserve and field of exploitation Just before the final vole it tacked without let or hindrance." United S82-2.OOfl.nnO on the rmal Air Force fllone The House was clearly unimpressed by Mr. Tnmiarrs argument, thai defense needs at this time could . be met by bringing the p] esent 55 group Air Force up lo full strength. durini; Ihc \vorkshn]>. which w. . session until July 13. for the states Rates were tlRhlly shut tot Mrs. Patrfielri will »e a roiisnllant Kalian immiRrants. .in the field of primary education He said Italian Industry was be- r.nd readme, and Miss Turner will ins mined and workers tlirown 0111 I be a conM.llnnt in Hrlds of .snper- of worX by an influx of American '• vision and child growlli and de- products lo (he Italian market. I velonment. Ijist night TORllattl tolrt , Naples I Appioximalcl,- Mfl Dallas tench- Man voice) lo tos.s dtrccllv imT'lhc I |1C ''V V)CM1I1n " ellt K«reUry Kenernl. of the 1B^ Iccishititrp thi- ! iuul-Coinnuinlst all1nnc« ot ** " "' ^ rope was fonnded on aid Jnitcd States under the fmln - , i Marslinll plan. It, came Into being af . | '"rmnlly whfn rcpre.scnUllvcs of the ' IR <io\mir\es signed R convention Kfs ! la\\- of \Va]-d iV Ree\ - es in Grcekrhicfof stacniid by Ll. Gcn.| CanithMSvllle . ycstrrriay he sta t- f „ , Jamrs Van Fleet, chief of the Amor-, pd thal 1)R hari hcni Contacted IllU "trenglli ^ou\d iran Military Mission, and wore , by 5r vrval friends, but, that. as yet P^nw in all AnnyS| llf , har i nia ^R no definite decision in the matter. Such a force, including air reserve mn.s.«; meeting Mint the American iuiti National Guard planes and wanted atomic h^se.s in Sicily 'or j ^'j^i plunes in siora&e, would totnl about "launching the w»r RHflinst the 31.493 planes. The 10-group force at free pcnplfi.s nf Euroiic" while "Rus- Vll i| „„, licii);ite p which will be n Ihc work- condncled in total 20.541 ' dirrctrd by tiie chief nf the ! Srcond Corps at Lniissa. New York Corfon! Ru '' n9 Denied Reyiew Oct. . Dec. . Mar. . oprn . 3Ti3 . TTOS . 3359 . 327.1 . 3264 llisli 3776 37 Ofl 3304 32Sfl 3265 low 3GS6 3614 3278 .1203 318! 1:30 .17113 3633 3300 3229 3ISH NASHVILLE. Tcnn.. April 16 'U.P.'—The Slnte Supreme Court has declined in effect, to review its j ruling nf Feb. 28 thai Tennessee's ID4T anti-closed shop labor law Is constitutional, it. wns announced lo- rinv. As it went to Ihe Scn.ilp Ihc bill earmarked more than two-thirds of the S3.19R.100.000 lotal for the Air Force. It Hlso cmrird Cunds for Naval aviation, aeronautical research and work on guided missiles. sia was army/' dcniobUUing It A enth e Genera/ Motors Closes Plants Due to Coal Strike DETROIT, April Ifi. i OP i—General Motors Corp. announced today lhal II will close all its automobile fabricating plnnts. Irtlins 200.000 workers, by April 53 because ot the cflects of the coal strike. CM said it was running oul of Second-Hand Chair Yields Fortune Year After Purchase, Owner Says Conwoy Woman Heads Arkansas Baptist Union LITTLE ROCK April IS. 'UP' Mrs. F. E. of Conwny was j preparing to lake over froi:l Mrs. J. E. Short of Pine BlufT as president of the Arkansas Baplist Women's Missionary Union. Army Order* 8,000 Troops to Alaska Duty WASHINGTON, April 16. The Army moved today to bolsler il.s defense at Russia's backdoor by ! ordering some 8.000 ground troops ; to Alaska. I Al Ihe same time, il denied recurring reports of Soviet air and sea activity in and around ihe peninsula. It said Ihe newly-ordei rd shift, of combat troops, anU-aUcrprt units and other ground [ovccs To designed oniy to "balance." co-upetalion wt«h Soulhorn Meth- Univrj'.sirv Ihi'i i\ Or. Mai i y A. L.ntlr. -supci inteu- rlcni of Little Rock .-schcxils, will be in charge of ihf workshop. Mr. Niclioi.soti said this nionniu that he frit il was" an honor to hmv* '.he two Blythoville edi!rRloi5 cha^- liifi of tlie 13-Jfl Ipci-sltUure thi: ' problem of;^ nil ncldlLlonnl I S8.0f(.000 anmmlly in highu \\y rev- ] enne. The rruicollationj; \verc nmdc lor Chief Hifthwfiv PIiiRincer A, E, . , , „ Joh,.w)] 5 S f»l.l the stale hflri .stemied [ which wil1 servc a ' s H 8 |lldc lo Elir °in on federal fund* promised to the counties under llie belief thtvt the ' imitiey would not be used, thnt t in HI, liow^vcr. 1 John sou s^id the roiintirju iuive Inriieated a will- In^nrss to match 1hc S^.Ofltl.OOO in po.'i Mm funds fvllonUed, by the rn to insnixl Inr nrul ihrit il rrrlrcied scbool s\-.>tcnl hrre. D.i]la.s tcnchers credit on the Anti-Drinker Drinks 1X35 ANGELES, April 1(5. (UP) — LeLnnd Nt. Wonds, Al. head of a chain of alcoholic cure inMiluiion.s, was Aiunl lor divorce todny on giouiKiS he slunys was drunk. Soviet Espionage Charge Discloses •Isolation of Americans in Moscow ea.-ily ns it came. He said he I.iltle Rock was elected nrsi vice MILWAUKEE. April Ifi <UPi - Kdu-ani Donplierty. 43 lold police only had Sill left yesterday when president, today (lint ho made a pretty eood police arrested him and another inveMmctil when he bought a sec- man on a morals charpe involvlnR ond hand chatr for $5.7f about 15 , a 16-yenr-o!d Rirl. months ago. | However, deputy sheiiffs found He said it paid ofl at 5.565 to 1 j S50 ° ln one of fonr safety deposit The election was held duriiiB the ' u. S. .strength there, final session of the union's annual] The Army said Ihe forthcoming mccling here. Mrs. J. C. Fuller of Weather niovni;ent, Is int(Midori to "bftlnnrc" U. S. (orrr.s n i i<j i o train grn i in d nnU.«: In cooperation with I lie Afr Fore*. n> Donald J (lon/^lrs ; and during recent months, through (United rrtss Sl;iff t'orrrs^iiiriri\(> no drsire of our own. our contacts . n : d WASHINGTON'. April 16. 'UP»— with Sovirl ci(i7.en.s have been Jim- ^,,^ ' 'Hie Miiull colony of I*H Americnt>s itrd purely ro official reunions and we depend on each other for coin- aiul normal socint v«- penti recovery. Foreign ministers and other top Shire ^U-Ionia Is from the participating nations gathered In the Salon rie la Pai.x o; Hie Qitnl D'Orsay to sign the ' CouveuUoii for European Eco.- nornlc Cooperation." Be line .signing. French Foreign Minister Georges Bldault said: "We address to the government. Congress and people of America an expression of gratitude which cojts us none of our pride and which w worthy of their gesture/' The final session was presided over by British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevln who termed It an "historic occasion. . Bidault told the diplomatic visj- Itor.s that today's signing would be the fust step toward formation of a United Europe. He pledged France to play her full share \n European recovery, "The pact we are signing," h« unique in lhe history of Donghtrey said that after he took the chair home from Ihe, Goodwill Industries. Inc., he becan thinking about hovr he used to find, coins dropped from people's pockets a- tnonj? Ihe furniture cushions when he wns a kid. He poked nrounri in the chair, hr said, and camp, up with $31.000, Arkansas forecast: Fair tonight ! boxes Dougherty had rented. They " n ^ Saturday. Wanner today and . also found lOU'S totaling $4,5CO tonight. I lor loans he made to friends. Minimum this morning—49. j Dougherty did not account (or i Maximum yesterday—69. he spent but r Sunset today—6:33. New York Stocks Stocks in Morrow ha.5 been vh lually cut off in recent mouth* from -All strictly official contact with Rus- tnllons," Smith reported, plan cl( 120115. H was icxcaled today: DIplom&llr oflicials hero also reported ihal- many Russians once , resources and increase our production, lo develop our cooperation In economic, ftrmncinl and monetar.r 'spheres." BEdauLt said participating : nations were moUvated by a "desire to preserve our Independence and lold police he used 512.800 for a | Sunrise tomorrow—ft:3 house, $2,200 for A car, $1,200 for af Precipitation, 24 hours to 7 a.m. truck, $.1,500 for furniture, and *l,- l - today—none. SOO to remodel another house, ^ j Tnlal since Jan. 1—20.01 His estranged wife, marie. 37*,: Mean temperature (midway be"U look me more (han four houi.s'confirmed his story. She said she tween high and low*—59. pig iron nnd steel supplies result of the coal strike but that to count." he sold. j lefi him two months ago. Then he went back to (he Ciood- f Sheriff George M Hanley said he ., , .. . win sno **rooms to see If there wore'will atlempl ta learn whether Dou- ffs automotive assembly plant* any more of tlv same tyvic chairs i chert V'R Mow of thp Wl ftftfl' U tvue .Id remain in n|*rnifnn "as Inn^ for ,alr. Tl^re u-orcn'l. and. if so who put th. money ?„ the Dougherty aaid the money went!chair. as available material permits." . Normal mean for Ap)ll--61. '} This [>^tf I.H.S< »ar ! Minimun; this rnomina -54. Maximum y<*i*i M riny T^, PiTcipitfl lion, .Inn. I In i his 11,23. 2 p.m Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Bclh Sled Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central Int. Harvester Norih Am Aviation Radio Socony Vacuum Studeb.ikei Standard of N .1 ... Texas Corp PAfkarri U S Steel 58 1-8 37 1-2 Later loday the European CoimcU created by the 16 nations will meet • iu closed session. Masitloff lo I.eavr Sunday MOSCOW. April 16. <UP<— ROb- piniiln.vFd HF translator and rlerk* crt Maslrtoff. National BroAdra.ilitig o »r free in Die embn.vsy hnvr Company corrrspfmdpui. nccusod by drifted away without f xplfttiniion. : thp .Sovicts of o.spionnge arlh'iiy. And Ru.vt:iii!i fornu-rly friendly applied lortay lor pa-^asc in BIT- ftilh Amcrk-an.s !t] Mo.^c'ou' hi*\'C lit] on a Koviel plane Stinday nioni- .15 3-* become aloof, ft \vn* snid. nppart»nt-j ing. 60 Iv \mdpr ollictal orriev*. j Mngldoff s.dd lils company lieart- 3A 7-8 Officials here said tlie Ivcnd wns quarters liad ordered htm lo reliirn SS 7-8 delected nearly a year aso when; to the United States Immediately. gro - wils " ne ° **° *'^ CO " U| ln SS 1-2 strin.«enl Soviet security resiilatiotis i A previous plan fov him to tstnb- Mo'ilclpo! Court this morning when IS 1-4 were put into effect. Rut. they said.! llsh Biiropran television hearttiiwr- he ple«rle<l g\illty lo » ch*rge ot Drunken Driver Fined Arlhur Sttres, Dj«w. Miss. 91 1-S llie eoolnc.v h«.s increased In the | tcrs tn Berlin WRS abandoned. 125-8 last six months as lhe lernpn of i Moscow newspaper published 10 Ibe cold war mounted. one-parftRranh notice that the for, 7 - - - .-....., driving white under ot "1 uor , th« In me>sflxe 10 Ihe Stale De- L'O ^-8 r.artn)ent xe.sterday. Anieiican Am- HO hassadi.r Waller Bedell Smitli op- eign ministry had ordered Magldoff lo leave- U. S. Ambassador W. Bedell smith Soybeans ,SS :!-» rnlv arknowledBett (hf channel 1 denied Kovlrt irharpK lllal, MaRidnlf 4 l-'2 F.ovirl atrlliiHe for ihr fir.M time. 1 sent. nnrrn.snred news stones T7 1-1 "There nr« lew Americans hci-c,! ihiotish rlinlotiutlc |K)tich«. July f. open 117 . WO 411 too ' nit

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