The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on August 28, 1885 · Page 5
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 5

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1885
Page 5
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6 TWO COOD WiR TALES. The Escape of One of the Orphan Brigade From Morris Island. The LIvelyAdTente-re ef a Sew Kecrait TTha Was Xietakea Far a Cob-federate Spy. A few evenings fine party of gentlemen war sitting in front of to Alexander Hotel, whan oae of them nluW th following adT-ntur-t of two oldiara of th lata wares Confederate and th etbar a Federal. A CocRlER-JorRSAL nportorwMprtwn and trvm the mental note taken by him resulted tb following narrative: A private soldier of th old Sixth Kan-tacky of tiie Orphan brigade, after escaping the dan gen of all tba battiti ia- wbicU tb coaoncand had beea engages), waa captared in Ttoonao wbii oa a foraging expedition tome lima in tba ia aimer of 18i3. At tba tlaoa of hi. eaptnr a had upon bia parson a twenty-dollar gold eota, of tba custody of which b waa speedily relieved, and bustled away ( th lHorta, whetae a waa eent to Horns Island, ia Charleston harbor, with 2.000 other pneonera, and placad ia a "rstaliatioa" ramp. Ha roaa&inad tbara ' without change of clothing r other- shelter thaa th cauopy of heaven until tbe following February, subsisting oa th most meager an wretched food through th wintar, . which waa unusually sever far that elimat. Ia Fcbruarr, l-4, a Federal emcer mm- peared od the istsnd, mastered the prisoners, and from a roll ia his hand called out tba aame of on hundred, and a their name war called they war required to march a few feat ia frout ef th line. Th aaui of th soldier who adventure ia hara related waa among the first called. All of them thought (bay were to be executed, and were aaacb relieved when informed that they had tha privilege of going to the wharf and unloading vessels, if they preferred sucn labor to their quarters on th island. So monotonous bad been their existence through the winter, so rigidly w wre they guarded, aad so revolting waa the food supplied them, that every man cheerfully accepted the otter, and at one proceeded, under escort of a guard, to the designated point, and. filthy aad ragged aa tboy war, entered upon their la burs. While unloading the Teasels thy fared as sumptuously aa the gaatlamaa who refused bis hospitality to Lazarus. Tha cargoes generally consisted of hospital stores, fuj-ixisxted th Federal armies by u opulent &autary Coanmsaion. They often burst open and devoured the contents of cans containing boned turkey, fruits, vegetables, and other delicacies, and frequently became roariug drunk from imbibing tha fine brandies, wines, and liquors, necks of bottles of wbich they broke with impunity. Except for their rag, and the cousequeut filth, they did aa wail as the circumstances of their situation could possibly admit. Butwbue tbey were faring so well in the satter of "grub," a longing for liberty was harbored in tne breast of ail, aad our iveu-tnckiau conceived a plan for escape which be put id oextcutiuo with happy reeulte. He feigned sickness and wu iant to th hospital, Ue bad a cutaneous aiTectioa iroua tne irritation of which few private soldiers have an mi at unity, and which ia constantly annoying except when theaaiis of the finger ara employed ia "scratching," yclept itcn. His parson waa covared with scabs and aores eouaqunt of tba malady, aad when he appeared before tbe surgeon in eharg of the hospital ha found a dudish old man, scru iiumui cieui iu person ana istudiou in draas, toin aa kaew would not touch hi at tor a bufcbel of money, lo tha inquiries of ' tba surgeon as to the nature of his complaint a responded that be was afflicted witn tee malady vht caused the death of Francis tbe rirn'oi rrauoe, and which Baizoo in ou of hit most popuiar works calls th "Nea politan su'kue s. " Tbe surgeon had ona attribute) of every gooa nisu, a kind and compassionate nature. Ue expressed bis byaupatuy and at once made out hut disc-barge and sent it to tha post headquarter, to be coiMitersigued by the cooi-niaiidmg-ot'ieer. It was returned with the inuorsea-eiil that tiie uncharge be canceled txau ine prisoner sent to tbe wnarf and an in lunation that the surgeon wm a credulous Old toot lor supposing that auy man could live six month circumstanced aa the prisoner had been witn toe malady mentioued in the discharge. Toe professional pride of tne kind old doctor was aroused and h at onca wrote a tart letter to headquarters, saying a vtould uppeai to th Secretary of War and ascertain if his prerogative of surgeon was o ue tisuipwu unaer loot and disre- garueu oj tee laity. 1 be t ost t. omiaandaat was not a favorite of Mr. fctautou. and he lnimdiately cats to wu uu rHu ma prisoner. Through .the kindness of tbe doctor he was supplied with a new federal uniform and given passe on a vessel bound for New York. Upon fau. arrival in taat city he ectered a can maraed &oiaiors' tlome," and was received at that institution ia the anost hospitable manner, il reutereu ia tha name of au acquaintance y ho was a member of the Sixth Kentucky Federal Cavalry, aad for eeveraJ days be continued to enjoy the comforts and delicacies furnished by that intkut.ou, and telling lie innumerable as to ttoW he casta to be in the city. Alter a week's stay in New York he boarded an empty car of a freight train bouud for liid.&Qapoiii, where ha arrived iu safety, though famished with hunger. Uu ready tongue aad candid manner aoon supplied bU palate, and ha made bis way to Jeifersonvilie. wher. as luck would have it be found a recently enlisted company of Federal solders who had just been uniformed, and who wer marching to th river to cross over to th Kaiuocky shor. U "ieii in" and crossed tne stream without beiag challenged, and upon reaching the shor was fortunate enougu to fall out" witnout be-lag uoticed, tiie darkness of th night shielding him. Ue at cue sought Main street, and when be arrived at the Louisville Hotel he met a friend of strong Southern proclivities who took him to his residence and gave him a night's lodging, a suit of citizen's clothing and a liberal supply of money. Early uext morning he left the city on foot aud proceeded to his home in Barren county, where he remained a few days aad tueu started for Dixie. He succeeded in joining his command ia time to participate iu the operations of th campaign which resulted in the surrender Of Atlanta, aad continued with tiie brigade till the final scene at Washington, South Carolina. Ue 4 now engaged in prosperous busiue-s in thia citr Tba Federal soldier had quite a different experience, which wis in the main a follows: Nathan G. Sllnker was a raw country youth in lSbJ, who had never been forty miles from horn. lie was a native of Metcalfe county. Kentucky and ba.ouged to a most loyal taniily,wboe ancestor had doub less surrendered to (-.forge Washington nt Trenton. In the summer of ltsdii you a Blinker went to Ul&tgow to spend th day and see the sights. The Federals had established a post there, guarded by a regutientof blue coals. The young man was waudering through a crowd of people, when two gentlemen standing besiue bus wer arrested charged with being member of Morgan's cavalry. They were J. il. Hinee. of bowl-tog Green, auu James P. Bates, Jr., of Glasgow, both quit young men, who bad at the rak of their lives entered tha town for. the purpose of gaining information that would be beneficial to their coasmaader. They had drawn a complete diagram t tb Federal camp and of th town with all its defeases, and upon their arrest one f them thrust th paper in Shaker's pocket. Several bours alter ward a soldier discovered it aud Sua curiosity became aroused, and, seising tho package which was in the outside pocket of linker's duster, he soon discovered iu uaiare. Blinker was immediately arrested aad seat to Louisville with th ynewswr m tie examined. sotwiU- , tandme the fact that ba vociferously pro lamtet tbat he waa a Union maa aud his wbole familv abolitionists. His atateosenca fell upon deaf ears, and b. with aiany other prioar, citizens, and soldiers, waa hustled off irmu luuuvi!l to Camp Chase. T Coofederates. to humor th jnk, pre tended to rtnicniisv him as a comrade ia th umr. and much fun was bad ia tb camp at bis xone. He was a maa of great goodnature, wbich aoon made bias fvrite with all tua other prisoners. After a few month he was tald that be might join a party of cmren prisoners ana proceed to Indians poll w lie re, if he wi.uld subscribe to the oath of allegiance, he would be discharged. lie tented to do so, bat tiie prisoners told him it was but a K-bcnw to exeat htm for a spy, and persuaded him to permit a Coatedrrate Colonel to ekchaag bertha' with him tha nigut he was to go to Indianapolis aad au swer to his name when th party was mustered for th journey, to which be assented, and tb Colonel mad hi cape, subscribing id name of linker to tb oath of allegiance, bliskir mnsioM is tba Caloaei'a busk sev eral nays, tb prisoners representing tbat tbe "Colonel" was ill. and, after it waa too lata so recapture tbe prisoner who had til as scaped, tb bovs brought Ciiaker forth. The coaimandaat was highly enraged and oecame convinced tbat Slinker bad planned tb escape himself . tie pat that wortny oa cant allowance of bread aad water, and in about two snontha sent him to Vicksharg oa a cartel of exchange, but tba Confederate would nut receive him because his name waa sol boi ue on tneir rolls, and ba waa re turni. 11 was sent to Johnson's Island. near Sandusky, where ha remained for nine months, exceiit wben sent oa cartels of tx rbane, which was frequent, but the Con- t.Hlrrules uivariablv relumed to receive him. Final. y ba waa permitted to take tba oath of allegiance and discharged. 11 at once joined the Filtieth Kentucky Federal regimen:, and risiI an excellent aoldidr. xia lost bis Hearing ia the army, aad is aa appli cant far pension, lie thinks the Government saouid uiMe him aame reparatioja for the naiasnjpa be underwent while in prison. DXA.XH UP 31S.H. LILLX SEVUKIt. A lfted Laey Called t-'reea a lley Heaat Jm:m ibe urainl, Hint, Thedeatb of lira. Lilly Xeuner, wife ef Mr. Alfred A. Neuneraod daughter of Mr. Wm. Knppnupl, occurred on yesterday morning about 6 o'clock. Tho demise of Mrs. leaner is all tb more aa event for great sorrow, as sea was graced with all tha virtues .of tru womanhood. Scarce two years ago she was led to the altar by Mr. 'euner. who to-day stands sorrowing at her bier. The emblems commemorating ice nappy event of her marriage are sail to ue found among toe ornameuts of sir. iumn heme, and with fee.lngs o uiitol'i acony be to-day beholds the with- erea leaves nuu flowers. Mrs. euurr. by her modest demeanor. ming:od with true devotion aud seit-sacrtlic- ing love, had made hertlf queen of her hou-ebuid. aud waa regarded as the very augel in the eirele of her relative. Many ierviut wishes for ber future happiness were oilurea on the day of her wedding aud evrryoodv propueaied for her a hat py future. Kale decreed uherwiie, how ever, and to-day nuband tsl father unit iu excio.u.auons of sorrow at her icrava. lo weeks ago sue wa taken sick, but no one expected auy serious results until a few Unsai;o, wben ber coudiiiou begau to excite alarm. .She died surrounded by loving rela tives ana rrieuas. Mr. .eausr was twenty- three years of age. The funeral will take piac t .n afternoon at 3 o'clock, and will do private. auleue ia Trot Against Time. At the matiaee racing event at the Fair Ground to-morrow afternoon there will be some fine sport witnessed. Two beat races between hones now in training ou th grounds wili be given, and in addition Mr. i- i-u uorsey win trot nis lamous racer Lpaulette against time. This horse has a trotting record of ii:lS. wmob be got at irormeuce, u. i., last montn. Ibe gentle- u:?n a rare for roadsters has been freely entered, aud to avoid any danger iu making a ktart, 4ir. owann, tiie Oupermtendent of tne track, baa decided to divide th entries into na-fes accoruing to their merits. so tbat tbe trials of t-peed of the fast private hornex cau be made in perfect safety. iiwprucrsimiie ui oe puuiisbed in full in tue-. columns to-morrow morning. Tbe ad mission to tue grouuds is free to all, al- inoufcn private veuime belonging to auy one oluer tt-i.n nietubt-is ( the Gentlemen s prive or m .miicisUuu will not b allowed uisiae tne gitte. A Fall That Proved Fatal. John Youug, tbe maa who fell from i loaded lumber wagou on Store avenue. Wed uesday evciuag. oied at tbe City Hospital yesterday &iuruoon at 1 o'oloclc. from con. cussion of tba brain land injury to the spine. i oung was conscious only a moment or ao after he received the fatal sonml H w.. a brotUer-iu law of Orticer Tom Horton, of tue ponce ioi co, nanug married a sister of the latter. He was a very dissolute maa a. ia, it is said, laileU to provide tor bis fam- "J oe receuny susj loraiverce. H formerly lived witn bis family on tb ''rYiiut." but at tbe tune of his ri..fh ha i..i separated from them, and was living with wm;r-;e v. ourmi, a iariuer on tbe Shelby vine pike, eight miles from the city, bv w uiiu he was employed a a driver. Ue was iorty-nve tars old. Coroner Miller will proDawy hold an inquest some time to-day Low Kele la t lertuaaii and Hrlurn. The great Sudivan-McCalTrey matiuee at C hester Park, Cincinnati, August will attract quite a number from this city, and lor the beuent o those wishine to attend th Ohio aud Aluutissippi railway will sell tickets to i incmnati and return at ?4. Tirketx win be good going on the 2:5 p. si. train August -ui .-o JV. X. uu A. M. jtugust Si; good rviurning on all regular trains up to and including August 30. Ticket can be purchased at General Office O, and M. railway, southeast corner Fourth and Main, and at depot, northwest corner Fourteenth and .Main. Dead ai sihelayvllle. Mrs. J. M. Owen, mother of Mrs. Dr. Wm. Bailey. 74U Fourth avenue, died at Shelby- me, js.y., yesieraay atternoon at t o'clock. She wili be bune4 at Shelby ville this after- noon at 3 o'clccic. bha was sister to the late R. A. c. Martin, cashier of tbe bank at Columbia, Ky., who so heroically sacrificed his lue several years azo in the defenae of the bauk agmnt cue robbers JesK James and otheis. biue leaves tare daughters and one son and a hot of friends to mourn her de2 ceae. SH to Mstara Fails aad Beiuru via Ohl aa4 -Mississippi timilway. , Ticket good going oaly on train learing Luuisvili. at 7 x. U. September 1, arriving at tne Fails next morning at 7 o'clock. Th train will consist of reclining-chair cars, hotel car, and elegant day coaches from Cincinnati. Faswngers will be allowed fire days to return. Fur tickets and full information inquire 'at General Office 0. and M. railway, southeast corner Fourth aud Main streets. , Uarnage i.f Jud.c Jlfss and Airs, ifotkjas. Judjre J. V. Bess and Mr. Julia Hoskins, of Camj-oellsville. were married at a o'clock yesterday afternoon in tba parlor of Alexander's Hotel, Dr. U. A. Witfaerspoon. of the First I'resby terian church ofiiciating. Tne groom is the Ju Iga of Taylor county and a imminent politician of that section aud the Lriila i a hiirhlv .u t.. a , - -- j .v.uujiiwuoii iauv and a foriuer resident of Stanford, Ky. Married al the t oun Ueuse. John Anderson aud Eimfra Smith came in from tbe county yesterday and called on Clerk Webb tor a nuptial license. After obtaining tne document, the groom akej if tho entire business could cot I transacted then and there. 'So'llre VcCnnn wss ...r and, witn John liaird and Frank Grczorv two citv friends, fcrf th 1-M.iHiriftsl r J - vs'aaut.aaua ceremony of tbe Magisterial code was pronounced. . Twice tlei'drd. Last Sunday night Mr. Isaac Goldsmith f and Alias Helttn . . l. . , . v . - - .vLuux ui nemw society in tins cilv. wnt tc nw nkin. ;.h . rinionial intent, aud failing to procure tbe neces sary niea Uieaiselres to JeBeronville, ViLere thev were ntrs,l in tha n,ni;. .,.i ... i - - . - .iuvuvihi . r nn of wedded blisa. Beturning to their homes, they apprised Uieir parents of what bad happened. Ine parents aie'.tL same eTeuliig, and by mutual agreement concluded to have tbe Touiur Deo- , " ' 4S. UT1ISU9DI were 1 -t. n li1 . - . . , , Hamate ocmrrea last maht at tbe ' r -rf h'shhl Bnesaftsiil. ia taia BEAUTIFUL FIRE-WORKS. The Exposition Scores Another Hit In the Display of Pyrotechnics. THE BTJEPHONY COKCXSX TO-NIOHT. Tb coal weather kept many people away irora ine cxpoeitloa last ntgbt. In the af ternooa there waa a fair crowd, and ia tb eveaing a large one, though th ciowd was not ao largo as on last Tuesday night. aTertbelett, tbara were 7,000 or 8.000 people on th e rounds. and ty wer much more thoroughly pleased than they wer with tb iirst display of fire works. A great paiat was gained for th Exposition when Pain took the Ore-' works contract. II is certainly tho best pyrotechnist who baa erer made displays in Loaisvill. Th fact tbat he had so hort a tim in wbich to pre pare for last nigkt'a display prepared psopia. so ss lament; but ao apology waa neded,f or from tb beginning to tbe end of the programme th ' nssnla ware lrm.1 in their applause and in tb expreesioa of their admiration. If tb axt display issuprior to tnj it will have to be very fin indeed Xbe opening salvo of aerial meroois caused an exclamation of delight aa th thousand of stars of many color illuminated th sky. The ascent of the ball eons was another interesting feature. Rockets, torpedo, asuraids. shells, bom 1m tourbillieaa, and half a dazeu other kinds of trauge projectile were tent into tbe air ach saors beautiful than its pred or. Although is was bright moonlight. the sky was someliaiee lost eight ia tb brightness of th clouds of stars that burst high in th air. Soma of th rockets, wben tbey burst, sent out biasing snakes that ehtied each other through tne air witn tortuous motion. Ilk so many fiery demons, it uimpoasibl to describe tbe mau v new and startling dsviees ia tbe rockets and doxuds. xne nxea pieces were large and unusually beautiful, the showers of liuuid cold being especially tiue. Frum out cataracts of this goulen water toot bads of col ored fire that seemed to trv t caicQ each other on tne atrent. Trees of gold, mechanical devices, tire portrait a sued that burst and spread a cauopy i of green start orer tha entire eigut acres en closed iu tbe amphitheater, aud a hu "Louufiile W eicomaa Uur foreia Exhibit ers. wer th remarkable features of the display, wmcn closed wita a flight of oO rockeu that made a perfect bouquet of color in the air. Alter th fireworks tbe warmth of the bunding was grateful, and the auick ly tilled up tne music hail. It must be said that it was the wuist behaved crowd of the season, and seemed to contain more ill-mannered people than auy audience ban done heretofore. 1'eonle walked in and out unceremoniously during the perloruiauce of tne music, instead oi wait-102 Until a liiiUluer was tinisriHil Th seemed to seiect the sol test passages to iuuke tneir exit aud entracces. aud a crowd of rutliauiy boys annoyed pet pie by parading tuttu or two should b placad ia the music bull with instructions to prevent this sort , U( , L .u..iK. course, Lue management cau uws lurce manueis on boors; they cau stop noisy boys from usine tue enjoyment of uearly half the people in tbe audieace. Usually tbe Krpoitioa aud'.ence """ oeeu emarttaoiy consiaerale tor helerteeuaous alauiaats nt whn-h tiisv COaSEMJsad- but last nicht IKm w.. Ann. THE MCSIC In tb afternoon Mr. Krimntr ik. h.m. ist, was to have putyeu a solo on hu luatru- ueu. wu. was wo in to appear. xne overtures to Obnron" and "n "r.rti.' si.. i theiarghaito from beethoveus Symphony vis-'a." were tue pnucioai numbers. Iu tn eremng the conceit bean wiiu the overture 'fk 1..-.. ,1 I . .v xbs coariuing melody aud ncu orchestral efleci were beautifully t.eaUd bv ail of tua orcuestra. Langey'a characteristia scotcn uances were mucu applauded. Gounod's meditation hu Av An.n ura 1. n .iiuuy piayeu, uiiiiijtt it suaered from the lactr mat me piano bad to be suUututed for tne harp. An air aud chorus frum ia riyiui; llutclitiiaa" was rendered in the true U agueriau style, and two of Gluck's couiimsiLions. Liia iiaiifa .ir r.ia Haino. tne uauce of the Happy Spirits, were also ueauuiuiiy putyeu. lue hitter is ai gestive of tbe repose of a happy a celestial inusiii mihc . sue- spu-it A waltz, by Fabrbach. lulioweu. The introductory passugee are very hue. aud are more aatlsfaelnrir ih.i, t k rhythm.' The feature of uie eveuiuir was a mj uipuwuto poem uf iMii, ua$eu ou v ictor Hugo's poem, "Lea Fieiudes." in which tbe various emotional stages of this life are de scribed a merely prmudos to tne life t0 come. . iuvit was tne tint composer wbo condensed into a miuicsl tue varioug moveiaouu of a sympbouy, giviug a syiupuooic treatment to the com-pooition. but ruuiuug one movement into tha o.ner. Uui 'Les l l eludes" is a t.rv i.l. vvupvNuvu, ocuuwiui in its melody auu uuiuiuiiv auu uikruiv uescrirnva ir the emotional staicea that are ide..zod in the great poet s work. The reuduiou of number was txnuuits. Hn.imh the the a . - w.m .tie musicians and the auaience were anuoyed by the unnecessary noUe. Particularly Hue was tha wail r.f th. wi.,1,,,,, 1. . 1". j . v IIUCU ,is.e a IlLtmjUl CT Wm B'mnu. ......... 1 . . J . MMUUI, sum it died away into the harmouy that tinaily o-e,.. m ueiuie il, giving us sa idea of the with their bromine of a world tn lnni. 1 he concert this evening will be one of tha most lutereetintr of the series of fi T 1 Tl tl h 1 1 1 1 AT Concerts. Mendelssohn's Scotch Sviui.houv .11 . .U.. !. 1 - . J J ow 'r i r-csisrtf Mce, but prelude to "Lohengrin," "lue Ride Valpynea," and the "Leenore" number will ba wortnv tne .rtunti.... . r .... exacting audience. The audience this evening wid be fashionable; many gentleman -win wear iiui ums, auu tne managers of tha Exposition nope to niaxe lull dress tbe rule oa s muuon v niirut. ibis will iJJ much tn tne oeauty oi the audience and evea to the enjoyment ox tne music; lor It is held that the intellect u beiguUnad as the pleased, aud a man in a dress ooat is apt to have a belter odiquu of h i f ,i. . t u .. . .- clad iu bouebpua. Al any rate, if it be- COUleal tLiaa rtxaia errs tA Crtsa vmr.rirk..e. K " - . .. UV .S cerim iu iuik dres very bod t concerned will i gravuxwu. Lermiuiy air. Uamroscivi lUlxaUl aaenedrWAM f rixst. thia marL s. i ne following programmes will be formed: per- aftkknoox concert, 3 o'clock. I 'art I. 1. Overture Crown I li mAnH." 8. Nocturne , :i Ulir "1!iiI!jI..i,o.u ' AuhRP .CtiODin l.lllllllV'A a. Andante From tivaohonv So. i ..Beetuoven JUrtJJ. J ', ... tt. Swedish Wedtliug March 7. Waits ..Mrerbear .Soderuiuiiu a. Overture "fannbauser." bura. . Wagner tvisixo co.ncekt, 8 o'clock iartl 1. Prelude Lohenma ye byiupnony in A minor (Scotch).. Mead lritiviiliu'tujii and aliei.r.-i svirat.-. c...., ner ssona . -.-..v wi.wm, nuuiu assai su.mCsiiuuiie; auegro guerixeru au J I 'art II. 3. Hide of the Valkvries 4.. Clariouet solo. Coaferiiao . ......TVag-ner kl. K.)ser. Overture Leonore No. 3 .'Veber ... Beethoven TBs: COUlUEa-JOLHNsL'M FX kir To the Ui.init.atod one of rn tti.M.r .... ...... -- ; . -.v.. micicil- inir uistilar in the budJiu? is that it. CcVEltR-JofRXXL office, wi.irn i. j at the souctieost corner of .Music Hail, it consists ox toe stereotype plates aud matrices iwi iiwuw; wv.nixK-4UUs.UL, the Wee ill) Cochixk-Jol-Knal and the Licening limes, xueprucrss ox xuaaiug tnee large, kemi-cyliudrical platee rataer duzziss mn ... siuer. Tue type u set ia the ord.nsrv w. and ia put into rules and Chases nnril m compiet pag is maoe up. Tnis caned a lorm. loe form is tent to the stereotyping room, where it ia a m i a me aaatatx VJ steam. UTtf the form w w . - ,II1M.WU il tilacarl a thfrfr laws nr rttn - alii i nuatai I " w seav a j a a we r a-" jawves This is beaUn with brush until it takss th impresaxoa of tXiej trie, ud . ia ealted aba matrix. After drviatr. tha matrix la not luto a moid, and bot typ toatal is pourad over it, reeultlng ia a smi- cyundrieal plate, which will print on PE of th CocRrsav-JotTitKAL. Th piat is planed and trimmed asd put on tb press. Eight pages are mad, and ar placed on tb press so that th eatir paper is printed at on tint, tha paper being ' '.r seine opera Slow. au UJaisj ia tb Kxposition is daily exxunined by tnaay CUrioUS Mnnla whn mhmI a Mefiutsr ss ' . -r-f-- e Io-sight is fuU-dresa night for tha eon. cart. . THE exhibit of shnaa at tha Kxnaaitioa la rery fiu. J'fiK beer exhibit ia stttaa no iu axaellaeiS style. YesTEKSAT aavsral uTrartiiMi -aaaa ta tha city to visit the Exposition. There waa an immense crowd lass niiraa. A xcsvBer of new and attractiv exhibiu bare been arransed in tbe last week. Among w. .Auiuib ox r rtscs cuius. THE ExDositiun waa vnutad vestardav Kw th City Council of Kichmad. Va. All expressed lkseiu.suvaa mm mimli 1 ' with t Km Exposition, and said it could sot but be a graud success. The Kkattug Rink was open last night. A full assortment nf sizaa will be received to- u-T. auu so-morrow tn fun wiu istsria is " iw orxoa ox aumiaaion la la reals ixtcludinz tiie of aaw Erans skates. 1 HE numerous visitors to the Exposition are teatine th. ..r k. wvinM i. and 'slaadiDg room only" may yt be th atlaT-aaa t -, a a a. a 1 J j 1 r"-J Aa .IWASUHier aajvary UVthl uiu mftDj guw umv be. giva couoo wbick, to titep. Col. AWxauir's ixl A 4 isIlex VBT .. tt m . sTV .sr s SI sa aa In.t.a . -we .w. awe. Ul tAtlHair-wUUIl.lAL ba brought bisa patronag xcdtug tbai ef ""J wsavr yar. THE Rev. H. Kuttner. of Ciacinnati. will omelet at tb t tret-street Temple tbi areuiag auu aturaay tuoraiasT. Tbe wife and family of Dr. it. Alks bare returned to their home in tui city front ttocscastie bpruigs. where they speat th sum mer. At the Y. M. C. A.. 939 East Jefferson sir. el. to ni,ht at 8 o'clock. John Beckuian. tb Dl.ndr or. will read, and Mr. O. Clinton will ad- die-.. bUlU man. All sr. mnllsll . invlfl JamiS a.vd Wilui CLAlik". brothers. aged twei.ty and twenty-one years respectively. rsuapeu trow tn nous 01 Kefug Wednesday night and were recautured vestardav he OIRau vrauuici. Mks! Liuje NErsiR. wife of Alfrad A. Neuner. aud Uauchter of Mr. Wm. Knuuiuu. pel, of tn Owrtifrrii, uied at her home u Fifth alretu, near Ureckiaridge, yesMrday moraisg, ageu - . years. ALBERT ! STROrsS. wh was auk a fa' daya asro by Wm. Grsr. in a f ax tb. Umiil boil block Tarda, is doing vary well at present, ana wiu probably recover iu a short tim If taw cvui plications uo not arise. This afternoon the TMiiueitU. asea's Association win shoot a teiesTraphio matph with the Gun Club at Knoxv.ile. Tnn. Ai-h man siioou at li birds, or 160 for exch team, and the suiTc isanuouncea oy telerapu. L APT. J.Vu. LlITRKI.r of tha tavanst Trausit, had a fine clock suit of clothes and overcodt stolen from his stateroom oa tue bot ibe Older day. He offers a liberal ward for the return of the goods. 1BK Mexican war Timiii will m.x ia Indianopjus. IaX, September 18 and 17. ia S, tiouai couvenuon. Ail veterans who can go will please report to Caps. K. il. Stone, so that rangemeuu can be mad f er cheap fare. lvATK SCHLICK. aa iamataof Lizzie Mitr-h. ell's baguio on the Chut, took a lan-a diua of morpxune lata Wedaeaday night aad came near ujiug. ouewasout of danger yesterday. quarrel ai;n her lover led to th attempt. A boy .named Mearv Michaels. wbU playing amcng th barireaet th f oot of Jackson street, had taia right hand caught be twteu a noataud a barge, badly crushing th xwtie nnger and necessitating amputation. Joun Ackekxah. th old man who caped f rout Aucuorug yesterday moral eg, was captured last eveiiing about four mdea out on tit Bardstowa road oy bis brother Pbidp, who re turned him to th to ba sank bmci u aalum uiu nioruiu. A Uai.v-stklxT book-keeDer. wboeaye the ncutioua nama or Jan. Kmirh . . ..n . i. ia street lam night for drunken aud diaordeily couuuet. Me wanted to bestxs s kia una JJeputy Cleric t rack McCorkliili fur in on bond. The offer was declined aim thanx. J. B. Willett. the nieht clerk at th Arlington Hotel, last evemn? shot himsslf through the left hand witu a liii-cel.ber revolver. uai oa wm cituiiw. xne bail ludsred in hack oi tne band, between the bones of the two iiugeis. and was extracted b Lr. (IsarM W uruuuis. JOHN i EAGER, an old man 70 vaara of axre. n ho resides with hia son at tne mm f Preston and Madisou streets, baa mysteriously uisuppeareo. tie nas need gone alnce early Tes ter our morninir. Ue la sublaot ta bintur.n rir. oi insanity, aau nis i nanus ar vary anxious . ceruiug uim. uiLt passing tb corner ef K road war and Clay last evening a car. Of tb Broadway, second, aud JetTerson line collided with a hack belonirilisr to Joan fVil-ri arn Th. kulf turned over ou iu side and tbe front end knocked out. A lady, the only occupant, was drawn out oi ui veuicxe wituout any Injuries exceoi bruises, cue did not give hor name. A colored laborer named Seth Younr. employed on Mr. Middle ton's farm oa the Banle- town road, is wanted for robbery. Last night -. V MHim m a veranda in frout of tbe bouse. Young sneaked into one of the up-stairs rooms and abstracted wlnla tne members nx Urn rami w . . i j ri um a bureau draw er. lie is described short, heavy-set man. and ia very shabbily Urassed. MlLLT TxTtOB wa locked aa ia m-w. strei suiioa last night by Officer CraJdick. Tn cnarg oi , peut larceny was written oddo site nr name, one is said tohav stolen lot of clotl og from a lady residing at Preston boo onKxisriars. 1 oe womau herself that ah bad bea emnlored to do soma auruh. blng, and uaediug a cloth to win up th floor rwOT m ww u aau ISO oi axirt wiisua saw knoca-ing about. Hence the charge. Z. T. MlLLEX. EkO.. Vsrah.l rf U.-.x.k- Marion county, is ia the city. stoDDia? at Alex. aader's Hotel. He is on his WAV to lnhnp.ff. wiui Wm. smock, an old man sixty-five years of age, wao win n placed iu tbe insane asyium. -ar. bruock ia an old resideut of Louiavilla. and was employed by Messrs. Joyce Pool. He receutly iuaiufesied signs of iusanity and was to Lebanon. Hera ba has fnn.i. A jury at that place adjudged him iusane and sent to the asylum. I'rokablv .ethlaa la Ix. Jamei Lee aud James Bohon. two Tonnr men well knowu in th Kut-eud, wer arrested last night on a warrant charging tuem with obtaining property under false pretenses. The complaint waa preferred bv Utuccr run ttusaer. The young men ex. lue cir c uuis tan ces of their arrest as follows: dohu xirid well, who keen the firid- m-i.ii HuLmI tin Jnnnnn strsar ami ilrll... - - - mm,. OU1VQ1 auu tue youug men oesiring to go on a bsa-in ' excursion on tbe falls to-aav. went to 'oiiuwcii autx sixai sue loau ox It for tha oar. liiiJwcii toid tbem that it was at Of bXer Husser's aud for tbem to go to tit letter's resideuc and tell Airs. Hussar to give it to them. The young men claim teat iney ii.i mu ;1 . ri.tM.1 s n.l t .u ....i... . t Huaser says that they told his wile that he vuuhseri uaa seut uto lor tbe seme. Johx L. Ct lXET, tbe wed-know esrn.ii. tr and builder, has just passed tb tiftv i ninth mile post tu his journey of lira celebratea the eveut with a number of hia friends Tuesday. Mr. Cullej waa born ia K..:7-.lthrwii llar.!in min,i f came to mis city sues a more youth. Hm , ; -';i at., out tins a large number of friends, who wish mux mauy returns ot D1S natal day. Mcca complaint from citizens in tbe neigh borhood of Ueventii and lirueulwee. i occaioued by the rowdy conduct of a gang; of men and boys who nightly congregate at that corner. Th neign borhood is kept awaae oy tuexr uviee, ana is BAS DecODM SO alias Lsdue. wha have tn nsa. . K . BUI XXV UX IIISIIIS. 0 TOO COOL FOKtCOatlFORTs. IIow the Present Weather Compares TTIla That of Pre r ions Tears NoEril Revolts. But Some Good Ones, OwrCoatB ware in mxtar daananit ssden. day than on tb day preceding, not beoao It waa an cooler, but because th marrow in th bone of tbinly-olad humanity did not get thoroughly c blued through oa tb first day of th coal saan. 1 ha imi. waa. terday waa not as low as on Wednesday by x. , out. sa wxuu, woica rangea from east norm au aay, maue a appear ably cbiilir. The "oldest inhabitant," who was free to UMB Uafts. Dm dad nd rsha. oomenal weather ia Auguit, was not careful ia has retrospective . gianoe. ar would bay found that this is not. unusual weather for this .season. la two of th past twelve years lo7S and 1879 it has been ' nearly as oooL the minimum temperature lu the lor mar beta g 60. the maximum 73. '. la tba tatter the minimum was HUT and tbe ixutxi.uuus 77. Iu but two of thnea xwelea un tus Baxiaium has bean above 90. Tha uiiuimuta raag ha been, including th two j ears just noted, from 50 to 7 . and th maxi mum front 77 to 95. it wili thus b readily seeu tuat August i7 nas beeu, aa rule, nlar-a.1 in lu ni.i.n.t sue; xaage ot tu tetuperatur yesteraay waa aa follow.: tt:17 a. m.. oo.s!; 10:17 a. W.X'; ;17 r. K., 00;o:l7 r. H., 64.8'; 10:17 P. x.. CO.ti. There are no iadicaUooa oi auy auddea or imoxediafae rxee ia tern per- attire, tnougu a gradual advance in warmta is probable, uutd we are akoxa sweiteriug wijt August heat. lue biguai Service reooru no fear of frost ta taie aeotloul a Xaizx taat will rim. remiA. S aa wix aa lu 'country, xue coo weather, without frost, if not loo protracted, i result iu no assuage to crops, lias lae cool weather resulted in any un. usual atuouut of fcicKuessi" asked a Cot" HI- ER-docAJiAL reporter of a uuvaxcau. avaninir it fhat I can ciseovr," wa th r- nlv I . .. 1 ... - . occupying sick bed wnar caution agaixut vwuwwjife tww uaa uwu xaaeu. Atany Deotile are camDlsiuiuv rt hi, mn Cold, but tb Seat of the trouble saw in i La la geaeraby tn th bead, and aa it is seldom mat auy thing bad result irom that sort of aftbctiuu tl is not iirooabld tuat medical men wxd nave aay large increase uiosih. These recent cool wave bare beeu the saving of many a b&bv's 111 a! so reaxunabia ivonl. auuuxtx out cuxuptaxa ix toey jappea to cuu- ustt a utile void. It waa noucwabl at tha base ball xrama anal as th. Kt luuibm . : r. w Kn.. i .. . efeuiOj', that uus were coubpicuou because of taeir absenee, auu Uwavy wrap were lha WW, vm. uj - i, xae-aoeeuce ox ta lat ter it wa too decidedly "siuvry" for com fort. T. A. Kaiser, of Cnicaeo. ia at the fltaml. iford. C L. Ferrv. of ?aahville. ia at tha Ra.i.if- Hon. Jaa. H. Muliiiran. TTinetn ia afe the Uait. John H. Bercbam. of New York, is at tha St, Cloud. M. A. Shroder. of Goshen. Ivy., ia aft tha c. ii.... ' . " W. VIUUU. Oeo. II- Wood, of r.inpinn.ti D a .1 th t i s WW VIUU1U. O. !S. Judd. af liar a villa TTe I. k. St. Cloud, ' ' J m Dr. V. T. Caurtnav Owaaaknra ia at Ik. Alexander. .1 Cbaa. Heidrich. of CmcinnatL is aft tha Btaoduord. i F. S. Hire.- oF Philadalnhia. ta at Ih. Maodiiord. Standitord. J. P. McOnir. of Tnrlianarmlia Tn1 ia at J. T. Eichbere. Atlanta, is at tha Fifth. avenue UoteL Cr. U. Kwina. Davton. . ia as tha SSrxa atenue tloieL H- M lClina TTaahviria .t th. tf,r.k aveaue XXotei. Mrs. B. W. Nuckoll. Glksfow. ia at tlou. Joun D. Carroll. New P-attla ia at iss Aiexanuer. aa sue ow t. iuuu. lha I.TU.n .ri,n.t .1 1. . 1. . xiotusTuie xiotex. --' mv. m HIS Th St. Inllis TUsa.hall rinS ia af tha xxwiavme xxoteL V . It. Patriarcha. af Kt Tiiii. ja -.a tt. LOUUVU1 Hotel. John O. Moors and wife f7in.inna a h Ilk. " Mr. W. F. UeCnrmu-lr Pnuiiol. Dl. is at the Alazatuier. . George Kelvintrton. Veraaillea. ia at tha lTifrl..uu ... 1J. J. S. Hnmiihrtrva. RardstAwa (a ai th. FifLh-....,... H....1 ' - ' O. E. Burns and F. F. Conar. of Hhi.o-n are at the bt. Uoud. . J. H. fiiahoD and wife, nf Tnrli.n..U. Hon. J. I. KlaMia. Xrnr..nA.1 - aruest of tba XLnuiUr. ' Miss Marv Louise Yers-ar. of Graaawtlla til t. .r. t.. wiw., m at uia ciauuiiwu. John B. Black and W.'H. Earev. of Chaa. tar. Pa., are at tha Sxandiford. Mr. and Mrs. KtanlHV HllKnia nf Paring. h ay., are at t tie Louisville H teL ' Mr. R. W. Wilson iul r.mii. xr. Ky.. are s-uaa is at tb AlaxAnder. Dr. Andrew Seargeut and wif. HoDkina- a.lllu . w.. . - .k.. ,i . uie, e.e (uesia as tue AISUQUMr. Mr. and Mrs. J. W". Partridge. Denver. Col., are arueata .X th. A l.v.n.i.. J. A. rnuua and A. Wirrmm nf Dw.n.. boro, Ky., ar at th Louisville Hotel. Mra R. T. Hrnith - .1 -Xf . ' .ussier lavTUUC ouaw, r ranatort, are at in Alexander. Mr. W. . aad wife and Mias Lna wxiwu, ut. ensiling, ar at tue AleXAuJer. J. U. Kobards. Mrs. an.4 lr. xiixKiey. ox vsmiiie, are at xne btandllord. Mrs. J. 1. Terrul, Mr. A. M. lerrid, . ,. . t Lena lerrdi, i an, lexas, are at tue Alexander. -TmH rrm. J W P.. ... ... K ... Airs. Julia UoskinsX CampbellsTiile, are at th ander. Aiex- Hanrv fj. Fnntr. VA R... ir... a- w d.7.1. :."jT7' vote s. naiigitit uu jus xjee r uus svr At tu ot. Cloud. .w. ... . wvaav.a. JU.DSger AtW York Life Insuranea diiiinajir. ln..i.n..n.k . Vf w T TU ' i-L l .r - - at lha Alexander. Hon. Walter F.eana anil f.n.'l. I tll..Awl kAm. - . .i , . . - . oT Z? - ..ail, to irtenos la n asuiugiou City. lira M i;.. nx- r- it ... - . w. . . i.i in a. xxxartux. Mimfoi-dvule. and Miss E. B. Robertson. Gaiiies- .111. a" I a ... . . .. il 7 r .miv, x ta., sic gucsss at tue atxexauuer. Mi.srs Lillian Rav ami Kna TUT cr yaJtmraiso. lnd., and .Mrs. L. j. xvna Miss Lull xiatueiLa, jivuipuis, xenu., are at lue Alexan uer. Hon. iaoft J. T)aT.nH anin. l . DeLaud & Co., soda niauufactu.ers. f airnnrt N. Y.. and Ledrand fl 1- li-ha.n n,,t...- . . . .rf ,kJ .i il:... """"" agent Jaa. Wallace. Boston : II. Stenhanv ISew vn.u . T u. .... . .i i i : .i . .r. J . G. karm.p ChieaiTo: J. J. t 'lae I iiF-iri. - 1 E viti aa uvhbiu. , m. iiiii.iii a T .... .. . . a-.ak.ia o.-aaicuelL NasavUle; O. A Austin. Cleveland; W. u Scoit. ltr . - I II. . I In. -1- i .1 T.' i. . . - tirin. aM w k r.tiri.r r i Phf'' - B-V-''hr.. Ureen,burg." C H. Stodciar - I 'im-i n :..ri r o u . . . exurol O S MTati Hani.- i'i ta- . J .u'nniuTiii.T 1 1 Mii.riuji . i .- . ... . . .'e. iiaruionr: w jx-iSi ik , , ti iirinkop, bt Loui; Xa.h.l'la - eney. P-TUWmUT NoeF V . Cant, TT Tfx -. . - ate W 11 -safari t-JirAtsmtlilsav-i. k." xr x" - T " . P. aallahan, Brooklyn, X. Y.; Jslie Zuieman.' . utiaueipitia, eea. a., xee, aXmulevuie; li. n Suyder. xieUna, Ark.: hot. Jaa. lirusJvrlL Geo. " ,-, -j. ..13.. rarter. New ork; J. 1. Kan. rran.Un; Iho. J. Car! penier, j. . JOjrx, run Itoyal; P. tL Skinner, .xasutuie, icun., ii. a. uououoo, St. Louis It. et aixicr. .Ill a I .i.ti Kmi.,t . I kpnrt; iii I . o- naut, otassroa-; J. t . Xixvy tnaacer, nruce: a. x. S.iuurla. tMmueia' lti.:' ii. P. ihompson, Tnouip oo: J. J. WiillxmA J. M Vtit iains, XL Neruon; A Litio. brandecburg: atlas siuinie WU-tou, Jsiss Euiiu.e W ilson. Waller """"J-" . Jtrs. JtxasTsie rtandaiL Samer-t: fiiw V. urr.j. t :mci . ha. ii- t -i- u . . . .ii mwj. oacnu ax tux lenberg county: J. A. WUliama. J. A, Stoke. Green tills, C. H. Yeager, Sl Louis. aolda. t.ri.. n wit..- IU. I . CJ C.J Aiczoadsr's Geortre I. Atari n. ts- v ... W. T. W ataon. fJolumbtia. O.? r n un' U a. Ttl .ar xl.n, ..... T . V. 1 I i-m": Cbarlee A. ISxratatnaa. El Paao. 111.;. W. L Ward, LvansvUle. lnd.: B. S. Buah. KhVrT.V c ,1 B'",T. "ampuls: Tbos. T. Sharkey. Hamilton, O.: (bar tea F. Stokes, ( J.Wal.a.l O W . 1 IT- r . i n r- r . . m. . -.. . . - -.- - -uireruu, xaaisi rt cpry, Portsmouth. O.; L Coooey. Selma. Ala.: J. W. Halt, Bedford. Ind.; Ooorg tT W right. T. J. Krowa. Kaw V.x.. n.l o a T J,v ?jr1?l-. .ld.: R. U. Huiehexaf t. WhitaU. K V u"00 rSkfort: O. W. TiadrU. WbitcU: B. L. Xervaa. ktc. bterUar: Alexander V kV" rT. ' ; aim,Weetnort; B.P. W. Haas. r.mnh.l,...ll.. 11 r . : iwiui-ju, a, ru ivcna. lauIm- j S) as. lllllll AL. XI . . HtvrdiBc, T. B. j . aj weHvni m, mm Vsrw 4t SdSsAa UOas Saarf ffjsakal SWaH Irs as Oldham. .N.w fasOe; Alex. VeousTToe-ias-toa: M. M. Rsrch. Wwiji I OUDar. M AirmnriauLl f a th..n. . Jones. Print eton: J. W. Ooid-in. Kl' town: J. M. Haines, Lebanon; Z. T. Muiea. K E. bmoea. Raywtck; Hoot, brat too, Winchester: - . - -wwm l'U UIWB, X. Mm Fraemaa, Auburn: Charles E Quuwnbery, Win-cbestsr; John C. Kelly, Paris; T. i Harria, New. aru saws a af . r x . . a . . Ksduoaau " -""vrxa, namin county; rt, 1 Lewis. Astir AiJiaiirXi ClIXKUS V. F.i.i.staarn leave to- nleht fne i 'hL-.... i Joatra TaswklIx- ha bs. Poet. master at TaawelL lad. . appointed TBI Harrkon County Fate miinuuai tha 31st last., aad contlnuna fiva di. . Coatitr Fdir. -- Tiua. tUfadxl Snd eohiiuei thread. r . it Honor, will ba tn.Bia-iita THOMAi K. VT. HlRI a w.ll.ka.... aa.l hUcaiy reapeetedxiicea, died yeaxerday after at lougiUiieee. ; I i T Skills lfi.1.1. ..4 X a. . .e eoiuiere reuuieu. THE Corvdnn iii.JJi'xi .Uk ..! . eveatuejuth annlw rsai-y yesterday, aad bids tair lor eeveateea yeara xwure oi Uie. 8TDX1-V ilrritrtm sa AmmA aa tJ ia ta City Uourt yeeieruey for aesauit aad Isatxary na Xlltf .... r . . . i. . . i . v " iwii ta siexams ox wsuuu xs wa seattojad. Tbic infant child of Mr. Nicholas Stain. LaSl LL?hlk sad NlMnim atraata waa usual. L, a." A If fru"1 chair Wednesday Bight, CBA&Lka KnRVI.T.xc and MielituH,, Logue, daughter of William Logo, Sr., were married Tuesday ox-lit by H.v. John Poueher. at tb residence of Mr. Smith, on East Oak street. NkVTOM Aawaw . 1s. r. . . SidiDX asar inJow. Pika n illn t V mmmlttai suiuid by shooting himaelf through to head laianitj x aapooeed to aara A RriIRm nf M.lUm.. mm.A . .k. - a.w iiiiiii. .. im, w. sue prmau xvaageUcal buaUay-acnool axtend-d to bun .ay-ecnool celeoraUon of the German Evan-. eheal chnri-a a. V VI . i . ... . couuiy. yesterday. IX the CitT rVinrt. vastanta Ka aaaa - -- v.vw. mj .ue van arainatMary Howard for profoainc Kate Gd-cunet waa uistwaaeu, aad a dimiiial w..s a a- I aravri lea la mm a a . . .e tu me euretyor tue peace case oi alary Howard against Kate Gilchrist. IKOIAITA Conlerenne nf th. IT V. rh.k eommetveed iui annual session at Spener, Owen . jmmu. tuoa-utog. iser. are lou mio- l. .Ka J . i . . i ; a aie twiwssw WXaX remain in session until Monday next. WtoxEaDAT avexung Willi a ui Homphrey. man rt tl.. i t . . . . . , J I - . K"' J , aast. uaa au-eet, naa hit baud caught in the machinery at lha ISew Aluany Woolen Jiilis. Ail the lingers of th baud were amputated by Ltr. jiclntyre. TBEAmaricao Founder ia finishing, an unmsnae iron casung for th DePauw American rlate Gtua swix it la twenty feat Ions; aad Unrieeu feet bin incUos wide, and weighs tony tons. It ia made in .Un. uimi ..J . paxtera. A SPriXt. rnpAtine nf tha Rnatvl nf Pmi.I. v., v . iiwaiu VI tWUUVI rVim..... 1.. . I .... .... - .v. AUaWH aa. eieot a succesaor to (Japt. Joha B. Uitcuell, who nas resigned in couuiy uierksbip. CapL Mitcn. 11 will eater unoa hia iliiiiea aa i..iiniitai t.n. toiDBsrl. A mrrPf V nf mnntrr trirla twaoaw,. la- volved ia acxfSculty at the Jtlaraet-hotuv yeater-day, and George Loweta, woo ia not aa o Ulcer. arrested Miss Lamb, took her before Justice Swift, and she was lined $1L Tbe young lady. tsrougu xveiso K xvaxso, bar attorneys, appealed ta case tu tu circuit Court. CORYnflM HntlKlimm' laaiat. VLh-.Ui. of Kruaoy Val.ey, this county, threaned , tua wheat last wees. He had out flty-eigat acres. WlUl-n vtaliliMi him 1 ' 'fit hi... ... . of over twenty bushels to the acre. Thirty -n acrea oi wis same uuu prodtic. d hud bushels, or aa average of twenty-three buahete lo tbe acre, Tbia ia tne best yield we nave beard of Lais year. and very good couuderiug tha character of, the seAsou." pHnnira Willl.m 1 D 1. Bhuads bat taken out hcens to eujoy connubial blessedness J. A. Lxuiris and b. o. Jotte bate roue to Aoeloyvilie, Ivy .. Kieyd Tuley a. leaded in hoitiiers' reuniou at Zdarengo yesterday. .. Miss Urn. lvhoit is attendintr xna W-nar.1 Ta. aUtute at Coryuoa . . Charles L. Kao.( el is as. litaCk aBd dauirnter. Inux nl Aumra TnH aa guests of iirs. IL A. Levoke. West Malt, atreet. "".lam. xurner. r M.t, xnira street, ass xriven a hirthiiaw nartw Itaiti.lav i , . l . . . - . e J .h.w.; ...wn.ii.ivi Ld. KacUtt tuts resiguHd hia poatuoa wi.h tue 1, N. A. atiuX C Hy., to taae a noaittou wits a XWaaa road .. A11S.-CS UolU aud cora Varies, acoum. pained by tueir Miss Anna kollanii. ara viaiaag tue family of air. H. P. Liavia. Ten Uauia iirs. iarah Uclutosh and - uaug.lar. r.iiiiiia, at vtsiung at uardlhaourg. xrxiiiij lixi. Mr. Ornitnv TTrxfi nf FminxsM XTw i. ia tb city visiting relative. Ma. P. M. WiLso.x. of Grand Island. KsU, is visiting ta txoa city. Tax Fnlton Shot-run ClaK h.M a .ut J yesterday alleruooii (or praclic. Mil. Waltib FcacusdX and wife left ysataruay xor est lie a en Springs. lis, Pxtek Mtiiu i quite ill of heart disease at hia residence on 1- rent street, Th! Mratrt nn th. ... . x.t nt. - - . -a o. auur x- nisoa nave beau oompieled at Howard' snip-yard. Miss Uakki MclvitiOBT, of Hardiu county. Kv, is ia tha city, the guest of XLra. Floyd Miss Unxn Rin.onriiBT nf r-.. paiga, IIL, is ia the city, the guest of Mrs. W. D. a mf . M1&4 Jnnitanv nf XT.Kll. tl. i In tha city, theueat of her uncle, ili. W. L Dibble. .fkJ cdox Truxlocx, of ScotUburg, ia ia tb .it. Th. l..l .. i. .1... 1 . ia qui La feabia. . .j . ... waaii a N,atj-ai, ihii ox age. auix GXOBCX McKlXLXT and Misa Ozena Fnr. dyce. of Carr township, received tuaniaxr Lceuae yesterday. TUE riew Albany and JafTarannein. k.u .an tiuia arv aixaiiiug to play m maaCn gam at lvcupee Ifarxt, xxiuisviile. The as are but four prisoners at present confined ia the count jail Tnis is th amalleat mm at wer xivvs sue jau was DUUU iU board of Manazersof than-nfc.. Home will hold a meeliug at th iwaidanaa nf airs, w m. Thtaa on Alonuay aXerttOMO. Ths remains of the little son of Mr. Pat Burka Wer lutarrad in th. r.thoi. - . yesterday from St. Atigoatiae's cnuruh. Jaa- chables sscuultz has been suffering wl:b a cataract of tue eve tor soma tim. r-.r an t tue eight of one e e is now tnousrut to nata- tatiy aestroyeu. Q Weduasday avanirto1 Knea.laea .11.-1 . -at i." aas Mwnue d to foree an eniraiiee to tha rexudenoa af air bain Uiclesby. in Port FuUou, but war frxxhs- eund away oa.ore secdriiig aayuuag. VtV arrnn rmA h . ----- - - ; - uew xiooa:- and-ladaer ayetem la tutacity yesterdav. 'In ladders thirty I eel in length will be placed ia iivwwiiw h,; va ctotiesa ou every squar. While Miss Georgia Biotcher was engaged in peebng pears, on Wediieaday, the knite she we Using, which was a very snarp one, slipped and aluxoat severed ta tatimo from tha r.Sht P.T anil rfan.hla. T.lia will h. m . ... - , v, . t - -" JW . cuxcus BSMUT, nephew of Jars, otewxtrt, thia af teiooou. prapar- aioiy 10 returning to ihcir home in Arluiikaa in a ... mm nauvngOTIU, OBOt guu clubs held a match meeting at loe grounJa . .r tt,. .... 1 . . u j . . . . Tuv 'h..l, a t.w a., . v. .ul. auv wu neuAiesuay ai wrruuuu. iia fealilt ... a ... Tki. t. .... ...... tbey have met, and in butu ai-tlcuea a lie waa mad. 1 hey win shoot again oa TaiiradaT af tar- noon. In In is ci.v. A SfEX'Tl.vrX waa hut I at fliliaA. fttatina yesti-rday by a larwe cumber of tar ui ers who favor local option. otuiug importaut waadwae. nowever, and anotlter lueeting aui be beid in a anon tiin. ' About two vaara acts Adalrthna Jnnmm a... fined SloO for aueuioiod rap, loe fine waa tated. and Jones Was released. Ke neiactwi to pay nis flue, however, and on W'ednesoay waa ai 1 era Leu - a. -ee atoxuir. xu line WAS ara in Btayeu ot tua eiaoruey. - : " I 'iSouira las, mnit T Estili, aged 07 years, waa arraigned on a cnarg A oaaiaaui, piriaiau OJf 0lumt Xiariy. AijeU 18 jers. both parties are colored. : xlatid waa i ..11 1 one tn In. uim nf S .i u i t k. . . . - v. aww, .oi bab ai oeai ance at lue uext term of the Circuit Court. YaVbTaXDAT afternoon Ike Hncvail ahn . ia. w uv waa aiabbad a shnrt tim. . ..n t . . . - - vw a tn. y mat r 7.!iU,to.' Shelfl! Hay end i . . , . . uu. to xacxsKU- b-t and. after a long search, sururised Jamea i a. i ma xaioer a bouse and arretted him. ibe toor is but twelve avtbtnaon. . tha ...... i .. . . i . . . yf t age, aad ia lemaraao.y shrewd, lie has a. u .a eTBuing tne orucera lor the) wees, and Xtaa bMahLii.. i., .....i. Tlcimty. This is the hrt arrest maoe by Shaiiit - ""ef ataasvw aaww wine aUSrW WUKw Rn ft af and enrt U - T.av rn uaraaTajn asu aaaatai rna-niiinii isw x i . . Thatlark , 14x1 aw ana Ladies ' THE OllDINAyCE COURTs I 1 Knelt Larrer Docket Than Usnal Ths Cases aa4 llow Thej TTere Disposed Of. Thar waa a much larger docket thaa nrnal in the City Urdinaao Curt yeaterday nf. tersoea. Jndg Thompson presidael, exoept ia the L. Saffron nniaanee case, which waa beard by He. Wm. Lv. Jackson. Caps. Abbott preaecuted. The following eaaas were dispiwail of: Dane (no license) A. Benainger, dismltaed.' Eating-boiis (a, license; Ben. Coieanaa: fined coat. InarchaBt (ao license) M. S. Winchester; fined Cost. Green Grocer (ao llcenae-r. U Funk: fined costa. Caxtl Broker (a lioeaae) Wne. Teach; oos- wUllMsi, ExhibWon (no UcenMWatnu Xtrshon; rah. mittad. t Ftdl Vault B. S. Gresrr: distnlassil. uttld? 8ubl (so Le,lu-1' T ?n. eoa- l. u . . mm'l .wsn-sij, tsaag uvMr I atrtlth, cod tinned. wsunieny iiouse-Oeo. Smock. flad $20 aad Mna31 wheasaseF-H Flgg, coatlntud; Mra. .2 l?l!rtt' conhiihBlI flnlK PjwUo lfcenaeKBs W. Hinter. to,! A Lkwr continued. ' J. 'iCTjMLm dianAia; r -XT Wrd Uarboriag Unlicensed Dcarsl-Jordaa Ratith gka.J B. Viatsoa. Frank Dowaia. W f K"Var. J. G- Sweexa. J. V. Wrixti ? HnnJi JVm.Burga. Wm. Klneran u." iILIhU XD7XDd Young. Join B. Oontd i vch1- G. 1qu, A. I'. Eis-iimao. JLalT Tba. wit!h vm uar. v ut.ii.rr.r:liK?- -, " , r . J "aiaer, Aiex. lal-tl.dlMal,aMdl J- -. Jaa "Take tbe witneas-atand," aaid ProsMmt- lag Attenwy Abbott to aa old lady who had been sworn and was standing op to testify in a cLasoroeriy-Lvouse caa. Th witness baei- tated and looked about her. "Take tbe wit. nasa-stand.'' urged Capt. Abbott. Th pax-xuexl old lady was raixeved by Deputy Alar- snai xuip sajiog: 4'Come, sit oa this chair.' Every warrant against citizens falling to clean gutters was dismisd. j x " ' A warrant was ordered issued yesterday against tb Leaker Club for having a dance without g license. fj George Smock, for keeping a disorderly -oute on First, between Waiaut and Green streets, waa yeaterday Unad gO and eiva oo weak to move. - Thar tried. wr thirty-four dog warrant A DelegaUoa From the Kichaead City Conn. -aaiagiam H.ctata of ike City About twenty members of the Richmond, V.. City Council are in the city, registered at Kufer'. HtL Wbil in Kentucky they are ibe guette of the officers of the Agricul-turai aud Mechanical Fair, at Lexington, who extended a warm invitation to the entire Richmond CounciL They cam np yeaterday morning aad will return this evening. They ar spending their entire time ia thia city Tisiting various places ef i.' teres t, the principal ou. of course, being the Exposition. Tbey ar highly pleased and greatly astonished at th display, and pro- uouno is a truly wonderful exhibit. . They intend to recommend it highly to their friends, many of whom contemplate extended visits to Louisviil this fall. .vTb? ,.prt3r reguderad, consists of ta following named gentlemen: W. C dmn H. Adams, D. O. Uickervon, L. C. Garrison, Wa. H. Williams, JacWton Veil' And8rn. 1. T. J. Kidd.lL T: ruraPt A. Griffith, John D. hang! K. R, Ralston. John Rankin, Wm. M. Tur-P,n. Chas. K. Boiling, Kd. 8. Roee. Wru. a. Ciaa. T. P. Campbell aad B. T. Auguit. lOtUJA MiMXirmtt'S JUL BY. The Ofsprlag ef lha I'alartaaat Girl Deaf aa Itasssl e Be Held Te-day. Coroner Miller was summousd to the resi- deuoeof Mr. Juliu Deuuar. at No. 1,313 Clay strest, yesterday morning, to hold an inqnast on th body of tha illegitimate child of hi daughter, Laura Denner, who, it will be remembered, gave birth to the child on Wednesday ia aa out-hous. Th -""-r waa found lying on the floor and the chili waa in the vault, and when rescued had a never gash on it head. Tb infant lived until about 9:30 yesterday morning. Th ' young mother is very til, aud fear that an will not recovor are entertained. Tha Coroner viewed tbe remains and adjourned the inqueat until 3 o'clock thia afternoon, whan it is hoped tb testimony of th mother can be obtained. If anything has been learned by tbe parents of the unfortunate girl as to the paternity of her child, it ba not been road, public. Assee tea Clella; Xlea. There was a time, aad that within the memory of men of th present generation, when such a thing as a suit of ready-made clothes waa not to be had. The maa who wanted a suit of clotaing bad to be measured for it. and to take tbe chance of the tailor titling him or making a miaQt, aa it happened to turn out. It was ibe aame way in abuts. A ready-made shirt could not be bought at any price. He who neetied new shirts had to trust to ibe skill of bis wife or hie mother-in-law Jr mor .f tr. aely. tn goods were furnished him,either fitting nicely, or els, according to the old saying, "Hanging like a shirt on a bean-pole.' 1 Tbia saying, by the way. had ita origin in the many u.httita which were xna re- -suit ot aeon at hom-mad an iris. Now ii is all cbangrd. The ready-mads gar' meat business, irom underwear aU the way to overeoaia. ia a complete industry in itself, enx- ployiag myriads of worsen and millions of cash eapituL One of tue largest establishments representing this industry in thia part of the country is the "Tower palace," on West Market street, and one of the beat known aslevmea. aa weU aa tne moat popular, ia B. F. Karanar. wnoox ail the patrona of lb house regard as aa old friend. Air. hArsner has bad as long experience in tbe clothing trade as any man in Lotus villa. To see him actively at work and busily aiteutixns-to the wants ot his pair uus, nobody would sup-poMthatMr Karsner had been, within a few' years, aa invalid. Yet such waa the ease. . T on of our cor respondents, who waa buying som goods, Mr. Karsner. remarked, "Yes; 1 waa a auiterer from uebxiity. 1 suppose it proceeded frum oeer-aora. 1 waa vary muoh pulled down, ' and feu tuat ail say strength was gone. I remained ia th' : couuiiiou for some time, trying one thing af ur another, and receiving; liuie or no goou irons auy oi tne thiaga I tried, until, through tue recommendation of soma good frienua. I rot bold of a bottle of Brown's Iron itinera. Altuougu I heard this medicine very bkihiy spoken of, I wa some w tut i skeptical about it, jiisl because I had tried so many things, but this was different from everything else I had fully following the airections, 1 took four bottles. I kept on gaining strength anJ good spirit until before a great wxdie 1 waa aa aula aa ever to attend to business. One in awhile, when I feel a little run down, I resort to this remedy again, and a. ways with good reeu.t. I hate xuauy I ttenda wbo hate, for one cause and as- oiuer. Heeded a tonic, and I have freely recora ...... 1 1 . . 1 . .... ... wita ""- . iwkwi o inset me up. t j tAietaueui ao axirm tuts same urovo s iron bitters. 1 have heard many good worda from some of tbem of what it bus done. I keep a Utile bottle on hand, and I don't intend to b without it. You may set me down as a firm believer ia brown's Iroo Bitters.' In lots same great clothing mart is another salesman. Xlr. G H. Burton, to whom our corre-apouuent then paid a visit. 3Ir. burton is la charge of the department of neck-w at and fur- niahinga. lie. too. has an extendve acquaint-ance. although he is a much younger -. Mr. Karsner. "Juy trouble." said Mr. Burton. was a nerv. ous heaaa:he, which not only irave me much pain, but Ure-iteueJ to uuderinine my consiitu- lion, brown a Iron hitters brought me back to good health. I am happy to say. It is now about a year ago thai 1 beau to take it, and what very much surprised me waa tbat oue bottle should aocomplian what il did. My triends wer aa uiucu astonished as I uaa. I nave recommended this meuiclne to many ef them, aad nave beard ot instances ia which it has done much good. I am free to aay that it is the beat tonic 1 know of." And so roes the store of the success of Brown's Iron liutera. Frum cue friend to another men lion is made of it, and in oue circle and soother, ia every directiou, we bear of languislung lava-lids made hearty, weaa and nervous ones strong and stout. To tbe pale it brina-s rosy cheeks, and to tit dtspeptica it gives sound aioniacha and tb enjoy meut of easy digestion. Ladies and children who are deli cute and sickly ar beipd into vigor oua life and tha nioyasat of e.ceueni bealm. It I no wonder that such a medicine aa this 1 C polar aa-teeg tb people. Th peepie go be s arug tsortsj aad buy iw

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