The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 103V 26 Win Honor Roll Places in' Junior High Ban- There are 20 students In Junior nl|(!i s:lviol who "maile" lh:> hoirj'r roll for the first month of liu so*. , oml s?me-.<*r. They are: *' EA-1—Jam?s Pounds, fjetty Jo nodson, Mary Lynn Jackson, -nrai Loi: McCiilchcn, Slary Helen Mjon. 8A-2—Harold Hull. 11111 l.ivertv i Jimmy Mor<nn. 1'rarldins K||[,- VSKI Ell/abatl) Ooodrk-li, UMi Al Hie same time other Jc;ln "'"• A!1 " Buchanan, am! Prorcsslonsl Women's clubs I , 8- "-'-Charles Caldivtll.. Augustus throughout lhe United States °' v ' lio;)We n Oa'Uliis, Lafalra were discussing "The Business Wo- • ' Tom li - :|[>1 '- Clauda Hinvarl, man As n CHlmi," lhe IJlylhe-1 . 7A ~'— Ail " -Crook, Jack Ciunn- vlllc club was carrying mil its ob- ! "' servunce of National Business mid 1 1A-2—Sill:-! MiMili, Doiis Mull- Professional Women's week with a G -">';e Hntilnrl, jjilly Joins-. B. ami P. W. Open Observance With quet at Noble Local G'irclen I ftivilo. Public ing Tonight lo M eel- ! K >-. 't av - for"lu dinner mcollng ul Uie Hotel Noble' 7A-1—Marjcric . liii'n-r, sbl-lcy i ~,'t last night. The club had for Its i Hc *' | K<™- Mni-y Turner of Paragould, lliii .._ . . ... iltsliicl chairman, Mrs. Nona Dix-: b / .ff'anr Hlft'h "mills on of ParagoiiUI, the president of the Paragould club, Mrs, Essie Sims Porter, members of the Car- ulhersvillc club and 'several other vts'lois. Tlie 50 present heard Miss Turner brhij! out several vflal points In her address on the busines:: woman as a citizen in which she • startling filets as to woman's lie Is to hav? i^n elub whti-h will h,,,. , ur , u > foremost alln (lie beuiitiflcatlon o' rilythcvl'lf. liotii in;.]) aii:| \vom-n iii-i- to be mnmlx'rs of the new organization, wtilch LS to (unction as :i .»ei>arnl? group (row oilier 01- 'ioiis and whU-h will carry •fjmp'Hs program i:,i s y C!1 °. Psrircl in Attendance T>iere c.i-e SI) b->-s :i-Kl 27 '»j>-is In Jiin'nj- MO.'I <;:>:-:oat wlio hu-| « nerf'ct iii''!ir!"!i?e rwavd diiri'ij "'" li-sl mom. 1 ) or the f:»:c-j-i s .- ni"Rt8r. They ar?: :e Nnrm»'i. Mr. W. L Homer and Mr; j. A L3?eh are Inking th? Initially: in lo -Uraw a '"H" npm'or-^Hn fmii all iinrts o' th« cliv. Aimuj those who are cntfilitfn'llr over llir vlans 'in-1 v.-l-o |>'iin to coon?raie' or?' P:iut Cral?. landscunt- enthusiast oi ...... >.... <B ,,».Li> n» lu tvumuivs o«-i —wauace Nrmtr»i. position In Ihc United Slates in Pound-, J. w. Shouss, Ifunlc lhe handling of money and her Place in politics, .she urged business women to become beller informed on public affairs, lo vole conscientiously and to accept, their duties in public activities in an effort to make tho country u. safer and happier place for their chil- KUis, ,_,„„„, .t;,, IJSHtV J&au Hill, Ann Buchanan. 3-B—Frances Curlew, R T. l,an••" •"• ***• *^i*ji**w j;> HI 11.1 *-1 uifs- j (JO .I, Rn vi no IK! Orn wfortl At'pll Eional Women's clubs until lliere! Clierrv. j. p. Eihs. William Loiv< arc now 66,000 members enrolled , Ff ed Perry, jack Taylor, Tom "--'' dren. • Mrs. Dlxon also told of the expansion - of^ Business and Profes- Ncl:jli Thompson. Di = k Write. Mi'lfy Jo Dodson. jfaiy i, vm , .. « .„ „, ,„-,„ vullli , u 7 . 3U •laekson, Evelyn Jorrf'-n. Murv H-'-hu o'clock, at the Cliambcr ol Coiii- »-' Frances Wade, p.iu-icia mefce rooms of Die city hall when me city 1-,1-jn .school family | L'-uis ,Cherry, naylc Itfnder'soi,.' Mrs. W J. Pollard, Jesse Taylor iintl oilier llow-pr gro'.vsrs. Final ulaiis will b; worked out. In j| ')U"--limr to b? held (cmisiu Bj/miEVIhLEJARK.) COURIER NEWS Osccola Society — Personal r.; Wise. 8A-2-Vro'<i nan, niil L . Jimmy ~"r>!>n, psarldine Vsra Elizabeth Gooarich. ln tlie United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Mrs. H. ],. Reynolds, chairman of the week's observance as Public er. Eugcn- White. James Williams. VA-J—Doris Adams, itfari-lc Anderson, Mary Babcock. Prsda Mac Banks.,Ruby Collier. Elizabeth Da- Relations chairman, presided at, vis. Uif'a Davis. Mar«arot,"whits- the dinner. She introduced W. T. Oberst, president of Mrs. i »cr O'.ven nrai-field, E. L. Crouch, tl, e i Charles Gray. <A-2—Osne Fields. Havwoort Trar- dy, George Hubbiird. clarence J^nson. Wanda Pislier, Virginia Hill. Jettye clars Huffman, Salli- Mathis. 7A-3—Hcrsliel Trotler Hays Epraclbv. MIHon Patterson. .Shir- Icy Rod7!-rs. Mnrf'irie Rinier. nil) Stovnll. Albert Saliba, Louise Rice. Arl Colony ].-p;irs Fires - CARMEI... Cal. (UP) _- Precautions ai-? being taken In this III- ;rnry and . arlislic colony to prevent destruction of any masterpieces by nre. WPA workers are building n nre house for the col- Blythevllle elub, who brouglit greetings from the hostess chib •riie response was given by Mrs. Jewell Williams, president of the. Caruthersville club. Morris Corzine of Memphis played several trombone solos with Mrs. Jess Homer at the piano. Mrs. J. G, Barnes led In the group singing. The dinner was n colorful affair. The tables were arranged in the Blue Room where a patriotic scheme of red, white and blue . was attractively carried out. There were vases of forsythia about the room and bowls of jonquils arranged along eacli of the four ta- --- —- blcs. Also on the tables were clov- j°' ly ' , to hou ? c al1 fire-fighting er favore, contributed by business""""'"" firms of the city, of pink carnations, "make up" sets, cigarettes, matches mid pencils arranged with ( the place cards and programs, t which were in '.yellow and green. The spring inotif was. used in; the programs aiid the place cards hart Saint Patrick shamrocks' and the gold emblem of the organization on them. Other visitors present were: Mrs Margaret Hardy of Cjimden, Ark' Mrs. Gertrude McElwain, Miss Pauline Harnra, Miss Nellie McClanahan. Miss Lorenc Dryden Miss Huby Kelly. Miss Mayme Herndon, Mrs. Adee Martin Miss Laura Belle Shepard. Mrs. Georgia Arnold, Mrs. Raye Stroud, Miss Eva Lee Smith and Miss wilma Adams. of Caruthersville, Miss Mecca Davis and Miss Irene Warm of Hayti, Miss Winnie Vir- Kl! Turner, Mrs. Pearl Spencer and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris, of here - -"J '"III WIJl'll clhcers will be elected. The dues will be numlnnl ami the backers n 1 His movement ara cxlendln« n ciibliL- invilallon to anyone i»rei-- tslcd in gardening and cliy beau- lificallon lo become members It is planned to launch a cily wide movTinsnl at once with substantial caih priuss lo be given for ;]:e most Irirjrbved yards this spring o-..|. r jj,,,, IT cost aml olll;r |ti(cr _- co7iles(s. Wrong Home Floored; Firemen Embarrassed MO.VSOiV. Mass. arpl—"Whafs going on up there?" Inquired M rs Florence Pease of 235 Main slr:et when firemen b^an poiiriivj wa- Icr (loivn home. chimnev of Firemen inforniEd her she had a chimney fire, but when she lold Iheiir she used an electric range ar-d had i>o fire in the haiiss. they apolosbcd and left-for 253 Main street, whers Elmer Pease had re- |:orted 'a ciiimncy fire. Mrllindlst Educator lo Speak llt-rt-. The li'.'v. Ira A. Dnnnl'Jy :if Conway, secreuiry of cliristta'n Eduea- lion for the North Arkansas Con• v ""c? will sp?alt at tlie Mclliod- 1st clnirch tomorrow night at 1:30. S'ereop'.iclon vinvs ol Sonthjrn Mclhcdisfs .schools and lle::ls of work will Tie shown. l.uxora will also iiuomt. Tile iniblii; is cordially invll;d. I'lesbytrrhin Auvlllary Mi fix Ofrieers. Mrs. A. P. Ssiicse wa? eleclcd m-esldrufor (lie Prcsbyterinn Auxiliary for the ensuing year, bc«in- iilng April I, at the business meeting held yesterday afternoon at, ih" .'.onis of Mr.s. Sum Coble. Otlie- dlicers who will serve \vtlh her are- vic?-!MT.sldcrii, M/-S ii. j. fiaii- K ? c - relaiy. Mrs. Cifo-jii Dayle; ueas- urcr, j\Irs. Dick Craner; clnlrnnn circle ni-n*;r one. Mrs. D. S. l.-i- Mey; circle number two. MM. P 1) lliilc. Thi' devotional lesson was giv;n by Mrs. <j"ir%<i E:hinsloi). All E:Titer market of cakes, candy, uii'J •Jrcs'-e-l !;blek»n<; will be licld^farel) W at SDer-Fnwler Urug store. Orders are being taken by Mrs. D. S. Lfincy. Mrs M. E. Carter was a guest. Mrs. r;. a. chiles was wit!) Mrs. Cable. JllclfmdJst w. .11. S. nrglnu Study. "Cul of Afric.i" is the name of the r»\ v mission sludy book on Methoiiisl mission work in that (•Giintrv bcRiin yesterday by the Women's Missionary sorlcty.- Thtf cluss- ;'V will te lauHhl by Mis. I). F. Taylor jr. each third Monday at 'he church. The president, Mrs, O. B. Sfgrnves, rejioiteil on lhe work (Ions last week on Hie church lawn. * • * l!anth:l Circles Mecl. The circle programs for IfllT tnk- en from "Home and Foreign Fields. 1 ' mission Journal, follow Uie Bsnenil theme, frulls of His snlril Pence was the siil>J?ei discussed al the three circle mceh'nos J">TI-~<I" which met in Uie home of Mrs. Ida Tucker and Mrs. Hale Jackson, Mis. A. L. Uoyce and Mrs tin Mustin. AL circle number one in Mrs. Jackson's home. Mrs. R. n. Jones. Mrs. 1. s. Burlon and Mrs. A. P. 12 lold of Christianity's con- Pri'.dfrjrast similar subjects .\vore reviewed by Mrs. D. II, Dlnckwoon, Mlw Virginia Blnckivoort nnrt Mrs. W. |>. ][al«. At Mrs. Mn'slln's home (hose dls- ouwins world pence mcivetncnts »•!'« Mrs. J. s. Uoiiijlas.-Mrs. c. i M. lloilon. uiul Mrs. B. li. Cok-. Mrs. arabi'l was a visitor al this I Oc(0(ibiK Atlond irouiie I'.xrty. A group of O.iceula's younjur set were w«k end gnesls nt lhe hniisc l.'iiriy jjivfii by Mr. mid Mrs. c;rad> Hro-»-n at Ujfii- homo in wesl Msm- liliis S:iturJny uiul Sunday. The Sliest list ills, included samo from Mi'iiiphls ii'nd ; Oxford. Miss. A Mi-mphls orchestra furnished music for (Itmdiig .Siitimlny nlKlu with - ^olo numbers by Miss' ujlllo nrown Tlioss nttrnilliij from here were: Lone Oak News The ^^ssiO!lary Sociely of lh~ Methodist "chi:rc!i met at 'the home of Mrs. Odie Huey. Miss Dorothy bee Powell entertained 35 young people with a party Tuesday night. Jesse Poster and children left Wednesday for Mountain !!om° Ark,, where they ivill reside witli' Mr. Poster's mother. , S. E. Austin attended • to busi- ' ness in Memphis Friday. Riley church is quite il] at his home. Tlie Lone Oak basketball team.' are planning u> em er the tour nament Friday ami Saturday. ELECTKIC & ACETT1ENE WELDING / AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Go, PHONE 18 WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF AN EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to rcpali yon! to £rst Class cm ' dl -| A Complete Lfne of Tuhc, and Parts - - H M l Trices Hubbard Tire *i H a t, Co. t Phone 476 I . In the program led by Mrs. L. Mn If Kelson S Gertrude Timlle, Kdna nnd Ayr?s, jane w'ealhersby, of Philadelphia, Ml«; -.;raves, ;rvin ilievlllc; j. N. Thotntyion, Mem plils; Marcus Fritz, Joilcsboro! nnd Holt Halo of cmwfoKlsvllle. MLw June WMtliersby has ac- eeplcd ^thc position' ns secretary (o Couiily Jmtije s. f,. ; qindlsl). }, Marvin tapper was uecomrianl'd lo.lhi! llajitlft. tepidi! hi Mem- |il)ls .Sunday by Mrs.- Luiira Koi"">. Hi; Timlerwenl un opcrution • n|)!)e))dtcUis yesterday morning. , - -• .',-, Miss June Wentliersby hail nil her week end ;t iiests. MLss Marie Kstes ami Max Ihind of I'hlliul'.'iphla, MKs. •. v! Vanes Carlwrlglil luis relurned from n vaeiillon of two monihs S|K'Jit In Xlinmt, pla, Number Nine ' Mi's. B. H, Collins loll Silnituy for Ultourii. Ma, lo noend w-al r sun, isirlc CollliH MAN'NKKSS- .. _ 'Ifst jour kiiiiululi'i- uf rqrrecl orl,a itiaet". liy jnvV^r^iij; lh(- Collawlug iiutsUanx, thfn chefVinf ngalilst the nutlivrllallve answcru' lifloii, 1. When n friend dies, to whom ore (lowers soul If one does hoi know any member or'the bereaved fiunlly? _ -i ; 2. liow'tnay fyae .show Ills wm- alliyat tfio (ie;i(li, of ~n friend? 3. May n; iniin' rcfjise lo .-.crte as iirillbftiror? •I. Mny one show Ills njiprecla. tloti for kindne.tecs showh at tlu time of n dcnth by 'tirlnlliVj nn nc- - In the columns o' nml fnuilly. --., ........ , ..... uv,., t ., ,„,- ' .. Ic NlclioHon, Wayne nnd 1'uyjie 1 '"OvcO ( 0 Blccl;, Ma. ulckcrson, A. L; l CrlUciuloii of \vil- Jo;i11 Mrs..nlcle McCftslln Iwvc >n. Mr. and Mrs. IJowcn Ilaynlu -'lid Mrs; Culhcilne Curter. Mis, lirown was formerly Miss MaiSiieriU! I'0(i(' of this city. I'iiiK It'ufT yisllin- lliiiuirt.i. Mri. J. _T. MuInlyrcM-clurnsI lo ''<'r home In Pine uliitf yt'.st.'i-duy iHi'r siiiiivllin ten days here wllh tirr sisler. Mrs. ,\. W. Ycunii and M:. Young. ; '.!''',. Sha was tin reelplcnl of .several sccial ailairs while hurc, Mrs. L. C. 8. Young entertained with a bridge UmcSeon for her on Fri:lay. Yesterday Mrs. Charles Hose and Mrs. diaries colcmun entertained s'Sbt luncheon gtiest.'i at Die Hotel Nolle In her honor. • * • Mrs. John White, accompanied by Millnrd 'fompklns, drove to Ul- lle Rock Sunday where Mrs. While will visit her daughter, Mrs. Oeorjie Adams. fo> several days. Miss Clayton of Joiner, a sludenl nl oic Miss. Oxford. Miss., .silent Ihc weekend with her parents. Mr. aiid Mrs. c. II. Wcalhersby •iiid son. Joe, attended the MC-- C'.eary school of instruction in dry ileaning in Memphis Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. D. n. Rhickwood nnd MoiKliiy . 15nr- nlslil ;il linve ns their house gut'sls this week. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. L. McNicl of Ullle liock. snm Rlclumls of Hot Sprinfo wiis also n guest Sun- clay evening. Among the visitors nt court yes- tculiiy ivcrc: Virgil' Greene,' illy- Fbrty nnd Klghl with Mr. llnteh- er's num. Mrs. Lau Row . - " |ivb(;ri,.ciinnhi s hiini has rcliim- «l lo his home hi Sleele after n vlsll with Jvts urnixtinothei, Mrs. llnb James. KVnns Burden, who hns been quite, ill. is bettsr. ,. . • Alice Collins returned to her home Sunday after spending three weeXs in. Piixlco with MIS. G. .1. Whittle, who lias been bciSoiisly 111 With pIlCIIIDOHlll. 6. If you are merely nil ac- .iinlntnnee of Hie deceased, shonlc )ou tike n.sciil. toward tlie rear ol ilia ehurch at. the funeral? Wlwt; would you do If— A pei.von will) wl'om joii b(cn connected in ft bu;.llifs.s v/ii) dies, and Ihsie h a Jencral nollcc George White May Try For Comeback in Ohio CLEVELAND ' (UP) - Polillcnl observers say former Gov. Gcoi^c While, ivlio wns Ohio's chief executive from loan lo 1934, is prc- inulng for n toniebnck. He Is 'expected to .seek the Dem- ocrnilc nomination for forcnior In 1938 and lo K ct Into the |>rlninry no matter -what Unvcy does. . Cinv. Martin Hnffalo Graveyard routiil I'IBHHE, S. D. <UP)—DUcovery by Tied Jenncweln of tho Federal vvrllcrs 1 project of n strange buf- fnln limvcyard. hns scientists "buffaloed." The (il'nveyiird consists of masses of hones burled hi layers mulev many feet of enrlh ou Iho Grand river, .south of Ujmnon. Read Counet News Want Ada PAGE THREE 8 . MIND MANNERS -.00 lo the church and lo the' (b> Do not attend lhe funeral? (c) Oo lo the service at the church? Answers 1' 'Ihoy ore addressed lo Ihc deceased.} '4, Dy wfUJngr "Wllli sympathy" on lihjcard and leaving It at tho nousc.Vor by urltlng a lelter to ' the family, In. addition • to sending*' flo»eis t ' • j • 3, No. 4 Yes, but Uie a|)procintlon also must be written Neither are cn- gnivcd nor printed cards of appre- ciallon correct Sl < 6 yes micro'are no ushers at a funeral) Best "Wlmt .Woulil 'You D3?" Si- , lulloii-Me). * i ! ' V \ f ' Sub Zero Hraied In Shack WHITEHALL, WIs (UP)—The lermty has dionned to 40 degree* l)clo\\ manj times heic tilts winter, but iiert meed merely tujiu- ii|) Ihc collar of hts sheepskin coat milt ref^Lsei lo move out of the wuse-ca'r lie bul(t frorii a 1911 nod.el car, ' AtthaVm-yfifit WARNING SNIFFLE VlCKS , , | ;.Use this'upiqxjeqiifor preventing^ colds, especinlly designed'for nose and throat' where most 'colds start. tJsed in time, Vo-tro-riol helps 'to' ovoid 'mafty colds. ., REGULAR SIZE 30c . ' OOUitE QUANTITY 50c CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON SEED ' Land's End Plantation Seeds Tin<!o Mark Reg|jjtfre<f ••-' WE SELL ONLY sfeED WE GROW R. H. ALEXANDER < Scoll, Arkansas' ,V ltl1 Ruby Keeler says: ; -Luckies are a light smoke that treat a •i tender throat ri 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Trices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage I T NOT only brings tliat smart, modern appearance to any kitdien, but the new 'S>lftHt{ftrc(" HOSTESS SINK helps kcq> die kitchen looking fresh and Spacious cir.wets, roomy compartments and wide back Ic-d.qc provide place for everything you need. There ate special racks inside the center cabinets for soaps, cleansers and even towels. And the HOSTHSS SINK mitchcs perfectly with all types of built-in kitchen cabinets and gives all the advantages of the most efficient material for kitchen sinks-.ici<l resisting enamel on cast iron. Ask your Master Plumber to'tell you the cost. He ran arrange financing on FHA terms, help you plan a modern kitchen and furnish the skilled workmanship so necessary to satisfactory sen-ice. Call him today. I.ct him give you complete information on transforming your kitchen into one that will never &™<>K<1. ,...„ , siwK * XQI cn "^. *s»»nfcf*' HOS i l , , W |«<H"8 d ""° y ' °" ^ ' ° " *~' M ™'™*' "I.ije ii loo precious lo endanger il ty initiating Plumbing lo ImiiJi other thm those iejl ijifjlifitii lo assure Httthh Pro- leelioH—tbe Master Plumber." PmiJtnl ^anitattg 11)^, Co. "" PITVSBURGH.PA. i JSUUIOMB ' "In a way, it's easier fo keep in condition as (i didicer than as a singer. iKxcrcise can fcee/) tKe muscles in' i-/i«/>e, but there are a (otof'thiiigs that can go tuning with the voice and throat. It stands to reason, then; that any actress wants ct cigarette that is gentle and strikes the jigRt note «6iih her throat. I started smoking Luckies 4 years ago. They're a fight smoke that neat a tender throat right," LOVELY WARNER BROS. STAR NOW APPEALING IN: "READY, VViLUNG AND ABLE" n independent survey was made recently among professional men and women—lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc. Of those who said they smoke cigarettes, more than 87% stated they personally prefer a light smoke. Miss Keeler verifies the wisdom of this preference, and so do other leading artists\ b| the radio, stage, screen and opera. Their voices are their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too, can have the throat protection of Luckies—a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted". Luckies are gentle on the throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS"THE CREAM OF THE CROP" A Light Smoke "It's Toasted"-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRR1TATION-AGAINST COUGH

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