The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1934
Page 8
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r i ; Brain iTiusteis and G c . '• ^ness Men Compclc fo '' Recovery > Leadership —' —-— .— a^*nfav,u,7, (An?r.) counts?!, ^7,1 The, Quintuplets Take Their Ease in 'TheT^TS^ 4<r.? AI——^—.„.. ^t , .........^. . . '., '.i. • / _____ —- —...,»" imic'iiuit WASHINGTON- Since footbn went out ofjseason, Die cipllil In been nble to turn Its -utcnllon the big scrap >lv\oen the cruk pofs ond the Stuffed ShhLs 'Stuflcd ShirlV !_. ilie mine >, pllid l>\ bidiji (.tisan, i a _ nost , the big bu<in.% leiders who no seek to star Uie New D-a] lour a recovers for which t!n.y cm tnV some credit—and «ho, «r course m jirono to inter to fie buin luislci IB Crackpots Lately RwKeielt IMS cjlvui Hi 1)111 to Hit Sluirci Chillsmid it i clmi'gcd iheyjf. merely uiimln back iind forth acioxs the n°li v\ thonl gelling any neaici Ihc goil inl's the same criticism i| tc stur red {jhirts mul lo ippu to tin Crackpots Now that the Sniffed shirts iic going into n huddle with a in"i>t Ing of 100 leaders of the II s Chamb-j- of -Coinuieui. and the National Association of Manufacturers at White Sulphm springs It appears tliej nnv c!°ve)o» some strong ne\v pli\a But (he cinlctt Crackpots dont hue haa -i dunce (o ( le- \elop a dcuMEMon aiw ever slnre late In 1929 and tint none of tliein n« >el produced a workililc idci Thcv coiifldcnili t\ K u that Roosevelt win soon have to leiuw the ball to the Cinckiwu If lie wants to resume Broi stmwn mid othei iltsndnnK In u,e nulntuplel there? considerable salaint it (ho idol that lilg uiiilnesb lonhrs ra ted to lead u- buk to wjsu-rllv One reason is that .Mr stlis Sf-uvn Is chnirwai ,, n,, miml)- in York Cotton* 5!® X^T"''' » ™>'<- fd \t>J steady ', «w» higl, inn r]a,e i2M ms 124? I211 1249 l«5 \Wi |2« Upd P6I 12^4 l*>7(j 12'H 1262 U^ 1217 l*?l 1^50 li-il UK Ii30 1245 U28 12^ BIJOU clM«d, ste-jtiy at 1280 up 5 New Orlevna • .1 . «EW OnLPANfe, Dec 14 (UP)— Cotion c!o.ed very stPidj o|)0]i high low clos" (Dec 12W. 1K2 J24S 1252" Jan, < 1247 1255 1247 1253 Maich 12f,6 I2«4 12BIS 1262 Mny 12M 126J 1205 126i J »lJ 1254 1201 1J53 PCI Oct ,J229 J24* 1S29 .1244 cl steady at 128) ui> 6 Chicago Corn open high low DM., 9) 1-2 §2 1-2 91 I 2 'sa'l-o'n^ May 88 1-8 89 1 2 KH &3 n «,* Closing Stock Prices A T and T. AnAconda Copper . tlptlilehe-m -Stwl OlnysJei , Ocneial Oenoiul Motois intonation il Jl-inpsfci ^fontBomii-y, Ward Nfw Ypik CeiHii) Paikaul rhllllp, petioleum Had'o corp Simmons Bed-s^ St Louis San Franchco Standaid of N J Texns Co If 6 Sl«| McKe son Robblns Zohjtc U' S Smelting , 105 3-8 10 V-8 20 1-2 3D ' 1 1-J \D9 Tan!' 17 ^ (0 1-4 Bar Across Room Tcwrj VVct n , T When Die ftoi UI , B h o, r 0f " voted to le ° y 38-1-8 •>8 iil 4 3-3 J4 I 2 5 1 2 !•'.> 1-8 I-1-4 40 5-8 id (2 1-B S !-•! 4 1-1 IX 1-8 ----- <lrj II n» a Mwple matter for Hr., rV« in tho ta,/,^ 1 & moved hK Ijni to the MIU1L11 UtOipn lino the Iwirne.],! "Lit. 2 ,10, ,,,. i . Nile 6:45—10 3 Refused to Salute Flag And Loses Her Job Chicago Wheat open high low C lo<c 1001-4 ion-8 iuo)-a 101 J02 1C07U10178 Brilish Lord Believes Cursing Is Out of Fashion IjVNN, Mas.> (Ui 1 ; — vna Ka- H oni of (i Job because she .n |K D ? N . (ur>) —1-onI Ua-iid Ce W """* 11W ^^ out of^A ^V^n 80 ^ S'^F 0 ,^ 9 * a ^ p^n-.tte Mhs NabeJika, w " j m , nj prolmncnl . Nev lks ^, Men ^s mnujr con out of the chimbe, a " Vcw Typo Detonse Defeats Game Contract by a Trick nbout art'ficl£ Ont, 'call if, ,-rii P , Inu N(? ,' tl ta tons l>ro)> d thai ( h(! , xrf« , c" ROtW1 allcl ""II the wff« "f Sum em- rjomi Juslle" nob- Tin'^r, 11 """ 18 lha inonMn of lOTin ffn > unfri, „ « - oe'ved bv bommisWnt tion StUJebaker, and fo hlng Roul Speaker of T.rnlorle, «« look a lo ' of he MnfBnj out of him Prank Jiad made an InnornniK which started now re nl "d ' , tnat such sn-eches could no tonsor EO unchallengta , n hU Solution to Previous Contract Problem Bl MM I McXfcNMl Sc(rctar>, Amerlcin Hrlilse Lcjjue I his Is the nnnl of a seller bv :hiee nitlcle'i desciibhi" an interesting nnil unusual defenstvD plnv I like todnyv hand because It slows jou how (ai vou urn yo with thew; nn e pln 5S Now some plnvcrs ml»ht siu lo on 'Isnt (hh n private convention? Ceitnlnlj nol Just bscniiso join opponenls do nol know ns much about tho pldj of the hand as vou do thej Dave no tight to class this plaj as a private conven- f'S" (Mi Ain !f remember that jour knowledge'of 'his piny in no a ay illccts IJieir plnj ns flicv are nb- souilelv lielpless against it , ^i the plaj- bf'ilodav s Jiahd jou »n\e to lake into coiUderation Today's Contract Problem How Co jou think the bid rtliid [mould proceed to irilvo "t i beven club rftntrocl' Should Hast dftliblo and, wHolder lio does 01 nol, can the eontiact be defeated' •» *S5 1 ¥ i i • N'oiin' + A Q : .T 10..7 5 n 2 AQ10M V 0 'I !> C -J * "i r < N V I Dtt!*r K 17 »Q T10 C «2 , #3 A A7-. V A 10 G losci card when, you kno& tint, jour iMrinot u> going u, 1U ( f ls advising him thai youi entry cud s in the lowci or the unbld sulk When you lend the dcilcc of (II i momli, Fnst uifTs with u sun! spidc und now dellbaialely lend- n o ub into dummy's ace-queen west iiiffs and the conliaot Is dc fcated one nick manner inore to Date than theic is nov — N '"""" i i Jv duip " np tho Bnl the union ^ al . * lth newspapers, films, com- look awaj her card nnri =!,„ ^HH munlsts and Pasclofs oWect* "o e unon look awnj her eard and she win ™ n bo unable to woik m I Jynn Fhoe hatc °" c foi a >ear Wedding Ceremony Was Written on Paper RPNO, MeV (UP)-Rcv nrcw- er Adams officiated ta a quiet home Redding • where nclthei tile Without' envying this pU. f Lab ^ Appeal, lo RoOSe- vSd "° 1 ^ •»•**'^"^c" « sl^— njlscnrd U,B_ declme, win. over , w A un^^-- Unions or ihe ma.,^ Vic- uec H (UP) mm,, ™ a ^ heet Qf ^^ The their o-e jell to nnkc lection 7 A (collect I u baio-ilnlng) of the nntloml Marsh Callaway Awarded """"uni iccoveij act i p^ r t of Davidson Frosh Numeral ™." a "° 113 ncrmanenl law The Woman Cut's WAYNE M? AK (; Solullo'n In uoxl issue her oi> n permanent NBA »•" carts vvatei froEn' u 'siahw ™°™fi laboi *e,e nlaccrt n,, Mr ca.rle, home hi, ow gToceiln •— from the village Uo miles away nil' he _ . -r--— " 's due to me m-> of sc CMC winch tends to make People 1 look upon ca<.h othei « mechanisms and van cannot hn «>y an gl y with D mechanism • rUSCALOOSA, Ala CU P) Victoi Rain« s ot Porlhnl defeated iiorris Nfarcu '"" Ah, to GENE RAYMOND; "Grand/afhez's Clock" Carfoon "Unluckv Stnke" With Chic Chandler Saturday Only MTince 2-SO-«?f!r ROX Friday & Saturday \Fatinee S Night— We A S 1 ! V 17 (i f AKQ 1 o A A one 4 I. 1 3 *SC Huplicntc—N aud b vul Soudr 1* 2* Double 2 A, 3 » 3^ T Puss I'ass . .Double Pass I'ass lend—f K "" 14 bidding Rcmertibci tint Fast oubled Noiths club bid i Wests opening lend ntalnst the illnmonds He continues with (ho tiuecn Past shows out discnidlnz the nine of clflbs , Now of couiso West can lay down ]>k third dlimond und It mil hold But that would not defeat Ihe contract West knows lint his ijHitnci can uiff ihe next diamond but If he can get his part ni>r In to lend a club, tint trick can be,ruffed also to defeat the contract So nl Ihls point, West? Plopei plaj is (o lead the deuce of diamond; Remember I (old jou in m \ i svo picvlous articles that plajlng the P ,i ? "r c " ot Youn. ° llle Young Mis»es School Fir«t Time In Her Education Career 666 Liquid.- Tab! t Is Salve-N'ose Drops 7 Checks COLDS and FEVER First Da; Headaches otirjpndejxmlract is the king c f h rc M ° Ult °? 1U>il to adnilt sy«em wa s s-idlj out of that that NASAL IRRITATION DR.-N, L. CISSELL GRADl/ATE '\15TERINARIAN " LoCnted at Boi Harris 1 * _. !^ Scales Stable -.-- «0» T -.^. i In ii I' .& Ar'k £ — More convenient traveling with one of « these large roomy v FORD TRUNKS $ 37* 50 A : Most Practical GUl< PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. W QUICK SERVICE STATION t FOR 1131 MODEL FORDS, COMPLETE INSTALLED - - . . Klc bimnte of the ptovL'lon foi muv- nt imuni houii niul mlnhrtum lalcB 4n '" P°i that unfali tm(!n''prae son 1 of llci " 1 !» oppof»<l ami that the ban Bead Courier Kewa Wi,"t An Insurance companj claims tint the nverago child coats $0150! lo rear ' 1 Phone 757 For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co> Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS Proprietor ill mates nf rebuilt Typfwnttrs M«n K MMblBtt and Calculators Repairing—Fur**—Ribbons CORRECTION \ th . ree , item s appeared incorrectly in ° f Underwear fn Mntchcd Sets -so good lotiUns they re sure to brhig n ' thanks a 'ot' from an> man Blended sets consisting' of either fine ribbed cotton or rajon shirts ami broadcloth shorts stjled bv Enro $1.50 Jackets Of Leather and Sucilc v : For Men and Women —n fine gift for the outdoor person of eMIier se\ \fodeled bv Qiover Rhichmenns ,11)6} re fts swanky ns an oflipcr's uniform The stjles are lerj- new with zipper front, ot" couns 1 ' * $ to Hickok Belt Buckle Sets Hand'xime full grain Leather Belt, wlfn most Ktracthe buckles in utlltty pl- ages consisting of Cigarette Boxes Aih - and Cocktail Shakers Smaller Hiekok sets .containing 'Belt Buckle and ;rie clasp neatly packed In Bakellfe Cigarette Case. >, , ••-, IK 1.SO to 3.00 1.50 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. SERIAL •am* MOWN uu ~» "" "K«»K - C \RTOON Sunday - Monday SERIAL - - C-VRTOON Sunday - Monday ' """'"" K VTTP_10.-•?<;•; ^a"- Recl Pictoria) Rcruo —ADDED— "Madhouse Novelty" "Garden Pailv" Comedy , Paramoimt Xcvvs'

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