The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1933
Page 5
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_ WEDNESDAY. .'AUGUST o, 1933 CLASSIFIED SECI ION - , f Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IMlljr r»U per line tor COI«CL- llve Inurtlons: (Rve words to m line). One time per Un« 10c Two times per toe per d»y 08c Three tune* per Hoe per <Uy 06o six time* per Uue per <i«jr .. (Bo Month r»t« per line «c cb*rs» He Ails ordered for tliree or six •topped before eiplra FOR SALE —Four wheel' trailer wllh bed, suitable for uny pur- |;ose. ALso 12 foot lightweight Hsh- boat. Cull W. lliD oi 1 -105. named court, but is not 'recorded. All parties having or claiming :,.• Crufton lit'lip have any .Intcri'si in or to the 9-ckl'/l irojicrty first above dcmiln-d. arc ONK and One-half Ton 1930 'I'ruck—llariiuin. liy'ruiii rroiiucu Co. Across from I'ostJlllct'. •Jlc k'Jt HEAL ESTATE PMtMS nnd Homes, ens.v imy- isienls. Ethel B. Thompson. Cn- nilliersviile, Mo. 8i>X9-8 hi weeks ah i i|ll(l the \varncd 'lo • within six hereof, and «'( up llirlr clniius; ollirrwlse the ramp v\lll Ix; for. ever barred mid precluded. Dated this 8th day of Ausubt. 1933. 1?. I,. GAINF.S. Clmmvjry Court Clerk. Held, Evrard & Henderson, Yellowstone Nat'l Park Beautified by C.C.C. VK!.l.q\VSTONB I'MUC. WyO. Ull'l-Vfltowsunif 'National P»rk :>; r:relvlnu- nn extensive Ix'iuily licnliurnl ul Hie Iwmts of Mfl vouns Civilian Conservation Corm workers this Mininier. I.anrtsci\ix> Iirehilcfts nro t!i nod In each u[ ll:u four c U the worker:. luenled In lion will be charged for the number of times the ad treated and adjustment o( bill made. All Classified Advertltlnt copy aubmltted by persons re&ldlni out- tide of the city must be accompanied by eash. Rates may be wily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken loi more than one Incorrect ln- ^rtl'jn of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertion^ lake ibc one time rate. . Phone 306 or 307 FOR SALE: Beautiful Oairk farm, 80 acres. Good buildings, woven wire tenets, plenty fruit, and water. An gravel mail route. Price $550— pasi cash, balance Chaiiin, Rovcndcn, Ark. pbULTKT terms. J. C. 3[>kO-3 Attys. for Plalntm. Rla \ ' • ' ^ ' \» rk. Hojds T\>f' bc'ils tan keel to lie 'iid in with- siirnmturiuf'• »rf i«,' (i l<i prevent cvojlon, U>ud wood br-liiB cleared ?«»J' "nit uh Halilly ciunps awl "dinte" pounds. cliHinod. Klfi'ftlH're vusl areas lo ihc piirk «rr being refurbished. Nearly luo miles ol chore linn iili/iiS Jiick&un ijike, In norlh- mlein Wyoming, ire being clenr- rrt ol driftwood, and 1.3i8 acres Jtckson lii mi. fMr Vole rtrtlncl UOU) flEACH, Oiv. vut'i-oniv !u.r volet will* cast ut »>] Iso'.nt^l precinct In Curry county HI me rcrnil uptcUl election, nnd III" four ' ' " ' ' ,'r •• I • ' '• ••--.->/• ' • 'I HOCHESTW. N. Y. (Ul'1-MlHf (ion *>»« the 4ppe»n<i In.ner l;)t- I Ciilluvliic Kleli), doslgnor of miiny c<jl and most dirlni' creatlor. aj liliane c<«tuuu's, caused u bflitu-1 coUqjiliimo dress, -• TW/S CURIOUS WORLD - OUR BOARDING HOUSE 9-1S-23-3B-IJ-13! Canon Ready to' Fire on Repeal i-'On SALE—While WYANIJOTTE Cockrells. Full Wooded. Mrs. L. S. Brtscoc. 2c k9 FOK RENT THREE ROOM ^fODERN npurt- raents. newly decorated. Over :irby Drug Co. Also nparlment on <cntucky Ave. P. Simon. Phone 64. 18c k!8 BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXPERT Typev.-riling and Ad- unig Mai-inue hcpauring. U. S. biaiiKenship, US E. Hose. Mrs. J. J. Davis— Phone 4!1 Rftist<"d Spencer CorseUere 8-20 FR1OIDA1RE • Only authorized service nnd parts for household and commercial Phone olfice S7, residence 4U, A. Miller. 1'P-* * L. G. MOSS Blyllicville's Cut Itate Undertaker BARBEIt SHOl' STORK BUILDING and residence combined with complete fixtures or meat audgrocerles, C40 S. i See Dr. J. A. Saliba. 7ck-14 ONE or two rooms on North Kailroiid street, suitable for cotton offices. Will tix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Newr. MICE LARGf; bedrooms. CLOSE IN. 310 W. Walnut. 29ck8-2<J TWO NICSLY Furnished Bedrooms. 1017 Walnut. Mrs. Ed Uardin. 21c FOR RENT CHEAP: FIVE room house, bath, garage, garden. Call Q54-W. before 6 p. m. 8-19 Glovers Shampoos Stop Dandrult BoncllU Massages Tone Dp the Fac Broadway Barber Shop c k MODERN furnished apartment. Good, location. Call 135. 27c SPORTING GOODS tXPERT RESTR1NGING of Tennis Racquels; Ovcraiflil service. Buhbard Hardware Co., or B. If. BrdBdotvJr. l - -10 Inaulre about our Goii Ball You will be surprised at the 01- fer Hubbard Hd*. Co. 10c-k8 10 CLEANERS. TAILORS FOUR roam Unfurnished apartment. 1015 W. Asli. Call 412-W. 3ck9-3 WANTED TO REN1 TWp Furnished Rooms, must Del ». rcasflpable. .Call. Virgil Shepherd at 306.". ' ••• tf d li WANTED r l'O Unique Cleaning S«rvke Modern Cleaning & L First Class Storage 171 „ -8-17 HfOHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes', Iron, rrictals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck." Wolf Arlan. 128 E. Main. Phone 176. B-c-k-8- "SALESMEN WANTED Store Your '.Vintcr laundry 15ck 8-17 OUR SUPEWOK FINISH on linen suits and dresses make them loo!; ulcer nnd wear longer. NU-WA CLEAHEtVS Phone 1<<0 EXPERIENCED man or woman with car to liandle quick selling product here. Hall Sisters Shopiw. AUTOMOTIVE Have that broken glass installed in your car while you wait. We cut, srd install class in any nuke car. Shuusc-Little Chevrolet Co. 8-lc kO-1 MALE HELP WANTED Man wauled. Supply customers vritli famous Watkins Products n Blythevllle. Business established, earnings average 625 weekly, jay starts immediately. Write J. Watkins Company, 10-86 W. Iowa Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. 7p klO RIISSKI.I, ANDERSpN In charge Chrysler (iarage New V.-in Norman Boring Machine Work Guaranteed - - Phone 888 25c k8-25 1*1 us paint your car before fall. Prices are Etill reasonable on lisinling and body repairing. Wrecked carr, our specialty Shouse-Ijiltle Chevrolet Co. 8-lc kD-1 AUTO GLASS GHATTFR-PROOF PLATE SHEET THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. lOc-fc 8- PERSONAI- HOT PIG — Pit Baibecucd over hickory coals. We'll say it's good. Drive lo Rustic Inn LEGAL NOTICES Bad circulation may Injure your •motor. We'll put your radiator in shape for a small amount. We repair any make of radiator. Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9- NOTICE Notice is lioreby given suit has this day been filed in the Chancery Court for i.hc .'juvbr. Dustricl of Misibsip ly. Arkansas, by J. Nick Thomas ogainst Clvcli 1 Robinson; Ada Robinson; Mrs. G. W. Miller; Mrs. Richaidson; Mrs. Paul Eiam; Tom Miller; Mary Phillips Hobinson and firs. C. D. Elam, by which said piainlifr fecks to quicl and C3'-- firm his title to the East Fifteen acics of the North Half of the North Half of the .Southeast Quni-- icr of Section Ten (10), in Tov »- rhip Fifteen <15) North, Eleven til) East, in Mississippi County, Arkansas. r-laintiff particularly seeks t .set aside, as constituting a cloud B/.TTERIES NEW FOTID BATTERIES Rental-Recharging -Repairing 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24c 1:8-24 NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone 66 ,.po n nis title, the follouini! mat- Zc KJ ' -i i<. r s. to-v.'it: Decree of Chancery Court, rendered May 19, 1933, in case number M36. styled Mary Phillips Robinson, plaintiff, versus Clyde Robinson and the defendants above named except Mrs. C. U. Elam. which is recorded in Book 11, at page 190. of the records of the above named court. R< port'of Bnle submitted by R. I... Galnes. as commissioner ol said court under the above decree, showing a sale lo Mrs. C. D. ElKm of the East 7% acres of the lands above de- scriiicd, under date of June 27, 1033. which is on file in the office of the clerk ol said court but not recorded, > ; Commissioner's de«l from R. L. Gaines. Commissioner; to Mrs. C. D. Eloin, attempting to convey the lands lost above described, which deed is dated June 27, 1033. and Is on flic In Ihc office of the clerk of the above named court, but Is not recorded. L •• i p/,nn.r n.iiTmar Ark Order of the above court, dated SUnlon A. Pepper, lluHmar, Ark. Jmc ^ ^ approving the above mentioned commissioner's 10M "rHEVROLET COUPE !65 deed, which Is on file ill the Gail 259 ' 5P M2 c(ttc<: of tll(1 clsrk Ol lllc abovc If jour battery is weak call 633 for quick battery service. We roll New and Rebuilt Batteries. Shouse-I.Htl* Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l ~~ IMPLEMENTS Carltrail nf Wagon* Gr.t Oir Prices First rt.Triim Prodwc Co. Across from PnsiorTkr, 2lc k21 ~~ FOB SALE OK SALE — Electric Teakettle, like new. cheap. Phone 930. tf USED TRUCK FOR SALE CHEAP. PHONE 293-J. MpkH-14 AM, Vinds of roash and rtrcsscrt tXTlNCT HOT SPWN& tlmlirr killed by IninormdlnR ol OLD/ ITS ME HAS THBOOW TH« AMNO1T. GUUMTfnes , KOOPL-E, YOU JOLUER? VOU TALKED TU6 SAME WA,Y LA&T NIGHT-ABOU'T AAY CKICKEN SUCH GWDOLE CAKE& SENSATIONAL f JOVE, WERE WE IN tttANCE,l't> \US1STTMAT VOO SE MADE A rV\EKNT5E« Of- TW& UEC.IOM O^ HONOR,TOR VOUW C.ENIUS IN TME CULINARY AT*T COULT) TRY ^ STACK Of 7HESE DELICIOUS CAKES — THAT'S KING GEORGE.VKNOW - HOW ME AMD I USED TO W3T PANCAKES AND TREACLtf-YUhA- YOU O^ "YOUR T>NN ER WITH PRESIDENT EAT THOSE BEFORE GET COOL --I'LL BRING IN A -CATCH 01= HOT ONES.WITH AND APPLE •FRITTERS f "^C- BRITISH SOt-WERS Use. C/.IU0 RECAUSHTHfe BRI11SH WAR. OPPICE.ONCR SUPPUEDTMB scx-DieBs \wrrH A POCKET MANUAL, AND IN SENDING our FOfiMS FOR INFORMATION,THe NAME OSEDTO f3ESHSNATE.AKr/Ar40 ALL 6BITISH SOLtJrERS/ TIGER SHARKS DO NOT ATTACK DeiPSfADJVffiS; Tlic lift; Riin'-o( the dry cam- t° I'loek repeal '>>' proi-cdnrc Is Cnnoii William Sheaf" Cli:iKi'. slinvvn aliovo in a.ictenl inirU'uii 5lu<ly. believes many stale repeal conventions which cliose delegates :it largo arc unconstitutional. The di-ys 1'h" 1 to chal- these elections in court. filuu'k la the most dKngcrous of nil sharks. U docs not lo islliu'k u swlmmui', ind frikiiiently attackx canoes. Hav...„ n Inrui' mouth and throiil, the tlucr .ilnirk has no trouble In I luwliiit n mini. 11 somctiiui's bolls Its food hurrlnlly, however, and many curious nrtklfs have lx;cii [omul In UK; filonmchs 1 o( these creatures. What animal rurrlrs iKHlltHr. maltrfM with lt» (all? BOOTS AND HBR WASH TUBHS HEAVfflS! LOOK/ IT'S COi-.IKlO THRU CRMX& Ih IE. WW.L. . BLASTED IDIOTS', Vfe FER6OT ''OTAKE ALOMS FOOD. EftS 1 / BECOME ALARMEO. IMfERWO. WE SECOND AND THIRD WES, DUMB- L fOK SLU06. \yAlNLV, OESOfcCKTELY, THty TRV TO BURST TH6IR BOND EASY TO EXPLAIN! SALESMAN SAM CfXM'TKio ne.soKS'Lus' Ttwe i IM WEReTHftT TWERS. DViCK / vXS UK6- -WVS — .,-,-, OW VeR-R-l&rtT LtG-^M 1 WOLO __..-, VT'S- OKI SEP- LEFT I HOW VA GOWMP>)"tOOK P- FOCJV BATH- A HERO, IN PATS EYKS| FRECKLES AND. HIS FRIENDS YOU KMON.I THMC'VOO fi THOoevrr HE. WAS A GOOD IN A &WIMMIW WXE.VES -BUT IM 4k LAKE. LIKE. THIS, MOT SO V_HOT,PW.' HAS CRAMP — VU- TAKE HIM BACK TO SHORE? WH&TS TK MATTER. RED ? CRAMPS ? KEEP VOUR HE^D UP! _ PACE PAT StT.FOR A 5WIW ACROSS THE LAKE, BEF.U* TOO MUCH FOR RED..- I tX5...(JISWN€ VDUR LlFE.UKE'TH VEAH 1W MY feE ALL RIOHT, THOUGH.' RED CALL FOR HE.LP, FRECKLE5 OL-f TO tJEBCUE. HIM ICc-K 8-10

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