Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on October 18, 1963 · Page 11
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 11

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1963
Page 11
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-JOURNAL-STANDARD COMICS- CAPTAIN EASY BUTSOONRRORIATK PAWSON 15 BOUND TO PIMDMBHERC— I COME INi MB HEART1E9I \ AYP..WE DON'T 1 WEIL HAfH OVER ME NEffJPARE DOCK IM PL AN I tasamitr NEW ORLEANS WITHOUT NO CARGO ABOARD! WE'P SO TO PRISON FOR FRAUD1 OHiOH... HE'S COMIMG ABOARD! GET BACK. 110 THAT PRAWERiANP UNDER W BUNKi QUICK! PRISCILLA'S POP THAT WHAT Gr SHOULDERS, lL MOM PRISCILLA! HE ALWAYS 'EM LAYING AROUND THE HOUSEJ BUGS BUNNY SURE! I'MUUST CUSTOMER / LET HIM WAITING! A WAIT-I'M BUSY! / DO VOU THINK / YOU'LL LIK I WORKING DEPARTMENT ALLEY OOP WHEN WAS ITY'SAY ) WELL,IAST Y'THINK I LOOKEP/NISHT, FOR STUPIP? -^ INSTANCE! KNOW I WAS SITTIN/ 'AT'S IN TH'PIT LAST / RIGHT NISHT/ WEtL,SURE, I aUESSANY-/SOTHAT BODY'P LOOK STUPIP SITTIN'l PROVES DOWN IM THAT STINKIN' ^/ MY OL' PIT, FOR CATSAKE .' JSfi POINT/ AWRISHT.' ]NO,IA1NT...AN' SO NOW I I'M GITTIN 1 WU'RE / UNHAPPIER HAPPY/ L BYTH' Call 232-1171 For WANT-ADS~Char^e It BEN CASEY WOULD BE IP IT WEREN'T FOR ALL THE RIGMAROLE A MAN MUST PUT UP WITH BEFORE A SIMPLE OPERATION! GOOD EVENING, MR. PELL. EVER/: THING OKAY? IT* ALL VERY NECESSARY, HOWEVER. INCIDENTALLY, I CHECKED YOUR CHART AT THE NURSING STATION.yoU'REACOMPARATIVELY v.^ RARE BLOOP TXPE! AN AB-RH NEGATIVE. FEWER THAN ONE IN A HUNDRED PEOPLE HAVE— ' NONSENSE! x RECALL FROM MY OLD MILITARY SERVICE THAT l'A\ BLONDIE IM SORPV I SCOLDED YOU, DEAR HERE'S A REAL NICE KISS FOf? YOU BUT DOMT YOU DARE EVER FRIGHTEN ME LIKE THAT AGAIN' ( HAIf? IS TMIS 1 I FOUND OM, GOODNESS IT'S JUST ON YOUQ COAT? MORTY MEEKLE r GO TO BED. FRECKLES HILDA'S SOINO v TO par up WER_ MAIK.ANP SHE'LL. BE TAKE AN- ETERNITY f NOT AT ALL/ PUTTIN<5 UP HER. HAIR. MAS A NEWMEANIMG NOW THAT SHE MAS A W(©/ PUTT1MG IT UP WHERE HEP.UTTLE- CANT REACH ITT& PtAY Stock Market Up At Close; Trade Active NEW YORK (API-Selective gains kept an irregular stock market slightly higher on average late this afternoon. Trading Markets At A Glance was active. Volume for the day was estimated at 5.3 million shares compared with Thursday. Gains by a number of blue chip chemicals, tobaccos, retails and others kept the averages on the upside. Steels, motors, oils, drugs, electrical equipments and rubbers presented a spotty picture. Du Pont and Woolworth rose more than a point each. Radio Corp., up about 2, and CBS. up more than a point, touched new NEW YORK (AP) Stocks — Higher; selected gains. Bonds—Lower; slow trading. Cotton — Irregular. CHICAGO: Wheat—Lower; late selling. Corn - About steady; mixed Vandalism About steady The Daily Record It Is ft principle ot American justice that an Individual Is nl- ways presumed Innocent until proved guilty «nd • report that anyone Is charged with «n offense cannot be construed as proof that he committed the offense. trade. Oats — corn. Soybeans Federal Court Three suits were filed today, C| IAe / thp FprWal Mnfinnal Mr,,-t_ •****?» Frccport (III.) Journal Standard Friday, Oct. 18, 1963 Pg. 11 Freeporf Man For Benefits fiR ~n nn scattered buying 6.8 million, Hogs _ 25 top $16. with Mrs. Paul Creason, 319 W.!, i Douglas St., reported to police | R , , Steady to firm; that the antenna of her car| p " , snapped off Wednesday' as Jotinson was cents lower; ; night or Thursday morning highs. Johnson Slaughter steers — Steady to front of her home. 25 cents lowerMop^gs.g. I Miscellaneous lower; 1-3 190-240 Ib b'ltchers 1 Mrs. Harriet Mercier, 71, 608 14.75-15.25; 1-2 200-230 Ibs 15.25-1 N. Waddell Ave., reported to 15.50; over 100 head sorted ls!P°'i ce at 12:36 a.m. today that 15.60-16.00; 1-3 240-270 Ibs most-' 3 man was attempting to break by the Federal National Mort-i gage Assn., seeking to foreclose mortgages on Rockford prop- e '!; V ' ., _.,,,. „ • In a suit filed Thursday in One suit - FNMA vs. Everett Federal Court, Howard Dinder. Ann Huff, and man, 10 N. Cherry Ave., sued Anthony J. Celebrezze, secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, to collect Social Security benefits which Dinder- ceptance Corp., and that, as se-| man claims were wrongfully withheld from him. On Nov. 24, 1961, Dinderman filed for disability benefits, but doing business Excavating Co., claims that the Huffs borrowed while the car was parked in $10 ', 000 f ™ m the Mi »™sota Ac- _. . * r>f*ni r*r\rtt\ I f\r*r\ n »<-! 4 L. « i _ _ ' curity, they put up certain property in Winnebago County. Minnesota Acceptance Corp. transferred the mortgage to FNMA,!the Rockford office of the Social who now claim that Huffs have!Security Administration denied defaulted on payments. 'his claim. Two subsequent ap- 2-3 500-600 Ibs 11.00-12.00. Dinderman claims that the & Johnson was up about 4. Gains of 2 or better were scored by Fairchild Camera, Polaroid and IBM. Xerox spurted 7 or more, i Gains of a point or better were made by Control Data, Reynolds Tobacco and Pan American World Airways. Prices were irregularly higher in fairly active trading on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate bonds were mixed; governments declined. ly 1425-14.75; 1-3 280-350 Ib sows'in to her home. Police saw the' Johnson claims an interest inlPeals have also denied the bene- 1375-14.50; 1-3 350-400 Ibs 12.75-!man flee upon their arrival, tne land through a mechanic's ifit 13.75; 2-3 400-500 Ibs 1200-12.75; they said. The man had re- lien - ': I moved a storm window from j Tne second suit — FNMA vs. findings of the appeal board did the south side of the apartment, j Charles L. and Rosalie A. Van- not conform with the decision 'dcrheyden — alleges that the anc ' regulations of federal defendants borrowed $9,000 fromj courts . an d that he was not rep- Minnesota Acceptance Corp. on! resente d by an attorney at any CHICAGO (AP) - Estimated livestock receipts for Monday! nJcf , f , re y uHc ?', ns ° nMofw . Mrs are 14,000 cattle 9,000 hogs and n "™''"' ""^ ™ M Wl """ 700 sheep. Dorothy Heck, 507 N. Winnebago Ave., was bitten by a dog Thursday afternoon on Cedar- May 24, 1961. and that this note Produce ville Road while he was deliver- was secured by certain Rockford ing newspapers. A dog notice'Property. FNMA acquired title of his hearings. He asks that his Social Security benefits be declared retroac- ( was served on Roy R. Reed Cedarville Road. CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago JAccio'enfS Mercantile Exchange — Butter steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score A A 58; 92 to the mortgage by transfer. tive to Oct. 11, 1960. The final action — FNMA vs. William L. and Marvele Lilly, iClrxnnt* County Wide Realty, also known |V ^ r<iri » e Mrs. Mable Vore, 768 \V.!as Conner Realtors, and Moseley St., was charged with t rcnce R. and Lucille G. A 58; 90 B 56%- 89 C 55 Vi- cars improper backing when she (Martin - involves a note 90 B 57M:; 89 C 56 3 /4 ;backed her car out of her drive-j$ll,150, which the FNMA St. for! re-, A* A ^' Grain CHICAGO (AP)-Buying improved market in the today grain and futures prices showed a general rallying tendency in the early afternoon on the Board of Trade. Advances ranged to more than two cents a bushel in rye Eggs about steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 37; mixed 36V2; medi- way Thursday and collided with ceived by transfer from Coman auto driven by Wayne E. Goembel, 1425 S. Float Ave. A car driven bv Patricia!March mercial Mortgage and Finance Co. The loan was made ums 29Vi>; standards 33Vi; dirt- Swalve, Forreston, scraped ani c ' a i ms ties 30; checks 29. 10, 1962, and the defendants have on suit | MILLEDGEVILLE - Follow- jing a Fire Prevention talk by Potatoes arrivals 26; or, track 126; total U.S. shipments 320; carlot track sales: Idaho russets 3.50-3.65; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley round auto driven by Ellsworth Hupke, faulted since July 22, 1963. 608 S. State Ave., Thursday Tll e other defendants claim night in the Burger Inn parking partial or total title to the Rock- de- ; Grange toured the fire station as part of their program Tues- lot, S. West Ave. and American St. Cars driven by LaVern ford property that was put up and to more than a cent in soy-1 rec j s 2 QO-2 20 beans. New crop wheat re-j mained weak, however, in a slow and mixed trade. lOWd I OUtH A government report on crops report said crops there were little, if any, better than a year ago when production was small. Carlot receipts were estimated at: wheat 37 cars, corn 132, oats 1, rye none, barley 5, soybeans 93. Wheat finished Vt-lV* cents a bushel lower, December $2.12%%; corn % lower to Vs higher, December $1.15 7 / 8 -16; oats V4 lower to V» higher, December 69%-% cents; rye 1-2 cents higher, December $1.51; soybeans unchanged to % higher, November $2.70'/4- 1 /4. Prev. High Low Close close Wheat Dec 2.131/2 2.12 2.12% 2.13'/ 8 Mar May Jul Sep Corn Dec Mar May Jul Sep Oats Dec Mar May Jul Rye Dec Mar May Jul Soybeans 2.14 2.12% 2.13% 2.13% 2.10 5 /s 2.09V4 2.09% 2.09% 1.72% 1.7114 1.71% 1.72% 1.74 1.72% 1.73% 1.74'/4 1.16V4 1.15% 1.16 1.16% 1.20 1.19% 1.19% 1.20 1.22 1.21% 1.21% 1.22'/g 1.23% 1.23% 1.23 Vi 1.23% 1.21% 1.20% 1.211/g 1.21 .70'/ 4 .72% .72 .66% .71% .711/4 .66i/4 .69% .72 .71% .66'/ 4 .69% .72'/4 .71% .66 >/ 4 1.52% 1.48-/4 1.51 1.491/2 1.56 1,51% 1.54% 1.53 1.551/4 1.51% l.54'/4 1 52'/4 1.471/4 1.44V4 1.46 1.45 Nov 2.72V4 2.68% 2.70% 2.70V 4 Jan 2.76% 2.72% 2.75 ! /4 2 74% Mar 2.79% 2.75% 2.78 2.77V 4 May 2.83 2.78% 2.80% 2.81 Jul 2.84% 2.80V 4 2.82% 2.82% Aug 2.80% 2.76% 2.78'/4 2.77% CHICAGO (APT-No wheat or oats sales. Corn No 2 yellow 1.19%-20%; No 3 yellow 1.16%18%; No 4 yellow 1.12%-15; sample grade yellow 1.02 ',4. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.73; No 2 yellow 2.71V 4 ; No 3 yellow 2.73. Soybean oil 9n. was employed farm, and in on the Livestock CHICAGO (AP) - USD A) Hogs 9.500; butchers 25 to 50 lower; largely 1-2 200-225 Ib butchers 15.75-16.00; mixed 13 180-250 Ibs 15.25-15.85; 2-3 250280 Ibs 14.85- 15.25; 300-400 500 Ibs Cattle 6,000; calves none; slaughter steers steady to 25 lower; around seven loads prime 1,150-1,350 Ib slaughter steers 25.25; high choice 1,0501,325 Ibs 24.50-25.00; bulk choice 950-1,300 Ibs 23.50-24.50; comparable grade 1,300-1,450 Ibs 22.50-23.75; choice 1,400-1.500 Ibs 2200-22.25; good 900-1,25 Ibs 2225-23.25; load high choice and prime 994 heifers 23.75; choice Asks $100,000 For Eye Loss An Iowa youth asks $100,000 damages for injuries received in an October 20, 1961, farm accident. Named by David A. McDonnel (who is suing through his father, James A. McDonnel) as defendant is Warren Zuidema, Morrison. The suit alleges that young McDonnel Zuidema's course of that employment was assigned to do repair work on a corn crib. During that work, a nail became dislodged and struck the plaintiff in the right eye, permanently blinding the eye. The suit claims that the defendant failed "to properly instruct or direct" the plaintiff, and that Zuidema failed to provide "proper safety facilities for the proper performance of his employes instructed duties." Nationalist Chinese Spy Ring Reportedly Broken In Hong Kong HONG KONG (AP) — The Hong Kong government, acting on information supplied by the Chinese Communists, has cracked a Nationalist Chinese spy ring in this British colony, local press reports said today. The reports said 43 Nationalist agents were arrested a number of Hong Kong government officials are involved. The reports said eight agents have been deported to Formosa and the rest are awaiting deportation. Hit-And-Run Mishap Occurs Near Oregon OREGON - State police are looking for the driver of a car which sideswiped a northbound truck owned by Logan Trucking Co., South Beloit, on Illinois 2 just south of Oregon Thursday evening. The truck driver, David Larson Jr. of South Beloit, told police he came around a curve and the hit-and-run car swerved across the center line as they approached. Damage to the truck was estimated at $250. Voss, Pearl City, and Mrs. Thomas Gallagher, 207 W. Galena Ave., were involved in an accident Thursday afternoon on West Main Street near South as security. D.! Divorces Four couples were granted divorces this morning by Circuit i Court Judge Marvin F. Burl. Julia SIroh was granted a di- Committees were appointed for the year and a report on the State Grange meeting was given by Mr, and Mrs. Bert Sites, the Jane Sites session reported on at the state Galena Avenue, as Mrs. Gallag- vorce , from K , arl Stroh on her was parking her car. Voss was trying to go around the Galagher auto when the accident happened. Bankruptcies meeting. Mrs. George Sears was appointed Flag Bearer, Jane Sites three children. mixed 1-3 14.50; 400- Savanna Man Loses License For Racing Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier announced today the revocation of one license in the area and the suspension of a license of a Freeport driver. Mrs. Charles H. Weaver. Mrs. James D. Williamson, Savan- Arthur Stoner and Mrs. George na, lost his license for drag racing and Robert E. Pearson, 509 James Chatman, 709 E. Ste-!sing Sr. on grounds of cruelty, phenson St., a painter at Structo, " filed a petition for bankruptcy this morning in Federal Court. He lists liabilities of $2,538.78, with no assets. Frederick Allen Wickes, a Morrison maintenance man, lists liabilities of $2,781.31 and no assets in his bankruptcy petition. Police Court Robert Busekros, S. 18th Ave., pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge of deceptive practices. He was released on $1,000 bond and trial will be set later. Sharon Ader, 319 W. Homer St., pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Trial has been set for Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. Miss Ader was remanded to jail in lieu of posting bond of $200. John Hawthorne, 15'/2 N. Sheridan Ave., was remanded to jail Thursday after he pleaded guilty to a charge of disturbing the peace. He was unable to pay an $18.50 fine. Robert Beem, 333 E. Pershing St., forfeited bond of $50 today on charges of being drunk, disorderly conduct, of having no driver's license and of resisting arrest. Traffic Cases David L. Davidson, 739 S. Adams Ave., paid a $10 fine Thursday for speeding. Cora Thompson, 213 N. State Ave., forfeited bond of $5 on a charge of failure to yield the right-of-way. Circuit Court Four judgments were- entered Thursday in Circuit Court: For Dwighl Timm, against Clyde and Lucille Grammont: $484.27. For B. P. Hill Co., against William Donahue: $217.93. For Frank Gay, from Robert Peck: $498.34. For Dwight Timm and Dwayne Timm, from William C. Donahue: $203.25. Senior Citizens Of Polo To Meet POLO — Polo Senior Citizens Friendship Club will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Rotary Hall. Devotions will be handled by grounds of cruelty. They were| was a PP° inted P'anist with Mrs. married at Crown Point, IndJ John Dlttniar a r assistant. Jan. 14, 1944, and have two! . Wo ' - % deputy, Frank Man- children. | "ing, spoke on the membership Aileen M. Wirsing was granted i drivCl An officers ' meeting was a divorce from Robert L. Wir-u'T l " 1 . < ; ed , for Tuesday in the Paul Sites home. Mr. and Mrs. "•••t» •-" * "•• ft* vynnua ui \_i ui:iLy. e~+ r\\ f \ . Married Sept. 28, 1938, in Man- „ V lafka were ln char 8 e of Chester, Iowa, the couple has' refresnme nts for the meet*i 1-1.1. int' ing. Gene F. Brechlcr was granted 1 ,^ 1 ' . anc !,Mrs. C. F. Moon of a divorce from Marilyn E I M'Hedgev.lle eft Tuesday for Brechler on grounds of desertion. The couple, married Aug. 1, 1950, in Dubuque, Iowa, has no children. Cruelty was grounds for the divorce granted June Meiners from Walter Meiners. The couple was married June 3, 1949, in Freeport. There are seven children. Five Students Top Honor Roll At Shannon High SHANNON - Five students topped the Shannon High School honor roll with straight 'A 1 averages for the first six weeks. They are Max Gudema, Lois DeVries, Barb Nesemeier, Chris Shields and Susan Swingley. Others on the honor roll are: Freshman—Larry DeVries, Dan Frisbie, Sandra Martin, James Rebel. Kay Schneider and Ellen Terpenlng. Sophomores—Jalinda Dastlan. Joanne lleeren. Linda Swnlve. Rose- mnrv Wclijlc and Faith Wubbena. home in Tucson, Ariz. En route to Arizona, they plan to visit relatives in Normal and Peoria. Clarence Hanna is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanna, Canby, Minn., where he and Mr. and Mrs. John Weed were dinner guests of Miss Dessa Hanna. Clarence Hanna will leave for Scottsdale, Ariz., to spend the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanna also expect to spend th« winter in Arizona. Want-Ads Juniors — Carol Becker. Nuncy Gantz and Rob Swlnglcv Seniors—Nancy Buss. Steve Bvers. dene Cireenfield, .loan Gudcma.i wrong insertion Only Helen .Johnson. Phvllls Swalve and i = -..-—-T..-^,.. -*.,- Bettv Truckenmlller. 232-1171 A 3 line ad costs $5.40 to run ten times, 3 times, $1.80, one tlma only 83c. A 6 line ad costs $10.80 to run ten times, 3 times. $3.60, one time only $1.32. Rates for other sizes gladly furnished on request. For best results describe fully what is for sale. Run your ad long enough to be sure all readers see it. Adjustment made for first ASCS Manager In Carroll County Retires Nov. 1 MOUNT Legal Notices 91 NOTICE—Is" hereby Riven to all persons that Monday, November 4, A.D. 1963, is the claim date in the estate of Martin Haase, Deceased, pending in the County Court of Stephenson County, Illinois, and that claims may ba filed against the said estate on or r'ADom r i before said date without issuance CARROLL - Jen-; of summons. E. Madison St., had his license suspended for three violations. good 21.25-22.00; utility and: Oregon, and Robert E. Curran, 854 W. Stephenson St., were commercial cows 13.75-15.25 ,. . ,..Sheep 200; few sales slaught-! 1SSUed probatlonar y P ermils ' er lambs and ewes steady; goodi and choice 80-100 II. wooled! POLK ' S SCHOOLING laughter lambs 18.00-19.00; few- . James Knox Polk, llth presi- choice and prime 19.50; cull to good wooled 4.00-6.00. slaughter ewes SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) - Interior Illinois hog prices (State - Federal): Receipts 32,000; butcher* 25 to 50 dent of the U.S., had no formal schooling until he entered the University of North Carolina, where his record was "correct, punctual and industrious." Polk was admitted to the bar at the age of 25, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Gatz will serve refreshments. There will be games and a social hour. All senior citizens are invited. Thomas Wiggins, who is associated with a Dixon engineering firm which handles explosive drilling projects, was guest speaker at a Rotary dinner meeting here Tuesday. He described the various kinds of explosive drilling such as for roads, sewers, quarries, etc. He said figures prove that his work is safer than farming. A Goodwill Industries truck will be in Polo Monday. Persons wishing a pickup are asked to call their kcal representative. ning W. Erdmier, office manager for the Carroll County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) will retire Nov. 1, according to Clinton R. Plock, chairman of the Carroll County ASCS committee. Melvin Newman, 28, of Petersburg will succeed Erdmier. Newman is presently working as a trainee in Mason County. Erdmier helped organize the ASCS in Carroll County 30 years ago and has been with the service since then. Last summer he was presented with a certificate of recognition for service to the culture roll County. Gertrude B. Pearson, Administrator. Jayne & Whiton, Attorneys. 10-5-11-18 NOTICE is hereby Riven to alt persons that Monday, December 2, A.D. 1963, is the claim date in the estate of Herman R. Braun, deceased, pending in the County Court of Stephenson County, Illinois. Claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. Gladys M. Greenfield Executor Reinhold & Kroeger Attorney 10-4-1M8 Notlc ETOF" cLAIM" D ATE Department of Agri-! Notice is hereby Riven that and farmers of Car- Monday, December 2, A.D. 1963, is the claim date in the estate of William H. Lindeman, Deceased, He plans to continue living in Shannon and spend some time during the winter in Florida. He owns a couple of farms near Shannon. Freeport Company Gets Name Changed Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier Wednesday issued a change-of-name authorization to Bloom-Cowan Co., Inc., Freeport, permitting it to use the new name of Cowan Manufac-l luring Co. : The stockholders in Cowan Manufacturing Co. are Mrs. P. G. Cowan, Frank Cowan and William Hillmer. v pending in the County Court of Stephenson County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date svithout issuance of summons. LOLA A. LINDEMAN, Executor. Nettles and Mahoney, Attorneys. 10-5-11-18 Card of Thanks GALBO—We wish to thank our relatives, friends and neighbors for the kindnesses shown us during our recent bereavement and for flowers, cards, condolences, food and cars donated; also the nurses and nurses aides for their kind care while in St. Francis Hospital. FAMILY OF THE LATE «^ JOHN GAl^BO

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