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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 9

Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 9

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
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0 FLOOEY 66E. IT'LL C6T H(S NANNV fob Hc't-w Talk. His and AXEL EV6Y TlM Of 6N HI YRA He tfriMrra Ar, argument an N47M A LUH6 OUT TOME AN 1 UWeTT SAV A "TO HIM We Fail to Notice That Axel Is 5 Over- flowing With Conversation. By Vic hm Pirtltdilnt (N KrMlitf Wurla.t THE -DES 'MOINES EVENING TRIBUNE: MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1914. A and a repetition of the long and patrol.

One ot tne speakers bad a razor on him when searched and quarters when the night squad goes on duty throughout the city. ACTIVITIES RENEWED BY I. W. W. AGITATORS I isions I List of uncalled for replies to Regis, ter and leader-Evening Tribune 1 "Keyed" Want Ado Monday, Oct.

5, 12 M. Watch this dallr report, it will save yon linnei-esMary telephone caUa and trips t. the office. It is not unusual for Register and Tender'-' Evening- Tribune "Want Ad" replies to he-; received several days after the etplration 1 the order. To be assured of receiving alt your answers you should watch thla record for at least four or five days after th.

ad, has been discontinued. Ks. Ana. 4431 4411 1 464 473 8 48 4BU 8 608 2 B12 6211 627-1 -P 641 642 -i 6841 8027 628 848 61a 1 650 1 858 3 673 4 6952 723 I 738 7588 765 2 775 1 7RU 8 782 77 2 6SO 1 Ms. Aas.

679 1 8U7 1 BifH I 7071 708-17 7084 7X4 1 788 1 750 8 7681 7861 7681 785 1 71)80 8181 3.1U 2 8441 8451 8471 8561 857-10 8651 8X8 a 4081 418 1 4172 4184 4281 4811 484 I 442-18 AOS. No. Ana, A 80ll-1 A "HO 1 A 30W-ai A 7.H7 2 A 315 A 7U11 A SAD 3 I A 871 M3 I A 4U8 7411 A 4CI0 1 3 1 A 4118 SSI 5 A 427 II 847 A 48.V-1 84S 1 A 4681 871 A 4S0 1 4l)S I A 4tU 1 4181 A 4U7 5 4H4-1B A 8041 4(181 A 6381 40O A 6341 610-1S A 6851 B13 1 A 6K8 4 oan 1 A 68H 7 6352 A till 1 Ms I A 814 1 657 1 A eaU 2 57(1 I A 64J 1 Vf B77 1 A 817 1 8071 A HTIi 1 8411 A 6742 11 647-1? A 077 64 A 701-11 6507 A Til 1 80 I A 7841 H63 1 A 748 I 678 arduous siege battles, which have been such a feature of the struggle in France, seems a certainty. RUSSIANS PISH EASTWARD. The Russians continue to push eastward on Cracow evident ly with the hope of getting thence to Breslau, and they go on stretching their ten- acles out southward toward Budapest.

Cossacks are well in on the plains of Hungary. Even Budapest admits that they have crossed the river Theiss, which was regarded as one of the main "Obstacles to their progress. By getting across the railroad at Szigeth, they secured the second line leading to the Hungarian capital. They had already seized the Lemberg-Budapest line at Uunghvar. TheAustrians on the other hand claim further victories against their smaller enemy invading Bosnia, but they are silent on the subject of Sarajevo, which, according to Servian and Montenegrin statements, is surrounded by their allied armies.

BERLIN ISSUES OPTIMISTIC REPORT COSTINl'ED FROM PACE ONE. the highest Roman Catholic authority in Bavaria, the statements appearing in English and American newspapers that priests have been shot and bayoneted by German soldiers, while attending the wounded in Belgium, are to be considered as abso lutely without foundation." "It is also declared that the Eng-I llsh newspaper correspondents over look the fact that a large portion of the German army ia Roman Catho lic. PROTEST AGA1XST LIES. "A manifesto signed by Harnack, Bode, Behring, Klinger, Sudermann, Roentgen, Fulda, Deise- mann, Humperdinck, Lieberniann, Manzel, Liszt, Tlioma, Wundt and other prominent savants and artists, indignantly protests against what is termed unceasing lies about the pretended barbarous warfare of the Germans. "The leader of the American gov ernment commission sent to Germany on board the cruiser Tennessee to prepare for the return of American tourists, has addressed a letter to Franz von Mendelsohn and the Ger man-American relief" committee, highly praising the German nation in arms and thanking them for Innumerable proofs of kindness.

"Russia is issuing $375,000,000 unsecured notes. "The return of the German Imperial bank last week shows 4 in specie which is more than in the previous return." AMERICANS WANT TO REMAIN IN BERLIN LONDON, Oct. 5. Julius Lay, the American consul general at Berlin, has advised the United States em bassy at London that he finds difficulty in persuading Americans that it is advisable to leave Germany, as they prefer to remain. About ten Americans on an average arrange daily now through the American reltef committee to leave Berlin.

The London committee has each day only about twenty applicants for assistants. Most ot these are from, Germany. In the charges of carrying concealed weapons were preferred against him. The police are preparing today for an outbreak tonight and a number of reserve men will be kept at head- WAR EFFECTS PIANOS MANUFACTURERS FIGHTING FOR BUSINESS Rapid Firing Guns Turned on Piano Prices Factories Forced To Sell Special Sales Ordered All Over the United States With Terrible Cut In Prices. Dull Business Makes Sharp Competition While This Fight Is On, the Har vest Will Be Fine For Piano Buyers.

When the war started piano manufacturers felt that business would be stimulated in all lines, but it has proved to the contrary. Spirit of unrest seems to prevail all over the country. Everyone seems to be waiting the results. Nobody can ex plain the cause. Piano business seems to be hit the hardest of all other lines, and the result Is Over-Production.

Factories are forced to unload at a terrible sacrifice. Many manufacturers are ordering special sales to be held by their dealers over the United Btates with terrific cuts In prices. The struggle for piano businese seems to be universal all over, the country. The Jones Piano 807 Walnut street, the Largest Piano House In the west, have received Instructions to make A Cut of $107 to $217 on all new pianos and player pianos and strange to say this sale la ordered to be continued until further notice, which means that a large number of pianos are to be sold At Tremendous Sacrifice Also instructions are given that payments will be granted as low as $1.00 a week. This firm reDresents sixteen different factories, which will give a wonderful opoortunitv for selection.

1 This sale will Indicate a' big harvest for the piano buyers. HARPER WARD Members Cblease Board ot Trade. Grains, Provisions, Stocks Des Moines. Pert Dodae, Perry, Ksthervllla, Marshall tow Ottumwa. Private Wins.

fast antes. States WANT ADS HELP WATE1 MAliB. WANTED e- BELL BOY one living with parents, preferred. Hotel Cargill, Seventh and Grand. WANTEDMEN TO LEARN THffl BAR-ber tndepende nt woe ka rn rr nf 1nal llnna watt I nap fttts qualified (or bMt Jobs.

'Wtvcw whll learning. Tolls given. CattOogu mailed free. MOHLER BARBER COJULKGB, CHI- cago. Ilia AGENTS WANTED IN CENTRAL IOWA' territory (or on of the largeat life liv-n uranca companies In th United States.

Policies unexcelted In th world. Liberal commissions; contracts to good men. Ad-' 5 rest) General Agent, Rein beck, I a. Attorney General Cosson. who spoke at the Highland Park PreHby terian church last night, declared that chief mong the things that will bring international peace is woman suffrage.

Following are a few of the things mentioned as peace agitators by Mr. Cosson: Woman suffrage. International police and interna tlonal courts. Agreement to limited armament. Growth of socialist and labor parties.

Business interests and business re lations between countries. Development of Christian rights and realization of the sacredness of human bodies. APPLEGATE TO DECIDE ON EDIFICE CONTI.NTKD FROM PAGE ONE. bis clients. Mr.

Halloran refused this morning to make public the names of his clients. Attorneys in Conference. City Solicitor Brennan conferred with H. V. Byers, corporation counsel, this morning to outline the city's defense.

Mr. Brennan contends that the city as a legislative body has a right to make laws governing the city and to make exceptions to them whenever He denies the charge made by Mrs. Maish's attorney that the special ordinance passed by the council Is class legislation, pointing out that any person, corporation or society might erect a building similar to the Sunday tabernacle providing they found a lot of the exact measurement. Judge Applegate, who will sit in the case. Is not an entire stranger to Des Moines.

He heard the case involving the capitol extension project; also the suit in which the street railway company sought to prove it possessed a perpetual franchise. PERSONALS CON-TINTED FROM PAGE FIVE. street, leaves Wednesday noon for her home in Los Angeles. Mrs. Norton will be accompanied by her sister.

Miss Franc Townsend, who will spend the winter on the coast. Mr. and Mrs. B. B.

Clark of Red Oak will be In the city Wednesday to attend the banquet 'which will be a feature of the authors' homecoming. Miss Louise Coskery, who Is teach ing in the high school at Parkers- burg, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and MrS. Robert Cos kery. VON KLUCK IMPERILED BY ALLIES CONTINl'KU FROM PAGE ONE.

confidently as General Joffre main tains the contrary. In the eastern theater of the war the Germans would appear, according to English observers, to be contem plating a period of defense before undertaking the offensive. They are busily engaged between Thorn, in East Prussia, and Galicia in entrench ing themselves against the Russian hosts gathering on the other side of the frontier. It is calculated that there are no fewer than 4,000,000 men fighting In this eastern arena 'J Our work extends from rlothes for the "Littlest Tot" to the "frrown up." We take the utmost rare of all those dainty little dresses and "frills" so precious to mother. Send your entire washing: our wag-on will call for and deliver It.

We are near your phone. WANTED YOUNG MAN WHO UNDER. stands bookkeeping and willing to learn- Poultry, Butter and Eggs Produce and Prov NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK. Oct.

Butter Firmer; re-celpts. 5,147 tubs; creamery, extra. 30c; special mark, SOeSlc; firsts. 272Sc; seconds, 24'26Hc; process extras, ladles current make firsts, seconds, factory current make No, 2, 18 '4 20c. Cheese Weak; receipts, 2,380 boxes: state Thole milk, whites and colored fresh specials, lfi44luc: do average fancy, 15.9 lHo: swims, Kggs Irregular; receipts, 8.300 cases: fresh gathered extra fine, extra firsts, 2728c; firsts, 24020c; seconds, 22 28c; state, Pennsylvania and nearby hennery white, do gathered whites, 32g.lRc: do hennery browns, XI.

'13c; do gathered browns and mixed colors. 2G29c. Poultry Dressed, quiet; western chickens, frozen, fowls, 1420c; turkeys, live poultry not Quoted, holiday. CHICAGO PKODICE. CHICAGO.

Oct. Butter Steady; receipts, 11), (183 tubs; creamery, 242Sc. Poultry Alive, lower; springs, 18o; fowls, lu13c. Eggs Higher; receipts, 632 cases: at mark, rases Included. lQ22c; ordinary firsts, 2021c; firsts, Potatoes Higher; receipts.

63 care; Michigan and Wisconsin red, 43 48c: ditto, white. 48058c; Minnesota and Dakota Ohlos, 43(jS3c. A.N HAH CITY PRODI CE. KANSAS OITT, Oct. fi.

Butter vreamery xhc xirata, aoc seconds, 24c Egga PireU, 20c; snconds, 17c Poultry Hens, 12c; broiler. HIOAR QUOTATIONS. NEW TORK, Oct. 5. Sugar Rw, steady; mo.

asses, 4.7c centrirugai, o.uirc rerined, easy, 25 points lower; cut loaf, 7.40c; crushed, 7.80c: mould A. 6.99c: cubes. 6.75: XXXX powdered, 6.ttftc; powdered. (i-H0c; fine sisiiuiairu, O.U"t:. U1B1UOI1U u.yw; tUU' fectloners 1, 0.23c MONEY MARKET.

NEW YORK, Oct. 3. Mercantile paper, 7 per cent. Sterling exchange Steady; for cables, $4 i't; for demand, 4.y&. Bar silver 92c RISE AT LIVERPOOL Oct 6.

Wheat advanced today. Influenced by a rise In prices at Liverpool. Disturbing reports as to the neutrality of Turkey and Italy and In regard to a crop shortage in Australia had a further bullish effect. The Australian drought was said to have become extremely serious. After opening to lc higher the market here made a alight additional, gain.

Big receipts at primary points depressed the market for a time, but a rally ensued, owing to the visible supply Increase being less than that of a week ago. The close was firm. So to 4c above Saturday night Corn showed some firmness with wheat and as a result of unsettled weather. Demand, however, was slow and the upturns were not well held. The opening, which was to higher, was followed, by a moderate reaction.

Later the slackness of cash demand formed a weight on the market. The close, though, was steady at HMtC to net decline. Profit taking on the part of longs tended to restrain buying of oata. At first, though, not much was for sale, and there was someth nar of a bulsre in consequence. Disappointing figures on the exports of lard made provisions sag.

Tne total iara exports for the week were only about half tnose ot a weea Ago. RANGE OF PRICES. CHICAGO, Oct. o. The leading- futures raneed as follows: Today's Fatimates Receipts.

Tomorrow Wheat cars 172 .507 Corn, cars 94 T.9 2." 2 Oats, cars 29 7 747 Hogs, head 28,000 1,400 Northwest receipts Today. Tear ago. Minneapolis Duluth Winnipeg 705 ..1,410 717 4 2.417 WhMI 1. 0 1.08 10 1.14 1.08 1.15 7', 70 48'i 51 Hay',?'i 1 Corn rpc Il8t i 084 71 43 52 7ti 70 May uata Dec 49481t 48V, 51 May Pork- Jan 19.20 13.80 19 17 19.17 Lard- Jan 8.57 .87 .80 0.82 9.57 9.85 9. 0 Oct Ribs Jan 10.10007 12 10.02 10.02 CASH QUOTATIONS.

CH1CAOO. Oct. ftUWheat No. 2 red, ll.imijei.OT'i: No. 2 hard.

M.OD'-ieiO Corn No. 2 yellow, 73ft74o; Ko. 8 yel' low. Oats No. 3 white, 46'4 647Vc; stand rd, 47 fe 47 He.

Rye No. 2. Barley Timothy Clover $11.0014.50. Pork $17 00. Lard $82.

Rlba $11.1211.2. KANSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITY. Oct. No.

2. red. StU'im 90c; No. 8, red. No.

4. red, 4Hc; xo. nara. ssvwc; ino. 3 hoc; Corn No.

2. 70c: No. 2. white. No.

yellow, 7171tte; No. Ao. a. yeiiow, oc. OSte No.

2. 4242Wc: No. t. whits. 45c; No.

8. 4142c; No. white, 44 c. ST. LOII8 GRAIN.

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 5. Wheat No. 2.

red, No. 3. red, No. 4. red, fwSl.OO: No.

2, hard, $1.029 1.05 hi: No. hard, $1.01 1.04. Corn No. 2. 71 72c; No.

2, white. No. 2, yellow, 7172Hc; No. 8. white.

78c; No. 4 white. 70c: No. 8, No. 8, yellow, 70tt71c; No.

4, yellow, No. 4, 70c. Oats No. white, 46c I No. 8, 48484o: No.

3, white, 44454c: No. 4, white 44 45c; standard, 454Ic. OMAHA GRAIN. OMAHA, Oct. 6.

Wheat No. i hard, No. 8 hard, 7fe "corn No. 2 white. No.

S. 70i71e: No. 8 yellow, No. 3 yellow. I866ISC.

No. 2, OWatfVac; No. $, Oats No. 8 white, 42442Kc. LIVERPOOL GRAIN.

LIVERPOOL, Oct. 5. Wheat Spot, steady; No. 1 Manitoba. 9c 4d; No.

3 red winter new. Ss 4d: futures, firm; October, 8s 3d; December, bs 4Hd. Corn Spot, nominal; futures, steady; Oc tober, Bs sd. Why Not Pabllak It? When you want fact to become generally known, the right way Is to mblisn it. Mrs.

joaepn Kalians, i'eru. was troubled with sour stomach and frequent headaches. She writes. "I feel It my duty to tell others what Chamberlain's Tablets have done for me. They have helped my digestion and regulated my bowels.

Since using them I have been entirely well." COXTIM'KD FROM PACK ONE. to the police representatives, and the guests became very enthusiastic before the revelry ended. The first violence toward the police was shown last night when L. E. Freeman threw a board filled with spike nails under the wheels of the police patrol as it was drawing away from Eleventh, and Locust streets loaded with I.

W. who had attempted to speak on the corner. Freeman, yelling at the top of his voice, darted up to the machine and hurled the nail filled board directly under the wheels of the patrol, John Latham, driver, stopped the car and Officer George McMlchael leaped out of the wagon and grabbed the enraged Freeman, who was taken to headquarters with his fellow agitators. A charge of malicious mischief was filed agaiuBt Freeman this morning. He is charged with having directed the nail filled board at the police Paramount Pictures TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY October Ch and Ttk William Tell The- r.n tlini of Srktller'M famoun drama of thtt twiaa atrti nrjcle for I pPDdftice.

The story of William Tell anJ fhe apple knows to every child of the flvltisf-d world. Thla woaderfal drama waa actually atnarcd and photographed In the beautiful ftwtna Alps the mccca of continental ton Hat. Thla film la an educational revelation. October 10-11-12 Mary Fickford Such i Little Queen Where the Famous Players Play lOc-ADMISSION-lOc EXPERT GRINDING of all kinds of Edged Tools used by Barbers, Tailors, Printers, Manicurists, Doctors and Dentists, in fact for all trades and professions using sharp instruments. 38 years experience.

Work Guaranteed. Mall Orders Given Prompt Attention. Gottfried Ball Room 303 Marquartlt Bltlg. District Court of the United Southern District of Iowa Central Division for the property as a whole, or subject to confirmation of the corn crlha. on land owned AXKE.W Modern equipped tor machinery, corn cribs, "HERMAN.

located on land GARDEN CITV shelling corn, coal acre of ground, Hock Island. SHIPLEY Modern corn, alao amall grain and and located on land CAMBRIDGE equipped for all machinery, crlba, located Inland LEE SWITCH all machinery, Kock Island ELKHART machinery, Island ENTERPRISE annex, together land owned by CXIMERCK land owned by I'RBAXDALE land owned by 8AYLOR One owned by the CATTLE OPEN FIRM OPEMXG. CHICAGO. Oct. IS Hogjp.V.ecoipts, head; market weak at'Saturday's average; bulk of sales, 7.808.65; light, f.MsjS.R.1; 808.85; heavy, IS7.45 98.70; rough.

7.40igl7.O: pigs, 4.75850. i Cattle Receipts. 19.000 head; market firm; beevea. 8.00011.00; steers. t6.15OH.00: stockers and feeders,; cows and helfera, J.

405? 9.00; calves, ,7.50 11.25. Sheep Receipts. SS.000 head; market ek; sheep, 4.705.7.-.; yearlings, ,8.400 6.20; lambs. 10 0097.70. CLONING.

1 Hit Oft. S. Hogs Receipts, 26,000 head; market slow, Be under Saturday's average; bulk, 7. 7048. 60;; heavy, 7.40ffi'8.(IO; rough, pigs.

(4. 7.108. SO. Cattle and sheep markets closed unchanged. Chicago Bureau of of 1 ne, J-8.

I na Tribune, t.iu. MiOUli YARDS. Oct. -vaiue Keceipts. 18.000 head: strong, others steady; top.

811.00; bulk of sales, 8.7T.4r 10.00; cows, steady, 25 choice heifers. 17 S0 8.50: bulla. tS.4O07.Wl: calvee, 81O6011.50; etockers and feeders, 17.006 8.10. 2B.OO0 bead; market nsiiM. lower; top.

$8.90: bulk of shipping. S8H06 8.80; packing, 87.S068.10; closing bad, Sheep Receipts. S3.000 heart; market steady to loc lower; ewes, fat ii.wbi.'o; iseoini lambs. ti.75cu 7.25. Live Stack Quotations From Principal Cities KANSAS C1TV LITE STOCK.

VC IB nTr i. jvu a. nogs He- relDts. T.000 head: tDaHv- iu; pack ers and butchers. t7.MISf 8.30; light.

$7 780 S.3S; pigs, 7. 25 iff 8. 0(1. Cattle-T-Receipts, 81,000 head; market lower; prim fed steers. 110.00010 00; dressed beof steers.

87.7589.05: western steers. 1,609.2: Blockers and feeders JJOTea se, bulls, 5.006.50; calves, 18.50 feheep Riceinta: 22 000 head; market lower; lambs, 7.O07.4O; yearlings. 5 25 wethers, 14.7665.60; ewes, 4.255.00. ST. I.OriS LIVE STOCK." TL P1-'18- Oet 6.

Hogs Receipts. market higher; pigs and lights, t7.50er8.75; mixed and butchers, 8.408.76: good heavy. JS 50 6.115. Cattle Receipts, 9.000 head: market steady: native beef steers, t7.5010 85; cows and heifers. Blockers and feeders, tB.00'7.50; southern steers, (6.000 8 00; cons and heifers, t4.006.50; native oalves, tfc.

0011.00. Sheep Receipts, 2.300 head: market, steady; native muttons, f4.OOB5.00; lambs. 7 nctittT on SOUTH OMAHA MVE STOCK. celpts, 4,300 head; 'market lovrr; navy 17 70 bulkT 7 Cattle Receipts. 11.000 head; market Btady; native steers, 7.

7510.50; cows and 5. 75 7. 35; western steers. Jd.00 S.80; Texaa steers. 5.857.15; cows and heifers, 15.50ft 7.00; calves, I7.7,r.alo 25 bheep Receipts, 85.000 head; market steady; yearlings.

tR.50P fl.00; wethers. IB 00 WOjJO; wethers, 5.u05.50; Iambs, 17.009 7 no. ST. JOSEPH LIVE STOCK. 'a STV i01' Mo- Oct.

5. Hogs Receipts. 4,500 head; market lOo lower; top, 18.10: bulk, S7.508.00. cattle Receipts. S.700 head; market 10c cows and heifers, 4.258.25: calves.

$0.00010.50 Sheep Receipts. 10,000 head; market alow; lambs, $6.767.40. Tourist Sleepers through to CALIFORNIA via Chicago GREAT Western and Santa Fe lines on fast schedules, convenient dates and hours of departure, Des Moines to L03 Angeles. Low Fares Daily Until October 8th For detailed information, berth reservations, tickets, call or phone or write D. E.

PETERSON, C. P. T. 604 Walnut Street, Des Moines Both Phones Walnut 423 FOR SALE Corn and Oats ALSO Odds and Ends of Feed and Flour Shannon Molt Co. M.

McFARLIN, Receiver in nara ware iroue; must us mow, nuu rf clean habit and willing to work at any thing in th hardware store and heating It line. J. P. Faetenow, Peterson, la, FIVE TAILORS WANTED Apply at once, Men's Fashion Shop. FIREMEN AND BBAKEUEN; JUKI monthly: experience unnecessary; nun-, drsds needed by the best railroads every-, where; particulars free.

606 Railway Bureau. 1 East St. Louis, 111. 1 A WANTED RAILWAY MAIL CLERKS. Commence 73 month.

8.000 appointments comln. Sample anamination questions Franklin Institute, Dept. 104-8, Rochester, New Tork. Tri- RnrUr. Pr.l1nrr Tuition wvi vuuvgt $17.50 v' Tools riven.

Waca paid. Catalogue free In the matter of B. A. LOCK-) WOOD GRAIN COM- In Bankruptcy, No. 2373.

PANT, Bankrupt. Notice of Sale of Grain Elevators Pursuant to order of the United States District Court entered Oct. 2, 1914, the undersigned trustee will expose for sale, at public sale, the following; described property; all of which is now-being used by the Trustee in conducting the grain and retail business and is located at the following stations situated on the C. N. W.

Ry. in Iowa: 27 W. 8ih Dea Moines. Iowa, RAILWAY CLERKS WANTED COM, mence 75 month. Sample examination questions free.

Franklin Institute, Dept. 08-S, Rochester, N. s. UNREGISTERED DRUG CLERK WITH fountain experience, fctate age, rpferennes. experience and aalary.

Address Todd-Becker Himwt ia. WANTED BOir's FROM Ift TO 18 oU! to learn fur business; only neat ap- ptarlng boys need apply. Karl A. Kuiilman. Sti-ar giiops.

UNREGISTERED DRUG CLERK WANTED; nice town permanent position good-wages. Address J. Ke one beck. 6ui Be Omaha, Neb. FIREMEN.

BRAKEMES, IOWA RAIL-roads. 120; experience, unnecessary; send sge. Railway Association, Dept. 259, Brooklyn. N.

Barber College ff" Special offer, catalogue free. 814 Locust. Wilson Barber College Positions waiting. 70ft Mulberry. Moines.

WANTED MARRIED MEN TO WORK IN" brick and tile plant: wages per day. Auburn Brick Tile Auburn. Ia. WANTED AN ALL AROUND I'RESSER and bush el man; no boozer. State wages.

Williams- Clothing Williams, I a. WANTED HARNESSMAKER WHO CAM cobble shoes. Must sober. Power machine. H.

B. David, Walrott, Ia. PRINTER WANTED AT ONCE. $12 TO $lfi. hours.

Give full Information tflrat tetter Record. Kanawha, Iowa. WANTED A FIRST CLASS BUSHEL-man; steady Job; no booser; state wages. M. Hakes Laurens, la.

BARBER WANTED AT 0VCE; FIRST clans man; good wages. O. H- Trotter. Box 877, Corwith, Iowa. WANTED HONEST YOUNG MAN AS partner In good paying business.

Address A-l4, care this paper. BARBER WANTED AT ONCE $14.00 A'I half over no booxer. lamer fc Sits, Sumner, Ia, WANTED ONE COATMAKER AND A pants maker. Swanson Anderson, Ot turn we, Ta. WAN TED A GOOD," RELIABLE, SOBER night watch.

Des Moines Casket, 8th and Tuttle. BARBER WANTED. J. F. Beikn.

Iowa Falls, Iowa. WANTED EXPERIENCED HOUSEMAN. Apply Houaekc-p-r. Chamberlain Hotel, lr VOL" WANT EMPLOYMENT GO Employment Office, 40 Third St. FIR ST CLAWf ARBKR WANTgJD lftTIi and Croi hr.

Van Horw. BARBER WANTEl-COOD JOB wond Barber Shop, WANTED BARBBH AT AMES All building and machinery now being used by the trustee in the conducting; of the grain and retail business and such part of the real estate as may be needed for the same. This includes a modern transfer and country elevator and storage annex, total etorsKe capacity 125,000 bushels. Alao feed warehouse and coal bins for a large retail business. GILBERT Modern elevator equipped for shelling- corn; together with all machinery, including- coal bins and corn cribs, located on land owned by the estate.

ONTARIO Modern grain elevator equipped for shelling corn, together with all machinery, coal bins, grain warehouse, and corn cribs, located on land partially owned by the N. W. Jiy. Co. and by the estate.

KELLEV Modern elevator, electric power, equipped for shelling corn, together with all machinery, aoal bins, grain warehouse, and com cribs, located on land partially owned by the C.r N. W. Ry. Co. and by the estate.

SLATER Modern elevator, electric power, equipped for ear corn, together with all machinery, coal bins and corn cribs, located on land partially owned, by the N. W. Ky. Co. and by the estate.

SHELDAHL Modern elevator, electric power, equipped for shelling corn, together with all machinery, and grain warehouse and corn cribs, located on land partially owned by th. N. W. Ry. Co.

and by the estate. POIK CITY Modern elevator equipped for shelling corn, together with all machinery, crrain warehouse and corn cribs, located on land partially owned by the N. W. Ry. Co.

and bv the estate. CROCKER Modern grain elevator equipped for ear corn, storage annex, with all machinery. lumber sheda and coal bins, located by the N. W. Ry.

to elevator, electric power, shelling: corn, together with all roal bine, grain warehouse, and located on land partially owned by Co- 9nd the estate. Scales, coal houses and corn cribs owned by the Rook Island. Modern elevator equipped for together with all machinery, Including bins and dwelling house, with one located on land owned by the elevator equipped for shelling modern elevator for handling ear corn, together with all machinery including coal bins and corn criba owned by the Rock Island Co. Modern elevator, electric power, handling ear corn, together with coal bins, feed house, and corn on land owned by the Rock Modern elevator, together with located on land owned by the Co. Modern elevator, together with all located en land owned by the Rock Modern elevator and storage with all machinery, located on the Rock Island Co.

One Standard scale, located on the Rock Island. One Standard scale, located on the lnterurban Ry. Co. Standard scale, located on land N. W.

Ky. Co. The sale will be held in the Bankruptcy Court Room, second Building, Des Moines, Iowa, on October 26th, 1914, at 10 A floor United States Court o'clock in the forenoon. In in part. Referee in Bank the meantime, the undersigned trustee will receive private, sealed bids on said property, said bids to be opened at the hour of sale.

I Phone Maple 344 1 I Bids may be made All sales will be ruptcy. M. McFARLAiND, Trustee. SSOTSBSaSBBBBe or saie ty an aeae aov. Co ley.


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