The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1937
Page 2
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Lewises and Brewers Are Building; New Hou^e at Roscland .'Work has'stalled on luo iicu residence litre mid |)lnm foi at least hvo more very substantial houses Mill bo announced vitliln the coming neck Mi. ami Mis H ff J cm 1 ; ha\c brgiin Hoik on then two-story beini-coloninl icsl- ,deuce and Mr., and Mrs, Slielburne Brewer' mo lmilclin>; a colonial cottage ,-' „ t The LeiUs house. i\f 610 W Walnut street^ js to be^'of cjap- r lx>ai<i;*. pJin'lctl ' .jU'nlp., v\il,h u ' composition rnof: >'Th6 Ijomc \\lll h's\e a tacemcnl for its heatim; plant, pn .the nisi floor will be the "reception hall. IrUng loom, (lining loom; breakfast loom, In. clo«cd> sleeping' porch. Inth 100111 and kitchen The second flooi will Ime three bedrooms and a second complete b.ith loom The rueplace^fi'i the Hung loom will be a rtccoratlvfc fcaluip on the outside of the hoiisc, \\Jilcli ui!^ ha\e a small enhance Oak floojs. pfas'tered nails,! closets In all of Uie bedionms and bulll-m cabinets in Uib X-itchcn me Included In (ho plans. . { Wendell Phillips to the nichi- tcct, ; The Sliclbiiuif Bicnei"; me building a three-room cottage at 1401 W. Main stiect. which nlll ha\e a mnnbei of intcicstinn features iinliidlng a hc.itllnloi In |he fiieplace, which will he used to heat tho, house, luo clolho* closets m the bcdr'oom, two closet' for -coats anil 'linen in a smnP 'central hall and built-in fca' lures in the kitchen. Tho Hv ing loom will be 14 by 21 feel 5\!ili a, dining alcove Included ir these dimensions The house mil be of clanborud painted \\hite, with a wood sliinglt roof painted eithci blown or blue The house also has such moden features us a coneietc fojudti tion and modem bathroom Mr. and Mrs chailes now tm beginning «oik on a modem icst- dence, of buck \enccl di stone been completed but the hou vlll be rci) motkui. Then-Son .Ch-|i!cs, and fnmilj •nlll rKuiT ftom .Osccola June ') to a rcmodele'd luo-sloiy house on the faun \ A new- eaiage building will be completed this week for jMilfon Sterntcrg. The building. 23 Us CO feet, Is of fume and metal construction with n solid conciele foundation it Is located in the SCO block, on Ash street and utll be occiiptcil - bv the owner ' Mi. and Mrs M a \ B Rcitl hau put three coats of cream point on the exterior of their house, at 014 \v Main street, and hn\c rescreened then, front pencil , Mr. and Mrs. Houchins - Buy Main Street House Mr and Mrs H H IloiicVnns Jra»c putchiisert (lie residence ol Mrs S S Steinberg. 910 W Main street, and will move thrie fhortlj after April 1 The Houchins lind recently announced plan* • for building a icsidcnce on thch ^ Jot at 1000 \V. Mam stiect, but abandoned Ihcni when the Sloni- terg bouse • ivas offered for sal- The Stcrnbcrg home is a- modem structure H1 (h i arec ]„,„„ room, music room dining room breakfast room and kitchen on the first flooi and fom bedrooms and two baths on the second floor. There ,s a heating plant., rue house was erected bv the late Mr Steinberg The Houchins will , redecorate he interior aiifl ' outside ''heroic t.ney wove. „ r Soms 45,06)' communities m ' PLUMBING! COMPLETE STOCK OF STANDARD Sanitary ' Kna SINKS, UATHTUHS, CLOSETS. LAVATOIUKS FHA TEIWIS PUMlULK ,»$$3,000 Home -- ..1 I'lfl'Cfit Cilv, Ark., willi Iwn I. 1ms cross cvcry rpu'iu. 'Hie livjii« rooiii, ii jjeu- crouH si/.e, luis a firt>|)lact>, ami lliere la a'diiiiiig imok'-ljehvei-u Hie. kitchen anil lhe ri'j;iilar diiiiiiKrooai.' Aiiiimiileaiiioiuil uf closet spiice lias lieeu ..... videil. jUlhougli flic heili-utims ire small in size, care !uis been taken lo;.glva asi, nuicli wall iia ji'iissililu'fiir''llie con- .Vctiicnt iirraiisemenl of fiirni- ture. Tliu liiiuso cosl $2,72r> ic lot ?225.- ,Thc Fcdural Hiiusing Aiimimslnilioii in- jinci ui.20-yenr iniirfgage on the propertyrfor $2,300. Bloutlily payments, ; iiicliuliiiK principal ;iiml iuleresti service clmi'ge, niurlgrige -'iiVsiirauce, ttxes, ami hazard ••jiuurnnciv •mount lo $22.51. ^ Q I have a bathroom that hns ibo old HOO:| \vniiisi;6iliig.' nn;l. I houUI like to coyer i if.-,1; cannot ilford tile, so Hill yoii siiggcst some ilhcr way i might d o ii? A. If you mini a tile ctfect, tiler." MO.R numbsr of goo':l wallboards mule in Imitalion of tile that lire •lice looking and" .serviceable. If ministration architects which Bliaraiitees Hull they will be built according to the plans and spcci- ' ncntions and tlie terms of the contract. ^ He said thiit his office, had re- i ccived many Inquiries about the plan from people who arc now contemplating building in the' spring and want io get their plans! ready and make : their financial ai'rangements now. j , The regulation allowing a loan I pi 80% :0f the value of the pro- 1 lierty and for a period of not ex- i seeding twenty years, with a low' rate of interest, has enabled many! .people to'construct or purchase homes anil refinance existing mortgages. j Mr. Norwood stated that under! the modernization credit plan, up: to January 1 (here luul been made j by financial inslitutioiis 9,830' loans, lo the ownorj -of property in Aikimas foi the rcpin of lesi dencS and othci piopeit) nmoimting to 83,550,748. Tins pi in nndei which people maj bouow niouev pajiblc in iiionthly mstillments foi lln. ie -SjPa" "ul nnpipveincnt of am,'kind' • |»f pinpcilv ihd lhe piucfnw oj, ,',"-,] u »si"css firms realize-lhe'bsnu-1 l ' IM ' tai " equipment has stucd' 1 he j nest i board Is forced I ncial effect of blight cheerful s«r- I m " ch P'-opcity from deleiioiition !e_ one nlreailj : rcuudiuss :upon employes who V e- lnncl 1(1( 'ed lo ils comfoit coinen Uc careful H3> ] spimd by Increased efflcleucv. Th- icnK and iisefulnes. ' Bright Surroundings i ^ i':/ Increase,-• Efficienci HIA Insurance $4,774,524 in gages in This State •svood. slatu (1 Trim/Should Coincide With General Character of House Tliat part of the woodwork, of the i Heavy trim with elaborate moW- D i -i I ,L , '* kllow » "* l » e "'»" !»8S ill small rooms has an ovcr- rotCClS K ""'Id be given careful study in do- peering elfect that makes the [signing and skilled workmanship in rocms se?m even smaller and ierecting. This Includes (lie finish' pieces that pake a frame around • door and window opening, tase- Insure a mortgage for up to 80, PIT- cent of Us appraised value, if ihn property meets the fiousiii;; Administration requirements. I1M L. unobirush-c. repU'd in Arkansas 1,813 mortgages ,,:,,., for Insurance, amounting to $1-|;"" S " '"formntion us to details 774,521, of which C90 were for. the ' °>?" yoile mnklll 6 »'""""' construction .of new residences':/! Nr)n vood said mounting to 5'2;>28,220. j""° He stilted Hint all Ihesc resl-!l] lc "cok5°of m th" deuces conslructed and to be con- i (| lc ucujite have strutted are an improvement overj vaiilnge of the . he can drive city or town and neigh- "'""™ 1 "' ' arc rcrmlrcd to have connection's)' i', with a water system or a . private-' k ™'''Wer In obtaining a loan ly-owncd plant and have connec-V,', M?, M ''! ct " (1 to a local r " la »- tious wilh a .sewer .system or a : |,. " lsullltl °". but more busiiifss scpllc lank, and meet other pre-' n f* , "'»"s«clcil In lliose ninvn ,^j- !l _l aee ; s "'''ere. the Institutions have Dialed. Yon can generally tell tlic looks of clamped and uncomfortable like a large person in loo light clothes. For sains time past. Bcod archi- tscls have been conscious ol this , fact, but it js only recently that j the contractor-builder who does I net employ an architect has begun I lo feel it. •• To erect trim properly and make a dean, true job of it. requires a skill beyond (lie capabilities of tlie so-called "hatchel-and-saw" carpenter, iliat is, the man who does the framing ant) the other rough carpentry in a perfectly capable manner. Too often this distinction is not recognized, and rough work with gaping cracks and s?eiuin»ly careless joints is the result, Th" workman is not al, fault; it would be just as reasonable to expect a bricklayer to do a beautiful piece of fine mosaic work. Sec that the trim of your house is' in • keeping wilh its" style ana character and that the workmen Focal Point Guides ; I P.oom's Decoration En for; a room can properly he decorated lhe owner must decide on a paint of focal interest. If ih-vi-' is a fireplace, this is a lo-'icul choice; but, lacking this feature, a 1 window, particularly a large oil" vvlll do. if you are building a horn-' tins spot .should be decided on when the architect is drawing his plans Tlis Federal Housing Aclmfnisira- tion insures mortgages for lhe con ' striictipn of homes up [ 0 80 per cent of tlie appraised value of the properly. • sri-lbcd standards to make deuces more comfortable and durable. Every house built undo _. „,„ cral Housing Administration plan!loans under tlir- Kv,in,-,i n n ,icii «i ~~ T--.'i'-"'"""""'"' """• " )u " receives Ihree inspections by ad-! Admin si i. "ton pi™ H ° II51! 'S . are building, a new ,ho,i,e the Fed- '»".iuon plan. eral H 0usmg Administration . will the city _ llv Fe.1 i imliliitioiK ""i, "° I 00 "' rma ' lcilU i eiiinisVd'v/it'h its"erecl'ion are 3- m. ie.i nnaiuitiom ],„„„ ,,„„,. making cd at that particular work. If you . . boards up (iglit. against .the. one nlreaily nailed, and 50 on. , • , :. , to dninnge the edges of the board vvhen forcing t hem i,,; it Is b=sl to p e , ", W '°,°," • .""If '°, "",'" " >el '' of (ili5 accoinphshmcnt. naainst. Finish-Moor boards come \vllh longno-aml-srcoye/.end. 1 ) ... well as sides, and these inake a bet- Id- llo boards. Q. Is if necessary In put. metal Hashing over Uio lops of doors and )0ii do nol Insist upon Hint nppeiir- | tfr. lloor than • lhe bull-jointed mice, there arc waterproof wall- loards w'ilh plain surf aces! that le usod ihay can be painted if on like but Hie paliit should have \t least one .coat pi high-gloss Q How sh'ould a.'hardwood lloor Le laid over a rough pin; undcr- nooiingo ' : A In the first place, the uiuler- loormg should be reasonably: level. If the bo-lids are warped: U'.cy boiilct be planed down lo a lijvel -mfuce • on top of this nndc,rn:nr ,nj he.ivj -buildin». paper-wiHi" the lomu well inppcd. If liie umler- (lour is laid diagonally to theijoisUs the dticction of the linish lloor braids doc^ not matter so much. nUhouijri it is Always tetter to bv tlicm perpendicular (o the direction Jf the loisls If the \indern.-,m-h r ^ and generally s ivc gc_., a sheet of iioncorraslve metal extending; down over ll;c lop member of the : window or door trim, far enough .to form n drip will be a much surer protection. In n nia- sonry wall It is well to have a sheet of 'such, flashing raleml through the wall and bend in j> so as to throw 'to Hie outside any water that may jiercolale down the -interior of the wall. 1 ml n n»,, , tie, hirmk n '' '' cdirn , n S Thi ,IK n '° " nn !ed o th? .1 ™»ie<loii the loiigue TOKYO lUPi—A Japanese jUiij- | liisl who daljliles In astronomy i during his spare lime has been credited with relocating the dim 'Daniel comet, inissing since, ilsdis- . '' C Jolsts - CCVC1 >' 27 1?™™'**° by. « Princeton u " lvtrsil - v ote "' v «- 'The druggist- astronamci-. ' Shinichi Shlmizi,, » h °t°8™Pl>cd the- comet through :, lo-cciitimetcr 'telescope •'""""•ftaor. ^ b ° '"" 1(l edge of tlie upon employes, who re, Increased efficleucv. Th- use of modern lighling and 'fixtures is 11 valuable step in Hie promotion I of tills nccoivrnlishinciit. Private I liiiniicial inslitulions approved by i thc Hie Pederaj Housing Arlmlnlstrn- j loa lion advance 1 Insured credit, for the iiurcliase, and '• installation of modern limiting wilh 'snifplcmi'iilarv fixtures.'' .'-.•,.- Foiiii,i The Federnl Housing' AdmlnLl- Iralion docs not make loans but where the borrower is eligible and j property Ls eligible it insures i s when made by approved! financial inslitutioiis. j Anyone contemplating a loan! under lhe mutual mortgage in-' surnnce plan or (he modernization i credit plan .should apply to a fln- «!) instiliidnn, The slate of- Hcc of the Federal Housing Ad- Olil -\riin- Sklllei . - J oitniui (l 11VL wl Lm: r(:acral Housing Ad-! WASHINGTON : (UP)--EniplosWi"" 1 " 15 '""' 011 «'ill also be glad to' of lhe Bureau of Public Roads I — j uncovered (he ,handle o! n re°u-j'~~~ — • i I?. 11 "" ." rmy slrillct uscrt d'O'lng the' " while woikinj; on Lee Frertcricksburg a n d e 1 Civil War Drive in Spottsylvanhv National Military Park, Virginia.' The skillet probably wns the, property of a soldier 1HW of Stonewall Jncfcson's armv "BEUNAT 1 ' KN1TTIXO VAUNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS •New spring and 'summer yarns I-alcst Styles Classes, Friday. 2:30 P M MHS. l.ESUE HOOPER Clu'ckasawba Phone 793 i>ut unlike • niasl epidemics, this one leaves Mio;piUieiH fouling line! Kvery- wlicrc .vou;«p it's Ijeinjr discussed . . . '"IJufldiijB, • - : i cmojleiing, modemix i n g liomes. '; There's a',reason.: Homos can l>c<!>uiH UiHlei; 1.1)0? FHA plan »nd iwid for like •vent. ...Lcliiis, exjilaiu this .plan to; you. ISMBER 60, " PHONE JO GOING UPl FHA N T e\v lionuis iH -e going up . . . and so arc Inline standards! Thanks t,, ( bc Iiw cost ()|; buildinjf niatcnal.s-, hotlor home designs — and the FHA I'hui of convenient jnonlhly paymcnl-Uu, average family can now alTnrd (o lHiil;l_and enjoy homo comforts our !-i-,-), K !fatlier.s never dreamed of! No\v's UK, |j, iu , for V(U| (( , | H|JU , (hc home you «- ;ml . Wc '!l he glad to explain how you can pay most O f its.cost, '»• the monUi. out of your income. Let's talk ii ()V er. lAH'KOVE VOLIK PROPERTY NOW We'll help you secure ,1 PHA loan. Wall Paper Paints - Varnishes- Auto & Window I'htle Glass WA'THKVILLK PAINT •.«ruHVA(,Ll'>AI>BR:.CO. Gleiirac lildg. . piioiic 8KO For the. sake • of your j */ THIS jberal Te:i on the famous Simmons You can buy one on terms so low you hardly miss them Jms amazing offer is for a limited time only, so -don't « out of 24 hours you spend in bed. Dunns? that time a iM'autyrest allows you to completely i-elax It's an''im- portant investment in comfoi-fr-health—energy Take advantage of this offer -sleep on a Beautyrestlawake re'

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