The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1933
Page 4
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nxx FOUK BLTTHBVILLg, (ARKJ COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST o, •HE BLYTHEVIbLK COURIER .NEWS ~n OOTOIXR NXWa CO., PUBUSllEHB • 0. B. BABCOCK, SUtM 'B. W. HAINta. ABmOdbV M»ttNf*r Beta RiUonal Admtlunt ftrksssss- Dallies, Inc., Kes York, Chicago, atteott. St. Loula, Dtllu, KADSU Oily. UtUc. BOCfc. • • | Published Every. Antraooii Except Sunday. Entered ofilce «l c;o:«jr«s «ii sccaiia e;ass r.iat Hlyllitville, A'-kinisa.i, OtlObcr 9. 1817. ir »l the posl under, act ol Servea me United BUHfiQllPTION a AXES By earner ui vui cii> or Blyllmvlllt:, 15o per neck or itiS'J per >tnr In advance. B; mi'11 wllhln a radius ol 50 inilos, »3.00 (>cr yrnr. Jl iu lur six mimllw. 85c for thj»e month*; by mail in i>oMil Mjuei, two U> ilx, Inclusive. It.ftU ixr >rur, In units .icvi'ii and eight, |10.utl pt-r yciii, p;iyaWu in advance. ican poupk'. The si^iis today indicate that il is siljtnil to awaken. When it docs there IF nothing Hint will not be possible for it to accomplish. —Hmce CiiUoti. America Unites Under the NRA Banner 'I'iic ciicou racing lliiiiK iib:iiit I ho proprnm now buing attempted by the NitUoiiiil Recovery Administration is not so much llisil it i- helping to lioal the depression as Unit it is providing; :i it'.Mj'iuj; -pfiint for I lie emotional forces of Ihc American people. It is soinctime.s said thnt our country has grown (oo big—thill its population is so Ini'iru ami its distances s'o vast that its people liml it nlmost impossible to uniie in one common cause. At times, ix'vhap.--, this is ijiiitc Irne. What arouses the Pacific con-1 often leaves the nmldlwsl cold; what stirs the niiddlewesl is apt to be of small interest along the Atlantic. \Ve are a jteople of diverse interests .nut, occasionally of divided loyalties. * * o But licrc is KoiuelTiini; thai is Inking hold everywhere. The blue o.ijflt; looks out from store and oll'ko windows along thousands upon thousands of miles of highways. Everywhere il stands for p. mass awakening, a common cajise which is appealing In Aniei 1 - icans'of every section and every class. It is, in fact, a unifying force of a kind that, we have not known since the .-win 1 ; iintljin Us ultimate effects il may be a much more profound tiling than any emotion the war brought us. For the umlicaliun of 1!)I7 was a cruel thing, in spots, and it was, followed by disillusion, \Vc fell ourselves lifted up, but; in the lot-down that followed we could not help seeing that • there had been something just a little. ' spurious about it all. Our ideals got lost sight of too rapidly. We had been broughl together, but no one had applied cement to make our new union stick. » + * \Vlutl..\vc are getliiij.' now is sume- lliing clifi'crcn!. We are getting, at last, a iicw vision of what a united America could mean; a new realization of the mountains that might he moved if the American iieuplc as a whole could recover the failli thai is their heritage. We are engaged in an attempt to recover that faith, in a light to gain a unity of purpose and outlook ihal will make np for the 'spiritual deadliest of the post-war years. It is a dozing giant, this great Amer- I \VA* The Little Fellow Pays luve.sligatiiiii.s of closed banks, which arc bringing to light some of the reasons for (heir colhip.-e, reflect considerable credit on smaller borrowers for their integrity anil Ihoii 1 business judgment. By and large il seems to have been tin: inability of banks lo collect on a relatively small ninnhiT of big loans which pulled them under. The so-called financiers, who reiiuireil huge .sums of oilier people's money to carry on I licit 1 operations, were the ones who left the batiks in the lurch. The little fellows, in much largi'i- percentage, stepped up lo the lino and paid off. The ectnililii-n was part and parcel of I lie era of frenzied finance, with its unwarranted expansions and its gigantic "deals", for which depositors are now paying. Current revelations should do much to indicate to bankers where they can safely [arm out their depositors' funds. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Plenty of Gold Anyone who has '-.wi (lisliirheil hy the ft;::; 1 timi. llir. liiition's ciirruin-y Wii.-i not hacked by 1111 ailequnte supl'ly of jfold will ho relieved hy news Ihal the Federal Reserve banks now hold more of the yellow melal than at any lime during Ihe year, and more than at any time ilnniu; llu two prosperous years pveeedimj the 1020 collitpsc. Holdings liavc increased durinj; the year hy S<IOO,000,000 to veadi a total of S;i,500,000,0(JU, which is more than the reserve hanks have had al any period during Iheir 20 years of operation. Total Kdld stocks of the country, which includes amounts held by .(he Ireasury, arc ^1,320,000,01)0. 11 may he puralitiK to understand why, with all Ihe gold thai is available, (he country remains off the nold .standard. Whatever Hie answer is lo that (|iicstion, it is coni,foiling lo know thai Ihe gold is there. Lead Workers Must Have Protection from Poisoning 1!V Dlt. MOItKIS KISHBtlN • Kdltor, Journal ot tile American M«ika| AE«K'litlon, and of lly- gtia, the irtillh make certain Ihal it Is free from the typical stippling appearance of the red blood cells commonly a.sso- cifttcil with lead poisoning. In a Load is ciic of the most widely I well-iCBulaicu Industrial plant ex- used substances in industrial work; omiiiations are made every three of all tyi»s. It is. hovcvcr, nt the Eanic lime one of ihe most poisonous substances with which human Brings come In contact. Il iniiy gel Into the Ixitly through the digestive tract, through Ihc lungs, or llirough the skin, Recently weeks to determine whether or not the employes are absorMng lead and alw the degree and severity ot lend absorption. Whenever a work- CHURCH EXCUSES By Gt*. W. Of course. I have nothing 16 del with tlio affairs of my only lo see that lie properly feedJ nncl clothes ir.y daughter ana hrl cr.n't romiJlaln as this was fimilj impressed on him at the time consented for my daughter to has outlined ihe picvcnlive meas HIES used In the various DuPont plants to make certain thnt em- ployes are not injured by lead. Before a worker enters r. plant, he cr bcRins to show even a sight I ry him. and It was also understood! change In digestive powers, loses,thai he was to come Into inj' weight, or shows considerable re-! church and act forme as a boar<J -'member and I musi say he die. not disappoint me: only when they r\ r n u r.piirm-iim 'diiclitm in the number of red blood Dr. a. ». oeiirmann| cdl and rc<| mlor - ms jimUcr ,„ Uie us off the board. I tell, should have left the church as did. But'my hired man U a dif^l story alltogether. blocd, lie is removed from contact with lead. The twn major problems In tlie | hrinrtliiiE of lead In industry arc ferent Is sivcn a complete examination. I the control of dust and of fumes. | seems from what they have. bccnl including a history of his prcv-1 Nowadays there are suitable re-leading In tlie papers that somc-il Ejjiraloiy masks and exhaustion: cue has decided that everybody? devices and Flmllar mechanical de- ] should work less, buy and eat morrJ vrloumcnls which aid in keeping, and they say that this fellow oi!| Inns- t^ worker away from lead. 111,0110 of his helpers has worked connection wltli lliese devices, a new rtrlnfc tha't can be used with however, it is well (hat. all factoiy Ililtlc or no chance ot intoxication] rcoms be kept clean, that floors'Of course they probably have llrh washed .down, 10115 working life, fl must, of course, be established that he has mil previously been In conlacl with sources of lead poisoning, much as work in the vicinity of lend may be dangerous, it, is nol well In put into service any em- ploye who may already have fairly and equipment I* •large amounts of lead in his sys-|aud that under tern. It Is also desirable that employ- es who are to work around haz- t arclous elements should be auicn- I able to (cachings of cleanliness and sanitation. The careless, the circumstances | which do not permit of the use of writer, vacuum cleaning be applied." Dcclor Gchrmann points out that dry swceplncs can undo all the careful control. accomplished by months of observation and sanitary P •ip and this is doing all man oi| this all mixed whoever It something like some preachers try lo vun the whole church. man of my knowledge and al] can sec through this without aid of newspapers. iricsponsible and Ihe smart alcck «""""• r : would Make Swell Doubles K,"r W uhSS l °cho^ ™« ™ *—.:,.„* I, 1 ™* '7* .'^-BtNO cab. It U- one of the rules of this PULASK1. Ky. (UP! - Calvin Clearey. 10 and T.-ut:: Mcgason! coipdrnlion that women and all. Vanovcr. 18, reached his gwnc-llS. both of the Laird Hill com-J applicants under 21 years of age! father's home town or Pulaski af-1 u.unily. must belong lo the faimf an excluded from work with lead, j ler riding freight trains acres', iwlee. or scrr.-ething. They .fe It is also necessary that all those (he country from Oregon. Swiiig- who arc subject lo disturbances of the bowels be eliminated. The blood must be sludicd ing oil thi.' train at his dcslirui- frctn the sam': trolley, at the sahu place, on tli* same day, recently! BLYTHEVIL1,!', 10 YEABS AGO From thr files of illr lilyttirvlllc DallT Courier lion, he lost hin grip and both IcetjEiich broke 'nis left jirm above were amputated by the wheels. | elbow. oy Lucy lUtS\ ® o* O ,V^J:VT Mi:il.*, TODAY I'.Vi: I'.lVl.l'.SS. i.nlll uolilnnt lir IMIII;: l>AU\i:s utUcrllilDX Tliutrilny, AIIR. !), 132:1. Mr. and Nfrs. John Bui' arc the parents of n fine ni- who nrrivccl this week. TUCK iiprrln- u-:iih.,il. Illrk her nri ikl I The Courier has bten \\inuier- j ing if we might not have an ulcl I llcldler's contest, for the county fair, but under deliberation we huve come to tile conclusion thai! u whistling contest of locomotive j nipUiM'rK v.'uiilri beat, II ,a oily' block. Tf we could, .locate ihf old j .scout who uscil lo make himself i •heard from Lcaclwille to Uarlirld I on Ihc .I.Ij.C. and E.. after slar!- in(; his (lain, we would match tin- i Frisco whisller aiiainit. him. I Girls without higher iivj lu'cessiirs 1 for tin singer. i'tluciilinn lack I He bear- iiclre.v; —Fril/i achell, The contractors of Ihe n. M. nr.rt I L. liarii road have oiJCncd the road . lo within Iwo or three miles' of I Dell, beim: ticar McDcarman. j The road is already broken in as I n Joyriders paradise, and any eve- 1'iin? .scores of cars can be seen hiking back and forth to (he limits j and back again. Spceciin? ^ceins lo \ bo llie least of the ihrmghf.s of j ninny, while tlie most of ihe driv- I crs 1110 careful and Milisfled lo! mnkr '25 nr :io mill's an hour and j get the ceo] breezes which make si! r ping Forcible these hot nights. .^lAIMA \'I.A1I, fnnMun .irllMl, .n, ii AIII,I:M; SMITH, «irn,i^- r:i|i!irc in Hie [tilicrlisin^: ufllce, uulli'i' [.:»C'N riuKuiiLi'iil (ml do r iuarrlri(;u i:\c Irnrna inhm make n (rip to NC%T lEir ndirr nnj dial «hr e (tint nl£lit. \i:ii(Jt until Hlic mill Dirk I illn.irr tirfim- n-llliii: htm vnN. Iliirk l.ikrn IILT lo llie i) unit ntr» hrr nlxi:inl ! I'Viini Ihc (r:itji ^litiiluiT iko liiiu luin M u:ij |i:irtr uf M1W CD l).\ WI THE STOKV ill The elemental passions of greed anil '[iMr rNplaln rai'kelecrinR. I r or the terrorism ol liocMlluins must b: subslitiilcrt the tcrnirisui ol the law. —Senator Louis Murphy of Iowa. * * * Attempts to kill the Juv. 1 never have siircLH-il- rd bccanp? the source and reason of his life his spirit—cannot be exterminated. - Dr. Jac-jb Sonderlinc. chief rabbi of Hamburg. Kan. (UI'l—Tlio figiliT M" is .in unlucky digit for UK| jirciiucliOLi of vheal. acrordin:: to '.i. R. SitU'tiiKom. He has figureil | out thnt every lime the year ends in th? (Ipiirc "a" a peer yir!:l occurs. He cites as eMwplcs iho years IR^W. 1003. 1013. 1023 and Japan, t(Ki, is cause of p?ace. doing her share in (lie great —Viscount Kikujiro l-Oiii, The piwlricnl. is a v:ry smart ;:olitic:an. —Srmioi- Hucy P. Long of Louisiana. By William? AU- Tv-V OH, I'M -TRACT oF WHEW I OPEK MV UTTLG. BOOK AM' A?--< FEC? A VAEA5W TWO BITS, is IER WON'T BE SO DO&&ONE. MUCH ABOUT born. IWfl-Staten Island bought Tnom Llie weat at Harvard ( College. * A/ok to be confused,^ Lulth Isaac /VPd/tW, can, &wf Tut on the hauMit dn. apple. CIlAl'Tlill ji'VK invoke with tho ilaiin ami '' l::y for a long while \valchin: Iho wintry Hudson river as th ir:ilii s!'M hy. KliQ ivonderci alimit Ilii'l;—what ho was doln in this hour, whether Ho wa ;:slccii and dreaming ot her or o liis way lo work. She reacue iimlor her pillow for llio cbamol bag. it was Ibcro and the lllll gnu weihllng ring was safe. She Ivieil the ring on and decided to v.i-ar It until slio arrived at tlie tiitol. Over hor black pajamas she sliiiiieil a black silk robo with' greal. golden dragon heavily ctn- broHlercd on llie liack. A pair of Kolilcn mules ccni|ilclcd lier I'ull- inau eiiscmblo and slic picked up her dressing case and made for ll:e dressing room. "(Icnii morning," p.u underlain v/.-c grcele<! Kve as sho entered. — . ••t:,od morning." Eve answered "W '° ™ et "aid. ot course: 1 j 'sho finrneil on when tve rc-| will, a swift appraisal of Ihoi 11!alnc(1 silcnt> debating whether yimn;.; crcaluro before her. ^» : or aot to return the confidence by cMrcmcly plain faco but one I leiling her own name. "I know which wa? laniilly being trans-' w "al • With fngas thai s/ioo.'f Eve lore open the thin, jcllott tmclofc. :;nob' when Elm turned hack, "My; view Phoebe, Inc. She knows iamo's Corinno Dcvorc." she sail], I what Lake City is wearing before and paused. "Not that we're! we know It.— Earlo names." Eve sank weakly into a deep cushioned chair. She was more llian hurt. Slio was even a liltle frightened. Would this thing sbe bail done always stand between ou'ro thinking," she" went! her anil Dick? He couldn't over the coBM c^pi, "I you'd liko to see a music*! coj»- cdy so I arranged It. • I met at interesting man on the ihlj.- Ernest Fra:iks is his namft. He'* going to tall for us it «l|bt o'clock." Eve said she would r>nJ6» gbtfli to the theater. Sim was sirrf H£d' when two men Instead of one in^t them as sho anil Freda left tb»" elevalor. "1 brought this lone woif along."' Franks esplaineil after Introduclni Theron Reece, "because b.e needs4 company, i-bope you'll HAP him.'" "He looks likable," Freda as she and her escort led the to a la\icab. Eve followed , Recco whose charms easily ov«r- ishadowea those bt-Franks. Judging from the applause tni musical show was a great siictijt Eve followed its theme only »•-. gucly. Sue permitted herMtt id lapse Into lethargy, roiisln; occi- sionally In sniihj brightly »t hef companions. She was conscious of pleasing music and then th6 nnal curtain. Therein Reece hinnrnctVone of th4 song blls as he guided her through the lobby. As lliey joined lb«t Ihroiig waiting for cabs Oiitsid4 o(T i suggested a night club. OEKCB was disappointed whttt ^ the head waiter was ubable t« scat them at a table In the'lDBer circle. A smart chorus of jiiing girls was dancing vivaciously, Se'ia; tifully. The applause *5S l«»Tty r.nd long. Then the dancing.8p*c» was ctenTcd for patronk. Fra'aM ! did not dance but Reece appafen'llj vaeted to bo cs tb6 floor ill ttl«' time. Again and again he manigti so that he and Eve were on .th« floor and the center ot attsnttfiH before tlio other dancers lett their tables. Eve was not quite suf» »1* liked this. The lights turned t6 t rosy glow and the orchestra played • mi defiantly. "That It sounds leave his wort to como with her forme.! uy the cjncrt uso ot coa-1 Jda (|I) _ "\vcll.itis! My real | on a honeymoon trip. Why indie.'. The other girl drew a j nay)0 ) 3 Cora Dilly. I've always'should he expect her to give up bluo wool frock over licr hea-1 In • hated it and I didn't see any rea- her big opportunity to spend a honeymoon at home.' Oh, why had this whole miserable situation come aboul? • • T ATER however aa slie rode to *-' the slyle advisory bureau ot Phoebe. Inc. t Evo's irained mlnti concentrated on the business of GUESS oae quick inoilon. Then she stood | son ^for dragglag it along to New toforc i ho long mirror and ?i.lieci * orx ' . » « tlie riress tigiu'ly over her lilpo.; lh|lt Cor , nno ' Devore Wil5 luniiiis right, and left. I \V gonei i csv ins Evs with Ihe "There! All ready for tbe b!g' |E1 ,uty feeling that she had leen ailvciiture." she announced pertly, i a trifle- snobbish. • lifted her eyebrows luquir-' "="« """""* ' She ma, not lovely. 1 Dick, that made fleece held her closely tilt ..she's wise," Kva said to bcr own ihe day. Freda Carter was to ln:ly. Tlie girl lit a clsarcl and [cnec[ion in ( h 9 mirror. "Sbe'll 1 meet her thord. Tliey had marie ci!i!iu!cn. "I'm nervous as a cal. m ake people notice her. Slie'llitiie appoinlment In a " Ti-.ii :.< tny first irip lo New York, probably set bcr man, too. and j telephone conversation. ri~hi' ivly>a s.he docs eUe'll kDOw cuoujh I seldom stopped at a hotel when to hang to him.' Oil, bow in xew York, as she bad a sister could I leave Dick is I did!" living in Brooklyn. Married girl frienrt ac:o« tlie river in New Jersey but iiio doesn't aspect me. Vou EC? I've lakcn my llfo In my own C jciTed S 'a"s" tbo troln dresr intojfrom Paris, her heart lull ot h.-,rrt-. t want 10 find a husband Grand Central (lalion. A rertcoplion news and her trunks packed l-efo-o tho bells ring 30. There'- : took her bags aod-k'i tho way to j with French sowns Kvc mado Ibe i-viu.t UIO Ol-lia liub ov. > mil. ~ ^ un»«l !.. rniinria nf XorJ Vnrl- 4 cnnrlnet However, Ev« >a» pleasantly cached tho hotel anticipation. Elioj shops. Ef» Baylesa 1 ' on tlie noou period with some advertls a r.i-.x crop ot girls springing up cvcrv year nud there certainly Krotc - aion't enough ellglblca lo go register aiciiai) ni our four corners. My £ir>t'-r discovered It loo late, so I'm Ir.ttlng tor nc-s paslurca t>e- i6rain _ Ic-e I'm past the age." j Ere clulclied it tightly as die I lace. It represented Kve au(ted her bair wltb a llt-i (ollowed the bell boy to the eleva-; ure of.hcr jleldlug lo lie jade and gold comb. The girl |°Jj ust:!ied her. and Inquired it these! Ir.g wonian over a meal served were "any messages for her. Slie| peasant slyle in a quaint French hold her breath whll» the clerk |rc;laurant. looked Yes Inert was a tele- That evening Eve dressed for I dinner In a new gown of pale gold I meat- e temniA- Eve draw away. When '.Ley returned to their U-/J bio Freda wsu displaying a nsrt | cigarcl case sho had purchased la Paris. She passed it around. Kf«J glanced nt tlie other tables, thei linjiltatlngly took a cigaret. Fr»nt» closed hand over it. "Don't." ho sain. "It ipolll. ta« IlluEion." Tbon bo added, "Wlti arologies to Misj Carter!" TtlAk smiled. She did not mind. "And don't drink either," R««* added, as he poured the coatenli ol a silver Bask inlo Ihree glass«* flt ginger ale, "Wo want you to Itrtp that 'little girl' look. It's.* r«« thing in a pbice llko Ibis." As Ibcy left the nlgbt clul) Erneil Franks suggested talking a f« blocks before ho escort«d Ptedi to bcr sister's home In BrookljS. "Fifth Avenue Is fight woafii t6« corner," be said. "It'» » Jlor|6ii« night end thi windows aftir midnight ar« always tortb 16ok!?j tt_- FreJa agreed to «>'* »'itn nl>i. The sidewalks were nrj and ntr . long fur coat protected her «Balnsl of New fork's smartest| tho co]( > But n ceco protested ih»t They spent a leisurely Eve's wrap was Inarteauate, io ifiw separated. Rceca sleialcii a (ail- hurried Freda \Vllh Freda who was just b.lck "Thai's a pretty wedding ring." She looked attractive buljlion to purchase every ' lovely entirely oblivious to tb» ap-jibing sl!6 beheld. Ihal followed i She (ound berselt praising glances to LDC69 xDH- luiiuncuj uu<« »vu*iu ukiotn »ai uiii^ \u , -„. „„. „„ suitcase, untlrapren, Freda Carter. With her Eve felt "Well, you're one ol ahc dismissed the bor with t Up.! none ot iho barrier ot formality Her f-'ic silrt. llie lucky ones—to have a hns- 'b.:u<l ID the«9 days ot compell- ~i. n :In cab and, ho and Eve drore to her botel. "Ara you so absnrdlj yo'.mj 6i you look?" b« ssked. Then, without waltiDg for an ausw«r. b« d^ llbcraler? took hw nand. H« hild It tightly and E»» did not In to withdraw it. «tter all. It was but a few blocks lo ln« hotel. ; Suddenly tn» man tools ber lp his arms and. b«tore «be cculd herself, pressed hH llfs to 1 Tbe; arrived at Ibe hold and 6trrit»n«.f" on the door,long moanol. turned Ibe Vs? In (be lock and. jlhat otten cslsls belwcen women n'llh lingers loat sftook. tore opcnjwbn are brought logeliier by pro- tbe thin rtllow iuvelope. ' '.(ess'lonjl interests. ?ihe tt3:{3 at tb€ messsc? njplfasautly at tve'? betel. It read: "lr>l«r-i "About tonight," FifJa laldl (To B« ContinunJ) Tbej dlosdlEv*. wllhout so mu.:lk ss f|i aotel. '.night, hurried to ti» «le<-aiot.

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