The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. AUGUST o. 1933 atYTHEVILLB, (ARK,) COUBIEK PAGE Main Service Station One Of Arkansas' Belt [QMS 1ES IN LESS T Won Honor This Summer Over Stations in Four Southern States. In less than two years Die Main Service Station, -loc-:Uecl on tlx. corner of Main and Fifth .'irtFi!:, lias morc'llian doubled i it.", average monthly sales of Tex- g;":oUiie ami oilier products. fi'TOriiios to W. J. Wunderlich who I-;;: operated the Elation since Ocl' 1 --, ID 11 When Wuriderlieh leased the Fta- tlui rrcm the Texiu; company the overage monthly .sales of gasoline was approximately U,50C gal- .1 !< ns, oud the peak inontli was 8,: OCO gallons. Since then Hie yus- i i has been developed to sucn I :i extent that apjjroxlmntely IV gallons ot gasoline are so':l month, and during last November a peak ol 21,000 gallons v as reached Locol Station Honored By Texaco Company if- ( fjai Motorist Likes Texaco Products Designated us an "Honor stu-j Although one of this section's most attractive stations, the Main Service station, shoun In the the "Honor st l.on" by the Texas company for | clure j s ; ,LSO'one o[ the most efficient,. It receiuly woii the Texnco hwurd as rales Increase in June, 19^3. over that month jast year, the nation was allowed to disuiny a IJ Inrge plaque awarded for salr ; s, eliiclency and This pward marked the local station as tlie mast outstawling one operated by the company in the New Orleans district, composed oi A"- kaa'ias, Louisiana. Mississippi 'ind Tennessee. Tile management has constantly sought, to improve its service to motorists and lro:n time to lime new aiid more etficient equipment has been bought and installed. Pel haps some of .the -best feveasSng equipment owned by i service .station in this vicinity is tJt-d by the Main station. ( Erme time ago Mr. Wunderlicn "purchased special equipment for biving the "certified lubrication" 'J'his is the highest grade of er. lubrication yet developed, accore ing to Mr. Wnnderlich, who says that every vital point of the automobile is given the proper graoe and quality of grease. Because it is practically impos tilde for n workman to rememoei the exact greasing requirements for every make', of car on th rond,''a special chart'is' used whicl guides the attendant in giving til "eivice outlined by' the manufac', nrer. Each point is careful! L'tificked and tlie motorist is as I iiired » perfect.job. Six diflernni li types of grease are used ill the ''certified lubrication". Competent management and r.n experienced staff of attemftots are lieYtiaps responsible for the results shown by the station. Mr. Wnn- derlich came, here in 1931 ai.d operated the station owned by Vcllmer and Son, Inc., on Hisb- *vay SI, north of town, where he Ruined considerable experience in the retail gasoline and oil busi- rtss. Some time after he over the operation of the Mar.i Service station lie secured the •Cervices of Russell Marr, nssistai.t nanager, who is one of the krown service station men in this section. Mr. Marr's home was forni'-riy Sedaliu,. Mo., but he has lived in Blytheville for a number of yea:3 upd has been connected with t-.e (Id Dixie Service station, the Barnsdall Service station and was associated with Bob Dent • in the station known as Dent^farr, Inc Three experienced attendants art also employed. Jack Patterson v:ho has charge of tire repairs anc road service, has more than five years experisnce with various stations. Leo Lavender, lubrication- expert, lias taken special training offered by the Texas company an5 i^ capable of giving lubrication scivice to all makes of automo- |'vbi'es. All car washing and pol- |*>;shins for the station is done by Henry Campbell, who has liaa ^tht years of experience in this articular nork. nlm'C allon" in coni|«lilion with other company-owned .stations In four Mules. JtUit hov •(•••MUD prudiii'is .v.ive oney lor the eai ownei 1 by keep- 'ji his «ir out of (he repair .-hop imd tjivini; It Inns nilleage Is de- 'beil by T. j ixiiaslln of San AiMonk). Ti>\. 'who lias inmle his .•nr last .' ;7.0CO miles wlih TcMifO's lielr., "in Ililf." sny.-i Mr. DnrnMln. "I piiiiliii.-fil u new Sliidel nncl siiirtrd using 'IVxuco Inlirl- i;nils in n iroin Uir ihilc of pur Chn^c. 1 lime in-vi'i- used any nllier motor nil In (he nanxciisc. ami find Iliiil the (iultlen Oils miinu- ILicliind by ih.. Texas rninp:<n> will glvr cntlrrly Mlhfuclury .'.rr V.ce e.nii i'si-1'llpin hiljrlciilion. "Thi' Mivii-i' unil liibrh'UtlilB lullllis .s| 'jki'n u; are v/pll siib- linnthiiid by ilu- (ollowinij fuels: I havr ililvrii my car :H7,IH)0 miles; iln- pan wn:, dropped iilliT the firM KJii.otX) mill's to rcplnci: (lie liivj.s .mil pi.sUms—not becntise 'A defa-is. 'i'hc p:m was <!rcif];H.'d nijiiin ul l.'iu.oct) miles for adjustments, but none ueie necessary. No vorli has in-en ii?ces.siny on Ihls ear (u (i;iu>. ant] 1 um veplac- inx II" 1 bully to make a service (••lick for my uarage. "From the lorcKUlng (nets s yon ran leutllly we dial 1 nm Miuini'ti Texaco siippuiler, und bucst voiir products at every op- j-ortunily." Mariak in At End of 12,579 Milti! Horace w. Drown, Ciulillne mid L.aSnllo dcnivr or 40 Middlesex Slrod. lluvi'ililli, Massachusetts, luts been using Texuco products :e. 1BI2 inul say.s he hus fount) no occasion ui change yel. Recently he wrote: •W;> ure ending you u «*mp!e nf Texnro MurfBS Ore»x No. 3 fioin liie wheel Imiilng.s of n 1*27 Of'dlllnr. Tiifff knirlntjs wor* parked with Ihls (reuse ut (13,015 milt'.s und Hie jii'tiw wu.v removed for 16,694 miles. After miles I Hud (he nr. ''.\ Improved. »..i-. iiiul Mrs, Wnlt«r Davis, of MUsLulppI, me visiting Idntivefi l:evi: tins wfi-k. Miss Pauline turned to her niter u week's lives, Mr. anil Mrs. Wheeler Epperson entertained 18 RIICSLS Tito.sdsy fv Uearden Im.t re- liome n I.IIXOKI slay with rela- ' running Krease .sllll irlnlns Us orlulnal prn- i.'erlles exi'cpi Unit It Is softer «iul slsli-r, In honor of Mra. Ml.« Helena Janall, *ho celebinled hrr lilrthdny. Ice cieum and nike «[>re j;crv«l after sev- rni! Imurfl (if smnes inul coiUCM. 1 ;. Mis. iVu Kconce rnt«rtulned itl filemls ul hrr daughter, 1'iic Mn- Main Service Selb Oil And Wax for Domestic Use Household helps are numbered 1 among the items sold by the Main Service sin lion on the corner of Main and Fifth streets. One o; the most popular of these is the .-.irtall f-a>.i of Texaco Home Lubricant which lias hundreds of ujes around the house. The oil is a special grade manxi- faclured by the Texus company for hi] household tools, lawn mowers and garden implements. It Is also used for bicycles, skates, guns, fish- hiK rods and tackle, small motors, \aciiinn cleaners and dozens of uMief kinds uf small machinery. Many local housewives have found Texaco Liquid Wax Dres- Eing Inexpensive for use on llielr floors anil woodwork, yet its T; ults compare favorably with those obtainable with all-wax polishes. One oi iUs best features is thai it requires none of Hie hard rub- Ung with a v.elshl«l urllsh H'at many \VJ> polishes require. The 3ovemm;nt of Venezuela has built, a highway connecting I oracos, the capital of the conn I'm. with the western state.-,. litlul Courier Irewa VVWil A0». hus no icmli'iicy to work tway from the boning rolls. 1 have ln« :een tiylmi this grease for oven i jvar, ami Hie icsiill.; of this it have (KIM) so satisfactory .that nm now using It exclusively In wheel benvliin work." MinTnx uiTtiM' Is used In.corll- lled iutolnulim by the M»ln Serv- Slfltlon here. , ilf. Wcilner.iliiy nfti'inoon In iionor ri her l.,|i Unlay. The blrtlKlny eak( nm Dermt, MU4., vbew 't^ty ijtllt 1*0 "WttlU. 'v ••;•;'.' : Mr, >nd Mrs. Roy Ayeock tn-, nounce tl)n birth, uf s ui'0«liUr. -< Mrs. Edward Mtralmll »nd children arc visiting relatives In Oblwi, • reiin. • "•' Mr. and Ml-s. Medley tnd f«ni- ilv of Osceolu, spent guiHlay with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Uoyd. . , '. Tlie Better Uomts Demonstration club will nifel ivith Mrs, Clnnwr./,' Ftltlny nfternoon. : New Miss Mlldiuil Aycouk hus re- IMned home alter u visit In Memphis its (lie guest of her uncle, All;ert Aycock, and [umlly. lid lousln.s, H. T. und Miss Lucille Ay- rui-k. iu:com|ianle<l her honie for n vlsil. Miss Ludie Mue Hogers has re. liniied (ram Memphis where .1111 with 11 candles, wu.i cut by hustc'.ss and .served will! tfi CiTiim to h?r uuest.s Tilt! HfV. Mr. Horn, of Manila, who li conducting n revival at Clenr Lake, prcachixt licre. Sun- f.ny nlleinuon In a (urge audience, Mr. und Mrs. W, A. Wivntriiml (uiijluur. Willie liny. Mrs. A. 11. lllcc nntl diiusliler. Almn. of Nnsh- vllle. Trim., visited Mr. Wrenn ni'il Mrs. Kite's nlster, Mrs. !'. 1). JurruU, and Mr, JiunUl, over the wiTk-uid, Mr. ami Mrs. Wrenn motored on to Almn und O/.urk, Ark., fur « week's bluy while Mra Hke und Alum, vi'imilned here. Miss Alice Marshall, who Is nt- lewlliij! college at Jackson, Trim, spent tlie week-end at home. Mr.s Cliiyllin Ki.b.inks and .soil, Cliiyton, Jr, arrived homi;' Sunday Pamphlett Tell YouBf Japanese of Criiit; TOKIO (UP)—In an tttati H> - ; Oi.iL-ie young people 10 rfuljzo tlie lull .sltjiililcuncc of Japan's pan!-' lion, 100,0*) copleu of un official • pmphlet entitled "Th: People's ' Dcteimlimllon to Cope With the finierijeiicy" were distributed • "s students of mkldle schooli ' here and members of other edn- ciillotuil organizations by the EU- i:ca(lon Ministry. The action Is parl of a .cam- • pnltn stinted by the ministry Im- v ineillntely niter Japan's wlthdruw- • :u (i mil the League of Nations to |)ii'|uir youiiK Japanese m«n ond v.i;iiicn for .the new situation. ..-_. . On accrunt of an outer and Inner bar across the chusiiiel c/m-, ncctlnt,' Uke Maracaibo with the G.ilf of Veniuela, only veswls ilrawlug lew tlmn n feet of water cuu f:iit«r this port. . . . where it COUNTS For business and pleasure the ,>vorld depends, on the automobile and truck. Probably in no other industry is speedy' and efficient service so .important. To keep,pace with the demand for faster service the Main Service Station has constantly added nfew equipment and skilled workmen. .The motorist will find here the best products,ever developed for,.and men who are.train- ed in every phase of servicing automobiles. Certainly there is.not a more outstanding service station serving the Blytheville territory. , One stop for complete auto service T1RF; REPAIRS WATER & AIR TEXACO GAS MOTOR OIL CERTIFIED LUBRICATION THE TIRE THAT IS REALLY SAFE,Goodrich Silvertown SEE US FOR PRICES ON TIRES AND TUBES INSTANT ROAD SERVICE-PHONE 711 Bill Wuriderlich's MAIN SERVICE STATION

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