The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1934
Page 6
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:' fold Ruler Doffs Crpwn an|Wife Si&eW j.: 1 $#«a fell Boasts More Than jgAhy Othei Section; Al- Places Two, VORK Dec 14—Selection . /IJ-Articnca /ootball learn, which ib n pagination rf Ihe original All-America found?d by Waltel Camp 50 year> aeo *ere annoiinied today ih» plnj XK chosen ,ire I N»S Hufsori, Ala , Urton, Minn , IACKUS M», Ah, K*>noWs, StaiifoU OtlAKIIS Hardy, N' Oil ; Bryan Mfnn Shclsell, I'illsburtli . .. Stanford > HUFBAOKS Wallace, Kiie, Horrid, Navy 1 mid, _„ Tn •vxaulmj the Wiltei Oamp gold foolfnlh (o (tiff p]ay>i ,, || lc > judges decbif thai n. i»lnre of Ihl- yeai * t .,,,,, J . e , 1 was the wlile rpiead of fonlball tajenl Ihrouth e\ery 'crfJoji of Ihe countiy nlthojuji ihete wai n, slight, lid line imonR llif. hfMl- llnpr-, In )]/,<> piny Q Vf Ol | 1|e eight, wetlon- reporting! no InrUe millp Up to All Amrrlcn rnnldrr- J --Trip completed tram has play- ers'from seven colleges Minnesota's fast uunclring team gels three places, Ahbama hurts two linesmen, nnd, Stanford has t (acMe and ihc ramrleibicl' Sc"- UonaHj,' the eastern colleges are repres^nled by only t»o plices occupied by iepics»nlativci of Hit Isburgh ind Navy, the <oulh Im low plmera (lie mlrf west thicc Minnesota men the Picldi, const U'o phjci fiom Stanfoid "Suullierli football Slunk Ou! Southern foothill comes to the forefront more prominently limn ever More in the'history of tne JYWei Cimp awaids , Larson of Minnesota Is the onlj linn on this jears team whose name appeared on last sears list ,Thc closest battle was m the backflplrt where twehe candidates ran uecl and nccl foi onlj Tom idjtidgpd to lime been 'thc^stai all-nroiind InlfMck of (lie jear •"><! the juo^l brilllnnl of nil the M., unlll mjiued before the ohli Stale gome PllrUs of Pur(| , lc is anothfi slar who sullercd the wimp hard luol ><„ ,i' Wf * >>nf Mksmfc {Walter Cnn)p ^l w di fll H i,out ° • -soivngo wmi,| Jin idly icc- tllt- Ve-irs 'Pledlous i, a _„„ *'HII.Amtrira Ipnm, tor PHgllMlij none ,01 the iollfgf 3 wrflch were football leaders In tils nK are - in y" tWBer reptesniled "ft,?' l h f M }»!"(*•, lim eon- 'WW Ihc All.Ameikn squad -winch }hc final 'elections -«wtle bj u,(j judges, (lie hirf.,7' Jlarvftrit . p ' incelon Combination ,.<•, icpreVnled hf only one'pte wr Keltey of Yal 3 R11 J ?, K ? a l sclertl °" he wn-f nosed out by Ki|laon of Alabama i t* J* 1 "^ of 3 * plajei-:, selected from riioie than oOl) men al Lesguo literaUy lias gone to K- ifr!!'' "" Ot ,'' ig a trar ", for tf '«> «'-'(• 'Thf (^ardltoh tleU tli time, and swopt along by HIP on the JIPXUO OIP last R us i:rr ?" HV IIAItlty (JRAYSON Sjiorls Iditai Nl A Serilce "'soitc ill iu remarkable de- rlopmpiits tin baseball year of I9J1 prolwbly mil >,; rwncmbcicd - tmrv in" | J n ,'"? >lcd lhc " 1>aa '"S' Ilcininii ilctie ittracllon of nil um « Spindly kjs thai stmtcd creal- »,; in mid summer j^hed so bad v by fall thu the inimilahln t«lli driliiUny aniioiinccd hh ro- "lemenf is T (fgulnr -iffpr 21 '(• 1 iff LiioiiBh to s,j that. l,," nr y;' ••f".."" 01 "" ii^ me -• "'e Giints "Bill -jerr^ railed dismally when Ins club cried for leadership, Klondy Ryan to '' even come tip with Ie Die icogue rrc- ihe AAAAA s broko his — --a,.. lu ,st eastern irip the lirge young man of u norado In nvi> games jierrormcd lefoie more ]>eopie than any oth- ei htnlcj In ihr inmh or the (,imc in n lllf> niimliri of -.tails Sorely handicapped tjj an im- pirmlPHfcd sc,|r, of (lljllllps •-liniiK from harrin to tape, th e m 19)i rnort- to offer, cwreptlim 'The high spaif'of the'••6i"on »lth KoE[|(n anA Uiiul hamniel- np,m slislilng throvfih Collates inmit IwwIJderin? nltock Kljli tlu 1 Inleial pass, Vale't, Midden un •Mug ngalnst l>i|ncolnn, Nn\y< jrllllfliit open guine npitnst 06 lumbla, ~ ' , the Ili6 Associated it Jntk Warnei .„. „ u^c, uie aD\astaiii>K »rd.s studias hns Invited lhc Sauuiein MctliadH buiiin footbill team to ''go SlanfoiiTs" smart" ' ° r A lbn " m ' a "" nl8el """ - slflr * "• Dam*, Lester tlan University GUARDS Sevan Ormiston, Minnesota, Hartwig ,,™ 7r Barber &-n, y, a ,, yf 10 U, Cullouaj, Stanforrt Perfara, Columbia """""M, 'ENDS Hut-on Alabim, "*,*,. , Qra » M1 . Stanford; tr a ""'college * m o« Stan- Beiluig tinder of liad others °l>Pins Slats, all Min- Midi's chaJ- '•^^ «« lt !2 e ? >ta '* oSeiJT'rrt? rSSi? 1 *2 potek «Wlrot. | t«»ms Kg, jjj- Insltliitc al Chi in, had un ill-season edge In " "' football), lotdlng slion» The Southwest, p\it on one bacl' of a big, fast line, ubiy Jillled and well directed, olfci"d nimc oppasilloti thnu aiv tedm 'Oiild face TAfi \\T31 A strong Snnfoic: earn, mncli Impioved oier I93j ulecl tlw rm Wtst 'SOUTIC AND SOUTHWEST Uatninn oieipm/cied the Deep South while filce • honih beiten Inn, h one of lolds of l£s oest j>irades nice' Texas Hid Southern Metiiodisl took the meaiine of Purdue. Node Damn and roidlnm to pioie Ihc plait- Texas held Upon the foolbill map '""'"'"— "'-'- especially «it)i . —- — j, "as anothci leic"- Inif enlrs 'EAST 'PltUbingli lemulc nncl Colgate were the Fjslern leurtel wllli f'ltt i-at«lionh n 'hoil snide back of Mlmiesola Ohio stale Mcomj to JUlnfiewtn In Up Mlfl. w«f-n,(|,|,rti viuu one of the besf leams (iip eounln hml i niatiipei 'I lie ilv nl ihr n.Hi.,11 O1°fli i/om -i Tir.ggHy nflh to mi in' ilrrd peimunt.wlnnliij, uggrppa- lon (ilul (lie hie dive ol DIP st I mil, CiHllnaL* gnic ljiv>bi)i l(j '"V^T-ntTJ 1 " st " !111((omt With u rnce tliar -ncliii •ubs than parlklpated ... „„ merlf.nn feaguo fAiamlilp In /™ r the junior loop played to il'Gufl more pud adni]s.sIotLs Umn "IP icni Irfon i he Delroll Nfw Vorl lioslon ind Cleveland clubs |Mio\\ccl siibstituial piollt-s . -51 loin, is siid to hn-r- been ll^...?" Iy , 00 ^ 11 '" fho Manorial to i rt '" nl Vl> l Cdlne lo ° lal[1 ^pfPd Columbia's < line , the devastating t . .... .. . —.,^^, tiv *vi i nc \^i Cootoi (boys) strong Chamllei 1 In (lis Bllllnglon C Bossin tenth la luns ...... oi.w.» u wniijiy j g LlCStUJl! !J BaiRei Copeland, Azbill, Coo P"r Warden (boss) Cnblree, Clnik, blicplierd 4 Biillhoii Ma>« 1, 9ai«ei, SlofTlo, Tcrrj Urinnon of Hajti was reteiee " On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE 1 When Stars Mttl Slars nu> L'pjteln, ijwt-s editoi of iho illp Hock CinzeUe i ]P nrlns, llml Alabama , UnUersKy , i roothfn 5 i),hn>! heen pjil«iilc() T sp<><.Invitation to visit the movie \\\\\e on Hie w?si LflMl lew hbcrilf's (Sloij of Jlslt tho 1930 squad Ihnl'.p Wnslitntitni) Slatf Jan i made (q i glimmer [ n j,<l ' He svlllei In his dolnmn Sport Gn7lne tnfoim •"--- Shepherd of Western \!mv- Holland Steeie Cage Teams Split Dial ,„ on re,, We ftere pleiilv thrilled ot the opportunlti to meet the clitic Jiilnk of u Joan Ciawtoid Nor ma Shcarei Gaibo and n lot of Oll'Ms Whnt a brcakl We coMK and take 11 o, lene^il |hu ', Mo-One of the fast- ™lunlls were waltuig for us Im.- of the scnson \\ns p!S\ n 8'nc' iiin rhinmn **«„ ... . <1 on the Holland court this «eel. ±?.} h f.. S * wlc Sirls won' over score of 28 to 23. ~-j cngen-, benl. Stcele IB to 14; • . '' Line-ups: Holland, (tays) .Kenley 8. Power. 2. Taylor 4, Sanford, Concern S- Steele lbo\s) Burns, Fred •Ick.'FranV. Al- 'ii- l, Penny 5. --- .c,....,, Kenley 1' fd * 10. Richardson, Parish!! Hoi- -• ' 'ii, ^* A , h ' s> Bri)Wn ' Ken -' rj °"""- v Mack.Brown, a member • Ll *taj Blet}e (girls) Moore of tlle »!H Alabama'' Nonci: OF SPFCIAI, soiiooi KIECTION IN lARfiRO S1'F( IAL SrilOOL IIISIKKI 01 MISSISSIPPI (OI1N1V Alt KANSAS , Notice is hereby elvrn || ln t n , ConuLv Court of M}wlwlppi coim. n sp.cM) ty Aikinsns, Ins called n sp.c eleclJon to hp held lit Yarbio Special School District of Missis, «lppl County, Aikansas on |he 31sf dnv of Decembpi, 19J4 at whkh the qnalined eleclojs In said Scliool Dish let thall vote on the (|iics- linlding annual .school elections. WITNK3S my hand and Lh-'seal of said Court, this 22nd dnv ol Nov. 1934 ISi-al) FfiED PI.KEMAN. Clerk of the Counly Court of Mississippi Counly, Af- OOSNEI.I, SPBCIAf, SCHOOI, DISTRICT NO fi op .MISSISSIPPI COUNTY! ARKANSAS. «v M C Cool' Prfldftil, fty O. C. Wfldley, Srcrelnry. 21 IA 7 H >l "° eb Piuchasiiij; Bob Grove foi $r"i MO 111(1 othrr-, -wetlr-fl young Tom V'*try__ I'oslon invrstnifiit, to .t-methtiiL', around $3000000 hut. loimionl),? i^fty arm afrt , jad imi tiMtmenl from teeth to toes fulled to biliiK a aroiuid In time foi Ihr rnlvhflr fire ball rncr- Miflnl Io be 01 iniieh a.'Inini c to the R«MI fio^ ,' Yjukey 1 recently imid SKOflflo ' fi record nfuip, and l&s.1al in lyn •ary, hi a dral that gave the Boston club Joe Cronhi, tmnaprr and shori lop A niz*5 arid n»ffy Deal H vas Dein Dean, r> 0 n ns the L"ulinaK loared down (he • In Iho,, Nqjjorl League Ihe broditrs Di/zy ard Daffy the mosi, iccomplished baseball brother act ot all tune, tool' it upon I themselves to pitch "Sam Breadon's army to (he nag and vorld cham Jiou Horv R«ar« On Lou Clehrlg. the crown nrlncy> j^irpcd RiUhS halting ,C; »Tlh i< " , l ' lrclll( ' i "' """"S wllh 3CJ, hi home mas wll'i « and lotal bases ulll 4M %lie r 1 V 0 ,^ "" hK ">"linno,,s "r! viee string to 15M contrst Paul Waner lopped tnuaml Lciiyie sw-Mleis vith in " nl pfty Oome? outslrlna ,1 ,,11 "Uifi A/neifcan League ningeri vnh 2C victories and *, dpf Pft fL i AllhoiiBli it, wa , opcesfiu-r Io 'OUgliPj, me nr w ana smw.t), ,,„? form hull -ome Umn bet"!- ™ « tlieUh run was leached llj! weie a flock of lo,.J,IL p,,^ •mce-i -ihw Vfie u oneUib pmes alone, ten Warnike turn- i '! g . '" w '" '"CCf-slon for tlin Chicago Cubs in April «'Vfral frf,hman pltclirr tood „ nobly Included among Wfrp Curt DaUs of the Phdfes" and BIM^ Newom of the Browns,' .who came up after some jeii, £ Uhe minors .!S, I ^ omi 1 fn( ; among u, e , J , """ ' Mel Ha «lf of Hi" In- Le{Ly ^^"""ellei of the all<1 Johmi > BrOacl - "^ Hejdlet '' J ? eall "« prc,«. '93, each h, lmj bee Chnsto- hlbsuc - "^ " P to ^ Tra ' Mr ^pplantcd George C'O.MjAIISKlONER'S SALE NOTICt" l«, hereby gi\en Hint . , ulr ull Ull , 1|ul , s . "" "i"l"isigncd lomniublonor in Uoi^ on|re 6 llng n huildiii?ifund '™'Pil«wc \ lili iht- terms of ft b> Ihr f !evj(ngi of a lax/or 0 'fndeied hj jh 0 chaneei/ mills !qt a building filnd tn le f? m ' fra llle cl 'Wasnwbn Dh • ' 8 ™ - lf lUrt 01 Mississippi roiuih- U n Illi 1 Sfllh dn of I' b I1.fl \0ieiiln TAMCJIv iq UecfHer of Tiiielep Uujldliij; md Loan Avoeinllou «ns riVl'l! 1 .".. No m * «'«> HINRV fipnliatrv oh , of (he ' la\fil,lp in t|ie dlplrl^ foi 30 >cari, io lepay lx))m\vejl mon,«l and the, inleiesl. thereon 01 n pio- el ((-funding bond Issue, ot , $ finch, election shalf bi> hrhl lit Yarbio on flip 11st, day of De- i) a limn 1OF1DAN PI, a| nefendaiils mctlon Io Ib/ nig host iiul ben Udder foi csi «} 11 ricdll 01 ilucf months it h «mbpi, hftweeai the hour, 01 1 ! P M and C p M,-fliK) «lsc In. lh( -aime mannei -^ i, h . provided by law foi holding in ,„. ,, „ „, -- mini school ejections ln " u ou > »' Bljtheilllt Arkinsfl!, on the 12tli daj ( r •• • • >»"•«' \>i i in vi iJiuutio '|| .the fionl door r,t tha couit lloibe ,; I between the horns, incscillxd bj Hie cinema start, were to meet om gild s fors ,11 T i ' nl ' ! of lls certainly dirt have one swell time!" Sport. Hero Worshippers realm on ihe coast sav «""^. nnd celebrlt- arder for .slars in ti B sports by rar Ilia »«x-s and , tliev arc said " lc ^"'^ » r " wor • Seh Wa r,3 o, Luxora Was owns succe-sf. 4,. a moVle hero l* . , JV-.,^M:> iju \Vilt, n ".I ° r .,.^ U ?.r.. foo '. ta » Player', tlwn he -lias teen an nctor. .. "(li.seovcred" si«)T, ilc - thf Alnljr ' nl!> studio visiting. ''Dtay» shirts and Balls evcr " IC " ctunl m immer. -Dean wtn reccH . c r l>es on these articles. The best hunch on hTrvUir ;•,• J ' H - e Pt for Qtstrtn? r« e ,^±L^'^«»^ fl r s | y "** Crontn, thp. "hard luck" of the Washington Sen- ... „ JfWl lt*ttlIW(I> WITNESS mv hand and the senl of said rourt, this 28ih dn\ ct Noicmbet, 1134 ' (Seal) FRED PIFEMAN , Clerk of lh» Count\ Couu x of ^fl•^stssippl County, Ai- knnsas YARBRO SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI-;'COUNTY ARKANSAS. ' HS Jno w Wldnei, Januan 1935 the esinte red By B. B. AUn, Prcsidcnti Secretary 30-7-H-21-28 NOTICE OP ( SPECIAL SCHOOI, ELECTION IN OOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. fi OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. . - _• ' Notice' Is hereby given that ihe County Court of Mississippi Cor.n. ly. Arkansas, has called .1 spcchl election to be held in 'Oainell Special school DLstrlcl No. 0 of Mississippi Coiinly,... Arkiinsar., on !^f-.i?"- h l!ay °- r Wc. ; :1934. nl Ihe qualified eleclore hi'said District••.shoU vote, on Ihe in of ereailng a' •buildlnc --;••-- by-Hw levying.or a tax ff 7 .milk 1 lor a hulldiik fnn,| to be- collcctel oimually on the »«essedi valuation of (he |o.vnble property.4n ihe. district. . for 'ft i>«| •11 . Lot One (1) BlocJ Nine (0) Bilge Addition to BljtheUlle •Hbvlvsippi counts Arkansas rtud Certliicate No. 0353, Scries No. 08, Cla&s B, being 20 shares of. the Travelers Building and Loan* Association (Pei-pctuall Said bale win be hart to salisfv said decree In (he sum ot $60411 with 10 pel cent interest fiom February 26, 1034. Also Ihe follon-lne veal estate to-wlt: • Lot Three (3), Block Seven <7J, Bugs Addition io BU- Iheville, Mississippi counlj Arkinsas md Cci (Ideate No 6356,' Series No. 08, Class B being &0 shares of the Travelers Building and Ixian Association (Perpetual). Saldi.salc will l> e had to sotlsfv said deci-ee la the sum of $1,58945 wHh 10 |wr cenl intciwt from Fehriioi-y 20, ]p34. THE purchaser al said sale will be required . to ' execute Iwnd wllli njini-ovecl security, to . .secure the payment, of the purchase money nnd n lien will i.v rr-tnlueil upon raf-J properly os nddltional socur- uy for the payment' of such 'pur-' chnie . money. '.-••• , \VITNESS niy 'hand niirt iht seal ?r°£**4. :; - refl ««li>!8 toiid "feiw fl5,00fl. . such tlecMon f .shall ' -li. L. OAINES, : ;, .CnmmlttlonTV In Chancfry. n-Ji-ja TAX PAYERS NOTICE Paving No. 1 Sewer No. 1 Sewer Np. 2 TAXES Arc Now Due and Payable at My. Office G. G. CAUDILL Collector JOfi, N,- Broadway The Search for VALUES The gold or silver miner does much work before his mine is on a -paying basis. That's "development work." He carries on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. j ' ti Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you atthe moment, Biit many thousands of qth-, ers are reading. .One finds'a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive'price. That's a -pay-streak for him. -- Another rejoices to find a sales,announcement of coal, or'coke;^r furniture. Another'wants the latest automobile or radio, and is mightily pleased to find the advertisement tliaj; tells all about it , The advertisements carried in .this newspaper;• are helpful jri.the business.of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things'for personal and household needs. Take-note of the things you now'have in regular use. What first called them to your attention? It's likely that you first read about them-in an advertise-• ment. Other good, values await your choosing in the advertisements in this issue. •''*•'''• '

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