The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 16, 1937
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VOL; XXXIII—NO. 309 - J_J l^L.... THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ivn «nim™«,«..,. ^ ' Blythev-llle Ceurler Illyllievllle. Herald Blylhcvillc Dally News Mississippi Vnlley Lwidor ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AKKANSAS, TUESDAY, ,\IAHO!I 10, J93? ,Mv?!3£ ., & >tf ?'T- •• i-AJt- > .* .'•">' -•& B'' MI . SINGLE COPIES FIVE Taking Day a Out At Court Quiz — - ** ' I'lulcheson Opposes Stand, Taken by Green and; Federation Council WASHINGTON. Afar. 1C <tjp)_ The senate judiciary committee loclny rcvenlcd a split among ei'S of the American Federation of Labor over support of President Raoscvcll's judiciary program. During testimony by President Wlllinm Green of Hie federation, 5U|)|jorti)i<; Mr. Roosevelt's p'an,' Senator Frederick Van Nuys ID'm . lull.) submitted a idler from William Hulclieson. president of the powerful federation,- c a mentors' union, opposing the court, proposal. In the midst, of arguing among fjfimmiUrp mtmh-rs us to the "propriety" of some of (he questions .fired at Or-en, .Van Nuys produced the Hutcheson. letter.' Green replied that lie was pr=- sciilln" the opinion'or the federation's executive council winch he said .ihe believed coincided wilh' "(hat of "CO per c°nt of die mem-! bers of the A. p. of L." I Hutchison's letter said that it 1 would be "one of the most devastating errors ever commuted by congress to pack the supreme 1 court with six new members.'.' • "Mr. Htitehcson does not agree FLASHES NTERVENTION IN SPAIN Strike Closes lloltls DKTIfOlT-lMroll'., f OU i- csl hotels In llic center of the iiinlor city's business district re- 1 lied to a. sit-down strike today 'by discontinuing: sen-ire to about 2.500 fiiic-sts ami locking ou[ em- ployes. AHhough usually she places home activities ahead of governmental affairs in Washington, Mrs. George W. Norris, wife of the sena.tor , from Nebraska joined the audience at Senate Judiciary Committee hearings oii President Roosevelt's proposed Supreme Court change. She is Piclured above during the sessions in which her husband ;with you. does he?" Van Nuys.i — a foe of the court plan, asked. "Probably not," di-Een replied. "I am expressing tlie opinion of the executive board which has power to :aet in these matters." The Ifutchcson letter was pre- Ecntcd after' the- committee had Weucd ^frequently concerning the ;line of .: qifestiqns., directed at supported the President's plan. Cotton Standardization Meeting Tomorrow The meeting of Mississippi county cotton ylnncrs and farmers to discuss cotton variety stand- anliailiou/. trroncoiisly announced "' for this afternoon . -v.17,6' 4 Delegates "fvom. EighV . us scheduled .11 O.s-ceo'n. Wedn Communities Hear I, : H. Cooke The Id' men who attended the Brotherhood dinner meeting • at Ihe First Baptist. church lost niehl heard L. H. Cooke,' of Memphis spenk oii "Man Power for King- jtlom Work Through a- Baptist Bro" .s'ceo'n. will be held there j?L 3 ™, Wo , r ^ ™™»8h a-Baptist Bro- raday afternoon nt 2 o'clo-k '" Clh0 ™- Mr, Cooke, a banker for : Burns, county agent for the ?, ye :"' s '" Ricllm ond, Va,, Is now liurns To Death JONESliORO, Ark.-Noul, Ancil Franks, J3-yoar-olil \VorM \Var veteran,.- mis Imi-neil lo di'alh early today «|R.|I fire itrsti-oyed his home, near here. C'.ins-e nf Ilio nr si ! , ras nol kmnvn but it «:is Uelit-ved lie might hiive eone lu slei-p n'liilr smoking. . . Admiral Uohson Dies NEW VOKK-Aihulrai Klcli- aril 1'car.wn llolis-on, 'hero of the Sp \iiish-Amei-lcan war, today diet! of a -heart' allacli. He ivas slrickcn at ht s ilesk in liis hoiiie iis he prepared to leave: for Ms nlfice. Arkansas-Missouri •'.Power j All Public Meeting Places Co.. Gels Au(libnty:,to( Ordered Closed nl Mar- Negro HeW For Attack TT Q D'T 4. On Woman At Braggadocio U ' °' * "Ot Helps Rout Italians Go Ahead Preliminary work was st<u-ted' ? loon construction of the Arktinsas- ilav "*M vii tuiiauucuun 01 me Arxansas- vv " '—^'i-y scnoois. Missouri Power Co. high power tine °ther public meeting to connect wllh a similar line " "' ' -''' of tlie Arkansas Power and .Llphl ccmpany. Upon completion'., the line will provide the Arkansas- Missouri , Poivcr company with an'- othcr source of power to serve its northeast Arkansas and south-1'Pranks, wris in east Missouri territory. ' . ..: , : [lion. The L. • F. Myers • company-,} j Eighteen were Buffering from (he —.- . , Mo,, Mm 16—Abraham Hay, .30, negro,, is belns! held In Ihe county Jail liero accused "of nssiiiiil on Mrs Ruby Sulton, 30, at a. rural dance Jiall In the Hvaggadoclo loin- inunity Salurdiiy ''nlglil, Ray. piano player at the dance hall. Is said lo have Insulted .Mrs Sulton and forcibly held her arm at a lime when (hey were alone In the hall. Her screams -brought others Into the-lull mid the negro tied but was later captured It i was said. :••-.•.. Poinsett county health .olllelalsl '''"c '"-'Bra will be ulven a henr- ordered the local schools closed "' ' after a student became 111 with meningitis. The HARRISDUliO, , Ark., tUPl schools, theaters Mar. 10 tcrs and .- o places were closed here today following n new outbreak of meningitis. student, Phyllis serious coiull- with headquarters In Chicago, has' Ihc contract for construction _. the line ami it is planned to •cmplele • construction by; 'June 'l la.crder. to avoid danniee to cfoijs ? the light of wuy ns much possttle. ' A subrsliilion, to Be ..... . "reeled here be 'coihpletcd . E. H. : Burns, county jigent for the Osceola district, advised the Courier. News .today. Principal speakers at the meeting will .be L. A. Dhonau as- sislanl extension agronomist, and J. O. Pullerton, district agricultural agent. Tlie major »urpos« of the meeting is to enlist the cooperation of farmers and particularly of giiiners In a movement for each cotton prociucin" community in the county to confine its planting to a sin»le well- adapted variety. , a s nnu. devoting full-time to this work and has spoken to more, than 20- noo men in the past eight month's m meetings throughout the south Men present were from Baptist churches at Osceola, , Manila 'Ne Li Liberty. clear , Lake. Brmv, . . y ' Dycss aild L-. H. Autrcy, president of the uiythevlllc group, fnlroducea the 8'iest speaker following - spc ctnl "Ui'ical numbers by the ' votm^ n>cn's ounrtel of Alvin Huffman Jr° R so dense as on a co -••" ..... , • -* "' »»'Mi jTtiunian r -— " obcrt Reader, LeRoy Brown and On a very hot day Ihc air is not' 1 ommy Hawkins, and a *,lo hv i Henco .. t . «.. « —i _-... Herbert Bi : owning . The dinner table was decorated in keeping -. with lhe Salnt ricks day with the centerpiece a ?olden harp, wilh gold strings and tiny green shamrocks entwined in the siring. The elaborate center- Piece was flanked with S p h>» ^" S ~^ s - To »\ "°«'«''d, assist! Some of my Hollywood friends try o kid me by callin' me "earthy," but I waicta tell j- otl . they can't pay me a bigger compliment, Uieres sometbin' about bchv brought up on the soil thai «lves you a sense of value. That's one reason I think why. although «e have a lot of wealthy farmers in lhi s emmtrj,. , OH >w . seldom hear of a farmer's daughter marryiii' a title. I knew a wealthy farmer down home who sent his daughter away to a finishing school and ii-hen she come home for h»r vacation, she brought her titled suitor home with her lo meet her folks. This titled feiia got right clown to business. He went to the fanner "url he says "I want to marry s'our n.iitghtcr. but first I want to know what yon intend to do for her." The farmer looked the fella over r °m his -spats lo lib monocle and \m> says " Wc i| nmv , j- vc done JMt "•out an i CJ!n r 0 r my daughter." lie said "i gave her an education so ihe could read the papers and Wd all about you titled fellas an.d 11 she ain't got no more sense than to marry you now. she don't deserve no better luck." • Copyright l!»7 Esquire Features, Inc. he Wo . . war, «<J by other members of t man's Missionary Union, the banquet. Closincj Stock Price* NEW YOliK. Mar. 16 (UP) 'Wall Street became lunation minded Icday after reading remarks of Marrlner Eccles, heart of the federal reserve,- and resumed buying I'arm Bureau Head and Extension Engineer Will Speak : The 1937 parm Outlook meeting lor the Chickasawta district of Mississippi county, originally scheduled for late in January but postponed because of flood conditions £'." held at the courthouse in Bly heville Friday morning in con nectlon with a Farm Bureau ralh It .will be followed by n mcetln°- "'. the afternoon' of community committeemen who,! will elect the county committee to administer th- 1937 : soil ..conservation. program -• H. E. Short, presidentof the '\r 'I tansas Farm ,Bureau Federation and K. E. Kanis, extension " eer /:» l ,''8,'th e principal.speak .eis at (lie morning meeting. Mi Short will speak at 10:35 on "What Ihe-Farm Organization's Hive Done lor Arkansas" and Mr. knras-will speak at 11:35 on -How Rural Elec trification Can Be'-Had in Missis sippi County." Similar meetings will be held Saturday morning and. afternoon at Osceola, where Mr. Short and Mr «nrns will also be the principal speakers at the .morning session I he program will be very similar to that given below for FritMVs meating here. The-:county committee for the Osceola district will he elected at a meeting O f community commiUeemen Saturday af- ' The power line will carry 33.000 volts, more than Is how can-led'on any of the'transmis- sion circuits of the Arkansas- Mlwoiiri Power company. The company, has been authorized by the circuit court here to crccecii with conslrucllon of. Us line over", ihe lands of : proper I? owners, who .refused to agree- to the .cqni'panv's terms, Aulhprlza- tlon was obtained after the com; panv -had jllc'd suits agnlnst a number "of landowners and had deposited sums fixed by the court to cover compensation thai may be awarded HID landowners later. The defendanl landowners and sums deposited" with the court In each case are: Jeflmon trust company $320 Marj \fcDowell and L L Waid $45 Three Slates Lumbu com disease in ihe Isolnllon ward ol a Hood refutice camp In nearby Joncsboro. During the past month n have died of meningitis In refugee camps of PoiiKelt and Cmlshcad counties. , W.- w. vcrsor, Polnsctl county health olficer, ordered serum from Little liock. Several Polnsclt county families and the Jonesboro refugee camp of about loo persons were quarantined.' Jim Norton, 10, and Ailfo Houston, 2 a, died ol the disease here yesterday. ternoon. _The complete program for tlie Blythcvllle. meeting follows-' 10:00 Musical numbers by Cotton Picking Jim. . 10:10 The' Cotton Outlook. Paul <-raig, vocafcnal agriculture instructor, Blythevllle schools 10:20 The Live at-Home Program Miss Cora Lee Coleman 10:25 Award of prizes in 1935 Plant-lo-Prosper Contest,' J. Meir Brooks, secretary. Chamber of Commerce. 10:30 Musical number. Cotton Picking jini. 10:35 What the Farm Organizations Have Done for Arkansas H i. Short, president, Arkansas Farm Bureau. pany, c. L. Eiibanks. p B FII banks, Mis.. Pearl Kill. MKs Wil lie Marshall, A, M. Britlon. o. O Smith Ehin., 5 o •» Vinca t_DI t; Lee MeMurty n L. Jones Ches ler Danehowcr,:j. w. Burke, : 51.7B3 Ing before Magistrate L. C. While nl Braggadocio Thursday. ' Only a Few From Mississippi Coufity Still in Concentration Gamps Only a relatively small number of the flood refugees removed from Mississippi "county to 'concentration cainp s in Arkansas nnd other state; still are away from their homes the majority of the refugees having been rc-esUibllst-.-ed in their dwellings. About 45 families remain in a small concentralion camp at Ripley, Tenn., while, about 100 persons are being cared.for nt the armory and emergency hospital here and some 70 persons in (lie Osceola camp and hospital. : But most of the 2.501 rcfi">ee.' registered In the Chtckasawba district Red Cross office and the 1 987 registered in the Osceola district office have been sent back lo ihelr homes. Already 600 cases on the rolls of • •••vuuj V vu cast's yn ina rolls of II.05 Tlie New IQ37 Soil Conscr- l " e national organization's'disaster va?ion Program. D. s. Lantrip, f* 11 . 6 ' . ofn ce here have been closed of stocks and commodities sold bonds. A T anrt T ... ....... American Waterworks . Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Chrysler ............... Cities Service .......... Coca Cola . ....... General Electric . . General Motors ..... .'.' International Harvester McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward ....' New 'York Central ..... Packard ............. Phillips Petroleum ''''' bill 114 24 60 1-4 ICO 1-2 127 1-4 4 1-2 156 53 65 1-2 106 1-2 52 5-8 ..... a , Radio Con' ............ li'3-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 4 g.g Simmons Bed ........ 57 s-8 Standard of N J .. 71 TJ Studebakcr ....... '" ' ,« J j Texas Corp ...; ...... '.' M ". U S Smelling . inn U S Sled ..... . . ..... m i ' ..... Warner Zonlle Bros ' ,, , '" 8 1-4 122 3-8 120 1-4 lF ? j.< county agent. 11:20 The Soybean outlook. Mr Johnson. Purina Mills. 11:35 How Rural Electrification Can Be Had in Mississippi County, E. E. Kanis, extension engineer. First Benefit Checks Received at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.-First checks in payment of government soil conservation benefits earned bv Osceola districl farmers in 1936 were received this morning at the Office of County Agent E H Burns. The checks, 20 hi number. mer. amounted to about $2,700 only a. tiny fraction of the total due but Mr. Burns was hopeful that they would be followed promutlv by others. ' Deadline for State Tax Returns Extended Tlie lime limit for filing s^te income tax returns has been extended unlil May 15. it was ' „,',. nounced today by R. B. stout assistant supervisor In charge of the local office of the state revenue department. All .'married 'persons having annual incomes of $2,500 or more i\nd single persons having animal Incomes of $1,000 or more are re quired to illc returns, . and about WO at the Osccola office, of thesa refugees most of them have returnee! to plantations and farms where landlords have -~ ••-•*•»», iQijuiuiua nit vu again undertaken the rcsponslbtUty of caring for them with the crop season underway. So far ths organization to be set up here under .direction of the Resettlement Administration for making loans to flood refugees to enable them to become self-sustaining again lias not been perfected it Is understood. The Red Cross Is providing for families of refugees in a limited way to aid them lo regain their prc-disasler status but it cannot advance funds or supply necessary farm supplies which will probably have to bs obtained In other ways, C. E. O'Connor of Lillle Rock has replaced l*. K. Belts as "head of the nalional Red Cross' orgtinfza- lion in Mississippi county, with Miss .Henrietta Wilkftis continuing as assistant here and with Ray Fisher In charge of the Osceola branch office. A tola] O f 12 numbers of the national Red cross stall are noiv. working in tills Chicago Corn open high low close May 109 S-8 116 3-8 109 1-8 1035-8 July 1051-8 103 3-'4 105 1-4 105 Cyrus McCormlck palcntctt the reaper In 1834. ' Predicts Increased Yield Horn Ne\v System of Ta\ Collection L.ITTLE ROCK Maich 10 (UP) — lhe prcdlcllon wai nude today by W D~Divi3 vrccrctarj- of fie Arkmsas Wholes-lie Gioctrs asso clallon that the sHte s Income would b" increased a Huailei mil lion dollars yeirlj K )cn Covtino? Carl E Billej the bill pine Ing the stamping of cigarette? in c ' aiitis of< wholesalers. Hiving thL wholes-lie tobicco and groceiy rieilers place the Male revenue tax -.slumps oii cigarettes before selling I them will 'eliminate the practice of many persons in buying their tobaccos direct instead rcUUi qiianlltles," Davis said. The measure, introduced in lhe closing days of the session by Rep. Rupert Condrcy of Fort Smith,,will also force tobacco salesmen to''pny the state $5 n year license fee and wholesale dealers $25. Governor Bailey, according - lo close advisors, will s ig,, House Bill 100 late today, establishing a fnir trade'organization within the stale. The governor, up until noon, had not, appeared at the statelioiisa but employes said he was expected late toddy and that he had promised to sign the bill, which passed both houses by large majorities. IV" of Isom Baxter and Howard Sigcrl Is Also Scl for Wednesday CAHirniEHSViLLE, Ufa-Ezra Crnven.s. Oiiiadn Switch fnrinei yinrged wllh lhe murder of his wife, Qlllh, ami Isom B»;J to ami Ilowiml Sluert-. Bnigsadocio accused pf killing Leroy . Johnson - of Ueering, are scheduled lo fiice Irlal tomorrow before Judge Louts If. Schiilt. who opened the spring term of circuit court here Monday. • , .'•.'.; The case of. Hubert -Utlcy and J - , D: "Siwe" .Harhcll, elmrgccl wllli the murder of Louis Howard 24, of Portageville. at Ulley's night club near Ho|jnnd, was continued lo April 27 because UlUy- Is In n hospital at Paducnh Kj iccoi ering fiom (njurlcs sustqincd In an automobllo acciilcnl. Thomas Brtgance clmgcd vl»> the slajlng of Bill Monan Cam UieisvUte night C lul> piopiletoi liHS-'j, hen, ynnlctl a chnn«c of His case will be Jienrti on March 20 \\ilh Frank Ittllcj of Cam. Cthap picsidlng ___ _ N o,,, V -1 M r\ i cVi r lorK-i'iew Urlcans Pullmans Are Derailec •ATLANTA, On., Afar/ 10 (UP).Four jiersons were Injured, noil seriously, when five Pullman car on the Southern Railway trail No.. 31 were derailed .near. Enfold On., loday. The, train was ei route from New York to New Orleans. i The Injured were: , Mrs. S. J. Powlcr, Washington D. C.. Injured nnkle. : Miss Alice Frcymyr, New York City, Mrs I^ah Lcvl. New Orleans. Mrs Jacqueline JJauer, New York City bruises; ; Oiriclals of (he railway said Ilia 1 VALENCIA, Spain, Mar. iii. (UP) —Frank a. Tinker, nn American pilot from Arknnsiis. (lying for the lojalins, told toilay how ho helped rout one of the purported Italian divisions on the Gtmdalnjarii front. Sitting safely in the lounge of a hotel here, ho said: • Our sqmuhon Mghted n division mat tiling on a load neai Oundalajnra Siituiday. We .swooped down, each diopphig foui bombs nnd c\ci y one scoiln B dhcct lilts' • we |)iii£iicd the fleeing ,. nincliIhe-Bunned them mciclle^sly tinning their iclrciit inlo a rout.. They abandoned a 1111111'- bei of- tanks, machine guns, ai- moied cars and motoicyclet" "I estimate lliat al least 3003 men were killed Mliere." •Jhen Italians, Demands Action by Presi- "denl 'Roosevelt to End "jewibh Insults" , BERLIN Mil. 1G (UP) — The Nn/l 01 nan D.n Antnltr demanded amu-lly loday ihal President'Roose- velt Inlr-ivene lo cwb altacks In New Yoik on Adolf Killer and N.ivlsm Hie impel did - not especially cmtilmsl/c the remaiks of Majoi (.oruraidia, whose cilliclsm of Hitler last wr-ek caused Mich n Call II Barrier to " DiscuP sion of Financial Aid To Rebels LONDON, Mai, ,18 (UPWJ piospect of UHjalllng foreign v v .- untceis sen rag In Spain, estimated al 100000 to 125,000 MitleriJiJ a grave sil-back today at a mcel- Iny of ihu non-inleivenlton ^siib- ccmmlltec al ihc foreign ofTjce,'* Dlingiecinent niose between Rifs- ila on one hand and Germany and Italy on Ihc othei, . Joachim von nibbentrop ; of Ocimany and Dln,o Giandl ->,qr Italy announced their lefusal • to discuss the problem of indirect iii- tmcntlou —portlfirlnrly financial aid to either party in (ho clVll wai-unlll u,c jate of the Bank of Spain's gold deposits abioiid '- "settled." , ~ This attitude connicted shaipiy with the latent Soviet note lo this non-inlerventlon committee -pro-' claiming Russia's unwllliniwcu ,16 enlei lulo any dlsoussion nnectlfig the assets of the Spanish uovein- mcnl as Incompatible wilh Spanish sovereignty. > ,V i i/'' -.-, Claim Victory •"'•• TALAVEKA, Spain, Mart 'ft 1 <up>—Nationalist hcadquiuten I'e- poiled In a communique -todaV lliat their forces had Imposed-,'* crushing- defeat on the lojallsts hi a "brllllanl battle" on Ihe Coidobn sector. T,, The Insuigonts claimed their foices In lhe Cordoba b.iltle In. lhe last 24 houi-s "completely de- <troycd' 'one 'baHalion of ,ttio n broken rail believed to Regents' 'Choice at Wisconsin U. Otter of lhe presidency ol the University of Wisconsin gave Clarence A d d i s o n Dyhstra, above, on opportunity to step 3UI 01 lhe cily managership of Cincinnati and return to the which held his attention many years In four universities. Regents agreed on Dykstro as a successor foi' Dr. Glt'nn Prank. : . ",..> ucj|t,n-(i n have caused (lie wreck nnd Cliut, traffic on the main line was disrupted because both tracks ha,< been lorn up some 1,000 feet Heart Attack Fatal to Pecan Point Man W. B. Franklin. 65, died suddenly at his home In the Pecan Point community yesterday of a heart al- lack. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Mary Belle Franklin, three claiigh- lers and tiire'c sons. Puncraj services were heid today at Bassett where Interment, was made. The Moss Fiinenil Service was in charge of funeral arrangements. New York Cotton NEW YORK, March' 16. (UPI — Cotlon closed; very steady. open high ion- close 1469 1487 1402 1482 ' Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 1427 144C 1420 14-10 1402 1430 1303 1423 1347 1360 1338 135S 1340 1350 '1331 1350 1341 1351 1332 1350 Spots closed steady at 1500, up 15. Spot?Average Is 14.6S The average price of 7-8 inch middling collon on the ten designated spot markets loday tvns 14.08 lhe nlytheville Boar dor Trade reports. New Orleans Cotlon NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 10 (UP)— Strong foreign influences entered ihc collon market today to carry ill months except March lo new highs. Mar. Jfay July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high low clow 1464 1464 1449 1453 . U24 : 1301 . ' 1344 1345 1346 H38 1410 1420 136S 1411 1358 133*:;. 1353 1359 1338 ,1350 1357 1346 1337 on Us If rout naijc an account of ' an iintl-Nni'.l meeling ^fadison .Square Garden lii . New York last night at which Mityor Florello Laauardla. John L,/ Lewis, Clen. Hugh S. Johnson and others wore speaker's. A line across the page In big lype read "American Jew leaders Insult Hie German nation.' A heading underneath said "Will Roosevelt Intervene?' Will Divide Purchases of State Police Autos LITTLE ROCK, Mnr. 16 (UP>A meeting of the slate police commission was scheduled to lw held this afternoon in the dep.utment offices In the War Memorial building. According to Jack Porlcr, Forrest City, member of lhe commission, the buying of new motor cars nnd motorcycles Is expected to take up the greater part of the group's time and nothing will be done regarding the departmcnl icrsonnel. From reliable sources It was earned that orders for new cars vill be divided among dealers in Blythcville, Forrest City Fort Smith and Little Rock. Police commissions hi tlie past rave bought most of their cars from Little Rock dealers. i i, --•-" -^.— uv.v kw |j . UII 1C I tUtelE is now lime for Ihc German reported defending .lhe fo OV hVtm C ene ' : ' A 'f J -" Roos J :vclt Pillions " ' ' getlcally" because the American Boyernnicnl'. lillhcflo has "done nothing cffretivelj to cuib Jewish insult s" i i Angriff carrlpd umlei Jaige head- as one icsult of lhe loyalists' defeat they had occupied the totin of Alcaiejo on this front Tlie communique said, the loyalists lied the battle field ' '»• Renew Bombliif Raids f « With the leturn of good weather'/ nationalist bombers successfill'ly raided a loyalist airdiome -near' Madri<l,. tlestioylng several pltiiies^ they claimed Later their warplanes downed four loyalist pu'r-J Mil machines hi a aWflght qvet- Ihe capitol Insurgent omi-alrcraff suns accounted for two.n-yjie i Loyalist forces, suppoileil u> tanks, counter-attacked rebW ! , posl** lions east of the Jarama HvetMt? sure forced to rctieat after snli. ferlng severe casualties and losing two moie tanks, it was icpoifol here Merle Oberon Injured in London Accident LONDON. Mir 1C (UP)-Merle Oberon movie star, suffered cuts about the head- and face and slight concussion today In an automobile collision. Badly shaken she was taken lo a hospital. A hospital official said that Miss Jberon w os cut above the eyebrow and that there was a second cut toward tho back of the head. Both cuts were, .superficial, he said, adding "There Is little fear that they will leave any trace." Roosevelt Will Talk to Irish Charitable Society WARM SPRINGS. G a, Mar. 1G UP)—President Roosevelt worked oday on a message to Ihc Char- table Irish Society of Bo.'Aoii which may (ouch upon his jud- elavy reorganization. Mr. Roosevelt "will read the - -_, ..WW^.LII, wju xuan uie ,,, 1 Creeling o\er lonsr dktance tele- Mil DlVin#>,. tAmrtY-rrttif vtl^U^ . i_ B>.^ Spots closed steady al U?5, up 15 tomorrow night to the society's St. ralrick's day celebration. He may use the occasion to comment briefly on his court program, it was said. Legion Peace Program -4 Outlined^Sam Ror^g JONESBORO, Ark, Mar 16 '(1?; P) — Ameilcan Legionnaires ~oT, norlheast Arkansas today pushed' a campaign to pi event the Uiiited'- Stales from becoming Involved 1 * i'n another world war. ., £ Slate Commander Sam RoicV Little Rock, addressing a mecW • Ing of Legionnaire-; celebratirT"' the eighteenth birthday ofxtfib* organization, said i s,». "The American Legion is detcK mined thai we will not get messecU up In any more foreign wars Wftf of the Legion are convinced that; the whole mew of foreign powers . are not worth the life of one American boy." • H<f ftorov iadvocated a three-point ' program to keep this 'nation out' of foreign wars. l —Adequate national defense ' 2—Strict neutrality " ..' 3—Universal service, tncludtn'"'' capital and wealth V -" Seeks Reelection to Dollar-a-Year Office Jack Finley Robinson has filed" as a candidate foi re-election to the dollar-a-jear job of city IrMs- mier of Blytheville at the April c municipal election r So far Mr Robinson, who has served two terms, his first at $25 if month and his second at a dollnr- n-\car, has no opposition. WEATHER , :. ARKAN3AS—Partlj cloudy, not quite so cold tonight Wednesday-' partly cloudy anrt «armcr. Memphis and Vicinity — "Partly cloudy, not quite so" cold tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy and warmer with showers Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday night. ', Tlie mavimuni temperature here yesterday »as 40, minimum J5 clear, according to Samuel '•f; Norri!,, official weather «^i«rver."

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