The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1954 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1954
Page 10
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pun TO* BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEW3 Key Campaign Trends Demo Hopes Rising in Wisconsin (hat this \K » Democratic year in this tntditionully Republican state. You find it in cities hurt by EDITOR'S NOTE — This is another ot several stories by roving: Associated Press report- crc analyzing the campaign In key states. By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL MILWAUKEE (AP) — The political fortunes of Wisconsin (|JJJ; r ^ hIinUs . Democrats seem to be rising j B tll a i this stagi-of the election- dcponclcnt on the trade of farmers. Nine tenths of WwconMn forming is dairying, and the Eisenhower administration ba.s applied its .sliff- j csl cut in price supports u> dairy employrncnt, on farms where milk checks are s in a 1 1 e r. on main . sirens of country towns where (products. cash registers Jingle K bit mor- j Some dairymen arc. nrylns di*- nly. ! c r i m i n a uou" and complaining 1 Of course, there still are some uUmiL , prosperous farmers and .smaller milk checks. I'm. le.sus are particularly pronounced in Hie northern part of the where Inrm.s arc more ol a that our chances are a little better than 50-50." Proxmire said: "I think our prospects are excellent; the best m 20 years. We can u'in .some; congressional -S'-al-s, cut down (he Republican margin in oihcr HOIIKC; contests and sUll carry the state in the gubernatorial ace." Proxmire is a relative this year — but probably not ae high as Democratic hopes. In an election in which the gain at a single seat will be important In «stablishlng control of Congress, Democrats In dairyland are counting on increasing their representation in the House by at least one or two members .They mny succeed, although October signposts sometimes are wrong in November. The party, also Is more hopeful of electing a governor than al any time in years. While Republicans dispute that the opposition will wind up with any significant advances, a good many of them—party officials and candidates, as well as ordinary voters—concede that Democratic chances have improved in the two years since President Eisenhower captured the state decisively. Democrats racked up their biggest primary vote in history Sept. 14 and their biggest percentage of primary ballots since 1912. For years they consistently have made a. better showing In the general election than in the primary. They tee no reason why they won't this time. Demo Keeling Furthermore, there Is a perceptible, though by no meaas unanimous feeling around Wisconsin in nrtd iin sentiment seems | ni.,1,1 nature. The soulheasl is an divcr.siln.-d iH'vmu what the ... *' Ls lna t the Demo-J area of richer, more the two j agriculture »nd the southwest is corn and hog country. Democrats arc banking on dissatisfaction among farmers tmii labor, plus inertia on the part of He crats arc likely to House seats they now have and perhaps yank from the Republicans one or two of the eight the GOP now .holds. . Whether Wisconsin voters will tap Republican Gov. Walter J. Kohler nn the shoulder Nov. 2 and tell him he's throilRh is another question. The people ai'e more stiiTfd uj) over national than .stale issues, in spite of attempts of Koh- Icr's Democratic rival, William Proxmire, to tie the two together. For that and oilier reasons, the consensus of professional politicians nnd political rail birds is that odds are on Kohlcr for a third two- year term, but by a much .smaller margin than in lilf)2. There Isn't any Senate contest this year. Sen. Joseph II. McCarthy isn't much of an issue, if he Is one at all, in his home state. The big issues are economic ones centering around spotty unemployment and spotty dslcontent among farmers. Milwaukee has an estimated 20,000 or more unemployed, and Milwaukee normally is Democratic and casts about two fifths of the slate's tola! vole. Something like a third of the vote is from forms and small towns , publicans who favored the late Sun. Robert A. Tafl ol Ohio for the CiOP presidential nomination in 1352. Key Republicans concede there Is some font-dragging by pro- Tail people. But they contend the enemy camp Is ovcre.slimatilifi and misrepresenting the dairy and job Issues. Odd» Tor Koliler Even some Di'mouals who .say Proxmire has it chance for the governorship believe the odds are that Kohlcr will gel a third term- And the OOP contends the Democrats showed their top strength In the primary because they had more spirited contests than the Re- publlcanH. Kohler was unopposed in the Republican primary. Proxmire had a lively primary batlle with James Doyle, former state Democratic chairman. Doyle said in an Interview that Democrats are convinced the primary reflects a shift of sentiment to their side, not merely high interest in his race with Proxmire. "My serious guess," he said, "is Marilyn and Joe Star In the 'Hollywood Saga' By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD (APJ — Today's the day that Marilyn Monroe asks waivers on Joe DiMaggio, the former Yankee sluggor. The busty blonde, the, movies' hottest property since the Warner studio fires, is slated to file suit for divorce. LITTLt L/Z— IT to Wisconsin, a fact hi.s opposi- ,- omflnce that Hollywood nev lion is trying to use* against him. p ec i c( j to get to matrimony' moved in from Illinois live years ago. lie ifi 38. thin, a clear, forceful speaker. Hi.s wife Is a member of tlin wealthy Rockefeller hunily. Ho Ls an executive of an implement r;ompimy and has l)e<:n campaigning vigorously for . governor ever since he Lost to Kohler in JJJ52. Eolli candidates are graduates of Eastern prep .schools and Yale University. Kohler is a handsome, personable 50, divorced and remarried, a member of a well-known Wisconsin family. He, too, Ls an effective speaker who is just now netting antuncl to opening up in this new campaign. What docs the governor think of his praspecls? He said in an interview; "A candidate is the last to know where he stands. But I'm not in the least, discouraged." He Jeered at the Democrats mildly for bringing into the Wisconsin campaign former Secretary of Agriculture Charles P. Branimn, Sen. Estes Kefauvcr (D-Tcnn), and Rep. Sam Rayburn of Texas, House Democratic leader. "Bringing in these carpetbaggers is hurting them," Kohler snid. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Two building permits were issued by the city engineer last week, one for the construction of a five- room house and another for a car port. Holly Development Corp. received a permit to construct a $12,260 five room brick veneer residence at 723 Illinois while John Collins was granted one for a $200 car port at 512 Locust. Real estate transfers recorded In tile circuit clerk's office last week were: L. P. and Golden Perkins to Eudelle Rogers, for $10 and other consideration, 40 acres in Sec. 28- T14N-R10E. E. D. and Carrie Ferguson to Ethel B. Neel. for $315, S half of Lot 7; Lot 8. Block ?, W. W. Holll- peter Second Addition. Billy and Lela Scott to Eumt Wilson, for $450. W 15 fl. of Lot 1, Block D, Osborne-McKlnnon Addition, Manila. G. A. and Frances Manus to Q. R. and Flossie Davis, !i acre. S\V quarter, Sec. 8-T16N-R8E. Kitty Wayne Carol to W. W. and Katie Watson, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 6 and 1, Ulock 1, Hearn Addition. J. S. and OUIc Jones lo O. J and Zillah Hueter, for $000. Lot 6. Block B. Hueter's First Addition, Leachville. William and Clilfie Wright to J. C. and Dorothy Wright, for S800, Lot 1 and 2, Wright's Addition. Manila. Brad and Clara Daniel to Johnny and Vivian Mick, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 3, Block 3. Park- ron-Lilly Addition. Harold and Marie Wright to DO-IT-YOURSELF—A scale modol ol the White House comes In kit form which any younRsler who likes to work with his hands can assemble. The Rlrl is shown assembling « pnlr ol Indian moccasins from another kit. Doth kits lire nmonfi the many new toys American manufacturers arc showing In New York City. 'March on Washington' to Ask Solons Not to Censure M'Carthy High French Politicians In Red Spy Probe PARIS (ffi — High French political figures of the right, left and center lined up today In testify in the investigation of how vital French secrets fell into Communist hand.s. The prospective witnesses included .several former Cabinet ministers as well as Jacques Duclos, Nn. 2 man in the French Communist party. Former Premier Joseph Lanlel WH.H due to wlJfy today. A partial liMinji of future witnesses WHS ilisiMusctl us u formei* wo i nun employe of I he Defense Ministry's code department .said Hie Keds knew the key to liie military code used during the Indochina war. In a IOIIK written statement to the investigating magistrate. Mrs. Mutivier Lusst-ron snid 'Mphcrcd rubles received »t the Dri'ensii Ministry wore sub m i tied to "strange handling." Bocaii-io the CimiimmislK knew (he f(Klr, she siiid, they would Her attorney, Jerry Gie.sler. said yesterday that a conflict of careers caused the nit in the nine-month marriage. Actually Gicsler made the understatement of the year. This was a :ver ex- first so little did the two have In common. , . Before she married Joe, Marilyn bought a shortstop was something that cross-country bus passengers •lid. DiMaggio hadn't seen a movie since "Pride of the Yankees," the Lou Gehrig story. He couldn't care :ss about Hollywood's dizzy whirl. This breakup, unexpected as it was, is an old. old story. And it raises the question: Why can't Hollywood .marriages last? There are many reasons, but career trouble is the most prevalent. Monroe is the town's biggest star, if not its best actress. She lias to work even harder than some, because . it doesn't come easy. Her studio, knowing that each will make more money than the previous, puts her In picture after picture, sometimes starting one before she finishes another. What free time she has she spends reading and memorizing scripts. If Joe wants a dish of his favorite fodder, spaghetti, he has to tell the cook about it. In his spare time, which has been considerable, he plays poker or watches baseball on TV. He never has escorted his wife to any of the functions a star of her import Is expected to attend. Shortly after their marriage a magazine named her as filmland's most popular star. A press agent escorted her to the affair while Joe waited outside the hotel. Marilyn told friends she was hurt about this, but that she knew she couldn't change the taciturn, Hollywood-shy DIMagglo. It isn't a question of money. The Yankees paid Joe more than $700,000. The fans now cheer for Dusty Rhodes. Marilyn earns $3,500 a week, nnd the fans can't see enough of her. Actress, Singer Engaged HOLLYWOOD tft — Film actress Pier Angeli and singer Vic Damone are engaged and plan to be wed soon, possibly this month. The 22-year-old actress, born in Italy, and the crooner, Brooklyn native of Italian extraction, have known Neither euch other several years, has been married before. "decipher communiques from the Indochina war, notably during the Dion Bicn Phu siege." The scandal over the leaks of secret Information from meetings of the National Defense Council broke two weeks tiga. Since then, lour persons have been charged with endangering Hie security of the state either wilfully or "by to censure Sen. McCarthy will be staged Nov. 11. Rabbi Benjamin Sc.hnllz, in Baltimore lo be toastniuster tonight of a dinner honoring Roy M. Colin, former McCarlhy aide und a, central figure in Ihe McCarthy-Army hearings last spring, marie the announcement. The Senale is scheduler! In reconvene Nov. R lo begin ecmsidera- Wayne Skelton, for $10 and other i , iotl 0| „ s,,ocinl commillee rerom- consideration, Lot3, Block 3, Park-1 men rtnllon thnt McCarthy be mi- BALTIMOHE i/V -- The lu-ad of wo militant unti-C»mmimist nr- iuitziiltons hus nnnounml Mere that a nationwide Washington" asking "march senators view Addition. W. C. and Roxie Gates to R. G. G(Ues, for $1,000, I/ot 5, 7, 8, 9, 10. Block 12, Elliou red. Rabbi Sehiilt/. saiH the marc! will be a "people's movement es . ., pecially for Sen. McCarthy, who I! E. H. and Belle Robertson to Al- ( 0( . lnR smeared." i He said Ihe lm,rr!irrs would bt lilted lo visll Ih mot's during tin 1 • [o reject the lions, (hen U) bert and Minnie Williams, for $10 and other consideration, 40 acres, Sec. 24-T15N-R8E. , Estelle Sparks and Mrs. Frank Lunsford W Byron Morse, for $1:>0, Lot 9, Block 4, Hollipeier-Shonyo Addition. Wesley and Ida Lee Moore U> Byron Morse, for S30, 13 interest in Lot 9, Block 4, Hollipeier-Shonyo Addition. Henry F. and Jane Lunsford; J. D. and Jewell • Limslord; Darnell ar.d Mabel Lunsford: Winifred L. King; Elizabeth L. Lenlz; Sarah L. Rogers to Byron Morse, for $160, Lot 9, Block 4, Hollipewr-Shonyo Addition. Green and Edna Moore; Alice Moore Brantley; James and Iva mi: at Ihe mi;. me-.s[;ite sen- ;o luxe them 'MMlre rrconimciHl;!- uend ii nuss ineel- downknvn hotel biillroom of Nov. II. 'eliu^'s purpose would be the ort-anl/jilinn of a "Joint Council Agninst Coinunmisni in Americ:n." Tlic rotinrll objective would be not only to tight communism but also to fight "aggressive smears of nnti-Communists," Rabbi Schulty, said. Rnhbi Schultz Is nntional director of the Amrrlciin Jewish League against Coinnuniisni. Inc., and coordinator of the Joint Committee Coniminii.sni in New York. NEW LOCATION LAW OFFICE OF JAMES M.GARDNER Now Loculcd In ANTHONY BLDG.—115 N. 2nd INnt Door lo f'lt.v Hal! Ph. 3-3272 Enjoy • N (1 T I C K IN TIIK rlUIIIATI': I'Ol'KT OK Mississirri coi'Nrv, AHKAXSAS. f'MICKASAWIIA I1ISTHICT IN THE 1IATTKH OK TIIK ESTATK OF No..L!.2liS i DONNIK. D. .AUSTIN. DKCKASKD I LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 406 EAST VINK STRKKT. BLYTHEVI1.LK. ARKANSAS Moore; Charley F. Moore to Byron DATE op DEA^'H May u |»S4 Morse, for $120, >/ 3 interest in Lot; T1)c F , nnl ,\cfomilinn of [.he S, Block 4, Holhpeter-Shonyo Ad- j Ml , r c;imlle Bank of Joncsljoro. Ar- dltion. ! knnsiis, as Guardian of Iho Kst.ile J. R. and Kathryn Miirr to_Loutsi 0[ Donnie D. Aiislin. 1111 inninipe- tent, .was filed ill Mississippi Conn, ty, Arkansa.s. Chu-knsuwbii District. Probate Court on July 20, 1954. and notice is hereby given thav. The undersigned was appointed Administrator ol the estate ol the boye imined (iecedrnt on [he 1st and Johnnie Turner, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 3, Block 7, Ruddle Heights Addition. A. B. and Ella Trucks to Charles and Rossie Meachum, for 51.200, Lot 226, Block 17, original Survey of Manila. Briaze Pastell to Myrtle Fasten, for $1 and love and affection, half; day of October, 1954. interest in Lot 2 End Subdivision. Block 3, West All persons having c I n 1 in s gainst the estate exhibit Torsten and Betty Joe Lindquist. i them, duly verified. 10 the under- to Frances Kalafut, for SI and other ! signed within six (6) months from consideration, Lot 4, Block 9, the dute ot the [irs! publication ol this notice, or (hey will he forever barred and precluded from any Chickasawba Addition. A. C. and Freda Smith to Calvin and Dorothy Peterson, .for $10 ! benefit in the estate and other consideration, N hall, I This notice first published Ocl Lot 31, Bloclt C, Hollandale Addi- 5, 1954 tlon. Rain Fact* An Inch of rain, spread over an tore of ground, totals 6,272,640 cubic Inches ot water, which weighs 996,512 pounds, or 113',! tone, the wulvuknt of 17,143 |*Uoni at water. MERCANTILE BANK OF JONESnORO, ARK. By NATHAN DEUTSCH, Administrator % Fricrson, Walker k Sncllgrove P. O. Box 24. Jonestioio, Arkansas. Mall Address 10,5-12 Tastes Mellow as Moonlight "from the life and vigor of the grain" Original 1870 formula $ *X 34 $ *^ Pi. . A. MCML WH. CO- UHHSVIUI. K¥.... « PfWOf rim Stale T»i Marilyn Monroe Careers Collide Lanza Sings At Private Show For Newsmen HOLLYWOOD I/PI — Mario Lanza in a private concert to calm the critics has shown all his old voca power and promised that all future TV appearances will be live. T may even stick my finger down my throat during a couple o numbers to let the public know that there are no recordings," the tenor added yesterday after sing ing arias from "I Pagliacci" am the inevitable "Be My Love" to assembled newsmen and women. Why were two-year-old record ings dubbed in on his TV riebu last Thursday? Because of nl those medical tests, said Lanza while he was taking off 40 pound: in six weeks. "They dehydrated me." he said "They lowered my blood sugar And my doctor said he would no be responsible for how I would re act." TUESDAY, OCTOBER, B, 1964 Powerful Reasoning DALLAS I* — A Dallas man ot- tered a variety of reasons why hi owned a boat. He said yesterday he bought a truck.with the boat In it. Then he said he won the craft in a dice game. Police had another version. They said he stole it. Middle oge is the period when you're grounded (or severol doys oftet flying high for one night. Overpaying OKLAHOMA CITY I*—Police if- cided Beachel Tucker's automobll*. had been parked in the two-hour zone long enough and hauled It to headquarters. Residents complained it bad been there three weeks. See what you get for Now's the lime to trade.;. up and Over to Olds! You'll gat sweep-cut styling, panoramic vision/'Rocket" performance exclusive color toning...and f/i« btif t/ea/ in town by fad Your price dependi upon choice of modrf and body ityle, oplionol equipment ortd occeuoriai. Prim may iaty illDhlly in adjoining communitiei became of jhipping Chorflai. All prleoi »ubj«l lo chong* wilhout iKrtke. Ch«k wt «oiy Isfml SEE YOfjP DEALER HORNER-WILSQN MOTOR CO. 317 E. Main — i'hone 2-2056 CURRENT, VJ YOUR BIRTHDAY, OLQ-TIMER-YOU'RE SEVENTY-FIVE THIS YEAR. REMEMBER? WOPE-BUT TrlEN I NEVER WAS VERY BRiGrfr. CAN'T HOLD A CANDLE TO YOU YOUWG UNS! WE'RE CHEAP,TOO. AND WE DO A LOT FOR PEOPLE. BRIGHTEN THEIR HOMES'DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY, INSIDE AND OUT. EVERYTHING FROM LIGHTIWG YARDS AND GARDENS TO LIGHTING THE KITCHEN SINK. JUST DIMLY, SON. IT HAPPENED WAY BACK IMI879-WASIT At.OR DC? ANYWAY, GUESS I REALLY STARTED SOMETHING, YOU SURE DID! ' wW, DO YOU MOW THAT THERE ARE BILLIONS OF US LAMPS NOW? AND \ THAT WE COME IN HUNDREDS OF \ SHAPES AND SIZES? JUST KEEP UPTiiEGOODi WORK,SON. VESSIR, WE AIM TO. ELECTRICITY, YOU KNOW, HAS BECOME THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IN THE FAMILY BUDGET. AND IT'S JUST ABOUT THE BIGGEST WORK SAVER, TOO- SO, YOU SEE, YOU REALLY DID START SOMETHING. Save Sunday Night, October 24 fnr a television treat—ft foHT- network two-hour 'LIGHT'* DIAMOND JUBILEE pnpim, presented by the nation's electric Industry. Produced by David O. Sclznlck, it will be the M«w» TV show of '54! The dale—October 24. The. time—8 to 10 P.M. (C.S.T.) on your favoritD CB», ABC, NHC or Dumonl stallon. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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