The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1944
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1044 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Minimum Charge .... ' 1 lime per line. ..... .......... 2 times per line per day!! '.'.'.'" S times per line per day "' 5 (Imcs per line per day ....... 12 times p«r line per day ....... .1 Month per line.;... ....... 9 o AJ Ads ordered for three or iU uincs Vnd stopped before expiration will be charged for the muni*,- of times f'lll madT Cared !> " d ad J usf '»™t »' All Classified Advertising conv nitoiltled by persons residing ou * side of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be eaillv computed fro.,) the above taWe Advertising ordered for irregular insertions tnkes the one time rate Iso responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect inser- ml. For Sale Modern G room residence in exclusive residential section on E. Mnin St., adjoining city limits. Beautiful yard, douWe garage, 100 ft. frontage, pecan trees, flowers, etc • containing 2 acres of land. The citv is building In this direction. Taxes low. A bargain at $8,000. shown by appointment only. H. c. Cniim- bell, 120 So. Second St., Exclusive Agent. Phone 4-Ki. . 5-27-pk-31 Two good Jersey Milch Cows with young calves, c. p. Tucker, 4 miles southeast of Blytheville. • 512G-pk-612 TWO 2-WHEEL TRAILERS One .. light, solid bed, light running with ; eood fioo.xic tires, 1944 license Price $35. One heavy duty horse or cattle trailer. Let down tail gate. Built low 'J good 600x18 tires. Price $50 .JESS HORNER, at the Sheriff's office or phone 3167. 5-26-pk-3 f ) light green convertible Mer- ;'ry. in good shape, good tires . Ilo »e G10. 5|2fi-pk-30 Electric Washing Machine. Children's Lawn Swings Steel Watering Troughs 380 Gal. Fuel Tanks. Blytheville Machine Shop 5[15-ck-tf Sausage mill, eimdy cnae, fan wire baskets and PrlgMalre. Airs. J. E McPall. Phone 3319. S[23pk30 FOR QUICK SALE list your property with: H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 446. Oflice 120 S. 2nd, with Lucien E. Coleman. 6-2-pk-2 1 All types of motors repaired. Armature winding. Refrigerators and t • rebuilt motors for sale. Rowen » Electric Co., 120 N. First, Phone 1 3921. 28ck28 I USED PIANOS bought and sold. George Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. •5-1-ck-l TaHe'and Console RADIOS. Eleclrie and battery. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-ck-7 ubs,' links' '$9, pipe 8c ft" Commodes, special price $15.35. Must sell, COS Chlckasawba. / 5;2C-pk-012B Building, grocery and meat market doing good cash business. Would sell stock and fixtures and rent building. See me—H. c. Campbell, 120 So. Second Street, Phone 4415. 5-21-pk-31 NAVAL GROUP T>UI«n •:--; Pre-war model Ladles' Bicycle excellent condition. 328 E, Davis. 5:21-pk-31 Skylight—size 0x8. Pre-war material, A bargain if you can use It, SOS. Call Jessee Stltl at Hotel No- W P- 5-22-ck-2D BARGAIN FOR QUICK SALE—One Allis-Chalmers Model 'L' Crawler Tractor. One 8 Yd. capacity Crawler Wagon. One 12 Fl. Austin-Western Hlade Grader. 1'ricc $2000.00 or will sell scpiiratc. C. 3. LIST CON- STHUCTION CO., ArmorcJ, Ark. I'hoiic 047. G-22-pk-29 Grain feeds — Hay—Poultry—Dairy and Mule feeds. Blylhcville Grain Elevator Co. 5-20-ck-tI For Rent Warehouse, 10x50, In rear of USO building. Entrance from alley. See Mr. Hnrtzog at Hart's Bakery. 5-24-ck-31 Bedroojn. 1125 Hearn. Phone 33IC. 5-10-C-ld Oflice In Ingram Building. Inquire at the Parkhurat Co. 11-30-ck-tf Bedrooms for rent with kitchen privileges and maid service Phone Heijr? Wanted jMcn or women for suits work. Exiicrience hclpl'ul bill nol necessary. Standard Cnffee Co., Goff Hotel. Call after 7 o'clock Monday night. ' 5-27-))k-30 2 first class mech.'iiinifs. Our men eiirn up to §100 weekly. If you arc nol essentially employed apply tn LOY KICH CHEVHOLET CO., or the Wai- Manpower Commission, HlylheviHc, Ark. 5-20-ck-HO Experiencetl colored tractor driver. Can furnish share crop if desired. H. L. Reynolds, Missouri state line. 5[24-pk-3t Two automobile mechanics. One may be just a good trnclor mechanic to work at nights. Will pay $45 per week. See Jesse Webb, A'lfnlfn Mills. 5[2G-pk-6;2 State Certified, Ceresan-treated Deitapine 12 cottonseed, $5.00--IOO Ibs. $90.00 Ton. Ralsoy soybeans airlifted §3.25 b'u. Not Cert. $2.75 TR. Tenn. and Dortch hybrid corn. Will trade 2 bu. our treated for 3 bu. your untreated cottonseed Burdette Plantation, Burdette. W-ck-G-lO (BICYCLES for men and women ' ' boys and girls. Tom Little Hard-' . ware Co., Inc. 5[8-ck-8 '. Certified cabbage plants, free Irom yellows, tomatoes, peppers hot and sweet. All kinds of flower plants and Bcetts. Heaton's Home of Flowers. Davis Avenue at Prank- Hn. 3-2-ck-tf Experienced prcsscrs and scumstrpssts; Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 5-17-ck-17 •: HORIZONTAL i 1,7 Depicted j s I inslgne ol ! U.S.S. Ranger 10 Uonc : 11 Affray 12 Decigram ;13 Provided ;15 Legal point ;1V Witiglikc part i 18 Like i 19 Rubber tree 20 Peel ;22 Change 23 Spots 25 Born 26 Huge tub 27 Greek eoin 29 Cloll) ; measure ,__„. .303.1416 '<<tb 31 Malt drink *• 33 Marks 37 Hopelessness 39 Negative- 40 Distort / #a 41 Let fall V 43Sainte (abbr.) 45 French article •10 Place •I7 Harem room 50 Ells English (abbr.) 61 Stop! WHisk 54 Symbol fjr erbium 56 Spire 3 Ascertains ' •I Most sickly 5 Coverage fi Biblical pronoun 7 County ... New York 8 Symbol tor nickel i 9 Sesame MS 10 Either -- "*< 14 Symbol for iron 16 Extend across 18 On (lie sheltered side 19 Chaldean city 21 Sloth 22 Cnper 23 Avtiil U Thin net used r veils y, 28 Separated V* 32 Koyal Italian family nnnie 33 Maker of clothing 34 Ascend 35 Sustain 3G Siilly 38 Packed , v v weight (abbr » 12 Kalian river 43 Symbol lor, selenium '> 14 Scatter for.V drying ',.,£.'• 40 Fondle J. -"'.': 48 English river 4BAvoa menstir) 51 Laughter ,"., sound $.ft 52 Postscript Wj 1 (abbr. i "*.: 53 Lord Provost (abbr. i' . J1 Employ • 2 I am (contr.)' Services Widow by death wants housework, but no laundry. Please call in person at 100 E. Sycamore. 52 1 4-i)k-31 EXPERT RADIO SERVICE. Auto and home electric sets repaired. LOY KICH CHKVHOLET Co. 5-22-ch-22 Let us sharpen and repair your lawn mower while our parts and repairs last, niythcvlllc Machine S1 '°P- 5115-ck-tf Attic fans, custom built, installed Welclman Bros. Phone 4<iO. 5-19-pk-G-10 SEWING LESSONS - Complete 8 Lesson Course. $10.00| Personal Instruction. Your choice of Dressmaking, cutting and fitting, restyling, etc. Afternoon and night. Classes now forming. Repairs for all makes of sewing machines. Singer Sewing Machine Co., Phone 2782, 114 So. Broadway 5-5-ck-G-5 Rough dry laundry, also, spreads, blankets, light quilts. 403 E. Main. 5-3-pk-6-3 Wanted to Tiuy Lost One Chevrolet wheel and tire 1-2 mile N. of Cooler, Mo. Howard .T. A. Brown, Cooler, Mo. 5p7ck-lt Elgin wrist watch with gold spring wrist band. Lost at Golf Course or Walker Park. Reward for ru turn to JOG Evranl. Phone 2G5L ^J^j^_____ _S!22-ck-S|i9 Cotton growing in India clnte.s back farther thnn written history. Highest Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks All Makes'* Models GULF Service Station At 5th Main Sis. -Olt WK'M. SEIX them for you for a small commission, llrhijf them in for all details. Sare 50 % On . . TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drat Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 If- jom want U any tn«r« WK> Bond! SELL €S THE rURNTTCRI TOE ARE NOT CSINQ fer e»»h! o llhcril tnie-In «U*w*B«* fni old forniturr.'«n new. AWn H*rdy Fnn». Co. K. M»ln FhOB« tM) J. LOUIS CHERRY Heprtsentinir NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. BlylhevlUe, Ark. ^11 Auto Owners 'Spring Check-Up' maintain yonr car for the duration with our thorough "Protective Service" and avoid damage and destruction of vital parts hard to replace. * CLEAN RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM * CHANGE ENGINE AND GEAR OILS if TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS AND BRACES if TUNE CARBURETOR AND DISTRIBUTOR Come In NOW for our SPECIAt, SPRING CHECKUP. Minor repairs and adjustments TOBAV will prevent expensive overhauls tomorrow. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO: T*l US Arthorlwd Fort Dealer | {o a W»In«t 5 or 0 room house, modern eonvcn- • fences. Would consider place tn Pride Addition. Phone 3933. I9J5 W. Main. 5[20-pt;-30 Corn and hay, top prices paid. Blytheville Grain & Elevator Co. 8-ck-tf Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 200 per aoz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. The Army Air Forces* manufacturing contracts total 52 billion dollars. Tough, lung wearing: leather, workmanship that equals the le.illjer quality. Close prices for HEAL SERVICE. M-RLT£RS QUflLITY SHOG SHOP i Z I W M fll M ST. MEMBER OF sERVING NATION-WIDE BURIAL INSURANCE Complete Family Coverage HOLT FUNERAL HOME I'lionc 571 for IMails ' D..P. LI 4 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to 11/8 Inch Staple Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See. EARL MAGERS Dell, Ark. Phone 635 Political Announcements Tt& Courier News fcaj been authorized to announce tho following cnmlidades, subject to the Demo- crntio primary in Aujtut: STATE KErHESENTATIVK ALENE WORD Cor rc-plpclloi), Post No 2) W, J. WUNDEHLIOH (for re-i'lectlon, Post No. 1) •J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. 3) LUCIEN E. COLEMAN E. 0. "QENE" FLEEMAN (Post No. 4) IMtOSmiTlXO A'lTOItNl'.V IVIE C. Sl'KNCKll 8HKKIFP AND COIXBOTO» HALE JAOKSON (for rc-eleetion) W, W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TKUASUItKH R. D. (SKEET) STOUT MIS3 DELLA PURTLB COUNTY JUDGE ROLAND QREEN (for re-eicctlon) CmciIlT COUKT CLKHK 1IAHVEY MORR18 (For re-election) COUNTY CLKKK T. W, PO1TER (for re-election) PAGE FIT!: PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Beet PricM Kirby Drag Stores Elmer VULCAHIZIRG Tire & Tube Repair Cotton Belt B.R. * g. Hwj. « (Fonnerlj with Enjler An. PU.) .Tust Received, Carload RUBY GLOW Arkansns Anllirac-llo COAL! I'lay Safe—(111 your bin now. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Theme S51 FOR SALR CONCRETE StOItRI SEWEH ALL Bl'f.m Thuu Ilrldfo Oscaolo Tile & Culvert* Co. PhOM 691 O»ctol», Ark. - ca " RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP Wf E. Kentucky Sfrecudh PRICES EFFECTIVE THIS WEEK ONLY Ha, | Y'car Sludf 'M>\\ KIII | imm;n.|.i)ooi{incT)AN | I.HXIII-.V l.lniT, <f(inil Kiiljlii-r ntul f.ols at Kslras Vrlcc ITTflB 20f) lf)51i 171 K I!5A l.tli 7'IA f !)8A ^O'l l!),'l!) I!l!i7 1!).'!!) 1 !)') 1 ... 1!)!!!) • MM I 1 !).'J2 I'l.'ll KOKI) I'UMW ' ~~ l ll'vlllnu rrlM<) CillOVKOLCT 2 IJOOU " — Kxri'llcnl lliiblifr I'LYMOUTH 2 1)(M)|{ A Htttl litiy l''dUl) 2 !M)6i{ itlrchiinlriilly OK, R Cinud Tires CIIJ<;VKOI,!<;T .1 nboit .SUDAN iN'eiv I'ulnt. Srnt . Clivers. Good Tires I'XMi) CJOlJl'K ' li (,')!. f.'nod Tlrrf. (Jntid Mci'linnlrnl ComlUloii l''()lcl) 2 DOOK — l-Cyllnilcr I''OH1) COUPIO "' -isa.Bii -MS M5 inor. 7'ir. 10!)5 'MB 175 Many Other Cars— -All Makes, All Models LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY OPfN DAY & HITE Phone 578 WE'VE A GOOD LINE OF USED CARS and TRUCKS ^ Will Pay TOP CASH PRICES For Used Cars and Trucks—See Us Before You BUY or SELL! BUFORD MARTIN Showrooms 114 \Y, Main Phone 565 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service 'Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Ilwy. fil CEILING PRICKS Phone 2291 DRS. MIES & NIES OSTEOPATH 1C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main BlytherDIe, Ark, Phone 2921 ALLEY 001' WAR. BONDS T By V. T. HAMLIN ILL PULL W „„ •XtS CNWYOUE HEAD \VILL BE 6.7IC^^!M'OLfT^-IH 1 6BOUI THEN,BONG! IU.REM.LV : , LIKE THIS/ ''A CQNK..NOT JU^T IHE 'ti\p i _ ... AN OCOlNiCY FCE •=,£ BUT MV 5UPE2-COLOSSAL 1HCT I'S&VE FOR . ... 5EAL TOUSHIE'S ( ( to ON / HEND OJE13 O4 / IWY rwtNu, c , 1 ADMIT DEFEAT/ OFTHKT . I NEVEBHWE I ' EN6A6ED IM 5WH ABSVttEf .''••> WAIT! I LET-iOJ 5AY WHAT YOU'RE 6OJM&. DO TO /VECV ME... NOW ITS MY ( WELL TLKNTTALKf A-5HCOT.' Hy MERRILL BLOSSBR f , ~~^ " ' —• AND 4,000 CASES OF TOPGRADE SILK STOCKINGSl EARD THAT OUR WAVY .THEY HAVE MO SENSE ENTIRE JAP FLEET ! .... WE JOSH 100,000 PRISONERS- -Al 'COMES FIRST— AMD 1'IL SHOW YOU VVHAT w-u's -UL'WE COULDs'ri \""" " /a^'/>iMF (OF^whui'iup ISsilEO «! --° NCK V • S^^fc (&K«™*S ^M! /^.li^P.xS 3 ^?' ^r ^^^W ICOWWY CAN 51ART , YOU LOO'H ui\ ; e ft)ifvjtuvw;"wis U5INE55 tWs—'l 10WM. PUT IvJE'l "rccioim Moments ""THE TROOPS AND {YLKSIE TURNER EVERY HOUR COUWTS.EASy. WE'VE 60T TO STftT<E "\ "1 ROHSA ROH6A BERJfiE THE MP5 COMPLETE THEIR J [TTHr7«J^ T1F1CATIONS; j^sv--W<' !9"'™.! ( iT, A , R .1 \ FOLLOW THEM REPORT YOU 9ROUSHT, EASV1 WftE 6&UI ALREAD/ON THEIR , TONlfiHT... TO SMACK THOSE NIPPONESE APES W W™ 0| J»AMNC£/OtJRpLAM6 IN A Why THEY WONT BE UWMfl>RJ ORKIMG PAY AMD HkSHT, EXPERTS CHECK AND FROh\CHlWA, STUDY RECDWWAlSSANCERC TURE& AWD DATA- RAM THE ATTACK IN DETAIL HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He Asked for II MY EDGAR MARTIN & GOTTA MA«I

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