The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER is, iaa<i Christmas Is Time for Cookies -jU.YTflBVIULE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SHOP EARLY,. f) nfij s* n A*+ «... C.f.-^^_*_" . - i «• , Days Until Christmas VISIT OUR TOYLAND Big slock, or new toys of nil kinds' nt PARKHURST'S A fresh slock of JACOBS CANDIES PAHKHURST CO. Cookies ividi or topped with nuLs arc liflc-l cut of the commonplace dare, nuls are attaining a «icle populr.riiy) for this puipcsc. BY MARV li HAGUE NEA Service Staff Writer Christmas, New Year c cakes have Ions lo carry grated rind of 2 lemons, 1-2 tea-.(lour anil add with dates and mils spoon soda, -1 cups nbur. 1-2 tea- jto lii-at mixture. Stir until thor- .. spoon sail, been' Hcnt lloncy u-ii and before lhe cookies 'mighly Wended. Spread thin oni'a'n n ! ° llcd aml nm "' C(i eook!e stecl «' " 1! "ie. 'WPPlng pan'and' hake fifteen . »•;....*.... ,.. _ ,, .. SllllTlrtSfri In ' n 11 ' iii-inj iiuiiv: y uni.ii imi U1L lliylit "-"".u MMU JIVHIIIAI v,uuft.u; ajn;i;v UI iiMllii" will) Hu-nt TI"if 3 an , l>5fora l" e «>ofcfcs are to ue made. 'WPPlng pan'and- hake fifteen davs °i nic™ nf nort ,, i i Si " '" c » 011 Bh siftedHour to make minuics in a moderate oven, 350 from Inr fn was kept a sUfr ^.g,, ^f ^ ^fr tc lo 375 degrees F. Cut in strips an and euard -is ' 7 "n * tilllsm " n .cool, In the moniing beat CMS inch «'We and three inches long t a . gainst evil. lln jj] vcrj , ,] ^ W j (1] sl|g(11 , anc | us 500n ns j-cmovlng from oven. I ...mi 'L'IJ ugiit, wiin Migtir :uiu "** "^w 1 * <i-> removing frotn oven 1 . Even modern Christmas cookies work into (he honey mixture - Use i ' Pfrffcrnussc carry a special message of peace n wooden spoon am! work- until i Two cups brown su^ar 1 cup and good ,f you've smooth. 1 warn you that this stir- molassess, 1-2 cup butter or other made them yourself with seme ring is hard work. Mix and silt shortening. -I cups flour 1-2 lea- hT^nnn-l?! ,,1 ,")" ale com " mer , * oa ?' ftos,-""I salt with flour spoon soda, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, in aiicclionalc mind. .and add with lemon rind, citron 1-3 "teaspoon cloves 1-2 lemon If the cookies must i>,, K nt mxl nuls lo first 'llilxtin-c. Knead (grated rind and 'juice) 1-2 cm liroiit'h the mall,-(hough, be sure •liglilly, adding more (lour if ncces- blanched and shredded' almoiids lo pack carefully, otherwise they sary. Roll into i, sheet about l-l 1-2 cup shredded ci "on will be broken aim crumbly. Lhw inch (hick and cu>_ in oblong' warm mote, Miv ,,,rl M, the bottom, lop and sides with pieces one and one-hair inches flom i 0[ i „ C^n'i,* '.„' n/-^ crumpled paper. Then put. thj wide by three inches Ion" Bake, lA ,,,, i , - cookies in nrmly. sn (hey can't on an oiled pan in a moderate miv InmnU \ n ., , , ,, !, shake, and adjust corrugated pa- oven tor fifteen minutes, when Iran, f h^J,, n , ' ,1 , per around (he outside of the box. cool cover with a thin icing made bi n i , H ° a '" 1 cookies that are made into fan- oy mWn B confectioner's 11 ^gar d i'rniy brown abou 0 fine™ !""" U cy shapes, must be rolled. The a paste will, boiling water. The ie Ttaa will krL ,S,, dough should be well chilled. So recipe makes about eight dozen They are h-irrt whe firsl haVod moke it up and. nll<w_ for one or fn otles. If you use Half lhe rule but soon soften * j he sure to use half • of each hi- „ , ,, aredicnl x i.oc-n;nml Slai-aroons Hard T-iek ' , wllites °< 2 eggs, 3-4 cup slircd- Thii, is a delightful black wal- ', ^i^T" 1 ' J '"""spoon ™'"- nt cooky thai keeps well, it's as '! aich> '-8 taspoon sail, 1-2 tca- Aincrlean in its origin as leb- J>1 °" Vanllfa - two hours in the refrigerator. l.cbkuehcn j The famous Lebkuchen is a de-' licious honey cookii: that the Ger- ; -.nan housewife bakes at Christmas lime. It keens almost •indefinitely -....— .-.... .., .^ ui, 5l u .« icu- and should be made- several days ktichcn is German. Bor -' whites of eggs until stiff before using. | Two eggs, 1 cup granulated su- K"!/^ '" . SU , S!11 '' f ut in cioublc One pound strained lioncy, 1' ear, 1 cup flour, 1 cup stoned and IM,..,, „,, , VI i ' nd beat pound pulverized.sugar, C eags, 1-2 chopped dates, 1 cup black walmit .„,,,.,","7 'f "p™' A«d • sail, pound blanched and shrcdttcd al- '"«<ls, !-•! te:ispoon soda, 1-8 tca-'^J, " ' , ,",' ™" ail(I vl " m<t .-mends. 1-2 pound shredded citron, 'i'pon salt. Upocn onlo o 1 i' M "l"", l ™~ 2'-teaspoons cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ..Beat eggs until light beating mjbjke thirty mini tA°in 1*1™- m"^ cloves,..2 teaspoons-grated nutmeg, si,ear.^Mi X _and sift soda, salt aiid|(300'degrees p" / = WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSU« = ChrisLian-and the Lord's Supper Text: I. C'nrinflii.-ins 11:22-:!! The Inteniational liiiironn Sun- ilay School Lesson fnr Dee. 1C. BY WIVr. E. GILROV, I). I). Ktlilor of Advance The ' institution ol'tiie Lord's Supper, a.s ;i symbol of rcmem- brDiici; nnd "Coiiinmnian svilh Uie Master and of the fellowship of Christian believers in His namj. Jir.rfs its warrant in tha dcEcriplion o' the Last Supper in lh» Gospels and in tile historic words of the Apostle Paul in our lesson. Whether the Lord's Supper had been already instituted and Paul was linking it for new disciples in lhe church with " the meeting of Christ will) His disciples In the upper room on the night that Hs was betrayed, is not clear in • the New Testament. It seems unlikely that Paul was establishing trc institution himself, What is particularly noteworthy in our lesson, whatever the orisiii of the rite, or its place in the cnrlj Christian chujch, is the definitely spiritual meaning that Paul attaches to it, an:l the way in which Christ means to the soul and all that the disciple owes to Christ in love ana devotion. Thus it is tlmt Paul urges thai he links it with the personal experience o! (be tr.insforminr power o! Christ in the soul. The sacrament of the Lords Sup- J.-cr is first o f »ll in Paul's thought, nnd m his interpretation or it in relation to the supper a nr,v testament in the blood O r ohrhl- l»at is. a new .covenant in PKKMANKNT POSITION WANTKI) For man brrlwien L'fi an;; years old, position ,-t^ Salesman in Hlylhevillc o! New, Low-Priced Gilts sin! 'I'ruekw. Ho Jnvt-c-tiiunt on part ot .siik-sman. W;cfc;y salary and comnilssi'jn or. everything .sold. If yim do not liks yoiir present job and want u position thai, oftcvs psv- niancut cnijiioymejit and o|)i»iuinity for advano menl. consider liiis offer, liifoimalion from you treated striclly confidin- lial. if int«resteil, writ: in detail your business experience, BS<'I special alill- "•>'. ctc.'Nu prior sales experience! needed. Write to: Courier IS'c\vs j participation In ihe rito should mean careful cxammalicii or ona's |s:-U lest there bo any clement ol' I Insincerity or imwoiihinass in one's j approach to the Master. We liavc known those who remained away from the Lord's* Table because, of n sens: of th:ir own sinfulnes's and unworlhiness. Paul would have isiicl that, if tl«t sense of unworlhiness 1 was genuine, and HM desire to know the power of Christ real, it ivas such as these who were worthiest of all lo partake of the Communion. But he reminded these early Christians Hint participation in the Lord's Suppar was, nevertheless, n solemn experience remembrance makes,.vital all that Some of these disciples had come over from pagan religions and .- s - soclatlons where rens!in« and in- dulgence, rather iiiaii restraint, were, sometimes associated with the riles or religion. Evidently there was a tendency' to make of this partaking of lhe elements of'the Communion a supper that had.little relationship to ifs saered meaning. . So Paul reminded them thai, ij was not a time for appeasinj their physical hunger. The rite was spiritual and symbolic, anrl lo materialize it would 6e to destroy its sig- niflcance and spiritual value. One cannot discuss a rite of this sort without remembering that many earnest people have not observed it. To millions o( Christians, on the other hand, this rite is the deepest symbol of their association with the great company of believers, the church universal in every ago and land, militant and triumphant. With Walllmle your room can bo ( sclilcd lhe s.imc day walls and ceU- injjare piinled! Only one coat usu- allyrcqiiircd. Free color card shov/j llio 3S pcial-Tikc ^'.illltide shmcs. f.omcs in Ihc modern "fiat" salin finiili; also tf3» (• _. inscmi-Klossfonvood- ^JJ C Qlliirt work, bathrooms and kitchens. UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2,60 Quick-drylng, clear WATERSPAR'VARNISH t£$\ ' Kxl " 'I'irablc. Por mltrior 'tel " r cs '" ior lls c- Will iv« '•LSSfe- 'iini'vlidc.pric; 12-Quart, PAIL' 30c Each CALCIMINE, Ail Colors. .... Per Lb 12c Atri'HOUlZED PITTSBURGH i'AJNT I'RQDVCK AGE'^CV *.-+ Walnut-CcdAr Chcsls Beouliful wiilinit /Ink]) Cedar Chests, single or double deck style.. .A .gltt lhat nny womrm will npprcclatc...All inortcrnte- ly priced. HU13I3ARU PURNITURIS CO. auch gilts as compacts, wulch- es. rings, necklaces, weekend b;ias, purees mid utliur tjift.s can lie found lit . Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler ;I.OVELY GUTS OF PER-; .'MANENC1S...WATCHES, DIA-, MOHDS, NOVELTIES, LEA-: THER, GOODS, PEN AND PENCIL SETS...STERLING AMD PLATED SILVERWARE. GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE * + * IP YOU WANT. TO GIVE SOMETHING REAL PERFECT Make it Daniel Green House : S!ipiicrs for Her or tor ' Him BOOTERY Good Shoes and Hosiery ' •'$.;•'• 'i-'^ r 'LADIES LEATHER -JACKETS Zipper style, light' or dark brown, $10. . ' • . • New MeaH.Cloihirig Co. •* ; *'v+ ' ; '"'' Hear s.-'(ii : We 'know lots' or liltle girls and big ones" who want a permanent for Christmas. How about it? MARGARET' BEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE GUTS SHE'LL ADORE Alcniizcrs, Perfume sets, Bridge Carets, Compacts, Pnneburn's Candies, Houbigant and Coly's Perfume Sols. Healing Pads and oilier acccplable gifls. DELL'S PHARMACY ' * * + BEAUTY : I3RINOS HAPPINESS If you really .want to make her hajmy this Christmas include in your gifts one of our IKnnnnent waves. GRACE ELANORE SHOPPE GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Satin and Crepe Negligees... . Velvet a net Corduroy Robes.;. Corduroy and Crepe Pajamas ...Satin atid Crepe Undies. THE FAMOUS Joo Applcbaum * + 4 UNIVERSAL WAFFLE MAKER Bakes golden Drown waltlcs exactly to your Inslc. Heal Indicator tells when to pour bailer. I'utciilcd cxpansloii hidgc nlluws tatter to nitoc. Keautitully finished in ttiron- ium plate - - S5.9f>. HU8DARD HARDWARE CO. HOSE, ALWAYS ACCKPTABLE Ksiiecinlly if it's HID new ;.hcer-clcur Allen A. . . 75c lo $1.35. . . also Ladies House Slippers at ixipulnr prices. Al the New York Store FLOYD A. 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