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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 6

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Saturday, May 16, 1903
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LETTERS Turned Over To-Court IIjAttorns f-'or Mtarhim in the Unlrst Case. Ray Says He's Still Willing To Go On With It h?t ilrtf Whr It ( as nt Be Tried With the Elfclbllifjr, Actl-a. trtrtu Mum a to vbs Bsurisss. Frankfort. Ky.. May IV In tha Court of Appeale to-day, when the Clerk filed the . letter of AIM W. Tounc in open Court. ac companied by Mricbim'i affidavit, John W Kay, wh ha Wn Mescham's alloen, filed (ho following letter f ram MMchin la how why Ii has continued lu p rona-eute lha case: ll'.r.fclnsvll!s. Ky . April . lto Mnhn W Hat. Pmnkfort. Kr.-lw mr Your letter to hand and I am sorry I l"i It air rtuiy to- withdraw from th litigation mat has failed 14 Mriu the arlRiiry. I have not rHarufed tr.y opinion vt any branch mi th avmtentton felt uiai 1 had pushed Hndru k op asalnat skin Kama and recanted hla ansa aa hupaiaae has an orae.nsatl.-n eold inn ta effected A I understsnd. tha eligibility rase la erparate from tiiiM a n't oil! gn ahead, and I sincerely hfa that Bark ham will b knorbed nut. I wired khai-kalrard to stop lltlsatloa In ir nama. but iif la aa no turiner C.mI Hendrtrk Interna an4 not mlna lufloenreil. aad 1 ki ikHw all I Inland to do. I refused to ami'lny -counsel to taka tn raaa ottt f your hands whan ainl do m I have ha-1 my aititune r plained, and If after I am nut of tha raaa If I anil in Court, by r.a"t of lia nmna tiun with t Ha eligibility raaa. I will leate you to 4o aa you na hi. It strikes ana thai a ronleet try a d reeled randMata will h" tha aurrat nay t4t got at tha Illegality. Will explain mat lata mora fully whan I aaa you. Toura truly. "I'll as A. MKAt-HAM ' Along with the letter Kay also Med tha following response to Young's reciicst or lnitlon to have tb petition for rehearing vllbtrwn, tha "we" In the rmpniw mean-In; lha law Urm of While A Kay. 'Aa tnla letter Indbatee. wa ara aim lha counsel for Wesi-ham. and aa understand hla let-Wr to ua ha only daalres to ha rallrvU of tha ra-i knalhtllty fr lha roawuron of lta aaaa. but I iiarfat'lly wllllna fir tha ourt to taka aurh ac tion lu tha raniiaaa aa In lia imlarnaitt may ha rrpar. nan aa tna raaa waa ty conaant or an par-ina nti I at tha alifitatlon of AtiiM-llant Youna ron.ili.iad and haard wl'h tha taan of Vounc rti-knam. a Inaiat that lha two-Mill ha haard I'a.h'-r, aa ptlili,na fir tha haartna In hoth t.aa haa haen f.lad and ara now incjina . "John W. IUT " i All tltr lattarn and paprra wrr" orderrd fiibn.ltltd by tha Court, and no riiltns or flfi'lalnn tan ! had beforn next Tu. n-lny. ni the Court irivaia no more till tin n Tlia pa. tuiUr alttiatltin la crratlnu m-T.- rx It.-fnont l.'.-tn any politic al Ini ldn In . jir. and tiia d"lton tit the t'ourt In In Hit; mnltail wiih Krrit anxlrty by all nnllt '1k hh. Mini i. -daily by thoae directly In'mainl In lh r-CrDt primary. TEARS Ran Down His Cheeks As Bnsch Told How He aud Other Senators Aecepted Ht-ihes For ' Their Voles. Bt. laoular Wo.. May 13. TJjtabla to Uvar ha strain of mental torture which he ny ha baa suffered alnce the grand Jury Investigation Into Ies;llaturo boodlina; was Instituted, former State Senator Fred I Uusch went beforo Circuit Attorney Folk this -afternoon and made a complete and . far-reaching confession of hla connection with the corrupt deals, extending over a period of eight years. Buach'a declaration implicates men of prominence, and he name men who have been connpicuous at the Stale Capitol as distributers of buodlr. .Later liuach waa taken before .tbe grand jury, where he remained an hour. When he emerged from.the Jury room team were streaming -down hla cheeks. With his face burled In hla handkerchief he hurried from the building. "I bad td do thiate thing," said Busch.' In reciting hla story to the Circuit Attorney. "Tbera were circumstances that made fellow take money or get the worst of It." Busch then went on to narrate hla connection with legislation four years ago. lie - prefaced his remarka by saying- that -all aorta of money was used at that lime to Influence legislation. '. Huech proceeded to name several Senators who were paid handsomely at fbe 1M9B aes slort, and Included one or two who are mem- ' bers of the present Assembly. (Joins back to the Thirty-eighth Assembly when tbe bill to create a School Book Commission wtt one of the principal issues before the Legislature, Bunch said that the School Book Combine put up a big fund. I sot S1.0KU, and others sot )uat aa much and Sua y be more." "On one occasion," he said, "there waa a resolution presented to have all bllbi held tn committee. I got $250 for holdlnr tip the resolution." "Killing bills by smothering- them In committee waa very common." he aald. Because of tbe statute of limitations which prevents prosecution three years after the crime Is committed, none of the men against whom Busch has testified can be indicted, tx . ; ; XENTUCXY COURT OF APPEALS ' (raciAL iirTc to tbs qrtsr Frankfort. Ky.. May 15. Present: Chief Justice A. R. Burnam and Judgas trRaat'. Xunn, Settle. Hobaon. l'ayntar and Karker. Thompaon va. allllan. c . To4d: afttrmad. Faiiar. Ac. vs. Town of LaLunia. arc. Kan ton ; aJrii mad. Curry Fartlllsar Company va Cuah. Henry; at-grme.l with damages. Bodlay. ac, va Flnley'a executor. c. Jeffer-aon Chancery. Tlrst Dlrlskia: affirmed. la-Milsvilie aaa Company va Kentucky Heating Company, falor CMI and Ona Company va Mc-Oeha. ktanda; mntlnna for oral argumenta aua-tamad and csaas continued for thai purpose. Meat-ham vs. Young, see.. Franklin; affldavtt of ap:eliant hied and letter af appellee and motion to set aside order reinstating appellant's - mat ion and petition for rehearing; J- VV. Ray. counsel, for appellant, filed latter and reaponss to motion: motion submitted. Ernst vs. City of Waal Covington. Kenton: aareement filed and appellee givaa until June JO to file brief. Arnold, etc.. va. Esttn's trustee, Henderson; agreement filed and appal laa gives 3u days' extension of time to file brief. Clark County vs. Warner, e : appellea given 10 days' additional time to file brief. Button vs. Oaet. ?.. Jefferson; order filing fttrief aat aaide and petition for rebear;ug filed by appellant and submitted. Zenda vs. Harbour Asphalt Paving Company. Jefferson; swiuioa for rehearing ftled by appellant. - Reed. e.. va Bates. c. Jefferson; petltloa for rehearing hied by appellants. C. N. U. and T. P. Railway Company vs. r.v.k's administrator: appellant glad response to petltloa for rehearing. Citv of Rardetown vs. Xetnon County.. Nalson; afpellant Sled grounds and motion tor ost aader ' l;ule S; motion aubmltted. ' - - il. Inerney. Sheriff, vs. Huelefield. .. Kentoaa n )tice and motion to aet aside order of submia-sion and te eeonnslder anotkax for argamanu sao lion aubmltted. Jtt va Farmers Bank of Kentucky: appellee fled grounds and motion to d-amlas for X Allure to file brief In time: motion aubmltted. , J.vhnsnn va. Depaaw Cnlvafsity, ac. Jeffereow; sereamant nnd gr,ruds filed and motion ky con-rent to docket, advance aad aubmli; jnolioa submitted. ; nimoa wealth of Kentucky, eVs.. va afrOoe-e: n, t-c. Jefferson: argued by Ievld Ralrd for r"a-liras sad by Helm Brace for appellants and lOhmltled. 1 Onlered that Court be adjowraed atrtil Tweaday moraing at 11 e" clock.- -- . . - - ' ONCE EVEEY TEAR. '-. Irdianspolls Ind. May IS. The National Con-vnt..n Kn shta of Fid-llty le-dsy elected the I ..iUh lm orBcers In addition to those prev waaly amw-amed' Supreme Laewlenant tommnnder. F mil K. Winkle. Troy, hi- T. : sapyeaae Orator. H.nry T.. Uraeeon. Savannah. On.; Supreme Vrater ef Oram on las. Albert Elsele. Cieveiand. unrame Captain of Guards. F. R, Mo- Kelvy Hittstiurg. Penn.: Supreme Tyler. J. Rev-man Newport. Ky. : Sunrame 'Trustees. . J. M. (irsves lxinetoa, Ky.: H. F. Hsrvey. Waahlng-t-.n t C : -iesea Hedrlck. Harrtsburw. Penn.: Krsnk Vollmer. St. 1-ouls. Mo.; C S. Kllaworth, IieTrville III., and Charles Pointer. Indlanapolia The National Convention wlU be held annually LrreafKrr. . . ' II" . I J SIX THOUSAND MEN B.ETTTBN. . Chicago. May 13. Six thousand of the airikers who closed the Decrlng Works of tl:t international Harvester Company for nearly three weeks, returned to work to--!iv. excepting the terms offered by the .-:j:S cf the corapaoy. I NEWS FROM TOWNS ACROSS COYlHQTOfl. Stmokc ViiaaJW Wmuh4. AJ. m tavnaUnar of lhd Cpub4 Comwfttae la at biartlt lha , mam la-r Jlauad fad I'rarkv orliiaiifa ratilatlna- lua aanaratlon f ataaiw rollroavda. anakln tt nlarfl tt born soft -ol or aar atnr kind ot- coal prodiMln amok or (hrowtac- ut nh- and dirt. Complaint had w ak re- dnlA on lr Maallwn yu, Jt mm (Jraanua aLraata. ... 'it Tha ordlfianra rxVUa (Ul fM mat hum aothraaita nr fwtokfwm roal. Attorn Oalvln. repraajantina- C. n4 O., ma tke rmtd could aoi bo dlacrlml naiad alt. aa to tba hum In a of ooal a4 tuiow fartoria to uaa aoft coal. If aald tfeo ordnnta lovaUd. jOaJWn furtb-r 'atd tht the enmpmnr would da all within Urn 14 tnimimtaa the amoka nulaan nt th Wowtn of whlatlaa. Urn abowed aa order taaurd t l nraman and anetnaera raaardlna the uiniirt. To ihinit 111 irl of coal wnttld maan a. Inrae eXtWOWA ; Ailarnar TvrUfT. ra praaantif It the fu- ana, mM that tha pmotlaea Bto by lb railroad warn never kept. They havd bn Indicted timo and attain fof rttlaiwea aJ fined, but would rommit lha oTenjw over aaaln. and t ouncil ran- atop tnc aald Kurber. and If Ibey cannot aureeed then It waa time to taka it t the Coarta Attorney t harley Walker, repreaent- ln the rltlaana, took the aame view aa Kur- ber. What tha commlttae will du waa not decided. Mar 7orfit OttaraatM. It beelna to look aa if tha city la up akalnat it in the matter of etllnT tne aaphalt company to place the atreeta In re pair. Mayor Johoaon nd commlttea.a ot (leneral Council hava feen trytna; for two molt I ha past to set tha aapnalt company to ulara tha atreeta In urooer repair. Yaa- tarday waa 'tba day aet for a conference of rlty offlcUla and tha repreaenlatlve of the aaphalt people. An arem of tha company showed up, but he declined v assume any reaponalbliity -tor the company no repre- enla. and aa a conneo.urnco noinins waa done. A poatponement of -the conference was ordered until such time a tha bead offltera of tha asphalt company could be communicated with. The city holds aa a guarantee fJH.Hun. whlcb was to hava been paid oo net Monday, but by reaaon of tba company failing to place the atreeta In repair thia money will ba withheld. To resurface (he atreeta tha aaphalt company laJma will coat 17."J, and aa there la only CAI.hisj coming on tha original contract It In possible that th forfeit will be allowed to remain with tha city. Oribbl Kept Hl Word. Walter Qrlhble recently acquitted of the murder of James England, kept his word In. a little transaction with Judge Tarvln. dribble, after being acquitted of murder. waa given a Jail aentence of m daya for carrying concealed weapons. Learning that his father was dangerously 111 st LovelanJ, Ohio, he appealed to Judge Tarvln for per mission to go and bring his father to Cov ington, lie wtt given permission on his promise to return and aerve out his sen- enoe. dribble, true to hla word, brought his fsther here and yesterday ailed on udge Tarvln and aald that he was ready return to Jail. He appealed to the Judge. owever, to be allowed hl liberty for sev- ral daya to sei ure proper attention for his ither's welfare. His appeal waa granted n hla promise to return within two days nd serve out the remaining days of bis sentence. Judge Tarvln Is satisfied that Orlbble will keep his .word. ' Friends of the ung man are Interesting themselves' tn behalf, and will forward a petition to lovemor Beckham asking for his pardon. nbble has 44 days yet to serve. First District Politics. The next clssh In local politics will be tbe contest for control of the Democratic Kxec- niive Committee in the First Legislative lusirlcl. Some' weeks ago E. O. Mills -and others held meetings In the precincts out side the city and filled a number of vareb-cles alleged to have been existing. It Is now stated that Mills antl his followers ate preparing to call a mass convention for the purpose of naming a nominee for the Legislature. It In also stated that L. M. Hagby hm been setthaj- upon for tbe nomination. Chairman Threlkeld.' ot tbe First Legislative Liiatrlct Committee, whom the MRta people, attempted to remove, has declared his Intention of caWnr- precinct meetings week after next to fill vacancies. This will be followed by some action looking to the selection of a nominee for the legislature. With two committees in the First District claiming to be the regular party organisation and two nominees claiming to be the legal nominees Kenton will still maintain her reputation for factional politics. Insurance Directors Organize. The newly elected Directors of the Ger man Mutual Fire Insurance Company or ganised by electing the following officers: President, Charles Mahlmann; Vice Presi dent. Fred Krachell: First Secretary. . F. Schlld; Second Secretary. Henry Meimann: Treasurer. J. H. Reinke: Insurance Com mittee. 11. Von Bokern. W. DuFeuss. J. li. Kelnlte, Fred Krschtll, Jacob Lang and Julius Sandhaa; Finance Committee, W. Di FeusB. J. II. Mersman and C F. Wurater; Committee on Claims, Jacob Kohrmann, Charles Kaschube. A. Wordmeyer; Auditing Committee. J. II. Mersmann, C. F. W'umer and A. Nordmeyer. . To Benefit Library. Alderman Helneman was In. consultation with City Engineer Quinn yesterday In reference to the Improvement of Robins street, from Madison avenueto Greenup street, with brick paving and combined curb and gutter. Helneman wants the improvement made, as It would mean Improved streets In front and on the north side of the new Public Library. To bring bout the improvement Helneman favors the abandonment of a part of Russell avenue, which Is already ordered by ordinance. In order to have Robins street javed with brick. Bitten By a Snake. Romle. a young son of James Clasner, of Pike street, was bitten by a snake Thursday evening. The lad was returning home when he tramped on the snake, which encircled his leg. sinking Its fangs In tbe flesh. Clas-ner's screams attracted the attention of hla father and John Richmond, a .neighbor. The Injured boy was carried home and Dr. Herendom summoned, who cauterised tbe wounds, which are pronounced serious but not necessarily fatal. Richmond killed tbe snake, which was of a spotted species and about three feet long. Seligman Improving-. Dr. Charles K earns. Sr., surgeon at the St. Elisabeth Hospital, thinks Max Seligman. who waa struck on the head with a brick by Aleck Watts, last Monday night, has a chance to recover. There was a remarkable change In bis condition yesterday, he being conscious at all times. Dr. K earns removed the stitches from the wound and stated that the only thine he fears is tbe forming of an abscess on tbe brain. . . - ' y ' : ' ' Keal Suit on Trial The S20.0U) damage suit of Alice Xeal. executrix of the late M. W. Neal, against the C. K.-O. and T. P. Railroad was on trial in the Circuit Court yesterday afternoon. Neal was killed at Corinth. Ky Christmas morning a year ago while walking along tbe track." Attorney Qalvrnv for the defendant, moved foe peremptory instructions, claiming Neal's death was due to his own negligence. Judge Tarvln overruled the motion. , v - . -. : Tarvin Affirmed. . . ; ' v. Tbe Court of Appeals yesterday affirmed tbe Judgment of tbe Kenton Circuit Court tn tbe case of Elisabeth J. Falter . against the town of Latonlx. Judge Tarven decided that the town authorities bad 'the rjtrht to extend Southern avenue to- a width of Oil feet. Mrs. Faller appealed, and the up Court holds that Judge Tarvin'a decision waa right , . , Ooldan JubllM Fete. The residence of John P. Heidel, President of tbe Town Trustees of Central Covington, was the scene of a large gathering yesterday the occasion being the golden Jubilee anniversary of Mr. and Mra Joha Schwann, of California. Ohio. Both the -celebrants are about 7 years of age and have resided In California almost all of their Uvea Bchwarts is a retired wagon maker. ' . -"'.' CoVlngton Briefsv'V V,.;'".'': The work of organising a. local camp -of the. Spanish-American . War Veterans has been started by. Deputy County Clerk Chan. Lambert. Judge Tarvln yesterday "granted Minnie Crutchfleld a divorce from George Crutch- rVni4. . ba gm IJmt Tsdy wf tk-etr ekUd I jkM fl Urm rH. wlloy. . . J A Baa aal a aa hi t n a wan wanted VfStar ' Uy t I'erry Canton. 15. vt tjtvllJ. Ky . and HatUe May rraarta. 3 ttt Cue Inefon. .. , Real estate franafaTS recorded yewtarda are: Henry Jones t K, H. Cart tan. lot 5 by liat feet va) pike street, LateeU $2,"K W. c LtidMaw te at- M. FVessmMig. lot 1 by fl feet, situated at the worth west corner Montrose, and MWrtcIaJr streets. Laullaw, f Lvs. Dr. J. A. Davie wUI addreaa tbe sseVe mavrting at the T. Si. C A. aVufkday after aeon. . .". Mesobers er the lore! Ledge of Elks wffl meet Bunds y morning and arrange for gam of baset.aH between the tw-ndiet sad bawrhelora. The Single men defeated the Labbi by one avore laet year. The defeated team yelled fraud and claimed rob bery. Then year they intend to have detective to look after Interests, The remains of the late Joseph HetnrVB wtll arrive. here from Lexington to-day and be interred In tbe Highland Cemetery. The will of tbe late Joseph Mompert was probated yesterday morning tn toe County Court. He request that masses be read for him, and bequeathe alt ef bis estate to his wife Catherine, aad names ber aa tbe executrix. Contractor Ben Dresamann yesterday In the Circuit Court filed suit against A. P. Hite for IMl U0. F. Baumgarlner for II3I 44, i. R. Coppia for t440 2M and Kmraa and John Weber for VSU 43 for street Im provement costs in La ton la. Decoration Dsy sale lots, nead of Holman avenue. See before .buying elsewhere. Chsrles Rice, claiming 'Cincinnati aa his home, was found unconscious at Lewis and Baker streets late Thursday night. He was suffering from epilepsy, and was sent to tbe hospital. Kmma Yates, IT, died at the home of her mother, 605 Crescent avenue, yesterday. The outing given at Buschelmen's Grove, Rosedale, Thursday by the ladles of the cathedral congregation proved a success. The receipts Whlcb are to be applied to tbe church fund amounted to fflZO. The hen roost in the rear of "Jack" Dress- mann'a residence on Edward, between Pat-Ion and Oliver streets, wss destroyed by fire last night and a number of fowls ronsted. How the lire originated is not known. The fire department put out the blaze. FT. THOMAS. The following programme will be rendered by the Third Infantry Band to-morrow aft ernoon: March, "Invincible Eagle," Sousa: ovrrature, "Loop the Loop," Smith; bary tone solo, romana. "Alice. Where Art Thou?" Aacher: dance. "The Gay Mi queraders." Bergenhoitx: waits, "Idle Hours," Andauer. Hanson Williams, an alleged deserter from the Twelfth Battery, Field Artillery, waa brought to this poet yesterday for trial by general Court-martial. Negotiations are pending for the Installa tion of either an electric or acetylene light plant at the fort. The gasoline llgtit, which has been in use for 12 years, bas proved to be very unsatisfactory. Should neither the electric nor acetylene plant prove poaat ble a contract with the Union Heat. Light and J'ower Company for the electric light will probably be entered into. The Queen City Saturday Aftertvoon League will open the season here to-day. The Third Infantry team will cross bats with the Mall Clerks st 3 p. tn. The bids for the remodeling of the drill hall will be opened st tbe Quartermaster's Department at Chicago on the 2S)th Inst. The bids were to have been opened on the 18th Inst., but owing to a change in. the specifications a delay was necessary. In lieu of the addition to the drill hall, whlcb the original plans and specifications called tor, tbe building will be converted Into a twostory building with a basement. Tbe two-ptory building with, a shooting gallery and drill hall, and on the second floor -will be located the post exchange and' tenpln alley. , LUDLOW. The Board of Supervisors elected Edward Kelly President and William Ryan Clerk. It meets in the City Building, and will be in session two weeks. A freight train ,orr the Southern ' Road broke In two near Lexington Thursday night, throwing R. B. McCoy to the ground. He was brought to Ludlow and attended by Road Surgeon Helman. His Injuries are not serious. BELLEVUE, KY. - . The annual Inspection of the, Knights of St. Edward was held last night at Butcher's Hall. Captain Falk waa Inspecting; officer. ' Residents have complained to the police of the disgraceful and rowdy conduct of certain young men in .the habit of congregating at Fairfield and Washington avenues. DAYTON, KY. Charles Huber is reported In a critical condition at Dayton, Ohio, where be recent ly went for his health. He is afflicted with spinal meningitis. His wife waa summoned to bis bedalde by a telegram announcing bis serious Illness. Mrs. Marie 8utton died at. Speers Hos pital late Thursday night. The remains were aOiipped to Aberdeen. Ohio, for inter ment. The Dayton Baseball team will play the Grays at Osterhage'a Park to-morrow after noon. Guiding Star. Lodge Ko. 43. K. of P.. will celebrate its twenty-fourth anniversary next Wednesday evening. The KntaTht rank will le conferred by Master of Work W. C Qutnby and a rood miscellaneous programme has been arranged. The lodge has been selected for the honor of conferring the work at tba district convention to be held in Newport May 23. Dayton will have a bathing beach of her own If the present plana of the owners of the old Clark brick yard property at the foot of Walnut street are consummated. The property Is now owned by George Velth. Joseph Feth and other Newport cltl-sens. and it Is their intention to proceed at once ta erect buildings and make other necessary preparations for the opening of the beach. Temporary buildings will probably be erected for this season, but these will be superseded by more elaborate and permanent structures the season following if the venture should receive sufficient encouragement. Charles Huber died at the home of hla uncle. Peter Huber. at Dayton. Ohio, last night. Tbe deceased was 27 years of avge, and leaves a widow. . UST OF OFFICERS Who Passed the Examinations and Will Get Their Comxoissiona. srectas naraica ve nt gsocnua. - ' Columbus. Ohio, stay IS. Adjutant Central Gygee to-day gave oat this list aC omcem who passsd the military examination aad, te whom commissions will be issued: - Irr In P. Miller. Toledo. Second Lieutenant. Company 1 sixth Infantry; Fred T. Mats, Canton. - Company C. Sight Infantry: Henry W. Turner. Sidney. Captam. Oympeny x Third Infantry: Earl W. aletter. Captain and Adjutant, Seventh Infantry. Iron tow ; Claude aVKnuK. First Ueatenant. Company B, Fifth Infantry. Cleveland: John A. Harlev. First I Company C, Peooed Infantry. Lima: Arthur tX nut. loieoo. r irsi uewteoant. company c, eixia Infantry: Charlea IV Clark. Ashland. First Llew-tenaat-.. Company K Eianta i.futnr: Frank Gernhard. First Xdeateaaat. Company M. Sixth iniwry. ovi niKos; inenes Rocky, xuunis-bore. Second Llaanaun. Company ti. Third Infantry: E. C Xorrkv lie vtnei m.j rjamianant Company K. Third Infantry; Harry H. jovley. Captan and Adjutant. Fourth Infantry. CoJum- oua: nirry Arnauf, AaBOOOflL. Captain, cbmnar ny la. Fourth Infantry. .,-17-7 "- SEEKING AN OFFICE. arsctAX- star Area to Tax sacoeiaaa. - Anderson. Ind.. May 13. Mrs, L. jr. Burr, of this city, has decided to become m. candi date tor National Prarident of tbe Women's Keller Vorps, bhe Is Past President of the Ifidlana Department. It was her picture on a badge for the W. R, C. during- the recent state encampment in this city that caused some of the women to become Indignant and they refused to wear the bad.a. TI1E EXQUIHKR. CiXCiyXATL SATU11DAY, MAY la 19U5 THE RIVER. KEWPOHl JTTof. Pratt Arretted. ; A highly aMtlMui km-u ensc :ed at the eighth street school bwlMtag Ovriag re'.wat yesterday saoe-nlaa; that fault, lav the arrest of Prof. H. T. Prate. Inatrwior la that b-swrfna-u rveurwa af ta h sa srtasol. oa a charge e? breaca ef the pe-ee. The affidavit waa sworn) t by Charles A. Smith, ex-President of the Hoard of Ediarat:o. It eaargea Pratt silk Ktr'ff itnglM Cllal'JO. the tfiewtv-year-old swa f f oU'-h. la a s&saresr that was who-ty raud for. Art-ordtos to Mr. Smith's version of the rase, ine riaaa bad Wen furawd at ran la a line to the yard. Olntjpa broke ease of the rales by talking la) Unev Pratt noticed this aad sensing him af -tind the nveck dragged him op two flights of stairs and threw htm bodily through tha ciaAsrooa door. Mr. R salts claims his mnm m choked Into Usensfbility sad oa that so count fell heavily whew shoved through the door, striking his head, and that be was badly braised about tbe nx:k. where Prof. Pratt's fingers caused a sweiUns aad discoloration, aad that ba also had a bad bruise oa tha head. Officers Tocher aad Brecel visited the school and placed Prof. Pratt under arrest. Ha waa taken ta police headquarters, a; later allowed ta go oa a hood of $30, signed by Superintendent of Schools Burke. Ha secured the service, ef Alters? Court ker. who win defend him whew the can called In Police Court thia mimlu Pratt refused to give any statement about ma affair except to sar that ha had only aona his duty. A scene of wKd excitement followed the professor's aasaalt oa young Smith. All of the Lady teachers were la the yard and corridors at the time, and several screamed aad fainted when they saw Pratt dragging smith upstairs. Some of tha older boys were anxious to retaliate on Pratt-. but cooler beads prevailed and things were finally quieted down again. Mr. Smith, father ef the boy. sars ha wlU prefer chargea against Pratt with the Hoard of Education. Pightfnc or Thair Child. In the Circuit Court yesterday afternoon Judge Hodge heard argumenta in the case wherein Lawrence Ran be Is attempting to secure the custody of bis oldest son from his divorced wife. Sadie Ran be. Attorney Ramsey Washington, for Mra Raabe, filed a lengthy affidavit to the effect that the boy Is now residing In Ohio, near Lin wood in a more moral and healthy atmosphere; that be is being- given a good education; that his associations in Newport were not so good, snd that his father used bsd lan guage In the boy's presence. Attorney Mealy, for Raabe. was not prepared to combat this affidavit, and the case went over until this morning, when Judge Hodge will make a final decision in tbe case. In Court yesterdsy the boy seemed to prefer to sit with his fsther. Daatb of August Dinger. August Dinger, aged 47 years, died at Speers Hospital last night after a short Illness. The deceased was known as the 'Eumbletee" because of his eccentric actions. His last escapade was at the big Hey fire, near the corner of Second and Broadway in Cincinnati, when he attempted to take charge of the police detail. Dinger claimed to be a member of the Bluefield (Va) Fire Department. , Sues To Enforce Contract. to A. Cloud filed suit yesterdsy In tha Circuit Court against Mary A.. Clarence J. and Mary B. King to compel them to carry out the provlslona of a contract by which ne was to come into possession of 3d by 300 feet on Washington avenue for the sum of $5,250. He alleges that he paid 20 down to - bind tba bargain, and that afterward the defandants refused to make him a deed. Another Dividend. Receiver ' Henry Speer, of the defunct First National Bank, announces that an other 3 per cent dividend will be paid depositors. This is msde possible by tbe sale of Texas lands which were a part of the assets of the bank and the sale af Louisville property owned by the Cashier of the bank, T. B. Tontsey. This will .make a total of 90 per cent paid the creditors. Tbe dividend cannot be paid for several months. .- Mall Is Still Held. Postmsster John Meyer Is still holding the msll of John J.- Ryan, the "get-rich-quick" promoter. There is a big batch of mail. Including many registered letters containing- money, at the local office, that has been held for nearly three months. No. supplementary order with reference to the dis position of tbe mail has ever been received. New-port Briefs. Real estate transfers yesterday were Special Commissioner to John Macht, two lots in Ft. Thomas Park, 30O; John Macht to Louisa Macht, a lot In FL Thomaa Park, $1, etc.; Eureka Insurance Company to Jacob Dublnsky. 2S by 190 feet on Moo- mouth street. $3.0tx); Agatha Sauter to Cora Sauter. 28 by 130 feet on Center street. Bellevue, SI. Ac Mrs. Mayme Emrath died early yesterday morning at tbe residence of her mother on Front street. The deceased recently 1 turned from Denver, Colo., where she had gone on the orders of her physician for her health. George Emrath. the husband. Is tbe principal designer for the United States Printing Company. Lafayette Council. T. M. I., wtn hold Its annual memorial service on Sunday. May 24, at St. Stephen's Cemetery. Mr. Richard Crane, of Cincinnati, will be tbe orator of the occasion. Tbe Pioneer Building- and Loss Associa tion bas elected odScers as follows: Presl- dint. Henry Bertmann; Vice President, John Strohm: Secretary, J. J. Ostermayer; Treasurer. Charles G run rick; Directors. Fred Welbel. John 8chersinger. J. A. Dar nel. Theodore 8chneider. Carl Kelts. William Ossage. Edward Ossage. Charles Powell and Peter Pelnert- Colone A. S. Berry win deliver aa ad dress this evening before the several coun cils of the Junior O. 17. A. M. at Balke Opera House, Bellevue. Mamie Trorobo, a United States prisoner serving sentence here, was released yesterday by taking tha insolvent debtor's oath. She waa fined S300 for forging? another's same to a money order. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Popp, of OUT Wash ington avenue, left Monday for New York to embark; 00 tha Kaiser Wirhelm der Gross on a visit to Germany and their old home. The school children of the Tork Street Public School enjoyed a trolley ride yesterday. Accompanied by the teaching- corps of the build in ft. they visited Ft- Thomas, Bellevue and Dayton. Then they were taken to Rosedale, where they had lunch. Afterward they went to Ludlow. Evergreen and then made a trip to Cincinnati, after which they returned to Newport- . - Joha M. Marlus. of Gladstone avenue. Cincinnati, yesterday reported the theft of his horse and buggy to tha Newport police- He thinks tha thief beaded toward Newport with the rig. - ; ' ' Fish fry to-night at CreuU"s saloon. Newport Eagles flew high last Bight. There was an initiation of several candidates, which waa followed by a social session and banquet. There were plenty of good things for the inner man and the mem-Ctn of Newport Aerie demonstrated that as entertainers they need not take a beck seat fcr any other lodge. - - . . CLOSING RECITAL, la the closing exercises of the academic year of the College of Music some of the advanced vocal and organ pupils will ap pear in a cjoacert of considerable .Interest his evening in Bint 00 Hall. Among - the organ numbers will be Bach's prelude and fugue, o-major; voickmann's adagio tn A-flat: Serine's toccata, la E-flat: Salome's cantnene. grand chorus is B-flat. by Da Bois, and Rhetnbei get 'a - aoaats, E-flat, minor. Vocal and lnstrumeTttal participants will be Merbourn Clements. Emery Hobaon. Harriet Smith. Mayme Paver. V. Raymond Nold, Isaac Rant man and Elean or Hyde, ... - - ' ;-.- . NEGROES TJNTJER ARREST. srsctAJ. sesra-rca To Tsts sstrnhsma - - - PittsbuT-g. Pena.. Atay Ji tf "afarv Chart rand, of East Pittsbwrgv waa attacked last night by a negro, who attempted to as sault her. A man was arrested who gave hi name aa A inert wmte. of Shenot. Tenn. Another negro was also arrested, who said he was William Pattersoa. of Frankfort. Kentucky. liiVER illTEUIGEIICE. . , Taawiac Ta-Ikay.' ; . S . .arjraZ. xtt-aee-via. -.; -si f. ta y UA. fcsta-Hnr. i-FVt i wcaklK eaews. IfT VT iLWiXATl. ryaA, . aVAJLS LAS. Lawaeed, sw sa. , - " Ctactawatl. Owe, at "- fUt see we ataayws a " awe, wa rse - U kaeeep SOattnSJ at S, SB, r 1 I L,.IJ-aMnt I S ..., a Jt a tun, rast.. f s a S... ,TT, una,., a S... . av-ed ia.ia.nrt 1 s ...;. Haai... , a ....jL . . U. u stssv j t a ..., a at. tua.. ! t 4 . mu. rut, is 4 tT.,Sina, 3 ..... -.tasaaai S ... I S Ft. aeain.-.l f ... taut, it a .1 e ainrutwi. fi 5 Hue snort i S sv.. .je-iiid. urteaae ;1J -... a... ..., aaa... awl... aaa -. -,. Tat . ... - ... '...4 ... 1.1 It:-.. su-s, . . ...a BJvar Poracaat. ' The Orrte eoattaaae aaamriy falUssj. At Cka- eisaeu u am be tailing to-Sar a a atAsaXKit. U T. O- Waarhar tier aad warn, stiver te fat aad faUiaa. . -ants maaa ray atona. rrivala. The Taaoana. te Ponaaroy ; Cowrtee. Froea Maya-Tllle and rwturs : City-ad kaallng. to Madisoa; Llssie Bay. te Madias and retara; City ef lava-lattlM. trues iasaatviUe and retara Departure. The eteaawar if mam leaves far Poasersy aad way points at S p sa. to-day froea the foot d Broaaway la enanmand af Captaia Hotiuway. The af P. W alia, with Caput la k Kugmata In eoaunaad. leaves tavs fus. ef Main siraat rwr Muacew. Featar. Xeville aad C'atto ar i p aa. 10- oay. i be etaaajur Levi 1. woslrasa rvavea sen and ail way putata Iraaa the foot of atata six eat Tiiaailsy. Thwraday aad Saturday Tbe City of CtaelnaaU laavea fur taaulavt le and ail way sotnte from tbe foot ef Broadway at p. m.. In command of Captaia Partus. csSaja w charge of Mr. t Hi pres. The city of Clacinaan laavsa me imia. n.a all way aetata from the foot of Broadway at S s. aa. la command of Captain Peyton. Tk. " - - 1 laaaaa BaiMi-Sav tOT HemPkUl SSd all way sotata at 5 p. aa. from the foot of Jala strset. m eeanaiaae of t aaa am a. iaoa, a la charge of Mr. . K. Prttcaaxd. Drift- The fine Southern steamer Raaa Lee leaves for Vmiaii 1I1U .VMinl ml. S o'clock- This IS tke seaaoa far a trip to Memphis for the tired clerk. student, buslneae and seofcnsumal man or woesaa. The trip to Memphis and return is a health restorer, especially at thia season- Call up telephone lew ana eecure your raeana ewriy. IT Prttrluru la ttkm new calaf clerk of tba U.mniii. aaA CinHfiaftil rairlret Raes lae. He la a Bne specimen of a young Moulbern gentleman, a great favorite with the traveling public and aa pec tally popular with the ladies. We welcome htm to the Clnclnna'i and Mempbla trade. Commodore Robet-r K. ie, general manager ot the l-r Una. ..f M-mpbls. will arrive In tbla eltv thia mornlnf 7 lie Commodore baa Inn staamboat lntrraeis inan aay man on inn vi- em and Southern waters. Eight hundred thousand tons ef coal ana i.n,a tons of aieel mils went south from headwaters daring April, while 2 VA toaa of mlacetianwoua merchandise waa bmuaht sout n by the packet. Captalna J. C. Hnkia and Wolf, of the Cando Packet Company, w-ra m the city yewterdny. . Captain John B mart ear, woo owned tbe ateamer City of Sheffield, which was burned last year. Is uegotisUng for the purchase of tha steamer Ozark Queen for the White Blvwr trsne. captain jona uunam. a veteran miaaiaaippt River pilot, la preparing to depart for Alaska, where he will aleamboat oa tha Yukon River. Ha aril) bo ncoomnanfced bv 4 'an tain Oeorse Clark Pilot Henry Brooknart. of the Kanawha, waa taken sick oa the last down trip ana got on at hla home. Cantaln Bert Cramer Is making trio tn nlace of r.Canialn Brookhari. CapUln Cramer ha a real an ad aa master of tbe Bea Hur. It la expected teat tna rue coming out ra me aflanoarl will matt en ouch water tn tae M.eaie- elppi to let out the United States monitor Arkan-aaa. laid up at St. Oa oar lava for several ia a by reaaon of low water. Law Laar la going aa clerk of the Columbia. Lew Is a good ens and Baa many irtenoa. 1 TELEGRAPHIC. SPSCIAIa DISPATCHES TO THE ENQUIRER. BTKCXAL PisrATCB TO TSB EXQDISSB. Pittsburg. May IB. The marks at Davis Island Dam o-aight aaowed a feet and river eta turnery. t eat bar cUhbt 'and nrarm. , The Haeele rlmttn. feom Parkersbwrg. BBt pfooably made her last trip here until a rise coaaes. Hha la the 71 eh test ajnauah.' beat caajuasT into this harbur. The tnwboat Eaan-prtae. ef the Monoagaaeia Coal Combine, ta tying . at tb bottom of tbe Ohle River, at the tad of Pblllls island, having struck a rock late Wednesday night. a Wheelme Mae IS. tSUver SA feet and f a ulna Clear and warm. ie parted : The Ben Hur. tor Parkers burs, at II a. m. The Lairena arrived midnight, reahipped by rail, and departed at S p. m. for Zanesvllle. The Beaals Smith due down at 7 p. m. fur arkeraburg. ., . - , . Parkeraburg. W. Va. May IS Stiver S feet aad failing. Clear and hot. No boats. Pt. Pleasant. W. Va. May 15 River 4 't Inches and falling." Down: Tbe Booansx. 3 P. m. .' ' Cbsrleston, W. Va. Msy 1 J tVes'.her clear and warm. River 4.4 feet. Tbe Kanawha out ill A a The Columbia due. Tb Liberty arrived and will do excursions out of Charleston. The Baxter and Evergreen oa time. Madisoa. Ind.. May 13. River 10 feet by gauge and falling. Tbe Island Queen and Hattle Brown up. Tbe Kanawha down. Fair aad warm. Louisville. Ky.. Mar 15 River falling, with 5 feet S Inches 1 -canal, f feet S inches on falls, and 0 feet Inches at foot of locks. Buatnsaa very good. Weather partly cloudy and threatening rain. The City of Cincinnati, from and to Cincinnati; Big Kaaawha, from and to CarrollLon- Bellevue. from and to Derby: Falls City, from snd to Kentucky River; Morning Star, from and te Evansville. The island Queen left for Cincinnati at a. m. Tbe Alice Brown and tow are at West Ixmiavllle. Tb Boas snd tow will be up to-morrow. There ar a aumber of eunken bergea obstructing the channel between Madison and Cincinnati. If change tn the strike situation at Howard'a. Howard will not accede to lb demands of the strikers. Kvaturrtlle. tag slowly. Ind-. Mar la. River S feet aad fail- Padncah. Ky.. May IS. River 10 feet and falling. Clear and warmer. Tb Charles B. Pearc arrived at 10:30 a. m. and left at S p. m. oa ber return trip. All local packets are bringing la large crow da to tb atreet fair. Cairo. IU.. Mar IS- Tb river mark Xt-l feet ow the swage to-night, a fall of -7 root earing the paat 34 boar. Weather fair snd pleasant. Tb Dick Fowler wss tn aad out on time. The Beaver arrived from below at 2 p. m. with three bargee of lumber, and departed to-htght for Cincinnati with four lumber bargee, tba ateamer Edna and a quarter boat- Her pilot ara Ford and Harpot. Tha Stacker, from St. Iouia, iva ror jsempnt at aw a. as. Bt. 'Lowla. May IS. Rtvar IB S Twee, a fan of 0.S font U) 24 bourn. Departed: The peters Lea. for Memphis; City ef Savannah, for Tennessee River. Clear aad warm- Memphis. Tana., Mar UV Tbe river her stands las feet oa tn gang, a fall of O B toot. Tna James Le departed at S p. m. for Friars Point. Tb Robert E. !a departed at S p. as. for Ash. port. Tb Sua departed at 4 p. m. for Fultoa. The excursion steamer J. fl., from the Upper Mississippi, arrived to-day and will remain several days- Reretpte by rtvar to-day were 117 bales eottew. za ssa Vlcksbarg. Miss-. May 14. Gauge reads 41-4 feet, a fail of . foot la the last a hours. The Senator Cordlll VP aad down ea time. The E.k left at 1 p. m. for Davis Bend. The Warren arrived at 4 a. m. Cross Oreenvflle and re- urns to-uay at p. a, tb icasnarg oua zpbcb a n- New Oriaana. May 15. Clear and warm. I parted: The Clark and barges, tor St. Loaia. NEXT TUESDAY lasat Day Tor Protest Against sT-adg Camtrill By Ppwers's Iw-yera. Frankfort, Ky May li Tha attorneys for Powers have aa yet made no motion ia tha Court of Appeals for a writ prohibit- lnr Judge Caatria from presiding' In foe next trial af their client- joaga cantrill gave them till tha 14th day of tbe term, which will be next Tuesday, to apply for tha writ, but so far there ia bo Indication that they Intend to take advantage of the time granted. , The) Court jot Appeals will meet no more tin. Tuesday, which will be too late to make application and report back ta George town- It Is poaalble that s Comrnon wealth Attorney may make application for tha prohlbrtkn writ ta order to teat tha question of Judge . Can trill's flight to sit ta that case- DYSPEPSIA ft, floany.-as Tfl Kaaaaa Sew Tork. I, bav till -tiauMig with 1 t try ran- bOIb. I aaast grwat rUf trass their awe- I feed Ilk a I umainiLH taxing tnera. and Th drowsy. gtlpj fwellng I awed t bav has cwthntiy cttaaa. entirstr. I asa saUaOed If asnr- anurtac wUI glv Bad war's PUks a trial tii ewretr car thi m ror s pauses xt au mjl ptilri of tb Stomacit. . -aia. in-Bladder. Dtaalness. Coati vcr- Plata. Sk-s Z:..Aach. Fenvsl OompAnints. Hi;Ko aaa,. is- JTiMrttoa. ConstlperiuB aaa all diaordere cf tn xJyrr SSe per box. At druggists ur by ma I BiDWAY CO. &S i.ln. at-. New York, fa Jire to ret ' Radway-a' aad see that tb Bam ta oa what you buy. Tarsoaa tit-1 : ararKraa ji-a-j' : .' (wuaau Oil tty . Pittas arT I L lm ran a it. -a. Par keen g Reified-... Huiua ... Kaa. yaaw Pi. Pteaert Hnactnefe I'alaattae'g P-rtanB taT L-oauavuie. E va aet Has Xaabvlile. says: 'For yaew 1 iiailiadiiB t try row bOIb. I immediately ther ,,,.- from ta aysssm ssma wb PW S ; , to' Fills Rat estate a?;d euildssq. Xaavstiataeea ere ana tW f hay aak as? 1 f tbe ' ea4 . . Vtree amwatte laawwrh. ata taaaiedatefy awrv ftrru nw.a- u,i Faa-v. h tatewd ta wm04 a mm th-atar. Thwl WW! Is owned by Hawey tiaaaa. a4 - . n by BJm, n la aaxt. at J-a t-ao. aaaj reot Imna thaw the a sea.rtj j aka. . . Was mbt at. Tha U satde. alia rt t.a. TKe frtraaayriy ks ae err MS by a res is urs et. Mr. Hewrr Maauaa, tae war. aid teat Big at that tha deal bas aw Praah Fox. tba satlsnr, baa porrlmed a targe ktx. Kst by 333 feet. M tka east atd f apcing Grove a v ease fnr fVi. He wvtl ee awtbdiwc uiiws M fasr bsma aw. tMst ta ewet aetsnrea aju.tae aaal ar.. Tae deal waa caueaaj eaa-rday. Tha peopwty is opfoarte the ataarh yards hear awrUest, and H k said wi'J be Imprweed w4ta taw Sne'f awrtioa buUdJRg ta tb caaairy. H The Wehrsaaa estate has sold thrwug Everett i. Wade te F. A. Be a the setacterty at las Wee Frtrat street far tfJuu. : - Architect Bea taCaais has aaade plana for a resadewc for George phs-stBisa. tv be erec-ted cm t' alast a venae. Hyde Park. It will rast S4Jna. Fox to, ocu-aurs, were give the contract. r f The sasae architect has made plana for a residence for Lena DrCasau, ta "be sal It oa Oakley even tea. Hyde Park. KEAL ESTATE TKANS7KRS. Mary J Allan Be - J. A. ilmarttny. parte tots Sa XS a ana CI tn swsSavunam ef X ea I mnm etreet : A I .-J aa. tiaaaa mi nt UWBIIa. . aerg F. Haaekotte te Lawra H. Herrmaa. aa "st aw tna went alee f Vane street, ua aorta of Motaar atmet: fl. Jesse Uawaa aa lawauae R Fuss. Sn V jet wa Ike ewwlb aSAa ad aV.atb Street, between IC.'m and Ptam ptreeta; $1. Mary Foaear ta Jacob imaadf. S years" taase ef Pasei M. ZtO IwSdap attest; asoanaty real iomrptt Klaintarae at at te Albert Fua-aer. Si wv (est oa Blackberry afreet ta sajara; fD.Su. Sarah E. HetehtiM) X Albert Fwa-bar. be feet aa the east side of W oedbura a ewua. Sua feet axuta ef SeuaiBtter street; BOjo. Caariea P. Hofer to EttBaaetb xtadaera. S acres f -and in Saetiaa S hB'Mliarrwek Towoaalp: 1 K4wsrd H. aV-nerewSer at al- la Lerata tA. Huate- feld. (7 by S feet ea the west atue af al afreet. Iiaj faet aeweb of Cawrtaaa atraet: fBuw. Anthony J Vaaaeeal Ba Mary IS. Onidarbmtdt. II by 72 fast oa the south etda af Ninth street, between Carr and Freeman anrat: txam Emma Hall ta Astbowy Macke at at.. 3S feat en tna west et1e of via atraet; a. new. Emma S Bin iter te rranoaa Metz. Id ky feet on the east aide ef Cherry street, la Cwas- minsvitie. Ba.otal. Charlea W. Baker te txitaa P. Hall. Lm T ta c. l Maker's second subdiviaum of Nor in Ivso hue: fl aad ether enastderaooaa . Xortgagas Iliad. aaorsa T. McDonald Ba Joseph W. IT Harm f Stfe Crnthla tMIIer tn Mlaaii Toaaabia B. aad I- t o. I." Charles H Morrell to Clneinnatt Trwet Co. Ut Frmm'm Mots to Fnadaaental L, and B. Company .................... .......... Mortgagee Canceled. f.ury J H. Watao to H. B Ore S t.aoa Ernat HBlnjMUia and Ft Co AetxHnmnoatle L- W W. Taylor to Jane Joelg Anna Ant to Clifton Heights I., and B. Co. Charloti O. Oliver tu tilob B. aad a Co. I.Aw a TRAVELS FEOM CINCINNATL srwriai. ptsraTca to nt xxot-taca Joplln. Mo., May 15. J. C. Stevens, trsv- eling salesman for a Cincinnati house. whose home Is in Brownsville, Teen., Is wanted by the suthorltie on the charge of using offensive language against President Roox-velt in a local hotel to-day. Informa tion waa died and a warrant sworn out for his arrest, but it could not be served, ss he suddenly left the city. r' ., I( TWO MEN DROWNED. special, ifitritca to tss ssFtnss- Cumberland. Md., May 15.-JL M. White side, ot Washington, D. C and R. 8. Dum phy. young men belonging to the Baltimore and Ohio engineering corps, operating in Hancock. MrL. were drowned In a canal there to-nlsht while bathing. - XTJSICAI. INSTRUMENTS. Tor Sale. A.-TAKK TIMK AND TIE A D -AUirt. THINK. Tou cannot afT-ird t- mls tnir remodeiing sal. You can as, engiith. to reosrpet y-tr uoua. The only IT-f-Sharing I'lano Ilottse. Terms to suit. 3.S VC rnth St.. below Plum. ifjuarea snd aprlbts. myie-Ti A. PlAXii -Ciebrated Estay Orgsaa sad high. grada piaaoa fio up; caen or aaay pay mania; whoWaie and ratail. THE W. O. WtXiDMAN-SIlav 1'IA.Sij CO.. los-K'T W. Fourth. ae22-6ailuTuTh-tf BANJo- alBceUent Instrument. In perrect condition. er Bt- J it w. Enquirer. CORNET Fine; neier uaed: cfaeap. No. 1737 for eat av . Eaat Walnut Hills. CLARINLT-Flne. K flat. 15 keis. Poo reel I make. ana insirur-'ir. cnep: nis,f. not ail aorn. A, J HACK. Madlaonvlll. Ohio. FRENCH HOIIN High and . w pitch, aad S crooks; cheap. 'No. 1216 Bremen at. HARP 6e. en-pedal. Ba strings; double and stasia action. K. RICE. Milford Center. Ohio. MAXbOUN- First-class Instrument : pearl inlaid: S4 So. No. 71 Morsaa St.. Walnut Hills HAKDOUN-Mm mandolin and muaie aland, chaan. at OAS w. McMlckea av. OBGA.S Chapel organ; good aa new: cost SS0; will sail cheap. Call at Z1M Deerflled place, - mrl-tf OROAJf Fin Eat a or can. at TOS Catter at. riAAo-squra rracner. in gooe eooaiuoa. sltt scoot: wiu seu tor gza Bo-oay or Monaay. xb 4----4M Eastern av. PIANO Handsome TH-octav upright grand, aa gooe. aa naw; Latest atyt aaq ataadard make; cheap for eaah. No. 430 C Fifth at. PIANO Emerson aqnara, in flrwt -class cooditloa, at a a ear. Fourth and Main, Room a PIANO Hla h-c-rade; flrst-eiaaa; WlU eeU cheap. A. ROELX. S3S Chartott at. PIANO Ftn. at laua Gas a. PIAHO Ormnd; eaae nsada repairing: wtn gtv S aBoBths aa for flxing. MPS, 2S7S Wilder avena. PIANO Old maaoeaay solan sal plan, at 13 BAJCOPHOWBJ gin old ait Bwffet; otnwr gooo ateveiuen; nnaag tr ssIS a5 E. Long St., Coinaabaa, Ohio. p: VIOLIN Strong toaad -nolla; mosie fr No- IM eaactng ror Knag Bremen Bt. Wanted. VT a rewwarrtaSv eamlaral daring tbs day. Call Sunday morning between a. at. aad 12 m. at 044 W. Xlnik at STAFF OR BAM BOO BELL Or any novelty inairwmeat; in gooe orqer. m -i -T CULaT, 7J1 Oreenap at.. Oovtngtoa. Ky, PABJC8 AJTD I. AND FOB, 8AXJC A. COAL LANDS FOR SALE FOor hundred u 1 ei tew wowa wt gun coai iaJM. etiuated la Parry Coonty. Ohio; eighty-two (82) acres of tb aforementioned eomprlae tb surface aa well aa the underlying coal veins: ta aiirfare would be htgbly ami labia tor baildinai porpoaaa-alao. twenty (SOI acrw ef ch saiat roal" iau J. let by leaaa. wberaoa wa have sunk a ehaftT striking the No. vats, shout 4 feet thick. a4 at a depth of 34 feet; this lead is close ta the Z. snd W. Railroad, aad right whet the Wabash purposes taring lis new road; the No. a vela has baea pravad bv varlowa boring: there is no crop coal to samaatar; wartlaa tnter-eetad eaa obtain full particulars by applying JAMES WHITE. Koa Farm. v ..... Korgsa County, myls-jte Ohi. BOABJJrjrG. A BOARDnGQ or room, rear parlor and ktlcbea tor ngnt; nicest and coolest part of city. Phone sexvlc M dlA2 L. JO aad dJJ a. rowis at. A NORWOOD Trewstxr-e riatx : Cleaaas a a near Spencer, nicely famished front room, wita noaro. in private lanuuy k. BOARDING ns Grand st.. tValmrt Hi'.la. turtle oca or BWTurwisieaa room, wrtus nm-ru 1 a Zoo-Eden Park car Ua. avla-Sf A TWO gentlewar er on toupss. t board a private family tn a a aar aaburh. Caii at Sv s is SB. nr warticaiara. - AUBURN 23 is Hhrhland av. board aad rooms; reasons r4c N 11x3 B. FOB, SAXJB BZAXt ZSTATZ. r 3C w. ear. Bui set aad Sbinrtn Avondaie: caeap. or will eszlBBns for Waloat .nulla or ri ,.' " . .... sayiS-i A FOR sale. 1 lot. SO feet, frawtrnc Carrta at and Cartbag pike. . Ciirtoa. . Inqntr ISSf . Via at. apTS-tfSaW . LOTS Cor. Pa sih at. and Harris av.. East Nor- veood. IS sy IS feet ; S sewarwa ffsm street J. at- Bavrw. wia Btwsi u at. aplS-tf FOB. XXCHANGZ. 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Bars, ry room. awly fWatsaed, a aery and eul bath, aaa, dr. net a myli-tf A. -NICE, atry ns. SSf day wa. fl to : C-acinaaUa H-Aet. N let aad Syreare at my last' k Pat RENT Front aVety furnish, d 7J W ta. Ky. Fwurdk ac. C1b myian A FCRNISHET. large, br'aht bath, bowsekeepins r aieeptng. S3 W. A- Ni. 3S E VIS'H at . furniekad S adjotaias rornis fw light BiiBii kaepuBg. t a gsanta. A. t W KVtSTH ST. KltgarKly furatskad irani room; nut an col ant a. rial a A. FURNISHED rooa-a. 3S W. Ninth st ; ie irtc ngnt aad aa modern convex let ee. m l-:i A ci H RT ST.. lug W Hear Rare, nlraly fur waa trwai room, lain aa gaa . A FURNISHED raoma, front: light bona. keep rig sna staeptng. Bti oan ss. A PARIXR for gentleaaea: ams. reonn for llgkt noBiaeai spina. ,ta KvweetB ss- s A. C"t RROADWAT Fwraisaed roonaa Cor Ugbt Beuackeeptng. ' COVIN3TOX-Xo. Jons aVett St.. room for J er Z gents; modern, furnished and frot; a ear una. 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WALNI-T HILLS Near Aim ple. fl light, ww-fsnkBaad si. nnd slur insnis t 1 or 3 arhalfs. In mn prt-rat family. OWL. Fawalaai. WALNUT HILLB Ne. IU1 afyTti BT, S r S U WAT-NTT H1UA Ne. Eds Park sense, wa- fumrahad roasn at S4 st month. - WALNUT HI I I a N. 111S JSyrtl av, S 1 1 hi 1. KiLVl T HILLS X. Sid Oak at, 9 1 ims th third astir; very goad rendition; a catiaraa; WALNUT HILLS No- luS Tal av, hsndwimi rroet room m aaat tsrwiy; nnjataat 1 ana aiw WALNUT KILLS N. S3S EL areas nt rooms: BnS e car. WALNUT HILLS N. SH A lbert BT., aVsUgtM- 1 ui mini roow iw a-niioiTin; inaal aims 1 111. perrJara. ahade. atc WALNUT HILLS X. Cvrtl St.. pretty front room: ba in. it: - o i - una earn. WAI-NUT HII-LS No. laV Caanaa at- J hvn rooms: as i par monta. WALNUT fT.. 14T; Two rooera. 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Steamer laavas fiaui fan of lVaday daily at I r m , excavtlag Sunday at a an gieaai-ara lighted br tertr1ctty aad a'aied uj tuUB Tatepaasn MakB lasr. Ie4 Mj Eat OHIO Al 9MBsIMirri. ysrftBli lit. Faaaeb, 4 wire. ratsklB, Slalsn. tl.kaksn and SB ay LaaBtaga WEES LEW far lae Aai., May Id. S p. m. - SCKSHINkS fdaawa ktay T-i ' paaao t Meiaiphia, !2it round Trip tSi. -eiwding waaaia and una ttfriaiit sn-i at Item, pbia 1. C. DORM Air, la. V. A.. J K. Fr-e-t at.- TeL 14M Maia. JtEDICAX. Dr.McLEOB slairSsScCokTBASlLt ll-lf 4Pt fsI ImVmptm IXfslBlU1H t ft ft SMBw ffrgmigssdsit 'rTaVja aewtPOffld fJV tM mm,4m VsWlWnia WlknWI IM UlM l(ft I win trmmt mU slf Mf Mmm mm4 Wow - m tiMr4 tf wpmrimilmiM mm-t urm Uamm b (3a trmmi torn tmm m nmAi7iutt n4 suUM4io of itrUiw VVr rmmtrLma mmismt 4mi cvrmf im rrra ! 14 ovr W tim to m mia ! t ( tuj ttmxmim tn4 taVoir mm p llrj4 fir tp.M a-wf-a-t. 491 tU teits-B larttdM mrui fro iu AaU. .ai 4r mrUm witl mtM,H9, iH.amartl ftt. tMC TlM Hmom. Oft.. O. 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S-26 i ry S:iAm - Mawi mury ,4 iriBniiiailia 12 U, aa SUNDAY TRAINS -trtia mm may Way piajits. ... S am -Miaaaa way irwaai. ... 7 4i -La ha ni SB -Montsuanw t aad Way Points. I a mom -MaBidtarawy and Wag Ft an La. Sw pas ll-atl Y rains av for Oeorgwtow 7:1 aaa. S0 aaa. ii ps. dSS pas, pss and bvoa pmm. - - ' 1 1 1 1 aa SbubCov. S a nam .ai s-oa as. AddltAanal trmin Uj Hamlet S3u aaa, 1 al ta. 2:S pen. ddS pan. titaasai 7 3faS pea. I Otllll ill t sraiaa a ronstisaiint at tic, rani snd Battier Suwarta. SOS aaa. llaak Car for tSry Maaoa. a,aw ae IrwTk and caui-arml aenve iai eat eiaiaa ew Tolado, Trernont an4 jgorwalk. Jdmctric BaVAtwmw.. , - , an CUirinaatl and dustarii latrtrie Jty. BSBsaax. 6Bk mm 7 ana, and aamtVutla taaeaaftar. For New Rlesnnosd and - suss is cars leave boarty oa Tb ovon u 1 am to 12 tVcksck mtOnighc a CL, Xa, and A- Xlajetxie Straat &. S Csl svtn Caw at Foaatat Sot I ft laa ctts at fisiinsiaTi i beta s Faery. 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