The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1937
Page 6
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MIPEEN, "Hand Thai Once Wielded ., Net Scepter C i e a I e s , Chic Clothes BV mCHAftn .McCA.V.V. r < NE(\ Sen Ice Snorls \VrI(er NEW YORK, Mar. 11 - Tile Strong, brown Hands or Molla Mal- -loiy, which for Uo decades wielded a cat-gut scepter o\ei the tennnis world are now deftly ornl busily occuiiiec! with dress deslfm- ' ing. You will find the do«ngei queen • of tennis, surrounded by patterns nnd such, in her qulel, comfoit- New York City. moie in succession In all she won' about 20 major titles, The one of which she Is jnost pioud nm, hei vlctoiy In the 1920 national singles \\licn, aftci several jeiij, of fniitratton, she lose from'defeat to subdue Elizabeth Ryan who had become something of a wiesl- to hcj Eight times previously they had met nnd each lime Miss Ryan Imd won: That was Molln's Insl tmte of tennis gloiy But, don't'feel sorry for the • —•* ~~~i •ivtij' , ii/ ( - iim dowager queen—she lasted enough of the stuff anyway.' More than her ihnre. On The'Outside..| Looking In By "DUKE" 5M m BLYTO15VIMJ3 (ARK.) COWlER NEWS Centralul;ilions, Joncsboro! . Our couaralulailons to the pattenis Golden Hurricane of Jonesboro scfiaol and Lowel , Arkansas high' school boys' basket- . lArxansns She hasn't changed much. Qra> ball title t She likes her present oceupJC'f A !? the n>llrtl> fun"" ' l 0! ln(CreMn ? ~ lts ! WIU, the mylhlcal state football Ut.e , to put it on the In few weeks Of course 1 ' filing to " Ihe next ,. w ^.. u „, hope It vuli be successful If ((.'is, I'll Iry lo Imenl some more" You'll haic to lake Mrs. Afa!- loi>'s woid foi it thai hei latest creation Ls nulle chic. You seo she was piobably a-feaiwi tlmt I would beat hei to thc sewing ma chine with |h c idea and" she wouldn't rtesciibe ils pattein' to Husband Injured in Auto Crasii ' Mrs. Mnllory Jias been Interested _, in dress deiignlng foi about fl\c — — ._.-_ i^^u-.t i ,-ituuui ycrtr Imve gone to Fourth DLstrlct schools. The only other stale wide competition of any crimequencc' in the annum stale track and field meet qrr hand It appears that there's Jilllo- chance of. any tenm In this now. She took it Up alter her i-eliienient fiom v,,,,, lx; . tlllve tennis when he) husband Franklin Mnllory, was foiced to give up his brokeiagc business be^ cause of severe injuries suffcied ,, In .an auto accident, ; •-•, The' same wieck Injmcd Malloi-j', and she hasn't played • tennis since Not e\en foi Inn She worked ns a saleswoman 'hi n New Yoik depaitmcnt stoic at , first, and then opened up a dress /hop of her own H seems that , she was flred from llie depai t- inent stoic and was miile bitter f about it a t n, e time. eues$ i wasn't to much of u drawing card ns they hoped I'd be," she said "You'ic so soon for. gotten In no time at nil The cioivd, is so (idle, They Jikctl me first But I was clmmpio;i loo ,; ; beaten glnd when I Mnllory has a--imld--con tempt, to snyi Uic -least, foi present-day women , tennis players • • . We played Jaeltcr tennis in my ciay thaji is played now by most women Tournament, tennis -even In the top nights-is noticeably slowei now limn it used to be We not only played n fa.stei game but y,e used our heads moie for placement shots nnd for change of pace to thiow an op- IMnent off her g.ime Nowadays the girls seem to depend on lone . i allies, waiting for their opponents to make an error ihe placement shot-one' of the beauties of the , Bame— is being forgotten "However, in nil fairness, I ought to say that r think the sei- vice among women plajcrs Is im pioMng each year, and it is much more seme on thc average thnn It was when I was plajlng • Ihofe aie strong words coming f om Mrs Mnllory. As >ou know, she had, perhaps, Ihe most uo« C r- M service of any woman in the ™,M°?' ° f Ule s "" le Shc CO '"<J outdrive most men Thinks Alice Marble Is Best , ™ s . Mnl'ory thinks that the nest of the poor lot of present \\omen players 15 Altce Marble * ™ e Un "«l Stales," sajs 'M^' JJa"^. "»i"have to look to Miss Marble to cany the greatest burden In future International competition She's good-ami is go n B n-,» oh" 6 "*' ' f " er lwall!l ™£ OM She plajs a good all-round game. It's unfortunate, though, no longer COWH °" the .i past . , Ihe event. llic' slate meet, found • atlilcles from , IU I,IIKI SI Arkansas lurnliig in some fine individual accoiuijlishnumts, including lhe hlfh scorliig'fcal, several years n S o. of our own B. F. Drag- So even though (here's little •hnnee of teams from this sect ion CnlUns much of a figure In the toe track meet, we can -«n n MBIIU a mlclily bi B sbavc of alh- «lc supremacy, for this section of /car' ' "' C '' m '' il £ch001 - Ayain we say -: confirntiilallons Hc\7 ° " m ' ; - thc FoM '^, Dis- . No Sllstakc . Ilcrc-^irc's ! ui ff . II. wni-nr »,„» ; . " ! joncsboro Trounces Litlle Rock By One Point Margin, 37-36 PINE BLUFP, Arl:., Mar. is.- Jone.storo's Golden Hurricane, Fourth Dlsirlct champions, won the Arkansas high school basketball Idle In- the margin of one point, 37 to 30, in n hscllc battle with tli? Mills Rock Tigers In t!ic (limls-of the stiitc tournament, here Saturday night. . • • . . A substitute forward,. Raymond Kin?, flred the goal shot Ihat cn- nbled lhe Hurricane lo finish ahead of the Tlgi'i's In as exciting and cte a tight ns u-as ever witnsssR'l In state tourney play, The triumph Have JonesbotD, always a stroiir- contender, its flrsl stale cham- tilon.ship since laic. Bath teams-were battlingwithout ar iiilaycrs in lhe closing minute of (he ding-don^ airalr. Alexander' Hcuderson and paarls of Joncsboro nnrt MarUmlnlc nnd Hall of LU- Ue Hoik 'were rclircd as official' assessed'a lotal ot 38 foiils. The lead chanted hands three tlniDs in the last two ; minutes or way as Joncsboro overcame a Lille Rock margin, of one .pblnv only to drop behind again nln | then BO bark into lhe lead. When t> a final ciinrter ouenwl HIC'irAltn McCANN NIvA Serrlcc Sporls Writer They arc calling the Chicago White' Sox "Dykes' Dude.,": these "ays, or course, along about the Fourth of July (hey nre liable to droj) that E mid call 'them Dykes' Oiids. But' lhat is .'beside the point H seems that 'as soon as the aspiring young rookies had gathered at the White Sox training camp In Pasadena, Calif., Mr Jnincs Dykes, the manager, look IHcm nil aside and told them how he wants (hem to dress. i,," 1 l '° »°j n»'.wl my players )iai-- Ine breakfast arid puncheon In sporLs clothes/' said, Mr '. Dykes >»t X want them to dress like ic. o her. guests'when they ! enter NIC dining room at'dinner hour" Mr. Dykes' ultimatum must .have been quite embarrassing to the aas, to .say the least, unless he White Sox rookies are different fiom the other young scnlhwaps who ride the rails to major league lialnlng camps. i ' " ' Neckties 'Taboo Ancient Goddess ; _ oi ' S -goddess. 10 To rub out. 11 Male: 12 Death notice. IS Morsel. H Musical note, 15 Chum. . 1C Mongrel i! Nashville, Ark. And hi own Is , e playing cnrecr with the labamn ^Crhjison Tide ir appears Maybe we^ just .got the .'won* oa o joes position fro,,,_, ook : ng him over. He looks ' like n coach's ideal :.ack'le,so miieli from ifi>t- glance Hint probably we lust W1 Into the Idea. But le'vc s fl die impression"thm, Dildy '. ns well -as his urolher. j[ m , ^C'm.e'l^'^n; n nnlf i° ! " n > llxx1 y' s football >> nnd lo show 'em how its e on the practice .Held next u ncccssnry. r ouenw Lltllc Heck was lending, 20 to 25 A free throw by King cut the Tiger lead to three points and then 6/- ment shot a foul mid King looped n rirld goal lo US' the score for Joiiesboi-o. • At that ^tngt iiu g hes tesd one In for Lltllc Rock from ,tre Iloor and followed wllh a free Mwow tlmt again sent the Timers out ahead. 3U to. 29, ,Iliit Ozmciii came back wllh n Held-goal and King plunked O ne In n'fid the Hur- I'lcanc .led. 33 to M. The Hurricane held Us palm ]e a j ns Mh tides added points aiul was ahead •m»? " t0 30 coullt nt thc closc Willard Tilley. forward, led the Jonssboro- attack with lO'iralnts wliilo Hughes was the scoring.sen- sation or the game, ihnkine.i'g of LI ' Hock's points, Jonesboro and Little Hock each placed Iw-o men on the first all- state cage team selected'by, officials of thc tournament. Bcebs °ot one place. The team follows: Tilley of Jonesboro;'and Marlintlnlc of Little Rock, forwards; Held of HMOS', cen- lr •;•,!?„ nf Joncsl >°ro and Hall of Little Rock, guards. / PHILADELPHIA. —Tho Unlvor- iffy of I'eiuisylvanta, entering its sixtieth year of. crew, has l:ib ™,'. i f : °" L /"'' tilc S I >(>1 '1- T!'»l crews. Most of the hoys, you see are rowed'"" l " C fn '- m ."" tl Oiolr-'bor- jng nioic Uian •• n 'cliange"of 'shlrV, If that, and their ungainly, frames are conlcnl to he clolhed in -in nnmveling«ter, father's oW wnls and a pair, of shoes', ihnl Have, been lo.thc repair slion w oflen that they, can walk down lerc by Ihemselves. Sometimes llie rookies'-'wear But, of course, most of of "a, 13 Bronze. 20 Inlet. ; 21 God of war, 22 Withstands. 20 Insane.' 20 Lion. 30 Italian rivci 31 Unit. 32 To fish. 33 Aye. [34 Ventilating machine. 40 Pussy. .41 Wayside hotel. •52 Noise. 43 Flying m mal, 4-1 Cuckoo. - -- ... scale. • r 'l To weep i S2 Custom.' 03 To rcdiict. VERTICAI, 1 Porilous. 2 Opposed lo ' rural. 35 You and me. 48 She was 'wor- 45 S,-:ulh America ,•) Spike 40 She was. ihd 4 Hops'kiln tonsorl of C To leave out. ° ' g ' 22 Corded clplh. 23 Poem of six ft.1HZ.1S. S4 Toward. ' 126 I'iiilhful. 27 Ueing. ronm. 3u Skillet. 33 Still. 34 Swimming orgp.h of a (Is! medicine. :i? liiillc-j- lump. 38 Imbecile. 30 To immerse. •ill Auto. 4TOv.'od. 43 Turkish title. 44 Devoured. •15 Monkey. 40 Junior'. 47 Transposed. •SfJK'xisls, 491clant. MONDAY, )[M\&H 15, 3937 . , . nio thcjn, through ,,o f nu i t of ' ' that' tl , cl - ' C luhorlled ' for nnyUiing mound llie lilx ^, "\Vliy," complained Mr. Dykes I had one fellow on lli'e club last siirmg wno wo ,. q a c ^ » r Die time, n , H | , n0 nilng nooi , vm night hb'd wear the "S •noil sweater |,,| O ' the, clinl , < ; mf k 'h tsk ~ llow dreadful.' -James. •But, although life none'- or 'my business. Jn'mcs; it seems 'to Jne »j>t )f you're going to: do s ™,"- nlns about the way the -White ox dress yon ought to start out <"i the bnll Held and work in, ran there. The While Sox imi- rerm, no .doubt,' Is 'the worst get- H> .1" llie major leagues— csric- tly those wh«e : ' stockings .< White stockings? why, they lavcn't. been washed, shice 1910 ind are so black most of HID time lay ' nny five (able as a spadi „., „,, u ii,, me »]jui j, number is cniilvabnt to 17 'renchy Takes On" Chief War Eagle; ' Clifford lackles Lopez •, Bnnv R V J. r. FIHEND Olif(or(1 . Pcn hold on north second street IrS PM,"' 1 "" 01 ' Iast - iV^' of ,^ hich ' hOT " c r >°u take it, doesn't sound much like a boost for Helen Jacobs v,i )0 also I believe, plays tennis Hut Mrs Mallpry Is entitled to any conteniDl she maj feel for loday» tennts playei-s she cer- tamly was the tops In he, day anrt might very well be the tops viSi™ ^" ' Nornay ' lhe h "*V Molh Bjurstedt dominated the American tennis scene from 19H to 1938. She had no comwlilfoB m those years and won the U s «?"!££ ? am P lon *h f P se^cn out of eight times Four of these championships came In a row 1 , 8 ,' Than ^ a lapse - ot °» e sl 'e came back to tun three WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. BWg, «lyth«ffl«. Ark. Lope z by O'Dpwdy several 1 .w'ee'ks ago 'In r f,cnsaltonnr liinicli,-.' bill (lemon- il'-clcd that he knows his ways nround the ring. Bi-.nml p'ower- •ul for his weight, Lopez Hammered O'Dowtly from pillar ' ar o post only to catch n , hnrd ' right on the button ..nml went down for the count, Clifford was the com-' Plete master of Pat,, cleverly cvnd- the drop toe hold, wllh one ' Lcavitt skyrocketed -Inlo p ,,b)lc favor by'" his. Impressive''IrUimpn over Charles (I didn't <io; m ,ti,|,\., ares (f didn't do.mitidu'j Sinkcy. , When one 'can stand up u ' , up under the choking -mid po'unding of, the rough Sinkcy they,- must Have "inlestinal fortitude"- galore Aliyway, Leavltl not only- with-' .er;d but finished on top much >-i lhe delight of the fans who >avc bscn tramping to ti, e n ia everything that Si'nkey of- i :n ho;ics of seetiv .n lioiies of seeina suc "Hied. Little Is kWii such\n stunt ii of Chief «ar Eagle, except that he ts an tromiois Indian with a record that s lough ns grandfather's dilapidated boot. Mike Meroney says He's god, and amiable Mike ou»ht to know for he's been around grapplers for many n , 110Qll He ,, ( ht\ye lo he good to stand n chance with LcBvitt is the concensus of cplniou among the "two biters." Meroney will start the activities with the first of two amalein- boxing exhibitions around the 8 p mark. ' thnt yoli could them clAwa.oii. i. ...^.^ „., u 5|)a(IC Hush and rake In the pot without a quarrel. . : * !'' ' *!.'l ' ' ' i All, 'Those Cardinals!: ' . ,If he Is. troubled hyjhe'way his rookies dress, Mr. Dykes should call oiv the St. Louis - Cardinals, they who are known as the Gas House Gang, some', time. Talk about your sweaters nnd caps and' dungarees—none of .those Gas boys would ever be mistaken for n collar ad model on the way to work. * They iook.Itk'n a bunch of the boys in town from Roaring Camp for a visit. They slmvc about ns "Iten as the Smith Brothers and swagger around in the fashionable '-'-' lobby among me dear old Indie.s and smartly BOtlcn- up vacationers in polo sliiris and -entere. Pepper Mnrlin seems to set the style. ; Pepper wouldn't think of wearing a necktie, .or. buttoning the,, front of his polo shirt, and thc breeze siglis through the hair on his chest much the same as the wind In a forest. The average ball player, however, is n good dresser, leaning always toward .sporting clothes. All of them, yon see, make fine wages and can well afford c\iicn slvc wardrobes, and then, loo, in hotel awed most major league cities clotliino dealers offer, suits for home runs by local player's. But Mr. Dykes can't wait until bis rookies win a suit. He wants (he boys nil spruced up without further delay.' .Well; all we can sav, is Whnlta- mnnneauln, thnt Dykes! Friends Doubt ." tf piray Will / ., Sign' !*or,L,css BRADUNTON. Pin':- '(UP)—pi'kiy Dean's holdout war with the'SI. Louis Cardinals management prabubly will result In tile pitcher's retirement Irom bussteill, <los? friends believe. .'•,., Sine; Dizzy relumed from Hot Springs to his home in Pnlma Solo Park, .several events linve strengthened the beli?r. one of them "was lhe of a beauty shop by Mrs. Daiiii. who immediately set to work nn.-l spent considerable iiioncv for equipment, and r'onovntlon. WREST LINO Every Monday'Night •• 8 UUN'NY GI.IFFORD vs. RAOOL 1,01'EX FRBNCHY LEAVl'lT vs. CHIEF WAR EAGI.E American Legion Slndium Then Mrs. Dcn ,,- s sl , icl ._ Mr _ s Floyd Devlno, ami her two bays •cams iiere to live «it!i tlis Car- dinnl star and his wife The hnvs ore.T'imd 9 years O jd. ' Demi has taken the boys over for his own. ji c SOM n -^,, |( , Jhem and wakens t.'-m every morn'l "I really don't think he is goin" fo sign up," Mrs. Dean snid "He is having too much fun.'biz docs not want, lo play ball, anyway He really, does not Ant) he riojsn't nave to any mare." And friends believe lie; wonV- unlcss thc Cards corns /t!- jn ,u»h with a $50,000 contract. ° Pesky,Boil S.lojw 'Villain' Hero For 'Painless' Relief The anguish of Doing twistei n| bumped nbout in . the ring Is ("si routine business for hig Leo 'Daniel Bonne" Savage, one of the nnmimotli Behemoths who perform on the "Me time" wrestling | circuits but, take it from Leo, toils jfi'e. a pain in tiie, neck—pardon 'shoulder. : ' I-eo, who has enough-long trcs.';- " and beard for half a dozen Hoiue of David grandfathers, Bopped off here long enough this mcrnlng. (o have one of the pe.<jky "fit—or carbuncles — lanced. Leo was en route from a Texas point W.Kansas City. Mo., where he was (liie lo grunt and groan and bo thrown about by the whiskers ; for tne edification of a packed house 'it' wrestling bugs. But Leo, who is considered ai-uuml the-top among the boks -ays he won't 'perform in the Missouri city tonight. Leo .stopped at one or two places along Highway 01. driving north, to get some re- icr.from that boil but passed up lhe small town doctors when they couldn't "frcera" the boil so he'd _. no |)ain whtn K'.was lanced. "" ?|> he showed up at thc hos- here this morning, long hair LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri jjno She!) Products Visit one of the most modern service slulioiis In the South. A courteous .start fit attendants at your service n hoars a dav. LEFTY ALEXANDER, Prop. nnd all (nnd how the (jlit, at t j!,,' hospital, did go for that), a1;d asked that- a doctor be called lo open ui> that boil. Leo didn't get the "freezing" he thought he wanted but lie yol something else that served the purpose even Ijet- ter. Even then the face he inade as (he doc's keen knile rijipccl •pen his "pet" was' probably as scod i\ one as Leo hns shown in the nnu many n ttme. Then Leo took his leave gallant- v and ),,,nied out to his big an/ tomobik- and his .chauffeur drove away. Such is the |jf c of ., m . cn _ TWIN PALLS, .Idn7^)_c A -orth of this city owns a copy of the Ulster County ' Gazette mih I'hcoVat Kingston 5 o,,^ % f^ f b " "Listen, Mr Moloi'isi ! Twenty Tons Pressure is used (o install a sleeve in (he cylinders (>!' your oiir. A sleeve will make your motor rim like new without changing the cylinder si/o. We do n K'ootl jol, ihrtt ]«i,vcs the inside of (He cylinder smooth, a joh || l;lt will stand plenty (1 f |,.,,. ( | uriv . Hall's Garage SEED Trade Mark Registered WE SEU ONLY SEED WE GROW *. H. ALEXANDER Scoff, Arkansas They all look isa All Now I.oraled at 101 Nortt Stconrt ADDING MACHINE'&'TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU • DON FDWARDS, rroprictor makts of Rebuilt Typewriters,' AdJIng Maclilncs nna Calcnhitors—Itcpairhig— Paris—Hiblioiij guard"" against Infections by completely sterilizing each instrument before It is used. Slcritiicrs at each cliair liKiir< your safety. N'o Increase in Prices RED BALL BARBER SHOP MARY RUTH M5,"FOR UNBR1DUD CHEER" "(WE ME Cooo OlD F4UTAF F WWTER BiER/^ the original WINTER BEER in Bottles / N / FALWFF WINTER •^ BEERTAKES.VOUR LBLUES roRA'Riw. r DOWN OK YOUR •"wo i iv ^b nnf IM ABoTIlEMfTHAStf. -\ You VVON'T CIVE rx It's The Most Called For Beer In Town! "Make mine Falstaff" is a familiar refrain. Everywhere thousands arc stepping U p and pepping up to ihe merry tmgle and sparkling taste tang of this sensational brew. It's the toast of the town! Keep asupply in your home. Order by case from your dealer or take home a handy six-bottle bag. TAlSTAVf BREWING CORP., ST. LOUIS-OMAHA-NEW ORGANS The Choicest Product .cflffce Brewers'Art O NE high-jumper may look like another, on performance one is champion. Windsor is a champion in its price class for the same reason. Taste it and you'll know wliy it has a record that can't he tied. Full-bodied, rich and grainy w'tb that robust an ,! hearty taslc your appetile applaud. 9/PROOF STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY OOOD IIQUORS ••(m NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATfO.V, NEW YORK, Jf, y,

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