The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1933
Page 2
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m/V"rHEVlU,K, (AUK.) COUKIKR NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUQ.t1ST Dressing Up Your Kitchen-Here's How Contrast in Linens Church of- Cnriii Bible stud/. Un.' bhmf^k Cope, hottest. Miis Virginia Crafton Weds Mr. Morris E. .Cox Mtes Virginia Crafton, dautliter ot Mr. sod Mrs. L. G. Crafton of Uttie Rock; became the bride of Mi. Morris B .Co*, soil of Mr. and : Mrs. E. R, Co» of Post, Texas, In a ttopk rlnc ceremony performed at the Pin*'Baptist-church this Jnorniat. Only members of UK family, and a few of their most intimate frttbds-. wUnc&sed the «x- 'changlriE of the marriage vows asked hy UK Rev. Alfred a, Har- w«H at ten.o'clock.. The brW* was attractive In a tailored suit of twine colored knit made with a swagger coat trimmed with a tailored collar »nd h«r •ow«orl« were In tnn and brown liner;. There, were no attendant*. Mrs. Edwin Jones played Lolien- fcrin's Wedding- March ss Ihc 'bride and bridegroom entered the church and during the ceremony strains of McDowell's "To n Wild R«t" were heard. Immediately after the .sen-Ice Mr. Cox »nd hi! bride left" for a Bio.tor trip to Memphis and LtltJe Rock before "going to Post where they, are ^o make their home. .-Mrs. Cox, who lived here until a short tint* ago when stw mov- ert-to Little Rock with her family, nan been the guest of her brother, w.;L. Crafton, and Mrs. 'Crafton, for^several days. Prior to h»r Inarriagc the was complimented with several interesting affairs. After her graduation from the city high school she was connected *ilh the Chicago MJ11 nnd Lumber-.corporation, T . The bridegroom, who lived here lor-two year*, before returning to "'•fame at Post where he Is as- M manager of the Wllkenbh Her company,, received his later 2*atfen »t Texas A. and M col- J*ge. College Station, Texas When iTf, this city ne Wat connected with tne.F. c. Roblntoh Lumber Co. •—. *.'-'.-• Si»-:lleni 'A 1 son was born yesterday af- ;- tcnjoon to Mr. arid', Mrs. Murray fn*rt at their', home with Mrs. Osceolu Soc.icly —- Personal M;;.. :j. I., Cilndish. Miss Hlnncii. li-cH' nnd Mils Emma Cox wci.- Mi'snis to eighteen tallies m 'CEts. Including a number of on: of town friends, when they cnter- talnrd Friday afternoon i $ISTER MARY'S KITCHEN In lliis, Ihc forth of a scries T%;£ i S&T; * £->^?«^ ¥ iiddid Interest ind excitement wa'T""' K<K>scl * rr ' CSi Blvfii.lhc afternoon bridge gntivsj ,- v SISTKl , M . Ry iv a novel vrrsr> mi />n,.i, ioi,i. .1. I "• hl ' ST *-H MAR1 Klvrii.the nftcriioon bridge liy a novel verse on each table ilc- tnlllnf; In rhyme the achievement liV SISTKIt MARY NKA Krrvlre Writer !f.,r which forty-nine "favor7"we,H ," y °!' , Wnnt l ° milko " fcw Jllrs Inwiudi-d during the pYogre*o he °, SI) ?f lal nreiicivcs "» d conserves. 5 inugriM, 01 me C | (|) lhcix red p CS now , lll(1 put 1 them where you can nnd them alnut PC . , .Smart's parents on West W BW?t. .The baby, who weighs nine .-has been nair.ed Clifton Smarfll. Before her mar- Mrs. Smart was Mis s Elizabeta 'Haley. T.W.A. t, 4»«.":. ' ' Members.: rf. the :,y, w . A. will Thnjsday, evening, 7:30 •* 11* ..home .of Mrs. Os- ln<ter ' • 6P ° S ' FrankUrl . resldlhj' tii the western P«rt of the city arc asked tn P*P •> .the church where transportation will be ' provided. High E' Quh ' C to Mrs - , , - nnd second high to Mrs. you you nnd a bargain I,, the n ,* IK.OX Cut of n,, n r n low score favor. town guests were Mex- il nines James II. Clarke, Loy Welch mid' Rulnnil Orccne of Blylhcvlllc, nnd Ihc Indcr's house guest, MKs Mary While of Shrevcjiort, I.n. Mrs. J. I 1 . I'rlde and Iior daughter-. Miss Mnrgtierile Pride of Blythf- Mirlous fruits. Imperfect fruit that is not sult- nble for canning In halves can be worked up Into delicious fruit but- tcrs and conserves. Tljc Imperfections must, be cut away and the good fruit Is then usaple. Pracli Butter I Scald peaches, dip into cold water nnd slip skins, Remove .stones put into preserving kettle Mcsdames Russell Bowcn. with Just enough water to prevent Hires nnd Jesse Brown ami; Burning. , Cover and cook nntU gi'.esl of Mrs. Joe Cromer, Mrs. C.; tnv kettle and ndd ns many cups K. Klchnvds of St. Louis who islri sugnr as there were cups of visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. 0 I ;,u!t. Bring to the boiling point I). Drlfcr In Osceolu, Mrs. F. .1. j nnd boil fifteen minutes stirring Ihckton of Tiirrcll, Mrs. Hex j constantly with n long-handled Wheeler ol Marlon. Mrs. Russell; i-poon. When the butter is nearly lllal:- or Memphis, Mrs. W. C.jilonc It sputters nnd splashes and Miison of Mndlsonvillc,.Tcnn., and! will hurn onc .,. hand i( Uie sl)oou Mrs. Adellc Conham ct Knoxvilh'.j handle is not long .enough. Pour Tenn.. the latter two guests ul ; |,,to hot sterilized Jars and seal. Miss Virginia^ Florida In Osceola. : Or the butter can be cooked in n heat regulated oven. Process for Ihe A.I.M. Junior Hndassah, lo four or five hours at 300 degrees Don't treat your kitclicn like an "outsider"! It's the spot where the average tioiisiri'ire spends most f her time, so why not have it as atlraclive as possible? You can carry'out nn entire summer color chem; In your kitchen, the same us you do in the other rooms in the house. When you're buying new timmer draperies and slip covers lor the living room and bedrooms, it's an excellent idea to buy new laterlals with which to dress up tliu kitchen. Ga y, yellow-and-white fabilkoid (you can get it by the ard) makes handsome, cheerful curtains, table covers and shelf coverings. Don't overlook the kitchen hairs. They'll be twice as comfortable and will stay clean longer if you make dainty little cushions for ne seats and backs oC them. Linen contlnufe to be a summer fashion highlight. It's cool unr. , nnd chic. Is the Woman who wears a linen suit this year. One that Is particularly liqjhdsomc has a skirt nnd jticket,oi while linen with n brown llucn biouso. The brown buttons on the. jackci carry"oiit llie intorestitig color nccont. Wom with ilncly stitched, white kid oxfords, the costiimc Is nil Ideal sumnii-r o'.itnt for either town or country. •The woman':. mlsslonar>' union « the Tmi Bantlrt church met « «>e cfiarch .Monday afternoon ior ; -tfce completion of the book "«*»artehlp,- Mrs. R. L. Reeder j£!J> rr * ious!y «hren the talks on T»»V<b*>ip of Hospitality anS . st « w "* n IP .of the Needle" and «o thh qecatlon Mrs. W. M. Wll™"*: *V* f . 99 ."Stewardship of Tim*,and Money.- :• ' IW the devotfctial Mrs. K D Mm laed the ' tfieme "Talents" as 2*5 from MalOiews. Mrs. A. O. BSajrlock and Mrs Reeder offered prayers. ''.''""= In; the social Hour the hostesses, Hmes, Hermin" .Walpoie, Bob Bla>tock and" 0V" Cash' and MUs Cordelia Wtlhlte aerrod an Ice coime to the 30 present. •' • • * Ban IVmk. ' A party composed of Miss Henrietta Parks of Jacksonville, 91a.. her; hostess. Ml« Marts Leggcll, Misses Othus' Bfackiri and Irtna l«u» Bamcs and .>Voodrow Fisher.; Dick Potter,, C..B. Wood. Jr.. of "iiora, and Bernird McAfee ol Memphis, had a .picnic last evening' -at -The Dip". ' Ji'ody. Memphis...Inst evening, for Secretary Wallace! Mliscs Mnrgnrct Cross and Tiicl- ;r.r. Wovthhigton and Mrs. G. A. Geiselinaii. nrc in Pnrngoiilri today for ft luncheon of Ihe Delln Delia Delta alumnae at the home ji Mrs. Robert Downing. Blllie Legged has vslmnetl from Oxford,, Miss., where she .uurnl tmir weeks with hev grniLrtpni'enls. Mr. nnd Mrs N. E. 1'nrks. Mr. nnd Mrs. O. A. Gelselmnn ind'son. Caul, linve moved here rrcm Cairo. Ill,, nnd are now voiding on IDavis avenue. Mr. Gcisel- nan is an engineer on the lever vork. Mr. and Mrs. Eddb D. David -.a\e gone to Chicago for ten days r two weeks. ._ . , Wilson Society — Personal T. B. Hudson and Sun Ralph of' Dehuit. Mich., are visitiivj al Ihc home of Mr. nnd Mrs. clay .Mr. nnd Mrs. Herbert 'til Tuesday fur Chicago KJ nl- (rml the world'.s fnir. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cl.iy Throlfelll <•'. PiKsbiirgh. I'n., are the gner.t; Alls, .lake Threlklll. Miss Elizabeth Spaun <c which niBiiy Jewish young peopli o: Mississippi county belong, was er.icitnlncd Snndny afternoon at the home of Miss Anna Barkovinc In Portcseville, Mo., with upprox- Imalely fifty members nnd the!:escorts attending the afternoon business session nnd remaining for the buffet supper nnd social evening which followed. Entertaining with Miss Barkovit/, were her sister, Mrs. S. Jiedel Blythcvllle. Miss Denn Weinbern of I.cnchvllle, Miss Rosalind Solomon of Moncttc, Miss Evelyn Grossman of Newport and Miss Frondes Fendler of Manila. Miss Fiumile Friedman of Eos! Prnlrle, Mo., wns admitted to membership In the organization at the business session. Attending from Osceola were Mrs. T. E. 'Kin? will leave iu- lslltl Jo11 " Whsclcr of Cairo. Hi. iiorrow for Tnllulnh. La., lo Join ^ k ' nl {>K week-end with Mr. .inc. \ir. Kill" who i.s employed theiv; ^ VKl *'• ^- I^vldxon. iv llie ChlciiGU Mill and J.iiinWr Mrs - Kelloy P. Ciilliim and daughter, liuln Davis, left Mnn;ln> viCfkf shiy in ChlcivjH. Misses Reliecca Nickels, Rosa Rub- cnslcln, nnd Ruth Goldberg, uc- cciiipnuied by Miss Ruth Bisno of Mem\)his. who Is the guest of her sister. Mrs. Morris Stlverfield. :md by Ben Nickels nnd Guy Ituben- stein. Miss Virginia and Mrs. G. T. Florida have :is their gucsls thi week Mrs. W. C. Mp.aon nnd her (laughter. Miss Emily Ma.^on ol MadisRin-ille. Tenn., Mrs. Artclle IJonhnm nnd her daughter. Mis-! F. Hent sugar and fruit on top of stove In a wide, open kettle Then put into oven and cook until as thick as v.-anled. Pour into hot sterilizer jars and seal. A good way to determine the thickness of the butter Is-to test ii smnll spoonful on n cold saucer When this Is the desired consistency the butter is done. Teach and Orange Marmalade Twenty-four peaches. 4 oranges sugar. Scald and peel peaches. Cut ii thin slices removing stones. Was! oranges nnd squeeze , out Juice Cu; rind in thin strips, combim 0«ice. prepared rind and penches Welsh. Add as many pounds of th fruit. Cover and let stand ove night. Bring slowly to the boilin point and boil fifteen minutes, stir ling (o prevent sticking as th Wl DO OUI FAIT NKANews To liclp the people of this community to uiHlei'sttind "and co-operate in tne national recovery program this column w 111 appeal- daily or as occasion demands. i'crsons uncertain about any requ'.remcrits ot the President's Kc-empioymenc Agreement or other luiuuies ol the recovery movement'are invited to submit, inquiries. Eleanor rum. Uonhant, of Knoxville, Miss-s Lucilc Aniislroi);,' »n(.. M.imic Loime Edwards hnvc iv-i "" ss Ihiiin.ili Wnr.ciiiii .urnetl from Chlcaeo where they i ^"day in Osc-ola ns ill. .vtre guests of Miss Marginrt M— '• spcm Mlss Charles Lane, mniwser i)f l-'air- •itt. while atlenrtiiiK the filir. Mrs. J. E. Crit?.' and children. \','"' v , Invm. who hns Ix-cn ver> '-ols Moon nnd Jnme.s Edwards. el urnetl yesterday from I'iiv; Mull .vherc they were guesus of 1 'Mrs. I Alli - ls visiting Mrs. C. W. F:r- Tntz's molhcr. Mrs. J. n. Robert-1 !;l!s ~" since Friday. Mrs. Joe McLeirore of nisrm en. for several days while Crit7, was ntlcnriini: the Mr.j EUral aqcnls' irccling [it ville. Mr. ami Mrs. James H. Brll will :taic tonight for several d.iy.-. visit ii Ctiiengo. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ilisginson Mid daughter. Dorothy Jrnn. will arrive home tonight from I>n- nL'.ch and other points ol Ti-xa> r.hcrc they have lx?cn visiting r-1- ilives for Ivo weeks. Mr.'. Hudson Wrcnn has been nericul- !fll '' c ""'"' uialarin. rnvttle- i - Ml - llnd Ml!1 - Wnlter \Vullace, !ji.. .nnd children ol Vina. Ala.. \kiting the .former's parents. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Walter Wallace. Williams of Nashville. Tcnn., ' is Ul - j : ' lr f: VS ' lN - Mon "l s ' 0| Mi ' s Wnl- urray i'lrc. W. II. M.isscy. dnuqhtev M.iry :iiui son William 11, Jr. have le- t'lineil to their lioiiif-.-, ,0, Law- Mist Nina Jiopre,- : of Covins- ton,'Tcnn., is -the . -juul ' ol'"Mlss MiWred' itoorc. ;..-. ' , :;Mrs. p r L. :B:>yd arid daughter, Virjll Boyd and Moore, .are In Memphis to' • ..;.',..('. • ,- : Bernard Oooch and her . Mr. and Mrs. Fnrnswoith DIarK : voncch " r B' '''e"n.. after ywllln? :-.nd Misses Kuth. .niul,.^uc nult^ Ml ' nntl ' Mr '''- u - ^'Morris lien. Kill leave toniqhl" !nf chico-n : "'''• ' p ' ui! Mls - &lrl Cross, Mrs. v.-hcro tliey plan 'to sjiciid ten days : Eva Kfl"" ^ntl Ray L. llmick Carl Ganskc. who veccnlly ir.'''l rcllt lt>sl w «' k !». St. Louis. Ihc- turned from tlic reforestation camii' i:i:rM:v of Mrs - K ^'h»'s s«ter, Mai. at Warren to accc|)t a pnM-.snn I Jo ° Ixi r-P icj: - J.ith the Arkanstt-Miuoml Pow- 1 Mr ' n - C; " ! B'""^:!. Jr.. i^ in r, :r c&iivany,' ha« resumed his work 1 ; -" 5 P 11 ' 11 a ' Nnjllville. Tciin .;' for Miss Jeisalyri Dlomcycr has gore'' 1 slnus o n i ' r! <' ! o^. to Bloomfleld. Mo., for a ten <b\,' M1 " Maxiin Wallace spent last ''' visit. iMcek in . J»ek i and (he ll<*Dt MarU»;.»nd.;'Mary Adah »,'.wil> •!*««' Thursday for i:vhcre-'they, will spend a " •«--{alr : -. ' .B.."Tmnner and son, their visit have returned to H3 Htleoa after a 'mother, Mrs. T. Tanner mot«*•?;•»». for them.' Monday. '.-:'-.Hp''*?**«.• *Wd. returned ..**yr*""' j^i:«..J3»^p6tel :( .pe^ car: irr.zn and Kd Williams of Nn.«h- 'Kcilin has her : Chicago allcnriin; the Mrs. Blanche Oakley McDan:-!.!' 1 ' 1 ' In i::r p" 7 ^' «'o-o Mr. nr.d of Los Anjelcs. Qal.. Is.tlie home-' ;lrs ' ' Jl ^- Wocd. Juanna Wood, guesi of her Wlejsn^ mint, Mr.| N;innic France* Wancn of Ty- ond "Mrs.. J. AS^ Bfler/ for a few r ' ' ' " J """ ' " ' o'aVs. Mrs. McDMcFvito made her home u-lth Mr. nnd Mrs. Under fo: a number of years. Is also lo vis- It in Caiuthcrsvllle. Mo., for FOV- cinl days. L. N. Mathis is atle.ndinp in bir.- Incss in Memphis today. Arden B. Crowdcr." who hss been quite ill from bronchitis Is better today. • mixture thickens. Simmer over n low fire until thick. It will take about nn hour nnd n half to cook the ni.ivumlade. Turn into steril- ised plasses ami cover with parn- tinc. Cover with another layer of uaninnc when cold. Plum Conserve This Is a rich conserve that will Inste very good with warm biscuits when the thermometers hover nvoimd zero next winter. Use five pounds plums, 1-2 cup hot water. 1 cup seeded raisins, 1 cup nut mcnls. 3 pounds granulated sugnr. Wnsh plums nnd remove stones. Pul fruit, raisins and hot water nnd sugar into preserving kettle, tiring slowly to the boiling point and simmer gently until plums arc transparent. Add mils nnd cook ten [Minnies longer. Pour into hot -"levilized jars and scnl. One orange nnd one lemon cut in Ihin slices can be nddcd to the phmii if liked. Vrar nnd Pineapple Conserve I'nrc and core pcnrs. Weigh. For each iwund of pcnrs use the grated rind nnd juice of 1-2 lemon, grated rind nnd juice of 1 orange. 1-2 .smnll pineapple cut in cubes and 3-4 as much sugar as ccmbincd fruit. Cut pears in thin slices. Put ]«-ar s and fresh pineapple into preserving kettle with a little wa- in and cook, covered, until tender. Add grated rind and juice of cvange and lemon and weigh mix- 'uis. Add suinr find cook until transparent. Pour into sterilized plasres nnd cover with pnrnfine. Cover with second layer of parn- fine when cold. Gooseberry Conserve Vive pounds gooseberries, pcunds granulated sugar, 4 or- lotlc Holt, guests sl.o was ^?"-"-. 1 1-2 pounds seedless rais- Because of mucli misunderstanding relative to irte requirements surrounding display ol me NrtA einbfcm in places of ouslness, ana much confusion on .the uari, of many persons in regard to mo various codes .affecting diticvcnt types of business, the-local NRA committee makes the ; following statement.-- lor;- '-inforrhatiSn and guidance of iMytlieviUe people: "As far ns we are advised at this time, there have been no codes officially approved which ccver any business in Blytheville. "All oiwratlons are under, th.e President's Rccmploymcnt Agreement, and acting on instructions from the NRA officials al Washington, the local committee is al- timpting to answer questions addressed to it by Interpreting- the agreement. "Whenever codes arc approved al Washington copies will be for- wairted to this committee for in- 'oniLation of local people, nnd tlic mblic will be advised of receipt of u..- i-ittj Lticn uuymg.' oinincnu \\\ uevuien tu me vijldil in mis piutrruui Brings Bank Aid To NRA Drive Mrs. C. L. nrake nnd her daughter. Miss Rnlh Lynn Drake, rc- tt:;ncd Tuesday from n week's va- ^j.lioit spent al llnrdy. Judge and Mrs. B. t,. Gladish hnvc ns their pucst this week Mrs. Gladish's mint. Mrs. w. I!. M :f Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. G. llatliorn and .smnll son Walter Gnrlantl rc- tuined Tnesdny to their home In Amory. Miss., nflcr an extruded visit, here with Mrs. Ilnlhorn's parents. Mr. nnd Mr.s. W. L. Moore, who also linve as their guests their sen. Rlnckwood Moore and his f.ife of Detroit, Miclft Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cromer h.ivc »s their guests this week. Mv. and Mrs. Andrew Cromer of Srlmcr, Ala. They drove to Memphis Mon- Alicr Morris, I day evening where they jnlncd friends nt dinner. Mrs. D. P. Taylor sr.. of Mem- i:h!s spent Monday and Tucfd.iy in Ofccola with Mr. nnd Mrs. n. p. T:iylor jr. Miss Catherine Harwell u't-.irn- ert Saturday from nu exlir.ilert trip to x Chicago, where shr at'.nid- ed tlie, x Wotld's Fair, nnd lo |>niits i:i Illinois and Ohio ivhere she viflled friends. She was iicrpin- panlcd to Ihe FfSir by Miss Clur- Hospital Notes "-"Merits admitted, l.o the nlythr- vll!e liospltah S. P.-Pnltcrson. city operallon^ Ererett- Baird, Haytl. Mo., emergency;j:R. L. Bowling Armorcl. Dismissals: Miss Cordelia Wilhite, city. '. A- doj; can he a r no Ics wh 1 ch a r« so high In-pitch-that tlie>- arc be- jrtnd th3 ronje of the human fciKjts Tun.sdny Ihc Mlves Evalm.i f-hltlip!> and Betty linonc of Jackson. Tenn. Mrr. H. c. Davidson cnlertnin- iJ the Wednesday brldise chil, ffl- Jsy nflcrncon. Mis. \Vnl;cr. Card I c'd high score. Th? P. T. A. will sprvo .supper Tlmrsday evening on Uic ground.- adjcininj the mnnis court. There •vlfl-be" a 1 tennis tourr.,inir-iu ihat nlsht and other auuiicmenls. Mrs. Tennh Burr of Memphis uitoitalnjd two tables ol bridge at Ihe home of licr mother, Mrs Jake • Threlklll. Friday afternoon, hcnoring • Mrs. Ciayf-Thfolklll of I-illsburgh, I'a. Mi-s. clay Threl- klll won the high .-.core piijo. '.second hcnors went to Mrs Herri 1 Cvnln, and, Mrs. ..Walter Johnson cut consolation. during the latter part of her *:ay, Rr.d who returned with her tn Os- ccoln for n short visit. Mr. nnrl ^frs. UY.:,.< :1 is have as their guest this wcok Mrs. WIlllRins' brother. Clarence Bo/c- man of Crawfordsville. Mrs. J. H. Crain and l!rs. ,i,v.,n Cram of Wilson were Mfinphls visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mis. R. S. WTucn jr., and their small nanghter. \:i:;cy Enow, are In Osrc-ola for .1 mil with Mrs. Wilson's parcuis. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Williams. Alnrka. which the Uniir ; bought from Uusfm to:- ST.J V.»s produced $60n.COO.COO -.n: minerals since 1S80. :: of iM her guest. Mrs. ,1,-e M.-i •. :i. ( ,,-c ij! Rison, Ark. Mis. E. I; (•,,:,.. : ,5Mii held high score ,\i: ( i :.i'rs. .Vfct^iuore presented .1 ^-i; Mr.*. Rov Waters ha< :,-.-urd (ram a visit to lilcoimir-ii!. \;,, The Methodist MiMiciisiy ,,,v; C . :y held a social mfetini>' r. Vrte liom: of Mrs. Clsy. Hu,-:C-; ••>••?,. Mr;. C. W. Ferguson entertained day altDtnoon. Mr.- :i:>trcn guests Tt;;s(!ay hi honor- :<!nr. v.-as co-hcsleis. 0 i Clip off tops and tails of goose- terries. Squeeze juice from oranges and chop rinds. Combine nil Ingredients and boll until thick, about forty minutes. Pour Into hot sterilized jars and seal. Tomorrow's Menu BRKAKFAST: Blueberries witli cream. ready-to-serve cereal broiled irii* with grilled tomatoes rchcnti-d rolls, milk, coffee. LUNCHKONi Potato snlad. slic- td baked II.MII. rye bread, watermelon, mils. tea. DDINNER: Fresh rmnan liaddlc baked in cream, scalloped squasl and tomatoes, buttered limn beans mixed relishes, peach cottage pud rilng with foamy smice. milk, coffee. 'The NltA emblem is the properly ot the government and permission to display it. is given to hose employers who have, rerti- led that they hnvc complied with he provisions of the ['residents Rcempioyment Agreement. Unless :his agreement hns been complied with the emblem should not be displayed. wui ix> cauen U|»n to cooiieinte m j niiiKing mis itiui tiiiic comes wnun wui be given the opportunity lu fign inc. voiidumer pituge, we suy- b<.-si mat you continue mat ui • lairness so cnaracterisnc 01 our pcopie.-iitalize me prooiems ol tne arc ninny. Kcalize tniy LS n revolutionary (.•ill business iwopii:, soinetmng entirely new, something" that will no doubt, place many nnutsmps .sonic ol our [icoplc during that I l.triod which is necessary tu aa-j jiisiment. " ' • »i "We are confident, thnt all Tily- thcville jjcoplc will do their part, tcith scllera mid buyers, nnd thai when this vital' program' gels' lully I under way Blytneville will be in | theie IQO'.L "We nrt ndvted that the NRA cilices in Washington will keep ;is supplied with' all information In connection with the program. The committee is" ready to answer any questions .in .connection with . . -------- ........ "It was not anticipated thnt this ltnc n r °g film that will serve to further the movement in Blytheville. grnm arc being noticed In Blyihe- vllle. Some employers have added employes, some have shortened hours and some have increased pay. When it is in full effect in Bly- thcvillc. the committee is confident that hundreds of new job, 1 ; will IIRVC been made available 'to our people. "In the meantime, every citizen should begin to make those ad- jnitiiients necessary to permit him to display the NRA employers and consumers emblem' indicating that he or she has done her patt to- piogrnm could be made effective overnight. It wns realized that many adjustments would be ncccs- snry before local business instilu- would be able to completely enter into the program. Difficulties surrounding the problems of adjusting each business to llie provisions of 'he agreement- arc ir.nny and necessarily some time will be icqiiiicd before local Institutions cnn be expected to comply 100% »'l!U the ngrcemcnl. "To the business Instilutlijris of IShthcville, the committee •' sng- B(.M.'; that the necessary adjustments be made as rapidly ns iws- rir.lp. ]>cnring In mind Hint dis-' wnrd speeding the return of prns- plny of the emblem depends en- i IK-rity to Blytheville, Arkahsns nnd ti'cly iiiwn whether or not Incline nation, spirii of the agreement is belnj 1 cemiilieri with, namely lo INCREASE Pay, to INCREASE EM- -— PI.OYMKNT and to INCREASE. BUYING. • i "Curtailing service hours to such ' point as 1 will enable a iHisincss to'operate'without increasing employment is not the purpose of this program. We do-not feel. how-, eter. that uniform opening and! closing hours are out of line just I so long as Ihey are not designed j to defeat the program through relieving those who adopt Slicli hours of the necessity of employing ir.ore people. Jesse II. Jones, chairman ot th» Reconstruction Finance Covpor.i- tiou, bhtnvn above hi a new plioto.'fs (liking steps I't extern! fiivlhcr It. I-'. C. aid to bnnks. designed to enable llieiu to extend credit to linns needing it for N'RA expansion. Sit William Cubic invented the treadmill ns a mill to be. operated by manpower; laler, it wns adopted ns a means of punishment and introduced into -the prisons of England about 1820. "Already the efffccts of the pro- | Rend Courier News want Ads. Blue Star Kills The Itch Gtrms . To $ct rid of itch, rash, tetter, foot" itch. rinRworm or eczema, cover tt'Tth sootliirB Blue Star Ointment which contains tested medicines Ihnl melt and so.ik in quickly and kill every germ. Honey back if it fails.-Adv. CENTURY OF Tirll Hcltfrt:! by 49!) BOSTON i UP) ^ The Tfi TJuilriliii:. occupying the spot where Alfxand?;- Graham Bell and a' colleague carried on the first tcKv pJipnc convrrsrulon in' history some 57. years ago. has 500 telephones. • Courier News Want Ads. A firm of 100 years ot pharmaceutical experience has developed ar.rt recommends » formula for Vicr.riAchcs. neuralgia, muscular "I'cs and pains, (now sold under the name of BIG "B" Headache Table's) which contains 11(1 aci- lanllirt or harmful habit-forming tfrngs and does nb4 depress the I enrt.. The lifsl wsy to find out whether or not there is something which a ill relieve your headache more fBlisfactorily thin what you have l«n taking Is lo try BIO :"B" Heariarli" Tablets. Price, id cents for .-*;(• hy Klrby Dms; Stores. ' — Adv. CHICAGO Mil.I, I'd!;) Admission—ICc nut! Special Kates to I'j. Fresh Water Even- 3 Courier 1V'\xs Want 'Ads Pay. ROOMS FIREPROOF In the center of the new 'growth of Omaha, away .from undesirable elements, on direct car lines to and from all depots ROOMS WITH TOILET AND »!.«• ROOMS WITH BATH ? cafe and Moderate CORK. Mnnatrer

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