Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 27, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1897
Page 21
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To go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. Some Surprise for You We want to show you a kind of clothing that yon won't find in •Another store in Logansport. Perhaps better than some of you have any idea is made up, ready to wear. It's the kind that you -would credit to the custom tailors. The "kind you'd think would cost twice as much as it will. The kind the most particular dresser will find satisfactory. Full of fashions, whims, ' -full of quality, full of bestness, 'til there's uo room for fault finding. ; "We've got these up-to-date exclusive styles in Suits and Overcoats because we make mem ourselves. Our work rooms are manned by the cleverest talent in the country. We have brought fit down to the fine point of perfection. We import direct from the looms, the latest •weaves in the newest paterns. /There Positively can be Nothing Better Than the Grarments We Turn Out. |( And all this fineness is in our grades from $7.oO to $18.00. I We're not talking to your purses, but to your good judgement ,f We're not talking a saving in momey, but an quality and satisfaction that many will buy. increase in the We win patronage by deserving it. If you want I the best go to*^^^ THR HUB, Harry Fraik's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. for 50c Underwear, and White Body Fancy Front Shirts, with extra '•••Cuffs, the best in Logansport at "THE HUB." Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR THIS FALL For A Si-iit or Overcoat <He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. /W. R. HENING & CO. Successor; to Equitable Produce and. Htoek Kxchansre. I. Capital Stook flOO.OOO, fully paid. Members I of Consolidated Produce and atook Exchange, ] . We furnish our customers dally market re- i tport* over cur private wires In thlBOitr. we *e*peotfully solicit your vatronage through . our local OjrreBp&ndenta W. W. Milner- «. A. «. BniKUnx. Locauapurt. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213, Ind. INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. C. 0. Heffley, Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. ELECTRIC LIGET PLANT. The Origin of ihe Project and the Obstacles Overcome In its Construction. Eitlmated Yalne of tbe Plant Based on It* Earning Capacity. Mr. Editor: Owing to the many uncalled for charges made by some citizens of Logaosport either through Ignorance or motives of some otner nature against the electric light plant and Its promoters, causes me to come forward with this statement of facts in order that the people of Logansport, and particularly the few who seemed to be cbe loudest In con-j 'demning this plant will see the ab surdity of their actions and recal their charges, which was made b; them without the least knowledge o the genuine truths concerning the construction of this splendid plant It is partly for their interest) make this statement public, and hope they will be charitable enough to believe every word of It, for '. make It in a spirit of candor am hope that all who read it will coin clfle with me that the Investment ii one of the most sagacious and best financiered plans that was ever made for the benefit of Logansport and her citizens, and you can Imagine how harrowing it Is to me, knowing as I do, the great benefits that are forthcoming from the earnings of this plant, which In fact at this early day hat been fully shown to the satisfaction of all who want to be lleve. Therefore I say that It is un just for people to cast uncharitable insinuations on the plant or it« promoters when they are not in possession of the facts to justify such charges, but like a great many other things that are being continually repeated, the people become confident that they are facts, and believe them. Such must be the case with some of the members of the common council at their last meeting, judging from their remarks, and particularly so with Mr. Boyer when he openly declared that he was not to blame for the purchase of the machinery of the electric light plant, that it was a committee of Demo crats which had a Democratic majority who was to blame for all such baa Investments. Granting Mr. Boyer that he wan not with the majority at the time when the original purchase was made and that it was a DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner ot Fourth and Broadwa^ Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insurance and Bonds written In first class com tlouej to loan 8 per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. UN D HRTAKHR8 Call* promptly attended to Day or r«L«PHON« — Office, «. Krooget. Mratn. H. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property c*li on 8RTH M. YHLxSR.Y, —804 Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan ot »25 and upward 'nterett ou sums over fSOO 8 per cent. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, doe* first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made. Cleaning- and repair- Ing neatly iloce. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET •Dpetalrs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. GEOBGrE W. RODEFER, feal Estate, Loans. Bomfet,aoldorKxohaiiaed. 4*mortO(eorp«r*onaT»Muril7. Gallon me ••r witt* to me at So. U Bel Hirer »*eAU«,eaK •••ft ookarlrat «ree« bridge.; OITY NBLWS. Judge Lalry was In Peru today on legal business. John Dunn, jr., 18 down from Chicago, visiting his parents. Go with the crowds to the great autumn sale—Golden Rule. M1S9 Grace Tyner, of Helm street, baa returned from a visit to Kokomo anl Tipton. 7-yard French Imported pattern sultsi 12.69 at the great October sale. —Golden Rule. Peru Journal: Mrs. Howe, of Logansport, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Patrick Glennon. Mrs. A, E. Borgess, of Lafayette, Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. S. &. Eldrlge, of Toledo street. County Auditor Powell was In Harttord City today looking after his farming Interests there, St. George Commandery, Kolghts of St. John, gave an exhibition drill last evening at the St. Joseph's bazaar. The members of the W. C. T. U. held their regular meeting at 2:30 this afternoon at the Home for the Friendless. Wanted—An energetic educated man, weekly salary. Call at 414 North street, from 9 to 12 a. m. L. H, Beeler. I want to buy $25,000; good notes and judgments. I want to loan, to good people, $50,000, on mortgage, or personal security—Geo. B. Forgy. Esquire Fender went to Royal Center today to consult with Esquire Klstler and Dr. Klstler in regard to the alleged Insanity of a Miss Berkshire. Richmond Item: Patrick Flannl- jan, formerly of this city and now of Chicago, who has been visiting 'rlends here, went to Logansport ilonday evening. Mrs. Charles H. Davis and Mrs. Edith Wilson, of Wabash, visiting members to the banquet of the Order 3f Eastern Star; are guests of Mrs. •eorge P. Bliss, of 916 Market street. Last evening while Walter Brown was visiting at the residence of John Murphy, No. 604 Miami street, some mischievous person took his bicycle rom the front yard where he had eft it and placed It in a yard a few squares west. Brown reported the matter to the police and the wheel wu brought in two hours later by Patrolman Nadlng. Democratic chairman who formulated the plans to buy for the city without any money the magnificent plant which she owns today, which can be sold ror $250,000 to syndicates and at that price bring 10 per cent net on the investment. We have today 159 arc lights on our streets and In the neighborhood of 30 merchant arc lights, making in round numbers 189, which are worth per year ISO each light—total $15,120. We have demands for 10.000 Incandescent lamps, which, at a low estimate, calculating for each lamp 82.25 per year, 122,500, making a total of 137,620. The total running expenses , for everything per year, liberal estimate, 112,000—balance, 125,620; interest on 1250,000 at 6 per cent, $15,000; balance to apply on princlpaH10,620 each year shows that the Investment would be a good one at 1250,000. Thus you see how profitable this Investment can be made with the proper intelligent economical management, so that its income will be $20,000 to $25,000 a year net, water' workfi net earnings 816,000 to $IS, 000, liquor license 113,500, making responsible for any bsd Judgment used in tbe purchase of the plant, h knows that he was with me as the principal advocate In the purchase of this plant, and I am proud of ray knowledge in engineering the whole matter. I had more experience in that line than any of the other members, having had tbe manage- of tbe old plant for about three years, so I wish my friends and Democrats at large will not charge the mistake if any In their own opinion for the purchase of all the machinery that it took to complete the plant originally, for it was I that dictated the original purchase, and I with pleasure accept all the responsibility of any bad judgment used in that purchase. This purchase was made a short time before I left the council. Any changes made for Increased ma chlnery made after that time I am not responsible for. I will now explain and defend the original purchase to your satisfaction. As stated before, we had no money to purchase, aod constructed a plant that cost originally »60,000. except about 19,000 acquired from a levy of 15 per cent the year before contract ing, I had formulated the plan of payments same as we were paying the old company for lights, which was nearly 11,000 per month. I submitted these plans to all the electrical manufacturing companies and had their prices sent in, which were afterwards all withdrawn on account of our condition finaacially, which forbid us from going in debt, as we were then in debt more than tbe law allowed, hence In every Instance our proposition to purchase on the installment plan was rejected and the newly designed plant was about to be abandoned, and my time In the council would expire in four weeks, when I took a trip to Ohlcagro to see the Standard Electric company and see If I could Induce them to accept the contract on the installment plan. I succeeded In getting them to accept the proposition, iind hence the contract was made l!or the machinery, lines, poles and everything complete put up, ready to run, for $35,000. Ten thousand dollars was paid when the machinery was running and the balance was paya.ble in twenty-five months, at the rate of $1,000 per month,payment to be made about the same as we were paying the old company per month, hence a saving of ^5,000, which would have been paid to the company, and g better lighted an income from these 150,000 to should be $55,000 a enough to resources o year, which pay all the general fund expenses of running the city, whereby our town would be come popular for capitalists to invesi their money, and general prosperity woulcl prevail all over the clcy. So much said for the electric light plant and Us Income, I will now proceed to explain why the connnittes originally did not purchase larger incan descent machinery. You are all aware that the cllty is today largely In debt, and had been when the electric light plant was contracted for, much over the 2 per cent valuation law, which debarred the council from going any more in debt. TOD are also aware that the city was paying an electric light plant which was charging $100 per year for each lamp on oar streets, wh'ch amounted yearly to about »10,'000. This had been the case with the city, and the old electric light plant since 1S32, I think, and continued up to 1893. making a period of eleven years. Think of the enormous sum of money paid out to these Dtople at such 'enormous prices. The members of the council always felt anxious to change this condition, but was always confronted with the bad condition of the treasury and therefore could not change from purchasing the old lights at »100 per year for about two-thirds of the lights we have now. At last we got a council that *was Democratic in members,bnt in transacting the business interests of the city thew was no political interests adhered to, and while Mr. Boyer remarked tiiat the Democrats was towc,as we have sixty-five more lights on the streets than we had before. So much for small machinery, and this same machinery is running the 157 street lamps and about thirty merchant arc lamps with the same dentical dynamos,engines and water wheels that were originally purcbasec 'or that use. When the origica committee purchased the plant the did not make much ado about the in candescent part of It. We had n money and we did not want to go In •ery largely in the iccandescen tghting business for the reason tha 1 t would take a great deal of mone; iO extend a heavy^copper wire line al iver the city. We also had the old ilectrlc light plant to contend with ,nd we therefore contented ourselvei with the purchase of two 1,200 light ynamos, which would produce 2,400 Ights for merchant lighting where he consumers were largis and close ogether. Reasoning with this reposition that as we had no money we would wait until the plant would make money before we would go farther in debt, when we would extend the incandescent line as consumers became more concentrated, whereby we would not go so far for a few lights, at a great expense. These two incandescent dynamos, with a capacity of 2,400 lamps, were replaced a few monttxs after they were started with two larger dynamos of 3,600 lights, thus getting an increase of 1,200 lights for an additional cost of 1500, which was only about one- third the price of the additional 1,200 lights, which was an exceptionally good bargain for the city. These two 1,800 light dynamos are doing > »«»«»••••»»•••»*«»»••»»»•»«»«•««»«»»••»••••••••••«»+ J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana, t Men's Suits. Boys' " Chld'ns " Men's Overcoats and Ulsters Boys' Children's (( It t« -MACKINTOSHES. Fall and Winter Underwear, " " " Hats and Caps, " " " Shirts, Sweaters, etc. " " [j u Gloves and Mittens, " " " Neckwear. Children's Department Complete i We have used our BEST JUDGMENT, and the utmost caution in the selection ol our present FALL STOCK, and undoubtedly have the finest line of goods, in all departments ever offered the citizens of tku county, at very Lowest Prices. •Call and see us. We will be glad to show «nr goods, and are satisfitd we can save you money. Money Back if Goods are Not Satisfactory. flood service today. I make this itatement In order that you may know what was done while I wag chairman of the electric light committee, which was Democratic, and I can assure you that I am exceedingly proud of It and defy intelligent censure in any shape or form, and I will again repeat chat the plant can be sold today lor 1250,000. Yours truly, WM. AMUSEMENTS, FOOTLI6BT FLASHES. Robert Downing In "Tho Gladiator" Tonight—Tim Mnrphy In "Old Innocence" Friday Night. Poor aid Weak Catarrh and Bronchial Trouble — Had no Appetite—Now Better In Every Way-A Delicate Child. "Some time since I 'took a sudden cold and conld not get rid of it. Being subject to catarrh and bronchial trouble I coughed terribly. I loft my appetite and grew poor and weak and I did not feel like work. I began taking Hood's Sarsapa- rilia. In a short time the cough disappeared, I slept well, had a good appetite and I was better in every way. Last spring I was not feeling well, I had no appetite and no strength. I resorted to Hood's Sarsaparilla and soon felt more like work. My little nephew was a delicate child and had a humor which tron- bled M™ so he could not rest at night. He has taken a few bottles of Hood's Sai- gaparilla and now he has a good appetite arid is able to uleep." MEM ABBIE J. , South Dnibory, Mass. Sarsaparilla ti the One True Blood Purifier. AB druggists. »T. Hood's Hnnri'e Pillc »«the best atar-dlmier llOOU S rlllS pQjj, aid digestion. Vc. Logansport play goers still have heir choice of two extremes this week, and in arranging the bill Manager Dolan has displayed ercel- ent judgment. Tonight that splendid young tragedian, Robert Downing, supported y a select company, will present 'The Gladiator." It Is In connection with this famous play that Mr. Downing's great- st successes have been achieved, and his superb rendition of the leading ole has given it a place among the lassies o£ the stage. Since his first reduction of the p'ay which brought him fame and artistic success he has essayed nearly all the more prominent roies of the legitimate drama, and with pronounced success, but he still retains his fondness for his first triumph and declares that it will always have a prominent place in his repertoire The thoughtful observer of our stage sees In Robert Downing an adequate representation of the persons and the ideas that, are embodied in these heroes of t je drama, and finds exceptional satt .faction in the sense of magnificent ^ower which he conveys in his interpretation of the role. TIM MURPI.Y. There is nothing h'/h-sounding or inspiring in that nime. But what is there in a name? Tim Murphy is already a popular favorite in Logansport. He is an artist whose versatility is an unknown quantity and in his present dpuble bill he presents at each performance he assumes many widely different chtracters, from tragedy to comedy, a performance simply marvelous and ascritl- Ized by a prominent critic stamps Mr. Murphy the nineteenth century David Garrlct. He and his merry assistants, including dainty and vivacious Dorothy Sherwood, will hold the boards at Dolan's Friday night. D OLA/T8 OPBRA HOPSB. • * • • i Wednesday, Oct. 22. 12th Annual Tour, AMERICA'S TRAGEDIAN, •• RoBerf Downing •• Supported by a company who can aet. Directed by W, A. McOonnell. Presenting Samuel's Sublime Tragedy, THE GLADIATOR. Prices—25c 35o 50c 75c and •!. D OLAN'S OPEBA HOtJtiE. me. DOLAN, MANAGES. Friday Eve. Oct. 29. Return Engagement of the Eminent Comedian. TIM MURPHY In a Great Double Bill The Laughing- Success In Three Acto, "OLD INNOCENCE" and the Great Character Novelty "Sir Henry Hypnotized" In which Mr, Murphy ffiveg hli impersonation* of Famous Actors, MgiMed by Dorothy Sherrod and Gluey J. Griffin. PRICES. .,25c, 50o, 75c and 11.00. Seat a on gale at Johnston'1 drug «tor*. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BOftEh .H. CHICAGO. Circuit Conrt. The suit o? Wm. Dolan against George A. Helvle and others on a 0 note, which proved a forgery, was dismissed at plaintiff's cost. la the suit of George T. McGrifl, John W. McGrlfT and Euth Martin .gainst Wm. T. McGriff plaintiffs were each awarded judgment in the um of 1200. Abram H. Wolf was awarded judgment against Maudel Dlamondstone or $3,671.80 and against Marshall, Field & Co., for $735.87. Both cases were appealed to the Supreme court. A. Bnnaway. Mrs. William Arnold, of the Southside, sustained a very serious njnjy yesterday while out riding. The horse started to ran at a point n Burlington avenue, and Mrs. Arnold was thrown out, and falling n her head received very ptln- al business. She was taken to her 10me in an unconscious condition. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. it P. and. L. S. A. W. 8. Railroad, depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hlvt just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to b« found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat In every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner ud Proprietor, Smoke'the Oolnnbis cigar THR City National Bank. LOOAXSPOHT, IJDO. CAPITAL ...... $200.000 GHAT, President, L N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pret. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. -DIBECTOR8- Joto Graj, I. S Crawford, J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. H. B«li. A. P. Jenm, W. C. Pennock, Iiae* Shldeler. Creo. w, Fujik and John C. Intmn . - Loan money on penonal and oollateru security. Bur and sell Gorernment boodi. Wilt pay 2 per oeni nor annum on oertiftoatet of depoditg, when deposited sii month* ; ( per cent per annum when left one Tear. Boze« In Safety Deposit Vaulta, for ialo keeplag of vuluibte papers, rented a* fK to $15 per r oar. _ _^_____ The soothing, lung-healing virtue* 01 the newly eat pine are all embodied In Dr. Wood'i Norway Pln« Syr op, the sovereign remedy for ooogbt, and colfli, and lung Gtroa&M of all aorta.

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