Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa on December 20, 1944 · 12
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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa · 12

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1944
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12 DES MOINES TRIBUNE! Wheat Down, Corn Higher CHICAGO, ILL. U" Grain future market vrr unsettled Wednesday, thti old crop deliveries, at times lower, closing; higher in some pits and off In others. In all pits traders were nervous and alert to any higns of additional tenders on December contracts in which trading will elosp, Thursday. ' At the close wheat was cent higher to 1 ' lower, (kirn unchanged to 2 cents higher. Oats off to cent. Kye 4 cent higher to 't lower, and barley up 3g cents to off . LHitAUU, wneat was a little weaker in quiet dealings on the board of trade here Wednesday while other grains held a narrow path and were generally about steady. Barley was an exception, being down with wheat. The trade in com was extreme Jy light. There were resting orders under the market and offerings were small, making for very narrow movement. Going into the second hour of trading corn and rye were cent higher tft off, wheat li t0 li cpr,t lower, oats ' to 4 ct-iiv down. up and barley cent A bearish report of winter wheat is expected to be released by the government this afternoon. The acreage sowed is believed to be larger than last year and the crop is in much better condition, due to improved moisture supply. Sharp declines in market receipts of corn 10 million bushels a week in November to five million bushels a week in December at Chicago may cause the war food administration to deny distillers unlimited use of the grain during the January whisky holiday, a trade publication reported. No definite decision had been reached, the report ado?ed, and there still remains the chance the government will permit unlimited use of corn. Terminal market stocks of corn during the last several weeks were described as "disappointing ly low." The Dec. 16 report showed only 13,682,000 bushels inj terminal Btorage. ' Demands for the beverage holiday, market; sources estimated, would run from five to nine million bushels. Des Moines Grain. Des Moines grain market Wednesday: Prices in less than carload lots and receipts In cars are supplied by the Des lloines Grain Exchange.) P.ecetpts Corn, 3 cars; soybeans, 5; ehat, 3; oats, rye and barley, none. Corn No. 2 vellow. shelled. 9Sc: No. 2 yellow, ear, 96c; No. 2 white, shelled, 1 17, Wheat No. 1 hard, 14 per cent moisture or less, $1.56. Outs No. 2 white, 32 lbs. or better, 10 riavs delivery, 70c. Soybeans No. 2 yellow, 14 per cent moisture, $2.04. Flax No. 1, new crop, $2.82. FEED FRICES. ' Quotations furnished by Iowa Feed Co., 620 Des Moines BuilriinR.) ,A11 prices asked f.o.b. Des Moines, in carload lots.) flour Middlings, $40.06. Tsnkace $75.54. !eat scraps $73 60. Pure bran ,$40.06. Cottonseed meal $54.65. Unseed meal $49.80. Povoean meal $53.52. Mixed car prices. HAY ritlOES. Quotations published bv the Pesse Hay Commission Co., No. 3 Ninth St. Prices represent carloads at Des Moines. Prairie hav $12,00-9 16.00. Timothy hay $14.00f17.00. Chicago Cash. rmr.kfif). WEDNESDAY (A. P.) No ari wheat, sales; receipt. 17 cars. Corn Firm with demand Rood; re eetTtis, 167 cars. Corn No. 4 vellow, SI.ORU; No. 5 5-!1ow, $ 1.03 V, fi 1.044 ; sample Krade yellow. fi7'4 n 9Hc. Oats No files. Barley Nominal, maltins, $1.18 1.37H; feed. S5c'nS1.0a , Field seed per hundred welirht, timothy, nominal. S6.25'6.50; red clover, comical, $31.50. Alsike. $28.50. Minneapolis. MINNEAPOLIS. WEDNESDAY (A P I -Wheal receipts today. 168 cars; year sen, 318; traulng basis firm, strong; quotations. ol c. Cash No. 1 heavy dark northern, J1.57 vi 1.58; dark northern; No. 1, 1.56t.57; No. 2, $ 1 54'i 1.56 ; Ko. 3, 1.f.01.55: hard amber durum. S1.60jil.72; No. l red durum, tl M. Corn No. 3 yellow, $1 0.5 f, 1 .07. Cms No. 3 white, H54H?c. Rve-No. 2, 1.1 1'iJ.l,14. Ba rley 7 c 1 . 32 . "! No, 1, S.1,10, ICansas City. KANSAS CITY WEDNESDAY (A.P.I - Wheat S6 cars; unchanged to IVJc lower: No. 2 hard. $1.60 -li. 65; No. 3. S 1 .58 fr 1.68 ; No. 2 red. nominal, $1.62 titl 70; No. 3. nominal, S1.R1 &!.!. Close December. $1.57; May, f.l,54-; July. $1.45. Corn 90 cars; unchanged to le hlEh-r: No. 2 white, $1.25; No. 3, $1.25 fr-1.28; No, 2 yellow. $1 12 -5 1-1 3 ; No. 3. Sl.OS'i-S 1.10: No. 2 mixed. nominal. J t.l2i& 1.13 ; No. 3, nominal,. close ur- emoer. $1.11; May, $1.04 Oats 4 cars. 1 ti 3c lower: No. white. 75e: No. 3. 74c. Milo Maize $1,7151.83 cwt. Kafir $1 70 cwt. Rye Nomina!, $1.07 1.09. Barley 02c. RANGE OF PRICES. WHEAT. llh;h Ixiw Clone 1.54 1.54 1.54 1.54 1,54 J.54 .03 .64 .59 .59 1.10 1.11 1.07 1.07 December Mv July Pec ember May Penember Iay 1 .55 1.55 1 5 ' OA'i H. .64 .59 RYE. 3.11 107 Omaha. WEDNESDAY CAP.) OMAHA, Wheat No, Dais No. T0c; sample, Corn No. ! hard, $1.68; sample. $1.50, 2. 7fr: sample grade. 60 fit 64c; (late sale Tuesday). 4 white. $1.1931. 21V: No. yello yellow, P9ea$1.02: No. 5. 94 V 5. 4i'f(97c. Hariey No. 2, $110; late sale Tues- Half Million Fine On OPA Violation CHICAGO, ILL,. (P)The Reli-nee Manufacturing Co. Wednesday paid $535,189.88 to the United States treasury, it was announced by Marion W. Isbell, Chicago area OPA director, who said it was the largest settlement ever made Jor violation of an OPA apparel regulation. The company his 22 factories throughout the country. Federal Judge Elvvjn It. Shaw In entering the order for the con-went judgment, also Issued an Injuction restraining the firm from further violations of the regulations. Ishell said the regulation under which action wan brought requires certain minimum costs for labor and materials to be put in every price line. The company, it was charged, failed to meet this requirement for women's and girls' dresses, slacks, jackets, coats and shirts. WED., DEO. 20, J9H. Chicago Futures (By the Associated Press.) Hlose- Corn Hlsh Low Wed. Tups. Iiwcmkar 1.16 1.1.1 l.lBtfc 1. 1-114 May 1.10 l.fill''. 1.1014 J ,m inly 1. 011 1,(ii'4 110 1.011 Heplpmhar 1.011 l.OM'V, 1.(11) 1.01) Wheni lirrember Mil 1.67'i i.fis l.fi7si Mav l.fi2U 1.B1H l.B2Vi l.2 July 1.54 1.52-s. 1.52 1.54 September 1.53'A 1.51 1.52 1.52 Oala December .!) -fi94 .60 V4 .fMi Mav .64 M ,3 .H3 July .511 '4 .59 ft. .59 Rye December 1.11V4 J.1t4 1.10 May 1.0KM, 1.074 l.OS'4 I.OH14 July I.Ortv, 1.0. V l.()H 1.0(1 Krptrmbrr 1.05 1.04 1.04 1.05 Nnrlev December 1.17 1.17 1.17 1.14 May l.O.'I 1.02 1.02 T.02 v - Produce Markets Local Prod nee. (Wednesday's Trlees.) l'OT'I.TKV Heavy breed hen, 22'ic; Leghorn, 20c; heavy hreed and sprlnK. 2.'c; LfKttnrns, 22'2c: heavy breed ronel-em, 15c: LeKhorti". 13c. (All Mo, 2 poul trv 4r per lb. less.) l-:;(i.N Graded enK were selling In P Moines at 46c a dozen, with the general run at 36c and undergradca going down to 25c , BtTTERFAT No. 1, 53c per lb.; No. 2. 50c; sweet, 54c. Chicago Produce. f'lTICAOO. WKDNKRDAY (A.P.) HI T D li- Firm; rmwipta, :117,1."2 lb. ; 0:i Hcure A A. 41c: 92 ncnre A. 41c; flOB, 40c; One, 40'.ic; rnuklng 88, 39e; centralized carlots, 8ft, 40c. Kfios Receipts. S.754 casern firm; U. S. extras. 46fti 40.3c: U. S. utandards, 40 f43.6; current receipts, 40&42c; .dir ties. 31 fi ,15c: checks. 34c. I.IVE POCLTKV Firm; receipts. 22 trucks; f.o.b. prices; old roosters, 21 'm 22c: Leghorn fryers, 281.S 29c; fowl, 25'42fic; Leghorn fowl, 26'u27c; roasters and fryers, 28&29c; ducklings, 26 27c: henvv vouns ducks, 26fo-27c. I'OTATOKS Total shipments'. f)0 cars; arrivais, 72; on track. 15B: supplies llRht; trailing IlKht; for western stock market, firm at ceilinRs; for northern stock market firm for best duality; Idaho Russet Burbanks, U.S. No. 1. S3.42iJ3.52: Colorado Rod McClures, U.S. No. 1. $3.37: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs. U.S. No. 1. $3.27 3.39: Minnesota and North Dakota Bliss Triumphs, U.S. No. 1. washed, $3.08; commercial, washed, $2.60. New York Produce. NKW YORK, WEDNESDAY fA.F.1 KC.fiM 21 .072 cases; firm; current general wholesale prices follow: Mixed Colors Kxtras, No. 1 to No. 4, 43 bs. and over, 49. 3rd 52.3c; medium, 40 to 44 Ihs., 45'347.3c; standard No. 1 to No. 4. 45 lbs. and over, 44. 5 46.3c; current receipts. 44. 5rn 46.3c; dirties, 43 lbs., 41.56-42.5c; checks, 36Q 36.5c " Whites Extras, No. 1 to No, 4. 45 lhs. and over, midwestern, 49. 3(8 52.3c; nearby. 49.3 52.3c; pullets. 35 to 39 lbs., midwestern. 43.5c; nearby. 43.5c. Browns Extras, No, 1 to No. 4, 45 lbs. and over, midwestern. 49.3-5-52.3c; nearby, 49. 3-? 52.3c : pullets, 35 to 39 lbs., midwestern, 41.5w42c; nearby, 43c. Bl'TTKR Receipts. 571.957 lbs.; firm; ( maximum prices set by OPA for bulk butter in cartons delivered New York). Creamery, higher than 92 score and premium marks (AA), 42.25c; 92 score (A), 41.75c; 90 score fB), 41.50c: 89 score fC). 41c; (Tubs c a pound more on all grades). CHEKSE Receipts. 281,906 pkgs. ; firm, nominal, no quotations. Omaha Produce. OMAHA, WEDNESDAY (UP.) CHl'RNINC, CREAM Country stations average, 48c; direct shipper, track basis, mostly 51c; second grade cream at least 3c less than No. 1, MILK Class 1, $3.20 ewt.; dsss 2, $2.S cwt.: rlns 3, $2.63 cwt, t;Wis Current roelii. 44 lbs. net, mostly si 0.20 a case. I'OIETKV Native hens, all weights. 21 ((22c: native springs, over llit lbs., 24 25c; Leghorn sprinas, over 2Vs lbs., 22c; old roosters. Ibal.c; Leghorn hens, 19c; stags, nominal, lfi-r19c; turkeys, young nnns. ja'i-dJc; young toms. 3Zc; ducks. young white. 4 lbs. and over. 21fi22c: colored, 17c; geese, young, 21622c; Guineas, ynunc. 4oc each. BITTER 92 score Quarters. 1 lb.. 44.68c; 90 score, 44.43c. Elastic Stop HI HP 1 1 ght Is 1 old PHILADELPHIA, PENN. (IP) K. A. Swanstrom, Doylestown, Penn., described events leading to his resignation as president of Elastic Stop Nut Corp. of Amer ica, Union, N. J., during securities and exchange commission proceedings .Wednesday, to ' determine whether the company has violated securities legislation in registering its debentures and applying for listing of its common stock on the New York stock exchange. Swanstrom said he served from the death in 1Q40 of his brother, C. A. Swanstrom, founder of the company, to July 30, 1942. He was succeeded by William T. Hed-lund, whose suicide on Nov. 29 was followed by an SEC order suspending trading in the company's common stock and the present investigation of its cor porate background. John F. Casey, Pittsburgh, chairman of the board, and Leslie Merrill, .president of Flattie's parent, American Gas Accumulator Co., Elizabeth, N. ,1., were among directors who approached him in 1912 on the need for "more executives to be employed by the company," Swanstrom said. "I agreed, but said they should be "key men' since the future of the company was based on pro duction," he added. Swanstrom said he emphasized that the company did not need "top executives as such." When David Shaw-Kennedy, another director, invited him-to a meeting of the "more important members of- the board," Swanstrom said he declined the invitation because he was led to understand that other members of the management were not invited. Shaw-Kennedy later wrote asking him to call a meeting of the board on July 20, 1942, to amend the by-laws and provide for a vice chairman of the board, Swanstrom said. He declined. Shaw-Kennedy also suggested that Whitley C. Collins, Beverly Hills, Cal., should be made vice-president In charge of sales policy, Swanstrom Kaid. At the July 20 meeting, called over his objection, the by-laws creating the position of vice chairman were passed and about 10 days later Hedlund was appointed to the post, Swanstrom said. He then resigned from the presidency. "In general, the old duties of president were transferred to the vice chairman and the duties of president were to take the place of vice chairman if he should be absent," Swanstrom said. Swanstrom now is president of Penn Engineering and Manufacturing Corp., Doylestown, which also manufactures stop nuts. St. Louis. ST. LOUIS, WKDNEFDAT Wheat 17 curs; n-ne sold Com 2.'I cars: 7 sold; No. (A.P.) 3 yellow, $1.14 V-rl.llV'-i; No. 4 yellow, 1.14. Oats 5 cars; none sold. $1.1 1-Ui Flour. MINNEAPOLIS, WEDNESDAY (A.P.I Flour In 100-lb cotton sacks; family patents, $4.46: standards, $3.39; shipments. 27,700 sacks. Bran All classes, flour middlings, red dog and second clears. $37.75'3S.25 Iowa' Swine Jhase rurther Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota hog .markets eased further in fairly active trading as receipts were again liberal for Wednesday's count. Prices were mostly 10 to 15 cents off on sows with some bids steady and others down 20 cents. Receipts totaled 64.700 .head compared with 74,700 a week ago and 45,200 a year ago. The count for Thursday was expected to be about like the 47,700 of last Thursday. Prices were: Barrow and gilts, good, choice 160-180 lbs. ......$12.00-13.65 180-200 200-300 300-330 330-360 lbs 13.40-13.85 lbs. ...... 13.60-14.05 lbs 13.40-13.85 lbs 13.40-13.85 Sows, good and choice 270-400 lbs $13.30-13.60 Sows, good 400-450 lbs $13.20-'l3.60 450-550 lbs 13.05-13.60 (Prices based on sales before 11:30 a. m. Wednesday at, packlnir plants, concentration and sssemhlv yards In Interior low and southern Minnesota). Chicago Market CHICAGO, ILL. UD -An active livestock market Wednesday chopped 10 to 15 cents off Tuesday's average price for barrows and gilts and added 25 cents to yearlings and medium steers. Numerous loads of good and choice fed wooled western lamb3 were held around $15. Hog receipts dropped 2,000? and the market opened slow and 15 to 25 cents lower. The close, however, was active, and part of the losses were recouped. Good and choice barrows and gilts scaling 190 pounds and up brought prices of $14.15 to $14.80 with the top at. $14.35 compared to Tuesday's top of $14.60. The top for long yearlings and medium weight steers was $18, up 25 cents from Tuesday. The bulk, on the other hand, went for $14 to $17.25, well within Tuesday's range. ' Salable sheep receipts dropped 3,000 with all classes active, and steady to strong. Des Moines Mart Butchers were 20 cents lower and sows were unchanged in the Des Moines hog market Wednesday. The bulk rf good and choice 200 to 270-pound butchers brought $13.70 to $13.80 while 270 to 400-pound sows moved at $13.35 to $13.45. Chicago. CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY Salable livestock receipts at (A. P.) principal markets today: --Hoes Direct and Salable through Rec'pia shlp'is Cattle Sheep Chicago 14, OOO 17,000 10.000 10.000 Kansas Clly 3,000 2,000 5,500 6.000 4.500 2.200 4.000 3,000 1,300 700 400 2.500 10,000 Omaha 6,000 5.800 2,000 500 600 3,000 6,0(10 3.500 3.000 6.500 4.700 1,500 500 300 4,500 E. 8. Louis 10.500 St. Joseptl Sioux Citv S. fit. Paul Indianapolis Peoria Cincinnati Fort Worth 4,500 5,000 9.100 8.500 4.000 2,500 1,200 1,275 600 CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY (A.P. (WFA) Officially estimated salable livestock receipts tomorrow: hoes. 12,000 head; cattle, 3,000; sheep, 6,000. CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY t A P.I (WFA)-HOGS Salable, 14.000 head: total, 31.000: market opened slow, js-fi) 25c lower, closinit active. 10-rfl5c lower than Tuesdays average on harrows and Kilts; good and choice 190 lb. and over, S14. 15-914. 30. top. $14.35; few 150 to ISO lb.. $13.50' 1 4.00: sows, weak, 10c lower, bulk $13.8513.90; complete early CATTLE Salable, 10.000 head; total. 10.000; salable calves. 1.000; total Calves. 1.000; fed steers and yearlings, including yearling heifers, steady to strong, active: top long yearlings and medium weight steers, 518.O0: bulk, $14.00-5 17.25; liberal supply heifers at $11.750 3.00: best, 15.fiO; no choice heifers here; liberal run cows, mostly steady; bulls, steady to 25c lower; vealers, steady at $15 50 down; stock cattle, very slow at $10.00'i 12.50 mostly. M: LP Salable. 10,000 head: total. 14,000; all classes active, steady to strong; two loads good and choice '02 to 105 lb. fed wooled western lambs. $14.75. numerous loads held around $15.00. load medium and good 82 lb. weight, $14.00, load common, around 70 lb. average, $11.75; good and choice native lambs carrying a small medium end. $14.50; load strictly good and choice 106 lb. fed clipped lambs, fall shorn pelts, $14.25: two loads good and choice wheat field ewes now held about $6.75, about three loads, common to good ewes, $5.256.50. Clear Nazis From Senio ROME, ITALY (P Polish and Indian troops of the 8th army have virtually cleared all enemy forces from the area south of the Senio river and west of the main Bologna-Rimini highway, where the Nazis have been putting up a stubborn fight . for two weeks, Allied headquarters announced Wednesday. Strong German resistance held other 8th army units to limited gains north and northeast of Faenza. Headquarters disclosed Tuesday night that a Hiivago enemy counterattack In that area had forced Allied troops to fall back to tho northern edge of the highway city. The Germans still hold a nine-mile-wide salient between Faenza and Bagnacavallo to the north. On the 5th armyfront, in the mountains below Bologna there were no appreciable changes in position, the communique said. Heavy bombers of the United States 15th air force attacked oil refineries Tuesday in Germany and rail yards in Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia. Large Suit Filed For Back Wages DETROIT, MICH. C Suits seeking $1,100,000 in overtime pay and damages under the fair labor standards act were filed in circuit court here Tuesday against .two automotive firms by the United Automobile Workers (C.I.O.). The Buick division of General Motors Corp. was named in a suit for $300,000 sought by 73 plant protection workers for overtime work. An equal amount was asked in damages. Alleging they had never re ceived pay for overtime work be tween Oct. 24, 1938, and the present time, 64 employees asked $250,000 in wages and $250,000 in damages from the Briggs Manufacturing Co. New York Stocks . DOVV-JO.VES STOCK AVKRAGK.H. an ao 1 5 Indusf'lg Kails UtillUe Close Tuesday .151. fi2 4H.09 2B.03 Close Wednesday 150.59 . 47.39 23.84 Preliminary. (Furnished by Lamson Bros & Co., 207-209 Equitable BldR.) Wed Prrv, IClph Low Adams Kx preen Air Reduction 39 '4 39 Clnnn 13' 39 ." 156 22 37 9 1 '4 1 1 15'.i 38 164 Close 13 39 15 22 39 91 11 15 39 165 66 Alaska Juneau o Allied Chemical 15K Allied Stores 22 Allis Chalmers 38 Vi American Can 91 '4 Am Radiator 11 V 5'i 3 5 21 37 9Ht 1 1 1 4 3X 1H4 Am Kolllng Mills I .V4 Am Smelt A Ref 39 '4 Am Tel & Tel 1H4 Am Tobacco "B" 65 Am Water Works H Anaconda Copper 2K 'j, Armour (til) 6'. Atchison Ry 83' Aviation Corp 5 '4 Itahlwln 2HH Ball I more & Ohio 12 Rath Iron 18 ',4 Beatrice Cream 36s Bendix Aviation 47 Beth Steel - 65 Vi Hoeing Airplane 15 Borg Airplane. 3H'J, Brlggs Body Mfg 3m Budd Mfg 10-H Case (JI) 3fi Chesapeake&Ohio 5014 Chrysler Motor 9 1 4 Col Bid A 3514 Col Brd B 3 4 Columbia Gas ' 4', Com lov Trust 42', Coml Solvents 15H Consol Edison 24 65 R'i 27 H fill 5 2 5 10V 17 3fl'i 4H 3 14',, :m '4 37 10l.(, 35 49 90 35 34 4 '41 1 5i 24 14 18 '4 8 59 5-i's 4 11 7 15H J7 5'., 4 2 "13' 24 39 40U 63 51 50 4 6 42 14 20i 81 '4 28'4 1 -, 03' 26: 78 19 74'A 18 . 4114 50 15 ',4 35 23 9 19 20; 5V4 34 2SW, 107 32 65 43 57 , 47 10 22-t 14. 18 65 '4 8 28 4 t1 5 25 11 18 36 '4 4 6 64 1 4 38 38 10 36 49 90 '4 35 34 4 42 15 24 18 8 59'4 ' 5 4 1 ' M7 157 J 7 5 1.4 4 2 13 24 3914 40 63 51 50 47 43 14 20 81 28 8 28 U B J2 2H I I 18 36 47 64 18 3!t 38 10 36 50 91 3'5 35 4 42 16 24 19 9 50 r 5 41 69 157 176 4 3 13" 25 'A 39 40 64 53 50 4 8 43 14 21 81 28 'A Consol Vultee 19 Continental Mot 9 Corn Products 59t4 Curtlss Wright 5 Deere & Co 4 1 14 DoukIhs Aire. 69 Dul'ont deNem 1!S7'4 Kastrnan KoOak J 75 ! Klec Auto Light 43 Erie R R J 4 Kajardo Hugar 25' General Klectric 39 General Foods 4 1 General Motors 64 14. Goodrich 52 Goodyear 50 Great North nfrl 4QV- HomestakeMining 43 Hudson Motor 14 21 a 2S'4 Illinois Central Inter. Harvester Inter. Nickel Inter. Tel. & Tel. 1 103i,, I 8 14 7 Jonns-Manvllle 3 03 104 .lones Sr. Lauuhlln 2' 26 7 Kennecott Kresge ( SS) Lig & Myers B Lockheed Avia Loew's Lorillard CP) Martin (GlennL) Maytag Maytag $3 pfd Mont Ward Nash-Kelv Natl Distillers New York Cent 36 27 79',i 20 75 1S 25 S 42 50 15 3fi 23-. 3rt' 26 78 19 75 18 24 8 41 50 15 36 22 9 19 20 5 34 29 107 33 6 5 43 57 48 10 8 22 1 4 19 38 103 15 13 40 . 27 28 33 55 16 18 31 48 27 79 116 29 .1 51 511 59 1354 13 44 114 41 39 3S 36 27 79 20 75 18 24 8 42 507's 15 36 23 Mi? 1 0 21 5 34 29 107 33 65- 44 57 48 10 9 Nor Am A via I Ion 9 '4 NnrthAmcrieanCo 10'4 Pacific 21 Packard Motor 5 '4 Pan-Am Airways 34', Paramount Pict 29' Penney (J C) 107:li Pennsylvania Ry 33 i-epsi-uoia Phillips Petrol Procter&Gamble Pullman Corp Rariio Corp Rad-Keith-Orph Remington Rand Reo Motors Republic Steel Schenley Distill Sears-Roehuck Sinclair Oil Socony Vacuum Southern Pacific Sperry Corp Standard Brands Stand Oil, Ind Stand Oil. N J Stewart-Warner 65 4414 57 49 lOi, 9 23 H I4y4 20 23 1 4 ,19 3S 105 15 13 42 27 28 33 56 16 38',; 37 104 103 4 15 14 13 4 2 27 28 33 56 16 13 27 28 33 55 15 18 31 4S 27 79 116 28 ! 50 14 5K 135 13 43 114 : 41 39 38 Studebaker Corn 19 Swift & Company 31 31 Texas Co 4S 271, 4V 27 Twen Cent-Fox: Union Carbide Union Pacific 79 117 29 l'i h2 50 hii 136 13 44 115 79 11 20 1 a 2 51 (i 0 136 13 44 United Aircraft United Corp U 8 Runner Xt 8 Hmelting U M Blorl U S Steel pfd Warner Pictures Western Union Westinghouse 115 wooiwortn 4 1 4 2V 39' YounestownShAT 40 Zenith Radio 3S 38 NEW 10RK CURB. Wed. Prev. High Low Close. 36 35 36 39 38 38 15 15 J5 5 5 5 15 14 15 9 9'n 9 3' 3 3', Close Alum Co Am Cysnamld B Bliss IB W) Brewster Aero iCIIIes Service Kl Bond & Share NiaRara" Hud 36 39 , 15 ' 5 15 9 3 '. Pitts Plate Gl St Reels Paper Sherwin Wms Solar Aire Technicolor 122 122 122 6 5 6 103 103 103 10 9 10 21 21 21 122 106 10 21V U. S. TREASURY. WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY (A.P.) The position of the treasury Dec. 18, compared witn corresponding data a year a go : Dee, IS, 194 4 Dec. 17, 1043 Reeelpts. $ 652,505,746.43 $ 497,470,640.87 Kxpendltures. 581,921,269.56 $ 470,238,474.08 Net Balance. 21,504.343.925.15 $ 12.089.273,797.66 Working Balance Included. 20,741.448,183.93 $ 11.326,532,400.58 Customs Receipts for Month. 19,149.809.04 $ 20,123.947.78 Receipts Fiscal Year (July 1). 17,436,443,307.44 $ 18.693.315,542.97 Expenditures Fiscal Vear. 44,871.849.070.67 $ -4 1 .074.908,912.52 Fxeess of Expenditures. 27,435,405,763.23 $ 25,281,593,360,55 Total Debt. $230, 935, fi71.Bl 6. 81) $169,951,060,953.20 Incrmse Over 'Previous Day, $ 307,053,771 93 Gold Assets. S 20,648,213,895.68 $ 22,003,947,041.52 IOWA SECURITIES (Nominal Quotations. Bid Central States Klec 6pc pfd 26 Asked Central States Klec 7pc pfd 27 Des M Rallw Co Income 5 53 52-U Ft D Des M & S Ry 4 91 32 Iowa Electric Co 6Vipc pfd 47'4 Iowa Electric Co 7pc pfd 4 8 14 Iowa Elec Lt Pow 6pc pfd 791s la Elec Lt & Pow 6V,pc pfd 81 la Elec Lt & Pow 7pc pfd 87 la Pow A. l.lcht fine ntri llis. S!5i 3 5 Mi 50 M, 51 S3V4 85 91 Ia Pow & Lt 7pc pfd '1O614 Iowa Public Serv $6 pfd (xd) 104' inwa. r-uuuu perv pin 107 mwa public Service common Mid-Continent Airlines Northwestern St Portld Cem R'4 73. 27 i4 8':-s no lot 1,4 113H 29' 104 ',4 106I4 107t,4 791,4. Omaha and 8 F St Ry 4 47 fl8'i Sioux City O & El 7pe pfd iU Sioux City a A El common 27 & unit jigni st ity upc pta tin Unit Light & Ry fi.3fipc nfd 103 Unit Light A Ry 7pc pfd 104 Wt Ced F & Nor Ry 5 1982 75'A liivrsi.iiii ni, t iimnuiip. Supervised fin, i Iowa ,82 .90 (Quotations furnished hv local invest ment oeaiors wno slate they do not necessarily reflect actual transactions or firm bids or offers hut should Indlcato an. proximate prices.) New Appointees Go Into Office WASHINGTON, D. C. (U.P.) The new undersecretary of state and four of the five new assistant secretaries were sworn into office Wednesday, and Secretary of State Edward R. Stet-tinius, jr., immediately began carrying- out plans for rcorgan izing the department to deal with momentous foreign affairs of the present and future. AH of Stettlnius "team" of assistants except Brig. Gen. Julius C. Holmes said their "I do's" before news and movie photographers, reporters, members of tho appointees' families and staffs, and state department officials in tho secretary's outer office. Holmes is in Europe completing his work as deputy chief of staff to Gen; Dwight D. Eis enhower and will take the oath upon his return in the near fu ture. The oaths were administered by Supreme Court Justice Stanley F. Reed. "No stone will be left un- turned to make thfe department strong and fully equipped to discharge its responsibilities In the future," Stettinius said. "Vigorous, alert, and forward-looking leadership In the conduct of Its foreign relations by our government Is more essential now than at any time In our history." Stettinius announced personnel shifts all the way from top policy making officials down through the various divisions, which were regrouped under the new assistant secretaries. A 10-man secretary's staff committee, was created to replace the old policy committee. Drop F " a r lir tvt Un War INews NEW YORK, N. Y. (P) Col lapse of an early boomlet in the rail shares upset tho stock mar ket'a balance Wednesday and I brought declines ranging from fractions to more than a point in tho leaders. The market w m sennit h e to the reported fresh gains by the Nazis jn their counteroffensive and the disinclination of Allied lieiidojimrlerH to disclose a complete picture of Its sweep. Some or the carriers climbed a point or so soon after the opening and when these were erased doubts arose as to the market's1 technical position after its sub stantial rise in the first half of December, Late m the closing hour many of the pivotals were moderately above the day's lows. Transactions amounted to around 1,600,- 000 shares. At lower levels in tlie curb were American Light ,v Traction, Brewster Aero and Ni agara Hudson Power, Rails on their early upthrust attained new seven year highs to the accompaniment of Wall Street predictions that continuance of war-time revenues for any turtner. considerate period would mean more debt reductions and additional strengthening of finances of many of the larger systems and corresponding ad vantages to the smaller, roads. Stirring interest among holders of steel shares was Iron Age's re port that with the industry wind ing up the highest steel produc tion year in history around 88,- 500,000 tons "activity on urgent war requirements is increasing by leaps and bounds." . Bonds Lower NEW YORK. N. Y. (TP) Re sponding to a sharp drop in car--rier shares, many rail loans declined fractions to around three points in Wednesday's bond market. The reversal followed a fairly steady opening. Some carriers and miscellaneous corporatcs displayed resistance but over the general list declines predominated. Foreign loans were mixed and U. S. governments steady. rive rirms rile To Incorporate Five companies Wednesday filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state. Among them was the Industrial Investment Co. of Marshalltown, which was capitalized at $100,000. ! Officers of the Marshalltown firm are George F. Thayer, Marshalltown, president; Roy T. Was-son, Hollywood, Cal., vice president, and Harry J. Rodgers, Marshalltown, secretary-treasurer. Articles also were filed by the Five-O-Nine Fourth Street Corp., Sioux City, capitalized at $15,000, and Weiss and Neuman Shoe Co., Davenport, capitalized at $40,000. Both shoe firms have the same officers Charles H. Weiss, Clay ton, Mo., president: Ida Weiss, Clayton, vice-president, and Ben Neuman, St. Louis, secretary- treasurer. Other firms filing were the Whitman Corp., Des Moines, capitalized at $10,000, and the Hos-pcra Telephone exchange, Hospers, la., capitalized at $5,000. Officers of the Des Moines firm, a real estate, stock and bond company, are Harry Ginsberg, president; Saul Ginsberg, vice-president; I. D. Ginsberg, secretary, and Herman Ginsberg, treasurer. All are Des Moines residents. Officers of the telephone ex change, all from Hospers, are; Jerry Raak, president; Donald G. Raak, vice president, and Ruth Raak, secretary-treasurer. Sioux City Candy Firm Faces Charge MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. LT' The United States district court here has issued criminal com plaints against the Sioux City Candy Co.. of Sioux City, la., naming three owners, W. Bronson Palmer, and Edward C. Palmer, brothers, and their mother, Mrs. Wiogene Palmer, on three counts alleging interstate shipment of "candies contaminated by preparation under unsanitary conditions." Chester Hubble, chief of the federal food and drug station here, said his agents seized 15,000 pounds of the. firm's products, including peanuts, chocolate, cocoa and carmcl, which "were in the process of decay and were overrun by rodents." He said some products reached retail outlets before thev could be seized. Nearly a ton of nuts was seized in two other shipments, he added. Conviction carries a 000 fine, one year in prison or both on each count. Lists Horse Show Judges. Selection of judges for the second annual Iowa state . 'stallion show, to be held Feb. 5, 6 and 7 at Oskalbosa, was announced Wednesday by Cecil Rooks, field secretary of the Iowa Horse and Mule Breeders association. Andy Haxton, St, Louis, and Dr. H. B. Sparks, Odebolt, Ia., will judge the anticipated 250 entries. PRACTICE LIMITED To I I PLATE WORK J Aporoves Transfer. Of Radio Licenses WASHINGTON, D. C. UP) The Blue Network, inc., was authorized Wednesday to assign the licenses of stations WJZ, New York, and others to the American Broadcasting Co., Inc., corporate owner of the network. Besides WJZ, the transfer approved by the federal communications commission involves WENR, Chicago! San Francisco; KKCA, Los Angeles, and a number of associated relay stations. No money was Involved in the f rftnsaclioij. A Washington spokesman for the network said that whether the transaction will mean substitution of the American Broadcasting Co. for the Blue Network in station announcements will be determined by officials in New York. Sales v Double Bond Quota inal reports Wednesday of captains in the retailers "third army" In the sixth war loan drive carried the group's grand total to $2,813,000, more than doubling its quota of $1,300,000. The retailers group met at noon In the Des Moines club, broadcasting reports at 1 p. m. over radio station 'KENT. Vernon Clark, head of the Iowa war finance committee, was present at the luncheon and told the retailers, "Your report is beyond my greatest expectations." Albert Robertson, co- Sixth War Loan Polk County E bond quota . Sales to date ..-., Balance to go Final date Dec. ...$4,490,000 ... 3,729,075 760,925 20, 19. U. chairman of the Polk county committee, also was presented and congratulated the group on their showing in the sixth war loan. Outstanding reports included those of Herman Ginsberg, downtown furniture stores captain, $317,038, or 36G per cent of the quota; and of Iceland S.' St tills, captain of tho uptown drug group, for $218,347 or 317 per cent of the total. Prizes to individual workers to be awarded at the end of the drive, Dec. 30, were announced by the retailers group as follows: 1. To the two top ranking retail employees selling E bonds, a one-week trip to New York, N. Y., all expenses and return. 2. To tho next three ranking retail employees, a one-week trip to Chicago, 111., all expenses and return. 3. To the next three, $100 each. 4. To the next two, $50 each. All participants who sold $300 or more in E bonds will receive a citation from the United ' States treasury department. Court Dismisses Contempt Charge Frank M. Vecchi, Des Moines tailor, Wednesday was found not guilty by District Judge Joseph E. Meyer of contempt of court for failure to pay support money to Mrs. Boneta R. Vecchi. Required under a decree of separate maintenance to pay $25 a month support to his wife, Vecchi was accused of being $85 in ar rears. Judge Meyo-, In dismissing the contempt charge, held there was no showing that Vecchi had the means to pay the support money and that there was any wilful violation to avert the payments. Since Mrs. Vecchi obtained her separate maintenance decree in April, 1942, the support payments have been reduced from $50 a month to $25 a month, and Vecchi has been In court several time on contempt charges. rs. Jefferson Given Divorce Charging that her husband struck her and associated with other women, Mrs. Maxine I. Jef ferson Wednesday was granted a divorce in Judge p. S. Franklin's court from Donald Jefferson. Because of his blows she had to have hospital and doctor care for about a month, Mrs. Jefferson told the court. She said Jefferson "talked favorably about other women to her, knowing it was distressing to her." In the decree, Mrs. Jefferson was awarded custody of their son Joseph Max, 7, and was given the furnishings at 3123 Bowdoin st. Jefferson was ordered to pay $70 a month alimony and support money. THOMSON & McKINNON BROKERS Members New York Stock Exchange And AU Principal Exchanges TAKE PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF THEIR NEW OFFICE DECEMBER 21, 1944 216-218 Empire Building Ds$ Moines, Iowa TELEPHONE 4-2127 LAVERNE M. BARLOW, Mgr. and Staff FRANK K. NfyWT.lN NORMAN OAI.T.ATIN TT, A. LKONA HOFSOMMEU ALLEN SCHKADER. THE IOWA Licenses to Wed in Iowa. Br.OOMFIKT.rt T1mar John Bollman, Pulasli, and Mrs. Sylvia A. Grsnt, Ol-tumwa. CHAItt.KS CITV Harvey Childers, 19, and Hemic Monroe. 19, CUItlllN Berdell Itnsti k, IS. A1x Smler, anil Helen Anderson, 17; TeiMy Theodore Kingman, 41, and Cella Helen Wampler, 42; Charles Herman Blum. 23, Mason City, and Bernice Mildred Hali'tnip, 19, Alexander. CLINTON Sylvan Blxby, Jr. of Mount Vernon and Emma (Iriimlmelr of Lont Nil-lion; Robert KIi;b of Jnnksnn, Mirh, and Alma Hayes; Lavern KnutHfii nt DeWnt and June Stemier; George Dornbush and Hazel Potler: Max Christiansen snd Juanlta Kahier. MASON CITV John Blank, Jr. 22. Kanawha, anil Nadlna Kimball, 17, Boone; Briuiie Sietns, IckuI, Arklry, and hdna Mne Kappel, legal, At'kley; Knmry H. Wedeklnx, 21. Clarksvllle. anil Kathrvn Grace MeDowell, 20. Greene; Melvln Lax-em LucbtenburK. 18. and Dorothy Van LenRen, 17. both of Shell Rock, Kohman Uppers, 21, and Carol O'Voy. 20, both of Deeorah; Orville .Ness, 34. and Martha Borseth, 24, both of KldKewav; Allien Grindeland, 25, Sprint? Grove, Minn., unit Orlie TillapaRh, 21, Mabel, Minn.; Charles Brandon, lepal, and Viola , Piull. lepal. both of Brill: Nick Borcn, hnl. nd Kihel F. Rldvold, legal, mth of Minne-fipolis, Minn,; KmniHt 1', Fraser. JIO, Holmes, End Dorothy J. Glade, 22. town ; Kphfram Hoeft, 32, Charles ('II v. and Dorothy Idler, 21, Nasbitn ; Charles Jl. Crumb, leRal,. and Dorothy Ransom, legal; Alt Anderson, 29, and Mary Ann Lai-nen, 21, both of Minneapolis, Minn.; Gordon McClothlln. 25, and Eleanor Elaine Jen-ninps. 19. both of St. Paul, Minn.: Walter R. Nickerson, 20, and Alfa Jasperson, 2H, both oS Clear Lakef Krwin l.ewer, 2r,, and Hare! Hem, 21, htith of New Rh-h-mond, Minn.; Hobeit H. Urals. Irnnl, pod Hlli Mary O'Brien, legal, both of HI, Paul, Minn. MONTECMA- Knrl William Allen, 82. Huron. S. D and Norma Kloida Dayton. 21, Brooklyn; Henry H. Inman, lecnl. and B:thel Grace Inman, legal, both of Oska-loosa. MUSCATINE George Norrls. 4fi. snd Mary Hileman,. 38, both of Davenport; Henry Samuel Buser. legal, Conesville. and Gola Lucille Vetter. IcRal: William rreoencK ivrmer. and Vivian Jean Rops; C. L. Walton, 4 3. and Mary Kapfer, 35. both of West Liberty. NOKTHWIxm- Harold Bredemann, legal, and Ann "McGIhk, legal. In,th of St. Paul. Minn.; Willaid A. 1 icrse. legal, and Gladys M. Cornells, le(;al, both of Minneapolis, Minn.; Ralph James Hennes 21, and June Bllxt, 21, both 'of Minneapolis. Minn.; Wallace J. Simensen. 37, ana .ana Karen Wagner. 36. both of iviinneapons, Minn.; wumer Kuntz. 2H and Mildred Larson. 18: Staff Serst. Leon j--.. V.11UI3, ia, ano ina ii.. unve, J.i Smithfield, N. C. : Gavlord C. Groe. 23, and Helen Otto, 20, both- of Lake Mills. WATERLOO- Roger W. Bueholtz, 23. and Laura Bixby. 23; Joseph R Mor rison. 28. and B;ialne Bell, 2.1; Birthel t,. Skinner. 21. of Ottumwa, sod Dorothy rv.Mi. in. urnry t,. Arrnim, .sii, snd Lucille Handsaker, 2t. both of Cedar Falls. To Wed Outside Iowa. ALBERT LEA. "MINN. Charles R. Stoner and Ada M. Howe, both of Warren county. Iowa Deaths. A OKI, Jess Stayner, f8. ATLANTIC: Horatio Nelson Dtttton, 63 BEACON Mrs. John Clark, 66. BLOOM FIELD James Henrv MrMalns o.j, inrnier. BROOKLYN Alex Sharp, S6. CASTALIA Greta Stee, 10. CLARION Mrs. E. R. Martin. 74. CLINTON Mrs. Minnie Anderson, fin. at East Moline, 111.; W. J. Ziesche. 74. at. Sterling 111.: Mrs. Marv Rsvnoids, 72; Mrs. Herman Plcrks, 66: Magnue Wogen-sen, 48: Mrs. Bertha Green, 77, at, De-Wllt: Henrv Schuvler. !SR : Mrs. T.nnls wiicKe, 4J; Kredrtle Dwver. six weekks: ivirs. itav uicaerson. si. Hirkfnrd 111. rrtr'STON A. E. Carson, farmer. IIFCORAII -.Hillu Hnnson. KB. re. red farmer; Mis. Unlvor K. lhilvorso, tit KrlHH Miss Lnima Ktise. MUSIONT" Mrs Ilohert White. s:, former resiueni, at Macon. Mo. HUMBOLDT Mrs. Betsy Christiansen LENOX James Crouch 78, retired larmer. M A N II f ;st r. II M rs Hazel Tracy, 60. 86: MASON CITV Mrs Marv Will.. Henry Diercks. 78; J. B. Allen, SI M. Hanson, 58. H. MONROE Infarit son nf Mr nnrl Mr. can inomasson. MONTKZIMA C. D. Itoscmsn former at Koiiipsicr. Minn.; Mis. Lesll Horter at Holly wood. Cal, M SCAT NK Mrs Allvl. T. ryier, u.j; James Albert K.ever. 63: Mrs Mary HarriK Winn, 79; Wendell Boeink iMvennuis, it: Mrs. Annie M, Williamson N4; Mrs. Charlotte R. Willlls. ill nr mill neon f'K. nt link nnrl r-tt! Henjamin sr. Kramer, :i.H; Ahrnham r.incoin neanam, ; Mrs. Hannah S, Sanson, Oj;. MIKTHUnnn Ml Vlhnl Mn 111 n lormer resident, at MinneaDolis. Minn PFRBY Mrs. Ard.ith Lcnan. 2.1. SAC CITV -Psill' f?lrnnir rt.l hnnb keeper; Bill Peacock, carpenter. NTKAWRERRV POINT rBi,l nillnn o, iftrmer. WATERLOO Jack A. Russell. 57. WATERLOO Oeore'e A Rh-rMon sc Mrs. Kineliart Gramenz, S5: Mrs. Xpiiie ivisiiicoat. 71 : Mrs. Minnie Carr Smith, rormer resident, at Covlna. Cal.; Franri ijowoock, axi wiiimms j. urntt. 71. o urunay center; Mrs. John ! resale, fis WEBSTER CITV Mr. Arthur Scott S. 11 70. former resident, at Yankton. WINTERSKT F M. Alexander. Des Moines Deaths. JOHNSON Henry, 41, of 123S K, Thlr- ty-niin court, riled Wednesday at Broadlawns Cleneral hospital. LUNDIN August. 75. of 2011.4 Klfth v , died Wednesday at Broadlawns General hospital. McDONNELI Fred A., of Cedar Rapids. la., died Monday at Veterans Hospital. Des Moines Births, ROBERTS Mr. and Mrs, John. Ankenv, la., a son. horn Tuesday at Iowa Lutheran hospital. ROBERTS Mr. and Mrs. Walter E., Ankeny, la., a son, born Tuesday at Wllden hospital. ROBINTTE Mr. and Mrs. I. B., Johns ton, la., a dauchter, horn Wednesday t Wada Maternity hospital. Divorces Granted. (Polk County 1 Maxine Jefferson from Donald Jefferson. Leo-Butkey from Ellowene Rurkcy, Separate Maintenance. ' (Polk Contv. Helen M. Wilson vs. William John Wil- son. Divorces Asked. (Polk founty. ) Dorothy Bcribner vs. Verle Scrihner. Avanell'a Webb vs. Clarence Webb. Marriage Licenses. Polk County.) Roy O. Carlson, Davenport. Ia., and Legal Gladys L. Lee, Davenport . . . . .Le; Joseph Rusclttn, Des Moines, and . M rtred J. Morris. Des Moines , John R. Russell, Waterloo, In., and Marjorle Belle Code, Waterloo, la. Warn of Ceilings On Surplus Goods WASHINGTON, D. C. (.11 The defense plants corporation is ready to investigate any violations of ceiling prices in the sale of surplus war goods. Officials said Wednesday they had learned of complaints by farmers in northeastern Ohio about an auction of surplus goods at prices above ceilings. liny that EXTRA War Bond TODAY! RICK ALMANAC National Tenneratures. Lowest temperatures rturlnr h tl hours and hiuhet ternperatures during to 24 hours endina t 6:30 a k::i) a m w,.in Wednes- oav : Mntlon TTigh AHi'urriiie ((it, Alllmla ,.,.....,.,,,,, 4 4 ttlstiiH rik 3K Brownsville ..,. Cheyenne , s Chicago 25 Columbus .22 lies Moines ..,......,,,'31 : : 2 i 41 37 14 ! 2S 40 3.1 0 21 22 i 2f 27 1 21 Detroit ....,,..24 KarKO, N. D !27 Fort Worth .!ft7 Kansas Clly 3S Ixiinsvllle ...........33 Memphis 4ft M intu-a polls ..,,,..,.,,,,,25 New Orleans 54 New Ymfc ...,.,, ,.,. .23 Kl. Loins . , . , . , I '. 3 H Hit Hie, Marls ....24 Washington, 1. C. 31 Moon. (Furnished hy DraWa university munlettial observatory.) rises Doc. 21 . . . 1 1f p. nv. sets Dec. 22 1 07 . m. Moon Moon Sunset and Sunrise. Sim sets Wedn.srlfly , . , Hun rises Thursday ..... Highest, teinpt'i-fiiura year Lowest temperature yesr . . . V jv . s n . aso today . so tortay , 14 Shippers Forecast. Prepare perishahle shipments for th following fpnn country temperatures in Iowa Wednesday nigh:: Northern half, 5 below lero; southern half. zero. Precipitation. (Downtown wealher station 1t t Amount i!4 hours ending at 7 a. m. . . ,f!0 Accumulated excess inr pe. 1 . . . HI Accumulated excess since Jan, 1 ..,.3.04 Traffic. The followine appeared' in municipal court hetween 11 a. m. Tuesdav anrt 11 a. m. Wednesday- on traffic eharres. Namrs, addresses and dispositions im those which appear on municipal court records. li, f.ire Judge C S. ( mitrr. Itav Warren. Runnells. Is., nr. sisal light stop. $3. paid. Kussell Murray. 508 Coast it.. school stop, $3. paid. Wlllard E. Pvle. 4203 Allison ave., boulevard stop, $3, paid. x.velyn Peer, 2600 Cottage Grove ave., no school stop. S3, paid. Charles R. Roe, Madrid, la.. CO school stop, S3, paid. (iiiy W. Slorm. 1921 F Thlrty-eishtH St , i,;mil hunt slop, paid Mm iJarrlnntim. 1S25 E Grani no tnul iikUi slop. $.1, paid. John w Errtch, White Oak. 1., no s;z- nai hfint stop, S3, paid. Charles E. Burk. 391 fi Miouok.'x drive, speeding 40 miles an hour in 30-mile zone, 315, paid. Mrs. G. Trlsler. 3M1 Delaware ve . n srhool stop, $3, suoended. Emergency. ( Belore Judise C. S. Cooler.) Gcnrte W. Marlln, 1402 Lyon St.. n- boulevard stop, $3 fine and SI coats, paid. Building Permits. Poucherty, at 3510 E. Eighth St., $200. Duncan, at 513 Seventh t.. John garage, Lloyd nncK. $65. building alteration (storerooms). Accident Record. (As reported to Des Moines police 1044 1941 Acrl- In- Acri- Indent jured dents jurel St IIO Ot 1.13 7S 7t 7S Tl t 25 St 20 34 38 51 43 63 Heaths. Collision of SUlfUll'ihltrs AU1omihllr. prilesi rinn Aiitonionile, slret car or train Other aulomonile accidents (As reported by Coroner A. Deaths to date, p.rt.strian struck by automnhiie . Beaihs to elate, automobiie-street car or train Deaths to date, automobile collisions E Ph. 1944 1343 3 1 1 1 Contagious Diseases. (In Des Moines Cases New ReUd. Death Prarlct fever 31 2 2 o Poliomyelitis 2 O n O Measles 110 0 Chicken pox 7 0 O O Typhoid fever 10 0 0 Induction List The following men have been Indue.-! Into the armed forces through Poik county Board 5: Calhoun. Robert V., 510 Flf'eenth st. Davis, Clinton W., Carroll. Ia. La sell. William M.. 4 144 first st. Miitmrn. Wavne Ed., 1730 Oakland ave. Molir. Oliver, Detroit, Mich. Offenburger, Bernard L.. 1159 Eifht t. Reetz, Howard R.. Gllmore Citv, la, Chnrlea Edwin. B"ore. Ia. Sejcc, Phtllln O.. 103.1 Eighth st Smith, Morare M,, 1712 Oakland are. Turner, Raymond K., Java, 8. D. Wells, Robert. 4016 Amhrst t. Williams, John E.. Tacoma. Wash. Cotton. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY (A P I Cotton futures opened unchanged i? or.e point higher; March. 21.04 a 2195c: Mav, 21.80c; July, 21.40c; October. 20 65c: December (1045), 20.50cB. AllUII I ISt.M1.NT. Vclncstlavs Be?-t Bets rj:OONoii Ralph ChMiin, ?ewi 1'lilO p. ni. l lah Kaner 12:4.1 p.m. Market KfporU 1 :()() i. m Jim anil (W 1:15 p.m. Itev. tdythr stlrten 1 ::(( . m. Kltehen Klatter 2 : 0(1 p. m. Morton Powney 2 : 1 5 p. m. loe and Ih a:30 p. m. Steve Wooileii 2:45 p. m. .Miller MMer 3:00 p.m. "Time" Vlew Nevi .'t:15 p. m. iully Jumpern :i :45 p. m. I. Ins Ferguson 4:00 p. m. I nrle Zekfi 4 :1 5 p. m. Miller Moler 4 :30 p. m loan A Zeke 4:45 p. m. Mop Harrlican 5:00 p.m. Terry and Tb rtrt ft : I 5 p. ni. eu s A::M p. m. JarK Armatnwir ft: 15 p. ni. ( aplaln Midnight 4 :00 p. m. Ivolton Jr. (::o p. in. l(lin htld. .News 1 :II0 p. m. Ted Malnne 7:15p. m. f.iim 'n Ahnrr 7 ::i( p. m. Hamhllnit (oIhi)I 8:110 p. m. Olliinlnili'r Hi:iil p. m. simtllslit Itandi H:0O p. ni. KaMiiiincI t.. wlnr II : I 5 , in. Boh and Ifrne (::io p. m. Hrranihy Ambf 1n;(H p.m. Halph Mid. w 1 ft ::ill P. ni. 1-aNlarf Mww 10:45 p. m. Nfwsllme ll:OOf. m. Him MorKn" Rni1 I 1 :45 p. m. ieo. I'uvlun i Band I I :55 p. m. New 12:00 .Midnight Mlgn Off 1 I ii in - -ii- - - i - ji 1 r .w

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