The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1934
Page 4
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tTHfe-BiiYraj^ £•:-U! THE COURIER!NEWS' CO';^ PUBLISHERS'*^ ; ' *<,vfe.-&kr C- J?.SsXBqotjk, V Editor ; '- • '•[ . I ""-'"" ' •'-"•• Manager ! sole ts'atlorwj 'Advertising fic.i)rpsenlaUvcs: sas Dallies, Ino, New York, Chicago t, St. Louis, Dallas; Kansas City, Memphis V-. t^gubllshed Eyety ^ftej-i|oou. Except,.-Sunday .Enteied «s second class matter nt Ihe post office nt BIj'llieville, Ar-<" Kansas, under acl of Congress, Oc- lobcr 9, 1017, . : , - Scncd by the United Press '• ""IJUBic^PTToN "RATES" ~~' : .By carrier In (lie City of Blrll'/avillc, 160 per week, or 5C.50 per year, in advance. By mail, within <a radius of 50 milos, ; S3.00 per year, $1.50 for.six months, 8ic for three months; by mall In postal zonc'3 two to six, .Inclusive, SG.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Smith Reynolds' Estate Smith Reynolds, • who so 1'ar as the record shows never canted ; .a dollar ill his life, met an early death from n revolver bullet at the htuuls of <i person unknown and left his heirs to squabble over his, $25,000,000 slnu'C of- the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune. The heirs are still squabbling—by proxy. It;liappdn.s that they are infants, happily unaware of thbir fortune. But their mothers, wives out) and-.two of the late young Sir. Key- nohls, with tlie assistance of c.erlain members of tho legal profession, lire striving — quite disinterestedly, of course—to protect their rights. Baby number one, it appears, was endowed with u few paltry, millions when the iirst Mrs. Smith Reynolds obtained a divorce. The bulk of the'- estate is claimed in behalf of baby number two, born of the well publicized Llbby Ilolman Reynolds after Smith's untimely death. Inspired no doubt by a mother's in-' stinct to protect her child from a life of hardship oiiVonly two or throe million dollars, the first Mrs. Reynolds is seeking for her baby the -.entire estate. She lias discovered - that tho divorce wliicli she obtained from tbe child's father was not a legal divorce and that consequently the marriage of Reynolds to wife number two was not a legal marriage and baby number two L< not a legal heir. ;' ; From down here in Arkansas^ ; it- mighl appear that the ?2o,006^000 which is available should, be .sufficient to give both babies an adequate start in life. Those of us who arc still working on our Iirst million naturally find it a little difficult to reali/.c that the difference between §3,000,000 ami ?10,000,000 or $25,000,000 must be of vital importance lo the welfare and "future happiness of a baby girl. Maybe we arc right. Maybe it is not ll'tu money but the principle of the thing that has stirred up the big legal tattle over in Carolina, in any case, for the sake of the nominal principals in the contest, it is our pious hope lhat thi, lawyers will leave them a living out of it when if is finally wound up. A fellov, coming in from the country Ims to be careful these days, lie's Ifke n jackrabbit when the dogs get after him. —Vice President John N. Darner. OUT OUR WAY %n Relationships* ,; .American ai|d'- Japanese statesmen ' exchange' stroiigly VfWcd notes about i'liaViii : liimtatioiv;;and the niwal staffs of JLlie e6initrjeiijjjjiurr.vlo perfect their', plans-for action 'in-case of war. Mean- . while, a'.,Japanese freight steamer be' comes disabled in a mid-Atlantic galo, and American freight steamer.* rush )x) the rescue, slanding by in a blinding storm to save lives if the Japanese Iship shpnld founder, • , ^ Tlie contrast.-'between ,. the official relations which nations maintain with each ot liter'will-.'the relations; which, their .pi-ivald citizens' maintain could hardly be more striking. Japan is piii's potential =,enemy, and ; : we arc Japhn's potential enemy, so caul) of us must'prejwre,for war. But American'sailors risk their lives to SHVe • Jdpanese - sailors from the sea, and Japanese sailors would do the same if conditions were reversed. Isn't thure some way we can translate this ready neighborlincKs into t|ie lield of international politics? of HcaithlfiKufance That Pays H is H/tm>sUn« to leiu'n that the administration's •: Committee on Economic Security is-perfecting a health insurance plan which would enable the American public 'to pay its doctors' and hospitals', bills in advance and get the boH of medical care. \Villi the co-operation of Urn presidents of the American 1 Medical Association and thu American College of Surgeons, the committee hopes to devise a scheme whereby both the ordinary citizen and the medical profession -generally '•will fare better than they do now. In hard .times, many citizens go without medical care which they need very (freatly. "Oirtlie other hand, doctors do an enormous amount of work for which they get paid nothing at all. A program which would assure the patients of service and the. doctors of fees ought to he exceedingly helpful. Peace Is coining out of the Bnlknns and war will not originate In the Balkans. — Alvin M, o«'sley, U. s. minister to Rumania. • • • 1 have found Hint. II Is eiisy to be virtuous, when you arc in a minority, politically speaking. —Mayor Fiorello H. LnQunrdia of Now York. * t * Nobody can kill me nbout my henuty: I've looked at this pan loo : ninny times. — Clmid- ette Colbert. * * , I think I have outlived my playing usefulness. — Hnrold "Red" Orange. * * * I don't care for pic, or cake, or ctimly, but' I do like spinach. —Doris Louise Paul of Willon Junction, la., national 4-H health chnm- It ivur occurs ban-mi Japan nntl RUMIII, Japan will certainly be detcated. ami that will be the end of Japan. —Dr. Shcnvood Etlriy, secretary in -Asia -for the Y. M. c. A. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SIDEiGLANGEg " By:George CJark FRIDAY, DECEMBER - H 1934 By Williams "Say, I hey must be doing awfully well if'she can afford a nervous breakdown." •THIS CURIOUS WORLD Ferguson CAN BE TAUGHT TO TALK BUT SPLITTING TH^IR. ' DOES NOT INCGEA'SE ABILITY, IN NOVEMBER - 13.TH, METEORS SWARMED THROUGH MANY BELIEVED THAT THE END OP-THE.WORLD HAD. COME. The lizard's tail Hparntcs from his body easily aud ivithout loss of blood. Even fright is enough to cause it lo detach itself. A btnl which snares-a lizard by the tail, intent on making a meal of him, rinds, loo late, lhal the reptile has left his tail and tlcunrlcd. NEXT: Wiuit fish ian gnaw their way out of 11 shark's stomach? v- vou'o THINK OUlCK 1M VOVJ'D B.C (X - H6IVO'. TMo-r, WELL., HERE WE AR& A n.CClOEMT GONiNCv MAppi.:,.. NOAJ. V-mO'LL TWER BE TO GiO — I. HELP, H- WE ALL G| .,. HU , 1T I THOT~, lAlilfM' IF MOBODV COMES, ALOMO I-EK HOURS? T- COULD -BEG us ALL LAV1SJ' •ruERe, UNCOMSCIOUS, Mvio \ THOT, SOMtBDDVS GOT-TA \ GIT" OLJTA T*- 11 ^ A *-' -* < \ THO'T - WEI '*•.- } Seal Sale Marks Half Century of Modern War on Tuberculosis BY UK. JIORKIS Kditor, .Journal of the American Meiliral Associutlnn, and ol ll.vgeu, the. Health Masiulm This year the Cluisima.i .seal, which indicates a contribution lo the baitle against Hibercniosls, bears n picture of a little red cottage built 50 years aRo at Kara• SWW$C<!EEn«S 1934 . word Livingston Trnrieau round | that lie had -tuber culosls. He had apparently developed i ho will): llUrs.llg Ills brolhcr. At Unit tiiiiC lubctculof:is was considered a fatal disorder, so Jeft tils hotr-.c ami vvcnt- io Ihc Adirondack MuuWatiiK In New York f,tiitc lo spend his lint days on his fuvotite limiting ground. In a jpeccli, delivered Just te- torc his ricalli. Trudsan mid. "Over the do;it,s of tin- hospitals Iru- coii- Hinipttyes 25 .vi'ars ago nilylu well liovc bfi;n written these words: 'All hope iitandon ye thai cntu- here; While today. In the light ol new ki'c-.vlrdcf. v,c mny jtisliy, plate nt entrance ol' the modern i sanatorium ttir more hojx-Inl In-j Iblrulion; "Curt' .•omctlim-s rc-fii-ii olton. milfoil always.." i 'I'txhiy (li:r.- !U v ton'ur 000 nun-i lorlumr, for the liiberctilosli l.i I «<K' United stains, In ihcsc f.,in- i iUciimns, (ii!:cn,u!t.yU is ;r i; 1 • YOU CAN' HEM' FIGHT WIITTK I'lyAOUK The National Tuberculosis Association, lln-otigh its 2,000 nlliliated. organizations In the United States, is righting a slowly victorious tattle agniiut tuberculosis, one of the country's most psiylslciit diseases. In tho month hslvveen Thanks- gtvini; and Christinas the association cnmp.iigns for funds, lo hell) defray its expense:!, through Ihc sale of Christmas Seals nt one cent each. This the .seal commemorates the construction of tlie first sanatorium or health resort tor the tubercular, and the beginning of modern treatment for His while plngue. You can help save the lift of ninny iinforiiinatts. by. buying ;i Mippiv of Ctnisim;i5 Kra'h nut! attaching Ihem to your corrospjiirfcnce. your gifts m:d Christinas cards. The ncccinpiuiyiiig arUclc i» the fu-.,i .,| r rm . b j. Ur M ( , rr [« FishUin. in w|,ir:l, | u . dcfcrioss tho M verity of called liitcvtulOE what is i;ri;i, ,; O lor Ihc incsl iHjVl. wlih tlu- ri-:! i>I rest, trt'sli air and n*od food. ' Hut modern :clcsillllr, irciilincii: ilu-Uidi-:, ulio a c:uvl(il u. v u ol dvu';i and ol iivcpsvaticus, &•••• lificinl |W2un\otlior:i\. to prov-Jd-j ivst for the hinj;, iuliiiciaj plii- JII«1I.V IIUIIB TOU.\V A.\.\ UOJ.l.JS'li:il. iirrtlj u ,,J "". lirt-:iK« hrr vnj-ii^riiii'jil lu I'llNV .III) Itl.i:. !, v u- rl .[;,l „,,K v n c r n 1 lrri-nl»)iinllilll!i T 'rij v if Jliy I'li'l'lill UII.VDAI.I.. iioiv VAI.IOUJA 'll'H.VN'lilTT.'"*'!'! jl^iii-rr, IIIIH itori-lvrd Llin, nni] rt-jU IKT everylbt/ii; 1» over In-. i\\ven Ilicltl. Arm iirul l'.-(«r, l,ot)i Iir:irt-Klo!v nnil JKItliiHlum-il, inrcl Iri u r«M- Itiurnnl. l\'lipn I'ett'r nukk Uer lu Tliv> nr(- Miiirrli'il 'tlint ril^rLI mill KCI uut fur . l''lurjil:i. Tlir> fc|H-li(l M-VITIll ivccks Ihprl- *»;,,!. |ilb linlll IVIIT U ,',,11, J I,,,,,,,- iipnln ljt-i-:iii^t' uf r,uHlni > «n. All di B!«KT. jni.i.irn.vf.'mini'i AU'II"" Aim recr-Jvi-Ji n »ol«- rr»ni 'I'orir u-llliiK her In- "111 l,f iMiItlnj; rut li^r ivhrn Hhe 4-unn.H (o reullzr nhiit n uilKCiLbe Uer nillrrhiKC l>. NOW UO ON WITH TIIE S'lOllV on \rTisn. xx jVfO, PBTBR didn't know liov.- he ^' ^ell townril .Valeria, In Florida slio had eecnicd vot-y tar away. TJic thought of lier dlsloyaltj 1 brought only a dull jiahi —llio 6uri ot rain tbat follows sliarii buffering. Hut back here, with reniluders ot her everywhere, U was not an easy malter lo put il-ioiigtiis of Valeria completely bclilml him. Ami was loyal and cciierous to llid core, lie ha<l no doubt slko would accept a real wife's role If slie believed thni was Ii 13 wish But she would not lie has>py. And. sentimentally perhaiis, he toll the same way Avails said, hreahlng throuiili Peter's musiiis, "Here n'o are, Bir." Peter got out. "It Mrs. Kendall finds olio will lie too busy to com? in lliia atlcriioon, bring In tny car." Peler went In the building stepped into Ihe clevalor. !li? ollico preseuteil a busy appenraiicc even ni this early hour. Typewriters clleklns. mail being assorted. Paul looked up from u set ot blue prints. "Peter, the Lowell siiecifica lions are here. Shall wo chucl; them';" "Any lime you're ready." Peter glanced toward bis desk then. The large robin's CBU iilne envelope which was so familinr lo liim was on top of Ibc pile of lellers stacked on Ills desk. When Paul liad gone tie nicked ,np tlie ejentcd Icuer willi ui= name scrawled ill Valerias straigdt iiy and down liandwrlt- IIIK. Sbe bud written: "Ii was terribly hard to lie condemned without a bearing, Peter. And because I'm afraid you won't give me ao opportunity to talk tilings over, llils is tlic only way. I ban been ill over Unit horrible story in Hie newspaper and th -u you came in. accusing ' me of such terrible things. I wasn't eynal to explaining to you how Innocently I BOI lino Ihoso parties. They seemed just' ij larks and I novor dreamed you would mind. Pelor. I am com Ing to MiHIcent's party toiiigbt. Perhaps, I shouldn't. But ob, Tcter, 1 couldn't belp it. i nave to seo you. Ue a little kind to your Valeria." slio pvooably would be called , Tills news was an nddo',1 h i nill ,„ I plump, llecognlzhig ibis tendency. [Valeria. Carol hail' 1 'known Kh/. KoliU-lfld hpr r*lnlli«ie ^^rnrnTlt, ci. n i,«,i • __.i . '-.' • she Eelectecl her clothes , is'ith thouglil to lines as well a* bccomlnencss. The dress she was wearing made lier look graceful and slender. Mrs. YVnliiwrighi bad complained over tha extiava- B.i'ice of .1 new dress, reminding Valeria ol oilier lovely Crocks ?lie owned. Hut no dres? she had worn be. fore would answer the purpose of this occasion. So the frock Jiad been purchased with recl-.less disregard of future payment. "II isn't us thougb you were going 10 be a millionaire's wife now," Mrs. Walnwright said caustically. Slie bad wanted to burl her. niece who bad been a fool to lose I'cter Kendall. Al times wbcn Valeria turned upon her, Mrs. Waluwrlgbi jell she almost baled her for her arrogance nhd selfishness. Hut blood was thicker than water, after all. Tlie.oWcr i.oman had been Indignant when tho newspapers bar) prlnlcil ihe startling news ol Peter's sudden marriage, hinting lhat announcement ot his engago- monl to a prominent society girl liad been expected. AlEIHA'S distress had been genuine cno'igh. She bad always expected to bo Mrs. Peter Slie had rattier eu^oycu thought. Carol bad never . C4rl . (] . for Valeria, wbo Damned bcr pou- ularlly. At the same tinie, Carol I was completely Indifferent jo Ann. | Sho agreed willi lier mother (lint Ann had probably caught Pc|or in a weak moment and hiu'ri'ed l)i;n off to a minister. ANN was wearing while. A] n lovely frock of lace willi close, fitting bodice arid hip Hue. Al frock tbat swirled out below the I knees iu yards and yards, wlib a[ spread of lace on the shoulders, I like wings. Peter; was waiting for Ann In I their small sittlnr; room. Hul turned as she came In. slnroil.l Ann had never looked so lovely. I A smile parted her lips, rouged to I a delicate coral. Her bronze linlrl was in sbtt,' natural waves and I securer) In o small soft coll at tbe| back of her head."Ann—" Peter's voice n-asl startled. Ilo did not finish Die sentence, but she had seen a leap into his eyes." "Do you like ine," Pcicr?" "Very much," he sairl quieu,. • Sometblng in his tone satlsnedl Ann. Peter was digging (m 0 ti|»| pocket. lie brought out a-smalll »-7o ...^iti.u m uc wrs . ,, etcr ,,„(,];<,(. j lo i, r0 |,g|,t om a . small Kendall. Greedily she bad wanied I flat package, wrapped In lissue. ,,.. , --- * "• * *• * '* OLA IMg Ul 3 WltH, IU a millionaire." Valeria B ald. smil- fectly matched pearls. . ,. v..v,« iruu l^l^il;; r clvl irJUHL'II. I ID her lips witb rouge. "Don't give not in the habit ot buying pearls up hope so soon. I still have my for oUler wonl en." ' ' "Fasten them for me." Ana was dressing tor the * reception* aud dauce which would be Millicent's welcome to her • stephrotber's bride. Mrs Walnwright came In to watch the fiuishuig touches. Valeria was In brilliant sapphire, wlilcb deepened tlio blue of her eyes and made hor fair hair a shining gold. .Wlici Valeria was a little older, . . - nuo tlie mirror as she touched lialr.;,cyos ami completion." '"i'liey haven't brouebt you much except Invitations lo a (ew drinking iwi-ties." "They got me Peter—" "Whai good did Uiat do when you tot him slip through your llu- erB!" Valeria whirled, lier eyes lilaz- iB- "Isn't Dial littio word 'ilivorco' In your vocabulary, tlar- s'i' And haven't you ever heard ot a place called Heni?" "So ihat's your game." "You didn't think 1 would sit back aud let thai girl keep bim! She v.or,'i get nwoy with marrying him while be was tight." "Yosi'U only make yoursell ridiculous circulating such a story." "She took him away when he was so ii|isct he wasn't responsible," Valeria said, ignoring tier aunt's words. "1 know be lins regretted It a Ihousand times already and wants to be; rid ot her." "Welt 1 don't Jinow." Mrs. Wainivrialit said doubtfully. "Toe picture ID tlie paper was beautiful." "Von certainly are a comfort. I suppose ypu think she has brains, too. Well, sue will need them!" Valeria n-ore uo Jcivelry. Peter's big diamond was in her jewel caso. She had not returned It. Some day she conOdently expected it would be slipped back on ner linger. She had heard from Carol that Peter bad ordered a uiagullicen'. stone in an e.xqulsltc mounting for Ann. who was now wearing only a slender vedtlin? circlet ot platinum and diamonds. lie removed the wrappings I to eat her cake and have It tnn- ... lllu "< l >« >L 100. ,*^ ^^.j.v^tv* me „ tunings tJitui inn iljlng to Blvo up some of Her Landed the velvet Jewel case tol exciting conquests until eho was her. ' on tlie eve of marriage. 'So you think I won't marry "For me?" Ann was staring at I string ol small, lustrous, per-1 "Who else?" Peter sniilcd. "i'ml whispered. pie," "1 can't." Peter se-l cured tbe platinum catcb and Annl llew to the mirror above a consols! table for Inspection. "Pfiter. 1 can never tell you—"1 She came to him. catching both I his hands, lifling her shining eyes! to his. -•• ; " Peter was staring down atl Ann's lips. His hands lightened I on hors. "I'm glad you likb tuem.l Ann." lie released, her bands sud-l denly. ;•'.]. - ',_<• • ' . I Sho went'Into her room, slip-) ping into a \vhUo velvel eveuinR ivrap trimiijed iu while foj. rilial tiueer.. Some o! the elation! had slipped from her mood. -Petcrl surely could not feel especially! friendly toward her. Even frioc kissed. , . T.' afternoon dropped into Mac's office Tony : (jf;-4 ce ami-nyf ins on. ilic seen the Invitation lyin_ desk. "Going?" Tony had asked toying wilh the handsome, im-l graved, card. , ., - : "Heavens, no!"'MM-oic!almed.| "What would I bo doing at shindls like that? J took like stuffed lobster In a dress suit." "What about Sarah?" "She doesn't want to go. Says! she hasn't anything to wear, audl besides she knows Mrs. Heatbl doesn't really expect her. She only! asked us to please Ann. We'rel going to 3 prize fight." Tony muttered, "Probably lots) more fun.' Someone called Mao to 'tual phone. Tony looked down at thai invitation again;' "For Mr. and| Mr.i. Peter Kendall." Mrs. Peter Kendall—Ann—who! should be Mrg. Tony Mlckle. , (To Be Continued) •rical therapy in Ihe way ol ultraviolet rays, suitable rest and exercise, and similar measures. , So Important did the little cot- laae first built by Dr. Trudsnn become In the history of lubcrculosis, that it has been given the nfftc- tionate name of "Little Red." When you buy a Christmas scsi this year you will see tho little cottage surrounded by evergreens outlined in snow. It serves, there- OUR fore, as ,1 • memorial to a great worker in lubeiculosis and at, the same' lime helps to bring increasing comfort, nnd perhaps increasing- years of life, to those win cannot otherwise be provided .with proiiir care. It lias been raportcd lhat lliers are almost 4CO.COO chikiicn with tuberculosis in llin Unilcd States and possibly 050,000 nddltinnnl :iir>- pcctcd cases. Were thcsr to tc cases of hilantile paralysis or even cf rcarlet fever, diphtheria ol measles, they would Vie consldcrecf n nalionnl menace. . • • • Tuberculosis Is jnsl as ' grcal menace ai\d perhaps, from Uil lioint of view of its danger lo Uil [ cctnmuiiily, even more serious bcl j cause of the duration of the discail land the long period of incapaclif I with which it Is associated. j NEXT: Surgical c;irc In lull ' CtllosI;;. / YES.5IK---I SWAM UNDSF? WATtR •^ i V\E "BE WE.-R. T5f\W\ ~\Q THE BrrKVER LOtxbE, WAS fW M^N. bED A. 'BEA'Ria'R^T-'—ONE ft BULLET WAS ^! IN ^AV SHOUl_T>ER-^-'r3UT A MOUNTY &ETS 7/\ HIS M6.N -^-RkW-^-or, ISLSST £A\D TO H1NA, ^/ "COME ON, HATCHET,ITS SERGtANT HOOPLE/ NOTHING .V\OP,E,AiNSO H£ &URRENT5&-RED TWO " AAOOSE KNIVES, A SERVICE REVOLVER WO A HAlCVAt7/-^MV ONI>< 'DEFENSE WAS fAV V \ NA.ME ANt> FAME AS A fAAN GETJERjAMC AS WE WAS "RESPECTED THE 4">v' 'PKOWEfJS OP SERGEANT HOOPLE, A ^ 1 LOTS or SA!.T k >" ON HOP, THE %- Si! i

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