The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1933
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Served by the United Pres* BHTHEVILLE GOCfflER NEWS TH« DOICNUfi' MIWaPAPBt OP NORTHU ft AKKANHAB AND BOCTBOttW HUOOCH] VOL XXX—NO. 123 BI.YTHEVILU-;. AliKAN'SAS, WKDNlOSnAY, AUGUST 0, ISM JINGLE COPIES FiyjB'jC^^l'3;[ FINDS EMPLOYMENT GAINING vations lir O. K. tl; or IIPc i4 - rr Uhr mc I LnUL :«u Roonrls bland Work i na on Crisis Nears. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace a'/.c sound sense nt Slonevllle Lflciday wlwn he ooinlecl ;out Hie 1 cessity ' of war debt and larlff; adjustments lo Ihe resloration o! i • ayiiciiltmal prosperity in the Unil-j «l Slales. ' • '~ . 1 liope tlmt every colton belt]I Proposed Revision 0 i Lightning l\od Takes It On Chin Leaders }j ' j'ii'Hor ami rcpiesentalivc 3-III 3S I rend his K[M?cch and give serious Mhotivlit to il, because the prob-j more 1 closely „.. L,I ' Bill Will Not Co:ne Before Special Session. 1 '.TTl.E UOCK. An-,'. i Icms Involved slrlke ! lo Ihc fundamental difficulties In WASHINGTON. Aim. 0 (UP)— L1 ir farm situation lhan many of Undismayed by Pi-esidenl Macha- our law makers seem to realize. The problem of refunding iln'i refusal to accept America's Restrictions unon production and j highway bonds will nal cuiiie be- iieace plan for Cuba, Ambassador unions artificial measures -for[fore ihe special session of the Runnier Welles in Havana report-1 rfnaniuiiiini; domestic prices are at'Arkansas leglslalure next v.x-jl: it I'd by telephone to the stale dc-1 bcrl only ways of molting i was Indicated today at :, conf""- rm-lnicnt lodav that Cuban poli-1 of a bad situation. Normal Am- i c-ncc of representiillvis »[ llie tlcal lenders had suageiteil some i> r w methods of making Hie plan effective. Crisis Is Near HAVANA, Cuba, Alls. 9 (U!>) — The crisis in Cuba's unrest ap- ixared to be near today as Secretary of Slate Orestes Ferrara ar- livcd today from' llie United Stales find voni immediately to llie pal- nee 10 confer with President Gcr- c-j-'lo Mneliarlo. Political observers here believed tiiai some definite aclion toward i ndlne the crilical near tc-voiu- ilenary eondilion of Cuba would Mlow speedily. Tile food shortage grew more strinaeiil and sporadic firing in llie street 1 ; continued. Kerrara Unacceptable • • As seerelarv of state, Ferrara would succeed to the provisional piesliloncy should President Mach- aito follow a widely . suggested course and ask congress lo grant him ^a "leave of absence." Pinci llie accession of Ferrara. n Maehado follov/er, would not al- 'eviace the Ihreal of revolution, it was assumed that if 1 Mficharto; reined Ferrara would resign first hnrt dnotlitr political figure., prob- i pl'l\v-Carlos) l^anuel cje... Cesuedps, •former ^"arnoassanof-. to .Mexico^, world be "named secretary. DC Ces- pedos then, would become acting pie^idciu if''Maehado withdrew. This Dlan could nol be worked out. cilcan pro<luciion of--colion, tobacco, wheat and various meat picducls is so far in excess ol dcinf.slic coiiMiiuption that no pro- (hi; bondholders. II wns agreed, hcwt'v; sub-committee of Gov. i Futrell's bond commliu-f Riain that lulls to idcratlon foreign these. pro<hicts can be wholly sal- isfnctrrv or successful. European nations need these 'American products, but tliey will look elsewhere for them .so long as barriers to their purchase of them in .this country are maintained. The first essential Is settlement of war tlebts on n basis thar- will eliminate them as an obstacle to foreign trade. The second essential is such modification of our tariff laws ac will permit foreign nations take into con-llinue its ellorts markets for Marion till con- lo jic^oitiilr a selilcm^nt of llie L-onlj-overtlu] rc- lundijiy tjiieslion. ilui'. will b'j mure .satisfactory to Ihe bondholders than llie program as presented i'l Ihe Ellis iefi.ndh>^ u'ci p.issed by Ih? 193J icglslatuiv. The conference today is IX>|IOT- cd lo have promoted ;i reslcira- tion ol public crrtiit of the .s'.'\' .^ Ei representatives of the honn- holdcrs and ol the Male showed v.Hlhigncss lo make concessions. Members ol the aovi-mur's n. 1 funding committee met with rcpr:- to'exchange products Af. Iheirs for i seniatlves of New York, D;s our surplus cotton, wheat and other products. oOo H. Hlshfll] was the genial host yesterday to' some 300 ne»rocs, chiefly tenants of the Singleton farm on Musgrave. bar and the fcrmer Harris ulace. near. Dell, who put aside farm labor for an all ilav outing and barbecue on tlie bank of the Mississippi. . . fioxiny and wre.stling matches, a ball uaine, preaching and singing furnFjted a background for liberal quantities of. barbecued pig .and klii.a'nd frleil fish wliich were the central attraction."'" ' Tt was the first affair of the kind your observer had ever seen. His reaction was (that a race of wtthoui ferrara's pies j r , CO ple wiio can Vnjoy themselves " |;o ccmpletely as did thai crowd of j ni'Sioes uo.ssesses a gift that can't I l:e priced in dollars. Some" of the Latin branches of - tile white race are similarly able upon occasion in put their troubles away, bill I have never seen nn Anglo-Saxon nowd do it. at least not without Cheirv Valley Youth Killed by Mule's Kick MEMPHIS. Aue. 9 <UP>- Kicked in Ihc stomach bv a mule yesterday. J. C. McCloin, 13. was rushed from Cherry Valley. Ark., to a Memphis hospital where he died icday following an emeryeney operation. The boy lived with his num. ! avonia Jackson, in Cherry Valley. The body till be taken Ihnre lor l,i:rinl lottay. the aid of something lltan lemonade. stronger Moincs and TexarXana boudhol Iris commiltces who had Ijcen dcl- c-Kated lo seek a revision of ih") tills act. The short period lie[ore thf Arkansas legislators meet Monday :s believed lo have precluded any action on lelundinK ninlteis nt thJ ipecial session. The collieries "soiiijlit. a jKTinun- t-r,i ;ind mori: yalisfaciory ::o:u- lion than is offered In the El! 1 .; hill which soilght to put Irighway road improvement district and ii''l bridge bonds on a parity tlms u-ip- •lug' out the priority of stale highway bonds. Hetin. 1 ,, Moore, representing mose Ihrin si.5CKJ.OOD ' ol iiiglnvay and road district bonds, held in various Te.Xjirkana trust lunds and by nidi; iduiils. ofln-Lci u plan \vliich included raising Ihe inlere.-t rate cl the proposed refiindln-. bniKh from 3 to 4 i>er cent. 'Alfred G. Kahn president of'llic'Litll^ I^OCA Union bank and a member of the tjovel nur':V bonil corjimlltee, olfered cnothei 1 plan whieli I'lubodied SDJU-J cf Mcore's sug!i(-si ions. IDF CHIEF DF POLICE SUJSHERSUF Condition o( Mrs. Nell Gwyn Reported Highly Crilieal This Afternoon. hrw Farmers D'.snlav Se First Closinp Stock Prices j A. T. and T 127 5-8 Anaconda Copper 17 1-U Bethlehem Steel « 1-1 Chrysler 33 Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank ''eneral Electric General Motors Tnlcrnalional Harvester Middlewcst Utilities MonlROiuery Ward ....'.. New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum .... Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel 3 l- Statue !s Dedicated to SEarly Oregonian Editor PORTLAND. Ore. (UP) — A btonze slaiue. 13 feel high, of Harvey W. Scott, famed carly-duy editor of the Portland Orcgoniau. now stands on a vantage point east of the city, commanding a view of the Columbia River gorge and Ihe business district of Port- bnd The monument, o. gift of the Scott family to the city, has just been dedicated. Governor Julius Flash! The world's building is slruck by llfhlnlngl But don't be alarmed. It has been slrutl; IK) times or more and there bus never buen any damage. ThaVs lir-catiw the building's metal covering, acting as a lightning rml, always sends ihc • current into the eround. Here's Ihe reinnrkuble scene of the latest "strike" • recorded by an amateur photographer's small camera. FATHER-IN- 35 24 3-4 Baivcl, Fanner, in Serious Condition ,From Knife Wound. .. Knns.. Au?. 9 IUP1 —j nnv. Alfred i.andon ordered tlie U Meier of Oregon, and MISS Eiiz- f'file ' militia today lo take oveH^ih Scott, granddaughter of- Ihc \ -. ., .jthn office of Stale Treasurer T. : B.! ;dltor - Chester Howell. editor of j P'n-d »s r. result of the discovery| thc Sa » Francisco Chronicle and |w, s in , serinm condition al ihe Mrs. Nell Owyn, wife of A. I). Civ.-yn, flintier. ixilJce chief, was In n crlllcul condition al the -Wylln:- •.lilt! hospital (his aflernau'n sul- frrlng f i oni a bullet wound below ihe hi'Lirl. sulf-lntllllcteil In an al- li.'lupt lit suicide. A note I'fl by Mm. CK'ju wusj >:npx:."ied by neltjhbors. The nole was wild lo have reu-1: "I can't stand it any longer. I Itvi! you all. Pleas* forgl\e mu. Nell." Mrs. Owyn Is KB Id to have told neighbors that strife -within her family wna proving' too much lor her. NrlKhban Hr.irrt Sh«l She Is sail) tu have dlspatclifil two leleyranis lo u brother In Oklahciiiiii.. yesterday and received one In reply today. The contents ol the telegram were nol revealed but 1! Is, undorslood Ihat Mrs. uv.yn wired iier brother tlmt site inlimiled lo leuv'e Blylhbville. Mrs.'Owyil was apparently alone al 'the family home, 1MB West llcnrn, wlien the shot wns fired. Nelglibors hearing the renort rushed lo tlie home as did her hus- l.nml who was within -n short distance of the house when tlie snooting occurred. Neighbors found Mrs. Owyn lying face down on the Hcor of the living room, which had been transformed Into n bedroom, pr. F. a. Elliott, physician living ifcorby, wns one ol ihe lirst to Veaqh her title. ,-. \it According to reports Mrs. itwyii tolised RiitTtciently from a 'stupor to tell her three small jhlldren "Cc.rxlbye", but she was unconscious or semi-conscious again when uished to tlie husplul. Condition Highly Crilinl After an exainhiallon a hospital pliyslclttii, declared :*i. Owyn's condition to Ix 1 "profoundry critical". Tlie bullet, which entered below llie heart passed through the body and emerged through hci back. . ' ' . Examination of the wall of th; loom In which Mrs. Owyn was iound revealed u fresh bullet hole. The bnlK apparently was Imbed• deti In the wall as It failed tT I penetrate through lo Ihe ot'ier side. The .38 calibre pistol, said to ha\p hesn used by Mrs. Gwyn, wa found, by police in tin onrimiss where nclghbois .sold her husband placed Ihe nun when he nr- rlvcd. - — ~,~~i~~r~ —*"• 0|vu cuilDii bolls from. Hircc pli iilalloiis were ;d!.>|)Vnyccl lic'te li'.i'n" cliurlnv honors for the ci'lton of Ihe 193:1 sen.'On In Mlsl slsslppl counly. S. I'. JolniMin, who fuiuiB WttD ucros of collon on the BOKISCSS pliinlnllun near Cllcar l.ukr, found u'vrnil oiicn boll!! yesierday. His cotton, King's Improved variety, Is alinil sluple. Mr. Jnlmson, who Is a btulher of Dr. !. P. Jnhnson, lived al Marks, Miss., unlll ihb! yeaf. Al Ihe Si'Rrnm; plantatloii. four miles west of BurdoUe. J. M. Crouuli found .some of his ration open yesterday. All of jilic crop on l)ils lliml ls '" H 00 * 1 condlllon, Mi. Crouch said. i Stoneville variety yielded a lull fouml on llie Hiulicld pliuiiallnn of J. C. EllLi. ' BtllEftL Employment Is Approiicli- ing Production Level,) Figures Indicate. Azores Tnkeoff. LISBON. -.Portugal. Aug. n (UP) — Oen. Balbo's air aiiuailn re- lunieil Iriumplmnt but In sorrow 10 Pitraoe today aler Us lilsldrlc fll n i'l. to ChlcaTO. . t'rldc In Ihelr aehlevcinPiit wis mlimled with mourning for the death of I.t. Sqimplln reserve pilot the seapbut I-Haiil, who wits fntnllv In'Jiired ') when the plhne .oiertiirned'. 1 w'rlv today su> iho VAi . taking off from thu '•./ :B«hV) . his plane down'on the Tl|;tu, chchnrin? at 1(1:40 a. in. eastern llavllBht time. He was followed Im- medlattly by eleven oilier plane. 1 !. The planes- made I'AIW, N. Y., Aim, n lUI —An Impiovcd cur.dltlnn In employment Ihrougliuul Ha- Unltfil Kiales was Jndlcr.ted (oil;iy ' l>y- I'rrsldi'nl UoSsevoli afier a' study ol preliminary llrjiircs nnd churls [ inini Wasliluulon, Me wila of llie opinion..after | ilic study Ihat llio employment " Iwi'l was upproachina i;lo5or In, llie line of lir.-.dnctlon, 11 houllh'y- ulsn for business and his mUlciial recovery pi'ojii-ani. U ta the objective of Hie, adihln ; l.'.trnllon, II was explained, lo Iron out Ihe peaks rmd vallcyi; between iMiiploymen!. line! production. The'| fuvtir.iible cliannc ii'Uin tlie figures., of last itiontli v>lion. production. wns ; niiinlny; lou far wns lakeii-: mean itiiU'lhc t>ltua!lbn .Kia'd- niilly mas being ndjuslcd. . .•-'{•'•. U wiis.liMinu'd Ihat llie cosl"'uf. I iility jlhtilhiillmi had gohc'-'i <:own Mifco Sylarch <),'mi'Intcrcfli-'.f '"j'lnil development In the oplnlori- 0) ccniicnili! ex|«tts, although ,!t not eMixjcled lo stay do'vrh;'- Tho cost of living has remained olmniil stationary since March 4. : •" j The clmrla showed tl'mi the-(our H;lc fat'm conimodlllcs; ho?s, : . v.hcat, collmi and corn,- Ihe'pilceV cl whlcli' went down Ihe fiirlh'-::! eiesl, Imve ccimn back- Ihc incfck'., since March. 4. . •:'•'". '«*'' Ailinlnlstralloh elfoiisr nccorrllng | U> some exports, nre '.o:bHnj com- modliy prices Iri as ncar;i.U.e 13311!5 lbu i ls SIR rosslble, ' "-- ! -V i ; ' ': "•'• " : 'fVt--- : - Attend WnHacc A Inrgc nnmhcr of 'Ihe pluriM-.made n goad lilghf. i collnly mclli ra0hl of |i,e ln -rarm-- froin_the A7x>ro.i rtcspllc fog- off crs. nttcndcd the Memphis Cham-J t '' D . i '-^ r '". f !" es? .. m ?; . Balb ?' tllr . te r of Commerce tnnmiot. given at^ nrsV'to. UVe. off, left'Ponla de! Gnrta' at 3:30 a, in. eastern dny- llRlit • tlino. nialcliie the flight of Winille's to i.bboii In 7 hours-ami 10 'nilnuteJi. ' ..' The in.iilinip, to tlie I-Ranl was Hie secprid fatal dlsasler since the squadron - |eft Italy last month. On the landing at Amsterdam ope of the seaplanes overturned and killed Us mechanic. given the Pcabody Hotel, Memphis,-. last-;! nlRht, honoring 'Secretary or Agri- ;•: ciilluce Henry A. Wallace. • ••.-' .'• The Hit Included L. I,. McDcar-'-, man, c. R Wixid, Tj. 0. Langston. '• E, A. Tcnforrt-sr,, E. A. Teafond/ Jr.. and Jack Majors of Lusorn; J.". F. Tompkins. Burdette; C. D. Ayres,; Earl Qiilnn. Clias. Maxwell, J, :H.-' Mr. Lockhnrl, and Coiui-" ty Agent, S. D. Carpenter of .ps-V c<-o!u: 'C. G. Smith; C.'P. Tucker,-- Everett Bnirrt. 5(5. of Havtl. Nfo. 37 1-2 2:1 1-S 45 1-4 5 5-8 j more than 'SCOO.WW in- fc-ned ' Dr - Joseph Schafer. superintendent, nivthcvilb lios-ilal today suder- ., . .... . . ., I rti" I Mr> Wicf nnem St nf/* Hi^ffirifnl ' .• . r . _ • .. -.._... brnrtc in th« treasurer's vaults. I OI " tlle Wisconsin State Historical Governor Tendon ordered Adit.'. Society, look part in Ihe ceremon- M R. Merlin to return from! los - , , .". rS|c»mn at Port Riicy to take charge T"" *">"*• cxKiited by Gntzon " i'S of the situation. In the mean- Dorglum, noted sciUplor, repre- 8 3-B 25 1-2 5 3-4 37 1-4 23J-4 55 1-8 York Cotton thc west. NEW YORK. Aug. <J (UP) — Colton closed slcady. op^n high Dec 1024 Jill! July low 070 !)88 SIWJ 1030 Ml 1012 1045 1011 H'SO 1051 1030 1045 1072 1045 r ^.. u ^. Charles Thomas and !sents S 00 " standing ;n a speak- i detachment of cavalrymen were, in K -position, one arm ouLstrctch- dr-'"iled to the office. «1. pointing to Governor Landon said he took ihe action in view of a statement bv Treasurer Boyd that he allowed pnnald Finney. chanred yesterday «i»h the sale of forged bonds, to fake txmds on denosit in the treas- rt- from (he nfficp..Finney Is-at III "tv linder sW.OOO bond." . "I have ordered the adjutant He'll Soon Become a Ten-Millionaire clcs? "r mmedijtely. niftht and day, over the viult of the Plate treasury," s?'" Governor Landon. "Mr. Bovd's statement, if true, rii -o»n c t| la t Mr. Bovd was either JO! 1 1023 103; 105-1 1072 closed at 985. up 25. quisl. i 11 NEW ORI-KANS. Alll!. !) (UP)— Cotton clwed steady. op:n high low close 903 998 963 SD2 983 1019 U82 1013 1000 1021 1000 1020 1015 103G7.1015 1035 1022 1053 1022 10"ib l<W7b l(K8t) Ocl Dec Jan Jfarr! May .IlllV a party to permittine of! slate bonds to IIP taken bv Fin- \ nev to Cltlciim for a purely ner-' 'Onal transaction. L or .wns'a party I lo scndin« H50.0fJO'>ln forged! bonds to Chlc«g6^ -'im.\-thc same I ' '' ' Spo:s closed «l 082. up 28. steady. Wheat open li'Bh low close feent 98 5-8 ICO 1-8 98 5-8 100 1-2 Dec. 101 1-2 104 101 1-2 103 3-8 open Sepl 54 Dec r,9 Chicago Corn high low 55 ICO M 59 Athletes Return Home TOKIO (UPl-Twenty-six American bovs and girls of Japanese ancestrv have brought their brnnd of "Judo" and "kendo"—wrestling and fencing—to the land where those sports originated, hoping to gain siroremacy over natives in i series of contests. They are from las Angles, nnd not only want to show Japan the type of training beln? given in America In the old arts, but'also I to show young Americans of Jap- ijinncse ancestry something of the •"Isturdy traditions and culture of 69 3-8[their'race. from a knife wound inflicted | Jlm Slaving. 37. his son-in- 1 | Connection with $5,000 Tunell Burglary. Monk Rutiedce, ex-convict, formerly of Biylheviib. wns Uiken Into custody in Missouri yesterday" on ___ FI charge of participating in a »5.- \ ",; c "^ nd [oiiowcd"a"long"niness~." Manila Youth Succumbs in Hoipital at Memphis Lewis R. Thomas. 16-year-old von of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Thomas ol Manila, died at four o'clock yeslcrday iiltcrnoon at the Baptist hospital In Memphis. His o'calh was attributed lo heari fail- n History uf the Bible printed In 1828. It is sniull. two Inches and one ' and - one-t|iiartcr inch. H Is nve-elghls of nn inch Ihlck. : p LIGHT LUNCH A LA AFRICA safe tobbery at Turrell, Ark. Sherifl How.ird Curiin of Crit- naird wns slshbcd in Ihe abdo-! tentlcn county, Ark., and Arch i"en. allecediv in a nuarrel over! Liniiscy. Mississippi county deputy firm oreraMons. The slabbin! 1 OP- [Mierllf. in company with Missouri i-n-crt nliout fiv "'clock, vcsterdnv 'clficors. arrested Flutlcdgc near ftcrnron a( Dnird's home at j Stecle. Curlln relumed (he ex- i^vli. convlcL lo Crillendcn county. taken iVi'.o cii^tcilvl The robbery in which nutlcdcc bi;i ?vin»s <vas eh»rees wrr wllhheld ncud- oiilrnmn r<f ria'rrl's ln'>iries. New nil T ftrt n» D-ir, alleged to have participated occurred about llnec months ago. Besides S5.000 in cash several val- Fire Dancers ' " r a "'"canlile eslablishuu-nt at " s |Vurrcll. ' Funeral services were held at 11 o'clock this morning al Box Elder cemetery with Ihc Itev. Mr. Horn officiating. Tlie L. G. Moss Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased is survived by his parents, two sisters and cue brother. EAST PITTSnrjRGH (i,.--- nat.-nr or nre riuring high tem-; Wffk's Weather Favored pcraltire oil tcsls mav be reduced' n j • f f hv u<<- of a testln? oven dewloncd rrOaUCHOn 01 LOttOn '.ore by' J. O. Ford, research en- '• «ii.e«r of Westinqhouse Etcclric WASHINGTON. Aug. 9 (UP) — and Maniifacturinc; Company. Colton fields generally are In good . The oven, marie nf solid alum-! rendition, ihe agriculture depart- lisuni \i-itli holes drilled for Inscr- • ment today reported in Us weekly maintain nil samples at tlie i-c-' weather and crop bulletin. of lest tubes, Is desiened to A small amount of rain In south , nulred 3!)2 degrees Fahrenheit dur- , central portions of the cotton belt in- Ihe SHirh oxidation tests. contributed to the development of Fore»t Ranger Saves Negro From Rattler NATURAL BRIDGE. Va. (UP) — i Quick action by the look-out man 'in the lonely forest tower at Apple Orchard! near Natural Bridge, saved a negro boy from death by a rattlesnake bile. Afler sustaining a bile from the reptile, the boy, on his way to the lower, killed the snake. The look-out man. William Dawson, applied a tourniquet, and telephoned to another camp for a suction pump, which arrived »n •hour »nd a half later. With the A rich birthday present twatls ,'ohii Jacob Astor 3d at Newport, 11. I:, on August It. For on that dale lie attains not only big majority bin ihe iast fortune lert by his famous father, Colonel John Jacob Aslor, who went down with the Titanic 21 years ago. Th» for- Prcviously the lest tubes were crops. Showers in Texas beneflttod Disced In n bath of hot castor or'cotton except In the lower Rio ivimrai oil, v-nich invariably Ig- Orande valley where B tropical nlted if one of the tubes exploded hurricane wrecked the crop. Conns sometimes occurred. | dillons were favorable in the central cotton states except for some complaints of wet soil and a cer lain amount of Insect damage. Quaker City Ad Man Designed NIRA Emblem PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A Plilla- rlelnhinn Charles T. Coiner, dc- tl«ned !he red, white and blue emblem of the NIRA, which ihe government will ask Americans rnrtlcipatin? In- the plans of the NIRA lo display. life-saving Instrument he removed the venom, and within a few days the youth was reported out ol danger. Hotel and Restaurant Group to Meet Again There will be another meeting of Ihe Blythevillc hotel and restaurant-association tonight to con- rolner lc head of the art c!e-jilm:e working out a local code for parlnicnl of nn advertising agency.' co'-oporallon in U:: NRA program, He lives on a farm in Bucks i Mrs. II. !,. Reynolds, seciciary, an- e?tlm«t«A.»J| fl»,00«i<!0p. , county, "car New Hope, Pa. i.ounced today. Traffic Law Trial Holds Court Docket for Day RED BLUFF, Cal. (UP)— An all day court battle over a minor traffic Infraction which usually bring} i $3.50 fine, cast Taharna County case In which Ihe defend ant claimed he was innocent, took three attorneys, a state traffic officer and members of the Jury from olher work for the entire day. The jury di»»re»d, ing of West Ridge; C. J. Low- rat;cc sr.. and C. J. Lowrance'S.;- 1 of Driver; J. H. Cralri, R, E.'"Lee I Wilson sr,, Roy Wilson, H. Wrenv| Mr. Monls, John Grain pncl Walton Wilson of Wllsnri; : -Mai*. -P.: '. Jacobs of Odder;. Mr. -and 'Mrs. •_ B'.-yan nurkctt anri Mr. and- Mrs. - lolchlngs of. Bassctl; Rufus Brarieh : if Pecan Point; Dr: N. It; Hosey, , Bowdcn and Bob Bowdcn of- Joiner. n Slain Last Night , •:> af Promised Land Dance ——— ' • '. i ^ Joe Crcnshaw, 29-year-oM hegnv died almost Instantly \vhcn-he was- shot through the heart by Buster Jones, negro, nt a dance! in. the remised Land section about- il o'c'ock lasl night. -.'.', Jones had not-been apprehend- loday but officers expected to lake llic negro into custody. He 111 probably lie charged vrlth mur. dcr. ^ : V-. Tiie negro slayer, is said to.. nvc accused Cnnshaw of being. r"S|:onsib!e for difficulties .between Jones and hi.; wife. Jones shot himself in Ihe leg Inst week ivhIW cleaning tlie same gun^ he is be- 'ievcd 13 have itilcr n:^ri t3 kill Cre:;shnvv. Holds Masonic School at Leachville Lodge W. n. Allen, district deputy grand nipsier for the 10th District, com- 'csed of Mississippi, Craighead and Pcinsstt counlles is in Leachville' •:cnduc'.lu3 a school of instruction n the Mnaontc ritual. He will tiacli the work of the Entered Apprentice degree Wednesday i:iaht, Fcllowcraft degree Thursday, night and tlie Master's degree, TA~ dov nHit. He comes to the Leachville school from a successful schcol at psceola Lodge' No. • ;7 -xitt befori last. ". - : Abool' Andor Beti .Asiiu his meals hoi, summer or winter..''Here's tlie Morrocan temple nrc dancer licking up a second helping ot succulent Dames In the African village at (he Century of Progress Kxpo- •Hlori la Chicago. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly . cloudy »nd -(•ii'Lsv.hat unseltled tonight ana Thursday. . • . • ...... ^femphis and Viclnlty^-Qencral- ly fair tonight, little change In temperatufe. ' ' '"' : ..i

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