Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 4
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Snider. Buy anfl B*- 1 ! Government boiifls. Loan Money on personal security and collatcr- ftli Is«ue special certificates of deposlta • fc«»rtag E per cent. Interest when left one Mar: 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this b*Dlc for the deposit of deeds. Insurance Mllcles. mortgaBes and other valluablea, rioted at- from |5 to tlS per year. DAILY JOURNAL. Published every day In the week (except Monday) by. the Losansport Journal Company. W. S. WRIGHT... President A. HAHDT... Vice President C. W. GRAVES Secretary B. B. BOYER .Treasurer Price per Annum...: » Price per Montft...•?.-.. .M.80 . MO Official Paper of City and County. <Entered as second-class mall-matter at the Logansport Post Office, February S. SUNDAY, JU5E 28, 188G. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For Prenl«l«nt. WII.T.I AM MCKINM5Y JR. of Olilo. For VlCfl-rrortldeut, OAHKKTT'A. HOHAKT of J.OM- jcmcy. * for Governor, JAM1S A. MOU>'T of SlontKomory county .For Lieutenant Governor, IT. 8. IIAOGAKD of Tlppecidioo County. For Socrctnry of State, D. OWES of CIIHH County. For Auditor of State, AMKKICITS V. DAimV of UOOHO county. J-or Treiuiurur of Stute, • ,T. *CHOI/£ of V«udcrl>«r|{ county. For Attorney Geiiornl, -M A.KETCH AM of Mil r Jon county For ISeporter nf Supreme Court, CHARLES JMtEMY of Ilurtholomeiv count For Superintendent of I'nbllo Instruction, I». M. «*:KIINO of IIiHTlnuii county , 'For Stuto Stiitl«tlcnn, S. .T. THOMPSON of Sll'olliy county. .; For JiutgOH of the Appellate Court, ' FltKt.l>UtrLct, 1VOOI)FOIU> BOBINSON-of (ill)ioii county ^ Second Ulntrlct, W J5.1IKN LEY nfHUHh county. Third DUtrlct, D. W. COMSTOCK of W»yno county :• Fourth DMtrlet, JA7IES B. BLACK, of Marlon county. Fifth niMtrlct, X. V. 1VILKY of Jlenton county. Kleetoni ut IJITKC, ' H G. THAYEH, CHAS. P. JONKS. FOK GEORGKW.STEKL1S, For Joint Repronentatlve, •WILLIAM T. WILSON of CUHH county. For Ileprencntatlve-CHAHLES B. LON«. ForProKecntor-CHARLKS K. HALK. For Clcrk—IOSKl'II G. GHAOK. 4'or Treu»nror-IJKN,JAl«I JJ F.KT5ESLING For Sherlll-I. A. ADAMS*. . ForSurvcyor— A; U. DODD !For Coroner— Dll. J. A. DOWJTKY. For Amw«ior-JoSKPJ.I IIABK. ForCowimlmilonor, Flmt District- JOHN OEBHAltD. For Coj«im»»»loneT, Third , Dintrlct- ABKAHAM SHIDKLKR. TltUE AMEIUCAN IDEA. Better have one Idea, anU that tlic true A-nierican one, clearly ,an(l . openly expressed and. can-led consistently out, .than a, brnln olocged and thickened ,trtth a glut -of fallacies, or with- lialt formed plans so mingled and Intermixed tltat the mixture misleads and comce to Dothing. There Is no better Jitea before tlie people thau tbe Anieri- _Citn proposlUon of seneral protection to the men on -whom the nation leans. Tlie man wto is the greatest exponent «f this idea, 1ms beon called narrow because of it. There; Is nothing in tlie plan w suggest narrowness or solflsh- Tlu- idea (if Protection has been trie and 1'mnnl to lie anything but mirror Irs l.ifiit'ficcut effect was Mr l>y a Ylassi'S, It. may .also be said that tlie that -ir. too. is far roaehing In scope. It, certnhdy is. but. ils touch has her- Khar of blighi. Its iH'tH'Ikrnoe has bw shed upon -the t'uri'ign prodm.-ei-S in 111 markets that it was to 0110:1 to Amei 1 ' cans. I: Is un-American iu a-ll its part' U was rc-inuliutod liy'li'sullng Democrats at Iw birth-. We have SITU Siate Democratic conventions for it ivcent-ly. Such action will h;'r but one result In the campaign now o The party that upholds the law. Hint lias brought Hie American wo and Ms family to a realization of what hunger and idleness- mean, will be d stroyixl as completely as a righteously people with votes as weapon ii. * • LATEST DEBT FIGURES. During tlix. 1 aaniiiil.stnlitlon Of I 1 re-si dent Harrison, the National debt was reiliieod .<i25S.l 02,900. This released ilio Kovcninietvt •from tlie animal 'pay lunit of iuu'ivst anionutiiug' to $10,327, TIO, Tliis l« a prac-itcal rtsnilf, and is history. no.t pivuifces. There hfive been three yoars and three months ol! Ucmo- cratic mi*Tiili', ami in that time the increase, in Uie interest bcni'lug diibt of the nation has been $202,315.400. The added annual interest ebaiw resnllin^ from this increase, is .$11.'192, (ili.1. It Is a'limcst iuevita.bJe (Jiat another issue of bonds -\viill occur be£on> tlie Whiito House U rid of the Demo- c-ratk- piwidciit. Those who, in a momc'iit of absentmindedness, turned to thn editorial columns of the Pharos last evening were startled by the headlines, "The Cvivc of ravalysis," Naturally the inference was drawn that the business' paralysis caused by tlie Democratic, administration was under discussion. A careful rc.-Hlini: of the article, however, showed that Dr. Williams's rink Pills was tne euro suggestoU aud a-re-cxamluation of the Democratic State platform disclosed no plank indorsing this remedy. Evidently the Pharos Is misrepresenting the recent platform. This is the same Pharos that the even- ins before wanted a joint debate between .Mount and Shlvely, the two nominees for Governor, notwithstanding tlie fact that the Pharos editorials favoring sound money for tbe past year find its recent support of the Democratic platform luaite all tlic joint debate this neek-of-woods has any call for. The Republican party is charged with assuming tlr.it the people are not capable of sell government. There Is one filing the people kno.w by cxperleune, that leader* in the Democratic party, tiro not equal to Hie government of the tuition. They have tried It and miserably failed, ami will go out of power In disgrace. The Ft Wayne Sentinel'speaks of tlic avalanche of office seekers that will swoop do/wn on JIcKinley next March: It iis the general understanding that the' good G rover, 'after filling the positions with clamoring Democrats'oarJy in his term, placed them tiuder' civil service rules, out of the roach of patronage. The Republican party i^lactxl the first civil service Ja.w on Uie books. It lias always supported that policy. If the merit system governed,,the November election, Hie Republican., party would assume control without question. There are men who decide in advance to be dissatisfied'with, the course of events, There Is no .use dying to please them. It Is a waste o£ time that Is not profitable in view'of the prize awaiting success. • Where Is Uie Republican who thinks that jleKluloy should be defeated? For him there are a score of Democrats who admit that iu the election ot the Exponent of Protection lies the relief of the nation. A man who professes to'believe' in that which Is plainly dishonest,- who votes for It, speaks for it nnd turns traitor for jt, cannot be honest in the true acceptance of the word." If the'Chicago convention'-is like the Indiana meeting, and In proportion, there will bo another collapse of the Coliseum. The roof should be well looked to. .: Workingmeu not only want a chance';! to earn money by liionest toil, but they' want to.be able to purchase as with earnings as "they ever dJd, It is not too mu«h to say that the partisan newspapers will be read more widely thna ever before during.the campaign Just'opened. Domocrats.declare.for the preeent tar' Iff. That Is enough to seal the fate of the party that inflicted It on the people. The declarations of Mr. Tbos. PJatt at this time do not accord with his Ian-, guage before tue convention. HYDROPHOBIA. •• ' - ; s|' • A Simulated Disease Born of Fear --No Known Oa&es. Mr. Edltxi'r: We have observed with regret uuiuorous -saiisational stories <:f>ncoiiniL-ug alleged i ni<.i(,I : .;dogs.^aiid tlie te-iuriible result* -to Inimari betiigs bitten by them, which are published from rime to tiiiue In the-newspapers. Such accou-n-ts frighten-iieopIV' i-nto various nei-vons dlorders . 'and. c-auso • brula t.rcatuuuHl of animals suspected o-f madness"; and yer. There 'us' \ifion record great: m:iKS of tis-timmiy from.- physic-tans .assortSmg the c-x-lirtsuie rarity ol hydi-opholrhi even in the dog, while many med'tail rueu o-f vide cxpij'ricnci. are of the opinion tjli-ai^l'jiidcvolops I- human I>i4nw> !lt all, I*' Is'only 'cxtrciii' Jy rare occasions; tiliat tlio condition.of hystanLeal excitouh^rt-iji mtin described by 'iiewspaiwjis a*V liydroplicijbia"' Is merely a. souks? of symptoms, tine usually to <i \lread .ot.the it^se"', such cliread being caused by reallisil'c news papcir aiml other reports acting,upon tin. i-magkwit'ioiis of. porous '(Scratched 01 bi-t.tai by animal's ^suspected of rabies '• The hue Dr.' Htowu Corami, Avhos pi-active extended over^a'period-xif'sev Miry ywiirs, during which time he £i;a,rcliod d'iMlgen.tliy for the disease i; man w animal, wrote under..; dafco January IS, 1S90, "I have uever'nad' 1 real ease oC Dr. Ti-aill Green, a pliys'iclau like Dv Coi-son, acciwat'o in observation, care fnl in sratemont, a'.ud whose pnictieo also extends over a loing period, writes under date of .Tanmuy 2S. 1SOG, "I have never h:ul a wse of .hydrophobia uor have I ever seen a-case" h/fbe'.jinictice at othor physicians. Dr. Matthews >Vowd.-? s -.>yIio has been iji quest of-the disease for twenty yoars Tvnd who during two summors personal Jy visited every case reported In PWla- dtvlphwi, asserts Miii.t. he never sa.vr hy- droplioliiia/oithei- in ninn or a.irlinal, and although 'sLx yea.rs ago, at the condu fr-ion.of a .'paper on .l-the subject read be fare n hu;ge audience'he offered iflOO to any pcrsah bringing'bun such a patient yet so lifs no one has claimed tlic re ward. Dr. Woods"fvufhcrmorc adils tJiiit although, he has questioned ir.auy pliysldajus on, the'subiect he has not yet fouiicl one who has ever seen hydrophobia either in man or aiiimal. At tht> Philadelphia -Dog Pound, wliere, on an average, over G,000 vagrant dogs nre taken up annually, and whore t.lie.catchers and keepers are frequently bitten wimle handling them, not one case of-hydrophobia has occurred during Irs entire history of twenty-five years, in. which, time about 15,000 dogs were handled. The well-known specialist, Dr. Edward C. Spitz'ka, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence ajid of the Anatomy and Physllogy o-f tlie Nervous System in the New Yoi-k Post-Giuudate School of Medicine, nnd President (v£ the Scpy York Xeitt'Ologieal Society, writes: ''Much of the o-bsorva-Hon of suspicious dogs Is made through- optics dlsfjirbcil by fea,r, and by persons Incompetent to Interpret what they -sec." "Notwlth- staaidiug every effort," lie confmies, "made by the writer^ to eccure tho ob- tiervaition of rabies j'ticJf during the last elglut years" (the period.'of life observation) "lie Iras been misjiccessful." , TJic record of tlio. LOncton Hospital a few years ago showed 2CGS persons bitten by aiiigity dogs. None of them developed Jiydropho : bJa, M ,.§.c; v . ...Gcorge'd Hospital, London, wSc&rOs OOO pati.ente' iltten by dogs sup'piaed'.jp have been nrad. Xo casso of hydnophoWa. In the record of all tlic diseases which, have-occurred at the Pennsylvania Hospital In a, IwndTC^.and'forty years only two cases wfli'k-h wore supposed to,bo hydrophobia have' .occurred. O.ne of those 'hwvever, the only one submitted to Iwetcirlological test,- did not oon&rrn tiho dU>e>wislis "hjxlTOphobla," .aud'the mamiclpal .awthChri.fies'Vc'tuscd to 'a'ccept'_' tho fleath as one from-*thnt' disease.'j" ' Finally, Dr. Charles W; Dulles, lecturer on tlie -History of Medl-eine at the University of Pennsylvania, who' has had th« honor of being' repeatedly appointed' by the Modlca'l Societies of the State to'Investigate rallies, and has rea'd various pnpeiw on the'subject before thfi American M^edical'A-ssoci'atlon, the College o£ riiyslcJans'of 'PliHndclpnlii, the FluiiladeJplrfa County 'Medical -Society, the MedicaJ Society'of''Pennsylvania; tlic Medico-Legal. •Soiclety of Kew';iork- and has cotTesik)u'd'e(3 : 'on ; the subject witti most of the dlst-irigui^hed medical men in Europe, a physician fam'liar botli with tho lltern'ture"of-rabies, 'tlie' liistory. of Pasteur aod (lie Institutions called by Ills naimevarid who in addltlteu' Ifcs performed' the alTbost' iTicred'dlblc Erfsk of inv<Ktl-gatIng;'- : o.l.ther'pei : sonaHy or by correspondence with' tne physician for their M-M.est wublicntjon, nnd for the fiiture supprcfislfc-iv In its- columns of svicb alaruiing'aud inisleading reports as we>)»ivo above Indicated? Tlicir promln- eiice and the air of rea-lily they gave to what are but 1 erroneous interpreta- llous of phonomaoii'having an entirely d'HTereiit moaning cause m-trch suffering, espechilly to nervous persons, and also jnuvln crneMy to nwn's faithful compiinlon. ihe c-onlidJug dog, » * * Highest of all in Leavening Power,—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Or „. others,' In attemlajice,'''bybry case 'reported in. the ne'w5p'ape'rs"6f't.he United SJ'atcw for the past sixteen years, shows din t hydrophobia 1 te'-'-cxtreipely ra re,' ' so ' mucK so.tliat he'-fnclittcfi-'to the 'vip^w •iliat "there. 'Is n^'Wcli 'Spe<*l'flc malacly," having "after s!xtb'ei? : years . of Inyes'tl- gatJon failed to fln<l'a' r slngi«' ch'ee'on record that 'can be^coriclosirver have resulted 'froTif : tDfr blte'-of a dog ." •••'•"'"'••'• to or a.ny other ea.tuse. In view, therefor*', 1 of. ' to , , . the community 'oif r - : thfe" aliove' state-' mente, may we'-no'tagpeHi to PERSONAL .'.Tanios Wcsterinan of Marion is in the city, ' M;-. M-arks ot..Lafayi:.Uc was in tin 1 city yesturda.v. • -j, •„.... ..M.o.iit Swigart goes to- Wubash toddy rt!>-spend SunidayAVimh .frU-nds. ''La.i:ay?titO'CaU:-M. W. -Blilgli, of Lo- K'a.nis-port', is5 in tht' ciity .txxlay. Messrs. Lonjj-tlu'<M"(Jttur of Peru'are. the guests'of'frtcDfls' i'n Hie city. ' P, II. 'Mcflre(jvy":ind fa'iiiily of Peru are tlie guests of relativbs livro. Attorney Harry Benie'tha of Hoclics- ti.'f was In tlio'city yesterday. • Attorney George Waltere and ftimily are visiting relatives at Star City. '...'Uoliy Sparks and Abe • Glassby ot Peru are the guests of friends here. Messrs'A. and M. Reynolds of Monli- cello vLsilcd friends here yesterday. Master Harris Winters lias returned from a u'lontli's visit in Hamilton, O, Halo Stutesman and Milton Edwards of Peru iittended the show yesterday. Mr. Evis'si'U Wilson of Rocktield was here yesterday M'tato in the show and' ViSit. :. '• Charley'AVInters of the Peru Chroii- iele, was over last nl'ght to fee the big show. Mrs. Lehman 'and children -of Peru are the gues'ts''of'Mr. Jordau Hecht and famUy. ; ' " "''' Miss Baldwin of Kankakoe. 111., is visiting MIss" : Tvillia.n Burlington of North street'. 1 " • Clerk itew'is Hull and Surveyor James O'Bea'r df''Carroll'county were in' the city yesterday. " •' "' Dk-lc Bucbahnu, State editor of the Indianapolis Stiiris spending (ho day with relative's Were. Charley' : 'T.ockwood, oC the Peru Repii-bHco-u; was over to see the Buffalo Bill sho\y ydstc'rday. Moutictilo .To1rru.il: Mtes Minnie Glazier is - vt-iting'" in Logansport with friends over Sunday. Mr. Will 'Swigatt has rctunwd, from Delaware,"Ohio, where he was the guest of friends for a weeK. John Roger 'of' Lafayette came up to witness the performance of the Buffalo Bill show yesterday. Mrs. D. iv. .Ta'ckson nnd son of Wol- co.tt are tlic guests of Mrs. Jackson's Sister, Mrs'.' M. A.'. Wilson of J-K! North si root, Mis. J.; W. Faiirmau returned yesterday lirorn OhStuffo'-where slie attended the convention of the ladies' auxiliary 1oO. If. C. W. W.'XocIovoo'cl,' editor and proprietor of tlio'Peru Republican, was over yesterday to r "givc the children a peep- nt tlie Wiid-'W'e'st." Elder U."'&-' Marble of Kokomo will preat-U ttiis' forenoon at the Market street M{ E. church and tonight at the Wheatiahd street".eMii-ch. Mi-s. C.!B. French and little daughter, Maimel, bf .Nortli Grove, returned homo yesterdny after a visit; witb Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Vi;. French, north.of the Wiua.mac RepubMc-.in: Ferry Wilson, a bTOUiei--l-n-l!iw'ot: Wm. and Solomon Sionti cairixi'-'dut Friday from T.ogans- jjort for a vilsiit over Sunday with them and otbqr relallvcs. Georgiij Goodm'a'n, a nephew of William F. Codj ; , aucl'wlio Is with the Buff- ilo Bill sliow, '-fl-lll spend Sunday in this jity with' Ecl'Emerlck and will see tho. Clevolaml-Logansporfball game, .Jlossrs; Walter a'om-pson, Will Wil, :i:tis and'«3.edi-ge Riddle and Misses Rae "Wlllet and" Bertha Kauffman rode to Jal'vestoh Friday on their wheels and spent the" day visiting Miss Mary Hiller of 'that place. Marion;, Chronicle': Master Mark Beal of. Logansport:, returned to his home today.afiei-'speuding a week with the fahi'My df-' - Ecr"-K!nncimaD A. B. Dodd oC i.o'gSMsport. called on friends in rh'c .city ,todny, and looked after business .Interests^ Richmond' Telegram: E. B. Sargent, of Loga'nisport, is In the city Mr. roilicr formerly'of tlie Urm o-f .Collier & Baker; of'tills d.ty, was in the city .^a short,time, yesterday to company with Ills wife cn'ro-ute home i'roui Dayon to Logansport: Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE BY ONE POINT. The Baltimores Lead in the National League Race. ' i LOST U V WATCH.- John Mj'ei-s.-tho blacksmith of North .trecf; lo^ha : watcli yesterday morning ibout tea o'clock, while watching the ).irade o( Buffalo Bill's wild riders. The timej-plece was removed from his walstcoatj '^bcWft" .by a iiffht-flngered party,*';d'lid !; w i a's not ia sight when Mr. Myers d'lic6yered' : 'lils loss. Mr. Myers, was luclijne&v.t6''tUln'k the ticker had been tnkan""fr6m his shop earlier In tht 'enoo'n.l -FIRE ALARM. ^flre department was called out ast n'fgfit about 11:45 by a false alarm. : ; l'n| from 1 Dotan's Wliali.'Vi.'r may 1.K- the outcome of tht; game today, the Ottos will (five ihe Western champions a tussle. OC eourst; llicre is no one who believes that the Ottos can win, tor "Little George" will pitch as best he can nnd it goes without saying ilial the ''Spiders" will win, bur can the Ottos score 1 .- That is the question. There are many who think they can aud thorn is 'no reason to doubt theiv Judgment. Manager Keller is working hard to put the Ottos in the front rank of tht amateur clubs of nhe State, and consequently of the country. It is all hut certain that Durrett, the IJocKvjlle pitcher, and Kyle, ihc swift l<- J ft fielder of the same team, will wear an Otto uniform before many days. With the additiou of these two, and possibly one other, who will hold second base down, the team will be as jjooil as can be found. The Military Bund base ball learn will meet the Cirgarmakers this morning at the driving park. The baud fellows have won every game .they have played so far aud are wing after this one against a (earn which has also had a good string of victories to its credit. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. • Now iit's Baltimore who is in the lead. It is only one point 'ils true, but a point is a point, and it means u lead of that much. President Stucky of the Louisville club, swore out warrants yesterday against Tebeau, Childs, O'Cowier, Ctippy, Burkett, Blake, Mc-Garr. McAleer aud McKean, of the Cleveland club, charging them wlih disorderly conduct. A special says that these players almost precipitated a riot at the Louisville ball park Friday by assaulting Umpire Weidman. Following is the result o-f the games yesterday: At Boston—Philadelphia T Boston 11. At Chicago—Pittsburg 10, Chicago At St. Louis—Cincinnati r>, St. Louis 2, , v: At .New York—Brooklyn S, New Tork 0. ; At Washington—Baltimore G, Washington r>. • STANDING OF THE CLUBS. ! Clubs Won Lost PerCt. Baltimore 35 10 .048 Cleveland 38 IS ..OJ7 Cincinnati 3T 22 .027 Boston 33 21 .011 Washington 27 24 . .520 Chicago 31 29 .017 Philadelphia 20 28. .WO PLttsbnrg 28 27 .500 Brooklyn 2S 2S .oOO New York 23 32 . ,US St. Louis .....13 41 .208 Louisville 11 41 .212 DIED ON THE TRAIN. An eiglit-months-old child died on a Panhandle train, c.nst-bouiid Friday morning at Marion. The babe passed away in the arms of its mother, Mrs. Marguerite Haverly of Dayton, Ohio, who was on her way from Chicago home. She continued her sad Journey. A PLAIN WEDDING. A wedding occurred yesterday evening at the office of Prosecutor Hale. His Honor, Mayor McKec, pronounced the ceremony and the principal actors were Mr. William J. Wells and Miss Anna Fuller. The happy couple took in the circus and properly celebrated Ihe notable event. NEXT TO. BARNUM DAY. Tlie merchants whose Hues of business arc a pood test of a circus crowd, say that the throng of people iu the city yesterday was not so large as that drawn by Barnum's circus last summer, but that next to Baruuui day, it was the best day for holiday business ever known. RAILROAD NOTES. Born to Mr. aud Mis. Willtam Benson of the Eastond, a son, Born to Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Btissard of the Wcstside, a son: Dr. Barafleld has fitted up offices over Ben Fisher's drug store. Dr. Bamfield'6 office, over Ben Fisher's dnig store, 311 Fourth street. There will be no se'rvice this evening at tihe Broadway Presbyterian church, 1 There wer.e seventy, applicants . for teachers' license at the examination held Yesterday at the Central school building! . ' • !*Thomp60n's Huntlngton . Ice cream at Kennedy's bakery and cream parlors. ' t . • . i ,Cl»arley Baker, formerly with the Reporter, and a well known athlete, Is IK.IW oily vditor of the Daily Capital nt Sciialia, Mo. Pern,«•]!? a delegation of about two hundred to see Buffalo Bill's Wild West, The Brewery workers hold a private .piciu'c .at Pykcman's Springs up the Wabash today. BiK-klnRlwuj's Dye for the Whiskers can 1><; applied when at. home, and Is uniformly successl'uj' :n coloring :i brown or black. Hence its great popularity. FANCIES OF SICK PEOPLE. Paeiuntu Uave Ouecr Wlilmn Tlmt Cannot AlwayH Bo Indulged. About The mannc-r of serving their food patients sometimes have curious fancies. In one case a woman flatly refused to take her beef tea unless the bread which accompanied it was cut in tbc sb^pe of diamonds, while iu another it is always necessary to serve the foo.'l in a blue bowl, for out of nothing else whatever would she take nourishment. A boy who was attacked wiib scarjet fever showed great disinclination to take his food, liutfinally agreed to swallow what was necessary, provided he was fed in the following 1 way: The beef ten, or whatever was to be given him, was put into a silver teapot, the spout was placed in his mouth, and in this manner the food was poured down bis throaf. An elderly gentleman who spent much of his time in hunting in Africa, on being- ask:d if lie fancied any particular dish., replied that he would like a bit cf "lephant's foot. Under certain circumstances this dish is a dainty and nourishing- one, but the price of the elephant being prohibitive, this elderly Nimrod was forced to content himself with beefsteak instead. A clergyman with a broken leg had a great longiEg to put on a pair of stilts, a pastime which he had never yet tried, while a man whose leg had been amputated, although ndmilting the impracticability of the wish, declared that a passion for skating had BO seized upon him since the loss of the limb that he regretted being operated upon chic-fly on that account. STILL ON THE BOOKS. Government Tre«urcr C»rrle» »n Item RcprCMinting: Paper Lone ABO Destroyed. The books of the United States treasury fctill carry an item of $1,000,00, which represents United States notes which are supposed to hare been con- sum e<3 in the greal Chicago fire 25 years ago, says the New York Sun. It was known that there .was $1,000,000 of currency, more or less, in the vaults of tbe subtreasury then, and that none of It was recovered, but the denominations of those notes and tbe exact amount are' unknown, "5 the hooks of the cushicr were consiime:7'also. There could not have been, however, very many dollars less or very many dollars more than $1,0(10,000, and it would simplify the accounts of the treasury and have a great deal of labor to the bookkeepers if congress should pass a bill or resolution recognizing the fact that this money is no longer in existence, for every day when the cashier of the treasury balances his accounts he hr.G to include this item, deducting it or adding it as the case jnay be from the amount in hand. It appears upon every daily, weekly, monthly nnd yearly statement of tbft assets and liabilities of the government as "unknown destroyed United States notes, $1,000,000." \Vntcb roar Chanco, "There is no such thing as luck," said Col. North once. "Everybody in this world has chances. What people, call 'hick' simply means that a man sees his chance, holds on to it, and at the right moment works it for himself. 'Luck?' Nonsense! 'Luck' is simply the faculty of seizing passing opportunities." Oar Flr»t Itank. f Tbe first bank within the limits of the United States was chartered in Philadelphia in 171. It was incorporated by congress under the title: "The President, Directors nnd Company of the Bank of North America." Modernizing the Cutle. Lifts, telephones and electrophones have within the last month or two rev- olutioniztd the interior of .Windsor castle. DISTRESSING IRRITATIONS . OF THE. SKIN Instantly Relieved by To ck-ruiM, purify, nud" beautify "llie alp. and hair. u> «ll»y itchlw •»*'^. t »S'- i-al flufiDR', cicoriatiow, and ulccrnllvc-wcmk- «.U to «»«dily cure, tho fir.l .ymploBH -of - orl... |. . nolhlnu »o pate, fo nvcct, co .wholMome, «o °n'.fdily cffcttlvc M *«nn butt, with CUTJCCB* SOAP, and 9^oilc application. 'oJ X3nriccni. (ointment), thc-grcankln cure.

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