The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1934
Page 3
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ILLE (ASK.) «[S3 LOUISE DUOS MRS, Rimt CAMPBELL MBS. BERTHA M. HARRIJ MRS. EDNA H. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M, FERGUSON O D E R N-H O M E-N EWS Cooducud for *b newp-pcr b 0» of fa w«n*n ^fcTbT..-*!*. .uAoritJTTu nlJ. «,T**?? * * ' V v MM tt-flOteNCS itntfff PMm «f MMM oMJunj Miss Ferguson Gives Advice: That Will Help Insure Success. Dear Friend;;, in niylhhviUr.: . DiiriJij the sf.ssions of llm'Cook- Ing fKjloo) many r«ine:,U came |i> for good, "eni,j'" ctiiuly'rcclpfs. Tlil« Is the season whcji till of m think In tfnin or holiday sweMs. v.'hMlwr Dtfy sirs to 1,3 w-i-vMl 16 Ih-i fuini- tyi or Ixw.'d und sr-nt ruiro'-.s the . street (o a iwilgl'itior as a Christ - inas romombrance. Candles. %licn niojia-ly inailo, aiul nicely l«x«l -mob- !ik-r,l 'romr-m- tirafcoe.i (o frlcndr, mid family away ' from homo, and r.uch boxes f.ra Idea] f<v l!io chiireh, club aiicl ledge OhHsJinan sales. I have selected l'e^- ipei from rny nips, which tinva nl- way* proved popular; hut, heJorc making • Uto candy,' bn «iro to us- setnblb'ttie nccofsary aecessorler. for Ptoptr, .packaging. Candy hoxos | vlUi holiday wrappore arc . to Jir found In (lie- live • and ten cent storfe In abundance as wnll as nt Ihc'iwpor novelty. couiitpni-of other stores. Christmas wrapping paper and cellophane, ribbons. slWf.r ami gold cord,; . . and stickers arc , , on sale now In such prolusion tha you will have 'no' trouble '-selecting the colors and kinds you lyaht. .The .interior of bin pncl:ft - .5c Slioijld be as neat 'and ' ajipEallnz as the exterior, and this will <>«!>• be- 'true If you use : waxed j-Joimi Made Gifts Arc Always .Appreciated wles ana nil them v illi ti.ry mill civ* puddings. miiioi menl or meat pie Tie Ihe. covers m place With .rjhrLstmns ribbons, a*. sh,,.ui, or box llit>m° mm map wiin gay papers Bake the/eake or pudding rlgHt In Ihc dish, and if u |, n fiull uAc he II inn -ind decorate wllh mil* — „. .,.„,, m,, Angelllca cut to -tool: like a holly leaf, or slip In a nlt-co of mil holly. Such gifts arc welcomed by ill-Is , s OCCllslolllll b l with n sniUillti and hoys away at cchool, hy women who lire hi sanall apartments nnd cannot do much holiday cookery, ™.'. .J.* 1 .." 1 . 0 l » !cook . ccl mixture from and hy .anyone who 1ms • n sweet tooth. *•*!«• Ettom , NANCT HOWE S. GEORGE THURN • MRS. EMILY M. I,AUTZ Here Arc' Recipes Tluil Provide Excellent Substitutes for Meat. On n "monlloss day" In iiddltlon to I' and lentil mui benu ''substitutes" ))(. sure lo Include guo-.l .. dishes. These are delicious mid unusual. l.efk or Onion Omelet eggs; five tablespoons ml\k; one teaspoon sail; two ttilMcfipoons Ift-: one eighth teaspoon pepper; Uo tiiUcspOons gitvn Dillon* oi 1 leeks, minced; olio inblcafioon txtr- sloy, chopped. «H the. eggs slightly, yolks and to.i together. A<ld the milk, suit, and pepper. Mince the tiny statin union:; or leeks, using some or HID green top;-, n;; w pu as ()JO whit*roots. Add the onion ami finely chopped parsley lo the eggs. Melt the fat in an oitiolol pun or skillet,. Turn the pan-from s ia- lo side to mnk.i sure that It, la thoroughly greased with the fair '<>H>nr- wlso the omelet will tllek. Add Ihe omelet and cook- slowly." 1,1ft ipooii Worcestershire; sniicrv one, iiilr cii]i coleiy, nut In sinnU'plM- fs; 0110 hfllf ciip carrots, co'iked and diced; two liibkiiionns •'choim::! (^rsley, chopped. Soften the gelatlno In tho cold 'aler for live mliiiHc/,. Add (lit- oi tomiUo Juico nnd stir until the .'Inline Is dissolved. Add the. 'inon Juice, Knit, onion juico >nj Vorceslcrshlro saiico. Cool, Whin Ijpjlns to thicken add the tumped vcgclnblcB and ) 1; ut nil lolils with Ih,; Jelly, when nl- icwt nrni, press in (ho |,nlr nx. "d nil tho mold wllh the n main IK Jdly. l>!iu:o |,i tlic.rcfrlt,, ra- )(• lo.beromii.ilrni and cold , Unmolil niitA F ;ci v« on crisp leaves ' lettuce with cooked siilncl diown: or. mtiyoimako. Kin olds, butter; one cup waln!it V; k(;rncls;. one cup ral.slns; one ictisnoou vti- nllla. - 'Boll the sugar and water to the soft ball stage, add, the butter and nuts and heat until creamy. Add the raisins. Pour into the between layers, assort your colon bulicrc-d pan. \Vhcii cool cut in nnr\ t-inrii. nffani .. ...1 •_.... crnjill nfr-vipc , sticky, pieces such as ghee mil. or cherry, or a caraiie.]. set in a lltlle frilled paper clip. Such cups are sold at paper novelty supply store ; Stuffed Dates I Huy the largest and best quality dntc.s, nnd with n sharp jiolnlcil paring knife, remove the. .stone. ' or they may-be-horns-made from Have the stuffings ready to "slip colored cellophane. Ulenslls 1 Needed | A large enameled or aluminum granulated .saucepan; a wooden spoon for beat- ' Ing; a large tablespoon for •.stirring: Ihe usual measuring lools; lint square (In pans; a candy luermoni- •ft eler, or lacking It,' careful eyes in X 'fpUow'the re'clps directions for iesl- Ing fhe candy, are Weeded 1C horn: made candy is to b-r successful. With the thermometer. Ihe thread .or; sof(.; (jail, filage is 236 to 'Hi degrees; ilje, bariJ*»iall or evict-sla'ss'r , fc" 2-10* (a .251 j'degrees; .the hard crack.. o^' iaramel is' 300^ When .j,'>y; lliermpmel'er or/sr/ft. tslL-.-rehioyc; thf-.keitip 'r'jnh, lhe.-:lieat-;. ;f6r- the'; fe'w 'second'; of J!ffl,!ii7g'dui'lii(;.,ti)e. .test- nVaj'.cliangf the consistency.. -," ". ,•'.'« ..'; '" •1,-TTo.^m'akQi glaco'- nnls" ; anti Tfiiil, t|r,e l.ialyf s . of - pecans",-. 'Brazil nuts ''- ' into place, then press Ihc edges o( Hie..clntcs .together and roll In ilaled siinnr. :For stnffinps ready sinll pieces of can' ginger; candied orange or ?rapefrult |jcel; nut, kernels; raisins: halves of .inmr.hmallow coconut; candied cherries; cnndlecl uprleot. •..'..Sugarless CauOy Pnl. through the fou'd choiiper ie half pound, ccedle.'s .riilMns- one half iiound dates; one naif •>ound •. .figs;, - oiie -' pbuncl shelled mils.'Mis w|th'one. fourth pound irajed cocoiiul.; 'and : add 'two ta- . walntUs; y '.cherries: .'seedea clierrles,- drain ' cd'.of-liielr julce;"ialsms; seedlesr while grapes. . i... ; ;', ^ . ' ; . .: .•'-' i, .Glace.. .':'!' . : .. -'. .Heat.tpgether '.one cup"granulated sugar.,'one .half'clip iwater, anri one.'.islxfeeiith' teaspoon :'cren_m' of laftar. ., tlie ' luii'd'crack sfag^:: •;....-; ; • -• ••••-•. ' D«>i>".lhe"f/u|£ or'nut'meals 'in- lo the s>*hip. one'at a lime. R-. moye i-llh the/wire,,egg heater o- a fork, .draining OIT the- .excess syrup. PInce. on wa.verl paper \vhic'; has,been .rubbed with butler or sal' ad oil. Spiced Nuts Two .teaspoons salt, one fourth teaspoon nutmeg; one fourth teaspoon allspice; one fourth teaspoon cloves'; • shortening. : r \Vhole nut kernels such as almonds, walnuts, hlck- i ory.nuts. , • yi Melt the shortening, enough M cover the nuts, and Iieat; lower the nuts into it in 'a wire basket 01 sieve, stir until they arc coaled anr delicately browned, tlien remove h and drain on paper lowelini;. Willie ' still warm sprinkle wllh tile splcc mixture, turn and sprinkle agnhi 1*1 cool and dry. use lo vary the layers or candy in th?. Christina box. .'Or serve on the lable. Salted niils are made (he rjiine way. .but when the nuts aro ho and coated, dm In, sprinkle wilh n litlle call, and let cool. Buiwn Su^ar Finfgf Two niid one-half cup-, brown sugar; one half cup mill:;- our- h fl l' cup cWain; one square or ounce o)lOfo!a(<>;. l«o tabfeiuoons butter Cook the sugar, nillfe, cream and uralfd cliorolate together to the soft ball stage'{soft ball forms when a little IS dropped from the tlu of a sixion Into a cup of cold water). Slir In the bulter. Set in a pan of -cold Mter to coo), and begin beating with Ihe .wooden spoon. Beat unlll Ihe mixture te'crsatny. four Into flat pans rubbExl with cutter, exit info squares. Chofolale Caramels One half cup cream; one and on; hair, cups sugar; Uvo tablespoon? butter; Lone. teaspoon vanilla; four la blespoons corn sj'trp; tliw sciuaros chocolate; one cup choppod nieicory nut Or pecan kernels. Combine the cream. .suBarv mo... s an d chocolate and heat un- urpp i n co , d wn(cr is ml . U(> and vanilla, and • Pour Into a pan -„, ,„ cr , butter, When cool „ JLT" 1 ^' Wra P each square .,'» waxed pap_e,- ^ ^inl . o a- Jlcsfipons whitr-: syrUp.- Shape into -alls i)r- > oh!ongs.; ; t)ell(;lons: ,',' j , V" ;;.".' ,riaiin*s : •••'• ; One- cup browii /siignr; oiic half '.up New Orleans -molasses- out] I MID cream i'; two', (ablcspoons but- er;: one .-EixieHith . tmpooh salt;'M,; ; halr.- tcasnoon TOpiiin- om> 'ouud.. pecan. •kernels. 'Boll sugar; :eream alid .butter to- Tclher,'.- stirring constanlly mull ••, •M.bAU is. rorincd . when tried In •old water,: '.Remove '. from Iho 'eat, add nuts and: vanilla stir A Favorite Recipe Of Edna M. Ferguson linked Onions anil Cheese and nice Two cups cooked rice; six or ehht onions; two teaspoons shortening; two tablespoons flour; orin cup milk; Ihrpe fourths cup grated diccsc; one eiahth teaspcon Cayenne iwp- |)er; one teaspoon, salt. Peel tho onions muter water and parboil tlicin until tender, changing the water once. Mn>:e n sauce hy melting Ilic I'at. adding Ihc flour, (lie salt, cayenne, and Ihc mill;. Cook Oils mixture 'until 11 is smooth, let it cool, iidd the e'"ted cheese, and bring Ihc s'nucc slowly ' to the boiling point,, Ellning it constantly, place In li baking dish alternate layers of th'e rice nnd onions 1 lorn apart, pmiron the cheese sauce and bake at 350 dcgrers, for twenty minutes Tins ir eight, i< buktn<f powder; one h bran; one cup niilmeats pcd); one half cup dales ' lop will i When the omelet Is golden unilerncalh, and the upper porllon c ™ ilm l' UuL no longer liquid, the I Beit tho (cut Omelet until . , twenty to thirty minutes. Remove of t. ~ Homey Salads Three ' cups cabbage, finely shredded; one third cup vineaar; two tablespoons sugar; one fourth teaspoon .'salt; dash or pepper'; dSsli or pnprlka; due 'fourth cup one fourth cup cream of sour cremn whlpocd.; Crisp c,il,)«TO. hy al!iWlnVill' : !n - ' Stuffed Kggs In Tomato Jelly Three eggs, hard cooked; two la nlespoons cooked salad di'esshiR one half leas|Hxm prepared nius lard; [wo - teaspoons sweet pickle chopped. . . . Remove tho shells fi-ouf ttie eggs Cut the cgss In halves lengthwise .remove the. yolks and mash Lheu wllh n fork. Add Ilio salar) clj-fss Inif. imistai-d. and sweet pickle, an i»Ix-.\vell.; Add salt." ir your nahu u not.l,ii;li|y:se!jso'ne<l. Re : *W-\* teller:, nd'dr ^'* M not.hiidily.seasonc.l, rie (lioroimhly. -Add 1 vinegar' sugar ' ' • - , *'''''*•* lv " 1 '- !' lc -Voikmix I'ore serving. Drnin -again: lp?2thcr' with dn made by roUUng Toss ISSllJg' n wl *w*<i «;Am«V Sr L lctluo6 - Swws sh %r tf4eiv li 8 " fl '•« '«"« ^'cl^od c,j r y llrn . U red cnbtauc., '.'•;•.'" nuUcrseolch Cookies : ... . ... IL ^ i.,m. t'mujjji tiliri r\ • •onslaiitly until, it'begins to sucar " e cup slJD1 'tenlng; 'two cups Then, drop' /rbm lip of spoon "" s " Bm "' """ • <"""• """ •.nn'lt 1 ^\rt,.«J-'-_. '- . .. t' uv *" TOal! i fourth sugar; - two . teaspoon salt; one one cup mds on a slieel of waved ' ~—• *"'" tulJ •aper rubbeil'-'vitii Jjutier r i= bl ^»: • three, cups Hour; three le<t- •'• ' ' ls spoons baking powder. Blend butter and sugar, -add •nportant to drop n s soon as the ugaring' shows. •- i, Coconut Pallies -MlHFrH^I? -""- l ^ " sllapa illl ° >pooji butter; ono oaspoons vanilla. lesss and beat together. Add bran. Sift Hour nnd taking powder and one half Bod . he sugar, milk and butter mill Ihe sj-mp threads. Remove ram Hie heat and add the coco- elghtlis inch slices and bake on cookie sheet. In hot oven. 425 de grees This dozen thin cookies two inches . . grees p. for about- ten minutes. -ween and one half in ;m and vanllln. Stir briskly un-idlaniDlw nearly cold. Drop by sp 00 ,,- "^ Qn ^ ^^ One table-spoon shortening; one 'uls onlo buttered paper. Uutlerscolcli Two ciijis granulated sjiar; one bwilcn; cup honey; oiie egg, well - --, — o v ..'nu oiiKiti um: • wi.ucn, one inirt. cun bitter iair ctip milk; one >,aire\ip cider, orange' marmalade; one hird cm 'IncKar: or.n hnlf nm lu.iin. T-.I- h,r.,,,. .-• ...,_.,' ""<•""'« <-«p , one third, cup bitter 'Inegar; one half cup butter. Dls-1 briin" : onc third u _-. ..„.. t ,,,, ,,,, Ll .tj. ijis- uL.vii, uuc Ultra cuu flour nnf oJv« Ihc sugar In the milk. Boll ! half teaspoon baking powder'- one •low v nntI u. i"iii ii.i.iu.1 i, n if ...,L " .. ^ l"™''.<•'. one , .mill it will n,read ami hnlf teasr^n ^U' "oiE ,h.- ( iiinosi but not quite crack, stir fMea almonds, chopped n the vinegar and butter. Pom-1 Blend shortening and honev mlo buttered tin, and when cool Add egg, marmalade and brmV :ut in small squares. Wrap • ! ""• "- •-•• vn.wl paper when boxing. 1 — EDNA M. FEIKIITSON. crtbtwy Bilked Bean and .Tomato Salail Eight . tomatoes, psolfd: ono . , fourth cup 'mayonnaise; two • .-- L-cnns; 1 three- sinnll" gherkins, cut fine. Cut tomatoes almost to bottom Into-six even wedge's and press apart like petals of n flower. Plate tomatoes, stem-end clown, on cris roinaiiie. — blended Fill centers with well baked beans, gherkin ana mayonnaise mixture Serves eight. ' Chest Colds Don't let- Ihe.m gel n strangle liold. Fight, them (iiiiekly. Creomul- sion combines 7 helps In one. Pow- emil but Imrmless. Pleasant 10 take. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized (o refund your money on the spot- it .your cfliigli - . i or cold is imt relieved bv Creo- ,p . tablespoons.,gelatine; on cup 'cold water; oho al'id on — cups hot tomato juice; one in Ijlwiioon lemon-Julen; one'half U-a .".. oiilw. jnlfe; oni; half -,|da punt'.., aiiillcd By .Prlgldalre SaTc - Snnifary Pint - 7c Quart - IZc CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 Kfake. two or three hags or col- ton flannel large enough to fit jver broom or ceiling mop. UF.? s fresh one to clean tho ceilin« mil as soon lis It Is u bit soiled, ivasli it. Kiisier ilmn washing a jelling mop. Use niiothtr mop or Over for mouldings. -- a^ft 11 1.1 j.i MI, 411 III IJI 111] in Sin. Hour, baking powder and salt add nuts and stir Into first mixture. Bake In greased tin, nine by tursc Indies In modemte oven 375 degretd P. for tR'enty-nve mln- . - mn ntos. Cut in sfiuares.; Roll !n powdered nuee.r. Mnke.i two ,'dojen one Inch squarM. ' ' l»ate . ... Thieo eggs: one nnd''one half cii]>s brown sugar, lllfi'pe'o.fburtlis cup' nour; • Ili'r'cq ionrllis . A TIME SAVER ,P*«pare biscuit ormuffin dough wheuconvenient. Set m cool place and bake hours later if you wish. ' You save time in using *im J* Double Tested — Double Action KG BAKING POWDER Same Price Today as 44 Tears Ago 15 ounces tor 35c You can also buy A full 1C buTica can (or I0« IS ounce can for ijc MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVE BEEN USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT ROSE BUD COFFEE PACKED "TUB FIRST RIP TELLS" NOW IN BLYTHEVILLE AT YOUR GROCKRS This famous coffee has been (he. choice of humlmls oi Arkansas homes for 1)3 years. Vacuum packer!, in the ncw S la SS jar it brings vou nil the (nic sroodness.of fresh, well blcndo;! coti'ee. The now glass jar is nicely decorated ami has ninny household or may l« i-ettirned (o your grocer for Sc credit. llislrihiiled Hy THE CRAFTON CO. '"ons; one aw . pounds il celery; three : pounds A New Cranberry I'ie ^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M •/ on tint | Try It fc'fi for this drllcloiii wlnttr fftlftyl pie, " ML< ' i " y " Llnss!l , L.IUVC (JUUIlUh ^'-- • of shorteinns; llollL rl: sliouldcr, one ""'' ,,,vri n n (icr ra\oille liu^o frcvity dais nut ily ' .1th all the fflm- - ... niijs nuc uy liX .iXLll" 1 !,', Ih'c! °"" fOU ' Ul W lljno1 ' JBte.' "oi ('Si ° n ° CUP L00 '"' milll < Mrl13 ' can of ; imwhrooias : <or ww omul fr«ili mushrooms) • bu« cnu 'a^r'ssus y ^ — SSL, rsS""sK?'g. »-* oieau nnd cut up tlw oWOlw , Wash tllp dec thoroiuiily noil Blend togethei milk, 16mon , I. i A^' ^ "" ll U:ilVrs Wry'" tlllre iwaii-i.or suliul water Julci' Ucwcd cianbenlcs and egg mil trnnsparent In oiie huh cup nriccn nilnutes Di.iln Klmko ilij <ol^ I'mn plf nilhw )nlr> bnk-d i siiortcniiiR tn ft iimvy ki>lt\c Combine oU luan^lenUi Bnko In nlieH. Co\cr wlUi nierhicue maflo i 1 frying pan tightly covered Iho mCKleratp u\cn dio degree, r by bcitlng cpg «hlte=i until still team formed makes this vcr> >'»tll hot lliioii«h r a e ^n inin- lot and orte unfit Ix; cnrcful not, if frcsli niuiluooins ire used "I* 1 ' ° f "till )iro\ui In a WXIemfo Cut up the pork pttl the cup', with a t.llvci oi m< - n ' 35 ° 'Nrees r Ohlll boforn , ', ' ; /,, Fly ,, ln . ll " v le " '""'"I's.s'slc.el knife, and winu In Diving ,,....,„,« fat mill K'ell brmnuxl Inittei until daik Then add to — .over and cook slowly thirty mln- Ihe mlxtuic. ' Read OmlrlM • Nf REALLY WAHTS * What gift could be more appropriate than one which lightens that most tedious and time-consuming of household tasks -the choking of meals~365 days ayear. ^IN- DEFINITE ECONOMY Electric Cookery costs less than a beany a meal fitr person. (National average.} HEALTHFUL FOODS Poods cook with practically no water. Health-giving Vitamins art reiitineil AMAZING SPEED llelpafat's Hi-Spif,/ Cairo J i tat ing coils cpokfufait at food trill cook MORE LEISURE Hotpoint coots autonlati- cally.Kelraiesiii/Kfronicook- iagforotheri/Htiesorleisurt. * CLEAN AS SUNSHINE No soot or grime lo blacken the bottom of pots and pans. * This Christmas, why not present Mother with something that is more than a mere remembrance? G ive her a Hotpoint Automatic Electric Range— the gift that keeps on giving — year after year. It. will, mean easier and better cooking for Mother, with 1 less time in the kitchen— time to do the things she would really like to do. It will bring joy, not only to Mother, but to the entire family. Hotpoint Electric Cookery is delightfully simple, fast, certain and economical. The tasty flavor of foods cooked this modern way tickle palates. ELECTRIC RANGE Buy from Your Dealer or Arkansas-Missoiiri Power Co. "At Your Service"

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