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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 18
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Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 18

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:

Dei Moines Tribune Pane 1 0 Television RADIO Moment At 2:20 of Springs Arrival: a. m. Thursday Tell Details Of Trial Liquor Bill Liquor Continued from Page One In. Preclp. Too Much Punch for Judy Show 1 By Jack Gould New York Tlmte News Service NEW YORK, N. Y. Judy Garland's special program of a year ago was accorded a number of seasonal honors; as a display of personality in popular entertainment, it was something out of the ordinary. But on Tuesday night's how, the same magic did not prevail; the star's intensity was so overwhelming that her performance regrettably was more tiring than engaging. In the jargon of the show business, Miss Garland is probably second to none when it comes to "'belting out" a number. But hers is a technique to be employed with discretion; above all, it requires a framework of melodic understatement if the virtue of musical contrast is to be realized. Feverish Neither Miss Garland nor her battery of directors took such precautions. The show began at feverish pace and continued without let-up for the full Terry Bailey (left) and David Chivers, who serve on school patrol at Carlisle, have a big smile for Thursday, the first day of spring in Iowa. 1:00 AM. UI 20, I9M Bat from U.S. WMTHI 1UMAU HO1 1 "50- 60 Unli' Thursday Morning I 60 low Tompofolortl Expttod himil LOCAL Clearing Wednesday warmer Thursday, high 52. IOWA Clearing Wednesday night, colder northeast and extreme north, lows 20 to 25 northeast to near 30 southwest. Fair and warmer Thursday, high near 40 northeast to the 50 southwest. Partly cloudy and continued mild Friday. THROUGH MONDAY Temperatures will average 5 to 10 degrees above normal highs of 45 to 53 and normal lows of 25 to 33. Mild through period with little or no precipitation except for the possibility of a few light showers Friday or Saturday. SHIPPERS Prepare perishables for night lows of 25 northwest, 27 southwest, 20 northeast, 23 southeast. DES MOINES MOISTURE 1.94 inches since Mar. 1, or .73 above normal; 3.49 inches since Jan. 1, or .12 below normal. DES MOINES RIVER RISING Stage 7 a. m. Wednesday at Second ave. in Des Moines: 15.4 feet (bankfull, 23). 60 minutes. To such fragile numbers as "Almost Like Being in Love" or "By Myself," for instance, Miss Garland brought a vigor and volume that was somewhat more suitable to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." As a consequence the night's repertoire sounded all rather much the same. Miss Garland and Robert Goulet indulged "in a protracted duet of standard tunes that were distressingly over-arranged and oversung. And the meaning of the lyrics was made subordinate to the awkward direction which required the two principals Iowa Low to Hl.h i m. City Tuet. Wed Boone 37 2i Burlington S3 35 Carroll 40 77 Cedar Rapids 44 33 Council Bluffs 4e 32 Davenport 51 35 Des Moines 3S 30 Dubuque 43 2 Fort Dodge 37 J4 Jefferson 3t 21 Knoxville 44 31 Lamonl 47 32 Marshalltown 3 30 Mason City 33 28 Ottumwa 4i 33 Red Oak 45 32 Sioux City 43 30 Spencer 3 25 Waterloo 37 31 Winterset 40 30 '-Denotes trace Tuet. Wed. United States High 1, Orlando, Ra. Low 0, Caribou, Me. 4:30 am Hiati Low City Wed. Tues. Wed. Albuquerque Clear 55 31 Atlanta Clear 80 49 Bismarck Clear 48 22 Boston Snow 44 33 Brownsville Clear 80 40 Cheyenne Clear 38 27 Chicago Cloudy 58 30 Denver Clear 29 Detroit Snow 39 32 Duluth Cloudy 29 28 Fairbanks Clear 7 i4 Fargo Clear 41 17 Fort Worth Clear 74 45 Fresno Clear 44 42 Honolulu Clear 79 49 Internat'l Falls Snow 34 24 Juneau Cloudy 41 28 Kansas City Clear 41 39 Los Angeles Clear 70 52 Memphis Clear 79 44 Miami Clear 82 75 Minneapolis Clear 34 24 New Orleans Cloudy tl 43 New York Rain 44 35 North Platte Clear 53 22 Oklahoma City 44 40 Omaha Clear 44 32 Phoenix Clear 72 51 Portland, Ore Cloudy 58 47 Reno Clear 41 23 St. Louis Clear 44 34 Salt Lake City 44 29 San Francisco Clear 43 49 Seattle Cloudy 55 45 Tampa Cloudy 84 70 Washington Cloudy 45 37 Outside United States (Midnight. City and time Iowa timet Temp. Berlin, 7 a. Cloudy Casablanca, 7 a. m. Copenhagen, 7 a. m. Havana, 1 a. Clear London, 4 a. Cloudy Madrid, 7 a. m. Cloudy Mexico City, Midnight. Cloudy Montreal, 1 a. Snow Moscow, a. Clear Rome, 7 I. Cloudy San Juan, 1 a. Clear Tokyo. 3 p. Clear Warsaw, 7 a. Cloudy Winnipeg, Midnight Clear 45 45 43 21 1 44 50 44 ZS 11 The Sun: Sets 4:27 p. m. Wednesday Rises 4:17 a. m. Thursday to clubs and bars at wholesale prices. Places holding liquor licenses could be open until 1 a. m. on weekdays, but would have to close at midnight Saturday. They could not open until 7 a. m. There could be no liquor sales on Sunday. No specific and far-reach ing control measures were contained in the bill, but the proposal does spell out that violations could result in $1,000 fine and a jail term ranging from 30 days to one year, or both. Both Republican and Demo cratic party organizations have been urging legislators to pass a liquor-by-the-drink measure. Chances It generally has been conceded that the liquor bill with the most chance of passing would some out of Schroe-der's Senate committee and would be acted upon first by the Senate. Most 'political observers agree that a liquor bill with strong enforcement provisions would pass the Senate but would have a much more difficult time getting through the House. 3 Bus Drivers To Get Awards Three Continental Trail-ways bus drivers will receive safe-driving awards from the company following a safety! meeting and dinner Wednesday night at Noah's Ark restaurant. C. E. Randolph of 3929 Forty-eighth place will receive a 20-year award, C. W. Van Rees of Knoxville a 13-year award and R. D. Grim of Indianola a two-year award. .00 .00 .00 .10 .00 .00 .00 .00 .05 .00 .05 .03 .00 34 59 30 73 Merch 20. 1963 3 JUDY GARLAND Advice: Slow Down to look into each other's eyes for an interminable period. Laugh There was one imaginative sequence calling for a quick change of costumes; for this number Phil Silvers, who otherwise had little to do, joined Miss Garland and Goulet for what was essentially a mild sight laugh. If Miss Garland is to last out a regular weekly hour and such a series has been announced for next fall her advisers will need to slow down the pace of her offerings. On the CBS Tuesday night, her show was basically a 60-minute finale. used in cases where damage resulted to his crops, himself or his family. Opponents argued that damage often does not show up, especially in human beings, for more than 60 days. This section of the measure then was withdrawn and the bill sailed quickly through the Senate. Voting against the bill were Republicans D. C. Nolan of Iowa City, Richard Turner of Council Bluffs and Wiley. Re publican Senators Howard C. Buck of Melbourne and Clif ford Vance of Mount Pleas ant were absent or did not vote. All other senators voted for the measure. Fees The Senate proposal covers all pest control and termite control operators and tree sprayers. It would require payment of an initial license fee of $10, with a $5 annual renewal fee. Individual employes of pest control firms would not have be. long as the 7 which. thev were ployed was licensed and li able for their actions. Public employes, such as those in state and city park departments, would be licensed, but would be exempt from paying fees and from penalties. The label on a pesticide container would have to include instructions for proper use and an antidote to the poison. The bill states that no person applying a pesticide will be held liable for damage if the pesticide is applied in accordance with, or at a rate less than, the requirements on the label. 5) I i fm I I I If Vf- 1 WHO Radio 1040 NBC, Des Moines WEDNESDAY 5:00 News 7:30 Kennedy In 5:10 Duane Ellett Central Amer. 5:45 Sports 8:00 Knight Sounds 6:00 Farm 9:30 Rad. Moscow Roundup 9:45 People 6:15 News, Weath 10:00 News, Sports 6:45 Overture 10:30 Knight Sounds 12:00 Wayne Olson WHO-FM 100.3 mc. 9:30 Rad. Moscow 6:45 Overture 9:45 People 7:30 Knight News THURSDAY i 4:30 Slim Hayes 12:00 Farm News 5:30 News, Weath. 12:15 Go Visiting 5:45 On The Mall 12:30 News 6:00 Heaven H. 12:45 Farmorama 6:15 Farm Facts 1:00 News 7:00 Jerry Carr 1:15 Betty Baker 7:30 News 1:25 Basketball 7:45 Jerry Carr Boys' Tourney 11:35 Kitchen Club 4:35 Showcase 11:50 Songs, Faith WHO-FM 100.3 mc 9:00 Prelude; Mus. 2:00 Melodies KRNT Radio 1350 CBS, Moines WEDNESDAY 6:00 News 8:00 News 6:20 L. Thomas 8:15 Nitewatch 6:30 Sports 8:30 Ask Doctor 6:45 Album Music 9:00 News; Johnson 7:15 Sports 10:00 News; Sports 7:30 Summit at 10:30 Gale Johnson San Jose 12:00 News; Weath THURSDAY 5:30 Reno; News 11:50 Dan Lawrence 8:45 Eaton; News 12:00 News 9:45 Hymn Time 12:15 What You Say 10:00 News; Godfrey 12:30 Eaton; News 11:00 News; 1:25 Basketball- House Party Boys' Tourney 11:35 Garry Moore 4:15 Reno, News KCBC Radio 1390 ABC, Des Moines WEDNESDAY 5:00 Paul Harvey 8:00 News, Music 6:00 News, Music 9:00 Music Hall 6:35 Jim Ameche 12:00 Serenade 7:00 Alex Dreier THURSDAY 6:00 Dick Lem Mon 10:30 Religious 7:00 News, Music 12:00 Paul Harvey 7:55 Paul Harvey 12:55 News, Music 8:30 Jim Ameche 4:30 Jim Ameche 9:00 News, Music XDMI-FM Radio 97.3 mc, Des Moines WEDNESDAY 5:05 Serenade 10:00 Music 7:00 Stereo THURSDAY 6:00 Morn. Hour 10:00 Music 7:30 Chapel Hour 12:00 News 8:00 Varieties 12:15 Band Time 8:30 Back to Bible 12:30 Musical 9:00 News 2:00 Concert Hall 9:15 Psychology 3:00 Stereo Moods 9:30 Coffee Break KSO Radio 1460, Des Moines WEDNESDAY 6:00 Bill Bailey 10:00 Frank N. Stine THURSDAY 5:00 Morn. Show 12:00 Dick Youngs 6:00 Don Bell 3:00 Dick Vance 9:00 Big Al Kl OA Radio 940, Des Moines WEDNESDAY 7:00 Hal Moore 12:00 Music 10:00 Niteline THURSDAY 5:00 D. MacKinnon 12:05 Ronn Pepper 6:55 News; 1:15 Basketball- MacKinnon Boys' Tourney 9:00 Art Sullivan 4:30 Adam Jones 11:55 News KWKY Radio 1150, Des Moines WEDNESDAY 6:00 Fulton Lewis 11:10 Captl Assgmt 6:15 Bob Piehl 11:35 World Today 11:00 Farm World THURSDAY 5:35 Irish Davis 9:35 L. Heaberlin 8:00 Religion 2:00 Smokey Smith 9:15 Country Music KDPS-FM Radio 88.1 mc, Des Moines WEDNESDAY :00 Music 8:00 D. M. Library :30 Classical THURSDAY Educational Session Here On Ministry A two-dav conference for young men and women inter ested in the Christian ministry will be held Friday and Saturday at the Drake Urn versity Divinity School. The conference, expected attract participants from throughout the midwest, is project of the Ministry for Special Recruitment estab lished at Drake last fall. This Ministry for Special Recruitment is an experimen tal project developed by the Divinity School and the Coun try Club Christian Church of Kansas City, Mo. Guest speakers for the con ference include Dr. Hallie Gantz, president of Phillips University in Enid, Thomas Wood, director of ministerial services, United Christian Missionary Society, and Dr. Lawrence Bash, pastor of Country Club Christian Church. a fy Would List Antidotes On Pesticide Labels Walker Criticizes Kennedy, Rocky ST. LOUIS, MO. UP) Former Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker says President Kennedy and Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York "are both the same and I would never support either in 1964." Walker is on a speaking tour of the United States with Evangelist Billy James Hargis of Tulsa, head of the Christian Crusade, a conservative organization. They are scheduled to speak in Des Moines Friday night. The Des Moines Area Christian Crusade, whose chairman is Norman Richardson, is sponsoring the meeting at 7:30 p. m. at Hoyt Sherman Place. Air Conditioning Equipment Get ready for summer heat Act ISoic and save up tit today for free QMS WITH sST I SINCE 1900 I DES MOINES KRNT-TV WEDNESDAY 5:00 The Rebel 8:00 Bev. Hillbillies 5:35 R. Van Dyke 8:30 Dick Van Dyke 5:45 CBS News 9 00 Steel Hr. 6:00 News, Sports 10:00 News, Sports 6:30 CBS Reports 10:30 Steve Allen 7:30 Doblt Gllli THURSDAY 6:45 Economy 7:15 Bill Riley 8.00 Kangaroo 9:00 Calendar 9:30 1 Love Lucy 10:00 The McCoys 10:30 Pete Gladys 11:00 Love, Life 11:30 SearcN, Tmw. 11:45 Guiding Lite 12:05 Don Soliday 12:30 World Turns 100 Mary J. Chinn 1:30 House Party 2:00 Tell the Truth 2:30 Millionaire 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Edge of Niti 4:00 Cartoons 4:30 M. Mouse DES MOINES WHO-TV I WEDNESDAY 6:00 News 9:00 Eleventh Hr. 6:15 NBC News 10 00 News, Sports 6:30 (C) Virginian 10:30 (C) Tonight 8:00 (0 P.Como THURSDAY 6:00 (0 Classroom 12:10 Cartoons 7:00 Today 12:40 Movie 9:00 Say When 2:00 L. Young 9:30 (C) Hunch 2:30 Dr. Malone 10:00 (0 Price 3:00 Match Game 10:30 Concentration 3:30 Pres. Kennedy 11.00 (0 Impression 4:00 Floppy 11:30 Truth, Cons. 4.45 Movie 12:00 News AMES WOI-TV WEDNESDAY 5:00 Bozo 8:30 Story of 5:45 ABC News 9:00 Naked City 6:00 Sea Hunt 10:00 News 6:30 Wagon Train 10:30 Movie 7:30 Going My Way THURSDAY 9:00 Robt. Young 11:30 Magic Window 9:30 Joe Emerson 12:00 Noon Rpt. 9:40 Spanish 1 1:00 Ernie Ford 10:05 Community 1 :30 Basketball 10:30 Schooltime Boys' State 11:00 Jane Wyman 4:30 Pres. Kennedy DES MOINES DPS-TV I WEDNESDAY 6:30 What's New 8:00 Turn of 7:00 Friendly Giant the Century 7:15 Background 8:30 Impact 7:30 Language 9:00 Archaeology 9:30 America THURSDAY 9:10 Music, 4 12:55 Sci. Soc. St. 9:35 English. 11 1:18 Spanish, 6 10:00 Spanish, 6 1:30 Sci. Soc. St. 6 10:12 Sci. Soc. St. 6 2:00 Sci. Soc. St. 4 10:35 History, 10 2:20 Camera 15 11:05 Sci. Soc. St. 3 2:35 Geography, 7 11:20 Sci. Soc. St 5 CBS REPORTS. "Biography of a Bookie Joint." Study of illegal gambling, told through a report on a bookmaking establishment operating out of a key shop in Boston (re-broadcast). KRNT at 6:30. GOING MY WAY. Father Fitzgibbon and a social worker try to help a musician who went in hiding after being accused of attacking a storekeeper. WOI at 7:30. PERRY COMO. Comedian Dick Shawn, singer-dancer Dorothy Provine, pianist Ginny Tiu and singer Sandy Stewart are guest performers. WHO at 8. IMPACT. Subjects to be discussed by edit orial writer Charles Ransom are: Week of decisions in Des Moines, and the TFX contract. KDPS at 8:30. STEEL HOUR. Elinor Donahue in "The Secrets of Stella Crozier," story of young woman who shrewdly attempts to manipulate the lives of those around her. KRNT at 9. ARCHAEOLOGY. "The Beginning." Dr. Nelson Glueck examines the existence of prehistoric man in the Holy Land. KDPS at 9. ELEVENTH HOUR. In "The Wings of the Morning," eloping teen agers learn that marriage built on deceit and immaturity can not survive. WHO at 9. MOVIE. "Black Narcissus" (1947). Deborah Kerr. Jean Simmons, David Far-rar. Story about five nuns who organize a convent school in the Himalayas. (Rated excellent by TV Time Service). WOI at 10:30. Three Political Interns Named (The Tribune'! Iowa New Service) GRINNELL, IA. Three Grinnell College students have been selected Summer Political Interns by the advisory committee of the college's Program in Practical Political Education. They are: Marilyn Alt, a Junior, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Alt, 625 Linnwill place, West Des Moines. Phil Johnson, a sophomore, son of Mrs. Alice J. Johnson, Davenport. John Spence, a junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Spence, Bensenville, 111. The three will spend at least two months this summer as an intern in the office of a United States congressman in Washington, D. C. An allowance of $700 accompanies the appointment. ON YOUR SCREEN fiiffX to a discussed before it reaches the floor for debate. Schroeder had said he would try to bring the bill out of the Senate committee Thursday to get it on the calendar this week for possible consideration next week. Private Huddle Schroeder and Rigler hud dled privately for more than an hour late Tuesday afternoon and the strategy an nounced Wednesday appar ently was formulated then. Also involved in the private session were Senators D. C. Nolan Iowa City) and Richard Turner Council Bluffs). Here are the details of the liquor bill that was sent out as a "trial balloon" Wednes day: Four classes of liquor li censes would be set up. Class A would be for clubs, such as country clubs and bona fide fraternal organizations. Annual Licenses would be purchased from the State Liquor Commission for $500. Hotels Class would be for ho tels. These licenses would be issued by a city council or RIGLER SCHROEDER county board of supervisors, and would cost $1,000 a year in a city of 10,000 population or more; $750 in a city of from 3,000 to 10,000 population, and $500 in a city under 3,000 population. Class would be for taverns. The license fee schedule would be the same as for Class licenses. Class licenses would be for railroads and airlines, would cost $250 a year and would be purchased from the State Liquor Commission. The number of licenses would be restricted accord ing to population. Not more than four li censes couia oe issued in cities of 3,000 population or less, and one additional li cense would be allowed for each 1,000 population over 3,000. Appeal In areas of a county outside an incorporated city, there could not be more than one license for each 2,000 population. Although the proposal would give a city council or county board of supervisors the power not to issue a license, the person or group applying for the license could appeal a negative decision to the State Liquor Commission or eventually to district court. The yearly liquor licenses would expire June 30, and all persons being granted licenses would have to post $5,000 bond each. Fifty per cent of all Class and license fees would be retained by the city or county, presumably to aid enforcement of the liquor laws, although this is not spelled out specifically in the proposal. Wholesale Prices? All liquor served across the bar would be purchased from the State Liquor Commission at prices set by the commission. This indicates that the commission could sell liquor every timet Satisfaction Guaranteed one 03 OQc 09 BACON 67c A Lbs. I Choice Lb. I i Ml iri 69 night, Generally Brazil Purrs on Roads Brazil has added an average of 1,000 miles of road to its national network during each of the past six years. TONIGHT'S GUESTS JACK BENNY TONY RANDALL 10:30 P. M. OJUJIHIB D3 COLORFUL CHANNEL BOYS1 STATE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Play By Play JIM ZABEL DIAL 1040 1:25 PM THURSDAY 7:25 PM THURSDAY 7:25 PM FRIDAY 5:55 PM SATURDAY Brought to you by WALNUT GROVE PRODUCTS COMPANY FEDERAL LAND BANK OF OMAHA PIONEER HI-BRED CORN COMPANY GARST AND THOMAS HYBRID CORN COMPANY low 27. TONIGHT Pesticides Continued from Page One serious damage to crops or livestock." Revocation The secretary would be re quired to revoke any license "after a qualified court of law has found" a violation of the act. Under the bill, any action "to apply or cause to be ap plied any pesticide in such a way as to damage seriously the health, welfare or property of any person or pollute or cause pollution of public waters" would be unlawful. Much of the Senate debate Wednesday centered on whether farmers are exempt from the bilL Some senators claimed that the bill did not apply to farmers, while others claimed that it would if a farmer was paid to apply a pesticide on another farmer's land. Senator Martin Wiley Cedar Rapids), who operates an apple orchard, said he has been using pesticides for 35 years and has seen farmers using pesticides "who don't! using pesticides know what they are doing." Housewife Senator Earl Elijah Clarence), who handled the bill on the floor, said, "We can't make every farmer and housewife who spreads ant killer qualify for a license." Wiley said a man who merely sprays for thistles in his back yard can cause as much damage as a commercial pest control firm. The bill bogged down briefly Wednesday morning when some senators objected to a provision in the bill that said person would have to noti the control firm within 60 days after pesticides had been Look No Moral SO Basketball on KRNT Boys' Quarter-Finals TOMORROW Play-by-Play by RON SHOOP and BUD SOBEL CONSISTENTLY TENDER! I.ap Cedar Rapids Regis vs. West Union North 2l55 Dubuque vs. Newton 7:25 Boone vs. Storm Lake COLGATE TOOTHPASTE INSTANT Royal Pudding Large Box 7c You Art Assured of Tcndtr beef each and Bfctt ROAST Lb. Whole or Half PORK LOINS Lb. Tkick Sliced 2 ih.Boi HAMBURGER or SAUSAGE GIANT TIDE 39c with order 89c Council Bluffs (A.L) vs. Laurens 8:55 Blue Bonnet OLEO 4 lbs. Reg. OOc 53c Q7 GREEN PEPPERS P( RADISHES GREEN ONIONS PET 7 Tall Qc MILK I Cans 30 FRUIT Tall QQc COCKTAIL Cant OJ 300 count Boxes ROUND STEAK SIRLOIN STEAK SHORT CUT Follow the HOME FEDERAL Sports Caravan on GENUINE 5 KLEENEX Fresh FIQ BARS, 2 Shur Fresh SUPREME 1 Lb. 39( STORE HOURS Mon. thru Thur. AM PM Fridar AM PM Saturday AM ta 7 PM Sunday AM ta 1 PM T-BONE SAVE AT I Graham CRACKERS SALAD OIL RADIO 1350 9. Atc Btl. T7 Box T7

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