The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on September 26, 1878 · 4
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · 4

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1878
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DRY C O08 C.lf.Beiseiyro. Bespectfully an-nounce their Fall Opening on Friday Evening this week. Tie report that Jobn Hibbard, jr., and Hughallen McTaiisb, had been sentenced to prison in Canada, was in correct. Hibbara was released and baa gone to Chicago, and it ia expected lhat McTsviah wiil also be released. or perhaps has been set at liberty already, j We should not be ashamed of the fact, if it was a fact, that Senator ilc-Elroy had been mayor of Port Huron But justice to the people of St. Clair ' demands the statement that the Senator has been mayor, and is a resident, of that city, and not of Port Huron. This in correction of an item which appeared in the Inst number of the Lansing IUjwhlictuL. Mr. Frank B. Conger, who recently returned from Maine, informs us that while here he saw Senator Blame, and that trentkman said he would speak once in tbe Seventh Congressional district during the present cam paign, and probably io Port Huron, in October. The Republicans of St. Clair .County, and of the whole dis-' trict' should (dye him a rousing recep- Uon. BOOTS A SHOES. loo Sloes. The II area. Tbe hut day of the races has opened with fair weather and a j large attendance. Although the track w as somewhat heavy this morning, the warm sun and wind of to-day have done much toward restoring jit to a good condition. Yesterday's races came off according to programme. In the 2:50 race, four heats were'trotted, two ojf which were won by Cayuga Cbief, one by Comet and one by Pat Lcuma. This race will be finished this .afternoon. The special purse was won bjf Brown Dick, of Detroit, with Odd Fellow second I Fa raters mm their Veeallew. A corj-espomient sends the follow- 1 am not an agrienltnralis, bat I delight n tbe triumph of agriculture. Give me an iutelligent.enlhusiastie farmer, who delights in his noble and honorable vocation, and I could listen to hit shrewd remark", and admire the res alts ot his skill and industry, "from sunrise to dewy eve." Tbe farmer is the foundation stone of tbe whole social ediSce, tbe only member of tbe community who can stand alone, if he so wills it. In every apprehension of national calamity, tbe question anxiously passes from rank; to rank: ot tbe social scale, "flow fares it a ith the farmer?" "What of tbe harvest?" And tbe laconic answer, "a plentiful harvest!" speaks to tbe popular heart; with an eloquence Defer" which the orator's puny efforts dwindle into tbe insignificance of linklicg'eymbals. Ev ery person who baa thought upon toe subject will agree that this is no exaggerated view ot tbe case, Tbe backer, the merchant and the manufacturer ' know well how intimately their prosper ity is linked with tbatot the Isrmer.ana expand or contract their boiness oera tions according to tbe calibre of tbe bar-vest. They are wise to do so, tor the farmer Dpplies the life-blood of trade. No man among us occupies, individual Iv, so important a position as the farmer. The tonejor tociety and the destiny of a nation depend npon its bold yeomen. The fanning community of the United States and Ontario are a credit and pride to the countrv, and are earning by tbeir intelligence and enterprise a social position which all clases will award them with delight. Nowhere else can we find that rare i union ef sturdy intellife'ence, intellectual energy, and robust refinement in so much perfection, as among our cultivated country gentlemen. Time will place them in an enviable position if they are true to themselves. At other points w ashouts and the de struction of buildings and fences art reported. marine: sews. The-propeller China is lying at this port. A large fleet of vessels are ljin at this port wind bound. Tbe steam barge Huron City is lying at this port, wind-bound. The propeller Beruchy parsed down this morning, touching at Parsons' dock The propellers Benton and Amic pass-en np this morning, touching at Parsons' dock. The scow Hannah Moore has arrived with lumber for Jenkicson from Tawas freight, $1 per M. . The scow Ino has been chartered to carry lumber from An Sable to Detroit; freight, $1.25 per M. on the rail. The scow Wilcox has arrived at this port Irom Sandusky, with stone for Pro. bett's lime kiln; freight, $2.75 per cord. The propeller Benton, while crosin Lake Erie, Tuesday, picktd up a man named Percy, who was floating on an overturned yacht. Ue bad been iu the water 36 hours, and hailed from Cleveland. Bl'SlAKSS RUT1CKS. A most complete stock of Ladies and Gent's Merino Underwear at Shatto's. Health U an inestimable jewel. Tbe cough that deprives you of it may take your life too. One bottle of Hale's Hon ev of IK arhound and Tar will avert the evil, and save you from consumation. Will you weigh Lile against a half-dollar Sold bv all Drotrsists. Pike's Toothache Drops core in 1 minute. For bargains in pants cloths, shirtings, flannels, hats, car, etc., go to Shatto's. Aw I'wrfrainhle Trath. You deserve to Buffer, and if vou bad a miserable, unatietactory life in this beautiful worlJ, it is entirely your own fault and there is only one excuse for tou, jour unreasonable prejudice and skepticism, which has killed thousands. Personal knowledge and common seuse reasoning will ooo show you lhat Green s AuUt t lower will cure you ot Liver Complaint, or Dyspepsia, with all its miserable tEects, such as sick hesjiache, palpitation of tue heart, scur stomach, nabitual eotiveues,d:zziuesot the head, nervous protralioo, low spirits, Ac. Its sale now rea.-h every town on the West ern Coutinent aud not a DruggUt but will tell you of its wonderful cures, lou can buy a sample Bvttle lor 10 ceuU. Three dotes will relieve you. 9 1(5 10 Teraado la Ilaraa Caaatr- over Huron Hisses & Children's Good and Durable! SCHOOL i SHOES T. "W FISHER'S. and Eden Gold Dust third. The half mile running iace was won by Union In two straight' beats with King George second arid Twinkle third. Time, 52 secondSjand 50 J sec. the fastest running time ever made on this track. j The races for this afternoon consist of the three minute trotting race for a I purse of $100, the mile running race, best two in three, for a pujrse of $ 100, and tiie open to all trotting race for a purse of $150. i TIhj races close to-day and have been a complete success ' financially and otherwise. The average attendance has been large, and the! races have been more interesting than any held heretofore. I Pert Huron Times. TJUMtSDAY. SEPTEMBER S. 1878. BETEOROLOGICAL. Cstresn tats Srewax Omcil r r Uraon, gept. its, no a. u,t The II at el a. The following is the list on the reg isters to-day: j TH0MP8O5 HOCSB. Otis Lamb, Brockway; F. A. Fann, u. Brad Dent, Mrs.liarrett, hang Cross; Pekin; Seven members of Mirror of Ire land; A. White, J. Dnsbaod, Memphis; J.J. watts, .Last Saginaw; J. W. lien-nett. Battle Creek; Mrs. Croset, Lapeer; M. Uuier, Wyandotte; A. B. Walker, Forrest; D. Turel, Flint; E. Chap man, &arnia; t. W. ood worth, Hushing; I. D. Oxford, Oxford, j A great storm swept county, Thursday afternoon, 19th, doing much damage in some localities and resulting in loss of life. It was most severe in a narrow course through portions bf Bingham, Verona and bigel townships, where it developed into a tornado and carried everything before it. ilrs. Chas. Wilder, of Verona, was on the town line between lhat township and Bingham in a buggy with! her two children. A tree was blown upon them, killing Mrs. Wilder instantly and injuring both children, one of whom had its skull ; fractured and cannot live. Mr. John Pfoff, of Bingham, a blacksmith and wagon maker, in crossing the road from his barn to the house, was struck by the roof of the latter building, which had been blown off, and was instantly killed. Other losses reported are: Ilichard Braden's barn unroofed; John Fitzgerald's barn unroofed; Peter Murray's barn demolish ed; 1 nomas Phillip s barn unroofed; Joseph Larzoskie's two large barns and house unroofed; Mathias Domer's barn blown to pieces and grain scattered everywhere, and Mr D. badly hurt; and Mr. Partiki's house and barn unroofed and his son seriously Injured. Of course, orchards, outbuildings, etc., suffered very much. In the village of Sand Beach, chimneys were blown down,the smokestack of the salt works was toppled over, and the new Baptist Church was badly twisted and wrenched, almost ruining the plastering. The barn of Augustus Santany, of Lake, was struck by lightning, and burned with all its contents, which included his just-gathered crops, being a loss of several hundred dollars. They were just able to liberate and save the horses and ether stock. Frait 1'eaiival. The Ladies of the Baptist Church will give a Fruit Festival at the church on Friday evening, to which all are invited There will be no charge fur admittance, u-20-2-2t Sweeter, C'leaaer, Parer. Refined and intelligent ladies use Dr. Price's Uniqae Perfumes, Alista Bouquet or Pet Rose. Such ladies have tastes for the beautiful, prove affection ate companions, and will keep well odored households. To tbe lower orders all smells are alike; it is the sweeter, cleaner, purer, that enjoy Dr. Price's rich odors. New York State cheese, best in market, at A. L. Flyxx's. It you need a harmlecs ctimalant.taLe Sax ford's Jamaica Ginger. Prints for 4c, 5c, C'c and 7c at Shatto's Fresh Buckwheat Flour at A. L. Flykn's. Fifty pieces of Fall Dress Goods for 8. cents per yard, worth 12Jc, at Shatto's. Kerosene Oil, at Moffat's Ware house, 4 16 1 0 1 Vlh Ecrjbdy to Know. Rev. George H. Thayer, an old citizen of this vicinity, known to every one as a most influential citizen, and Christian minister of the M. E. church, just this moiueut stepped iu our store to say. wUh everybody to know that I consider that both nivselt aud wife owe our lives to Sbilob's Consumption Cure. It having a tremendous sile over our coun ters aud is iriviti: I'v'riect satij-taetion in all cases of Lung D.seases, such aa nolh ing else has done. BOL'BEOX, Ind., May 15, 1878. Dks. Matchett 4 Feaxce, Sold bv McCollota & Sweetser, Por Huron, Mich. PUMPKINS Retail at 50c per do. SQUASU-Retail at $1.00 per do. SWEET POTATOES Good demand and supply. They retail at 34c per pouod- WATERMELOXS Tbe snpply is good and they retail at 5(j,l'0o apiece. NEW YORK FINANCIAL.. GoLD-j-Tuesday, $ l.OOg. MoxKY Prime mercantile paper easier at 3(4 per cent. GOVERXMEST BOXPS Coupona S1, 1071 ; o5, new, 102j ; 'o7. 1054 : 't 107 new 5's. 10rJ; new 4J's, ICCJ; new 4s, tW'i ; 10-40's, registered, 1W5; do coupons, 106 ; curl ency .", 1192. Railroad Bosds Strong and high er. Stoces Buoyant and advanced prices, j , 5 all"! -V luzp ''stHroaw..i30.14j II xv 11; U Cloudy .jak.... 80.00: Sw 18) V'iiweo IsO.kSi Mxvls Jhmmmmt ... .',30.14 61 xw MOA 60 NW S 0.4S 88 aw I 1, 63 XV 1S 4 W 141 M.XV li SalkofPixb Laktw. Mr. Henry Howard, of this city, has sold to Mr. J. 8. Minor, of Alpena, 7,000 acres of pine lands on Thunder Bay River, for $42,000. We understand that pay ment is to be made in lumber, at mar ket prices, from j-ear to year. I j T ST. CLAIK COUNTY. MICHIGAN NEWS. I Tbe wife of Stephen Butler. Clam Chowder, a favorite di-h at the East. A. L. Flyks's. T. Murphy is meeting with remarkable success in bis Tailoring Department. Gentleman wishing goods made np in tbe best of manner and in the latest styles will find Mr. Murpby the man. Ilaxall. Substitute for Buckwheat, at McMor- ran & Co', Opera House Block. 916 20 Kid gloves lor 25 cents per pair, at Shatto s. about three miles from Wayne, Wayne just received at living! Extra choice mackerel and codfish , TOtt..... 1 .!. .... 4-ad &&.! 80 . 24 ! ., 30.84 .HH.1 ST Cloudy so Cleat 5 Cloudy Cloudy Clear 00 Clear vs Clear o Clear REPORT 2 O'CLOCK P. X. "ii,Liisve Uamidity ZM,miam of Wind. -VOJwity (aa ilea per -"jgr thw Cloady. boar). 30.252 58 48 11 BRET1TIEM. -Tiie rain Uet night sent people lueiEx from the races in a hurry. Cigk barometer, fair and cold sswlhii; at all points, this morning. Tbe ladiea will not forget Meisel n2"BicbOi opening to-morrow evening. TJiclIcme Atchcrs were enter, -toaaed by the Misses Danger yesterday Sir. D. Lynn lost a valuable cew Josht by poisoning. No clue to tlaepcsrctratora has boca found. A carriage containing two ladies m overturned on Huron avenue this aJasrawoa but fortunately n one was lust. The first of the series of enteruin-iesl erven by the ladies and gentle-irsca cf Grace Church takes place at 4xdsiaas Hall to-morrow niht. -The convention of Women's Chris-tmm Tctr.jv ranee Unions for the Ser-cai CUiressioaal district is called, to Im feU in Tort Huron October 23. Among the cootriLutions reported ia Detroit for the benet of the yellow fcw miZervn is 1 35 from Integrity J-e-e ZLu-hta of Honor, of Port Hu- The basket of Concord grapes wm contested f.jr at Ed. Hog-&SmivS fUkTj yesterday, was lylL ilc'iiu by A jcore cf HBa cf a possible 9, MEMPHIS. ; (Correspoodenee J ; Oegg's eider mill U in faU blast, Tbe lumbermen about Memphis are making preparations for going to the woods soon. 1 Another missionary concert; was given by the little folks at the Congregational Church, Sunday evening. The house was crowded, and it proved a success. Kev. Mr. Gorg has been ' appointed by the M. E. Conference to take the pUce of Rev. U. L Campbell, kr. Campbell ia to go to Korth Branch. ST. CLAIK. From toe Repubuao. The Hnbel block was andergoinr re. pairs last week. A dramatio dob ia to b orzanUed Ia this city soon. Fred Sewart is bailding a new house on Witherell street. I We understand that the potato crop is rotting to a large extent ux this sec tion. There was aa immense turnout at the M. E. Church, Sunday ,to welcome back Eev. Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell is very popular among his floec ft learn that tbe residence of Bamnel Roaael, ot Algonae, was destroyed by fire Saturday night the contents were saved. Yit have not heard whether there was any insurance on the bailding or not. county, committed suicide Wednesday evening. Henry Hadner. of Canon tewnship, Kent Co., died Wednesday from tbe effects of the kick of a horse received one week ago. Capt, Joseph Nicholson, of Detioit, has caused the arrest of John Atkinson for libel. A'kinson gave bail in the sum of $5,000. Mrs. Harry S. Wick wire, of Jackson, attempted suicide for the third time on the 22d by taking strychnine, but timely efforts saved her life. The Twentieth Michigan Regiment holds its reunion at Lansing, October 9, Col. C. B. Grant, of Houghton, formerly of Ana Arbor, delivering the address. F. G. Walton, late of Almont, and leader of the Almont band during tbe last State band tournamennt, has taken up his residence in Lansing, and become a member of the Knights Templar band at that place. The only daughter of a widow. Mrs. Seneca Hicks, of Kalamazoo, became a mother before she became a wife, and the body of the babe was found Wednesday in the cellar, murdered. Mrs. Hicks has been arrested. A large baj-n belonging to the Hanna Brothers, filled with grain, farm ma-ebuaery and hay, in Walker township, jveiu cuuniy, was sirucK Dy liguining Wednesday afternoon and burned up. Lose, f 1,500; insurance, $350. The balance of cash in the State Treasury Sept. 14, 1878, was $562,-447,32; receipt during the week ending Sept- 21 were 17,543. 69; payments during the same time were $9,-135.58. balance in the treasury Sept. 31, IS 78, f 507,850.43; increase for the week, $8,409.11. 9 23 2 2w F. A. Wsyers & Co's. Vs a I a m . . . ... xnesieam oarge Jiary aiujs wiil re-. ceive freight at Moffat's dock, up to 4 p m., Saturday, for Lexington, Sanilac, Ricbmondville, Forester, Forestville Sand Beach, Port Hope and Port Austin. Bates lower than usual. No charge for dockage. 9 20 2 2t. Graham Flour, at McMorran St Co's, Opera House Block. 9 16 2 01 Deeeallaa I'aed. It is strange so many people will con tinue to suffer day after day with Dvs pepeia, Liver Complaint, Constipation, Sour Stomach, General Debility, when they can procure at oar store SHILOH'S VITALIZEK, free of cost, it it does not cure or relieve them. Price, T5cu. Sold by McCollom A Sweetser, Port Huron, Mich. Tbe .Mont Valuable t;lfls llestoratton f tUe llt-a lib. During the past ten years tbe Great Shothouets Remedy .has faithfully redeemed every promise and guarantee made to the public. Alarming aud ap parently hopelts esses of Lung Diseas es, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Afflic tions of the Kidney and Cronie Com plaiuts of every description, including Scrofula aud Skin Diseases of Ioui; du ration, have been permanently removed and etadicated. Those who volunteer their testimony totbeeffiacy of the Bern edy, are not bogus people in unheard-of localities of foreign couutries but re spec table citizens of this country, easy ofacccts aud pea to question, upon whose verbal recommmendations we are willidg to rest the reputation of the Great Shoshonees Remedy. If you are afflicted ,do not delay until medicine may be powerless to aid ycu. No injurious e Sects can possibly follow the use ot these Indian Remedies, as they contain no minerals, by which the fate of the invalid is so often sealed nndertbe form of some temporary sedative or stimulaut, These Indian Remedies are widely known and still possess the public confidence, after tbe lapse ot sufficient time to test tbeir efficacy. The Shoshonees Vegetable Sugar Coated Pills have won for themselves the most favorable reputation of any I'iil before the public. Their elCcacy baa been fully proved as a remedy for Biliousness, Sick Headache, and inac tivities of tbe stomach. Price of the Remedy in pint bottles, $1; trial size 35c. Pills 25c a box. Prepared only by FOSTER, MIL- BURN & Co., Buffalo, N. Y., Successors to S. N. THOMAS. Pfcelp. N. Y. For sale by Wm. Wast ell and other Druggists in Port Huron. Wholesale by Farrand, Williams & Co., Detroit. FISa5CI.IL AMI COMMERCIiL. DETROIT .MAKKETS. Quotations as follows: BRKAVSTCFFS. Wheat -Ext-a $1.02; No. 1, white, Oats Very quiet; No. 1 mixed 24c cents. . Corx Dull ; No. 1 nrixed 44c. RYE Quiet and steady at 50c. Flock Quotations White wheats, choice city brands .............. White wheats, warehouse brands.. ... Amber wheat brands..... Minuesota spriug Low grades...... .... Rye........i. . . 1 PRODUCE Beans -Very quiet; unpicked S0c $1.00; picked, $l.4u; qoiet and steady. Euoa. Steady at 14c per dozen. Potatoes Lively at 4045c per bu. FLOUR at FEED. ME I II &co.7 Wholesale and Retail SEALERS IN ..... $4 WQ5 00 $1 50($5 00 $4 S0(t 4 75 50 (a 6 (HI 8.V3 40 $3 15(,3 25 FLOUR & FEED, Delivered to any Part of the Cityv Office and Store n"ity Opera Mouso Block-Is 28 2 GROCERIES. Ggfi&C GROCERS. Opera House Block Groceriesand Provistons Cheap INSURANCE. NOBLE & WELTON, Life, Fire & Marine Agency. KSTAItLISIIED I.N 133. 1 And has a rtcord of over 23 Years. Look at tbla Line ot Com taa leal laasiraaes Phoenix Ina. Co., of Hartford.. .$ t,3Oiio Continental, of New York ,soo,(u Imperial ami uon, tuif Northern, of Lon- excliiKive Ore. no ron We always keep on cash. bes hand the of qaal Toaej, Oofloos), Sugars Splcos, Caunod Xx-ULltaB Etc Cash Paid for. Butter and Eggs, Potatoes, and all. kinds of farm'lproduce Call and see. GAYLORD & CO i 5 22 2 6m STOVES. THE "CROWNING GLORY" is the only cooking store In tbe world witk me waning uvn .x(endln Hear anu urer me rear extension m roKTASLi rLaMiMHSD corns liracavoia It la manufactared only bv SHERMAN S. JEWETT A. CO., Buffalo and Detroit. None but the grenolae articles have the name "Crowning Glory. For bale by one enterprising dealer in eveiy place. It is the only Move ia the world will a Warming oven under the Firebox, and front doors opening over a detachable shelf In front. Buy the only Cooking Stove evr made exactly suitable for the Farmer 111 smoa. FINANCIAL. Corrected daily bv tbe Port Hnron Savings Bank. BUTIXQ. 8KLLIKQ. Exchange on N. i ork par I nrem. Exchange on Detroit par 1-10 prem. uoia.. .. i w l Wj Canada Money .....l 00 I 00 Proposals for Building. Proposals Harry B. Montague, alias Edrar JL Forrest, who went ti Uol. Wstlles' residence, in Kalamazoo, to board in June, was sick there and eared for in tne moat humane manner, and when he had recovered showed his gratitude by plundering the household of 300 worth of valuables, has just been sent U3 Jackson for two and a half Tears. W JnesJsj moraine's storm washed awsy a piece of track on tbe Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore Railroad near ixuom, iiernen County, which threw the Grand Kapids express into the ditch. One gentleman was nearly killed, a lady was severely though not fatally injured, and most of the passengers were severely braised. The engine is a total wreck. The trains were delayed several hours. aThe storm which passed over the northern part ef this State yesterday caused considerable damage to property and some loss of life. At Ionia, J. O. Blancbard, a prominent farmer, was instantly killed by beinc struck by a falling roof At Eaton Kartida. C! eXPeCtlsr' SbortlV I Ilvatt v.. mVr hv livhtninir mnA . i -Tk. V' 'c Ulca wul oe ; aiusfeegon a laborer named Cnristeo- inu i-wwiv sa uouy. wis strucit by rigutaiaj srn feiUed; KAIXJtOAD NEWS.; The Grand Trunk Company will pey no more commissions on the sale of tickets. i The G. IL & L R. R. u being relaid with steel rails north of Grand Rapids. Over seven miles have been laid already. In thirty days it is expected that the trading and traeklajicg will be completed on the new , railroad from East Saginaw to Vassai. i The Flint and Fere Marouette Rail. way company are x or um isaca, Mae or t. nest, use SHILOH'S POROUS PLASTER. Price, 2octa. Sold by McCollom Jt Sweetser, Port Huron, Mich. 8 5 1 eod ly Dbiemses ! old Ace. At men at proeches hit allotted thre core and ten years the vital powers be- gin to tail; stimulants of various kinds arw need to strengthen tbe naturally failing sjsUni, such aa wines, bark, fcc Instead of these, let the aged keep np the supply of the trse strengthening el etnent, iron, by tbe Peruvian Syrup, wbicb oners a protoxide of that metal ready- for Immediate absorption. Sold by all druggists. Ftmb WK. Chihlin, at. I).. f New Bedford. "I hsve employed the Peruvian Syrup saceeas rally in ease of dyvpepaia, chron le diarrhoea, nervous debility, neuralgia, erysipelas, boils and diseases of the akin; also, chlorosis, leucorrhes, prolapsus ten, and ia female conplaints generally As sn alterative tonic, tbe syrup ought to be used by clergymen 7 editors, cashiers, clerks, lawyers, and others wbo use their brains mora than their muscles; as well as operatives, printers, tailors, shoemakers, seams tresses .and all those whose occupation confines them in ill-veotllaiei and over-hated roosts, wbo are liable safter more or less from nervous debil ity." Sold by dealers generally. Sermon oa Tbe Bible and Science," by Rer. A. Hastings Boss, for sals at L. A. Shermaa A Co.'s, Patterson's book- ktore, and by the author. Also, "The Lord's Sapper who may Partake of it," a reprint from the Congregational Quar. Tlf. y me same author. Price of Ser mons 10 eta, of Reprints 15 eta THE MARKETS. Poet Uccox, Sept, 25. The following are the prices paid for produce from the farmers' wagons: APPLES New apples retail at 30c to 40c per bosbel. ' BUTTER We q note choice at 12(313c with no sale for grease butter at any price. BEANS The demand and supdIv are light. We quote: Hand picked, IL40 tol.ou per busb.: lower grades. $L10(3 . . i i l.u per onia. BARLEl Supply fair, and demand good at SL301 50 per luO lbs. CAHBAUtS-Sew cabbeires seU si 40 to cOc per dox. CELERY Retails at 50c per dox. DRIED APPLES Quiet at 4(5.5ctt pouna. err .utue aemsna. EGOS The supply is limited sod demand good, with prices at 11 (a, 12ic GRAIN The following are tbe prices paid on tbe streets for eraic: No 1 White Wheat, 90e; No. 2 White Wheat. Z3c, White Oais, 24c; Peas, 50a55c; ttariey. i l ou. GREEN CORN Retails at 8e rer uoz. concoriH retail at 7c: hr basket of 20 lbs 5j 6e per pound; Del aware, retail 10(3 lie; Catawba, none in mar set. HAY Sella from 17 00 8 00 per ton. HIDES Green Hide. 5 Cite, per lb. dry flint, 13 14eaJted dry 10 12. calf sin. ktc-b. ivcz aeaeon sains Z5 ta .Vie eaen; sheep isuna, 75e10. ML SKMELONSGood demand and supply, loey retail at 6(1 5c JLW lOMAlUES-Srw tonuiM aeu readiiT at 30CJ40 cenU per basheL ONIONS 50e per ba. OATS Mixed, 23c; White, 24c. POTATOES Ths supdIv ia rIehr They are quotable at 30e per bu. POULTRY Dressed chickens 910c FAETEIDGES 40 cents per pair. PLUMS. Retail st 2.00 per bo. PEACHES 5 Quart baskets. V 2 bush, baskets, $L25. IPEAKS Tbe supply is scarce. They retail at liA)(ZQ per baj ill be received bv the nn.ler. sijrned uutil ISatonlsy night. Sept 1878 for eDclosln the CaihoUc 8cho"l Building' according to plans and a; eciflcationa. Biila will be received, together or serarate. for earpenter work and lannir of i.r., t n,. Committee rest rve the riuht tn wt ... or all bids. ' A. MAKONTATE, tec'T. 3I4I Life deivartniiut 80,(H,fH Roval, of Liverpool and London.. l,ii,m( Connecticut, of Hartford 1,3o,hi0 Oriei. t, i,iKt,(io fSt, Paul Fire and Marine.. 1,0"h,ii) Fireman's Funii, Cal., Uold l,ouo,uue S-ottiHfi Commercial, UlasgoW, Hoot land 10,000,(1 Trader's, of Chicago l.ixio.imo Ulens Falls, New Vrk... ' 1,(i,ihh) Miawraunt, of liohton ani,u(i New York Life, of New York City 3,io,mo This aircm-T waa eHtabiishecl in issa, and has been continued since that time without change of ajrent, and thousands of policies have been tsKtied, all of whici have the signature of t. a. Noble. BUFFALO ROBES. ETC. JustReceived i HARNESS, TRUNKS, AND SATCHELS. Which I will sell at prices that will defy On, JlarneRS. M I have marked them coaipetion. M tadd e. Harness. Whips. ump turners, eita. away down. siy prices are down to so t the times. Be sure to call and look at my prices before purchasing. i John McCormlck Military Street, st Old Ktand, rort Huron. 10J0 1 o Furniture. Sfeasrs. 8WEET TCTTLE sre now prepared to make to order all Winds of fur- tin ui t wui s s sstaaa -i u a trap u mm I '"'its monhllnR, cheap.for cash. Kepairing done wrn neatneas and dispatch. honth end of Seventh street Bridee. ort llina, Mich. I IS I Im INSURANCE. INSURANCE. E. G. SPALDING & CO., General Insurance Aerents. a insurance Company of Nc"nAjnerlcilPa""! Hartford, of Connwiirnt New York L'Bderwritera German Aoerican, New York..... '. PennarlTanla. P " "" Niagara, New York LI verpooL London and r.lnh " Travelers, Conn., (Accident). . u.uii,.icw lors., (uie) insurance L'nlon, (lUrlne).... E' G. SPALDING. Office over Wastell's Drof Store. HARRY .. tC.lM,5Tl OS S,4l,TM 00 . s,wn,ti OS 2,64,Slt OS . S,TS 00 .. , 14,41 00 ,. 1,34,571 Ot . 9B,nU,H30 M . 4,ai3,7d 00 . 66,3.219 00 4,000,000 00 fl4.64,57I SO TRAVER. BAKING POWDER. JL.its t 90 mm sa FECIAL fiAYoruriG Mbacis. better tneir own Eminent CThamlsta .nA Ty,mit mm r,mm Wv --.vuu vw kiijr lust ucse ijooas dul$eration. richer, more efTective. rroduoe rrouii inaa suit Others, aviul that y,a-r n ramille. ' NIOUE PERFUMES are tbe Gnu mt AO Odora TOOTHfiNE. Asapessble,kaHafnlLUrnl4Isotnhcs.-LEaXON SUCAr. A Snbatltate for Leoows. EXTRACT JAMAICA CIMCED. FwdPinEooL STEELE A. PRICE'S LUPULIN YEAST CEEX3. Xm Mem I Um Tmmmt 4m Um mrt DR. PRICE'S S iijJ5 CfVUEZ. Uwt, Ciica-jo, Et, Levi a4

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