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23 THE TAMPA TIMES, Friday, Jnne 13. 1958 Playboy Scurries Home When His Wife 'Resigns' He's a Director Now Im sure there won't be a rii. "If there was a title, it Iter were wed April 29 in White Nurse Said Low On Totem Pole Of Women's Pay ATLANTIC CITY, N. June ''V Plains, N. after a two-week romance.

They now are living in the Beverly Hills mansion where Lana Turner's 14-year-old daughter, Cheryl, fatally stabbed Johnny Stompanato. 0 IIIUIIUIF l' 13 A FRI. OPEN a lu Tecnmeoior "DECISION AT SUNDOWN' Randolph Scott Shows 1:00 5:52 10:44 Technicolor "BEAUTIFUL BUT DANGEROUS' Gina Lollobrigida Shows 4:09 "GARMENT JUNGLE" Lea J. Cobb mmm Shows 2:41 7:33 State Theatres 1 -a I ft" 1 and your JfJs to see and again and again HOLLYWOOD, June 13. (UPI) Philip d' or de Schell, member in good standing of the international society set, wants it known that he isn't a viscount at all.

The handsome playboy, whose wife's "resignation" from marriage brought him scurrying here last week from the French Riviera, insisted yesterday that he should be called mister, or perhaps, monsieur. His wife, wealthy Elizabeth Chester reported to be an oil heiress from Houston, Texas, still wasn't talking about her public announcement that she and Philip simply were not made for each other. But her handsome husband was confident he had changed her mind. "The honeymoon is over, but Lesson Forgotten SPARTA, Wis. (JP) Two girls apparently forgot their lessons when they played hooky from Sunday school here recently.

The pair, 12 and 13. stole a car from the church yard and damaged it to the extent of $250 when it plowed through a fence several miles away. NOW SHOWING Paramount prnt. The DON HARTMAN production Eugene O'Neill's DESIRE TUGNTDBR THE ELMS 1,111 i A 4 HOLLYWOOD. George Reeves, who had been an actor for 26 years, isn't spending his time in front of the cameras these days.

He's a dictator instead. He played the part of Superman so long that producers wouldn't give him a job acting. So George took over as director of the last 13 Superman segments. "Now I'm enthused about doing more," George said and added he's forming a production company. AP Wire-photo.

'Superman of TV Finds Studios Closed to Him 13. (JP) The nurse was described today as the low woman on the salary totem pole. unlike the wages of produc tion workers in manufacturing industries," said Miss Theresa Wolf son, a Jtew York City economist, "the salaries of nurses have not risen in proportion to the shortage of skills." Miss Wolfson, economics pro fessor at Brooklyn College, made the remarks in an address to the 41st biennial convention of the American Nurses' Association. Starting salaries for nurses in the United States, she reported, ranged last year from $3000 to $4200 annually. This, she added, was lower than salaries for social workers and teachers.

"All three professions represent a similar amount of training and similar shortages as far as the needs of society are concerned, and the nurse is the low woman on the totem pole," she declared. Among reasons offered by Miss Wolfson for the nurses' failure to secure a higher sal ary: Nurses are reluctant to broadcast their demands; they are employed by non-profit institutions; they aspire to something beyond their immediate reach, and they have a sense of responsibility to their patients. Miss Wolfson is consultant to the association's economic security unit. Sunday School Man Held in $2800 Theff JACKSON, June 13. (JP) A Sunday school teacher, Joseph W.

Bateman, 42, was jailed here yesterday on charges that he stole more than $2800 from his employer. Police said the prisoner, who worked as salesman for an electronics firm, admitted taking cash and checks from the company office last weekend. Theater Time Clock BRITTON Desire Under the Elms at 1:20, 3:25, 5:25, 7:30, 9:35. PARK Enemv From Space at 1:15, 4:30, 8, and This Happy Feeling at 2:45, 6:15, 9:30. TAMPA Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at 11:25, 1:35, 3:40, 5:45, 7:50, 9:50.

PALACE God's Little Acre at 1, 5:25. 7:35. 9:50. FLORIDA For Whom the Bell Tolls at 11. 2:30, 6:05, 9:40, and The Hard Man at 1:10, 4:40, 8:15.

RITZ Decision at Sundown at 1, 5.50, 10:45, and Beautiful But Dangerous at 4:10, 9, and Garment Jungle at 2:40, 7:30. CASINO Comicos de la Legua and Romance cie lera. DRIVE-IN THEATERS HILLSBORO The Sheepman at 7:45, 11:10, and The Long, Long Trailer at 9:35. AUTO PARK Undersea Girl at 7:40, 10:15, and Teenage Doll at 9. SKYWAY Decision at Sundown at 7:50, 11:25, and Scarlet Hour at 9:35 DALE MABRY Run Silent, Run Deep at 7:45, 11:15, and War Drums at 9:45.

FUN LAN The Sheepman at 7:40 11:15, and Three Faces of Eve at 9:40. 20th CENTURY The Sheepman at 8:10, 11:40. and Beautiful But Danger ous at 9:50. FLORILAND Run Silent, Run Deep at 7:40, 11:25, and California at 9:40. 40th STREET The Young Lions at 9:05 and The Living Swamp at 8:30.

TOWER Invisible Boy at 7:45 and Pharaoh's Curse at 9:40 and It Con quered the World at 11 and Creature With Atom Brain at 12:20. vorce," he said. On that matter of the title, Philip said it was a "phony." "If there is a title ifc cn far. back it doesn't count," he said. And I don't want it anyway.

I don't like it. It sounds "just 'as as i sure it is. DRIVE-IN THEATRE last NITE! Opens 6:30 P.M. -1st Show Randolph Scott "DECISION AT SUNDOWN" In Technicolor I Tom Tryon "SCARLET HOUR" Plus Color Cartoon Free Gifts To Kiddies ADULTS 35c CHILD. FREE Relax In Cool uItfH 1 i fM i f' I I svrwo lasted XL III Iff I rt 1 tXiSlStvr J.

-V wouldn't belong to me anyway but to my older brother Harry. I couldn't guarantee absolutely that there's no title, but I've never checked. It's just something that was accepted by my friends." He and the former Mrs. Ches- Air-Conditioned Open 12:45 LAST DAY "COMICOS DE LA LEGUA" Resorte Delia Magana "ROMANCE DE FIERAS" Armando Calvo Marta Roth Comfort at Florida U0 WITHOUT HIS airl s. kMkMJ J-4 1 ,1, lf 'S-.

mm for you family enjoy, I waap tumii ii i in ii. in in ii. i IRUN SILENT, RUN DEEF.I Clark Gable-Burt Lancaster 1 LAST BANDIT 2S! Elliot-Forent Tucker ITerfific together As they play deadly game on the ocean floor! -Js: DALE MABRY NEW FRONTIER THRILLS! LEX BARKER. WAN TAYLOR FLORILAND CO-HIT AT The Fabulous. Fnttc Wwt! 3 iTTsm7rni Tonita 1 EN.

FLA. A.Ltfgsfl Onlyl SPECIAL! FRIDAY, 13th OUTER SPACE SHOW! lySee tha PURPLE PEOPLE EATER' in ana noopy the Robot on the Screenl "4" out of this) world HIT NO. 1 ONLY! HORROR INVADES THE EARTH! HIT NO. 29:40 ONLY! vem UKANGfcST ZZZA OF ALL SJ HORROR TALES! yM ARK DANA 2IVA SHAPIR HIT NO. 311:00 ONLY! Every Man its Prisoner Every Woman Its Slave! UPCTiu HI Peter Beverly Lea Grauss 'Garland' Van Cleef HIT NO.

4 12:20 ONLYI Shock Full of Thrills! TONITE AT BOTH THEATRES! AT 7:40 HiLLSBORO AT 22NO STj AT 8:10 i. 11 -Anl A Tha most hated man in tha West! if r. iki i 7 i i fffr THE aliibBataV-ai-aa FUN-LAN 9.40! I Academy Award Winning Star Joanna Woodward In tha Rola That Won Her the Oscar! 20TH CENTURY CO-HIT AT 9:50 More tempting! exciting! Mora fiery! More hi sBimWMi but A At 20th Century Only! FORMAL OPENING OF 2 NEW GIANT PLAYGROUNDS! FREE GIFTS FOR THE KIDDIES! Cartoon Funfest IN Ituc vnnufi i inue Jllli- IWUItU lIWilt ONLY! Marlon Brando-Mont Clift THE LIVING SWAMP AT PRUTnnU PRRWIVR! 1 LAST NIGHT! color LK ri 1 5 Til" r-' w-JjJIIIL- JjM) ii -ir- hut Ik JSJ' ta. r. t.


"THE HARD MAN" Guy Madison "FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL" Ingrld Bergman Plus 3 Cartoons BIG fllDIHGHT SHOW TOHORROW SPRINGS THEATRE "VOODOO WOMAN" "THE UNDEAD" ALL SEATS 50c nOTO aawrw. mil ml Box Office Open Ph. 62-3511 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Open 12:45 P.M. C5 C1 -IS Plus Shock and Terror! Brian Donlevy feci The trick stuff should come easy. We've done everything imaginable in the Superman series." George certainly must have known that Superman would blight his outside acting career.

I asked him why he under took it. "I was hungry," he explained simply. It's not quite as simple as that. A reliable performer, George has done well over the years, although not always spec tacularly. His biggest break came with the lead opposite Claudette Colbert in So Proudly We Hail.

Lost at Studio But then Uncle Sam claimed him. When he returned from the war, he was just another in the small army of actors who were trying to rebuild their careers. He had a contract at Paramount but got lost there. He went to New York in the late '40s and prospered in live TV. But when Superman came along eight years ago, he succumbed.

His fate isn't as black as it seems. He gets "perpetual residuals," which means that he is paid every time the series is played. And it is being played all the time. He boasted that it is the No. 2 daytime show in audience ratings here, and is appearing in seven foreign countries.

With well over a hundred half-hours already made, the Supermans scarcely have to be replenished. But George has been making 13 each Fall in color. What does he do with the rest of his time? He manages to keep busy. He has done some writing and is now planning to produce. And if things get chill, he can always go out on an appearance tour.

"I'm great for when they want to open something to attract kids," he said. "This Summer I may go to Japan. I'm big in Japan." WALT Station Asks Higher Power WASHINGTON, June 13. (JP) Radio Station WALT, Tampa, applied yesterday to increase its power from 10 to 50 kilowatts. ALEHCIA GARDENS RESTAURANT LOUNGE Finest Spanish Foods Lunches 80c SI 811 Or.

Central CYPRESS GARDENS; "'Vr 4 water ski shewt daily 10.30 am 1:00 pm 2:30 pm 4:15 pm 20, COMING Fraulein GneniaScoPES COtQbypc "I suggest a second honeymoon, say for 2 weeks at the luxurious HILLSBORO!" illfPjl ji i i from 9 P.M. "fil 3 A.M. Music by THE SKYLINERS and this week's Guest Orchestra "GENE THOMPSON" Admission 1.50 Tax and Table Included RESERVATIONS PHONE 2-2449 TEEN-DANCE EVERY THURSDAY 7 P.M. 'TIL 11 P.M. 12,000 Sq.

Ft. of Air-Conditioned Comfort By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, June 13. (JP) "It's like Hopalong Cassidy trying to get an acting job in white tie and tails." This was George Reeves' lament. He's an actor and a good one. He ought to be, after 26 years at it.

He has been 21 years in the movies, his career dating back to Gone With the Wind and before. So why isn't he working? He's Superman, that's why. "The producers wouldn't give me a job," he said. "They'd take one look at me and say It was Impossible." This freeze on his acting career has driven him behind the camera. And that may be the best thing that ever happened to him.

"I took over as director on the last 13 Superman segments we made last Fall," he remarked. "I did it as sort of a chance, but I was surprised to find out how much I knew. I suppose you ought to absorb some knowledge after being in the business as long as I have. "Now I'm enthused about doing more. I'm forming a production company and we plan to make a couple of science fiction features back-to-back.

For The Life Of Reilly; Only Man Among 310 Women At Hotel NEW YORK, June 13. (Pi- Frank Reilly, an 83-ycar-old bachelor, is living the life of Reillv the only male guest in the YWCA hotel. Outnumbered 310-to-l, he says: "The girls don't bother me and I don't bother them." He has even signed a YWCA membership card so he can eat in the hotel cafeteria. The building used to be the capitol hotel. The YWCA purchased it and converted it and started asking the guests to vacate.

Numerous eviction cases went to court. Reilly and five other men held out for the past 18 months. But all under 70 years old had to leave. The five others bowed to court orders yesterday. But not Reilly.

He's looking forward to another 17 years in the same roost. Reilly isn't expecting any Invitations to pajama parties. But one of the men who gave up the long fight a youngster of 53 recalled the time that invitations to a pajama party were shoved under ALL doors quite inadvertently, he figured. A YWCA spokesman said Reilly and four hold-over women tenants will be allowed to remain indefinitely. Counterfeiter Blames High Cost of Living DETROIT, June 13.

(JP) The high cost of living was blamed by a noted counterfeiter today for his return to making $10 bills. White haired Gary C. Young, 62. pleaded guilty before District Judge Thomas P. Thornton.

He admitted he was preparing negatives for a $10 bill when Federal agents seized his equipment yesterday. Young, described by Secret Service agents as a master at making phony money, has served three prison terms for counterfeiting but said he had gone straight for nearly five years. However, he said he recently ran into trouble making ends meet on hi3 $52.15 monthly World War I pension. He added: "I heard President Eisenhower say we'd have to tighten our belts to compete with Russia to make satellites. I was afraid they might cut out the Veterans Administration and I'd lose my pension." LAST DAY VVt wv-r I "GOD'S -1 T' 1 XI m' "TILE 1 liUB rod.

Ryan 1 4 I i W. Lafayette, Opposite Tamp Now! 4 1 QOOOQOO()aQQQOOOOOOOOOCH)OOQ)OOOOOOC; lamm428 W. LAFAYETTE STRIE1 Jut a I PHONE 8-3726 TT, 1 i Starting ot 11:30 TONITE! SHOCK FEATURES 2 I 2 Technicolor Hits At 7:45 and 11:10 "THE SHEEPMAN" Glen Ford Shirley MacLaine "LONG. LONG TRAILER" Lucille Ball at Only mi, We won't mention the titles They're too scarry but if you crave excitement, are not superstitious and have no need for tranquilizing drugs this is your dish! 7i l-L Tonit -gf Opens 12:45 P.M. 5 Cartoons Today Men Every 13th Man Today will Receive a Free Kiss at our Candy Counter WALT DISNEY'S "OLD YELLER" in color "STREETS OF LOREDO" Wm.


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