The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1933
Page 4
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(ARK.) TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1983 Heavy? Twenty Pounds Mighty Strike, Head "•^'Thrashing and Broken 'Line Makes Big Story. EDITOR'S NOTE: This U the la. In the Canadian north woods. ' BY JIMMY IMNAHIJK '.I'. SEA S«rrlc< Sports Writer '.^HUDSON, Onk—The big ones always get away. And's irue of .(lie trip Jim Haher and I look In• to this country for muskslhmgc. • It, was on our second trip back /into Musky Lake for 'lunge that . -we encountered our ghost fish. It had started to rain- lhal 'morning, and Shorty, the guide, was • a bit skeptical aboul starling out. •But fish-crazy as we were, a little ,lhing like a rain couldn't stop us. We bundled our duffle Into the boat and made lor our parade .back in the bush. • When we arrived at Musky Lake, ithe sun came out and proceeded lo 'outdo himself. Ninety degrees t.-.e tiny.thermometer in my tackle box showed, and Shorty shook his head with misgivings. .'Too hot for musky," r.e grunted.' "B«eg fish' go In weeds and .• sleep. Too liol for him to eat even." • . • .: But a little thing like a guide who had been back in tills country . Jfihuitf for five years didn't dls- colirage us. We threaded our lines through, the guides .with as much enthusiasm as vie had on our first trip to this lake. • "" We hadn't more than started when I hooked the first one. : ; "Seven pounds, back you go." sola Shorty. ,. Another seven-pounder Inside of ,flve minutes, and back lie went. Then two more in succession, making four 'lunge hi three-quarters oj an hour, and I -cast a glance at Jim and tumbled some dig about ., .his supreme patience and questioned ability as a fisherman. • ''•'•.Whereupon his mouth dropped ppen, his eyes popped out. and'he . . jinked his ro3 for all he was worth '"••' to. set the hooks. Following the line out to where '-. It 'was'shooting through tlie water !'•' at a. great rat*, Shorty and I saw •aI huge head heave out-of the deep 1 thrash from side to side for f thrilling moment—and break Jim's •'• line right In the.middle! , We had no way. of guessing the "> weight of that fish except by Jim's .'.;. line. Before going on the trip he : Insisted, despite rtrenuous objection, on taking a 40-pound test line along. The fact iliat the fish broke thai lice,, which had taken severs ~. large 'lunge racce&sfully on our pre• vtous trip to the lake, seems to provi that';It,was a "whale." !.,We paddled around through tin weeds for| aboul an -hour trying to find where the big • fellow wen with' Jim's lure and 75 feet of line Shorty was oi the opinion that h hid gotten into the weeds, tanglec himself up In the line, and finally •died. • -'•• '-•Outwardly.-Jim 1 , was calm afte : losing that monster with the gap- I Jr^X'tX Sv^X-"^*" &£~^ _i~t"^ '?\£&r-'^ One of throe Musky I-ahc 'liinjr that dkln't trt riayed by Jimmy DunuJiiu-. The sketch brluw shows huw tlie "glrost Ish" to' away from Jim Haher. Braucher Suggest Code For Hard Working College Gridders BY HIM. BRAIK'HEK I lively objected that none of the NEA Srrvlre Sports Kdllor Itktill prnctice scixSlons In the gym' CLEVELAND, O.— The Notlnnnl had touched on tliese subjects, Recovery Act will not lie complete nor had Ihe coach's blue-vitriol tntil a code for college football and • gun-cotton lectures on the players is adopted. Mnny oppress- practice field Included them: When ed workers have already been aid- (he coach explained that these cd. but real recovery cannot come were academic studies In which until something Is done for the lit. 1 was expected to take a noml- sround-down high-school graduate linl interest, the poor fellow YANES DEFEAT NAIS 1ICE TMll! New Yorkers Crash Thru Senators to Win Pair of Close Games. The New York Yankees crashed their way straight back into the American league pennant race by Hie leading 'Senators tvio yesu-nlay and narrowlnfe Hie Nais' margin to one giime. All National league clubs wm :<!le yi'.slwday, Including the puce I yelling New York Cllanls. ' The Yankees set tlie Senators' dowii by .scores of fl to 5 ami S • !t> •) In bitterly contested games. The Yanks won both affairs wild ninth Inning rallies. Chapman'.s ."ingle diovr: across tin; tying cum winning runs In the ninth Inning of Hie first yame und SewcH's rjii: pushed the deciding cc.un.ler acios.s In the final game. Moori' nnd Petmock' were the winning 1 r.s anil Uutsell unil Crow- 1 del till- losers. Oehrlg and Hutu I Int homer.v In the .second game. The Cleveland Indians* lost to Ihe IX'lrolt Tigers 6 to 3 at Detroit. The Tigers scored live runs In the fourth inning to take an <rnrly lead and v:ere never heuded. Sorrell lield the Indians scoreless until the eighth Inning when AverlH's homer put three runs across. Mel Harder was the losing pitcher. •The Chicago White Sox wen- shut out by the St. Louis Browns C to 0 at St. Louis yesterday. Stiles Brown hurler, limited tlie White Sox to ft.vtn scattered nils. The Browas, scored live runs In the fourth Inning and ndded another !:i the eighth Inning. Wyatt v,U'i tlie losing pitcher. The Philadelphia Athletics losi n. game to the Boston Red Sox u to 5 at Philadelphia. Johnson I and Williams hit homers lor the Presenting Mae at Court Bastills Canal Disclose* Skulls and Sundry Toy* PARIS (UP)—Wllh lhe drain-i I ilng of nn nnclent canal near tlie! | , Hnslllii? miai-ler of Parts, to ix'ii.ui'j / the-locks and sisciiiithi'ii ihi? sub- folodSU, I »ny supports, workers have! • •> NSWERS brought to llghi -Horn the' ii!;:it ! bottom uf (Ii2 cjual a l;iiiii-h dl j Uj|>s. .SL-M'rul Jiick-knivi s, n unla- j vci, a cuiiple (.f .'•kiil!^ injui HHII'' ictjUlun inui'kr.i.- p.-rhai::, and :in uney <il bra."; kinieklrs, revo!- virs, tla-'i.:ti5 ;incl t-viii a ?Pt of j lalst LiTlh. All thr> c-hlldrtn of !he ' nt'lKliboihixxi ^[itiicr lo v.'tiich ihe I uljgoi-s daily, liofina ilial thi-lr | !avnrllc bull, t!ul! or toy sl-.ip will j I'c L'lm.L'i'.l i:;i bi'fntf: I!K- Jub is I I'otn: uijcl ;!.'; c.i::j| -.wiiu lilji-n I i-.ith 'A.iui. il'nnoc! El Mellaha Salt ! Mines Get Big Order HGMK 'U!'J 'lilt lLiin;iHS sail IIIKI-:. ul Kl Mv!!i:hn in Tripoli- j unia hu\ p e tuniiiii-lcti to 'exr.oil. TUPff CUCSSES , Tli(» skricli is. of Ihe N.i- |[on:il MoMumoni [o (he Koro- finln.'i-s at n.Y.MOl'TII. MASS. Tin.- 1'AI'Al. CitOSS Is [he oi, e sltnwii. I' II I'N C K KDWARU ISLAND and N.OVA SCOTIA do not [Ouch IU« Ujilicil Siatc-s. Oil iiiiv n> N'ui'Ajy, Icfkint!. I ul- ' Ihlund.i nnd M:iva Si'ullu. ts in tin- U.ilinn tijlony •. Irciscn for iiiiicti thought. i:i I dally iiiiCf will yielding :t]ua.s i Sicily. Apulia and Sardinia \i Mae Murray, \vcll-known singe and tcreen star. MILS prcscnti-d al|"<ii: ;i biill'icii-iil .supply for court, ill, I.os Angeles the other day. And slic was tlressul up for lhe occasion as this picture shows. It. was a civil court, and slie viaii answering a suit by a contractor for claimed unpaid bills. Ma? filed n cuiinter-clulm for ulleged ilr.mago to her Duildiiia. Triiice Dnvld Mdlumi, ro-drftiiiJuitl and estranged • husbund of Mi";, diu not appr-ar. Athletics but Andrews and Well- niid held their mates well In check. Tiw Bostonlans , got ID Earnshnw, Walberg and Combs for 13 hits. Wulters of the Hed Sox hit for the circuit. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS i.!t the nniinliincl. The- salt tnhios of K! Melialiu e I'CjUtpia'Ci to produce .srmit- ^J •01^.>.':<! irjn; ;innualiy. Salt tu- iiMiy in Hie M:tIiUir::ncan b.'jiin uiKkM'-ioin;; ti-ying tiint-i, dllfi- illk-t in pladiiii urdei.s uu: (.•sjio ully fell by mints in Tunis anil ,.:ini:-h t-. rrllorlcs. TO YOim IAOS1K JJehire Bienkfnst Every Mornliit; 'A 1'itts ........ fx: J-ints .............. 8<^ /it All Stores and Htstaurants Bennett's Dairy I "hone 74 Ti who Roes to dear old Slwash to swooned. play football for 'a consideration.' • H Isn't that the boys arc under- Hrrr's a Code T I E, 124 the rvorktnir conditions are something frightful. For instance word readies us of a,fast halfback of last season who was actually compiled to check In every day at his Jab of fourth n&slstanl Janitor In the astronomical laboratory. Tlie pay of J300 n month ™ht as belnn nil That lo "e- atnples of the sweatshop methods used by the Brent unlvcr.iUfs In exploiting honest gridiron labor. Something, ought to bf done about It. A code to protect these ixwr fellows could Include the following provisions: l. No work, beyond the cashing o! pay checks, to be required of constitutional halfback. rights n [ a good eratiire and ictlce in business Oufslugged Vols in Game; Smokies Shut Out Barons. HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 1.— Hitting , Washington, where she's visiting the night spots: Quite a crowd at her parents, nlmos! any day now ihe Roosevelt Patio Hoof to greet ' they're Koln- 10 be married Terry Dantzler and las orchestra I ^ soonTs- hr. yeLs hLs di™rn'! on their opening niKhi . . . he's Movlr| , oncc mur( . to lhc Mary Brians kid brother . . . nrown Derby for a slighl^v bclal- aml a good musician, too. . . . cd slmrise brc:lk r asl . . . ' dM V0ll Mary on haiul w th u party .... t . rer try scrnmWM | cpKs .,, ui c i., SI) Icuking lovelier than ever and sit- . bM011 al t haf hour . .'. iimlTnid- ilng between Russell Gleason nnd lng lhe , om . M ., rx bl . 0 , hcl . s „,,,, I "Big Boy' Williams . . . wonder quite a few others gallic-red nrouml ! which is. acting as her escort a i alge table trie Marx" I. . •. both would like to have a'einglng . . . but ench choosing u | monopoly, on that privilece for nil , different song . . . Charles Slnr- tlme . . . also wonder where Dick : re tt and his wife joining us for Powell is. The Little Rock Travelers defeated tin Nashville 7o\s 12 to bite of toast . also Chnrlli- . . . . Leslie Fenton nnd Ann Dvorak Farrell aiid Virginia Vnlli sitting sipping a reddish punch through do »'» '° r " second uup of coffee. f] IH, MASTERPIECE [1 oi 1IKE CONSTRUCTION 1 I '^fliracz straws llow lhat boy. Leslie,, Ing Ann he seems- perfectly content to live a milet life . . •. they administra- ing Jaws, but ' Inwardly he was shedding salty tears! " •" ( . • * : • rTen 'lunge »-e took put of Musky Lake in three hours of fisliing that day, and we put them 'ali back but three. • : A Cincinnati lawyer fishing the same lake the same day, took: a movie camera along, 'inot to take pictures of catching the fish," he explained, "but to take pictures of putting them back." During our. stay at camp, fo'ir parties fishing Musky Lake on six days.hooked and landed a iclal oi 103 'lunge! ittost of these were hooked in from 10 to 15 feet of water, -anc were caught on spinners. with feathered streamers and pork rind. The next in favor wtre the wab- bling plugs and injured minnows that traveled about 4 feet under •water, axl the least liked of the hires was the surface type. ' Our guide explained that this was because the fish weren't doing much surface feeding due to the ••' Bett, and-thai their Jaunts lo the surface and shallow water were taken at night and hi the very early morning. • • • NEXT: A 4ay with • Ihe great tion to Justify, a. degree. 2. No player on s a winning' team to receive a grade tower than "A" player on a I to • get less ivho suffered severe "mental shock than a passing mark. This pro- Ain'l H a Pity? Still nnothei Is that of r sad cnse reported in mvy study and no I ic defensive fullback i l«im not doing so well at the end of his first month al old lllinols.'He was presented with a curious slip of paper from tlie vision would insure strong efforts lo get high marks and preserve lhe academic standing of. the uni- dean's office which indicated that j verslly. he was deficient in trigonometry. Other codes could be formulated Fiench. modern Euroocan history.Ins tlie code progressed In cunfer- Greek and Biblical literature. | dice. Tlw rights of colleRe foot- He went to the coach and plain- 'ball players must be preserved! Brown led the attack with five hits out of five the plale. C&ntrell.wbs the winning and May' UIG. losln? ollcher. The leading Knoxville Smokies defeated the Birmingham Barons 7 to 0 at Knoxvilb. Rabb, Knos- ville hurler, limited the Barons to five scattered iiits. The Smokies touched ' Lisenbee and White for for _ ? m 10 blows. ' The New Orleans Pelicans turned back a lute rally by the Atlanta Crackers and won a 4 to 3 contest at New Orleans'. The Crackers made a desperate effort to tic the score, counting two runs : 'lby, Ronald Bui hi, having u Rood with n rather ... and laugh- lime. Thrlma Well-Alteitded Evalyn Knnpp portly gentleman inn 1 at all of ills wise cracks . . . wonder what caused the break between her and Donald Cook - . . the wedding bells weren't far off ] . or, at least, so it' seemed. . . . Thehna Totld nt- Coolest In Town! tvary Fiber — Every Corn — Every Ply Every Firestone Tire \ f , BLOWOUT PROTECTED * E Y Tuesday - Weds. MAT.— 10-25c MITE— I0-30c tr. the ninth when Wall, outfield-1p'"' er. hit for tire circuit. Galchouse ,. j* was the winning pitcher and Dm-!' . hi| ham the loser. T)Il) YOU KNOW THAT- One of those tennis plnyers you haven't been hearing much about this year will be the next singles champion of the United States , . . according to Ellsworth Vines. . . . He's Lester Stoeffcn . . and he climbed from M .i i . »i- \ . r- i • . . and he cllmoca trom arches Last Night Lnd in rim yi n g NO. is player in 193; Draw and Hicninlifira ' to No - 6 in 1932 • • - ' TllKt uraw ; and uisqualitica-., ^^ sharkey has wlth Kin8 tion Ot Morris. Levlnsky Sept. 12 makes us wonder what happened to ttut Gerauu May Insthute Day' : BEHLDJ (UP) — The German preeminent contemplates Intro- tiuctnj a big national holiday fc-: • the German 'farmers; a kind tu R«Wi-»idc "Tiiaaksgiving Day". ' . A definite date has not yet been = teed, but It Is expected that early October will- be chosen, when the rwtmti is generally over in al' p»rt« of the country. ntttonal Ouf" Is to be analogous .with the N^taMl D»y of Labor, the 1st of ' Ma>, .which, celebrated on a nation-wide b«fc for the first time thJe rev, h*s been 'dedicated as a natiookl holiday by law. True to ,'AXTgLL, Kau. (UP)—Oene Dor •'nutxe •wM't pour that Is a pony ' 'Hail. The baby'Shet- 'rmniiy is coif two tm. utt • one-Kill f«t ' h«'.30 poobds. It !..tbe snaUett ponjt ^Thc groan and grunt arlLMs| came back to town after several wcejjs absence last night and went llnaugh their acts at the nrnioryl for the benefit ,-of mat fans. i Tony La wo ot Memphis and Ev- 1 1ctt. Jennings of Tipley scram-! bled to a draw in the openim; match with a one hour' time limit. 1 The second match was awarded: to Tom Mallov of Miami Pla., on; a foul after dividing falls with his 1 ooqonent. Jimmy Morris of Memphis. Lnwo won the first fall in 31 minutes with a hook scissors and Jennhigs 'took the second in 12 minutea with a tly,'ng mare and airplane spin, ttey wrestled the remaining 17 mtnrtes without a fall.- • MiV. In the headline.' bout Malloy won the opening fall In 18 minutes with a flying tackli and body pin. Morris came back to take the second In 10 minutes wilh a hook ccljsore. Morris was disqualified for loiil- Ir.i; Malloy by .kicking after they rcturnEd to the ring. Both matches were rough with frequent variations of the type known only to the wrestling school. nrm resolution of hts to quit the jjame in the "unexpected" event of being beaten by Car- ncra . . . The Cubs are missing that bat of Riags Steiilien- NHI, lost when a hungry malaria bug bit the big outfielder ... but Stevie Is recovering and will be ready to go back Into the. lineup soon . . . . which should add no little to Chicago's pennant threat. Homing pigeons- travel any distance ... at the rntc of 600 miles a day ... a carrier pigeon has a flying limit of about 100 miles . . . homing olgeons In full flight hit it oft at a rate of about a mile a minute . . . which .-which mskes Jack Lovelock's mile In 1-.07.6 appear llmt the man was tied ... if a homing pigeon hits » "lr* or other obstruction when all his cylinders are open he's a dead bird . . . some pljeoHs have been knnwn to attain a speed of 2000 yards a minute. tended by both her husband and TGeorge Raft . . . and dividing her rlanecs equally between them. Jcel McCrea find Frances at a table-for two . . . and ap- , pnrently trying to set a new rec- 'ir dnncing ... on Ihe floor dance . . . well it is easier 'Id hands while dancing while eating' . . . but Joel is mDttlly becoming a one-handed j nrtisl nt lhat. too ... he's that-! cra?.v about Frances . . . it's | mutual, too. . . . Gary Cooper' ( and Judith Allen with some friends I . . . she seems to he tlie big mo- I nient In Gary's life right now; . . . but he won't take her out alone ttnlil she srets that divorce , from her wresiier-lnibby. Gus' Sonnenbcrg. At the Colony Clnh W. A. Dowell jr., of Walnut On lo the Colony Club looking Ridge and John Caudlll of Bly- i for more excitement . . . It is one Iheville will meet in 18 holes of j of those nlace s where the passing medal competition In the play-off | of time increases activities . . . for the ^Arkansas-Missouri goifithc zenith being reached atom: tournament title, it was nnnouuc- about sunup. . . . Alice White i ed today by the tourney co:u- trying to get a dollar, away from mlttee. | John Warburlon . . . and over The time of the play-off will be i in another corner Boots Mallorv f. Dowell and Caudill to Play Again GOLDENDALE, Wash. (UP)-A "nhablliUUon" and cleanup campaign ha* been the vogue here. All old building* >nd uncleanly sites have been "spruced up." Vaunt lot* w»re ctetned of rubbish •nd Lutes in Win Over Lnxora Sunday, 9 to 6 I.utes defeated Lvntora Sunday 9 to 6 at Lutes p*". Red Lutes Dlthed for Lutes, allowing but four hits. Odell Seaton w» s en the mound for Luxora. Luxora was"trrnlt«d"to fouf'hlts rand Lutes got 13; announced later but will likely be rif-xt Sunday over the local course. The pl»y-off will settle n dispute that arose during an agreed nlay-off between the pair last Sunday ' which climaxed, the two-day meet. The two were deadlocked at 159 strokes for th« 36 holes of mrdal competition and without combing, officials, according to a tourney committee member, agreed to play extra hole* until one o- the other won a hole. They continued deadlocked through one extra hole but on the second extra hole Dow. ell claimed Coudill should be penalized when he dug sand out of a trap, In which hi s ball rested, while taking a practice swin s . Dowell played a third hole under protest and Caudill won the thirrt extra hole. Tlw dispute over the penalty, which would have s Dowell the hole, followed uiili officials' holding «p award of i!;o championship trophy pendlne fi ;1 •1 determination of the winner. doim: her best Barllclt lhat It's time to go home about that . . boy friend . . with Hollywood to go wiches hit. IC.9SJ I1.50 1 5.23-111 .50-17" 5.50-19 C.Ofl-17 6.00-ia ........ 12.78; G.OO-18HI). IS.Ifl d.00-19 HD.. 15.60 ! 57.40 COUNTS 1 Tircstone llijli S|in:i! (Jiiiu-DipjivilTirc.s hull! nil world i-ecunis on rnntl mill irr.rk for Safety, Spent, .1/ifri;"! 1 mid jr/ifhiniricp-'nu-y are firbt chuire »>f rai-o ilrivcra — luen vho ivill ntit take thiinrcs tir risk their lives nil any other tire. I'iiTMoiiu Tirca are tht only [ires niudc ivitli lii:ili slrctcli cortls and the £xlrj ! T roccS3 of CL'iM-DII'i'liSG wliifli gives nliS -lunger flexing life— <:KKATKU SAFKTY AMI' ilOSF. BLOWOUT TUOTECIION. > V'c Give a Liberal Allowance for Your Woin Tirei To Apjsly on z<a Fii-es!one High Speed Tiret Trolcct your Safety liyi-qinpphig your rnr TO1X\Y — Tire prices arc stifl IIH» Ion — Buy Watch h Doable Kvldtm OREGON CITY. Or,-, charge of burglarizing the Oe;oi City jail has been hied Otorge .Hovey. . He Is alleged huve stolen a watch held iiicie TJS evidence. The watch will i W v: be exhibit A InMwo court caws bt'foro Ihcy nilvnnrr SUPEB OLDFIELD TYPE Equal to All First Line, Standard Brand Tirei in Quality, Construction and Appearance, Yet Sold ataPriceThaf Affords You Real Savings Tire^tone COLRIES rvPE wonder just how Alice felt . that's the trouble . . so few places can't escape the gentleman jociety , figure of hadow world isking necks jot...liv«lfo ties munching roast beef sand- Clioroltt KOT.I x»«ii S. 7 ' '' washed down with . . the fact that It's legal doesn't seem to make a O'Brien and hi s wife listening to Firestone Spcrfc Piugj Save Gasoline Dependablt Firesfont trip around the world went as far as Honolulu together Patricia Parker will be back from We irit/ ti'jl any make of FREK .^i-' f'ireamt Gum-lKfpiii 7irci* in IK« firnlan -on : IjWliHcn B..ilJing ai "A CrnMry o/ Pre«rcM" AliiOnSklpworth HELEN VINSON 1'aramonnt. News' "Trying Out Torchy" \Vilh Ray Cook PHILLIPS MOTOR CO Hlylhevillc, Ark.

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