The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER, 5, 1954 BI.YTHEVIIJ.E (ARK.) COfRlER NE\VS PAGE FIVE Polio Called 'Prosperity Disease By FRANK CARE* AP Science Reporter CHICAGO (AP) — Paralytic polio may be largely a "prosperity" disease, the American Academy of Pediatrics was told today. Children and adults living in prosperous, uncrowded areas may be more likely to get it than those living in slums and other crowded regions, said Dr. David Bodian of the Johns Hopkins University in a report to the academy's 23rd annual meeting. Reason: Residents of crowded areas are widely exposed to polio virus in Infancy, and most of them get an intestinal infection that immunizes them against a later paralytic attack on the nervous system. But Dr. Bodian said that while problems still remain, advances -'n the understanding of polio and in the conceivable means of vaccinating against it make it "not too optimistic to hope that the result will be the early control of epidemic poliomyelitis." Infant Infection He told the meeting of the nation's top children's doctors: 'In populations whe're the (polio) virus is widespread due to crowding of unhygienic conditions an infection occurs in Infancy In most individuals, those who escape paralysis are made immune permanently. . . . There is evidence that in such populations virus is widespread so that infection and immunity against all three types (of polio virus) is acquired early in life. "The virtual absence of paralytic disease in those above the age ot infancy i« convincing evidence of the fact that inapparent (intestinal) infection immunizes against subsequent paralytic disease." Saying that this is "nature's way" of immunizing against polio, the doctor added: "Although nature's way of immunizing may be very effective in some populations where virus and human beings have established an equilibrium . . . this equilibrium breaks down seriously in populations where greater prosperity leads to less crowding and improved sanitation. "Apparently in these populations virus dissemination is reduced, exposure to virus is delayed to later life and even to adulthood, and for reasons not clearly understood, infection is more likely to result in ... paralytic disease. "Severe epidemics are characteristic of these otherwise more tortunate societies." BALTIMORE OB—With the experience of one integration battle Behind him, a Southern-born ex- Marine took over leadership last night of a battle to segregate Baltimore public school pupils. W. Bryant Bowles .president of the National Assn. for the Advancement of White People, climbed on the back of a truck at an auto raceway to boast to a crowd of 500 that under his leadership Negroes were forced out of schools in Milford, Del., "without a fist being swung.". "We told them in Delaware we'd Man-Made Island Pays Off-in Oil LONG BEACH, Calif. Wl — Construction of an island a. mile off the coast is paying off — with oil. The Monterey Oil Co. announced yesterday that a well drilled from the island struck oil and is flowing at an average rate of 300 barrels a day. The company started construction of the rock island off Seal Beach in 1952. It now plans to drill a second well on the site. Rossini lived almost 40 years after composing his opera "William Tell," yet wrote practically nothing more. REASONS WHY 'MOUNTAIN V A L L I Y WATER CAN MEAN BETTER HEALTH FOR YOU 1. Speed removll if hirmfil body wattes. 2. Neutralize excess urine tcidt. 3. Normalize kidney -bladder lunction. 4. Counteract excess itomich Kids. Ooclort agree tnat proper vnounti ol water are an absolute netetiity. it your XiOneys and bladder us » function properly. To be fit 11 thy you need at least 8 giants of good, cure water a day. Try delicious luting, non-laialwe. non-carbonated, m\Wy alkaline Mountain Valley Wattr TODAY. No cntonne-no ialt. Prove tu younelf that betttf health, can bt in the water you drink, especially Mountain Valley Water, direct from Hot Springs. Arkansas, fiall without obligation far full information. RICHARDSON'S Main at Fifth Ph. 3-36Q5 HESTER'S BEST GRADE 10 ° A L OOp erT ONL (Plus Tax on •{ Tom or Morel S. Highway 61 Phone POplar 3-3186 NAAWP President Leads Battle to Segregate Baltimore Schools help them if they would avoid violence and we're telling: you the same thing." Bowles said. Police Commissioner Beverly Ober did. some telling of his own. Speaking over all three of the city's television stations. Ober warned that under city law any person disturbing, any public school in session is guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person who induces or attempts to induce any child to absent himself from school also is liable to prosecution, he said. Under these sections of the city code, Ober said, he deems it the duty of the Police Department to stop all picketing or assemblies, in the neighborhood ot the city's schools. "In the event of future demonstrations," he said, "we're going to gel tough." Television also was used by Dr. John H. Fischer, city superintendent of schools, to level a charge that an attempt is ueing mnde deliberately to .sabotage the city J school system. "False rumors, evil rumors—all false—are being circulated in an effort to frighten parents and children," he said. Fisher urged parents to send their children to school. Baltimore's integration tempest began last Thursday with the picketing of School No. 34, an elementary institution. On Friday, the picketing spread to five other schools. At Southern High School, a crowd of about -100 white adults and teenagers shouted threats at the Negro students Icnving the building. One man was fined $100 for striking 11 Negro boy- After a quiet weekend, protests again flared up yesterday, but l them moving. Cargo Jettisoned To Save Plane SAN FRANCISCO t.fl — EU-ven men throw nil their baggage into the omui and even tossed out .parts of the plane in helping a {Navy patrol bomber limp on ono j of its two engines for half of the 2,400 miles from Honolulu. The plane lancted safely yester- 1 there was no violence, The protests ; were limited mostly to bands of hiffh school students nuurhing through the streets. But police kept day nt Half Moon Bay, south of here. At that, the fliers hoard the one good engine sputter 400 miles out above the Pacific. Only a quick adjustment of fuel mixture prevented a crush into the sea. The port engine caught fire when MRS. J. A. CHARHEY. 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