The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY.. AUGVSf 8, : 1933 •LTTgBVILUC, (AMUT f AOB nvi CiA§sifiED SECTION OAS8ISTED DtOj r*M per ' :m eou*«cn- word* to * line) OM toe per line ... r »c two timei per llo« per d»7 Oic •nan Umetper- toe pet *W Me (Hi US& per Hne P«r <S« •• »e Ifoatb rat« P" U"* ••• ** yin*-*"" chart* Ho Adi ordered (or three or «U time. »nd iW*d b«tore explia- tlon wlli b* efiirced (or the number of UBUI we *d «pp**rfd vu) oi Mil m*de. All tiafcUfltd AdverUlint copy mbaitted br pvnotu ridding out- rtle of the citj oust be accom puled bjr cub. B»f«» m»y be euttr eotopuUd from rtcve tule No responiiWllty 'will be taten tor mots thin one Incorrect In •ertkm o( tny f1«ir"rH id. Advertise* ordered lor irregular insertion! take the one ume nit. Phone 306 or 307, INK and One-halt Ton 1930 'U-ucfc—Bargain. Byrum Produce !o. Across ironi Postortice. HEAL ESTATE 'ARMS and Homes, easy pay nienls. Ethel B. Thompson. Ca- rutheisville, Mo. 8pkO-8 FOR HALE: Beautiful Ozark farm 80 atria. Good buildings, woven wire fences, plenty frull and waler An gravel mail route. Price $550— past, cash, balance (ornis. J. C Cliapln, Rovcn<!cn, Arlt. 3pk9-3 POULTKY KOR SALE—While WYANDOT1T COL-krclls. Full ulooikd. Mrs. L S. BrUcoc. 2c k FOR RENT THREE ROOM Furnished Down stairs Apartment. 108 W. lucky. >2e )> "Count" Pkks Women Then Pkki Poeketbwlw PARIS (UPJ— Proclaiming buasi- lly that lie had stolen the- hearts 741 fair maids ami matrons—as ell 'us their pocketcoaks ami wels—Kdinond Arcliour, an Alge «n, has boen given three yeav.s behind the bars to think a uver. chour posed ns the Count rtc Sntnt-Yrielx nnd his method was !rst to win the licnil and »Hcc- oi) of Ills victim, und then, when lisped In love's fund embrace, he •wild pick her pocket. The fnke dunt also went by the immc o lie Marquis tie la Fcrronnays. josed us a physician, frequently." IP told the court, "bcciuist: from ny experience with women I htwc earned' that they me csiwcliilly susceptible to doctors." This Is nut the llrst of th'e love-thief. He recently ended tlvvo.-ycar term In the Niines THREE ROOM MODERN apart monts, newly decorated. Ov tlrby Drue Co. Also apartment o <entucky Ave. F. Sinion. Phon 64. 18c k STORE BUILDING and residcn combined with complete fixtures or meal anderoceiies. G40 S. Lake. Sec Dr. J. A. Saliba. 7ck-14 BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXPERT Typewriting and Ad- aing Machine Kepairinf. J. S BUnkenship, 11« E. Hose. Phone 165-J, '-« "S-21 Mrs, I. J. Rertstered Spencer Cofsetiere FRIG1DAIRE Only authorized service and paits ior Household and commercial Phone office 67, residence 414, B A. Miller, 8 ' u L. G. MOSS Blytnuvllle's Cut Rate Undertaker . lop-Mo i BARBER SHOP Glews Shampoo. Sfep -HissmgM T«B*l]»theF»c Bartwr Shop C Cuud* Biot Piittk Even for HufttiRf MONTREAL IUP)--U you're »o 11K hunting In (he wilds this year, leave your •olver at home. Since tlw «m«iidnient to the lo do so, Recording to <Jhlef Wiw 'i!« ijilondc, liend of tlw pro vlnclAl police, Any huulvi' found cuvrylng • K'Vwlvor Is-lliiulu lo u • si'iiti'nco five yours In (lie |»nitcntlaiy. of Trco Ihiro Vrult snd S/M.K.M, Ore. (Ul')-A |w»r tret CrlinliiHl Code of >asscd. sportsmen C»n»d» «»s branch brnrliuj both blossoms und who were In nintumi trull was exhlb- thc habll of cairj'lnt revolvers; Itrd hero by Mrs. Olivo i\hlle Hunting will not bo allowed way Oregon Nlew Feurt tn Chub aid Swker, Bawjuet KliAMATH PALI^J, Ore. (UP) — 'riioiisiunis of grcnt while iKllcans are (ceding on hordes «l dend chuUs and suckow in Link lilvoi nnd KM'iuins Lnk« here. Tlic ilsh are dylnii fiom a niiil- ady unknown lo tiaiue ulficliils. >!ca!th officlils wi'lcomcd Ilic Icans, m lliey *rc koephiK tl'u wu- Icr (rom becomlnij pollulwl. OUR BOARDING HOUSE i JUST TO MA.K6 \T WHY DOfn YOU HUCH Av V-i penitentiary fense.. for n ciinilnal oi- ONE or two rooms on Norlh Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit .tenant on tease. Apply Courier News. NICE LARG^, bedrooms. CLOSE IN. 310 W. Walnut. 29ck8-29 TWO NICELY Furnished Bed- looms. 1017 Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 21c K21 Glacier National Park Visitor Total Mounting GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. (UP)—More people had lercd Glacier National Park up to July 15 tlinn had visited In the same period last year. Superintendent E. T. Scoyen's odice report. 1 ; Trie total number oi visitors to July 15 was 20,!>94 persons, a galr oi 1,153 people, or 9.1 per cent Tdtaj number of automobiles en tcring the park was 5,098, com pared to 5.204 last year, a gain o 9.5 per cent. Rail travel was 17 per cent than last year, however, tailing to 1,140 |>crsons, ns compared to 1,391 persons in 19'J2^ Dum'y H10HLAND8, V«. (Ut'l-Beveml boyc pifcylnt; on un iish ; . , -. . iump founti.Uie bodj o( *. newborn b»by.- An iiwejKlfttlpn tu (iLuovor (Tie "oulier".- - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - 1 \ X ^.UST tU' /VRCUES OF f AN ELEPHANT f—IF L J \ WtRE TH' HOW?>£, I'D / V &IVE YOU TU' WOlST \ f TOR ATHR&E-'POtNf / IN />s TROC> f < D\TCH .P ,y FOR RENT CHEAP: FIVE room House, bath, garage, garden. Call 954-W. liefoie G p. m. 8-19 MODERN furnished apartment. Good location. Call 135. 27c k8-27 Infant Roams In Death SEATTLE, Wash. (UP) — Two- year-old Darrell Smith, Jr.. was taken to the > home of liis grand- parenUs near Duma\ River so lie could enjoy the breezes durlni! the summer heat. The Infant disappeared during his roamings and SPORTING GOODS l =g?Mr$SS8i-SS; H^ Harare CO, 0^.5 FOUR room Unfurnished apart ment, ID1G W. Ash. Call 412-W. 3ckS-3 WANTED TO BUt HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, Inner tubes, iron, inctat, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf Arlan. 128 E. Main. Phope 118. 8-c-k-8-8 inuu..^ "bout our Oon Ball : You. *ffl be surpflicd at the otter Hubbard Httr. Co. I0c-M;tt . 1 -_ TAtLORS Strvkt HI 1-ck-S-ll Store Y«r Winter' With BljthtTille Steam Garments OUR SUPERIOR FINISH on linen tulb and dresses make them look nicer and wewf Jonger. NU-WA CLEANERS 'SALESMEN WANTED CL'A'ssiFY Salesmen Wanted— s .. EXPERIENCED man or woman with car to handle quick selling product here. Hall Sisters Shopi>e. 31cK31 MALE HELP WANTED ~ AUTOMOTIVE Have that'btokcn glass installed in your car while you wait. We cut and install class In any make car. . SBouse-tittle Chevrolet ^^ RUSSELL ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Gmge New Van Norman Boriasr «»»enlnc Wort 6u»r»BUed - - Phone 8M 2&c lcB"iO Let us pa"' 1 your car b * torc fal1 Prices are still reasonable on psinting and body repairing. Wrecked cars our specially. SfMBse-LIltle Chevrolet Co. 8-Ic kO-1 " AUTO GLASS SHATTER-PROOF PLATE SHEET THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. lOC-k 8-15 Bad circulation may Injure your motor. .We'll put your radiator in shape for a small amount. We lepair any make of radiator Shone-LiUle Chevrolet Co. 8-Ic 1:9- NEW AND USED ADTO PARTS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone C£ 2c BATTERIES NEW FORt) BATTERIES Hental-Rechsrging-Hepalrlng 777 TIRfi &'BATTERY STATION It your; battery is weak call for rjulck 'battery service. £e j| New and Rebuilt Batteries. Shrtsc**'«"lc CiKTroKt Gt> ''••'. . ' «-lc ~ rMPLEMENTS Get Out \ciasi • from Itatofllce. ' ••=••' 21c FOR SALE • SALE — Hwtrlc- rnto TRUCK- FOR; SALE CHEAP :->HONEJ«^J. _ i«pk8-i4 Ali,' itinrts r of rough cypress iimiber »n< St«jilo«i A. • Pepper, HaMm»r, !9M CHEVROLET ' WORLD THAT IS Ua\ fFATHEfiSf RWN-WATER -\OLLOW SIAM6SG- TVWMS A »V**e«WMTe NA6CISSUS BUtft AND A SPKJW LH.V 6ULB RXINO JOINED HIGH PRODUCING M/LK COW VV1LL PRODUCE HCROWN V/HK3HT tKl ABOUT EVERV TWENTY OWE Thr Oslrlrh has IKTU doinrallcaUxl f(,r Itft tciUliors since about,. 1H07, when the freurh cstablhhed n (arm lii Aiglets nnrl exported csliliili fi-allicrs (o Kgypl. Sllice then successful fnrftu hnvo been In miinypurls ol Hie *oi-!d. In the United States, thcro aiv farms in CiilKornln. Florida, Texas ant* Arizona. was believed . I Jn the river. Why .iirc nrllish stildlfra called Tommies? _ By BOOTS AND HER BUDIHKS I L WASH TUBBS tT? M TVW MlMUTCS tHE WISP i>AM Ik^V. BiLLOWmG CLOOD Chandler. Call Courier News. KOT PIG — Pit Baiuecund over hickory coals. We'll say it's good. Irivc to Rustic Inn Itc-K 8-10 SAFETY FIRST stRt*ws COME FROM TME-; were OUT OP TME HOLD FOU.O\MEO eV A NH«P OF OtlAJ •SMOXE. SARAH COMES THROUGH! SALESMAN SAM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WKTER'S KIND* com, ISN'T rr, PKT? BCJ5R5 .' OUTCLASSED! YOU'RE KIDOIMS 1 OF COURSE IIVJ6/ HO>T. r DON'T AOKOSS THIS / TEU- ME THAT LARe, AREN'T ) YOU COULDN'T voy? '-s\. SAVIM -I . r^ *S • FAR.' YOU JUST FOL'JOW ME_ W/H«CT'5 THE WTTH RED ? I THOUGHT HE WAS /kN EXPERT. 6WIUIMEU l=*rr ft*0, AFTER YOU GET USED TO rr-WEU. PUFF...POFF...GOSH J HOW THAT &IRL GOE«> AT THI5>!.' HOW DOES SHE — Ccuc Sarazen ha^ been known lo lake plonly of c]i,nuccs.'in lite, golf course,- but when it'comes tu going up for an airplane ride, lie's careful. Above you ECC ilio former British and L" S. Open champ togged o* in Helmet, aad parachute as ho came a?wa >t Elmir», X. V. Man wanted. Supply customers with famous Walklris Products in Blytheville. Business established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R Watkins Company, 70-86 W. Iowa Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. REWARD for return of lost Brown Boston bull. License 188. Joel COUPE. M5 Bp

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