The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the Press 'r SirniEVlECl VOL XXXI—NU. ?31 - buly Newi . Blythevllie Ocurtcr Mlylsslpnl V»lley Levler Blythettllc Hsr»ld FRIDAY. DECEMBER,« -••-' •v-'''" : ' : ' ;i - : ' i '- ;:: --'>---'j''^%^^'.^^y'!gf t f '•••••'••-,' '-'••:<•>"> • •:••••.;••. ; v^,:!?y;^"s£'?!n:%«'tu'V ; ; ,^ '.'" SINGLE ''~' riB '*^' 0 •t'itM»''irvc*irffr)tt*;-; mm III SURPRISE • '-S'ol Machines Musi Go," Sheriff Clarence Wilson Announces. |i "Jack-pot" slot nijichuui.s, wlileh linve" been In and out hero over n period of years', mostly '"In", were reported on Hie v;ay "out" a?ain lodav after DOlice, and sheriff's deputies .pulled h snipi'ls," raid on aii alleged second floor gambling den at Joe eagle's pool room Ipst night. ! •'. - ' "I.'>ave notified the Ameriean Legion this mornln?, that ' their slot Machine,* miist go out." Sh?riff Clare-no; Wilson said. . Ca^le Pof{_, Bond Two machines, somewhat differ- cht : from thc type operated com- motily In UHs section, reputedly by tho American Legion, \\ci seized by the raiding party Ilia!, visited the pool room In the- 50(1 Wesi, Main street bloel:, oncr-H i by Caste,: last nlsht. Office.!:; said that n , "buzzer' system '--.whs. rigged up lii tltc establishment,' .' operated from downstairs and equipped with an alarm hi tile upstate : p,amblin» Tobm, whleli. they ,taid had bailed noors. A -number of machines and other equipment was SIK! o - have been on 1 exhibition In the room when officers entered and about n .dozan persons ' were in the room when the door was op"n ed. Occupants of fthe room ware not, molested or. arrested but. a warrant was issued for Ca?le charging him with exhibiting saining devices.. He posted a $1(B Give Your Old Toys to Goodfellows Club The Geodfeliows are planning a drive to collect old toys to be repaired and given 'to needy children. , . . There will.- li'jj two; women placed on fl)i.i' project to receive ana repair-the toys. They will tip paid for their work by ERA works '.division. An iipiienl 'Is., made in the people; or. niylbevllle to dmiatr- such toys as Uioji'ihavo, In their possession. If the ' response ir. adequate many/ children ' will havf loyss for Christina who oihr-nvlse would, nol. There: Is not n child who does not want a vkli from, old' Sanln.. Toys may he delivered -to the FERA office ..ver.oMycrs"' 1 Bargain Center. Second tmd. Main, or a telephone poll to W. •). Wunderllch, Phorie'^li, or B. Q..West; Phone','CO, \vjll bvta»: someone to : CKlV ; for .them'. : '' ^v£3^f*J£^^\£Z Asks $25,000,000 in, ^ { Anne Cannon Reynolds Survey Reveals Tradedrrit provcmenl Is General . and'.Substantial. Get l ing-, on. Rqya 11 y Together . ^ 14. <03»)-.Mrs. Annie.^-fno '•"-IS -dlan of Anne Cafmbu'Hey- nolils. U,.- ipdny fjiteivd. ; thc In- ':• volvod litigation ovnvfiiV-, h. -J ^ itoynolds' estiitn mill, fckcil' tlmt, her glvi-ii Uiit '6htlT'e?2ir- ' OOU.WIO wlildi is lu' dispute. J ". film: fiuesttanpil iii'e-. validity ^ licr ilaiishler't; Rono divorce- fro Smith Tlpyiiolils; yuiing, lielr to tl lobiicco- fortumi, iind nuked, Ili n master lie appointed ..'Id (lclJ) min<> if ilmt divorce ; 'was "t.PKal.l E liY.TED II. JUl.OV L'HllEd i'ress Slaff L'orrrapaiidc«( '. KITTLE ROCK, Ark.,,Dec. - H. -<UPi—BiisineEs Is enjoying n lusty: convnlescenec in Arkansas: • .Increases .of-., from. 20 to 290 per cent: over, last. year's voiiimo we're reported in ti United Press survey, of representative conccj7is! Department stores, -drug supply , , house's, hardware companies,- dry- 171 ^,, i . • •••. goods, stores nhd ibante, nre "ap-l Wranolms Over proaehtns Uw peak years of 1929' ** '•" " ' -'* "•'-.a 1930. -• ..'- '..,.'' But none, of the executives: Interviewed dwelled long on the sublet of thi boom jear Thej'ro vvAQmvr. ,^T coking to the future now wilhi T rr,,7 n n ? Da H ' ' hope mid confidence and happi ~ Imi ? c . DaPonl «ained the ness—thej r^ recovering fiom n. Giand Juiy Irid Seyrnoui Weiss, Huey's Political Tre<tbtuet IsEW ORLEANS Dec H (UP) -Tuc fedeial grand Jurj tod-w -i--j -- >•••-•< i v.i i*j£ IIU1U il errible ailment an I OIBJ ;e , not interested, much in. retrospect. Tractor Sale-, Boom 1 iteinational Itiivester company May Prbv, __..,,_„, Munitions Manufactme e e n den tcdaj that wrangling ovci millions In might endan enan gei secmltj of the united States ne I If \/ai should come again the dllllcultle i and ?ic - - -•••. unjiulllij tlo uufi- (ti ifc ^ 't*on of the Old HtckoiA paw;pa cent, mo're uian™ItV ms imd'j CI , plal11 neul Nashville Icim 300 pei cent moie than m 19J2 ' g , l|1 ?, Wmlti ""' the spores ! Brinch Manager Flojd sherrod !?." lle tn "lou!> Dupont mu '- -" ' nlllons and cliemjcal eoncein told entlic -ales—all deput munitions eonimltlee If lomebodj else Is offered mdcted Scjmour Wtl« unoffcial men(<! —i»e 90 pei cent more limn IiciMirer of the Hue* P Long po i ^ Jeu Tnc normal jcai foi If wmcbodj else Is offered a iltical organization, on clraiges of tllc ™>Pai>j In Arkansas was co "tiact foi i m constmotion fhe\ attempting to defeat and e\ide 1925 s "">°d said and the busl m| S ht hesitate to accept it when I- income l-i\ l 1 "^ foi thc seal ended Novembei tlle J llllllt °f vhnt we 1 went YVeiE... is p eminent In nntloYini , wns Ja l >ei cent aba\e normal "'°iUh ho "1 r Ic No\embei showed flip Inrooc. *.,,„ i — ho "1 r Ic It Ra5 the nint No\emhei showed the larges^ sale I ges^ sale h indictment /m nll> » lot 'lli In the history of liticians since e CO " 1 P'"» heie No attempt has e imuni fin> Tr^mT"™, ""V;"''" lnc B anj J" ri be s aj l "S »nvesti ' eel1 W3<if to •»» motor >,u^^- •\ rid bv ont'4, ovV--"« ei gatlon of theu lncome « ^ MHJ " s " rob l«» »"o»°h to nil whni » or : '«dil.,"i ••''";•'•• lle M Tllc mo'lm-nts charge BIOIL than i olae " coln!! t"Kollolted '"'nj the' ftvcc^? T 5V 'ff - »JiU'lion dollai vas tonce^d o I, wh "« thorliactoi Business Ho. ~«i, me, nvc ; c8ut, desa rr/vii\i rt »-<.rs, ..„ , ,_-_,,^. r loomed the horsa diawn net! he e^ - Sfon .slot-ma-ehln^-'VfeV " W ," °^ h 933 mc us •" Thre " ot P TT' , 'and ir .they '^ereSr'-imM the ccults cha '=" x !SS ^'"1 ? «- , c ? eral nK>nei bplng P um P" d '"that his -omc^ wo"^ nZ d |teinP ?° W QClDQt Bnd WBfle ta - » i C!l ?™ ?1 -' 5 th " aBn (be against them ° proceed,com- tav pajm-nts on th» Joint ^ riou a«encles gets^ credit fr6m «3A*^ffi^™ ] ^'%*' u S£' Wld hls " h ^ ^T.iT tomuch tfShta fe p^'f^'Ss """I M C ° Unt5 are fel °» K Tn "' Stof « « e '>«' G*» found by officers after IhX had f 1 ""'?" 1 s ' J)t " nca °" ea01 count *e Idejlt Claude Bmron i«««'i,j'i; '_:•.,._'".-> Jlaa is a flni. of $10000 or five jear ^eale-Bmrov, 015 Ooocts c -ompletion of RrcoveM Piogiam Will fmolve Heavy Boi towing WASHiNCTOH~~De c 14 (OP) i^™, < L a ". m ,!'!!':f ratl ? u . ls Anting Given Life for IMurder offisWile Bin'orit Nrtson'r, M, cordi'll, -CMa., iiiMinuiw salesnian, this cl ileinnon I was found i guilty on iliiiii 1 . en iniinlev.: In •"connection will! llhr di'owninif of his'c.slrnnsod \\ifi ne mix Kcnti'inTil I" llfi linnrliii ment. ,'1'he Jury i-clurncil il vculld, with « I'ccommciidnlioii toi mi'iw, at 1:55 P. M., after havinn lifcn out. sines I0;6n A. M Nelson uppcared pleiis°d find shook liiuids ivlth courtroom sirc- labrs. His bond «n 3 flsed m S'20.000 by ' Circuit Judjr Mnictis S.. Bone. Dale for hcarlnj on n niollon for" n new,(Hal v,ai set for next Friday. , Nelson was eharged with llllnj nls wife to collDd. ?10,000 Imm- nnoe Decidmp Fuluie of Collon Pioduction Contiol Acl Ml«sl3slnpl countj fnunci-s ap- wcie fcolnit | 0 the uolls Govcinoi's Action Time (01 Appeal to Su picmc Couit. , ' L1T1IF ROCK, Deo U ^», -Oov J M Pulicll granted ft 20-,, day slny of execution lodiy 'to*; l-rank Uaines, 60, of Hajtl, Mo.' Ills elecliociillon wns fchfcln'cd', n' TncVei pilson fnun tomorrow? foi the suuln? of fl A Martin « BIjlhcUMo *axl driver, J j Mm tin's throat was slashed'.lasir"? Jill}' 13 after he had been em-? |ilo>ed to drive Barnes and. his I two sons Archie and Bill, to Ma-? nlla Ho ftas robbed and his tab thrown Into o^cotton patch ' near Manila. * „ , .„...- h Dinned ' -f{ Thc leprlcvc gianted Franjc ..OHiM bj aovoinm Pjifrojl, wn? Biun Hi oi-dei that n inotloh lor a new trial might be filed, pavirig thc v,aj foi an appeal to, tho state -supreme, colnt. It ",ns stated hcie t«day by Roy Nelson, and bain flanntt, attorneys jip^ "oiiilcil bv lh» court to repre- •cnt Balnea when he waS tiied. lieio In Novornhei * v , Ciiciilt fudge O. E Keck wfio i-ciidcil ovei lho tilal of Barney, h c\p«ctcd lo onss on n in'olion' iroduclion eoiuiol net At 1 30 this aftcinwm 310 bal• had been cast m the 1 Hljthevlllo coiulliousc. mes on the \o(e at boxes thi out Ihe counU weie not but it was reported that (he iBroiontluni was bilnglng mil a " lloayy Men In , '<> ask P 16 " 1 " 1 "^ ts su " leme COU I S ° f " R " u> " the excltemei t of th° most elaboiatp neddln? in Eujfantla Ma ,-ach Alnellea aml D " ellp " of K ' c " 1 " ellt to Mlw)8 » cmmtrj fo, n quite hon«tmoon This p' c tu,e tho (he the honevmooneis during 'an Infornlalu leasiifd nomcnt witn their dog on the giounds of Hlmle/ Hall Believe Big Bill Weiss bsen broken up and rifled" rh" broken machines, were later linn Ml back lo an agent of the owner Hamilton Little Among -High Court Possibilities •MEMPHIS, Teiiii.. Dec. I4-A numbsr of Memphis Jurists ind attornsys, as well as others /roju west Tennessee,, have been mentioned in rumors iiere a s pos • sible successors to Justice Sivi gart of the state supreme court who recently resigned. Talk of Swlggart's possible successor occupied legal and official circl's here.- Among those men- Honed Chancellor L. Impr^onment or bo'h jttlnrh opcrnie', In Aikansas Louis na T«.as Oklahoma and Mis 'ur! lepoited an Inuea e of J J cent 111 his sales o\n 1^33 "arned tbdfU MmP ' e pm g rl ! ^ T™; 1 Jlf^WLPHTA Dee „ (UP) murrain H was _ T | 1C m j stel i ous Kldnnp'n? of William (Bl» T3I11) .Weiss:,was baas compared nlth Deceml because the CWA called •upplle'i last \ear Bi Bill and Be Tued at Adjourned X5.' Session. ie jeirs conipausoif ""and "the Mnnn "in prosuects for a good yeir in 193o j,,! h ° '° ST , i mm uraiTOio roued'lf Ihe sdmlnlstnition'lmWc "^ m E0 ' lel1 Imlos vuien P° IleE ijbtr l$33 to its oi-lginal sr^ ,S program aunouneed flt " had "Wence ue p, m A o. , r, , , for man\ m whlu , ° limit of $"i834Suo " ortamn " nas klllcd b y ri ^' noiieei bteple Resident, "°} v _?i. nfii iet °n the bubllc debt it mil glmgstm I Rnc lr , n cc iUa,-, -.„,! P^^ ?*5 rX'&ssuafx =!B«^ neiv to Bhc gangsters | A i-ald on R gang. headquarters record' 11Totiu ' :e(l evidence/ authorities said, that WelsK's body had been thrown . In the Delaware river Weiss has been Business Man and Pron- ei ly OwnPi Laid to Res! STEFLE !\fo—p An adjourned session of ,,, v October term of circuit criminal ness generally. .,._, ,„,..._,, ., t io ICIK.IL- " ...H.A.. v.-.vw .m ^n.-y— bnl , mull f,r coUUlPFTl PPniKpnt nnnnli, ui)u r i s p :r st ;i s ^ s^.™™ 3 "- —^ —^ ^sss^r^ff'^ ^ r —_...„. »„. ,,. t»i,-i. tu , clli .,,til, Circuit Judge H. W. Laughlin. Cir- „ cult Judge Ben Capell, J. E >n Holmes, H. D. Minor, P!amillon E. Little, Morgan C. Ketehnni. Hamilton • 13. Little, rumored in Msmphrj .15 a ixKSitle choice for the state supreme court bench of Tennessee, is the son of A. 13. Little of Hils city. Mr. Little at- tendcd the sthools lierc. en Nighl Marshal Acquitted of Slaying BEASDEN, Ark., Dec. 14.. (tjp; —N'isht MaisiiBl ErncDt Ilarley, 35, was acquitted at a . preliminary hearing today on a self-de- fence plea in the 'slaying of Tom Piwce. 55, in a street jrun flght here last, nigh!, ... i Harley fired ft .charge of btKl>- snot into Pierce as the latter llrcd . n pistol at him. Pierce had been n patient at the State' Hospital for Nervous D'seasc-s at Little Rock. •'.• .- '• . Horlsy said Pierce ordered him • off' the street several days ngo, threatening to kill him. nor.: Bill Barnes, , hts rather,' woirn' mistrial when.- n. jury Sailed -to ':'a*rcc- on his punishment: .-.-- -° •-:-. Besides the Barnes', cases It Is snilcipated lhat a number of ca's°3 which were not reached during the two weeks" session In the all and..', in- which defendants arc being, held In jail,': unable' to mate bond, will "oe tried A t T hc woman \vl\o got so' matl Jl the clc.iner because he rc'- }"« accc|il licr Relief Scrip |". )'aym«nl of his account un"l slie j,. 1( ] affixftl Hie (ifo-cenl " e ."«f Slumps was probably de• LOI " C ni.vllicviltc child « n . of life lh!« ' ond «- wlwt the would f° f S1 »-Wy;, who took from .her: own children? court ivill open here Januarv M '-• '- " ••• ----- . . recessed court lintil January at Tills is due to their forest consei- Ihe end of two \vaeks session on one of- (lie founders of the cltv , ration work the past several years ' special panel of 7 of Slcele. He owned much of the II was explained, and now they ' business section .of • the city and , can cut nearly as fast ns the trees' Jurors is to be summoned expressly for ths trial of Bill' and Archie taxi driver. Frank Barnes! father of the lioya. sentenced .to death at the October -term. of. court. Is ,:o be executed tomorrow 'morning it Tucker Prison farm unless a reprieve. Is granted by~'the" go'ver- jointly . At (he^ sheriff's office - It was pointed put thnt members of the regular Jury panel: will ; not ltd summoned aeain but are expecteit o report v;hcn court convenes. Witnesses are not expected to au- pear before Tuesday. January is. Canary Slolch •'. ORESLBY, col. (U P) .''-Isomc- tlilng new -in plunder was .'taker when a b:al pet shop'vvas robbed - .' stolen., Tho Ihmi ui>r,i« -«'•« ^-" me job of financmir mnsl- nf ilm wclss Mns "w missing since Oc- "-"^"^ »••/—runoiui "eivn-ei «i.V ilar °*^ le company Its lemalnder of HIP T^V^L „, t°bei 16 l wr>lc hcl<l nL 1|TC p j rs t Metltodlst ;>ncs spread o\et the state nnd a* t\ i n-cuver^ pro i Ichurch tins nflernDon In) 7nhn arc indicate Manger Henry ?„""'„,„?!,'' Press WQ(i ln '' Fl " (itc(ccllle ' i ri>w «l 1'ic house'nnej Kcllcj 71 ploncci scia" Tucker said, of the hardware b us?-ll^T • le " ably Wfly ' wns ««'>-. and mnUe t^e . arresl.s-two m ». a ot'ouihe Wmiscot bou ntv who ness i-PiiPMih. «»»r<- nun 5d to encourage persons- O f sniull «nd-a woman. Several -txaiminta jL;T " ......,„.l.:S?.. c ° unl ' > ' .. 10 "*j Muuyy \oie . Men In WehfcK the rtU'itlort i UBS cojflf}**^ tnSi fl ^i7,t\" hm d ° h ^, ''"' tllat ^ Benkhead bill would be apowveri In n, heavy Vo e her<* A t^6 thirds Cote of cottpn growers throughout the counlrj la necessarj to keep It In effect foi another joai, houtvci and Iccnl ndiocates of tlio rneas' tne weic Irving to got vote in tho hopd of iblo odieiio tolei L ., w>>llcrc The ballots mil be counted ns oon ni the polls clQoc at 5 o'- tlock llil-! Rfteimxm It 1 3 exp-ct- ed that n complete rejjnrt of the *ole in this counlj will be mall- able lomonov, but If tl le vole o\er 'iio eountty Is ola-,e It may be Mondav Lefore the outcome of Ihe referSndum'ls known. Cray/ford Nr>w Master of Local Masonic Lodge , W Crawford representatUo of Mississippi county and locnl at- lomcj, was elected worshipful master of the Chlckosnwbn lodge No. 1M, v. and.A. M In the annual election of offers heie last EIWV. '_• No'rdicasl Arkansas Gains "Saturday.-, loci; like circus flay it the towns over" the state'" Manager 'D. V. Haddock -of fhe state chamber "of commerce' said. '•* ' risver' saw anything , like \he .v business is' '•"improving. -I couldn't even find a parking place doifii at'England. |ast Saturday." '•-_Eank 'deppsHs ot'^Porresl City show nearly $200.000; increase over 0 year 330. • Builness "at Stiitt- saH 'Is 35 to <d per cent better-, 1 newspaper survej' ; -there revealed. B: A. Lynch, Blytnevllle baiiKer, believes busfnesj' there is 20 per cent better than In 1933. Marianna merchants reflected 25 to BO ' per Cent increases, with • Cottonseed alone bringing -$300,000 additional revenue . this year. .. . Gilroy Cox, executive assistant to the stoic illreptor, of the Federal 1 Housing Administration, reported business conditions 50 to ICO per cent belter in norlhc.asl- ,.cm cities after a recent trip [ihrough that section, i Cash registers are ringing 'theii revival tunes cvervsrherc .inr) Arkansas is happy. ' 21 Residents In DcallrRow RALEIOH, N. C. (UP)—Twenty-- ne cells r are occupied ow'at Central:! "Pleatt, laJy, I'm bearing thai tie" buildings. Por years a leading merchant Mr, Kellcj retired -from actlvp business several years ago. . He la survived by his wife, one, dhu<rh- 'ter,. .Mrs. Johnnie Rhodes', • four sons, Max'L!,'Fred L.;atid A. A., ,[of Sleelc. and W. R., of .Lai-bock. : Texas, thirteen, praudcljildren, - Joe (Alice Rood's, .Talberfi 'Madalqne, !Wanda,' Pt\, 'Kfarlorlc,--' Frances, ...JMilso: Lee and 'Jphii Rlley Kelley, .'Iof Sleele,-and Floyd, Edwin,'cilt- .[ford pud Nfary Lou Kelley, of .,' Lubboek, - and on» great grandson I Keltev Joe Rhodes. . i Pallbearers at the funeral were J. H. Smltli, W, T.: Bailey Roy W. : Harper,: A. T.' Earls,"j. B. Morgaji, Bsn Holly, J. R. Crockett and Arch Trails, :.-. -. • • Flames Destroy Old Kelley Home at Steele STEELE. Mo.-Tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. D. r. Clark, a landmark liere, wns destroyed by fire Tuesday night. The -house was the old home o.f J. R. Kelley, pio- LITTLE ROCK, Dec 14 (UP) neer settler, who died Wednesday, i -Fifteen schools In eleven'coun- The fire Is believed to have .ties were certified today for FERA started from the explosion of an! teachers relief..aid. Todav i ac- oll hcnter in an upstairs. Bedroom 'tlon 'affects: 100 teachers and None-of Ihe-furnlture and cloth-1brings the total cetilficatIon to ing. upstairs. WBS; saved: . The. loss;292 districts employing 2,«I teach- was estimated at..$2,000. ? ••-.;:. ..:,"etsi-:<•>..-.-:.5'\ k-s ;.-..-. , ~->ui>.ti, v* iMiw< nil. tJitlflQCr 'lie rctlrlni; worshipful master. Tim Masons and Eastern Stir members will have a Joint Instal 'alien of officers on Thursday December 27,' following the O E S election next week. i The last minute •"01 a new lilal Inking the rwq ti camo (IB pome (hi 11 hen? j[ had W^n uimuLurceu following names' conviction and Ecnlence UialMic planned no appeal fiom the death sentence It * JWW'.fcX>9Aito n y s;; , aw , ^ unpitt^i'ffl ^S^Kyeinttf Fu,^ trfiil lo sav'e Bames from tha'elee? trie chair,, prevailed 'upon Wm~£o v°k ail nvpeal, undpr a -.state statute providing foi; appeal^ an a piupei's oith ' No exceptlong «ere saied du'Jng the trial of the' case and the gpoeal will be based I verdict u as contrary" (g j^^ and. i>vld-ncc , ; ,^f Members of lho flinlly of We , joiuhful tox| driver, for whoi| murder Baniea was sentenced, Seft lieii) eailv th!i morning for Tucfe ei pilson faim to \\ltncss -Ba r n&si tv '^ecijtio*! T!ie{' iiad. obtalnSji pcimlfs through Sheuff OlarJi'e ,Wilsc(n which Warden Todliwtcf 1 ad said he; ROUlo^.Bpprove -^ China Sends 1 Soldiers , "9l to Avenge Missionaries u SHANGHAI, China, Dec^'li 1 (UP)—The Chinese national gb^l eminent acting on strong reprs- l&entatlons from United States con- j>iilfli forces, stnt joooa soldiers 'todaj in pursuit of the bandits who killed two American missionaries and abducted i their infant dauqhtei Spuried bj Ameifcan demands i for swift punishment of the slay- eis the goiernment set out to crash n bandit band" estimated, 'lo number at least 3,000 desperate men although there were onlySiO 'In the group v.hleh lacked the citj of Tsingleh and carried off Mr. and Mrs. John Stam'-artd'"'" months-old Helsh Stain: Mary McCormic Once Sang in LepanJo Pastor's Choir LEPANTO, Ark.- Twenty-four "ears have elapsed since the Kev. C. E. Gray of Lepanto was pastor "f thc First Method I rt church of Ola. Ark., but he Mvidl> recalls (he charming young matron nt '•hat time o member of the Baptist choir, who often graciously •wnsented to sing In the Methodist choir. The lady today Is known as • Mary McCormic, world •enowned singer. The Rev. dray says the last lime she sang In h'ls choir, she wore a huge black plush hat-'that thc oner choir members looked at very longingly.:, Cut in NorSh Carolina Phone Rates Cheered RALEIGH, N 0, Dec 14 (DP; —Rates of the .Southern Bell Tel- phone and Telegraph company in North Carolinft \sere ordered rc- luced loday -by the stats L -utilitlsi commln'on so as to save sub- •crib°rs at least $32189172 an* mially. The new rales ore effectiveJaii- UBW 1, 1935 The 'commission said the. reduction is less , than 15 pw cent but added thai a straight 15 per cent would .hare been Justified.' Fifteen More Schools Granted FERA Relief WEATHER Arkansis—Partly clouoj to unsettled tonight and Saturday Light rains .In 'extreme northwest portion. Warmer .Saturday; Memphis ind vicinity—Fair to- tiighi, tomoriow Increasing cloudl-' ness warmer - ' The maj-lmum temperature here jesterday WTSS 50, minimum i», :c!ear, according to Samuel P. Norrls, official wsalher ol*en«:

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