The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on January 13, 1891 · 3
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · 3

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1891
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PORT HURON DAILY TIMES: TUESDAY.! as we CLEAR1H5 UP STOCK EZFGRE TAKIXG IMVEMTORT- W$ mil! maie Special Inducements fif you to bu 9ds now' itiir to reduce our stock, both on first end Second Floors, before taiirj our Annual Inventor. C.8.MEISEL 1 B ROT HER BSTCE BLOCK. Cor. B'Jitiry and Water Sts. PSHTHVROM - Telephone Mo. 89, - - MICH. PULL DISS SHIRTS PULL 1ESS TIES I -AT- TTWllSLIl-S fashionable ilatter and Gents' Furnisher. APPLES L mm mm ssarf mmmm OIIOIOTD Greenings, Baldwins AND NORTHERN SPIES AT Gil) aim's 3iS HCKON AVENUE. A GUTTNG - si .v. Th be found v h our winter's trade baa been uliv good, and we are not to anion the mourners yet we ite a lew roous we want to sen, ana lis sooner we sell them the better we tlx f l. Vi'e t.-.:t bo da to plan for the spring ca r : j; :a, and want room and money to rr out the plans we formulate. Tj secure these two essentials we CUT the HEADS OFF i: j riees on our entire 'stock of Cloaks, Shawl., Blankets, Flannels, II-Weight Underwear, &c. 7 "wy Eiu.-tuake way for our spring rurLi, ana now is the time to buy tL-'-e c Id weather good. beg oil, but come to this decs;- iui .in i sale. William Johnston, 103 is 105 Huron Ave, North End of Bridge. a Or f a" Si THE TI1ES D I It ECTO It Y. Bisine OrricE, center section of Times Building. Advertising and subscription Jlditokial. KfM)M3, head of sUirwav SIN- llattie C. Slreper rif ws and societf editor. Call telephone 2uu, T Plea- leave advertisements, advertising notices and subscriptions at the Business office, bend news Items and communications for publication to the Editorial room. n KTEOHOLW;i( J L. ClTitD Piisal Orrica. i , Pout Hi-Kim. Jan. 11, s a. nu f Observations Inken at the U. 8 Signal Usflcs durma-24 hours endm ?: M a. m (xmi t',me to-day: E so m Ai itf i fi W 2 a. i. I .V4 Clouir iuay Maximum tempera tun 29. W mimum temperature 10 "V ln.iioalH tratsv of precipitation. WIitnurn r-lfpny of Wind in im 2 huura. 24 mile, norttiwest. II. L. BOTCB, Obaerver Bitrnal SvttHX. SPECIAL PBKDICTIONS. Washixgtos, Jan. 13, i:00 a. m. Fore cast for the succeeding a hours: For lower Michiiran Light local snows; warmer Wednesday. Gkkely. A meeting of the ons of Veterans will be held at Odd Fellows' hall on Wednesday evening. Owing to different arrangements Miss Hendricks' dancing class will not meet until Friday evening next at A. O. II. hall. A regular meeting and installation of officers of the C. M. B. A. will be held this evening, at 7:30 o'clock, local time, at A. O. II. hall. The Carpenters' union No. 347, meets Thursday evening for election and installation of officers and other business of Importance. All members requested to be pres. ent. A regular meeting of lluronia Marine Engineers Beneficial Association No. 43, will be held this evening. Also the committee on ball wish to say to their friends, that to-morrow night is the date on which the most enjoyable dance of the 6ea n will be held. By The forty-seventh annual meeting of Congregational church, as an orKanization, will be held in the lower roomsof the church on Wednesday evening, commencing at 7:30 o'clock. Three trustees to fill vacancy will be elected also a treasurer. The ladies of the church and society will serve a chicken pie supper from 5 to 7 o'clock. All are Invited. MCA L. .TIKJiTIOI. Full dress shirts and ties at P. Axman's. Barrett Jfc Goulding offer paper clothing at half price. Read their advertisement. Koss & Haywood offer argalns In crocheted quilts and table linen. Blankets very fjieap. Meisel & Bro. desire to clear up their stock before taking the annual Inventory, and will make special Inducements to purchasers of goods who buy now. Have you a head protector for the wlntei? If not Wagenseil Bros, call your attention to the fact that all winter headwear is moving at a discount with them tor the next few days. The first of a series of talks and lectures, under the auspices of the Epworth League, will be given at the M. E. church on Thurs- ula?'. next. See advertisement in another column. in the house. Both parties to the divorce suit are hard cases. Poormaster Roberts presented a bill of t :i to the Board of Supervisors for assisting the county treasurer In holding the tax sales. The Board refused to allow the bill-To-day Mr. Roberts commenced suit against ex-Treasurer Burns to recover the same. Four weeks ago the police picked up on the streets a nian giving his name as Geo. Carder. He appeared to be crazy and he was locked up in the county lail. At times be was very violent and it took about all the prisoners to keep him under control. The man came from Thorne, OnL sheriff Bernatz took the man to the Eastern Michi gan asylum to-day. One of the pioneers of St. Clair county, Mrs. Francis Graves, Is lying at the point of death at her residence on Superior street CapL I. R. Boynton, of St. Ignace, Granville L Boyton, of Marire City, and Geo. M. D. JGraves, of Omaha, N'eb., her sons, have arrived in the city. Mrs. Graves Is also the mother of N. S. Boynton and A. A. Graves, of this city, and is nearly SO years of age The ease of the Port Huron Savings bank vs. 11. R. Mills was called in the circuit court Monday afternoon. It will be remem. bered that one day last summer a stranger induced the ductor to Indorse a tToOdraft on the bank. The draft proved worthless and the bank called upon Mr. Mills to make the amount good. This he refused to do, claiming that the teller had given it as his opinion that the draft was genuine. The bank commenced suit and a portion of the evidence was introduced Monday afternoon. This morning the case came to a sudden end by the announcement that an amicable settlement had been made between the parties Interested. THE i TflEU SHORE. William P. on Summoned Acroaa the Ulver of Death Heart Dlaeaao toe Cause. W. P. Edison, who has been 111 at the res idence of Henry Cline for several months past, died suddenly at 12 o'clock Monday night. For the past month or more he had been apparently Improving and on .Sunday was out on the street. During the early part of last evening he was quite restless and at midnight Mrs. Edison arose to give him a powder. While preparing It she no tlced her husband's head fall back on the pillow and he immediately commenced to gasp for breath. Mr. Cline was summoned, but before a doctor could be sent for Mr. Edison was dead. W. P. Edison was born In Canada November 5, 1S31. In 1837 his parents removed to Milan, O. where he grew to manhood. In 1S54 he came to Michigan and settled in Port Huron. After the building of the street railway Mr. Edison was its manager for many years. A few years ago he purchased a farm in the township of Wales and up to within a few months resided upon it. His health failed him and he removed to Port Huron and took up his residence at Cline'a restaurant. The deceased was one of the best known men In this section ot the county and was noted for his jovial disposition. His brother, Thos. A. Edison, visited him a few weeks ago, but only remained in the city for two days, as Mr. Edison's condition was not considered dangerous. Last week Samuel Edlson.fatherof the deceased, left the city on a prolonged tour of the Southern states. He has been notified of bis son's death and will return home at once. The immediate cause of Mr. Edison's death was heart disease, although he was suffering from an internal cancer or tumor. ,The remains were removed to the residence of N. E. Thomas this morning, from which place the funeral will be held. iJFECIAL DEPARTMENT. raore new maker. Over 30 styles c io f elect fmra Every price, color ; :i?p3. Our W C C. fas: blacks are . ; ;. Try our Thompson' Kxtra .t?i Waist Corset. Ever? make RHd -'.s'ia Skirt and rke supporters. Rub-L&ce free with al Corsets Just j jiTsd from the mills I case Wbtte '.--y-uz, remnants, fiora So t j 10c per nnilpr wffnltr iirii'j 1 1 ti 5 Vrd : ;hs. Evert thin ia Lae- s ardKn- f - .ufriaa. More novelties m that tv m r.mbrcitJery work. Full i'3?o'orsia Mils and Flosses More : : ;l;ie- ail through our An Depart ; Ourc-.t priees still continue on ' Goo-?, Yarns, Knit Goods, ., ; special arrival of New Kid Gloves ?; stvl s Always something new at Mulford A Howard commenced to-day on a great clearing out sale of furniture, tprep aratory to moving Into Palace Hall. Bargains may be had in parlor suites, bed room suites and other furniture. D. J, Stephenson, who has twen for some years engaged In electrical work, advertises that he is prepared to make estimates for electric light wiring, and guarantees the best work. He has electric supplies for sale, and makes a spec I ot Edison lamps. If you are Interested read his advertisement. The Port Huron Engine A Thresher com pany have added to their regular line ot business marine repair work, and with ex perienced foremen In both their boiler shop and machine shop are prepared to take con tracts for this class of work and gaarantee satisfaction. They also say that they w!. make prices right to all who favor them with patronage. ""1 Ttusweek we will g sve a CITY ITEBSl, Sheriff Bernatz has appointed as his un der sheriff Wni. M. Myron, of Grant Sheriff Bernatz has appointed Win. A. Bonker, of Columbus, a deputy sheriff. Mrs. Julia Graham has been granted a dl vorce from her husband, UHgh Graham. Joseph O'Uern, the first ward collector. refused to qualify. The Council will appoint a successor. Geo. Perren, a Detroit druggist, was arrested last nigfct for being drunk. Fined this morning. Chas. Thorne has been appointed fireman of Hose Company No. 1, Vice Delos May removed. Thos. Hyslop, of Mt. Clemens, became stranded in the city on Monday.aud applied at the city jail for lodging. There Is good skating on the pavement In front of Thos. Sutherland's place on Military street. Water from a spring has over flowed the street. Another of Mrs. Gordon s new cottages on Lapeer avenue was sold on Monday to Andrew J. Willson, through the real estate exchange of Schoolcraft & Co, Some time ago Joseph Uartlnger stole pair of g'oves out of the PaciSc House. On Monday Judge Robeson tned him 110, or In default to go to jail for 20 days. "The Bull Dog on the Back" and other college songs at the members reunion of the Y. M. C. A. to-nisht at S o'clock. All mem. bers and their gentlemen friends Invited Rev. S. A. Beman read an interesting paper on the "Uses and Abuses of Creeds'' before the Baptist ministers' meeting of Detroit at the Russell House.Mondaymorn- iug. New cases were started In the circuit court on Monday, as follows: R. E. French ' "tips McGregor; Jas. Needham vs. ' --;! sl Caldwell ."'-os. ;crks ntion states, Sal- Burled la lea. s A peculiar accident happened at Heiser'a brewery in Sarnia Tuisday evening. Dur ifi-5eSay worKmes naa been engaged storing lceinTilrd story of the building Shortly after 5 o'clocTV"CliL &ny warn. ing the floor gave way, completely DlTfyiBg. John Teft and K. Jocks, who were at work In the room below. , A large gang of men was put at work to rescue the men, whom everybody supposed must be dead. It took an hour and a half to remove the ice and reach them. Strange as it may appear both were alive, although nearly froz en. Teft s arms ana legs were uronen wnne Jocks had received severe internal injuries. The men are under the care of physicians and it Is believed both will recover. The only thing that saved their lives was the promiscuous piling up of timbers as the floor gave way. PALDI TS. PALDI. The Supreme Court Ifflrmi the Verdict of the Lower Court In tfala Celebrated Caae. In the case of Paldi vs. Paid! the supreme court has affirmed the judgment of the lower court. Stated briefly the case Is as follows: Suit was brought by Roxa T. Paidl, wife of Justin L. Paldi, against Angeline Paidl, a sister of said J. L. Paldi, to eject the defendanttfrom possession of certain lands in Brockway. The action was first commenced December 21st, In the circuit court, the court rendering ta verdict In favor of Roxa T. Paldi. The plaintiff showed a title which was a certified copy of a patent from the United States to Ange or Angelo Paldi, and the recoid of a deed from Angeio Paldi and Marie Ann H. Paldi, his wife.of the lan J in dispute to Justin L. Paldi, also the record of a deed from Justin L. Paldi to the plaintiff. The evidence goes on to show that Angeio Paldi, who was an Italian by birth, resided en the property with his family for several years previous to 1S72. In that year, for some reason not given, he left his family and went to live In the state of New York, afterward procuring a divorce from his wife. Before going away be mad a deed of this land to bis son, Justin L. Paldi, In which his wife joined, the deed being witnessed by the defendant,An" geline Paldi. The wife, who was the mother of the grantee, continued to reside on the land with her family until her death, In 1SS5. Justin L. Taldl resided with his family In the same house with his mother and her family for several years but the defendant argued that he was merely a boarder and that she and her mother managed the business. She claimed possession by reason of atax deed.whlch was, however, held invalid. There Is evidence to show that in 1S79 Mrs. Marie Taldi accepted a life lease from the plaintiff. It appears also that in the defendant, with her brothers and sisters, filed a bill In the circuit court In chancery, against Justin L. Paldl and his wife, alleging that the deed under which they claimed title to the land was a forgery. Justin L. Paldl and wife filed several an swers to this bill, denying that the deed was a forgery, claiming that It was execut ed, acknowledged and delivered for the con sideration named therein, ot 15.000. It is conceded that the proceedings thus com menced were discontinued In September, 1883, but for what reason does not appear, The records of the Board of Supervisors of St Clair county for ihe year 1872 were consulted, but having been carelessly kept and badly mixed, it was impossible to tell, with certainty, what action was taken on the subject of equalization. The court therefore affirmed the verdict of the lower court The opinion was writ ten by Justice Cahill and concurred in by his associates. COSf ARAT1TE TAXATION. A New Company. The articles of association of the "Port Huron Mill and Dock Company," were filed with the county clerk on Monday. The com pany Is organized for the purpose of buying and selling real estate, grain, wool, cord wood and all forms and styles of merchan dise, the furnishing of steam and electric power and steam heat, the paving and grad ing of streets, etc. The capital stock of the concern is t25,000, divided into 2,500 shares as fellows: J. Hartman Talbot 834 Edward Vincent 833 James L.Vincent 833 Total ......... 2,500 Fort Gratiot FropeMT Owner Pay Thirty Per Cent Higher Taxes Than Port Huron Property Owner. To the Editor of The Times: The following paragraph Is from the Fort Gratiot Sun: I "Read this Fort Gratiot taxpayers." The tax burden In Fort Gratiot is one-third less than in Port Huron, as can be seen by receipts. We have one in each city before us, on a valuation of sou. Fort Gratiot city and highway taxes are s 56, Port Huron city and highway taxes are 113. 48. Of course our school tax is high this year because we have built and furnished the best high school in the county. The question of the consolidation of the cities of Fort oratlot and Port Huron is receiving the attention of Editor Williams, of the Sun, who lately has discovered that the movement is receiving the support, not only of all the residents in this city who have property interests IniFort Gratiot but by those in his own city who are large property holders, and Interested In any project to advance their private business, and who were a few years ago the most bitter opponents of the scheme. The Sun, being the official organ of that city, en. joys the monopoly of city printing, which Is reputed to run up In the hundreds yearly, and views with alarm the prospect of losing Its grip upon this source of revenue. But it must be hard pressed for an tl -annexation argument in furnishing its readers ith the above, when it is known to all what the tax ievey In each city Is for lbSK). Now, let us get at the facts as to the rate of taxation, which can be obtained by a comparison of the tax roll of the two cities. The Sun selects an IsOO valuation as a basis for its comparison, and the taxes upon that valuation In Fort Gratiot are as follows: State and county, f3.C2; city purposes, 122.88; total. 126.50; making the rate t3.31 on a hundred. The same valuation in the fifth ward of this city, which adjoins Fort Gratiot is as follows: State and county, $2.91; city purposes, 117.42; total, 20.33, making the rate ?2.54 on a hundred, which proves that the taxes for all purposes In Fort Gratiot for lS'JO are over 30 per cent, tn excess of the taxes upon the same valuation in Port Huron for all purposes. If the Sun surmises that the .taxpayers of Fort Gratiot are satisfied with the return they receive for this large outlay through taxation we are in a position to know to the contrary. The new school building is be ing held responsible for the high rate of taxation this year, and no doubt that is true to a limited extent as the city was bonded for 115,000 at seven per cent, interest to erect it the yearly item for interest alone being tl,050. The future prospects of Fort Gratiot are not very encouraging as it is conceded by all that the construe tion of the tunnel will have a tendency to retard or stop its growth. This means a de preciation in values to be followed by a re duction In the assessments and consequent ly a higher rate of taxation will be required to defray the city's expenses. Taxpayer. Millions use Dr. Bull's Cough Svrup; 25 cents. No horseman can afford to be w'.thout It We have used Salvation Oil in our stables and can say it s the best and cheapest lini ment we nave ever used. SE1H11RT A McDONXEt.1., Pronipt relief In sick headache, dizziness. nausea, constipation, pain in the side. guaranteed to those using Carter's Little Liver PtUs. One a dose. Small price. Small pill. i TO RE XT Front rooms over Miss Miiler'a MiUiuery tor. SM Military street. 1 13 S lw -Order or Forester. Court Desmond, No. 187, Independent Order of Foresters, elected officers as fellows last evening: "V Chief Ranger H. A. Waite. Vice. Chief Ranger John Phipps. Itec. Secretary Geo. Ellsworth, t in. Sec R. A. Campbell. Treasurer--Duncan McKenzIe. Chaplain Peter Nichol. Sen. Woodward E. Facer. Jun. Woodward W. A ews. SeK-.-Ueadle 11. Smith. .Iwn. HJinki A. HiUtna C. Deputy HiglKChie nger- Davis. Auditors John Chambers, Jdan . Mc U I. v Liauguuu. Marriage License. The following marriage licenses were is sued by the.county clerk on Monday : No. Name. Age. ivu I William II. Conger, Port Huron.... 25 i0 f Jennie M. Sutton, Richmond 20 isss I Frank W. Endlers, Marine City.... 28 (Josephine Link waiter. Marine City .23 l rarreil J. Urowiey, Marine City....'j5 f i W..!K ,4 ol The Dead Alive. On Saturday the engineer of the fast ex press going west on the Chicago & Grand Truuk, noticed a man apparently dead near the track and on arrival at Emmet stopped his train and reported to the section men, who immediately summoned a doctor and flew to the scene, making the distance of three miles In four minutes. Both men and the doctor were almost exhausted when they arrived at the scene, from pumping the ear. After wiping the prespiratlon from their faces, the doctor opened his large satchel and was about to proceed to business when the man awoke and asked them what time It was. The. man bad been drinking somewhat and was taking a rest. He kindly thanked them for awakening him as It was nearly dinner Probate Court. The following. business has been trans acted in the probate court since our last re port: Estate of Geo. W. Smith, deceased. Proof of printing filed. Hearing of final account had; account heard, allowed, and adminis trator discharged and estate closed. Estate of Geo. F. Joes. deceased. Bond filed and letters issuedY Estate of Parker Webster, deceased rant and inventory filed. Estate 'of Caroline Bachler. deceased Petition for appointment of administrator bled. War Building Pel nil. Ou Monday the city cle k issued build ing permits as follows: T W. J. Humphrey for al rame dwelling on east side of -Eleventh street; cost, f 1,000. Te Mulford St Howard, for alterations to Palace Hall ; cost, tl.OOO. in ..xrhunk, of .a of probate ..ed her eDtire her daugh- Orth" petitions the a divor?e from her s. Orth sets fonh in " jad her to tnsen j up t..e tur Personal and Society Note. Dennis P. talks of locating Tennessee. Mrs. T. A. Scott Is still confined to her home on Erie street with illness. Mrs. John Dawson, of Syracuse, N. Y is visiting her parents in this city. Miss Eva Harris will spend the next three weeks with friends la Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Banfil, of Chicago, will take up their residence in Port Huron, Ezrs Hazen and family, of Memphis, will spend the winter at Pass Christian Miss. Will Roberts has returned to Battle Creek after spending a few days with his parents on Gillett street John S. Duffie left to day for Tennessee. He will look the country over awd if he likes it he w ill locate there. Capt John Robertson. Inspector of hu!lsi hii taken cp his residence In this city ar.d will haver xms at Mrs. Saety'a on Sixth -Wm. Novelty Club will give a dance and supper Friday "veuing next at the Armory 1 13 2 4t Second term of Miss Hendricks' dancing class will begin Friday January 16th in A O. IL ball. Meetings hereatter Wednesday and Friday of each week excepting January 23, and February 6. 1 12 2 5t fceeTlIow Cheap! Sterling Silver hand engraved tea spoon for $1.15 each, in the Jewelry Department west store, at Sherman's. Independent Order of Forester. The officers of Court Gratiot, 379, 1. O, will be publicly Installed on Friday even ing January 16th at the Vineyard rink Fort Gratiot. Hon. C. H. McGinley, past high counsellor of Michigan, will act as in stalling officer. Addresses will be delivered by Brothers John A. McFellray, Q. C, Toronto; Frank MUlls. of Port Huron; Rev. G. W. Jen nlngs, of Flint John Newell, mayor of Fort Gratiot will occupy the chair. The best local talent of Fort Gratiot and Port Huron will add to the entertainment. Music by Law rence's orchestra. Tickets, including ball and supper $L ..Members of Court Gratiot are requested to attend regular meeting of Court In the O. 0Jr". Hall on Monday evening, Janu ary 12th. Business Important E. Johjiso',v J. W. Radcuffe, Rec Sec V C. K ll9.21w Real Estate Transfer. The following real estate transfers were recorded at the register of deed's office on Monday: Geo. W. Dodge to Wm. J. Johnston, land in Berlin; consideration, $150. John Bodewlg to Port Huron Building Association, land In Port Huron; consideration, $600. Godfrled Streit to Bruno Strelt land in St Clair; consideration, $1,000. AJITJSK.TIENT NOTES. If you like a good laugh ! go to the City Opera House to-morrow night and see "Little Nugget" H. S. Ca wthorn as "Barney and Brady" is one of the most comical Irishmen now on the stage. Joe Cawthorn as "Jakey Kumpher" is a rollicking, tongue tripping effective Dutchman, and will no doubt please all, as he does his work different from the ordinary German character. Miss Drucie Gilmore as "Little Nugget" is one of the neatest prettiest and most effective dancers on the stage. The Logan sport Pharos, January 2nd, says of her: "She is a little daisy, and no mistake." The Fort Wayne Journal January 4th said: "Miss Drucie Gilmore in the title role was as pretty and sweet as she could be, and her singing and dancing was a rare treat" Reserved seats are now on sale. Music Lesson Instruction given on piano, orgsn, violin banjo and all brass Instruments. Argan tuning and repairing a specialty. T. L. Allen. 1721mo 1908, Tt nth street Dr. Warner Cornell has fitted up offices at 111 Huron avenue, over the Commercial Bank, where he will be pleased to meet all old patients and as many new ones as may feel disposed to place themselves under his care. The rumor that the doctor will be here but a short time is without the slightest foundation, as he intends making Port Huron his home permanently. 110 21W jaAllINK NEWS. PORT ITEMS. The four large steamers new on the stocks at his West Bay City yards, known as the "Big Four." are probably to be sold to a Toledo syndicate, but the embarrassment of the concern may have rendered it necce" sary to dispose of ;seme of the boats.: The steamets referred to are of uniform sizei about 320 feet length over all each, and will rank among the largest wooden carriers on the lakes. Although the contract figure is unknown, it is within bounds to put their cost to the company at $140,000 each which would represent a total investment of $560, 000. MIOKT INTERVIEWS. Capt Frank Danger: "Port Huron wants an appropriation to dredge Black river, and yet I notice that merchants are allowed to throw all sorts of refuse in the river. Port Huron Is a "one boss" town. City Physician Lohrstorfer: Tbecttyis entirely free of scarlet fever and diphtheria The health of the city Is in excellent condi tion." Card of Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. Dingwell wish to extend thanks to the many friends who so kind! assisted them daring their sad bereavement. Especially to the conductors of the F. and P. M. Ky. for the beautiful floral tributes. THE FOLLOWING SIZES AND KINDS OF COAX. CA: FOUND IN ABUNDANCS AT THE OLD STAND: 1 17 ANTED A competent ir'rl forreneral TV houework. Inquire at Ti Court street. into PINE KNOTS, CANDLES. Kerosene Oil ! If you are xn'mg any of the abjve pr mitive methors rf ll.ummation, it will be to your advantage to change to more modern, better and salt r light- ELECTRICITY. Perhaps you have already given the matter some thought. If not, it will pay you to do so. I will be pleased to give you the low est possible rgures for wiring your store or Residence. All work none by experienced Electricians, abd guaran teed to be tne best, it is the same in Electrical Fixtures as in other lines of tSoods, there is a poor article and good one. Get the test, I have 'ein. D. J. Stephenson, 506 Water-st. TELEPHONE 139. Oh! by the way, have you Feen the F.dison "Standard" Incandescent Lamp? It's a daisy. Iam selling them at t53. Orders by 'Phone promptly tilled. Dont forget the number, lou. CHESTNUT, STOVE, EGG, GRATE. Warmth to the World AT HALF PRICE. -Paper Clothing:- Blankets, regular price 75c, for 37c Chest Protectors, n srular price 50e, for 25c. Ladies' Vests, regular prlco 60c, for 25a Men's Vests, regular prTte. 50c, for 25o. Fancy and Plain, Lined and Unlined Garments, all At ONE-HALF PHICE. It is useles3 to enumerate the many uses for which this kind of clothing is valuable. Supply your needs while you have such a chance. o yea. Oh Also Ihiro MC SO (',!: For Open Grata and Cook Stovo Uco. The Heeler Fuel uDii 113 2 tmo 1 ! J A rv K K TRoss &,IB'aywoodL QOl JJLIJX1.03X ( )- AVENTJB. rr- VA House Furnishing Goods- 50 Handsome Crochet Quilts at S1.25 each, worth SL75 20 Dozen 5-8 Napkins at $1.00 per doz. 25 Dozen 3-4 Napkins at $1.25 per doz. Half Bleached Table Linen, Bargain at 35o. a yard. 60 Inch Bleached and Half Bleached Table Linen at 50c. a yard. 100 Dozen Huck and Damask Towels at 25, 35 and 50c. a pair. . We have about 50 Pairs of BLANKETS that we will SELL VERY CHEAP. S&oss EEaywo'od ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST. r rr i r T r, T .1 Huron Avenue. Miss C. Gilbey will organize a dancing class in the A. O. IL Hall on Thursday evening January 15th. Those wishing to join are requested to be present on the first evening. .1 10 2 4t Titfdledy Wink. The manufacturers of this game have been so rushed that our order was delayed, but we have now received another lot of Tld dledy Winks, (the popular edition at 25 cents). Tiddiedy Winks, Tennis and Halma. Orders solicited at Sherman's, 5S5 Water street 1921w :-Chalk Talk-: Frank E. Woodin, CAH1CITIKIST, Metliodist Church Varlors, Thursday -Evening, JAN. 15th, at 8 O'Cloci Pictures Drawn and Given Away. GOOD MUSIC. ADMISSION, 15 and 10 Cents. lulf ord k Howan Commence TUESDAY, JAN. 13th, one of the Oreatoet CLEARING OUT SALES OF FURNITURE Port Huron has ever witneeeed. W expect to commerice moving Into Palaoe Hall about February 1st, and wish to reduce stock and convert Furniture Into Cash. Now la your golden opportunity, as the Out InoPrloea goes right through our entire stock of i u.: parlor Suites and Fancy Rockers, Bed Room Suites, Dining Room Suites, Lcu.-.", Couches, feo &o. JLViLlfiJL THE GOOBiE: SELF-HEATIMC FOLDING OATH TUB Is the greatest Home Comfort of the IV teenth Century. bk GOODRICH BATHTUB 5 s T'-yx-"-- Electric Lamps. We are selling Edison 16 and 20 candle power lamps for 65 cents; 32 candle power lamps for 11.00, and 50 candle power for tL50. The Sherman Company. Ministers, lawyers, teachers, and others whose occupation gives but little exercise, should use Carter's Little Liver Pills for torpid liver and biliousness. One is a dose. Try them. 1 Resist Annexation. Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the residents and taxpayers of the town of Port Huron will be held at the towa hall on Wednesday afternoon, January 14th, 1S8L at 2:30 o'clock, to take action on the question of annexing a portion of this township to the city of .Port Huron and to vote upon the question of raising the neces sary amount ot money to resist the same. By Okdeb of the Towkship Board, 1826t This is the first of the following course of Talks and Lectures, under the auspices of the KPWOUTII R.KArE. Thursday, Jan. 15th, Chalk Talk, Prof F. B. Woodin. Thursday, Jan. 2th, "A Talk on Art," W. B. Contly, Artist. Tuesday, February 10th, Lecture, Rev. P. B. Parrist. Thursday, March 12th, Lecture, Kev. Q. N. Kennedy. No single admission will be ? than 15 cents for adults- Tickets for the entire course 60 cents. W. B. Gonely, who will talk on Art, January 29, is President of the Society of Artists. Detroit, and is probably the best Portrait Painter In this part of the country. Reva. P. K. Parrist and O. N. Kennedy are fine speakers. Tn? subjects of their Lectures ill be announced later. 1 13 2 at Gold Filling a specialty, office In new Knlll block. Dr. J. Hen, Houses to rei.t inquire of Jas. J. Botce. 12 27 2 0. Are free from all crude and irritating matter. Concentrated medicine only. Carter's Little Liver Pills. Very small; very easy to take; no pain ; no griping; no purg ing, lry taem. a Dr. Warner Cornell, specialist eye, ear nose and throat has returned to the city and resumed practice. His office is now at 111 Huron avenue, over Commercial Bank Dr. Weir, the electrician, has no interest nor ever had in the business of Dr. Cor nell except as assistant during the illness of the late wife of the latter. 1 7 2 lw FOE BARGAINS Children's Bonnets, CLOAKS, KOBES, ETt, CALL ON -SAUERKRAUT:- Winter has set in, and Sauerkraut will taste good now. Come and try it. 225 HIHOV AVESfE. F. WOLFSTYN & CO. Troy Steam Laundry Gent washing- 0c a dozen. Family wash ng a specialty. Gents' tbirts and ladies' un aerwear made to order. UOl aillltary St.. Telephone No. 6. Two ring. FRED. C. PARSONS J. P. GILMAETI1S, Headquarter for Second-hand Furniture, 4nL- RediiLnr. Clothirir. etc From Ions .mmtonrw 'n too bu!Ds I am enabled tc Jut1 ye accurately tbe value of (roods and ro- antee to seiiers me Diroe8Hjriw vuu. I i:wivi carrv a isrsro ncc ui m " foods and deal f airiy. 1S 15D SI BCTLEB STREET. hen not in use yon can close them np and they beccomc an ornament to a room. Call at our Blore and see them. 3iV JSoyce muiBY STREET. s Tn,ikT PflA Just ireceived, a cargo of PURE JACKSON HILL LTTMP For heating and ' i JACKSON HILL NUT, FOR COOKINti, ) Will burn in any stove better thtn , ' wood and at half the cost. HAKD COAL, ALL SIZES, AT THOMSO Foot of Sarnia Street. DEALERS vx- LUMBER AND KOALi We have Tery nice stock of all kinds of OoaL Try awrn. of ear JACK3C UILU jag tie thing tor summer. If yon lntQd boilcUn- ivs -. A. M. CARPENTER CO. Forth Jtnd of Serentk Street Bridjrs, J

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