The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 16
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PAGE SL~TSEN >_*•!.* mi tuttm Dr 8 EdwardLivingston Trucleau Launched War on Tuberculosis RV A. SCirAEFFER, JR. 'Hfv life MS grille, and the etc fio ml\'rt In him thai, Notur flight. Bland,up, ' And say to all thi> world, this I a man"' A doctor, doomed liy tuborcul osls. hunting foxes In U;e Arilron dacV. Mountains In 1875 noticed thai the less he walked, Ihe better, lie felt. Today one of thn srentcst sanatoria In the worU :forms a monument to that observation. Edward IJvIiiBston Trudeau n'as the physician, and Till- deau Sanelorhim, . world-ruinous center for trcntnip'ni nnil resenreh Is lli'c riiomimr-iii. ' Tn commemoration of mo ,50th anniversary of Die o|x>uljj[>.or Hie one rx.m cottage thai tireiimo the nucleus not only m' that slnsle Institution, unt of ihe emiro"«tina- torlum movement In Oils country, the famllfav Christmas Sen! that flnancfs the efforts of' the off ill nted tuberculosis nQoclsllons tn overcome tiy> disease hcnrs this i-eav n picture of "Mills rtaj" ^ ilw .ccilage Is called. Tiudctu w«;s lx>rn In New York Ciry, October \ 1848 He was the descendant of mnny generations of French phjsiclanv end WEE Jhus well qualified hy heredity for the a!sco\ery he RUS destined to rnaVe. His youth was opent with Ms gratirtparcrU in Palis where' he- obtained his education In French schools FiPturnlng lo New York at rlghu-cn, he wns n^e (.„ fipenrt several years of Iclsuro during which he mgngcfl in /jopiilar social activities, and athletic sports. Then, deciding to settle upon some career, he secured tin appointment i* the Nnvnl Academy, which Ihen nt Newport Nursed Tiibfrcular llrnlher He gave this up to become the devoted nurse of life brother, who had contracted tuberculosis. During the Illness Triideau often slept Vlth his brother, and by order ol Hie attending phjslcian every window In the room wns kept tightly closed Of eoiivw, he also contrnctal the dkraw. H whs' not Until lie hat! married nml cs- labllshal himself In medlctil jirnc- tlcc .several yeai.s lalpr, howcvpi', thai DIG f acl wns K.|,I[J, C< ] u) . though in the light of prosonl knowledge he !ind wver/il ivnrn- Ings. Tlie fir.^t lesiilted from ft walking match Irom Fifty-nlnlli RtrerL to Ihe Battery. Although he was an excellent athlete and sportsman, he was tlioraiighly exhausted fiom the match for r.ev- eral days, and developed a "cold' absccM whleh hnd to be operate! on severnl times While in Eng. isnd during his hoiiDymoon, the second waintng came In Utc fotrh of a swelling of tie lymphatic glands, bill, so little wns'the mechanism of tncrculosis infection kno^n Ihen H]jLL,no alfnm' W as Aetiml dl?covciy ctiino when h fellow phjslclon dccli,ied he looked 111 and Inaistfd r,n taking his Still nnconeerned, mid merely io SJ foreslnll nr, nrgiiment, Tnidean -^ «ent to a sprcialifil for exnminn- Uon He was told thai the upper two-thirds of hi-, left \\m v a-ns v Like Opjth Senlciif^ ,, J" H . losp rt"S"i a diagnosis of tuberculosis was considered a death sentence. Trudeau fell that he wns merely marking llnic, but he. wsot^.n'i" 16 Sollll " !niil » Minnesota to Impiovc ha health. His (railing was In \aln, so he decided to spend his last days In his fayoiile hunt|n R ground. In the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York Slate. This region bv"±£,".S 0 ™* , hrft "d .»aiy more fully established." J-'rlnids Oa'v« Aioticy 'l!" Idea of liulldlng the finim »im In his readhifj, In ijsa, mi m °'oii ? ! nrellllln '"s Sanlinrlinn i'l-T^.n^r'xr swr^f ^r^^ "Id be avoided, nnd wgrcca i. siioli ns could be sranvd bv" ±,r U ," eo J' 11 " 1 ' wo«W be V slransers could he avoided." . Friends l n : New Vork contrlhiil- crt siiffiopuf. fimtis fo permit him to ereet n tew small rottnge.?, I'hf list one, railed Ihe "rittlp Red" nccwiM a was painted that color M« r ?,'± lp " >(l "' •™>""»ry. 188^: Mrs. William P. ' .j n ,ks wns Ihe "Innor. u consisted of n &!&£$*?-. ? ^^ r ^~^^^^. -^.^"T^r^rr: Zh lh, mn .» r« r in which Tm- reXT n^^t^T F °' h ' S h ^^?««h'M? (lenii rend of Brelimer's satillnr-l'™' |Prs nf Mic medlc-al profession " carr ' wl lntn p very ror- 'n »n an an , , ' "'' M " (Sl "" ds - «"" t. -n, w wns n m . S ° ?"">"-*'t only „ e ", 1 «>iild'sit nut at, , " l " c -' roLUl|!e ' 110 ?' ^ n 1<l J » IIS(1( "". was Urn first, liimMi. the Pi la make Ills' )>lg Olt ' n '.' v/ort irk with carry oiTt was forced ino,,s the.sff In I one )Us /—"«i<'<(. in i,/i(? tjcwly National Tnuemiiosls life Dr. ' modern hopeful Inscription e.s, rollpf often, comfort, al organization has 'become ent of 2,0f • In all pnrts of I Through IL, org"ani?"ed campaign nr j.^^, ADDING MACHINE & TVPfiWRITFR SERVICE BUREAU EDWAKDS, ^i«um M ,,,,d MV^S'hSWkf'lu (\ I , ., , ' *<-'"«UJ V: US HIM in .nils country, to ijj, ,| 0 .1 DISHES .95 DISHES .95 s. f , ned to remain throughout Ihe winter of : there so ' e sp „ n WlKt "nP"ve should seek a \\arm and sunny climate <md avoid cold and storn "tat only after considerable argumenL Pnul S? Sl ° n COUlti "w^Swi hm T'K, niK! lllS Hlfc (0 «»OW ft; SJ very —™^^^"^^« . , PERMANENT POSITION WANTED For man bctuecn 20 and « >ears old, position ns S&lesmtm in Blythcvllle of New Low-Priced Cars and Tracks. NO Investment on part of salcssman. Weekly salary and commission on •-. everything sold. Jf .you; do not like your »««M Job", and TOnt a :position,that offers per- l.manent. cmplo>ment and opportimitj for ad« nce - rnent, consider this offer Information from you *£*'» , s f rictly wnfldcn- ""' „" Interested, mite In detail jour business experience, age, special ability, etc. No prior sal«s experience needed Write to 1 Courier News ' 38 Si v.. M CHILDTH m- FOOTBALLS fiiwiJ Sturdy Ones 90c lo. $2,75 !» rg. y ol , win e , nt nltrncHve you vnriptv. find " W «» -^'f- * L * ? f' 0re you r All( ° tho ri, T plclc Supnly of sta » (lil| - (l Chnstmns—we'ro Snnta Clalisps K. .W Hoi Water — Corrosion Proof and Non-Clogging $12f)() Heater toy Save You TIRES AND TUBES SEIBERLING 'IVicyoles All, 75c to $14 WINCHESTER SKATES n.oo All Sizes and Kinds $25 to-! COASTER WAGONS $1.06 to $6.0(1 ANTI-FREEZE AMERICAN Per Gallon (Rust Proof) PRESTONR I'or (iallon (Rust Proof) rt'c Service and Examine All C oniH'dion*_No Charge UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES i "Heat Burns—Vapor Cures" Seiberlintfs are vapor cured Our Prices Are Very, Very Interesting ACCESORIES FOR TBE CAR n nidshield Defrosters >>r j WILLARD LOW-BOy WAFFLE MAKER Bakes gold en brown waffles exactly to your taste. Heat indicator tells when to pour batter. Patented cjpansion hmge allows batter to raiic. Beautifully finished in Chromium Plate. .TV«N.EASy TOASTER One of the most beautiful of «11 Tum-Eiuy Toastera. Attractive piercing on bread rack* «nd top. Sides, bottom «nd top panelIrf. Chromium Plata. BATTERIES coid ; Vca(her gtarJlBE TrouUrs T. 1-13 S6.95 And Your Old Baftcrv IREPLACEMENT PARTS COFFEE PERCOLATOR • Makes perfect drip coffee automatically—the water drips as it heats. 6cupcar«c. ity. Seamless body and spout. Aluminum, Highly Polished. /n»* f\ Mf $5.95 1 Ilai-dwarc Department, Phone 32 HUBBARD GIFTS For (he Sportsman 75c.Gotr Halls in Gifl • ' I5oxes - 12 for $7.50 Hapcn Golf Clubs GOLF RAGS Full seven Inch Bag of Elk leather, full zipper with two large 812,50 Remington Guns .22 Rifle, bolt action, OC m single shot 5>P-t)'J •22 nine, bolt action fcOO r n repeater i)5iii,,}(J .22 Automatic Rominglon Rtflr ip^,( CHINA and GLASS WARE i25c MODERN from KEROSENE ~&Mt7ltu, t^knagtna. NU-TYPE • ••*««j Mantle Better Toast WITH THE TOAST OVEN CHROMIUM FINISH"" $1450 Value $11.25 blomi glassware in i Sherbets, reed Te and Plates. Price slnplf unit ENGLISH CHINA blue Beautiful English .. w i t h Constable scenes, 32 $6.50 Other Good P.illom<i You'll Like This Ne«- Black and Silver Nesco Royal Circulating Heater Burns Kerosene iojlifj ROifisilj Smoo/hTop, Self-Basling "Wear-Ever" Roaster Gas-Saver rype. Atio epoki mea!$ over one-flame; bakel) Heal for conning, etc. Mods ct otro horf l«<t LOWEST PRICES IN HISTORY S095 5Q95 $195 OVAl ROASTER $3.75 i,, CO. Automotive Department .(7G

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