The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1944
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ,(ARK.) COURIER NEWS [Poblkhed Erery FWdiy In the I loteriit of V»rm 3p»mfljefl of This t Agriculture] fiecticc. FRIDAY^MAY 26, 1944' FEA 7 URES Enter the Plant-to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier n News and Commercial Appeal. } ^-j — . — i Garden Should Be In By June New Zealand Spinach Will Provide Greens ' During Summer Months TlV e garden should be -completely planted Ijy the end of May, except for Succession plantings to follow the harvesting and removal of the early 'cool season crops, .Miss Corn Lee Coletnan, • county home demonstration agent, advised Mississippi County • Victory -gardeners this week: New Zealand spinach, she re-' rfilnded, should •, be planted tills, month to provide greens during the, hot summer months after spinach,' turnip, and mustard greens, sire gone.. 'The seed -should be soaked In water for 24 hours before i>lnniX itig. '*•:. --..;. . • ••;• ••• : Tlie use ! of nltrfllc^ot :soda or flihin'priiuirrulti'ale as side-dressings for ••. tomatoes, according to Miss. Co!«man;. will 'be beneficial If applied before .'the' llrst fruits nre formed.'' • • • • She advised those gnrdeners whose cauliflower . heads are one inch' in diameter to draw the leaves' together and He them over the head;" Unless the young head .Is protected from the sun and rnln, she explained, It "develops a brownish color Instead of a creamy white, "and numerous leaves may .appear, tietween the segments of the curd or head. In 10 days or .two weeks, the head will be ready to cut. : Spraying . the cauliflower plants with! lead nrsennte Just before tying advisable, Miss Coleman stated, and if aphids are present,' nicotine, sulfate should be included in trie spray. • i, . ,1 She, urged careful observation of (lie garden to determine If Insects' or plant diseases are giving Irou'-. -ble. Powdery mildew, which lias; shown up on many English pw •plantings, can -be held in check by; dusting with fineV sulfur,. the Ex- lensiini .worker 'stated. Having the vinef, well supported on sticks or a fence vyill add by allowing good' nlr .ventilation. The addition of) one: -ounce "'of ~" -lead nrsenate ..of Bordeaux' mixture. itseti for the control . of . leaf spot diseases on to-,:, matoes, will keep chewing insects under control i : Let's Go Over the Top k_ with the '44 Crop -Abnvo arc reproductions of somo of Xlio hard-hitting, full-color posters designed to bring FOUR -MILLION men, women, nncl youngsters to Amorica's farms as nieiribors of tho U. S. Drop Corps. They will help farmers proiUico .the greatest food crop-in ull ngrl- Gultural history. In-addition to theso colorful posters, provided ns n public service by Country Gontloniau, .leaiilug farm .magazine, aro other promottoniil nlds available . In the form of windshield stickers 'aaid newspaper advertising-mats 'of the above posters in both two .and tlrreo column widths. This 'yoar, a • now "Food Fights for Freedom" windshield sllokor, designed to protect patriotic 'farm pcoplo from disparaging remarks concerning tho essential nature of their work, has been ;addcd. All material may he obtained from your County Agent or by writing to tho Country Gentleman Crop Corps EUltor, Philadelphia 5, Pn. in co-operation with the, D. S. Government drop Corps Program, Country 'Gontlennin urges yon to sign up today for emergency farm work and help America's fanners "go over the top with tho 'it crop." ..... , .. . solvctl ln two qunrls of hot water. A spray containing one ounce of Thcs , c Ingredients. s | le explained. - calclurn arsenate or lead arseimte in one gallon of water when ap- piled tcrpootato vines .will be etfec- , . be- purchased at any drug store. Kamienls should be dipped In the solution after each Cashing. . For 1 ., control of cucumber beetles which .destroy -.seedling cucumber and.melon plants.and the bean leaf bECtle'Uwhlch feeds on bean leaves, she .recommended dusting plants with cryolite or barium fluosillcate as soon as the seedlings appear above the ground. '; Cabbage worms,> she announced, have.^. appeared in some gardens, and pointed out.that they cnn be controlled by the application of lead or calcium arsenate as "a spray, or as a dust 'when mixed with an equal portion of hydrated lime. Guard Against Home Accidents, Agent Advises With all available manpower so urgently needed on Mississippi County farms (.0 produce food for victory,, time lost because of accidents should be. guarded .ngninst, says Miss Cora.Lee Co'enmn, county home demonstration agent. In view of -the fact that more than 3500 lives are -taken each year be'- cause of Ihes on farms, she recom- Mlss Colenmn. She stressed the need for Jiving .special attention lo colton materials since they catch fire more 'easily and burn more rapidly than woo) and silk. F.S.JL News Mrs. T. R. Smith, Dyess, knows thnt stivlnu in little tilings gradually adds til) to a big saving. Mrs. Smith uses wustc fnts in milking soap,.which Is quite n S"*! saving over n;year's time. Mr. uhd'Mrs. John Rolen, Route I, Blytheville, (ire .working hard to mnke a successful crop this yenr. "llie children are helping as nuicli as tliey cati. too. Those large enough nrc hoeing cottoii for the first time. The family hns eight acres ot com plnntcd nncl a good garden of pens, beans,:lettuce, onions, cnbbage, tomatoes, Irish anj sweet, potatoes. Mr. Rolen hns his hay cut nnd Stored -'In the barn. What lliis Inm- ily has:,clohe so far, Is nu example of \vhnt can be accomplished \vi good management and Industry. Many FSA, families arc beginning Milk And Cream Quality Lowered Undesirable Bacteria Forms In Hor Wcafher; Cooling Is Advised With the first warm days, milk nncl eroam quality will decline as a result of the growth of undesirable bacteria. Miss Cora Lee Colo- nian, county home demonstration ngent, told Mississippi County homemakcrs this week. In answer to inquiries on the necessity of cooling milk and cream, sh c explained that it Is done for the same reason Dial milk and cream utensils arc washed and sterilized. Sterilization discourages bacteria from gelling Into milk or cream in the flriit place, and cooling stops the activities uf those bacteria that find lliplr way into milk and cream. When milk and crcnm arc cooled to at lenst. GOR the multiplication of Ijactcrln Is very greatly retiml- ed. The best cooling- agent to be found on all farms Is water, Miss Coleman pointed out, because It tends to draw the temperature of milk or c'romn lo Its own level. Wa- Ua- is 25 times more effective as a cooling agent than air. The blacksmith usff ' Die \viiler method lo cool his red hot irons. ;An efficient milk cooler can be made by any .Mississippi County farmer with a -few simple tools, according to Miss coleitmn. .A removable pint form can' be Farm Woman's Column tic best wny to extend that cook stove's lease on life, Miss Cora Lee lHimn, county home demonstration «!,'Pi)t. advised Noitli Mississippi County hotnemaker.s this week, is a good old-fashioned cleaning at regular Intervals. For IhonstlvJivcs determined to make their wood or coal stove last for the duration. Miss Coleman listed the following tills on keeping (lip stove In good condition: Hi'movo the lids from stove, take them outside the house and turn tho.'ti bottom side up, Then brush Ibrm free of sont and ashes; clean thoroughly the top of the stove Farmer Solves Labor Shortage Leachville Man Uses Machinery To Garner Corn and Bean Crop built lo go inlo the bottom of the Imrell so as to allow circulation under th p cans. The water used for cooling should be running constantly, if possible. Where this is not l.a'slWe. shc suggested that, It be chanced and stirred often. If running water Is available, the Inlet pipe should be turned down inside the barrel to allow fresh water to come in at the bottom. TJH; overflow pijie should be set Miislitly above the shoulders of the can so that the milk or cream is beneath Hie surface of the writer. Tlie barrel should be placed in the milk house or in some shady spot lank, A cover over the ban-el help.? to keep the water cool, she added, Miss Coleman reminded homemakers lo be sure to cool milk and cream as soon as possible after milking and separating. Uke 94 per cent of the farmers here, Mr. cage was growing com and beans together. So, In order to (jot the crop harvested he combined the corn and beans together, the corn, of course, came out shelled nnd lu the bags with beans. No one wants corn and beans together so the next job was separation, after cotton harvest was over and u little labor was available. Mr. Cagle bought a Eureka spiral feed cleaner and It worked wonders in separating the crop. Not only did It separate corn from $337.50 for the beans alone. Mr. Cagle, two boys and a girl are fanning 200 acres of land this year;' 130 of which is In corn and beans and to be combined and serjniTitPd us he did last year. Mr. Bilbrey and A. C. Owens Farm Labor Assistant, have seen Mr. eagle's seed cleaner separate the corn and beans and they both agree that such a cleaner will soon be standard equipment on farms in tins section. _ Annual cheese consumption in the United Slates normally annrox four In these days of war ami re- L ' euns i)ut it n |s " separates the ...„ „...„.„ „„.,.„ Iml suiting shortages, Die worst of cracked beans too. | j mn tcs 484,000,000 pounds" or whicli Is labor, our farmers are (Jllt of Mr. eagle's 10 acres he and onc-luilf pounds conthnihiB to riiKl "a way out.", says "Oi've.sted and separated 165 hush-1 Keith Bilbrey. our county agent. I? 1 * ° r _?. onl and 15 ° bushels of! The Mexican tlragoil-llzard lias i-iiicii on , Keith Bilbrey. our county agent. I? 1 * ° r eonl and 15 » bushels of! The Mexican dragon-lizard in th D case of C. E. Cagle ol • ben '^ The c °''» was fed to hogs a live-Inch body and an 18-i Lcachville. all of (he labor required ? nd . "* soW "'« b ««"s <U $2.25 per (ail and can run across water for corn harvest has been success-, bushelfor seed, or for a total of Its hind legs without sinkln? fully, eliminated and vet hi- »<™- ' ~— — __ fully eliminated and yet he "continues to grow corn. Last year/1 come corn gathering time, every i available hand was picking cotton. early to meet their cnnnlng budgets. 'Mrs. Cnrl Poff, Mrs. Bill Underwood, and Mrs. c. H. Dlldine have already canned several quarts of greens. Mrs. Poif says she finds the best way to can is to put up a few quarts at n time as tlie garden vegetables .inline. This method lessens the work' Involved in •canning and makes it possible to put up a larger quantity of canned food. Jjfo/d Everything \ "Capt. Polls used to command '. , ... a FT boat'." mended fireproofing ot clothing as one way to save Jives and lessen the number of rural accidents. This treatment of clothing she stressed as especially helpful in the case of small children. who make up r large number of fire casualties. The .process of fireproofing Is no'. cornpHcatefl, she .explained. It is Inexpensive and has proved satisfactory. The treatment has no ill effect on the dyes In material, nor in any other way docs it Injure or change he appearance or body of, a garment. Miss Cbleman outlined the following ' method for fireproofing garments: Dip the material into a solution made by mixing seven •tablespoons of borax and three tablespoons of boric acid crystals dis- ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper,' Plaster, Brick, Etc, 1 TttMtft tc/nlf fa patli form. Can h« mlxri h l»rt a [Iffyl n» b!g surpd»« «fUr «notb«t ~wb«n you r»d«:or«t» • room wlrJi Krt»burgh TWUd.. Oa. tort b wffl. •l«o« «m «M willp^xr « •tt»r KirhciM. And that 004 oo*t m«y b« *ppU«l k UM ttin tire hmn a* hew. Yo» wi actodly p)ctur« 60 mfactM rftw wltk TtcldiM AA • ta ^v» jro« rh» »phol« ibwr rf thh «»-»«« ttyAapaaa b wrt pri* and wolir, MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) : «*THEmLE :. s ARKANSAS underneath the lids; remove nil the ashe.s, and brush out the corners, of the container; rake nil-the soot from the soot container,- then clean thoroughly with a wire mopstick (cloth fastened to the end of a wire). A small limb broken from n pine or cedar tKee can be vised lo do this cleaning job; clean the stove pipe. Use a cedar brush (small cedar limb) to clean the soot from each joint of pipe; sweep the Insidc'of the oven clean. Rub the stove with oil and steel wool to remove rust. If steel wool is not available, ashes dampened with kerosene can be used' If the stove is , thoroughly cool, , Rub the stove with oil or an uusaltecl grease to prevent rusting. When you take- your ]ohn Deere Tractor out in the field after our factory-trained experts have given it a "going-over," ' you'll say it performs good as rje,\v. Our shop- men are experts. They know exactly what your tractor should do ... tmd how to make it deliver a full measure of service. Don't wait for a breakdown. A check-up now and a few simple adjustments may save you the expense and delay of more r 'serious complications later on. Wbtn yon firing your tractor in, bring in your scrap ... . keep bfilb in the fight. Missco Implement Co. in.VTIIEVlLLE OSCEOLA BUY BONDS * SAVE SCRAP RUNNING WATER is something you don't buy every year. Its installation is an eyent. A sign of your progress: Sowhen you do decide to installs Water system, Do JtRight. Come to Water System Headquarters. Let us help you figure.the right^pump of the right capacity and the right way to install it. You cansave yourself plenty of money by being careful, by getting all the facts; As representatives of Goulds Pumps, Inc., the oldest and the largest manufacturers in the world, I we are prepared to give you real service, low prices and the right system for your needs. Come in and talk things over. Come In and Talk Over PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. (Formerly Known as Tiim Little Hardware t'n.) 126 W. Main Phone 515 Registered ANED PIGS ... Most members of our association now have weaned pigs for sale. These are all pure-bred stock, from 10 to 14 weeks old. Here's your chance to raise PROLIFIC, EASY-FEEDING Durocs. Miss. County Duroc Breeders Association "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" Top Pedigree Durocs For Sale By These Members: C. G. SMITH & SON STANTON PEPPER; GENE BRADBERRY Blytheville, Ark. Huffman, Ark. Manila, Ark. J. C. BUCHANAN CASTL10 BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE Blytheville, Ark. 'Luxora, Ark. Whistleville, Ark. JOE T. CAGLE BURDETTE PLANTATION L. H. AUTRY Blyrhcvillo, Ark. Burdctte, Ark. Burdcttc, Ark. ROSS D.HUGHES JR. Blyrhcvillc, Ark. DELTAS NEWS Published By The Delta Implement Co.,/felytheville Vol 2 Friilay, Slay 2tt No. 3ff Waste paper collections have been very .gratifying; during- the |i;tK( few weeks. Let's keep tij) (he jjooii work! -- DI - , Dcwcy Sheppard, of Kosehmd, has n used walking cultivator for xaie. It's in tip-lop Sflilpc. We've just received annlher shipment of sfcef .stock (auks. I.el us luuiw if yon need one, we've all sixes. - DI New equipment deliveries of this week include: Dixie cottoii choppers to K. L. Williams, of Manila, E. L. Hale, of Armorel, and Homer and Wright, 'of Manila; tractor otiltivators to V. M. Moore, of Blytlieville, and Key Hunt, of Manila; a steel water tank to L. II. Autry, of Burdeltc; a McConnick- Deering 50-T hay press lo the Hell Cooperative Association; and a '1 bar tractor side delivery rake to Clear Lake Farm. - DI We're expecting a shipment of elevators for hity, corn or soyhvans in the next few days. Call us if you want one. - DI In our shops this week: an F-20 for minor repairs and steam cleaning for Leslie Moore, o!' Blylheville; a Farmall H for minor repairs for W. D. Howard, of Dell; and a Karmall M for repairs for Earl Simmons, of Route 2. i - DI - We've plenty of Athens hush and hng disc harrows on hand now. I'honc your order in. Results from "for sale" advertisements in this column have been very good 'for most of our customers. Let us know if you've used equipment for sale—we'll list it, here free of charge. Z~£& TANK UP YOUR ALBUM ~<^*^- '^ OOM't NAVI IT ITVCK a* » Mt fl *W TOOAYI

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