The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1937
Page 2
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BLYTHfiVILLE '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS This is tlie flflh of a series of six ardctat on Hie principles <it .blilditiK largely used by lour- luninil »tars, ill'tussfil liy S. Gallon Cliurclilll In lib Look, "(Jontracl HiiMiiiK Tactics at Mnlrli I'ulnl 1'lay." HV W.M. E. McKKNNEY Si i ulary. American lliiilje Ltafiii; Psychic bids '.still are Used even by master bridge ' players, and when the spot is chosen, they often arc quite effective. If the bluff Is too obvious, It may prevent a uninc or slam contrnct. More bidding methods, however, me uell designed to uncover psy- Social' Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. C, R. Bibcock having Tuesday Bridge club, ( You»g Matrons Bridge club meeting vii'h Mrs Mnx B neld. Mrs. .Lloyd; Stickmon. and Nil's. Murrey Small having P. 15, O. luncheon, at the Sllckmon house, 1 P. M, Junior G?,A's,' First Baptist church, mceUng 4 P, M. Intermediate O, A.'s, First Btip- tisl chuich, meeting 4 P M. Sunbeams, meeting nt First nnp- tlst chuich, 2'30 P. M, , WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Jev.lsh Afd Society liming bingo parly. Catholic' ioclnl hall. 1 30 P. M Mis James H Bell having Wednesday Bildse club. B. A.'s meeting Fiist Baptist cliuich, 3 30 P M Bible .' study. Church of • Christ, meeting with Mis. J. W. liadcr, 2.30 P. M. , Central Waid P. T. A. meeting 3 P. M following executive boaul meeting at 2 30 P. M ' THURSDAY'S IS VENTS Mis. L H Mooie having Thursday Bridge club. Mrs c W ' Affllck having Thursdiy Luncheon club. Mra> B A. kjncli enlei laming Mid-Week BiMge<club. Yaibro Missionary Society meeting vvtth Mrs, Ernest Picnch lor scctal meeting FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs J. T Phillip., and Mis. r. B. Joyiier cnlcitainlng Music de- par.tmi.nt of Woman's club nt club 3 P. M Miss Lottie Healli v i tas , Ma«r!ci> Lullrcll ' Lhlcs us: is shown by the innnnci Announcement has been made of | in which Cliniclilll and his pait- Ihe mairlagc of Miss Lotlie Hcftth'nei, Wnltei j I'lay, of Indlan- to Maurice Luttrell, which took 1 1> l lclii icuclieii n .shin nftci ttieli place "Sunday, Februaiy 28. nl the' tl>|)uniiiU, bolli noted mnstei home of the Hc^ o A. Bnwcis, pastor of the Methodist church of Poi- tagevillCj Mo v,lu> perfoi mcd the ceremony Mr and Mis Clmiles Uiogdon l\ere their attendants Tlie bride, «ho b Iho daughter ot Mr. and Mrs w II Heath is n graduate of the city high school , She Is nov, employ ed nt the Southwestern Bell TolcphoiiQ company Sir Ltittrell l s tlie son of Mr and »|rs. P. N. UiUiell lie Ls employed • at the Robinson Ding stoie. hlibHaevwill .ma\o .thcli home?"t 1318 W Main stieet k Cljfs fc'it'erlaliicrt - Mis. John Foster and Mis W M Blnylock weie hostesses to n meeting ot the Doicas Sundnv School of Ihe Firsl Baptist chinch Friday aftcinoon In the social room of tlie chuich 'flic 12 members and two vlsllois- Had n brief business session before games veie played and n - salad plale seived o . e Hour of Mcehn K Chan E cd The dinner meeting of the motherhood of the Fiist Baptist nlirti* *'!' ""*' nt 7 °' clock tonight, instead of 7 JO o'clock, as «st *i" nouncc<i Men o f the Bap- iiearby towns me planning io come, especially to hear th" Rev Obstructive Bidding Fails to Prevent SJam Contract plajcis, had done ali thej could (fi . alisti'iicl Ihe bidding. 'ihe occasion «as one of Hie Masleis' Iiidl\ldnal Toiu- minienK lieid b\ Die American Paii-iotic-Ouilt Todgy'g Contrget Problem South has opened the bld- Itig ivitli one spade, pnri West has oveicalkci with two clubs. Should North HOW show his diamond suit, with his good spade supoi I, or rnalt* the more afgrc'iilvo call of two spades? ' - ~ 10832' » AQJ53 N. 'ti',S. Xl. ' Solution In next issue. 15 Bridge League. This annual i event will again lie ployed rit the Turk Ccnlrnl Hotel, New .York) -Ihe week of . April' 5th. 'Ihe bidding fc, Inteiesllng In Hint Chuichill and Pmj, West nml East lespccilvely, hnd never before ployed as partners. ' The fust hc.ut tilck was held hy South with the queen 'the second tilclt was won with WeM's nee of lieaiLs, nnti his last henil was luffed In dummy The kiiu; of fllnmomli was led itn<| it ic- te.iletl tint Souili held fom to Hie.queen. Bits of News Mostly Personal/ weie cashed and spnde led .and Irumpcd WHS led lo dummy and spiulc wn.i trumped. nunnny was ic rateml with the hist high elub and then, when MI- olhei club »ai led, South was to mff Chuichill o\ciintf cd-ntnl won the lust trick in. his a small A club the last own Not onlv was Ihe bidding' difficult, bill the |)l nj lequlretl piojicr •Mrs. -l/iulse om-ieii and • Miss Elhel scott. of San Antonio/Texas, nnlvid heic yeMeidij to s|>->n<| a «cck will) their inolhcr Mrs Dm- othy Siott who has laeii vcrj ill but who Is now slightly Improvd Mis C R Bal)co"k and diu«htcr Vary and Sallfe Mathis weie In Memphis Salmdij to tee the Doll House. Mi ind MIS Flmci Jeslei, of Memphis, spent the weekend here us guests of MI and Mrs, rt I, Cialnes Mr Jc ter who is deputy United Slates maishii citne im on bustneib ' Fred Matthews lias returned from a business trip-to St. Louis. I/ouii NeubiU of Djmblng Icnn is the guest of his daughter Mrs it L Gaines and Tamil) He vsill IK heic this week Mia Beimud Gooch is now con Milescing Mlov,ln 0 ' in opeiitlon psifoniHd -icterii «ee.ks -vgo Mrs w q Hlgginson and daughter Doiothy jean and Mrs Max B Reid ind diughter Mixlne, went to Memphis Silurdiy Io i,et the Doll Hoils" Mis whit Ooodiimn nnd dau«h- lei Lee of Memphi arc Usttiu Mis Goodmans parents DI nnd Mrs r D smith while Mr Good mrin Is attending lo business in this terrltoiy who Is 111 nt s slowly Im MONDAY, AlARcir 1C, 1937 FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia -H.i. ,,-. , - i\f kfA crOv\fr iuf » .. „ . ' * * Stunt Night Will Take Place of Senior Follies Instead of UK animal s^niat• F O J. M, the graduating class o'f the city high school this year \vll! sponsor a .'Community stunt Night" I'ttday night at the High school auditorium, Proceeds of the affair will go to tile fund for the senior me- moiial, which tills year will'be known as-His "Roland Hunt Memorial," i n memory of Roland Hunt, a member of the class who "led in January. • Every civic organization In the city has been invited to participate in the affair and prizes of $5 >3, and $2 will bs given for tile nist, second, and third best-stunts. Organizations planning -stunts may use Uie'h'igh school auditorium' for practice each afternoon . and night. % liming us well. s be the ( pimc(pal speaker. News Mrs \\ \j *'Je Tl7urjda5' : prl?s \\ns Tajloi entcrtnincrt brulgp club at Eatlp Th" """"^^ tournnmant Our national emblem, apptlquod on n uhito b-ickgioimd maUs .1 most unusual and attractive quill. Tills quilt, us shown, was very colorful.;. The small slnr.s were r«i L . (n and blue and the eagle of red. blue ,j, [and gold."',\o. C779 brings you cnl- - ling gnlclci. with-directions nnd es- limated yarda»e. : To order, ask. for No. CTO, or tear out illustration and send \ritn 10 cents stamps or coin. (Any three 10'frent "Make It Yoiirscll" pattern, only 25 cents.) Addres* your order to BLYTHEVILLB COURIEP NEWS MAKE IT YOURSELF PATTERN BUREAU. BOX 1C6. KANSAS CITY, MO. Be sure to give unm<! and conipletc address. on short If Kiev happen to be till) lojictlier? 3., Is It cintoitiriry (o leave word will, .the miiicl .In n hotel us Io the hour nno wishes to l)i; awiikcned? 4. Shoultl. . one .. \ w it c , ; i,| s u holer'; rtjjls- street address In? .,.- . tr . *>• 1» mi American: plan"-holcli wl'iit Is Hie" cilsloniaVy" L 'w'eoklyi lip to the \rnltrr-ss? ' ' What Wfliild 'you do if— 1 Von-are: a- woman 'innklng a- dnv's Journey-hy ear with ,a nian; due ap car', trouble you :nndv (hat Mi ami MIS w II Glover ind Mi and Mrs j v riienfl motored to 05ess snndaj nccoinpinvln, liom" Miss Ida chlre Perciviil Bilest of the Glovcib foi the we^k end ami MIS oussic Carp^nl»r who spent the wc-kend \\ith Mi nnd Mrs 1 riend Leslie Ciabbe and d lughlei Gtr nldjnc of Bio^lcj Mo neie the weekend uiiests of Mr and Mrs S r Biackln and fimilj Ohaiies Mooie uiu Robeit El mer lloj of HulTman who imie been ilsltiilg in st Louis for the past Uo weeks weie guests ot \ti and Mis 5 t nnrMn todaj Di and Mis I R Johnson ic tinned \esieidaj from Sin An lonio Texas wheie thcv jlwn weeks spent MIS ned Rutherford mid. t Mrs. H, Wile\ -MC in Memphis to . hi a tovvn' friends— : yr,, in? to .stay where over -night you;- have 3n to :yoiir L nnd D CliiinbUn and sons •-.-.^1 suppose AiintSuriiii gave yoii'tl.c usual lecture, l';iiinv? lh __Sutc..But,il its a rich mmr, you listcli-lier money talks!". lieved serious until Saturdny when tlie pain -became worse and his motlier took him to Memphis. He u, Betting along . well now. Mis. R. B. Weaks, of Hollnnd, n patient at the St. Joseph's hosnttnl, Memplils. Ward Pearson, of Joiner, is a' ratieiit nl the McmphLs Baptist lospital. Mrs.. P. B. Joyn'er and children were in Memphis Saturday to see tlie "Doll House." . V. Bryant, of Reiser, has been •ulmittcil : to the Memphis Baptist hospital. ' • • Mrs. J. c. "Crlner, who hns been •itically^ ill >t Campbell's Clinic Memphis, k 'slightly improved' toi day nnd .Mi-, .Crlner vcturned homo '»st night for a brief slay. Mrs Crlner was moved from Che MetiW odlst hospital to the clinic for the operation .which removed her arm Miss '.Miriam Smith' ami net Biicst, Miss- .Mary Shiim of Newark, Ohio, are spending today at having motored over with Leon \vcre-j- iu see thi, Funrrt nnd son Joe Memphis S-Umday to •Doll •Housed Donna Wundeilich spent thL weekend In Memphis with hei cousin Ann Vollmei going clown cspecinlly to see the 'Doll House.". Miss Smith's father, w. Smith,, for circuit' court'. Miss Smith nnd Miss Shlmi 'will go'to Cai-utliersvillc tomorrow to join Miss Mary Tipton" Ross, a' itudent 'at Steplieh college, 'and lliey will motor lo Columbia, Mo., nl Don and Mil Mnrcu-. j iftcf spendinij several days 1. -Yes. "" Woilhfngton nccompimed liunlly. Best- : "What . ioliitlou—Either to " Many,ManyWomen SayCarduiHefpedThem By taking. Cauiiii, thou- of women liave found 9 «° ld niuch ° r «>c suffering they (lse( | to .endure. CrAmping 81 »uV "ageing- pains and fanricd £th VeS K Ca ", he ""fcvcJ- Cither by Cnivluj O r bv a physician's treatment. .Besides easing certain rams Cardui nub in -buiidmg up Astern by helping' ,tlie ih-ug S { or0i "Card-u-i,") ^^^tefc^&^ be -.nil. right. .(„). _ fiom any: gossip lhat might arii More thiin G3.430 motor buses are used in Ihe transportation of school t children In Ihe United States j MIND Your MANJSfERS Test your knowledge of correct usage by answering the tpllow- ing qiicstions then', ctie'ethif against the authoritative answers btlow: 1. May one go from his berth to the dressing room of the Pullman in dressing gown nnd slippers? . • . 2. May a young woman let a mnii. whom she knows, pay for her meal In a dhiiug-cnr. Would (a) or Yoii Do" tc). would save you uosd rtnrrnnn son of Mr. niid Mis. Sam Florman. will return tommrow fiom the Mempliis Bip list hospllnl wheie he Ins been since S-itmriT> becBiise of blood poi'oningi-ln hi: bruised his inn school The inl wiille nol , g at b e OARi> "OF 'THANKS i We wlsh : ; to •thnnl; the friends and neighbors for the beautiful- flowers. Rev." M. N.. Johnston, and all who were so kind to us In the sickness and death of our fillhfr. ' • Mrs. J. B. Meadows, wife, Hiram and Lara," son and daughter. " • .'/••••'. Still Coughing? No matter _liow niariy medicines JouhiWB tried for your cough, chest co d or bronchial Irritation, you can |ct relief now with Creomuislon. Serious trouble Way bo brewing and you cannot afford to take a Chance with any tiling less thaii CrConiul- sl .°n. which goes right to the scat of the trouble to air) nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phleem 15 loosened arid expelled. , Even If other remedies havo laiied,. don t. be discouraged, your druggist ts authorised to guarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money if you are hot satisfied with results from tho .very first Vwttle. Get Creomulslon right now. (Adv) D'r. Max 0. Usrey Announces the Association • with him of Dr. Joseph E. Beadey Physician and Surgeon With Offices in the Lynch Building Marcus Evraitl is attending circuit court at Piggott today. Mrs:, J. D. McDowell and son. lonn, will arrive home today from Monroe. La., where they linv'c been Msiting .since Monday. Hep. and Mrs. Ivy W. Crawford nnd daughters... Misses Winifred and Eugenia, arrived home Salnr- day from Little Rock, whore tlie.v pent two ^months while legislature was hi session. Miss Eueeiiia was a page. • Sidney Sevatl spent tlie weekend in Mempliis. Mrs. R. L. Loggins and baby will lEtiirn tins afternoon from Mor- rllton. Ark., where* they visited relatives, having been called tberc bv ths death of an aunt,. Mr^Logolns motored to Memphis for them. Miss Ethel Braim, of Memphis, Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. Nick Thomas for a week, i Mrs. Fred, Warren and daughter, Miss Marjoric. and .Mrs. Doyle ^Henderson', were in Memphis Saturday. -- ',' i N. B. Mcnard jr.. who is now residing at shvcvsport. la., will arrive -home in the nmrnlng tc spend several days with liis parents. Miss Carolyn Dmmvant returned to Memphis ihls niorniiig after spending tr.e weekend with her sis- •,. Mrs. John Miles Miller, and Mr. .Miller.: .Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Clear had as their guests for tile weekend. Miss-, es Sara and Elizabeth Jones, and lirpllier, Georfie. Miss Mary Hose Alexander and Joe Garriean, ol Union City, Tenn. : " Mrs. w. J. Pollani and Mrs. Farnswortii Black nre in Memphis today. John Mahan, who is now employed in Jackson. Tsim.. silent the weekend with his motlisr, Mrs. T J. Malian, and family. , tile condition of Eric Bollard who is critically ill at the Memphb Methodist hospital, is slightly improved today. Hi s condition' lias bsjn such that physicians have been npable to make a diagnosis. ^VIrs. Sadje Illlllnrd. of Jackson. Tenn.. was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wood yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haynes and son, of Fort Smith, Ark,, were the gUESts of Mr. Hayncs' parents.' Mr. an/1 Mrs. ,T. H. Hnynes nnd his sister, Mrs. Russell pai-r, and family, for the weekend. The condition of H. Paul, who is critically iil, is slightly improved tcday. Relatives from other cities who came several days a"o are yet with him. Rites for Watson Baby Private funeral services were held yesterday for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wat-son, of Kclser, who died at birth Saturday O, CALM THOSE NERVES, BE sweet- SEREME.' BY OSfNG DOCTOR MILES' NERVINE at the family residence. Burial "v made at Elnuvood cemetery. Mrs. Watson, who was formerly Miss Liiclle Bout-land, is resting very well. Her mother, MIS. Myrtle Bourlanj. came homo today for a brief stay tint will return to be with her. "HKHN'AT" KNITTING 1'AUNS ' FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring nnd summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MKS. IE2UE HOOI'KIt 1109 Chickasawba. Phone 7t):> i T z Everything For Your KiitciUlu mcnt ana Comfort • ' Pre-Easter Sale COATS-SUITS-DRESSES We nre engcr to clear all Spring coats, Suits and Dresses to make room for our inrgc Summer stocks which are arriving daily. jou cin buy your En.sttr oiilfii at n decided saving without sacrificing style and quality. - :, -- . ; Dresses •NOW!; :-•: 829.75 SUITS - COATS : '$22.95 DRESSES: • §10..% - $12.95 SUITS-COATS ; 19.^95 -• ?1G.75 SUITS - COATS S12.95 S19.7S SUITS - CO>\TS S 1.6.95 '$24.75' SUITS - COATS §19.95 $30.75 SUITS - COATS S29.95 ccial Groups of New Spring -Fscs at Greatly Reduced Prices NEWYORKSTORE Toledo 1'l.ints 35,000 Trees TOLEDO (UP) — Improvements worth 8600,001) were completed in (he five irarX-s administered bv the Toledo Metropolitan Park Board last year. Thirty-five thousand frees were planted. Can you Afford to be NERVOUS? • Perhaps,. y o uV could afford ;those attacks of'Nprvcs if.yau were the-'only-, one affected. Tense nertfe^ make you a nuisance to everyone with whom you come :in .contact. No' onr: likes you when'you ave juniuy, irritable and-nervous. - DR.MILES' '. Bn. raiiF.S -NERVINE Iras' been recognized as effec'live for" more than CO years by sufferers from Sleeplessness, Nervous Ir- viiabilily, Nervous Hcailache. Nervous Indijc3[ioii, Travel" Sickness. DR. MILES NERVINE is now available .in the orisinal liquid form and 'effervescent tablet iorm.--;You con get it al'nnv drug stpre in 15 cent and'51.00 packages. . 24Hoisr Wrecker Service Best Pi-ices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 ; Storage AT DEALER'S EVER OFFERED! New 1937 PHIL : -ivith Last Time Today "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" With Robert Avinslroii-f,- Joan Cniwford and Willium Powell Alsu Paramount News ami Comedy—"Cinema Circus" in Technicolor. —Admission— : Mall'ncc—10 & 26c -. Nlfht—1G & 3Gc TUESDAY J! $50 BANK 1GHI : (Less Slate Tax) —ON THE 'SGRKBN—,' COME WHAT MAY ...I WANT TO LIVE .. i WANT TO BE LOVED ... EVEN THOUGH I KNOW Men /Jre Nat-finds'! •"''"'" ai " 'M- HER Alii: FOODS' GEBTHUDE LftWBE^CE: SEBASIIflN 5II4V/* A. t. HflTHEWS. Written and Directed by Waller Reisth A London Fifci • r Released thru U.iiied Arl[!',s Also Selected-Shorts —Admission— Matinee—10 & 2Gc Night—10 & 3Gc ; .,.' You can attend the. Malinct Tuesday, rniislcr, anil have ' ,'ii iliancc to win Rank Deposit nitii^ oiit being present Tuesday night. —COMING SOON— High, Swing I.on" H A Day" f> Come in . . : see and hear this new 1937 American and Foreign Philco . . . learn how you can own it for only a few dollars down and easy monthly or weekly payments! Enjoy perfect reception made possible by Philco Auto- malic Tuning . . . radio's greatest convcniencc'and the modern, accurate way to.tune! Many other big features, including Philco Foreign Tuning Syttem, Color Dial,, Inclined Sounding Board, Concert Grand Speaker, etc. •StUnl, u-M riiln lt/tt-Kf!fJ«tfr Airialt, ,;„„ tr ,,:,,tImig, nafUm. Liberal Trade-in Allowance for Your.Old.'Radio- BlyUwville, Avk. Last Time Today Ann Dvorak and John Litel in "Midnight Court" l-'ox Movietone a»d Comedy Ailults Admitted for Price of ] Nobody . With Lew Ayrcs and Ruth Cnlman Also Comedy—"i.- ln ,' s rm,-' f

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