The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on November 11, 1970 · Page 18
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 18

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1970
Page 18
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Beer on PC Tracks Delays Thousands .WESTFORT — Thousands of passengers In over 6J trains were forced to sit in stalled cars early Tuesday for nearly three hours when a tractor-Jraii-.r.r packed with beer landed on the main tracks of the, Penn Central's New Haven division after veering off the Connecticut turnpike. The trailer contained kegs and fans of the beverace that spilled oilto the westbound tracks bs the vehicle toppled down »n emiiacfcment: and landed on its side, east o[ the Green Farms Station. 'Normal' by Evening The accident occurred at 7:10 a.m. and work crews worked till ■ 15-47 to remove Use wreck age. A Penn Central spokesman said operations reromeu to inu-rnal in time for the. evening rush. Many of the passengers TRUMBULL - The Rev. Bar-; thclomew J. Laurello, pastor of Church of ihe Most Precious Blood, lias announced that 326 children are enrolled in the School of Religion Education Sunduv morning Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes at ihe church. The program provides two special masses for children at 9 and 10 a.m. with 26 individual groups of children alternating between classes and mass. Sessions are held each three consecutive Sundays with the fourtli Sunday open. Father Launillo, chairman; Sister Mary Catherine, principal Di Most Precioui Blood school, and Richard DieU, co-chairman serve as a board of advisors. The Rev. Peter P. Dora, resident at Most Precious Blood church and chaplain at Notre Dame Girls high school; is co chairman os teachers with Rob ert King. Others on the executive cnun oil are Mrs. Konnr-ih Catandcl !a and Mrs. William moo re, helper co-chairmen; Dr. James Shcehy, rishcr chairman; James ■ Conroy, liturgical chairman; Ro bert Coyne, auuio-visuai cnair-man: Ronald Vitalc, financial chairman; Eichtird Dowling and Mrs. Armon waiters, puuuc relations co-chuirmen. About 100 Assist In all, ahout 100 members of the parish assist in the program Tnnrhers are Sister Angelica Sister Chestine, Sister Dorothy ■Ann, Sister Judith Ann, Sister Sophia. Mrs, Kennetn ADnoia Mrs liuncne Baiestrieri, Mrs Franklyi] Caruso, Mrs. fioberti PuBack, Mrs. Stanley KaracnuK, Mrs. Vul Rossetli, Mrs. Ralph Trcmo. and Mrs. D.J. Walker; also Rr.hert OuBsici, Kenneth Knmu. and Dr. Jnmen Sherhy. were New York city committers, some of whom reportedly left the trains and began hitch-hik ing on the turnplKe. The truck crashed through a a section of highway fencing, went diagonally across a field horderinf the turnpike and went down the embankment landing on the tracks to face oncoming trains, accordinj; to rennrts. The truck driver, Lionel cimrfnn 51 of Manchester, N.H. was treated and released for knee injuries at Norwalk hospital. He was charged wsth reckless driving. An unidentified truck driver was credited with igniting two flares on a curve of the track after the accident. His action halted two westbound trains less than 10 minutes away. 'Extend' Is Extended By Education Board ' The' Board ot Education, meeting Monday night in Roosevelt schuol authorized, continuation of Project Ettend for approximately SO youngsters in this and five other schools for the second yeaT. The program wil! be conducted by Action for Bridgeport Com-muiiily Development (ABCD). ■ The discussion fired up two further questions: whether schools lacking ADCD's services could have such a. program, and who provides the insurance coverage for such programs as Extend and the East -End Community school. A question from mothers from Maplewood schrxil about, how- to obtain a program like Extend for their children drew no ■ substantial answer.. ■ The explanation was given that-this is not a school program, but an ABCD program. If ASCII doesn't sponsor it in certain schools, the hoard would still permits to other sponsoring groups if they suorait plans, the' mothers were told. . Debate On Insurance The insurance item turned into .' the most vigorous topic of the night, with legalities argued at -length. between the lawyers and nun-lawyers on the School board. Board member Johu Larson asked if the city is insuring Project Extend, and Schools Supt. Howard Roscnstein replied it is willing to do sd. But board president Francis J. King, a JaivyeT, replied this question hasn't been settled and he'll press the city attorney's office to issue the . ruling .which was requested eaTlier. . Mrs. Anita 5. Vogel, a Republican, aimed a barb at the Democratic administration hy saving: "it's hard tn believe one in the city attorney's office can arrive at a decision on this." Seme hoard . members argued that the same ruling should apply to both Extend and to the East End Community 'school program which operates in Mc-Kinlcy school on a permit. Others said the two cases are different. The Community school item became somewhat more ' urgent ,„i..-.„ ti>i-- ^hnnl's sookesman, Paul Mendes, advised the School board the Community school's nirr.mliMr: ranu^led its illGUranCr- last summer and the School board has therefore had the re- nr-mrihiMy since then. .. The Community school has long asked the hoard to assume this coverage, and Mr. m calH tht- rrnun was info last Sortember the board finally Board members disclaimed all knowledge of this. -.. Kennedy Argues mini Board vice president E; n . Kennedy argued the point heatedly, saying the city u im-niiinp to suit except under 'certain itaiutes. and an act of the Legis lature might b-. required to Jet the city cover tne Lomraumij Vj. s Vogel voiced concern triat the cost of insurance might tip the Community school's budget enough to force it tn close down And Mr. Mendes urgeu ... early answer hecause a gi™P ntercsted in opening a com munity school in the Walters-ville school area. ■ ■ : -- ■ Schools Supt. Howard nostu-steih said he'll confer with ABCD to see if it has' Insurance nr. Prnierl RvtPnd. Project Extend will be operated for third through seventn grade*, tt orovides tutoring services, re creation, and arts and crafts ptc- Thc idea of the program" is to make the learninr live v and usrestine ior pupils alter incu rp.Bular schnof dav. ' accordl Mrs. Geraklinc Johnson, .assistant ; j.i r.rL-i .lent Of 'SChOCllS. The scnoois wnere ine pru^^. will be ran are Waltersville, Longfellow, Columbus, Roosevelt, Mo KL-ilev. and Wilbui 1 ros: Separately, the board withheld approval far use of 1.4 acres of land in the rear Df Shelton school hy the Parks ana Kecresiion -coin- mission as a rrcreation siu- Mr. King recommended the board obtain, a specmc 1151 or what the Park department intends to do witii the land. 326 Children in Sunday Classes At Church of Most Precious Blood Substitute teachers are Mrs. Paul Brigante, Mrs. John Bruno, Mrs. Eugene Cassidy, Mis. Arthur Crank, Mrs. Vincent Falcone, Mrs. James Haydu, Mrs. David Kmelz, Mrs'. John Cauda, Mrs. John McBridc, Mrs. William McDonough, Mrs. George McGrath, Mrs. Lawrence Methot, Mrs. John Mora.ii, Thomas Altieri, Richard Dowling, David Kmetz, Joseph Mag-ro, Edward Wall. High school students who have volunteered as teacher aides are Kathy Ciyraick, David E g a n, Gerada Fenton, Laurelle Fer-raro, Donna Kosh, Jan Lyon, Beth O'Gailagher, Jane O'Brien, Susan Puskar, Shari Sahol, Diane Santilli and David Thoinnn. Committee members working with ae children's liturgy a r e Mrs. James Conrny. Mrs. Thn- mas Fcnick, Mrs. Ralph Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bolcer, Kenneth Abriola, Dr. Kennetn Catandclla, Dr. Gordon Gomhar, Anthony Kujalowicz, ATthur Laske. The all-nurnoso helpers are. Mrs, Joseph Barrett, Mrs. Tho mas Bolcer, Mrs. James ton-roy, Mrs. Anthony Giaitgrasso, Mrs. Norman Hadad, Mrs, James Haydu, Mrs, James Kimball. Mrs. David Krneu, fy[ r S. Joseph LaPorta, Mis. George Laraway, Mrs. Annur Lasne, Mr*. William McMcnamev. Mrs. Edward Micklos, Mrs. Joseph Monaco, Mrs. Frank I'aciim, Mrs. Edward Wall, Thomas Fe-nick and Michael Ward. Yohnt musicians who accompaniment for. the children's services arc Donna Had- will, organ, and Sharl Sahol and faul t'uniCK,,guii.ars. The oldest home in Lou Angeles County is (he Avlla adobe built in Los Angeles, in. 1616. ' Hartford Police Seize 4 With $10,000 Heroin HARTFORD (AP) - Police confiscated what they said was 0 worth of heroin and ar- call' "from a reliable, source" saying that some people In a taxi with New York license plates were selling heroin from .BRIDGEPORT .TELEGBAM. WMDMESPA Y, NOVEMBER 11, 19,70 The detectives seized 30 other capsules (roro (he. car- and test-| ed them there. The field tests showed' the capsules to bo almost pure heroin, police, said. They then rushed Miss Jones to a hospital where ner somacn was pumpefl out. The four persons in the cab were charged with possession of rested four persons on narcotics, heIoi[lj . pOEseSsiori oT-heroinwith Police -aid they received a sell and r.ftiisplracy to violate the state rian-ni ic , law. iMiss Jones was . also'' charged with being-in manifest danger of failing into. nanus ot vice.-The three others are JtilioSal- tiler can. ■: Ea'do, 45, of the Bronx;-. Ivan When the detectives seized the Rodriguez, 21, of Hartford, 'and ur persons in the taxi, one :of Nelso Reyes, 52, of the Bronx. >m Paulctle Jmies. 19. Cof Bond was set at $100,000 fnr swallowed some large capsules Salgado and -Rodriguez ■ and at believed to contain heroin, pa- 525,000 for Reyes and Miss lice said. . |Joues. Sears j I BRIDGEPORT t.ArAnrtE put* I fair 1>7 — Comtnlicu TurnpUsr \ ' ~~~^=^^Z£^S — « Sears SKAItS-KOEBLlCKAMJCU, Your Choice Norwalker Held After Teller Defies 'Hostage' Cash Demand . NORWALK - A 26-year-old laud ha m„..,..„ii. mi« all»o»Hlu rprnuni'/.-iTJ^ViS. ed by a bank teller when : ho handed him a- note indicating he age and ■deromdiug . $5,000 la: being held under (25,000 bond oil a charge ot robbery with violence following his arrest' .'Tuesday morning: Police said Morris Moates, of Fort--Point street, went into tiie Merchants :Bqnlt and Trust com-pahy on Wall street at. 9:20. a.m. $2.99 EevolvingTool Caddy $3.49 Tower Retractable Tape.... $2.99 Nylon Sash Cord ... $2.99 lO'/i-in. Mechanics Pliers $3.49 Pull-Pry Bar .'. $2.99 10-in. Adjustable Wrench 53.69. Sears Door Closer ?2,99 "Sears Claw..lfamnie.r. .$2.99 10-in. Blade Hacksaw $4.18 2-piece Plier Set $3.49 Folding Extension Rule ... S2.99 Assorted Knives ?3.49 10-pc. Twist Drill Set ......... N $3.99 Protractor Saw Guide $2.99 One-Way Door Viewer $2.99 Glue Clamp Set i. .$2.99 2-Tier Paris Caddy ... $3.99 21-in. Pinner Saw i rt*«3S,aS®»B' Blades Craftsman 7-pc. Saber Saw 1 Craftsman 7-nc. Saber Saw mtUlGKPQR'l Lifcil-ullii FhKii JM4 ;. 2.44 2.44 2.44 .2.44 2.44 - - 2.44 2.11 2.44 ; - 2.44 _.. 2.44 each 2.44 2.44 2.44 2.44 .......... 2.44 2.44 2.44 2.44 ORANCIE Hi) limton P<iht HJ. note to teller John your sister- .hostage. Give 15.000' in: a1 bag," the nqte. saiq.. pn.ii n Chief. Frank Virgulek said Mr... Davi, ,ecogr.i?ed ««• man, addressed him by nam* and . told him he had -better, leave the bank. He did, aiid the teller called policed. ; ■' '.: ■'"'.;■ . A phone call by Mr, Diivis to the home' of : his . sister proved that she had not. been held'host age. Chief, ■.Vlrgulak added. ' :■ Regular *159.99 Craftsman Reserve Power Drill Htgiilu- S19.99 *JJ9 Muiti ppeed v,ill] full torque' tt f.vtry apeed. 3^-in. chuck For heavy-duty ub«. Gals. Meanwhile, an alarm was put nut .for the suspect and SgL Thoma, Hart apprr-VMed him as he was climbing a fire escape of, a building, on Wail street, . :. Police said the suspect apparently was not carrying a weapon. No immediate court date' was set. ■ The Australian eucalyptus, tal lest land tree, sometimes reach cs a height of 500 feet. State to Receive $2.05 Million in U.S. School Aid WASHINGTON (AP) Ensland states will get ! •100 • Direct drive motor develops 1% H.P. 3450 RPM • Permanetitly luhripatfid ball bearings • Color-coded controls for simple, speedy set-ups • On-off switcli has key lock for added safely Use Sears Easy Payment Plan ABaorlmetit High Speed Drill Bits Va]ueaio"6»d '29*e Oralliman prafttalonal quality hill [or electric ' drilli.'ilriil prcfSfS. Regular $3.99 Here is an economical paint that glides on your wall with latex ease. Dries to a beautiful finish in one hour or less, Cover similar colors in only one coat. Use room the same- day. Easy, soapy water clean-up. SPRINCI'IKI.» 1585 Bust"" K<|. WEST HAUTFOHl) Curbiu's Corner .' Craftsman Variable Speed Drill* Regular 139.99 *29" KeverlllU. Double r Drahop.^-HP. (756;000 -.Tafia" Vermont:, California,, with 512.19 million and New York, y'itb $11.19 million, led- the nation In the individual state -shares,;.:,. ' i', At least S150.000" of each stated portion is -set aside . for vew state pian auministrauon ana »'_ u state advisory council activities ' mil-. -,„ .„„,„ ... .u:-„.,..™,. lion of the 5M3-2 million u fed-. {. ^, , allotment eral education funds i this- fiscal ^rmit^ d for uie in 6pecial suppienitniary,JeuucKiioii • c^i--,-,.--. ■< s.iv , lers and services, madance,: .- ; j^jYJ. a 1 TJie distribution' tntslj were cunblied to senators and 'cbu-| gressmen by the Office of Edu- Nigi cation mesciay. WEST HARTFORD: (AP)- ■ KHie.i i s\cahcel!c<l largest share in 'tin. six-state oftet snmews called' the.-. schrrl region. a\iia ic.iliien, with Can- sw.lchbaard and »r.:d tl'ere was eeri'etit ^iflng VM -irMox a bomb hi tiie niniding. i-.irrnie-a Maine- $921,0111); Kiioae- -tsianu aim jjuju.c iiiiiicu.^,,,. —p., 858,000, '■ New . Hampshire'- nearly' sives. : ■''-'- Fall Hardware Week SALE HELD OVER-Ends Wed. SAVE m»9 . . Graf tsman m 2 9-inch Radial Armm Power Saw Crafuman 2 H;R 7V4-in. Hand Sawl Regular 169.99 499^ Ail lull and roller btarinnJ . Culi 2Vs-in. deep at 90° ;'2-in. il4J". Kromedse blide ihtli ^^^^^ Craftsman-5-pc,.. Poiver Roufer Kit Regular 170,45 49^^ Precision router with case, edge guide, 2 veininf bit*. Developa 5/8 H.P. "::,' Craftsnian Diiaf1 Motion Sanders. Fttgular »54.99 stlmg sndrhillll.i Regular $4.99 Emergency Repair Tool Kit 3; SAVE $1.4» PER GALLON Sears Latex Flat Interior Wall Paint 2 *5 WEST SPRlNQFIEliU ■' . :' '■ WATERBllRY' '\ LIS Mnnmrinl Ave. ',- Mauja'tucl; Vnlky Mall i SORWAI.K WESTKIELD ..*..' 1 i)Q, Wall St. " ,' -11-Main St. ■ ' . ■-.'■ ■ y.w |

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