The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on July 7, 1896 · 4
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · 4

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1896
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POST STJEOIT 'X3AXX.Y TKIX3, .- TTnCSDAX, 3CLT 1896 PAC choolcraffs Real Estate Exchange! K. J. SCHOOLCRAFT. Manager. :h. Mucbtt who has moved to East FftglDaw, orient hi pla-e at No. 1MH Heventta Mreet l ,T sile cheap. It t neat cottage coa- tnluiDic t-ix romns ana 1 in a first mass ntign bortiwKi and Iih an east frontage. Ferd. liorTniou owns a twelve room hotel, known the Mallory Ho, Jot 8 nuii-it (t of thei-iiv no lln d am roao. in con Dtw'tioo wiih the hotel tt fire Is ail the furniture, tar fixtures, large two utory brn and a small five room hou-e, two wells of water, togi'trio with 20 acre of land all In tine crop at present. Thl is on of the best outside niacin um can nnU in the county. It is for Sale on eauy payments. Mm. Wm. Pace has a house and corner Int a No -an Rwidtrvrt. Itbm alsomau Knicei y store on thn same lot. It coco mauds a nice view of sr.- Clair river and would be a spiendid home lor some Bailor or a person de-Kirlne to live orar the river. You can buy it for a Kumll payment down, Look at that Cot lace and lot on MuflVrn "streftt. second house west of Erie ftreet. It 1b a frood investment for anyone, as it is always a rfaoy renwr-; couage anu iui lur sv-jv, r,tjr pay merit. We have another bargain on our list at 803 Erie street. Davt-d street, all in Kooa repair, corner lot, water, elc. This cottsge oughi to sell on siifbt. We will a low you to name your own terms. I. L. Jnrknon owns two seven room bouse at No. 's and 3ft U Gratiot avenue They are IK storv places in one repair, on the streetcar hoe and be will trsde thfm for pro- wrl v on the south side of Black itver. A hey are both rented to gryL tenants and are tree and clear of incumbrance. We Have a Fine Family carriage horse, w th uarnpHS ana ton Dusiry we w in sen The horse is sound In every respeer, gentle ar d kind, afraid ol nothing, a child can him. He will be sold cheap lor cash as the owner will be out of the city during the nai-( nee of the summer. Mrs. Emma .Stephenson offers her handsome modern residence, corner of Sixth and Chests nut streets for sa le. it is heated by steam, has hallr. water closets, cellar, water, sewer, gas arid is In the finent possible repair. Goon lawD and shhde trees and one of the best neiKhhorhixids to be found in the city. Frank Treld'iven owns a house and lot at No. 17U Lyons streei. It Is in first class repair, large lot, pood shade tree and shrubbery and U high and dry and In a good neighborhood and within four blocks of the school aud streetcar. " IjOOK at that splendid lot for a residence f Ite at the corner of Huron a venue and Bullern street. Kusy terms of payment. DON'T go by that co.t.-nre at No. 9H0 Finest, wit bout glancing at lu Here is the cheapest, bonne and lot on that handsome street. I he lot is eoxlad to alley and hssa good barn on the rnr of the lot. Postmaster Murray has rented In It for several yoars, which Is recommend enough for the property. Tte price is way down. Here is a nice, oeutrally located cottage on the corner of Wall aud Eighth streets. It Is a a neat home wnd In a splendid neighborhood and you can name your own- down payment aud monthly payment afterwards. Alex. Jacob! has listed his handsome modern residence at No, l i-U Seventh street with us to disposs of. It has ft'l. modern Improvements, with steam heat, etc. It has pan, closets, bnro, etc. LOOK at (lint floe two-story house and lot, TO il.n) t alley at No. . Fine st. It will be sold at a sac ri (lee to someone. It lias -lx bed rortns and the whole property Is 111 t he best of repair, with wate cellar, sewer, etc and In a A no neighborhood. j Another nice homelike place you will find at Ko. Heveuth street. It Is only a five minute walk from the poNtnillru, Has cellar, Smth. two closets, trim, barn, etc. The lot Is SOxIMJ to an alley. Ileautifui shade trees and concrete wal In front, of plnce-. At present occupied y (.'apt. Frank Ihttnrer. AI.K. HDMWt, owns a brum! new i story bo! seat No. i Willow street he will dispose of on your own terms. Call and look II over. J t will pay vou If vou want bouse MR E. BHOCM'KIW owns one of the lost and neatest residences on I'Ditti si reel, fin. tn7. (she Is desirous ol movink away and w u ins ken very liberal price to some one wanting! centrally located home, with cellar, bath, closet, water, soweraae, baru. elo. Lot Is ttCxiaj io alley. i M KM. GRO. RREKN owns a fine home atthe corner of t'utun and Tenth stt eels. Khe will give some one a tl. dal on it, as the house Is too la rife fur lier family. It Is In fine repair and Is Jnt the place for some railway man. Jt has tine f rn I f, shrubbery end shade trees. -I . , WK have jtit listed a beautiful modern home at No. aw Military st. it Is on the west side of the street; lare yard; 12 rooms, electric wired; nan and pitted for furnace; has mantel, hot and cold water rtn JUST trunk of buvlnii a house and Unite lot these day at ttd. Why pay rent when you ean make such a deal as this. House Is at No. Miller street, one block from Lapeer avenue cr line. Monthly payments buys it. t). 8. Oirtttord owns a neat corner lot and eotUue t ho. I-1H Kletirtion strwt. Ho Is golKU cL antl will still It together with bis grisery sus k lu connection at a great bar--fmn. It Is a home for someone and will bear tha closest Inspection. Wm. Washburn owns that new two story houseatNo U"l t, Lislr, opposite ii ne tirove Hr. It is a four bedroom iinuse wit i cellar, ewerage and a lot HOkluU with al.ey and Ina Hue neliililxirbiKid. IW buys that neat Uttle home at No. PUt lair irwt, juHt the place for some iimri Uisiugood repair and you can ttu. Hon easy pay me tits. WR have list si a fine lot on which someone could build himself a residence on 'tmlh street. jut soul h ol t'tiliui H reet. 'J he lot is (Vi h n i I. nd ha good shade aud fruit trees. OAPT.. LKONAKD has liied his new and modern resilience at ISo. It'll tiriswoid street, for al. It is a large two store frame wim tirtck cellar, hot and cold water, hath eloweUete. The lot Is fsillt)7 to a 20 fool aoey and the electric cars pass the door. CHIN we hy nmt boose of 10 rooeua, (m ated at No. 101 W tUi etrewt, )i op-rmiits the iretytriaa cbnrsta. It b B i-vrsjtt, bata, sn . eto., and the tot ia V7i..d to o alley. Thle place ean be kadi oa easy paymmuk uW diio't fH to go and look at that modern h'ltus at No. T&S Wall re, eomer ef Eight strt. It baa an abon4ajoe of room, with eellsr, hot ana oowl water, haik olns'-t : haated by f irtt; alt la rnod repair, wltk good barn In ootiaectlon. lot It teiUO. MR is CAVT. tlTTLW fTer her awat eot-tags nl lot No. HeveotU etreot, for U ehesp." fth reaidee la Algonao and wtli rle sm one a good eha-oe to boy the pi see. fIJ have a oeat, aunsll entUf at 23 Haw-rd street, between Blarnth and Mnta reefs, for I -..'.J. Iwn't tA.1 to look It oyer. Office Open filooday and Saturday Evenings from 7 to 8:30 Ak voup Orocerfor "DAVIDSONS CKST FAMILY FIXUIl," "REST PATENT siid NATION'S PRIDE," wmoalactared at MICHIGAN MILLS Port Huron Dally Times, Pablhhei tt 4 o'clofit c&cb Aftgmoa L. A. SHEHMAN.' Editor bJ THE IAIL TIMES By carrier In Port Huron and Its' subnrbs, 10 cents a week for any period of time. At the office of pubHca- i tiyn or by jnail, 10 cents a week for any period less than three months. For three months or more, when paid In advance, at the rate of J5.00 a year. ; ' TH K WKEKLV TIMES A paper of 66 columns, for country and genorl circulation. FubliKhed Tharsdays Terms of subscription: One dollar a year, sent by mall to any address In the Cnlten States or Canada. Ia advance. THE TIMES, Port Huron. Mich KEPCBCICAN NATIONAL TICKET. i For President WILLIAM MeKXNTLEY, JR., of Ohio. For Vice President GAKUETT A. HOB ART, Of New Jersey. PLATFORMS AD PtKTY FEALTX, The Times in not la favor of the permanent maintenance of the single gold standard for tte currency of the United States. The reason la that we believe the possible production of gold ia not large enough to supply the demanoTwhlch hi s already arisen and will continue to. exist, if sliver ia excluded as a joint met! of final redemption, without causing gold to appreciate in commercial . , value, aa we are certain it haa appreciated during the past eighteen years or more. If the currency plank of the Republican platform means permanent gold monometal-ism,or if it means that methods of bringing about practical blmetalism except inter-national agreement must not be proposed or advocated then we are opposed to that plank, and shall continue opposed to it. But some who favor the plank say that it favors bimetalism, and we shall assume that it does. Aa regards the general proposition of the support of party platforms in all their features & a test of party fealty, Senator Thurston, of Nebraska, who presided over the St. Louis convention, says: "A platform is not expected to, and necessarily cannot meet the individual views of every member of the party. I believe in the rule of the majority, and I should not think of deserting my party leca use one of its planks was not exactly in accord with the personal views which I have heretofore held. The platform of the Republican party does . not propose to eliminate silver or paper money from our currency. "Xn the two national conventions which will declare for the free and unlimited coinage of silver will bo g-athered the en-tiro political crop failure of the United Htates. The old discredited leaders of the RTeenhack movement will once more expand their iunfifs and give voice to the same yell in favor of flat money. under me uepuDiican banner wm tie assembled all those creat leaders whose patriotism and statesmanship advanced this country to the commanding position which it occupied in 18U2 as the first industrial and agricultural nation of the globe. All the great conservative interests will rally pound the Republican standard i the majority trf-Mie electoral couwe lor McKinh'V and Hobart will bo the greatest ever returned in the United States," The Times stands with Senator Thure- ton upon thee question!. We hold that the Republican party Is not committed to gold mouometaliHtn, and that support of a single gold standard as the permanent llnniiclal policy of the country cannot be made a tost of tarty fealty. We support the candidates of the party, and the plat form, Interpreting It as still favorable to bimetalism.and anticipating complete Republican success in the November elections. Protection Is the great and paramount Imsup, and with protection to home Industry, and general prosperity re stored, the currency question can be taken up by the Republican party and settled, finally and to the satisfaction of the groat mag of the people; and we believe that it will be so settled. The war cry of the Republican party In this campaign should be, McKlnley and Hoburt, protection and restored prosperity. AI'l'K L TO FITZ IlfGII LEO. Tho'docurriont 'submitted "by citizens of Havana to Consul General Fita Hagh Lee shortly after his arrival in Cuba throws more light on the real situation In the capital city than any new! we have received lately. The appeal is wholly . moderate in tone, containing not one violent or abusive word. But it is so convincing that after reading it no American can lougcr have doubts as to the justice and final triumph of the Cuban cause. The consul general is assured that the document is sent to him by the leading citizens of Havana, but that they dare not sign their names for fear of Spanish vengeance. "We are muzzled." They confess that at first the rich were opposed to the movement. They thought, in "fact, that Spain would suppress it and that they would have the war tax to pay. The pocket argument is irresistible always. Spain now- calculates to end Uo rebellion in two years mora The "cultured and well to do classes' who iasuo the statement estimate "that by that time the Cuban war debt of Spain will amount to $400,000, 000. The interest of it alon will be $24,-000,000. In time of pence the Island's revenues are only 120.000,000. Spain will endeavor to grind out of Cuba not only the unnnal interest but the principal of that debt. She will never pay it bemlf, these cultured and well to do citizens declare. No wonder they are appalled at the prospect No wonder they now insist that Cuba must be free, so that she will not bo saddled with Spain's 1400,000,000 war debt. 1JK1TON AND MATAhELK. Civilized man for some unknown rearm generally becomes brutal and hardened when he goes as a soldier among savage peoples. The men In our own regular army who were on the far west ern frontier before the Indians were whipped and tamed down came to regard shooting a redskin in his trarki with much' the same spirit t-? tl- j rJj hye ehot.a bear or buffalo or any ether large game. Iridel, there was an added zest when the game was a human back," as the civilized sc-ldiera called the male Indian. The story scema to have been repeated in South Africa A correspondent of the New York Press writes, "For cold blooded, every day, yard wide brutality an Englishman who has been degenerai- ine in South Africa for five years may divide first honors with a Boer farmer. " The English in Matabeleland Jbave been shooting down the hapless blacks in batches and squads. The maxim gun piles the dead negroes in heaps one upon another. In pure wantonness British soldiers seem to have enjoyed thus piling them up. The correspondent mentioned quotes from the private letter of a young Englishman among the soldiers sent against the Matabelca in the last outbreak, "It is great fun to pop the niggers over as fast as you can shoot. " This may be, but it Is the kind of fun which makes an individual wonder whether, after all, anybody is civilized and if this is civilized warfare. WOMAN AXD WATCHES. In somt h'if Tiumorous paragrapns which yet huve several grains of goofs "hard sense in them Charles Dudley Warner shows us in Harper's Magazine how the care of her watch is the test of a woman's intellectual and business ability. Mr. Warner thinks average women are not on friendly terms with their timepieces. A watch comes at lergth to be a part of its owner and wearer. It time9 itself to changes of temperature and even finally to the temperament of its wearer. Consequently women's watches are apt to run jerkily and fitfully, never exact, now running away with time, now stopping obstinately and refusing to go at alL It is only the emancipated woman who keeps her watch going regularly and in step with the exact time. A man J loves his watch, takes pride in its exactness and faithfulness and holds it up as a model. It is as much . to him as a faithful dog or horse. When a woman has this feeling of pride and affection for her watch, when she keeps it wound up and regulated properly month, after month, year after year, Mr. Warner is Inclined to think that woman "has the qualities necessary for success in what are still called masculine occupations." And indeed he may be right We commend this view of the matter to the ladies. , " ' I. Mrs. Fleming has been cleared, it is h-ue: of the charge of poisoning her mother. But what will compensate her for the shame and suffering she was compelled to undergo in consequence of the accusation. It is true she had not much of a character to start on, but to he indifferent one she already possessed will now be added the stigma that she haa been on trial for poisoning her mother. That stigma will follow her wherever she goes, by land or "sea, no m.tiur hYHr well sha.-bihavefl herself in future. The largo inheritance to which she has succeeded has been heavily eaten Into br the trial which after all resulted In her acquittal. She lay in prison for ton months. She has been the gibe and he mark for all the derision that even New York reporters cm pour upon a woman, ?he lias boon held up by alleged uu'taph.vsical and ink dingers us it mounter of 'abnormality. Now. in rliere'iiny w ay. by uing those who arrested Ipt or otherwise, by wkich she ean get compensation for those outrage? If tIm re if. she ought to avail herself of it. . ; 80 Acre Farm for Sals Or will exchange for city property. STORE TO RENT ON WATER STREET First Class Modern House to Rent on Huron Avenue. HOUSE TO RENT ON GIL1-ETT STREET ROOMS TO RENT IN JENKINSON BLOCK liiiiissiiiiti; QEO. W. JENKINSON, Office in JenkiDSon Block. Bicycle Electric Lights. The Only Satisfactory Bicycle Light No Smoke, A Bright Light, No Smell, A Safe Light, No Smut, A Modern Light, No Matches, It is Clean, No Wick, It la Novel, No Grease, It Is Scientific, No Danger, To sum it up in one No Fines, word It Is No Profanity. SATISFACTORY. Economy is wealth and by Its proper exercise I am enabled to produce an efficient electric lijrht for CBrria(?e8 or bicycles at the popular price of 3.00. Call and see them, Henry A. Ludwig, Union Hotel Blk. Lot us give sataii hU duo, The greatest newspaper liars on earth are to be found in New York city. Here is an illustration i Just before the Republican convention Senator Elect Foraker of Ohio was in New York. A number of reporters for "the city press called to interview him. He would not see any of them, as the seal on Republican lips in regard to the gold question had not yet been broken, Positively Mr. Foraker would not and did not see a reporter. Here is the result aa told by Foraker himself: "Every paper had an interview. In some I was for gold, in others for silver, in others I was fighting the war over again, in others I was in a fury about Cuba. I did not see any newspaper man or make any remark to anybody as the basis of any of these purported interviews. " Talk of journalistic enterprise! ! The Gibraltarlike pride and insolence as well as hopeless bigotry and ignorance of the Spaniards crop out visibly in the speech made by Comas in the cortes asking for the abrogation of the treaty of 1877 between Spain and the United State. That treaty, Comas said, put Spanish subjects on Spanish territory on a footing of inferiority with foreign era such as the Americans, "who had no history and no antecedents. M Dear, dear I Spain is hopelewi. Nothing short of be tng torn all to pieces and made over again will infuse any modern senso into the decaying old Spanish nation. The aooner the disintegrating process it over the better for fa'er and all 'other countries. Spain mast lose Cuba and get a sound thrashing before tho comes to her senses, Consul General Leo has found out in Cuba, -what many persons in America already suspected, that Wcyler and his soldiers are unable even if they would do so to protect the lives and property of foreigners in Cuba. This ought to iave due weight in making up the mind of the administration on the question of Intervention, because American citizens have largo interests in the is'land and numbers of them are residents there. The common people of Spain, who are as ignorant as mules, are hoping for a war with the United States. The upper classes cf Spain fear there will be such a war, while the people cf the Cnitc-d States den't cfre cr. wa- or tie other. MICHIGAN MILLS WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPLY THE TRADE WIT Flour, Bran and Middlings Corn, Fine .ft Course Meals Chicken Feed, Chop Feed, and Wheat Cereals, Buck wheat and Graham Flour. All McMorran Millinsr. Co nr To Water Consumers. Office of Board of Water Commissioners, I Port Huron, July 1, 1896. f The water rates for the present half year, commencing this day, are now due and may be paid the present month without percentage. Lewis Atkins, 7 12 lmo Secretary. Ask your grocer for "DAVIDSON'S BEST FAMILY FLOUR," "BEST PATENT" and "NATION'S .PRIDE," m annlactured at MICHIGAN MILLS Buggies I Buggies 1 .Buarsrie 2y i : O. C. Sperry has a-Ue l a Ha of Patterson Baggies to his harness business and Is prepared to save his f atroos good money on the same. Ia is also agent for'the celebrated Columbus Buggy Co.'s Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, Traps, etc; also haa some special bargains In harness. Remember the place, 033 Military a'reef. Give him a call. 0. C. SPEM 933 Military St. Successor to John McCormick & Sona. miiTirmiiiiiiiiiiiiimimimiiitiiiiiiii GOLD! OR SILVER! It makes jio difference to me which, but all customers during the month of July.paTln? cash, secure thereduc tlou to i Wholesale Prices On all canned or bottled goods, and Fancy Groceries at i Frank H. Pomeroy, 327 Huron Avenue. Ask roar grocer tor "DAVIDSON' BEST FAMILY FLOUR,', BEST PATENT, " and "NATION'SPRIDE.M manufactured at MICHIGAN MILLS "( ; . : i Vs ' i BUYERS OF 'ii5! ( ' o f s i Ml" r1 Should Examine tbe Elegant" I Line Shawn by F. J. HAS LETT, isrroroTNa tailor asd nAXK IvBAf 13 Kit I. w. s I -f I . IxOW ! HABERDASHER ; : H . T T v-;. tn. i I iO". F ft S&J JJ UdJ, y-; - . T T v-;. tn. i and cheapest in the citj. Who can afford to swelter when comfortable hot-waather-wear is offered for so little? Thin coats and vests, light suits, summer underwear, negligee shirts. V . V . , Thz celebrated HL S. & M. Clothing in light and medium weights to suit the season. Thla Label on Gsrment in- turet reneci ru r and Satisfaction V It standi for tha best that Money Can Buy or Skill Produce. KO. 134. L HIGER & SONS Leading Clothiers. Opposite First National Exchange Bank. m m on't Be Persuadec To buy clothing which you know nothing of. Our Clothing is well made and of the latest styles. We are alwayt offering bargalos but these are record breakers: " ' Slen'a Salts at 4.50, worth f 7.00 Men's Suite at $3.50, worth 9.W Men'a Suits at 7.50, wortli 10.00 Men's Salts at p.50, worth 12.00 These suits are all new and well made and will give you the bett of satisfaction. We cannot tell you about them here. Call aud wo for yourself. i W M. Michel, u (f(rj$ 220 Huron Avenue, Port Huron, Mich. f(, Cnstom Tailoring a Specialty. (Aj) . i Hurrali ! UlTiL 4. The Fourth of July is on us and c ! body should celebrate on tlia The Mayor is touching it off. I applying the match of low price I our irDmense etock of "fa "C Ana mu wees we win oner special inaucements v.-. era of fireworks. Every piece this year's stoi ii, vuah a tvuaii jvu w ru w iu liiQ ui wi jh yuui in THE PROPRIETORS OF THE TT i live Da2c Will keep their Mammoth Store open on Friday night to give you a ch;uic to 6elect your asBOrtuie.nt before the Fourth. Give us a call at that i Mammoth Store. The Bee Hive Bazaar 502, BL t ,3 The sale THIS SALE has captured tho city. T' i country side has also sent its hundreds of pleased purch: 3 ers. The battle still rages and the slaughter of prices continues until every dollar of tho MORTGAGE DEBT b raised from the big- stock. THE UNANSWERABLE ARGUMENT OF LOW PRICES. THE UNASSAILABLE ARGUMENT OF BEST QUALITY. THE PRESSING NEED OF IMMEDIATE CASH. THE FORCED PRESSURE OF CREDITORS ofttr money. i , Are some of the conditions governing this FORCED SALE of one of the largest; and most complete stocks of NEW arJ and 5i5'i5VZi merchandiKe in Michigan. Prominent amofn: the various stocks carried In this store that have felt the effects ef pur price cutter's knife is our SSioe BepartmeHt, Here, box after box, cage after cane, of low, medium acd hih priced FOOTWEAR, every pair of 'eoi strictly tip to date, have tccn forced down In price In order to convert hem into cash. We are Mi.i at the under-pricing and we unhesitatingly (say that you cannot afford to pay out money for Nnoes until you have, been hero (Int. Ore vi .1 will convince you of the merit of our goods and the trade stimul ;tt.'r jr prices asked for them, j BLACKS In the various leathers and on the latest? lasts. TANS In the newest fashionable shades and tocs.Vj If yc ; are difficult to fit we can fit you. Invigorating Bargains at the Dry Goods counters; the kinds that bring trade these days, All the Dress Stuffs, the Wash Goods, the Hot Weather Wear, the Hosiery, the Linens, the Cottons, tbe Carpets, the Curtains, the everything in the big stocks -too la rpe to enumerate. Snfllclent to Ray, nothing is reserved In any depart merit.. Every Item goes in at j YT""I li-wceo aie ri At our T ble Supply Counters you can always find these dcHc!ous smoked meats for which we are famous. Also the choicest of Fresh Dairy Butter and Fresh Kgys. If your deliKht lies in the choi'--M of white, light and sweet bread and dainty rstry, then use our 'I'n-m-h Prccess" or "Pride of tlie Tanle" Flour. We save you 25 icr cent, on your Grocery orders and sell you only goods of recognized high quality. Come and -get a circular telling about our Orange Manna, nature's food cure for Dyspepsia. I v, i -f i -i 1 ML f H i W W ., I f 13 ILlLli- HJH i j Company, - 218 Huron Avenue, North of IMd,. PORT HURON, A1ICII. Pillsbury's 0 r" I.IAHEG MORE BREAD, HAKES WHITER B:A3 rlHES BETTER BRE: Than Any Other Flour Manufactured. YOUR GROCER WIIX1SUPPLY .YOU, '

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