The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 15
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THUKSDAy, DECEMBER .13,-..i934 ::' BLY.THEVJLLB (ARK.) COURIER'. NEWS ' CLASSIFIED. ADVERTISING INFORMATION • Dally: hue'war line lor live insertions: (Five.average words to a line) One time.'per luic.. ,..•.;...... ioo Two'times per line per day .. 08o Three" tiroes per line' per day ..'; 06o Six tunes per Ihie per day .. 05c Month rate per line 60o Minimum charge 50o Ads oraereo tor three or six times mid stopped before expire. tiDii will be charged for the num- ber'of times the-ta'd appeared,an. adustment ol Din uiaue. All Classlll'jo : ftdyertlsii)^', copy submitted by persons residing outside ol the city must be accompanied by cash: Rates; Way be easily computed from' auovc'table No responsibility ivlll He taken ' for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified an. Advertising"ordered for- irregular insertions take tnc one time rate .USED CARS •JUST A FEW OF OUK MANY GOOD USED CAH& '29 FORD 'r.tnVN'.SEDAN. A-l CniuiilloH .'.'. § '33 FOK» TUDOK SEDAN'. Motor driven only 500 miles S38 '33 CHEVROLET M'AbTEU SIX COACH ?37 '33 FOKD TUDOK. Condition . Perfect •33 CHEVROLET COlirii. Uuns Like New Si: '33 CHEVROLET COUPE. Motor and Tires A-l'...' $39 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 151- inch Whcclbasc, Closed Cab, Dual Wheels 52' '29 CHEVROLET -TRUCK. Closed Call SO ' '30 O. M. C. TRUCK. Large lioily, Closed Cab SIS KINCHAM TRAILER. Dual Wheels, New Rubber SI! '30 FORD PICK-UP SHUCK. WE PAY CASH'FOR . 'GOOD USED CAHB PHlLLiPS' UStD CAK LOT Corner Walnut & 1st Slrects I'll one 313 ' lvisiiics.4 : Directory |; . Slide Repairing' obb Undertaking Cp.i 1m •' SEUVICE &• 'QUALITY•'•". ' AMRULANOE ' Phone ! 26 . COri'Ell WEATHER STKlP •,,Saves fuel at small 1 cost Arkinb Lurhbei'Co. -KT US DO YOUR \. AND MACHINE WOlilt BOILER - DHAOLINE TRAILER -REPAIRING 'c Carry A Full IJne ol Shntting I'lioiie SOS JIA'THEVILLE MACHINE WORKS Opemicd by F. Kiger , Roy Face WINTER IS COMING! SPECIAL -PRICES on repairing shoes ibetore cokl weather. Progressive Shoe Shop ,103 S. 2nd St. . 'iet Your SHOES ready for winter. Ne'wrsl niaelihie just. nist:il- cd. livery job ir'i^raniecil or money refunded. . ' : , , . '.E; E. Ratciiff Across from Hubbard Ililw. Co. Cliitvvood ._&., \Veiclman Wiring -'Metal- Work ietween P. O. and Chevrolet Bide Piionii 2S5 . losing bill Entire Stock of BOOTS ,1 PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbai'd Hdw.' Co. Simon P. Lee Oldest shoo maker In county "Trade With' A .Pioneer" • •• ill 'S.'. Railroad .; W. J.KNOX , Having made all kinds of slices for 'ABNORMAL .feet,, can .repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL" 'fee-. .Warned' '1 Attention Farmers! .WE BUY BOV UEANS, CORN •! AND COW 1>EAS . Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. prop. [Will (jullt QUILTS rcusonnbly, NICELY , FURNISHED APART- ••.work'neatly clone. Mrs. Leonim) MHNT. CALL SO'4-W. 30-ck-tl W. .Holt, .8, Lilly. St. . lo kt( — ; ^_- 7r -_ .._.. ... ..._„ Filling Stations J.'w. m HLACK HOUSE MULE, weight 1100 H>s., 10 linnets m g h. Bumps on both shoulders, Diliiion Cook, Oos- iicll, Ark. . • , lt-pk-13 •Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC work':*! iilRlit. Runsonablo rotes. Call SM or 792. Personal for highest prices on Pecans sec Wolf Avion, 128 B. Main. RF.WARD: For Information leading to th« nr- rcst and conviction.of purtles who — smashed Guard's window Monday CHEAPER AND BETTER, QAS Southern Service Station '...., AT.' .••'.•..'• STEELE, ,>io. •;•.' •; Phillip;'-to Products ; , ANTI-KNOCK- QASOLINE 24 hour ecrvlco ; "No price lower lliau ours." For Rent; ropm " inuiitrii i-'UKNlSHEp iipnrlnionl, pr)va.te butii, giimce, i24.Doi)giw, call pal W, l-ck-lf COUNTRY HOME, 1 •mile' off '•:. South Fninklln. Mrs. Elma-Arch- IJllon. den. Delivery. , )2ij kll '•WRNISHED At'ARTMENT.. 103(1 .W. , Walnut, call alter 6 p.ih.' tili's ••' ' 'TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS nioderately priced. Mrs E. A. F'sher, 101 E. Davis.'24-pk-20 CONNOR'S MATLOCK EI.KCTKIC and ACKTVLINE WELDING S'o Job Too Large or Too Small. Reasonable Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Railroad In Old Trinity Farm Bldg. FOR iENT k!4 Nov. .12. V.-'E. Tomlinson, Chief BEDROOM; adjoining bath: Men of Merchant's Patrol. i ...... MO1JEKN 6 room FURNISHED 130(j Chlcknsiiwlm. Cull 280. ". ' 7-ck-M rbom MBNT, Slsk. PURNI ISHE13 SOSI' W. Kentucky; Mrs. Go kl3 BED ROOM, ClOSO In. MC.IL only. 310 W. Walnut, MIS. n. W. Nolci). 4 room, balli, Unfurnished APARTMENT, p, Simon, Call 704. % 20o k'tf WADM ; ROOM In ;iiodcni, fur nncc lientcd liotiw',': Men gr business couple pro/e'n'ctir Phoiic'084 pr|24..'..-. ..' >-. •-.''. 7o:kt( For'Sale Mmmliilil M I s t q U I L TI N Cl , FRAMES. Mre. Elma Archlllton, out Boiiih n;anklltl. • 12j> kll Undorwqod 1 Tyi>cwrllcr ami adcl- nretcrrcd. 213 W.' Kentucky. Tele- Inu machine. . Stcrnberf Cotton 13s kia-13! phone ano. 8-ck-t( CoiiipuHy, Phono 24. 8-ck-12 -BARGAINS ' Ip , : Hubbard Hclw. Co. • FOR 1? licrpv 'nil', hi, cultivation, fotir miles .from nlyiheyllla In • Pint ..ako, .I'rlco VJ50D )wr acre, good ' frnis. \ - '-."40 acres, soven inllos west, all u cultivation. $4900 jx'l ncio, MOQ.Ofl cash 1 , Uahuicu good terms. , 15 acres, nil In ciiltlviitlon; Joins No. 0 Plantation,. 1'rlcc $60,00 per balance (jood KOUCUINh acre. *7W),00 'cash, twins. t'ONWAV Pair mules, wagon, hnrn^, plow tools, corn, Jnlcrmitlonal rkllnij cultivator, International Howe cot ton planter. O. D. ORIMES, Yar brp ipa.d. Op k)3 Firer Deitroy Necemry Matter for Fertile Soil NAMPA,' Idaho tUP>—El try Full tho air becomes a bliio from '' piles of burning leaves, and cv'cr'j Pall ona of liip things most needed for the continued fertility ol splls goes,up Ui smpke, ac-v ' ; didl(ii to or, Thomas i, 'Martini« rofassor of ttjronijmy and ba«tB- ' P>PSy W Drlgl|iun Vounif Unlyer-I i ty, 1'rovo, Vlah, • > I - ' Vf. Mauln pplnted out (hat Ihc * rrealcsL deflclenpy or t)ie solr Is . nc)t of prgUDtc mutter that Is fur^ l ilshed by moldct},l«nvos. He, sugy* scaled t!)at, the l«a\es be' covered ' U a shallow trench to provide* a> ^ got mold that v^ould )» one of the* l "—-' of fertULsen,. ,',", Keavy Majority in . " t '>£ State's Lefislatare' OLYMl'lA, Wwli (UP) — Wash, } lOBton's 193^ ICBlslature 1*111 have » Ili5 heaviest Democratic majority * in history wjien It convenes, Jan.'if. * Although tho slate' normally' la I licavDy Kei>ub)lc?n, t!|o )»«« wlu i have 91 pem,ocratb aiid 8 R^pubi " Hcaji iriember*. The sena^f S»JU * liuve 37 Democrat and 8 - R»pn5^ IScans, with ouo vacancy .unfilled,* ' 'Ihc Index Hnger usually Is lorjgt' c-- than the ring ftyger In women. { but In men the ilng finger often! l.s longer thnn tho Index finger. s l > * '• BBAUT1FCJL FLOORS OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Farmers! For $6.50 and the cotton we will uake you a Good MATTRESS. "TraJc With a Home Industry" UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Son UG S. Railroad - - Phone 139 KITE PRICK GROCERY 1JU1' GROCERIES RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESEi MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR., MEAL, ETC. Ill Old P. O. Bldg. . Phone 234 We Deliver Fiiulory 'Authorized FRIG1DAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechaiiics Day 117—Phone—Njght 382 407 Main St. U. B: GEE SALES CO. Wanted To Buy We buy cotton planting seed and white, yellow or mixed corn. Sec us for best prices. Hnrold Sternberg at Sternberg Cottoii Co. 8-ck-l-8 Restaurants Besl Oysters & Hiver Cat Fish Chicken Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Brien 105 S. Second Automotive I'OR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 209 W. Ash Phone 8. "WINTER AUTO SPKCIALS" Prcslonc, Alcohol, Healers, Defrosters, WillcrJ Batteries. LET US PREPARE YOU FOR 'WINTER ' Hubljarci Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Pliojie 47S Phone Real Estate "-'AUTCTULASS"-- ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 "• Coa] & Wood You have tried the rest Now buy the BEST Coal & Feed Phone 127 Farmer's Cash Feed and Seed Co. Joseph W. Parker, Prop. My Coal Is lilack but I treat yon Wliilc, Fill up now. IOHN BUCHANAN - rilONE 107 Sec Us A pout' Your Coiii Blythevillc Gin Co. "Radiant Ahibiimu" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2H FARMS FOR SALE! Terms Reasonable". ETHEL B. THOMPSON Carulhersvillc, Ato. •. Business Property Foi' Sale Seven brick 1 store .buildings in 400 block on .Ash street, small fash payment, easy terms for balance, also, brick .business properly on Main street, located in the 100 and 200 block) price will be quoted to those who arc interested. You pan buy ,1 business'homo and pay nlinost like-paying rent. \V. M. Burns Agency Phones 243 & 212 Takcii U]> Erelusive Aucnls Icr . the original yciuiiiiti Montavallo Coal i We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals, Phone 477 \VOKDER CITY COAL CO. Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30. years In business. 2—Quality ol coal handled. 3—Prompt service." •J^-Courtcous treatment. 5—You gel all you pay lor. "Quality. Group" distributed by "'' OAV ft IHI.I.I.VCS . Vhone TO 0 Eggs; Potiijti-y H "9. W! <. HORSE MULE, xvavt 01. left. side. H, c. Slailings, Roule our hcmwvw. — '-— ^-11-^'j'. .-.»i'.>'.fv".v^P' ••''•,' l-Afler Lhctr lirsf andionly-brecd- 1 ftilr.BL.AOK'MtJLES/ij;. jMlf cast '»? season;, during which time id,of Blyfhevlllc. ftcc!-' walii. "Call "000,000 eggs'are produced, both'flu sa-j or loi. i2 C [ : ij male and female eels die. SUKKOUNDtiD! BACK, MEN.' FALL QACKf TH'PASS IS SVJARMIW'VMITH LEMIANS! THEY GIT COIN', MEN Attf 1 WE'LL HOLD 'EM OF HOYKAWATZf f (4EVW6 tUT OPF OUR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES O 1934 BY HEX SERVICE. INC. T.lJ.nC WASH.TUBIiS YOU VUNT DER CHEST MIT PER. GOLD DINNER PLATES, YOUR HIGHNESS'? EVERyTH!N&, HANS. 'EVEN "THE NAPOLEON — , CANDLESTICKS. I1U5T THEW, A SREATMtESS O MESSENGER BURSTS INTO THE WHAT, AGAIN? BUT PISTfME, HIGHNESS, HE'S BEEN HEAVENS! THIS IS &ETTIN& PRINCE PHILB'ERT HAS DISAPPEARED! TO BE A HABIT. OF HER SUBJECTS TOW4ED PHILSERT; PRINCE55 JAOA BE6INS MAU1N& PREPARATION FOR. THE" ROVAL WE-DDIMG- SAM OO'tiV CH(llsTM{XS ^1, AW <SET (T OFFA MY C-MMD'SO SAM KNOWS HIS WOMBN! fl SMOR.fl' l (3.P.TTLE. ' OH, ftLL \'M (Jtmu 1 (S ft KIMONO "W oJlFE. — AM' I G-UESS I'Lt. THIS DoM'TCHft IT PER, SOME- i, UO60, fMMD VF I H GOMWft TO ITftLU, RIGHT MQtAiE 'LUWRBP THIM05 FRECKLES AND HIS. FRIENDS WtrnY. DID -itiu SCE TH*TP IF THERE ABE /VNVMEM N7WAT CAB, I SEE THEM I THER'ete HO WE LL TRY TO BEAT "IHAT RUMAV/AY TRA1H TO VALLEY CROSSINe/tJD ATTRACT TriS CONDUCTOR'S ATTEKITION .' 6 ITS RACING LIKE A CYCLONC KINS,RiGHT NEXT TO HSR.' LOOK|fW AT US, WU CAN'T SELL ALL THK COAL SO WE JUST SELL THE BEST PHONE—100-PHONE E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. PARKSlROJfCOATcO. ; H PHONE 377 FOR "Ili-l.o Aliibama". "Kticnjy Illinois" "Black Royat Kcnlacky" CLEAN COAL-LOW PRICED EGGS the day are .Intel. At PICKAKD'S Store Chickasawba,' or rjircct from

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