The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1933
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Served bv the United Press tap DOaOMUrr MnrapAn* or NORTHBA •* A*KAMU» AMD nonun icMoumi •• -'--•• ^*m " ..• ••:•'•*.••'%$[ >. •-.;-;; ••'-•'^l VOL. XXX—NO. 122 Dally, Niw*. B1>O«»111» Oourtac. UMatippI Valley iMOer. Bl>th»ytil« HeraM. HMTHEVll.l.K. ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1<M. U. S. PREDICTS ,000 BALE CROP EXPECT TO RETIRE INCUBA Observations ~ by C. R, B.= As t;op estimators. Blythevlllc iipuon men ure not so hot—or al les'.i ihejr idens about (Ills year's ! prc'iable cotton produclion are 1 considerably out of line with On- ?3in's. l"lai- to iccelpt of the official U r* • I I A * 1* ui lu iti-fiJi ui i*'t u...v».« . O. Ambassador Aiding eue<* tliis morning the boys wull ni , /-.• m< i ] '•« IK the Board of Trade wroli Iran to Give Machado ,i 0 'Leave .of Absence.' wrole their own estimates. C. C. l.ansston came closest, and wan atom SOC.OOfl bales sliovl of 'lli-j agriculture department 8 lupi— mc Tnc others) missed H by larg- Welles. in i £.- amounts.- ranging up to nearly The Roos<-volts at the Summer White House bals. WASHINGTON, Aug. AnikasKidor Simmer .'.'civiinu, il was reliably understood i it-diiy, is co-operating wilh Cu-' oOo rrms in .1 plan which, while nol j ]( the Kov ernincnt prediction of necessarily calling for President| n 12,314000 bale cotlon 'crop MeHiado'.s resignation, probably | Jrove ^ a-j^'ijale *hc^ a ^'!IG' have 12 or l§,-cent mean his taking a leave ol ahscnec. Meanwhile it was learned that Secretary of State Ferraia of Ciibu left New York by- airplane today for Havana ft-lieve he is ex- l.ecied (i) arrive nt 11 A. M. lo- inorrow. Und?r the Cuban con- imillion Ihe secretary of. stale would .succee:! the pitslUeut upon i'.ii' rctirc-iuciit from office, penJ- ing Q n^ft- fi]f;.'tioiu Troni.'S Rer.tHed HAVANA, Cuba, Aug. S (UP-) — Drover: Q'JC been honing for price for itie currenl crop will -be There Is reason for conflrtenc'i however, lhal the government will | lake such measures as nmv be necesarv to prevent a dlsastrous- Iv low pricr for this year's crop. With rhe wlwle recovery program deiKndlnK upon the building "P of national nurchasine power the Rcosevelt administration cannot afford 10 allow cotton tn fall to a level that would virtually eliminate the South as a mar'/et for the products of reviving Industry. The agricultural adjustment ad- estimates that the v.'liii'h had teen policing Havana j-.incc lasl ni»ht were re- called-tr> [h'-ir barracks this nl-! ministration irrnoon. ! acreage reiireinent campaign Is ; than 4.000,000 Food Supplies Short HAVANA, Aug. 8. (UP)—The thieat of famine added to Ha- eliminatlng more bales of potential cotton produc- „ If that is true the d'estruc- vana's peribs today and the gby- cinmeni broadcast for • merchants to , doors and for striking transpor-! '•"'es ial!on e'mployEs to return to work. ^ tion program, even though H; fails ti brim the price of cotton to the radio appeal*' draired level, will amply justify it- reopcn their i tt-lf. A croo In excess of 16.000,000 would have meant a prica •.elow 5 cents a pound. Elimlna- Thc city was abnormally quiet'I'™ of 4.000.000 bales of this pro nflt-r yesterday's riols in which diction will make il possible, to 20 persons were killed and 1501 maintain a price that will return i wounded. Twenty were reported;e nrofil to the producers and eri^ c-iticolly wounded' but no more-'able them to make a substantial, iiprt died. ; ' '[contribution loathe economic re- Stocks of food.,were- almost de-;:yiva). of'' th€ entli* country.;'- .' plfled \ancV the shortage', alreadyK"'-' v *; ,/oQo,.-. .'• • ' ;. snnplies^weYr Being brought tE' trw'islralion's determination to do ev- ciiy. , jcrying witHlri "Its jsciwer 16 btllld Knots of Cubans gathered at up consumer purchasing power as street corners to offer comment n means of eliminating unem- upon the Inaccuracy of rumors plovment and stimulating business vcstcrtlay that President Gerardo • activity of all kinds Is seen to-'the 'lalian Armada Reachet Azores on Homeward Trip, i HOflTA, Azores, Aug. 8 ,iUl') — [The llullun ulr arniLidu, t-riiVquto b!\cl(! lo ^laly'from Clilifujw; '111- ilvCil in the Aborts lodVy^Vfti 1 . T.'JOO |mile, llliihl: .frufh', Nnw- ^s Rival Religious Fuc- tions al Jonesboro lo Settle Own Dispute. WKIi lln- (250 a month pastounr or Hie »'^0.000 Joneiboro Hapllsl Tubernacb at slake the Rev. Jw Jeffeis, storm center of Jones- L'oro religious feuds uud the Uev. l);i]r Crowlcy, who has acted as, cr cl tlio church for men 1 limn n year, brought their co]i- Illct Into court liere t«1»y but Circuit Juiltsi: O, E. Keck reler- Iliein to Chancellor J. K. UiiMney of Joni'.lboro The Dlylhevllle Jurist declined to net on ihe iMlitlon of the Crow- k'y fitctlon for tt temporary order to restrain Jcffers from occupying tlie Tnbernscle pulpit until !!ie suit could te~ decided, .)utt;e K(cX. pointing out that the mailer was only brought before him I'ccaurc of the absence of Chancellor J. P. Oautney from Ihe ciitlrlci, declared he did not be lleve >tlial such un emergency existed that the matter could not await the return of the chancellor, who Is expected home '*lthln a week. Supporters Attend Cowrt Availing action by Chancellor Oautncy neither faction " kdrriittci u we M e've the- other temporary control although tho ' Crowley ii]) professed a willingness to have the Tabernacle closet! to Loth laclluns until the pastorate Is de- . v > : Tliu lilxih, N'vi'nlh'iujd VlUtli Irl- plain's lunilixl ' here M., niMuin iluyllulil Tliu lilxi nds of ilir nl 2;1L' P. to welcomed liy d ringing of MachacJo had agreed lo resign, i.'.ti.temerit of Secretary of Agrtcul- — i I turc Wallace at Jackson. Miss., iyrslerdav that seed and crop pro- iluction loans due the eovernment not be to be made bv the government" on account of cotton acreage retire-, ment. . ' • It. would seem that the payment I • bv the government of acreage re- tivcment benefits would be re- "(.rrtid ns an excellent opportunity for the collection of croo pro- Entered Oregon Prison SAT.EM, Ore. (UP) — Included in 987 prisoners received at the Oregon State Penitentiary during the past two years were 44 college graduates and but 23 who were wholly illiterate, report of thn warden .shows. Two hundred sixty-three pris- Loss Only AlxJut $1.50 Per Bale Despite Surprising Forecast. NEW YORK, Aui{. 8. DJI'i—A .•ctiong rally was singed In Hie lln- cil hnlf hour of trading on 'tlie Ncv York culloii exchange, today with I lie list recovering almost hnlf of earlier losses of 48 to 53 iiolnln lo close 27 lo 30 points..] lower. . - - ••• •' The nluirp. break was caused by • ' luiinnc'e 1 of 0>c government crop.: figure which estimated the crop. nt 12,314,000 bales or 1.3CO.OOO bales '. above exudations and 800,000 -'1 bales I'bove the private • forecast. At the reopening after, the bu- - 1 year-old daughter of Mr, ami Mrs. I if nu report thc market dipped -J L. C. Payne, «7 East Oougan,! nbont $l.r>0 a bale with all optohs LITHE GIRL IS KILLED BY ITO Wunda .Virginia Payne, 7, ^Victim o( Accident on Highway 61. Wanda Virginia Payne, seven-1 nllv Injured '\»lion lilt by a car driven by R. L. "Mike" Nulll- Ing Osceola attorney, nbnut four mlle s below Blythevllle nn Hlgh- wny 81 late yesterday afternoon. The accident was said' to have been unavoidable, no arresls be- to anit Includinb' March "below the 10-ccnl mark. WASHINGTON, AllR. B. (UP>.~- Tlii! agriculture department, estiv- muling 1033 cotton production at .12.314,000 bales, today snld that the potential crop would he Indl- made by officers who Investl-, gated. Nallllng and Bruce Ivy, also I ruled al IC.Ml.OOO bales bid for an Osceola attorney and the only j the crop reduction cnmpnlun of other occupant of the car,, said > the agricultural adjustment ad- that the httle girl darted out from {ministration. • ;-.: behind a . truck across thc raid. ; Cotton taken out df .production. An oliler girl, running n short-thfonph the campaign was Iridi- dlfilnnce ahead, escaped uninjured.] Mted "to be nboiit 4.337,000. bales," • Tfie girl, her head fraclurcd thn -department"-said: .'..'•• when'she was knocked to lhc| fColton production last yenr wa'v prvement, was placed In a car;13,002,(X'fl hales. • . . •-./i.) :.'-.'; driven by Waller Mulkey of Os-j Ylelrt' : fer Aerr Illgh •- ", • _ .- .. ,„ -,-•,,, ccola and ruslied to the Dlythe- Tlie indicated yield' of 198.* : Probnbly 50 supporters-,of Jef- vl|le hospum, wuh th(! Osceola'pounrli per aero is about 18 per;•• urs uiHl, hnlf as many-inernbors nttorn^^ following. The victim cent hl»her than the 10-year aver-V ' nnd Is the highest since --IBM - of ..the Cro'wley faction, hturjl th« ;:le» of Cordon 'Frlerson,',Ctpwhy iiltorney, for a temporary', liijunc- ii_ J.' ' ' <* " • "• v- > H- i Hon. " Far.,from \Vashington's heat and in the cool shade of leafy trees, President and Mrs. Roosevelt »re !,:JefTe»,rin company ,......«. u> - iorriey, R. A Ntlson. .forraer state cenator,t,of. Blytnevllle, livened Intently .to the plea for. a'rettraln- Ing order. Attorney Nelson, who waa : prepared to present a iK'mur- rer to the petition, did not addK.ia sho\yrt here on Ihu. lawn: of their country home at Hyde Park, N. Y., which temporarily has become the ,i li: C p ur t J s Judge Keck declined nation's capital. Judging by that broau smile, the nation's leader seems to be the progress of business improvement throughout- the country. n a cheerful mood over to act on ftlerson's own^stafc- imlry. "' men(. ' - - Cloffin0 Stock Price* A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler 125 16 5-8 . 40 1-4 37 5-8 Cities Service ......... 31-4 Coca Cola .......... . 96 General American Tank 34 3-4 General Electric ...... 23 3-8 General Motors ...... 29 7-8 International Harvester 34 1-2 Montgomery Ward '. . . . 21 5-8 . New York Central .... 43 1-8 Phillips Petroleum — 13 1-8 Packard .......... -.."... 5 Radio .................. 13-4 Simmons Beds ...... 23 5-8 Ft. Louis-San Francisco 5 Standard of N. J ..... 36 1-4 Texas Co ........... t 21 3-4 U. S. Steel .......... 53 1-4 ministration it is the opinion Washington that Ihe monev will rio Ihe countrv more pood in the hands of the farmers than in the | treasury. Farmers who benefit bv MI'S •ix'licv shouM do their Dart by jnsine the money to pay other ob- I libations and to buy needed merchandise. -i Chamber of Commerce Head Says 2,000,000 Have Gone to Work. SAN" FRANCISCO, Aug. 8 (UP) —In a /'message from the White House" here today President Henry oOo j Harriman of the United States Chamber of Commerce said the If evcrv business man could Ret, national recovery program would lie cnmiuHU! picture of what the: put approximately 7.000.000 jobless to work before •<dmlnlslralion is seeking to do to [ persons back "ft this -country out nf depression rji rislmas • would be no difficulty abput , Alread ,' more than 2,000,000 have ~..,n» ')>« whole hearted cooper- . ^^ £niuloylneiUi said jjarri alion of all. .Iman. who is on lour as a repre To the merchant who has had. a pres|(Ienl RooscPvell irouhle enough in recent sears I Keck Orders Padlocks for Paragould Places Padlock . orders were Issued by .Circuit Judge 'O. E. Keck here this morning closing four small lunclustands and a residence In Puragould. I.lquor law violation? are charged agalnsl the operalors. The orders were Issued on application of W. T. Crowley, Greene county sheriff, and A. A. Kelly, Paragould police chief, who were accompanied here by Adrian Coleman, deputy proseculor, who prepared Ihe applications. The places ordered closed arc operated by Eimer Nunnery. Roy Newboles and W. L. Jernigan. Tlie residence of Elbcrt Bnllard crdered closed. York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. Oct R«r ,lau March May July open, high 1003 1009 10^7 1030 1033 lOM 1013 1052 1060 1010 1077 1080 low 918 968 976 993 1008 1026 close 972 992 978 1012 1030 1047n Spots closed at 960. orT 30. quiet. New Orleans Lofton jOF\V ORLEANS, Aug. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high Oct Dec Jar. March May July 997 1003 1019 1035 1023 1023 1039 1045 1061 1082 1073b low 943 963 977 990 1005 close 964 986 9Mb 1011 1027 1042b clcfid at. 954, on 32, quiet open Sept 98 1-4 99 Dec 101 101 1-3 high low close he increases his wa?e and salary payments puts an undue burden upon him. That is not true. The government Ls preparing to out billions of dollars Into circulation through Its public works and farm relief programs. The merchant and the manufaclurer will be immediate beneficiaries, because this money will be spent with them. All that is asked is trial they cooperate in this movement for the creation of- purchasing power .by increasing their own payrolls. Secretary Wallace Speaks at Sfbneviile STONEVILI.E. Miss.. Aug. 8 (UJ P)—Tracing .the .unsaleable agricultural surplusses to the world war, Secretary " of v Agriculture *enry A. Wallace '.'idvocated this afternoon that this country must change "our pioneer. psychology and our national policies from those of a debtor to those, of a creditor nation". Thc caWnet member stood on a platform that was erected under rh&de trees and addressed more than 6,000 cotlon planters whn with the pound exception : of the in ' 211.5. '' .After ihe court tad Indicated tiiat he would, not grant-or act on the petition Frlerson suggested that (ourt issue an order closing the Tabernacle to both factions until Chancellor Gautney would , have an opportunity to act on the I petition. 'The Crowley attorney raid that danger of physical vio- llence would- exist If each preacher | and his followers tried to control Seeks" 1 ' Tabernacle. Judge Keck re., i /-*• • i plied that he did not think such Means Ol Circumventing an emergency existed as to require intervention on his part and I stressed his belief that members of the church should make on ef- WASHWGTON, Aug. 8 ' IUP)-1 fort to adjust their dispute wlth- An almost forgotten law forced^t strife. Ihe Roosevelt recovery adminl«tra- succumbed about the time Mill- key reached the hospital. Tlie small girl fa* vlsitint her, »unt, : Mrs. J. A..J9|)ti9^.ind^t was near her, home "tnut the «p- cldent occurred. Mrs. Payne, ac-, cording fo .-reports, declared thcil().304:ooo acres'of cotton has'been »«ldent to be unavoidable und a lor will be plowed under M .a >c- nelghbor said she hid warned the " ' " ' J ' children only i short time before nqt to. play on the highway. Funeral' services..were held this afterqoon at the family home »'lUi tlie Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pastor of - 'riilii Istf 0 HSif ': fevVaW . tnbiilntlons today indicating that "j suit of the rediickion cimpajiri. THis reduction' Is - 253 per • cent,.!rl of.tht scr'eage of cotton In euftlri'^l vallon July;.l, 1933, as, reported '^;| bv the croi)' reporting board." Triej;.' administration pointed out, how-,, ' ' ' : ..._ .......... ---- ,, , ---- . ... , , tlie Lake Street . UethodUt church, ever, Ihat final ' figures ' may' : be o(T[cla.tlng. Interment was made at' changed somewhat because con-'' Maple, breve cemetery. The Cobh ,'f lf)erabk; cotton under contract " Administration Legal ^Restriction. UNIONTOWN, Pa.. Aug. 8 .(UP) The plea of a representative of county lion that striking miners return to the pits was sue- ressful loday and local presidents end secretaries voted unanimously lo do so. . The vote came after Edward F. McGrady, deputy. administrator of the N. R. A., appeared before an executive session of the ' miners local leaders, promised a square deal by the administration, «nd arked them lo return to work. • tion tod[i y to fonsider a " fa ™ cl ' s nrc $160,000,000 this fall In ' theory Both Claim Pastorate whether. F ju ng 0[ thc i n j, mc u 01 , petition receive | climaxed n dny and a half of Undertaking company was ., charge of funeral arrangements. | production. ' ' still remains to be taken out" of. Tlie. deceased Li survived by her parents, two ' brothers, and sister. NEILL REED DF LE« only or in cash. If farm relief will progress on sen- : torate controversy belween Jeffers and Ciowley. JefTers, contending that the farmers get Ihe cash I he had never relinquished ihe pas' i edule. If they gel n receipted bill the experts fear they will Hbel nl crop reducllon plans and when he left Jonesboro more than a year ago, returned apparently as an evangciUt but continued to occupy the pulpit jeopardize Ihe whole agricultural ] a (t er crowlcy objected to Ills doe- recovery program. (l | nc ; incidentally it »as on Jet- Attorney General Ciimmngs has], ers . recomm endatlon that Crow- prepared n decision on the legal; | ry flrst was cal , ec) , 0 tne Tab . aspKts of. th; cn.cial statute j (, m . c i e from Tex:!5 . slncc u « n which svas -adopted by congress Former Post- Mayor Commander Surprise to Trade - . one i The total production figure was I more than 1,000,000 bales above | general expectations, 'most trad: ' j ers having nntlcl|>ated_ an^_estl-^v imnte of about li.COOiOOO bales, nt£ I lowing for tl'e plowed .up acreage; ! Cotton crop condition as of August 1 was placed at 74.2 per cent of normal compared to a 65.6. per cent condition on Aupiiat l last year. Cotton acreage for harvest ivns placed at 29,104,000. The department "Issued the fol- .lowing crop estimates' for cotton : a Meeting Last Night. '• Nelll Reed, former mayor of Blythevllle and long a leader In local American Legion affairs, was elected commander of Dud Cason Post No. 24 lost night. He wns unopposed. Mr. Reed will O'rcla Florida M'iourl succeed O, A,™ In Vlr'nla 45,000 S C'lina 79l',M>0 „ . M Woshburn, who will soon com- M . 5lpp , MlSSing in Tragedv at'? 11 !™^^ to an Individual without », v i D i deducting whatever nxmey he owes New York Beach. yed Into the w Ihe opinion of NEW Fillecn YORK. Aug. 8 (UP) — orphan boys and girls deducting the government. If the law is not circumvented vere carried off a sandbar where IMV wer: suri bathing at Edgemere, Queens, this afternoon when a huge \vave swept over them. The body of one boy was recovered and six other children many farmers will get no cash. Farmers altogether owe Ihe government nearly "•*-lce as much as he government plans to 'pay In , , , wheat and agricultural Formal announcemeVit of ,the were listed as missing, adsrs action was expected- later Eight others were t lead today. 96 7-8 .98 1-81 99 3-4 100 7-8' sttended the annual "Delta Day" Celebration at the experiment farm here Ciiicago Corn Sept open 5-1 1-2 53 1-3 high Sf. 1-4 59 1-2 low 52 7-8 57 close 53 3-4 58 5-8 Henry Ap- ponyt. nephew of Count Albert Apponyl, "the grand old man. of Hungary," returning to France after a month In Amerka, says that thr United States natural history museums lead the world In their njountlng of large aniaiats. , Want Boarding Hoiuet to Jofa Association Operators of local boarding houses have been ashed to Join the Ely- thevlUe Hotel and Restaurant association In working out a local . , . .,,,... , cede for cooperation in the NRA I Llltle hotlc that thc ml «'ns treated for inmcrsion but did not appear to have suffered severely. Life guards -and swimmers from the crowded beach In the Rockaways stru;gled frantically to save ihe children, Inmate of Pride of Judia home, Bro)!:lyn, fi'om the strong undcriow wnich followed the wave. The dead boy was Raymond Evans. 10. an Inmate of the. home. recovery program, according Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, secretary of to Qr nf rit ve rescued was the organization, who said a farge number attended a second meeting of the group last night. Id out. Heat Drives O«t Snakes OODEN, Utah (UP) -Extreme . in \_*i_iuuii| ubvii \ur/ -"i.AVICJili. When the organization receives heat In higher ranges Is driving further information ••-- ..? ...».•' the- recovery program „ Braft.a uniform schedule of prices and will conform with all,requirements of the —" -'• code. armation concerning, hundreds of rattlesnakes Into vol- JU*?^;* ex W«ts to i e y s and along the streams trav- *~ " ' eled by fishermen. A warning was IssVed by the Ogden sportsmen's ....T>: -LI , i^Utu WJ ...I, ~~f\ml Q^U "?. 1 . btanl «$ club telling campers and flsher- "' • -'jiiiett lo exercise due caution to , " ,-. t ml. cottcn benefits. The Jeffers was thc founder ol the Tabernacle. He enjaged In such a heated clash with thc Rev. Dow Heard, pastor of the First Baptist c'.jrch at Jonesboro l*'o .-years Jjo, that stale militia were called out to. maintain order. Later the young evangelist conducted a meeting In Blylhevllle but •plete a year's term as commander., Other officers elected last night Texas were: Jim Storall, first vice-coin-: o'ho'a ns mander: E. P. Borum, finance of-i A ' n<; adjustment admlnis.] his icrvU . cs f , |1( , d , o aUract , he ficer; A, O. Hudson, chaplain: \. M. Washburn, historian, and George Mulr, sergeant at arms. 1 Following a talk .by J.'' Mell Brooks thc post authorized a letter pledging c o-operr.tlbn tn .the N. R. A. rc-employmcht program. An effort by C. J. Little to delay ncllot^ on the grounds- that the i Loelon should not commit Itself! ed Production . . bales Ibs. neracre. : IS32 10M 1032 34.0CO 320 233 6GO.OOO 31(1 252 716.000 285 MS 1,071.000 854.000 240" 154'. 34.000 17.000 170i ' '|3 ' 182.000 307.000 205- 3€2, 428,000 480,000 230 216 1,143,000 947,000 220 150 1.363.000 1,180,000 220 1*7, ' 570,000 611,000 205 173 3.541.000 4.500.000 153 1,041,000 1,084,000 175 1,081,000 1,327,000' 135 N. Mexico 60.0CO Arizona C'fornla 82,000 174.000 A'l others 10,000 72,000 360 69,000 .340 . 129,000 406 15,000 .295- 162 167 188 307 293, . 503 390 ralkm intends to pay cotton far-| crowds or cren(c (he rners (100.000.000 it) return for crop reductions. It hopes to pay wheat farmers $90,000,000. On the other side of the ledger armers debts to the government nclude crop • and seed loans of S139.000.000, agricultural credll ccrporatlon loans of $150.000.000, Intermediate credit corporation loans of $85,000.000, and liens apalnst growing crops of several million.'; more. Most of these loans come due this fall. that was provoked in Jonesborn. Mrs. J. F. McDonald Reported Better Today The condition of Mrs. J. P. McDonald, 38, of Steele, Mo., who underwent a blood transfusion last night at the Blythevllle hospital Three Arrested as s ;: • Kidnaping Suspects where the Is being Improved today. ST. PAUL, Minn., Auj. 3 CUP)— . Thru'C m2!l ci|c r»i r t nrt (\{ crwiriHI))!?, '• part of (he ransom .money for ; Charles P. Urrchel, Oklahoma City " : millionaire oil man. were held Ifi./' Ramsey county.jail fod federal -Kansas Bonds Discovered. authorities. < • : j Tlie federal asents, ' secretive-; their mqvenwnts, asked and':--> for making two addl'ional ^ , presumably in the same - without further study of Ihe mat-1 icr fal|p<l. Clever Forgeries of lay on the' treated, was Turrell Man Succumbs to Accident Injuries MEMPHIS. Aug. 8 (UP)— L. C. Graves, 59, of Turrell, Ark., died ioday In a local hospital of In- iurlrs received when h'e was run down by &n automobile Sunday Hlph' while standing in front of « church In Turrell. Brought to Memphis by Dr. A C. Parker of • Clarksdale, Ark. ....... . — ..._ — --------- , . Another mtetlng will be. held to-' avoid being bitten . by ihe rep- Graves was found to be Internally night, I tilts. Dr. F. L. Husband-said he wu forced to test the blood of a number of friends of the patient who volunteered before the proper specimen was found. Mrs. Walter Burns of Mlcola was selected to give blood for the transfusion. Fire Toolt" Of* Alara HOOD RIVER, Ore. (UP) • — When H. R. Fosberg's bam caught flre hen 'early one morning It set off Us ' leached 'and .burned a wire on the vehicle's own alarm. The blaze a truck In the structure nounced in- payment of bond coupons as a result of thc; discovery of bond forgeries expect-; «J to total 1500,000. 1 »»««. CommlfSioneT .ot OaU» A Ronald Finney, charged \rtthi MONTREAL (UP)-For tha flrt$ sale ot 120,000 forged Kansas City,] lime In th° history of the Province Kans., bonds, was on his way hereof Quebec i\ deaf mute has been to surrender and other arresls. s-po'ntcrt commissioner of Oaths were expected to be ordered. Clever, forgeries also were found of Johnson county, school district and other bonds. Investigators Intimated a connection betwee Topeka bond traders, and Chics go gangsters. <•! the supreme court here. TtM rrMJlc. David Taterinfky, was formerly an rtnployee of the^ department. Havre, situated at' the mouth of thc River Seine, Is a central chan- hom, causing a short circuit andjuel port of many shipping lines tlie Instrument to toot lustily, I that serve «ll parts of the world. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy to cloudy and-somewhat unMtUM to- nlcht and Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity-Pair tonight and tomorrow. Llltte chant* ' in tem!«rature. . , :

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