The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1937
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VOL XXXill—NO. 308 ~^-- "-WHTMTOBPAPrt OP'NOrm^r ARKANSAS * * V IT ' Blylta'lllc Courier Blylhevllle Daily r^iT" JHytteriite Herald Mississippi Valley Lender . IIHVIMK, AliKANSAS, MONDAY, MAKCH SINGLE COPIES FIVE C^NTlf ENDED f Directors", U. S. A. Hcjncls Eight Petitions f'oi Injunctions Against Wagner Ac! , WASHINGTON, Mar. 15 (UP)— The supreme court today refused t" consider cislit neiv ntlacfcs upon ("inslitutionulily of the Wngiiei labor relations act, which nlreadv Is under determination by the hifih court In other cases. The uetion was of possible sig niricnnce by virtue of Hit' fact the court already has under consldei- alion five cases testing the act. The group of cases refused con- siitcralion by the court today, .however, 'presented a slightly Uir- fweni legal aspect than- (base on which argument has, already been .conducted. Denied in Lmver Courts - Each of the eight appeals re jcnted today was an" effort to obtain an Injunction to halt na- lional labor -relations board-' hear, ings, as. provided for under the • Wagne: net. The actions were 'commenced In Hie District of Columbia supreme court. Tills court granted a motion by the labor board to dismiss the requests for injunctions. :Tlie District of Columbia court of : appeals affirmed this action. Court observers were puzzled b> the possible meaning of the action today. Some suggested that nurely technical legal lions were involved. TJiuy pointed out that the action K-as subject ,to io many conflicting interrelations that - too much signipcance could not be' at- lachi-d to it. ' . . ' ' ^'"" ! ~~.Vo r.aiajor • Opinions .< . .-.. ••v.LrUS,,™. 11 *' - today -foi-.-the -third successive decision day' failed" to present written opinions in any of the important pending cases. In line with previous decisions the eoui-t iignln today rejected an effort ;gal omsidera- side of lable and going around clockwise), Henry ' Mm, , son, Navy; .Henry A. Waliace, Agriculture n to test constitutionality of od age pensions feature of tile federal social security act. mu rr I^e s P " X r „ r--i i * , v H? * * "' "'' States go House, are Manila Farmer, Hit by Truck, Is Badiy Injured MANILA. Mar. 15,-Tom Lincoln, about 65. farmer living south ol,Manila, was in n serious condi- lion at the Blythevillc hospital today from injuries received wlwn he was struck and run over Satur- nay night by a deli/ery truck at Manila. The aa-f.lenl 'occurred in front of lhe Baptist church, the truck being driven by Amos Cherry 28 Lincoln had started for his '110111= Out drove his ear into a ditch near lhe Pleeman home. He was walking'-back lo Manila when hit by Cherry's truck, which he apparently did not see. He was rushed to the ofTic: of a Manila physician where ID siltclies were taken to clps» cuts in his •nc-ad. He was then rrmovrd to th? hospital here. Attache;; said he was in a serious condition today. Urges Congressman's Ap- poinlmenl to Succeed Judge Martineau OSCEOLA. Ark. - At a special Mlled meeting- of the Osccola bar association, held in the offices of Attorney A. P. Barham Saturday the croup passed unanimously a resolution urging the appointment of Congressman W. J. Driver as United States district ju<j ge for 'he eastern district of Arkansas U) succeed the late Judge. John E' Mnrtmcau. A telegram to that effect sent President Roosevelt, In response to a request sent to every local bar association in the listrret, by Judge J. P. .Gautney preside!, of (he slate organion. "King thai delegales be elected to n convention to be called soon him for the purpose of ninlcimr recommendation for the office of the 20 members of the local r were elected delegates The date and place of this convention will be announced at an early Large Crowd Attends /- : Methodist. Revival In spite of lhe return of winter weather Sunday, large crowds al- Umdsd.,thp .revival services at- the First Methodist church. At the evening service Dr. Euganc W. potlcr spoke on" the necessity of gaming wisdom. He made a distinction between knowledge and msjiom. explaining.that knowledge is the nomination of facts and inWmation, but that'wisdom con- sals i,, being able to make vise <^r«ng nt A ' S " far was tv Employes Face 'Discharge, Office Workers Eslimale .- „ ,.«. t lu 1[mR[; wls= UT'i'LE ROCK, Mar. 15 (UP)— choices and in maintaininj ri=ht " lvas Iea ™ed from usnallv re- nHitudss. • liable soiirefs today (hat a whole- attitudes. A large jwiior choir has b°"n • 5alc ^- j-, ^. viiuii (lilb IJ U 'J]] organized to assist and to sins with the Senior choir in fnrnirh ing music at each service Tlie Rev. Lyman Burger. Methodist pas tor at Dyess Colon)', ,,.]|i , ca rt the choirs each night nnd in the Sun- nay services: Or potter will speak again tonight on lhe theme, "Ho,,- (o Have a Real RevivaJ." The song service svill begin at 7:15. Two Youths'Saw Way : ;0ut of Fort Srriith Jail SMITil, Ark, Mar. 15. ^-rwo youtlis, one held for federal officers in a' kldnapini"ln- vestiBation. early today sawed their way out of the county jail and cs- CllpCtl. . - , .One fugitive , vns peck-. At Saturday's meeting Hlulu<;u ,.-, over by J. T. co.sf.on, president, i w "«* " iirst nctton tftkon w\<; tin* 1S"^ 1 "" n ^ ' ction of resolutions upon the' death of Jim ss Martincau. copies Will Enroll 100,000 in CCC Next Month WASHINGTON, Mar. 15 <up>Director Robert c. Pechner announced today that ths Civilian Conservation Corps will enroll 100 000 youths and war veterans dnr- , - 1 - •* " tii1 tt"i veierans dnr- preslded |. U1 S ™rly April to nil vacancies re Khit ' 11 "111; exi 1 ' • neau. cope or which will be sent to the family, the newspapers, and the clerk of the U. S. district court, New York Cnttnu There's no gcttin' away from it. Jnn v£ . L , P ' ly ""-^"tered lot. We don t worry a whole lot about W hi>\B that doesn't affect iis. i wen sit down al breakfast amis the headlines of fhci NEW YORK. Mar. 15 Cotton c.'osed steady. open high low HC8 1409 1448 H12 1427 1410 1395 1400 I3S9 134S 1348 1337 1340 13W 1327 13M 1333 1332 (UP) March Mas- July Oct Uec close M60 H25 1390 1347 1337 1337 «.,u v i-JOA 1,5,5 j :'00ls closed steady al 1485, up Spot Average Is 14.52 averuse price o; 7.3 P'e'ed. CCC after'th» fourth i is com- Fechner said 'plans for the final quarter of the temporary CCC organization proVide for the opsmtlon ol 2,002 camps nnd an enrollment Of 3D9.000, exclusive of 8,000 Indians working on reservation., and 4500 enrollces assigned to territorial nring of employes in the slate highway department ,vas lo lalce place lale today. Jnmcs Rhyne, head of the department, was closeted in his private office and refused to comment, other employes estimated tne number, to be discharged at[ fifty. y * .0. L. Ford, rcvc..^ >.„,„„„„. sKHier. nnnounced that Ihrcc workers in his department were o be discharged at the end of today's work nnd Hint two others Had submitted resignations eftec live today. ' C. T. Ryan, assistant secretary to Gov. carl E. Bailey, interviewed kidnaping of Daic" Cot'.,.., ,„„„. nig company executive, l:er- s-v- ernl weeks ago. .-.The other youth was Bruce FOIV- ler, siispscted liquor store robber. ba hired. More than . . , rvewe persons seeking state jobs in the governor's reception room but chd not disclose now , naily m!)y •. G 0 other persons ivaitcd In n line for an audience with (he nsststanl secretary. Ryan, when questioned re:ni-d- s the wholesale "lay-offs""said ••thty arc just letting a few of the girls go." Says Foreign Interests Are Secure in Mexico I ° AX . ACA - M«ico. Mar. 15. (UP) — F-oroijn petroleum int=resls have f, T . — -oroijn petroleum int=resls Closing Stock Pj-fcc.s- ^""i" 5 ',° Iear from Mexico ' n "'"'on policie.s. Pr^lrfrn ^»» U»B uie Headlines of fhci •"« price 0 ; 7-n h,f, morning paper telling about thon-i ml<WIi »K ccllon 6n the Isn V!' fands slarvin' to death h, the for- nf>tKi S I»S markets (odnv »-i s 14 w 1 countries and maybe we'll I according to the BlyUievilh Boird Rive a little weak sici. h,,t .....ii of Trnrlo "narn - ...... IUAJ ut; \\ T R ill a Rive a lillle weak sigh, but we'll of Trade, get up from the table in a ragei and storm out of the house and! NEW YORK, March 15. (UP)— Slocks receded today in ths lightest trading since March 1. Bonds continued to decline with United Stales government issues al new 1937 lows, wheat gained two to three cents a bushel and cotton made new highs since 1930 A. T. and T 'ns 1-4 American Waterworks 24 i.g Anaconda Coppsr ....'.'.',[ 66 l ., Bethlehem Steel 993-4 Chrysler ' I21 j g Cities Service '.' 4 ,.,, r a man lolki o,. Tllc ,„,,„• T don ' t Wllllt ' t ''' i)| s but n ierc - s stand for and that's care" mean He says "What In (he world is' BCtliir the matter with you fellas? ''irsl yon Icse Manchuria and then 1 • joii j nw two of my'ofst handkcr- ' 170-230 Ibs 10.20-1035 lighl weights 7.25-1000 Bulk sows 0.50-9.75 Cat lie: recripts 3,0003 Steers 7.50-10.75 r steers 6.50-12.75 Slaughter heifers C.25-1073 Eeef cows D.C-fl-6.50. —, _ UlUW - Uii j l/ . \v^ri5C Cullers and low cutlers'3.50-4.7Si Zo'nlte Coca Cola Gen. Electric '. Gen. Motors '.[ Int. Harvester McKcsson fc Robbins 15 Mont'omery Ward i N. Y. Central '.'.', Packard Prillips Pelro. Radio Corp St. Loins-San Frar. -Simmons Beds Slanriard of N. J. ,.. Sludebaker Texas Corp [ U. S. Smelling ... U. S. Stsel Warner Bros 153 58 3-4 fin 3-8 106 3-4 15 1-8 P6 .1-1 51 1-2 11 51 1-8 11 5-8 4 1-4 56 1-2 13 18 1-1 53 3-4 99 121 13 7 3-8 . President . resen i- zaro Cardenas said today I,, an in. .-mew which he g rantc ,, dllrl his tour of the Oasaca region "There is no reason for "any o». irolcum companies (o be alarm3d .. he said, '-our reorganization of the -t of Seiialc'.-. Judiciary Committee Will Hear William Green luesday WASHINGTON. Mar. 15. (UP)— William Green, president ot the American Federation ol Labor will testily In support of President Roosevelt's supreme court reorgani- sation program lomorrou' when llic senate judlclnry cointniUee resnnies ncarlngs,. It wns.rcvcnlcd today. Chnlrmah Henry p. Aslilmrst iPem., Ariz.) nnnoimced that Qreen m:a JiiStln Miller, president of Iho Federal Bar Association, would be lhe chief witnesses tinder n revised schedule which postpones mull next week llii- oponlng of opposition tes- tlniDiiy. - ; Miller formerly W n s <lenn of Inn- nt Duke university and nl lhe Unl- lersity of Southern Cftllfoniln, On Wednesday Eilwnrd P. Cor- «'ln. professor of cnnsutulloiinl law nt r-rincci^n University, and Dean Leon Green of the Norlliwestern 21 Killed In Firecracker Plant .Blast MANILA, p. I., Mnr. u, (up)_ Twenty-onc persons were belleud Killed lodny in an explosion nmf Killed lodny in an explosion nmf lie which destroyed. Die Flash DdlOlt lucW I«IIP<; In Firecracker Co, the largos! m the ^ luu , J UU B<- 1SSUCS iru Philippine Islands. ' lllhrhnn fm 17,,.,,...„!:„..' Philippine Islnmls. The plant is located In .suburban iisoy. '['lie explosion occuucd while workers were wnHInt for thcli liny. Finnic* trapped 10. .'Many suffered burns mid other Injuries Tiicy were . treated locally mid then brought here In ambulances uiH hospitalized. •,. . Llm Chong. 'proprietor, was reported missing and was 'hcllcicd kinong- those burned to death. out ills proposals for ciirhlng lhe supreme court by Introducing a bill rcquli Ing a seven to two court vote lo Invalidate an act of .congress and n resolution for n constitutional amendment limiting terms of nil judges lo nine years. The Norrls plan, submitted during a momentary lull in the dispute over President 1 Roosevelt's court re- ocgan.lzntlon projiam,. comprised two par Is, Intended to be acted upon ns a unit. .'-..' : Tlic plan:. - : • '. : - - f '-—A.'congtesslohnt. net requiring more Ilinn two-lhlrd.s vote by the supreme court to invalidate acts ol congress. . ... 2 -~ A . constitutional amcndiriciit establishing nine-year tcflns -foil u'll federal Judges. Including justlce's'bf the supreme court. The Norrls program Is'- intended —.... .i<5>vivl; WHS 1 J CCK MUrrnV l"«smm Kl IllLtMlUCll 25, held for federal officers I the ° S " sllbslit >"c for President Robse- kldnaping of Dale Colvcri. nrlnt vclts l )ln " "'hlcli calls for appoint• ' * *"*• * -••-!* 1.1*11.1 nfg np point. of six new Justices lo the su- _ iCjCourt if jiist;cM over 70 years of. age do not choose to retire ' Norris has criticized Mr. Roose- vclts program but has indicated he will support It providing agreement is not reached on some substitute. Bar Association Voles f CHICAGO, Mar. 15. (UP|-Tlih American Bar Association announced today that, members- In each of lhe 48 stales and the District or Columbia had voted Alleged Implement Tlirft niiui n i o ••"fl.'i'-iiiv,!!i iiii^n puiii iv/ lutiuijic mcmuersiiip ^f the Ring Members Bound " e ,?""• r\ f~<- • ,~, 1J1C rnlJo ran more than M to I VJVer lo Lll'CUlt Louvt i" Maine. Nebraska, South Dakota and Vermont, the report said Arkansas voted 110 no, 27 yes. Community Committee Election Postpone: The educational meeting for the new 1937 farm program and lhe election of the romm'.inUy com - our naona re setves. There will bs no expropria John Wilson, Oliver Fisher and irn Whitakcr were ordered IHd to await prosecution In circuit court on charges of grand larceny by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson this morning. Bond for Wilson and Whltaker was placed at $1,000 while Fisher's bond was set'at $500. The trio were arrested by officers in connection with the activities of an alleged band of thieves who have Etolcn a number of fnrmin« Impld- ments and bicycles in this section recently. Wteoii, who formerlv lived here, was arrested at Lcpanto, Whitaker was taken into custody here as was Fisher, on whose Cooler, MO., farm officers found a number of farming- look which have twen identified as ihosc stolen from Wrms around Dlythcville. A number of public drunkenness cases were disposed of as follows Curtis'Voss. finW SIC; Ted Smith fined SIO; Dill Eskridge. lined $10' Doc Hatley. fined SIO: Herbsrt Majors, fined SIO: D. T. Hooper-, fined 'ohn D. Aliart. fined—: O. A. 1. bond forfeited; Ernest Mld- , . ( „ in,<n utHtn loru'iicn- national re- dleton. bond forfeited. New Orleans Cotton . lnflusn ™ s . ir. 15. (UP) ! favorable , ----- -"...ivt.i, ilrovc cotton futures up more than $1.50 a tale today to lies- .seven year highs open high low close March ]«5 1451 1445 1454b May 1400 14JO 1400 1419 J "fr '386 1395 1383 1354 Oct '3<0 1345 1354 1343 r>ec 1340 1345 1335 1345 Jan 1340 1315 1340 1345 S|»l.s closed steady at 1460. up 33. Chicago Corn open hi^h low close May 10!) 1-4 10!) 3-4 1M 101 s-fl July 105 105 lor, les 7.3 Negro, Struck By Car, , • In Serious Condition Johnnie James. 45. negro. Is in a serious condition at the Bly- thcvilte hospital as , a result of Injuries- received when he was struck by an automobile on Ash i . • Wants .L^.'C. Authorized Supervise Companies : By HUSSKLI, TUIINKH Unittil Prcrs SUIT Corrrsiwiiilcnl WASHINGTON, Mar. 15. (UPI- The si-nnlc railroad Invi-sUgnlhio comiiilllee today reconimended .'new IcgislatTon | 0 give the Inlcrslatc Commerce Commission authority to supervise "accounts ' nnd ."security transactions" of railroad lioldin'- compnnles. • - :: : * ' In n preliminary '.report : s iihmil- ted.ln bshalf ofJIs.request for nn additional $15Q,pOj,,r(\;co»tlniK< its hives igullon if 'raTlfonc5-Tiiianc"lng practices.- /the committee; declined rui-Uici- .sludy was needed 'to deljr vr-^T ^"'Pr• such legislation would be sufficient "for. the public merest" or whether railroad holding compnnles shoul.d bs - outlawed.' -Created by the last congress on motion or Senator Burton K W'eelcr (Dem., Mont.), the com- ri tllec, under .Wheeler's' ctiairmnn- shlp, $100,600 thus far , . , us fa hi studying the $3,000,000,000 Van Swcrlngen rail and real estate empire. . Wheeler's resolution authorizi 11- ~Vr'." ' v -"-""»-' u " luiinorizlng the additional $150,000 li ns been reported favorably by the senate audit and conlrol committee and wns expected to be approved bs the, senate early this week. .Tl-.c committee's preliminary report traced the manipulations of conlrol of Ihc Van 5wer!n»ens' 21 000-mile rail System, as brought out ,11 tile committee's hearings, tin n lhe numerous van Swcrlngen-cic- nlcrt holding companies to lhe fall of 1S35, when George A. Ball, Mini junction foi Evacuation' by 9 a. In, Wednesday DETROIT, Mar, 16 (UP)—Circuit Judge Allen Campbell today emitted an injunction oidulng OfOO -dl-down slilkcrs to quit nine Chrysler plants within 48, hours is Oov. Hank Mmphy sought new i.iuchlncr) for settling ind«i>- h lal dl pules While seveial huiulied memum of the Unjtcd Automobile Woik- cis »' Amcilca paraded befoii- Wajnc county court house nnd linen Its corridors, the Judge determined Ihnl sit-down ' slilkerss «eic In .'nlnwful possession of the closed plnnt* "rhi> ricfendanl.'i n.urt he out of the plnnls by rj A M, Wednesday ' d,id|jc. Campbell oideied j The InHmctlon tt ai the second -del of Its kind lo be ginn'cd m ii rent Indiislrlnl disputes A s|mllnt inniidnte, grnritcd at Hint duilna Hit- recent 44-day General Motors stilkc wns not e.Vfoiccd by Gencssee county ofTiceis y>t- tcmpls to c\Ccute the injunction ' i bulled in n riot In which more "inn a siorc of slilkcrs nnd of- nctiii \u-n- Injured ' In moment ogalnst granting of the petition, U. A W A at Imnejs contended that Chiyslti "' poralion, Ihroiigh ih atleged of (splonnge iihd dhcripilm- llon, did not come Into com I with 'clean hands" ' Dr. J. E. ^ Practice With Dn Usrey Announcement <tt as" nTnde 'todky" of the nwoclallon of Di Jo euh F surgeon, Max O'Usiey, well knW' local plivslctan ftiul surgeon fheii omccs Uncli ,, : '"*Bi.uii iiiun «lll he uinlnlalnel In the ii^'i" H'I-I ""' " lle '° Dr Dwey' uns had his ollice for some time ' Dr ncnsicj, memuer or n niom- nent steele, Mo, family, Is a guul- cal school He seivcd as ! an"'in Tmonth, hCB ^M eVille " os|)lti " f017 ^1 months and then as an interne ",, M 8 ^ c , Dlmt y Hosum crook-" *' NY, for H y&flt 1 ' 'n-f "» -•»ns liccnsd In Arkai: Dr u-ircy. who has & jears r<-- I }j°™ nft cr severni" week's nee vuihln n few "ays" '° Hayti MariHddTjacksol? Oil Station Burglaries __ of 1935. when George A. Ball, M,,,,. CAPE OIRARDEAU Mo etc, Ind... glass Jar manufacturer Pemlscot county man' h ° ' tree't Sunday night. He has Internal injuries badly torn ear, and Tho negro Is said to have been •Irinkinq and staggered into the street mile. Hie path of the aiilo- ml lecmcn of t i, c „„„,,..,„, vicinity, oriRinniiy sct for W edncs- day night, March 17, will be held in connccllon with farm outlook meeting and farm organization rally Friday. March 19. The commltteemen for the Blythcvllle vicinity will be elected immediately following the rn'lv nnd the county cominitteetncn will be elected In lhe afternoon. Will Discuss Cotton Varieties at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.-A meeting of Interest to all farmers, sponsored by the Osceola Farm Dtneair. will b! held nl the court house her; on Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock J. O. pullertori. district agent, and L. A. Dhonau. agronomist of the Agricultural Extension department, will be present to discuss colton varicly slnndardh'.tton and s-ed certification n Ridge-Floodway Road Work Going Ahead LEACHVILLE, Ark. — Work is progressing rapidly on the Mllll- pn Htdge-Floodway road, which Is being built with WPA labor Chicago Wheat 0]>en high low close y 1351-1 136 i-8 135 1-4 135 1-8 July IIDl-2 121 1-4 110 1-1 121 1-8 n urtttiu txtii iv rf\ lu(/Ol _ Tlita road will give the farmers in j the Mtllignn Hidgc countrj- ac- cefs to the ... uacurer necnilrcd control of It for $274000 The transaction occurred when a group of New York banks sold al Biictloii slock put up by the Van nnn° n " eclls as collnti; i' ! >l o» » S39- 000,000 loan la 1930. Bnil bought me stock In the mime of lhe Mlel- Amcrlca Corporation, a holding corpornlion. 1 An agreement between Ball nnd llie late Van Swcringen brothers p. P. and M. j., provided that lhe brothers would manage lhe properties and control n majority of Ih- volliig stock in Mid-America. Queen Marie Reported Greatly Improved Today is m Pemlscot county man s m (h comity jail n t Jackson h, connec t on with „„ mv ^ ig , C ° nn c oil station burglaries 0 , Waller of Th,T The Inv de'nlml " S of «< Identified as part of the 70 tors said of th nt jactaon, and foumi . Rontnaiila, Mar . Dowager Queen Marie who was critical^' 111 yesterday of •xn internal disorder, was Ercallv Improved loday. ' Supreme Court Upholds Exchange Of Judges LITTLE ROCK. Mar, 15 <UP)_ The stale supreme court fn a decision handed down today, reversed n Bconc county court verdict, allowing- $35.000 Judgment in i damage suit that upheld - the constitutionality of an act of the M3 legislature In which circuit udgcs and chancellors' were nl- owed lo exchange circuits Mile-Long "Blue Hole" Near Charleston, Mo. CHARLESTON. Mo. - A "blue lole" nearly n mile long, a quar- «r of n mile wide .and 70 feet ecp was scoured oul when lhe heretofore have had all-weather transportation only via tilt railroad from Hancock to Mnndalay which is soon to be abandoned. rtver Into the breaks on. the u-- ..,.-*. u»t,a,>t. \JH vie ivines T. Lee farm near hire, army engineers report. . Many smaller "blue ] «•«•<• also left by the flood, j cnse, of m.W^,".^™™^ c'l and polish tentallve)y meld °e'^.n t as that taken from lhe x Mil"" den place of business Allen, who is man.ed, lues on Highway 61. a m i| e south 0/ H « nnd formerly operated a seufcc- » |n Orficers^aid some w™\ on the other side 'in anoth^rbiiiin- Ing bolh of which, they siid we"* m charge of Allen Asks Millions for British Air Defense ' -rea tain s greatest peace time air force estimates in history, totalin" 82 500 000 pounds slerling were introduced in commons lodaj by Sir fhillp Saloon, under secretary for nlr WEATHER Arkansns-Riir, cohtmued cold lenip.rature bolo ft freezing tonight , Tuesday fair, slowly rising £n 1 peisture Memphis and Ucinlty—Riir to-' asm, lowest temperature 20 to m Tiiewlay fair, slowly rising tem^i- 1 The maximum temperature herd jeslcrday was 38. Minimum 29, ' cloudy wits a light snoufali, measuring 02 of an inch v in preclpll«-. ton accorttig to Samuel F. ^ r - •• i rh oflicial leather observer '-"* | night the minimum lempc was 25 ^

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