The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, 'AFRTL IB, 194)1 M,rniir;vn,i.i8 <ARI.V COURIER KEWI Soviets Accuse Radio Reporter American Ordered To Leave Russia v Within Three Days Coruthersville Jaycees to Pick Delegates Tonight CARUTHERSV1U-.E. Mo., April 15—Ai the regular meeting of Ihe locnl Junior Chamber of Commerce toniglH, ileloRntes to the annual Slate Jaycee Convention next wepx will IJD named. The convenlion, ;u uhieh Utne new slat* officers will be elected, if. to l>e held In Jeffpr.son City, April 23-25. Among from Caruthersvilla MOSCOW. A)>ril JS. I UP)—The Soviet Foreign Affairs Press ne partment today ordered Robert "agidolf. Moscow corre.spondent of w ,' 10 xlll a(lmi the collvcmion wm the National Broadcasting Com- j, c| ri „ „ w notified pany, lo leave Russia within two ' or three days. Magirtoff was charged ill a let• purportedly signed by his Amer Municipal Judges to Study Court Proposal* this week by State Jnyccc officials u fl|1 couns lu ft ,. com . that he was among .several MLS- 5 Uce/ . wh]ch W0lt]d be s souri Jaycee.s who would be ieuted with lifetime Stale. LITTLE ROCK, A|>ril 15. IUP) — A group of eight Arkansis municipal judges announced today dial they would have > report, on the municipal court angle of the state court "streamlining" plan proposed by Ihe State Bar Association. - The judges who will make the slndy are He.rper Ilr.rli of Little Rnck, J. D. cook of TexarXana. Cecil Grooms of Paragould, Dean Colernan of Balcsvllle. Wesley Hengle of Nowporl. Roland Bradley of Conwny. and n. n. Dodd of West Helena. association plan would t of Jus- sulKllvtded Miners Pull Out Of CIO Because Of Communism MASCOT. Tenn.. April IS. (UP1 I—Approximately 600 miners who [withdrew from the InternallonaI ' Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (CIO) this week meet here Saturday to form a new Independent, union. The workers, employes of American Zinc aud American Limestone.. Companies pulled out of the CIO protesting what they termed Com- activities of lotllft of Us leaders. A C. Cook, temuoinry J. L. S/ious* of Harriion Enter t Chancellor Race 1.1'ITLK HOCK. Ark., April (UP)—J. l.loyd Rlicinsf of wnj In lh« race lortny for cliancol- lor of (he itlli nl.vtrlcl. wlilrh Is msrd of Bootie, Murlnn, lias- UT, Newton, Searey, *nd Van Huien Counties. The Innimrjenl, Jndne J. M. .Shlini of 11 unison has not yet filed for re-election. Slioimr filed his • corrupt |iracticf« pledge .with See.. I of Slatt C. O. Hull yp.slerriny. . lean-born .secret nry and printrd in I membership cards April 25tli, for >"' e - i into appellate, trial and mlscellan- n( "": "'»' utll °"' sfll<l lh f *' m '' i [eared that a new one-dollar of BO tuUo.s which blow nl an hmir exert a pounds A smiun the newspaper Izvcstia wiih espion- «Re against Russia. A letter .signed by the .secretary who was identified as Cecelia Ne'.- president in the local clul>. vice-president, president, and national director in the slate and na•Jonal groups, and. was the-first chairman of Hie Boolnccl Council ; when it was organized in 1944. leadership activities In Junior Chamber nf Commerce work. Harper has Iveld officers of secretary and ton, a native of Michigan, appeared In the newspaper thin morning. The order for Magirtoff's expulsion followed quickly. (Radio Moscow in a broadcast j T]u , c \ ia , win also make final ar- heard In London siiid that MISS I laiisruirnts tonight to enter Ihe:.- Nelsbn gave documents to Soviet j s n-distrlct, safely project, "Safety authorities supporting her charges Fol . Oul . g e i,onl Children." This eom divisions. A Judicial council of judges niid attorney's would rule on jurisdiction of Individual courts. as- Arkansas Medical Society Holds State Convention LTITLE ROCK. April IS. HJPI — The Arkansas Medical Society opened its 72nri annual .session here today with Or. lj. 'T. Pivails of Biitcsvllle presiding. _ ,, Technical talks were seheduled of espionage by Masidoff.) i project, woiriirst place as the out- | by Dr. J. Harry Hayes of Lltlle T:>e acting chiel ol the press de- Islanding project in the district for ' Rock, Oi: J. J. Montfoii of BiUes- parimcnt.. V. V'asilenko. lold Magi-'(he p»si three months at the re- vllle; Dr do;t In a 15-niinute conference :o cent, liooihecl Council meeting hcM adclphln, IDr. Lesion E. filch which Ihe corresiKHident va.s sum- ' al SiKcstnu. Clco Allen is chajrman moned after If.vestiii iiublishert the J of the safely committee. The all- A^i'r that he considered it "im- dislrirt project wa.s a program of r»6sslble" for Magidoff to continue the commiuee to regulate traffic- his work as a corre.MJondcnt here, end reorganixe parking near the schools for greater salety to students. se.ssmcnt might find ns way into R Wallace third-parly campaign hind. Tne new union was ai-ceplcd M a bargaining agent [or workers bv the company. Officers will be elected and a constitution drawn up al Siilurdays meeting. Therclore. Va.silenko said, ii would be necessary for him to leave He said Magidoff conld de- Harry R. Bacon of Phll- E. filch of Ciossett. Dr. Richard n. Catlcll of Boston and John R. Manniv of Chicago. I Horse Kicks and Kills El Dorado Auto Dealer cide (he exact time of his depar- Minister to Deliver Sermon tor 317th Time MEMPHIS, Tenn., April IS.—Dr. Robert G. Lee. pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church, will deliver his ser- (lire and his route for himself, but. must be out of Ihe country within two or three days, Vasilenko added that passpor'.s and visas for Magidoff, a Russian- born American citizen, and hi.s wife would be issued by the regular authorities whenever he applied for them. In the T?.vestia letter, purportedly signed by Miss Nelson, she identified herself as A native of Michigan and said she. had graduate*! from • teachers college in tint state. "In recent years." the letter said. "I have lived in the Soviet Union and Ibe close acquaintance I've ha'l with the Russian people and with t out alarm mto Ins future." Soviet reality convinced me tint I In Alisttst, <9«. the letter sn:d. only in the Soviet Union can pco- . Ml -« Nclson lclL tnc u - s - embassy, pie reallv live freely, and Hint V, i wnpre shc worked m the press dels only here that man looks with- parttuenl, and went 10 wovk as sec- .•ctary.lor Magidoff. EL DORADO. April 15.— mon "Pay-Day—Someday" at 7:45 p m. Sunday. May 2. at Ellis. Audi-1 toriuni. f Dr. Lee. who first preached this; sermon at a prayer meelinp in a- Norlh Carolina church, has de' livered the sermon .116 times and 1 more than a million persons have jhc-rd it. Special delegations from many ] towns are expccied. tomobile dealer and hoi^ic fancier died yesterday of injuries believed lo have been received when he was kicked by a horse. He was B. W. Griffin, a resident of El Dorado for SO years. Griffin was treated early yesterday for injuries suffered while he was attending his horses. They were not thought lo be serious, and cioc- lors ascribed death to shock. Miss Suggs Advances In Womens Golf Meet JMNBHURST, N'. C.. April IS.— iUP> — Little Louise SIIRRS of l.lihla Springs, Ga., seeking lo recapUire Ihe title .she last a year ago, was a heavy favorite to deleat Mary Agnes Wall of Menomlnee. Mich,, today In the third round of the North and South women's solf Miss Suggs, who weighs 115 pounds but Is deadly accurate from I tee to pin, won a convincing 4 and 13 match fiom Mrs. w. Hockenjos. Jr., of Short Hills. N. ,1. yestreday. dropped the crown to Mrs. Bahe Didrick.son /.ftharlns hi 1947. made esceptlonally fine use of her puller lo eliminate her New Jersey opponent. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidney* \Vh*ndinnu|i>rof kMntr fiinfHnn P<rtnl1f! pels 011011* niaUrr lo n'liiatu In your Miiiiit. U >i^y vn*st- nnsHiiiK tin rV. n i>>i r , rlu'vnimHo V>a!n», \tu ['Mini, IOBJI uf l>f|i mill «-tn-i K')', iM- Hue up tJKli!*. KwrllliiK. i'iiHhii-m \nuler (ho ryct. iii'R(lAcKi>x mul <lir,r;lm>M. VVfO'inU or tea lily L'^^^^KtA wilh Htonrlin^ mwl uuinliijf lomtliuic* ihovvi (be re U Romullihiir WITJIIJ Vllh >-i>ur Vf.lnrys or blmtilrr. Don'L vMiilt Ait your iluiKKkt for nn«n'« . by mill to i hi M.y .r n for over . , d yrnin. DnAtt'fl Itrln lli^ tS HI;!, tt l>»«n'i 1'ILU. AT KIRBY'S THIS WEEK Therma-Jugs - $2.95 Soft Ball, official $2.25 Tennis Balls 3 for $2.25 Bubble Bath -1 Ib. 59c Tartan, Sun Tan • 59e Merlon Silver Polish 50tf Thermos BottlesDt $2.39 Kirbv Liver Pills - - 25* Electric Fans-$4.95 UD Baseball, official -$2.50 Shower Caos - - - - 29<f Polaroid Sun Glasses - - S2.69 Flight Lin* Sun Glasses - - S2.49 UD DK-KOACHKR* (itmrnnleed killer for Roadies, Wuler litiRH, Anls, Silver Fish, Spiders, etc. Pint 85c; Quart . . .$1.50 SlronKPsl ever marie, double action "1068" unit 1'yrelliriuni. .Kill- safely and cnituimv. liriii^ your L'UlCSCItiri'lONS (o us. (Jimnuileed hesl price*. We fill nil prwnplions from all doctors with (lie freshes!. druRs. Save with safety. 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