The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1934 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1934
Page 14
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Make Jelly Quickly for .Emergency Presents Mmwwmm™*******^ ^ 8-.SHOP E'ARLYi Only 9 More Chopping jj WA- 6Vitf/ Christmas | C*r, »a ,...,* , ook as B cod as they „„ ,.,„ wl ,en llf(1 „„ „, 0|B nKW transparent ^ift^p,,,^ . , BV.MAH.Y E. DAfHJP, . , X'EA Sfrvlce Slnff Writer , I hope as JOH lead these lines Uat you nre posseted of the comfortable glow thin, can only come i from virtuous knowledge Hint all ->, your Christmas packages, arc ready to the last holly sprig and how of ;«J ribbon for delhery to their ultimate owners All the same, evsn Hie most fcrc-lmiiaeri giver usually nnds a few leaks in her'core- fill campaign, of preparedness To staunch those In a , way'that mil make everybody happy I am ~ suggesting that you go right out to.ihe kitchen and make up a /ew glasses of jelly to have handy for last ; mlnnte presents Mint jelly has all the glow ol ; Christmas and Is easy to make bo- , sles - For Yuletide red, , e re, take the Juice of canned strawber- rfes or red raspberries and boll H down There are nlwayq crnnbdr- J,,™!* 00 ' ani1 lf yolAe llever trled iirnlng grape Juice into jelly, now's the time to do it Peaches and P' ne W le we also good, jiLst use the Juice fiom the canned one?' , t y- kitchen present-she green of peppers and cabbage, the red of ?.M, B S5 plmntos makl »g n >p«feet holiday color sclieme , Mint Jelly •-. One-half_ciip good elder vinegar, ' Remove, from nre nnd stir In nen- move Jrom fire olid sllr In pectin. Skim and stir alternately for five minutes, pour Ijjlo sterilta! elnss- es nhil cover with pamfinp. : Peppti- lipllsh This makes a'green yelWi which is very pretty to 'serve with the. beet rftllsh: Beets • and pppers arc always In market so these reltshfc are splendid to' make for Chrlst- mus. . , : ..: .One dozen', green peppers, li 1-2 cups light- ; brown sugar, i 1-2 e>1BS .cider vinegarj j cup commercial pectin. • .. (' .... Cut Dpan;. peppers '.;• and dtsc'ai'd •weilv nna white pltli/Put through finest knift of food chopper twice Brain pulp. Afensure, packing solidly In cup.imtil Juice comes to top. There. should be 2 'cups. Mix sugar, vinegar > and prepared pepper ttnrt urlng quickly to the boUliio )1O hit stirring constmitly. Boil i, nr ,i fo ; two minut&s,. stirring : constnnlly; tin, : Sklm and sltr altemalely for five minutes. Pour into stcrllircd glasses mild cover with paranne T»;o ; Strawberry Jelly cups juice from canned i I, , ? cup cornm "cial pectin, '•^ to I teaspoon mint extract, few *ops green coloring. Put vinegar, water ond sugar In- ulckl rg t Sa " Ce Pa " Mlx and brl " 8 bolk 1 "riri aUd n aS S °° n as lmxtl1 "' i, n i P ectln ' stirring constant- toil v, 2 asal " to » full'boll and move frl f °/ thlrt> ' scconds ' Re " move from fire, S Mm and add ; m can strawberries, 1 lemon, 4 cl , ps grall . ulatcd sugar, 1-2 .cup commercial pectin. ;•:'.' • •• . _ Drain the syrup f r0 m the canned berries and add live Juice of lemon 1 lit sugar and syrup into sauce pan - pan Mix and bring- quickly to the boil- Ing point, sllrrlng constantly. Add IXictln, stirring constantly nnd bring to a- huril boil. Remove ni once from the nre, skim nnd poiir Into s|erill?.ed frlAsses. cover with par- anne. sails on vqya«e . "the world. 1 ngress votes td buifa 15 war friz . wine, ^ born ' larn mi when cold cow wit) n n- r lajcr o r paranne. Cranberrj Jelly Put water and cranberries in n ir^ sa ^_? a v and br ^ 10 ' ll ?J r and fnllt rig the boiling point, stlr- The mlUure must « h „ «> count the time hart -SJi 1 ' 01 ™ 1 * teBtns and •»» hart, stirring constantly for on? jninute Remove from fire and stir n pectin, skim and po ur a tatortenJtad glasses cov? paranne as in preceding recipe I Grape Jnlce Jelly Two cups grape Juice 3 SSISSg M P3n pectin, stirring constantly ro fiV^. 56001 " 15 om nrft, skim an pour at w R«!tsh pounds be«ts, 6 1-2 CUDS r, j i- 2 cups colnm «Wl«l.-' , n , J ntU tender, Wo cold watre and ' . . firmly in measurin? C uo and m*Mure 2 cups. Put sugar and vlhe U)to kettle. A constantly. nbwto, ONE SPECIES OP ABCA/E THE LEVEL, --^ IAVS E<S«5 ... WHERE THEV r ^ c , PBOTECTEO FROM n-a they bree(i only as,;far north as Canada for Her + * + WnlnuC-Ccddr Cliesl.s Beautiful walnut finish Cedar Chests, single or double deck style... A gift •that any woman will appreciate...AH moderately priced. IWOBAKT) MJRNITIJRR CO. + ' *'. + •'" •'". Such gifts ns compact, vvateli- es, rings, necklaces, .weekend', bags, purses nnd other gin/i can IIP, found til Pnl O'Bryani, Jeweler + + * / LOVELY GIFTS OP PERMANENCE... WATCHES, DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES, "LEATHER GOODS, - PEN AND PENCIf., SETS...STERI, IN G : AND PLATED SILVERWARE. GUARD'S .1RWEI.RV STORE IP YOU WANT TO CilVK SOMETHING REAT, PERFECT Make It Daniel Green Hpiue Sllpp«r.s for Her or for Him (BOOTERY ..Oood/ Shoes and. Hosiery * + + LADIES LEATHER JACKETS Zipper style, light or dark brown, $10. New Mead Clothing Co. Tint San : .We know lots of little, girls and big', ones, who waul a immanent for Christmas. How about"-It? MARGARET DEEN BEAUTY SHOP PR ' • + * * GIFTS SHE'LL -ADORE' Alombers, Perfume sets, Bridge •Cards. Compacts, ; Piingburn's Candles, HoitblgaiU and Coty's Perfume Scls, Hentlng Pads mid other acceptable gifts BELL'S PHATUfACY. •* * + HEAUTV BRINGS HAPPINESS ; If yon really want, to muke. licr happy this Christmas Include hi your gifts one. of nur permanent waves. ORACE ELANORE SHOfPR, * + + GIVE SOMETHING'PERSONAL Satin and Crepe Negligees... Velvet nnd Corduroy Robes... .Corduroy nnd crepe Pajamas ...Sntln and Crepe Undies. THE FAMOUS Joe Applebanm * * •» LOW.BOy WAFFLI MAKER Bakes golden brown waffles exactly to your taste. Heat Indicator tells when to pour batter. Patented expansion hinge allows batter to raise. Beautifully finished in rhron- ium plate - - $5.95. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. * * + SILK HOSE, ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE Especially If n.- s the new sheer-clear Allen A. . . isc to $1.35. . . also Ladles House Slippers nl popular prices. At the New York Store FLOYD A. 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Const-int Enjoyment for the entire family with Hotpoint Aulomntlc Electric Water Healer In the home... let us plve you the details. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service" . . A - Westlhgiioitse ELECTRIC Range or RADIO would he, a perfect- gift. , . Walpole Electric Shop * + + The perfect gin. One 8x10 tinted in oil nnd three 4x<i ror- Ire.ils—45. '. ' Belt's Art Studio + * > Permanent wreaths for the cemetery. .Remember departed Invert ones at Xmas. HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS .. amwm Remember there is only 9 more shopping days between now and Christmas.

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